Everest is the highest mountain in world and who that wants to climb on it, must to be crazy.

A few teams were lost and died in the way to the top of it. Just few people were .succeeding Mt. Everest, located in the Himalaya range, high Asia, and it between the border of Tibet and Nepal. Its high is 8,848 meters, and it's named come from the geographer .sir colonel George Everest In 29 may 1953, two people were won to get to the top of Everest: Edmund Hillary, and Tenzing Norgay, his friend. They were the first to get to the top. Edmund was from New-Zealand, and Tenzing was from Nepal. The first Israeli that succeeds to .)get the top named Doron Arel (in 21 may 1992 For sum up, Everest is (in my opinion) the most .incredible mountain I ever seen

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