Micro fibers

A Micro fiber is by definition a fiber, in which the Denier of the individual filament is, less than 1 e.g. Den. 75/76 is a Micro fiber, but Den. 75/75 or Den. 75/74, can not be called a Micro fiber. Comparatively, Micro fibers are two times finer than Silk, three times finer than Cotton, eight times finer than Wool, and one hundred times finer than a human hair. Ultra Micro fibers on the market are even finer. Some having, thickness of just 1/200th the thickness of human hair! Micro fiber fabrics are easy to care for, Machine washable & will not go out of shape. Micro fiber fabrics can also be made wind proof & breathable. These two properties together imply that the fabrics prevent the smallest drops of water from entering while allowing the water vapor from perspiration to pass through! These properties result in these fabrics maintaining an even body temperature in all types of weather conditions. It is also possible to have a range of finishes for the Micro fibers; Crushed & Wrinkled finishes that are Thermo Chromic, Anti Bacterial, Anti UV, Light sensitive & Deodorant! Micro fiber blends are used in both prêt-a-porter & haute couture fashion, since these fabrics have a unique appearance & excellent tactile qualities. Currently, there are four types of synthetic Micro fibers being produced. These include Acrylic, Nylon, Polyester &, Rayon. The most common blend of Micro fiber material used in automotive detailing applications is Nylon & Polyester.

Ultra Micro fibers:
Using the latest in micro technology, scientists are building fabrics where the fiber itself is scrutinized & manipulated in minute detail. Micro fibers were originally intended for space & military applications, but Textile designers today prefer them for their unique appeal.

Meryl Micro fiber is made by Nylstar, an Italian company which is one of the
largest manufacturers of Nylon 6.6. It finds application in Sports where it is used for Swimming, Sailing & Athletics.

Kanebo, a Japanese company, manufactures a high density Polyester, Polyamide woven fabric. Called Belseta & made from the micro fiber Belima X. It is used in
Fashion & Sports wear. The European company Akzo Nobel is another company that has been producing micro fibers. This company has been producing micro fibers since 1983

The Warp knitted fabric from this fiber has the look & feel of leather. which gives it its strength & elasticity. can be used to weave functionally specific fabrics Micro technology & Health Micro fibers engineered with substances suspended in minute bubbles that can be gradually released. & another micro fiber Leacril. A variation of Trevira Finesse is Trevira Micronesse. Insect Repellants. Kuraray. These types of “Scented Fabrics” can be used to make Lingerie & Hosiery.The German company Hoechst High Chem launched its Polyester micro fiber for high performance clothing. Tactel Ispira has a cross section resembling a spring. These micro-capsules can contain Medication. light weight. describes a wide range of Polyamide 6. DuPont are the leading worldwide producers of Polyamide micro fiber. Their products are called Clarino & Sofrina. The Italian Textile company Monte Fibre Enimont produces Terital Zero. The ultra luxurious Tactel micro is water repellant & breathable & can be used in hosiery & rain wear. the Japanese company. Originally used for Sports wear. The Japanese company Kanebo introduced a micro encapsulation technology to release perfume from its fiber. strong & lustrous Tactel multi soft is used in Hosiery & Under wear. Essential Oils or Perfumes. a registered trademark. Tactel Diabolo with its luster & good draping qualities is marketed for swim wear. called Trevira Finesse in 1987. Tactel. Each fiber has specific qualities that. & they are used to produce fabrics used in Sports wear. Vitamins. The super soft. Tactel HT is an extremely strong grade that has been used for Parachutes. Tactel Ispira has a cross section resembling a spring which makes it elastic while being strong. Kolon fiber produces an ultra micro fiber fabric called Rojel.4.6 yarns which can be altered during the finishing processes to create many effects. Their best known micro fiber brand is Tactel. This blend can be used for high-end fashion garments (especially outerwear) Automotive toweling micro fiber is created by combining Polyester & Polyamide. The Polyamide is used as the core of the hybrid fiber (generally 20 to 30% of the content) & the Polyester is the outer skin (70 to 80%). under wear & fashion knit wear. The micro encapsulation works when the tiny capsules are broken by the fabric when creased or rubbed. Monte Fibre Enimont also produces an Acrylic micro fiber called Myoliss. The Japanese are experimenting with encapsulating anti-ageing creams into fabrics. Micro fiber with metal foil spots combine to give a consistent metallic finish. when properly blended. Tactel Acquator can be pure or blended with other fibers. produces ultra fine synthetic fibers as alternatives to leather. Fashion & Luggage. Tactel Texturals are used mainly for active Sports wear. . Moisturizers. This Polyester filament micro fiber now finds application in Fashion & Lingerie.

Table cloth. Cloths. Shirts. Mats.Products for which Micro fibers are ideally suited: Micro fiber Glass Cloth Duster. Carpet Casual clothing. Panty hose. Tracksuits Tights. Gloves. Socks Table Linen. Sweatshirts.multi purpose Micro fiber Cleaning Cloth Micro fiber Scrubber Micro fiber Kitchen Cloth Micro fiber Optical & CD Cloth Micro fiber Mops Micro fiber Cleaning Sponge Micro fiber Cleaning Cloths – Terry Cloths. Pullovers Swimsuits. Trousers. Leggings. Panties. Bed spreads & Bed sheets Boxer Shorts. Dresses. Skirts. Garments. Beach wear. Underwear. Bikinis. T-shirts. Bath towels. Waffle-Weave Cloths Other Products for which Micro fibers are being used: Bags. Pant suits. High end Coats & Over coats. Curtains Cushions. High end Menswear Mini Skirts. Suede Cloths. Bras & women’s inner wear. Vests . Undershirts. Stockings. Underpants. Pants. Handkerchiefs Hats & Head Scarves.

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