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Manual Mechanical Desktop 2005 User Guide

Manual Mechanical Desktop 2005 User Guide


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Published by: jafopunk176700 on Feb 10, 2009
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The Mechanical View toolbar provides the tools you need to manage the
view of your design, control 3D viewports, and create rendered views of your
parts and assemblies.

If the Mechanical View toolbar is not visible on your desktop, choose View

➤ Toolbars ➤ Mechanical View. You can also right-click any toolbar, and
choose Mechanical View from the list.

Drawing Visibility

Unhide All

Unhide Pick

Display All Viewports

Display All Parts Lists

Display All Balloons

Display All Reference Dims

Display All Parametric Dims

Hide All Drawing Objects

Hide All Except

Hide Picked Drawing Objects

Zoom Realtime Flyout

Sketch View Flyout

Restore View #1 Flyout

Pan Realtime

3D Orbit Flyout

Toggle Shading/Wireframe Flyout

Mechanical View | 739

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