Applications are invited only through online mode upto 18-01-2013 for Direct Recruitment to the following posts included in the Combined Engineering Services Examination (2009-10 to 2012-13):Sl.No. 1 NAME OF THE POST Assistant Engineer (Civil) in Water Resource Department, PWD Assistant Engineer (Civil) in Building Organisation, PWD Assistant Engineer (Electrical) PWD Assistant Engineer in the Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department. Assistant Inspector of Factories Junior Electrical Inspector NAME OF THE SERVICE Tamil Nadu Engineering Service (Service Code No.011) Tamil Nadu Engineering Service (Service Code No.011) Tamil Nadu Engineering Service (Service Code No.011) Tamil Nadu Panchayat Development Service (Service Code No.011) Tamil Nadu Factory Service (Service Code No.011) Tamil Nadu Electrical Inspectorate Service (Service Code No.011) Tamil Nadu Boiler Service (Service Code No.022) POST CODE NO. OF VACANCIES 102* + 2 c/f
BC(OBCM)-W-Deaf-1 SC-W-Deaf-1


















Junior Assistant Director of Boilers



Note :

*The vacancies announced are subject to approval by the Staff Committee.
The number of vacancies advertised is only approximate and is liable to modification including reduction with reference to vacancy position at any time before finalisation of selection. 2.SCALE OF PAY:- I. For the posts in Sl.No.1-6 Rs. 15600-39100+Grade pay Rs.5400/- p.m. II. For the post in Sl.No.7.Rs.15600-39100 +Grade pay Rs.4700/- p.m.

01-2013 16-02-2013 FN 10. Minimum Age (should have completed) 18 Years 18 Years Maximum Age No Age limit 30 Years (should not have completed) 24-12-2012 18.12.e Candidates not belonging to SCs. 1. No. to 01. B. Guindy or L.e. Category of Candidates SCs.2 3. STs. ‘Others’ [i. MBCs/DCs. SC (A)s. MBCs/DCs. Should have put in service for a period of not less than one year in Public Works Department as Overseer or Junior Engineer. SC(A)s.C. 1 Name of the post Assistant Engineer (Civil) in Water Resources Department.07. Diploma awarded by the State Board of Technical Education and Training. Should furnish evidence of having undergone practical training in surveying for a period of not less than one year. AGE (as on 01. Chennai. BCs. PWD Qualification B.01-2013 22. Should hold the Upper Subordinate or L. IMPORTANT DATES:Date of Notification Last date for submission of applications Last date for payment of Fee through Bank or Post Office Date and Time of Written Examination 4. PWD Assistant Engineer (Civil) in Building Organization.E Diploma of the College of Engineering. BCMs] who have put in five years of service in the State/Central Government are not eligible even if they are within the age limit. candidates not belonging to SCs. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION (as on 24. subject to the following further conditions namely:I.M.E. OR A pass in Sections A and B of the Institution Examinations under Civil Engineering branch.C. BCs and BCMs].00A.2012) Candidates should possess the following or its equivalent qualification awarded by an University or Institution recognised by the University Grants Commission for the purpose of its grant or Board recognized by the Government of India or by any State Government of India: Sl. 2 . No.M Note : “Others” [i. BCs. SC(A)s. MBCs/DCs. 2. or II.00P. STs. BCMs and Destitute Widows of all Castes. QUALIFICATIONS:A.2012) : Sl. STs.E degree in Civil Engineering or Civil and Structural Engineering. or III.

Provided that other things being equal.S.C/Diploma. Chennai when called for. (iii) Candidates having a pass in Sections A & B of the Institution Examinations under Civil Engineering. H. 4 5 6 7 . applying for the post of Assistant Engineer (Civil) PWD may be required to produce the evidence for having undergone Practical Training in surveying for a period of not less than one year or certificate for having put in service for a period of not less that one year in PWD as Overseer or Junior Engineer or to produce the evidence for having Upper Subordinate or LCE Diploma of the College of Engineering. Assistant Inspector of A Degree in Mechanical or Production or Industrial or Factories Electrical or Chemical Engineering or Textile Technology Junior Electrical A degree in Electrical Engineering Inspector Junior Assistant Director A degree in Mechanical Engineering of Boilers OR A pass in the Associate Membership Examination of Institution of Engineers. (ii) Candidates having a pass in Sections A & B of the Institution Examinations under Civil Engineering. A degree Civil Engineering Assistant Engineer in OR Rural Development and A pass in Sections A and B of the Institution of Engineers (India) Panchayat Raj under Civil Engineering Branch subject to the condition that Department he/she should furnish evidence of having undergone practical training in surveying for a period of not less than one year. For further details refer para 9 of the Instructions to Candidates. Note:(i) The Degree qualification prescribed should have been obtained after passing SSLC/ 10th. (iv) Persons claiming equivalence of qualification should upload evidence when called for. Guindy or LCE Diploma awarded by the State Board of Technical Education and Training. in Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department should upload a copy of the evidence for having undergone practical training in surveying for a period not less than one year when called for. applying for the post of Assistant Engineer. India with Mechanical Engineering as the subject.3 3 Assistant Engineer (Electrical) in PWD A degree in Electrical Engineering or Electronics and Communication Engineering OR A pass in Sections A and B of the Institution Examination with Electrical Engineering as a subject. preference shall be given to those who have undergone one year Apprenticeship Training under the Government of India Scheme or the State Government Apprenticeship Scheme (Proviso to be read with the qualification relating to all the above posts except for the post of Assistant Inspector of Factories and Junior Assistant Director of Boilers).

F.No. CERTIFICATE OF PHYSICAL FITNESS:Candidates selected for appointment to the post will be required to produce a certificate of physical fitness in the form prescribed below: Name of the Post 1. GENERAL INFORMATION: A. colour blindness will be a disqualification. dated 30. If no qualified and suitable woman candidates are available for selection against the vacancies reserved for them. In G. E. Ms. Candidates with defective vision should produce eye fitness certificate from a qualified eye specialist.Ms.2005 Deaf and Orthopeadically handicapped persons alone are eligible for 3% reservation of vacancies intended for Differently Abled persons for the post of Assistant Engineer (Civil) & Assistant Engineer (Electrical) in PWD. Assistant Engineer (Civil & Electrical) PWD 2. Junior Electrical Inspector 1. Assistant Inspector of Factories 3. C. 145.53 Social Welfare & Nutritious Meal Programme Department dated 11. The Rule of reservation of appointments is applicable to the post and the distribution of vacancies will be as per rule in force to each departmental Unit separately.04. No. . The number of vacancies advertised is only approximate and is liable for modification including reduction with reference to vacancy position at any time before finalisation of selection.09. the Government have issued orders to fill up 20% of all vacancies in direct recruitment on preferential basis to persons studied the prescribed qualification in Tamil Medium. Standard-II or better Form of Certificate of Physical Fitness For appointment to any of the above posts. All other posts are not identified for reservation for Differently Abled persons and there is no reservation.2010. those vacancies will be filled by male candidates belonging to the respective communal categories.O.O. Assistant Engineer in Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department 2. Personnel and Administrative Reforms (S) Department. D. The 20% reservation of vacancies on preferential allotment to Persons Studied in Tamil Medium (PSTM) will apply for this recruitment to each departmental Unit separately. As per G. Junior Assistant Director of Boilers Standard of Vision Standard-III or better Executive post. Night blindness will also be a disqualification for the post of Assistant Inspector of Factories. B.4 5.

they can apply and should upload the documents referred in paragraph 14 (f) of the ‘Instructions to candidates’ when called for. Even after filling up of the posts reserved for SC Arunthathiyars on preferential basis. if more number of qualified Arunthathiyars are available. G.074) (iii) Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering (Code No.042) (iv) Textile Engineering (Code No. H.029) (ii) Mechanical and Production Engineering (Code No.025) Interview and Records 3 Hours 300 102 136 Total 40 340 . MBCs/ DCs. Claims received thereafter will receive no attention. I.5 However. it shall be filled up by Scheduled Castes other than Arunthathiyars. STs. 6. SC(A)s. SCHEME OF MAIN EXAMINATION (OBJECTIVE TYPE) AND ORAL TEST Minimum Qualifying Marks for selection Subject Duration Maximum Marks SCs.114) (v) Electronics and Communication Engineering (Code No. Reservation of appointment to “Destitute Widows” and “Ex-servicemen” will not apply to this recruitment. BCs and BCMs Others MAIN EXAMINATION: Single paper in any one of the following subjects in which the candidate has acquired his/her educational qualification (Degree Standard -200 questions each) (Objective Type) COMPUTER BASED TEST (i) Civil Engineering (Code No. they shall be entitled to compete with the Scheduled Castes other than Arunthathiyars in the inter-se merit among them and if any posts reserved for Arunthathiyars remain unfilled for want of adequate number of qualified candidates. Any claim relating to the selection (not related to candidature or / and claims made in the application) should be received within 30 days from the date of announcement of results.044) (vi) Chemical Engineering (Code No.

1 2 3 4 5 6 Subject Civil Engineering Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering Mechanical and Production Engineering Textile Engineering Electronics and Communication Engineering Chemical Engineering Subject Code 029 042 074 114 044 025 Pages 789-790 816-817 887-888 987 819-820 772 The syllabi are also available in the Commission’s Website ‘www.2001 at the pages mentioned below against each: SI. Change of centre or venue is not permitted. In CBT. II. Necessary instructions will be displayed on screen. if they desire so. They are advised not to bring the electronic gadgets with them. • Candidates are not permitted to carry any electronic and/or communication device into the examination hall. The subject paper Civil Engineering will consist of question in Civil and Structural Engineering. Or previous question by clicking previous button. IV. The existing syllabi for the above subjects under Paper-I & Paper-II have been clubbed together and constituted as a Single syllabus. Candidates can proceed to the next question by clicking next button. Candidates can review any question and the answers. A single question paper in the said syllabus set in English is to be answered by the candidates. The syllabi have been published in the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission Bulletin dated 16. Each Candidate will be assigned a Computer to take up the examination.No. Candidates should specify the subject in which they wish to be examined.6 Note :I. Candidate has to click the best answer to the question. They should choose only the subject in which they have obtained the prescribed qualification.05. They can skip the questions also. He has to carry the Hall Ticket (Admission Card) and same has to be produced at the examination venue.gov.tnpsc. and the answers can be changed at any time before the closure of examination. The candidates who possess a degree in Production Engineering and Industrial Engineering should choose Mechanical and Production Engineering. . Kindly read all the instructions carefully.in’ Computer Based Test (CBT): The candidate has to appear for the examination where he has been allotted to the examination. III. the candidates who possess a degree in Textile Technology should choose Textile Engineering as an optional subject. • • • • • Computer Based Test (CBT) is similar to paper pen shading test. Candidates will be provided with a user name and password to login the system. questions with four options each will be displayed in the computer screen.

the candidates can take up the mock test available in the Commissions website (www. Once the answers are submitted. CENTRE FOR EXAMINATION :Examination will be held at the following Centres: Name of the Centre Chennai Coimbatore Chidambaram Kancheepuram Karaikudi Note: The Commission reserves the right to increase/decrease the number of examination centres and to re-allot the candidates. Candidates have to sign the attendance sheet and affix thumb impression for verification of his identity. Centre Code 001 002 104 007 138 Name of the Centre Madurai Nagercoil Pudukkottai Ramanathapuram Salem Centre Code 010 119 015 016 017 Name of the Centre Thanjavur Tiruchirappalli Tirunelveli Udhagamandalam Vellore Centre Code 019 025 026 013 027 .7 • • • • • • • Candidate can use only the mouse to select the correct answers and proceed with answering the questions. The Question and optional answers will be shuffled randomly and displayed to the candidate. To acquaint with the operation of Mouse and the CBT. 7. at the closure of the examination. No computer knowledge is required to take up the CBT.in) and they can practice the usage of mouse in the mock test. In the Mock test. the system will automatically submit the answers to the server. Candidate can submit their answers at any time during the examination. All the activities of the candidates with the mouse will be recorded in the server and a log file will be created for future reference.tnpsc. Candidates will be admitted to the examination till 30 minutes from the commencement of the examination. all the steps are given similar to the CBT. If the candidate fails to submit their answers. The question and answers can be zoomed to the required level for the candidates with visual impairment. Knowledge in Mouse operation is suffice to take up the CBT. the candidates have no option to proceed further.gov. Candidate can practice the mock test as many times as he/she likes. Mock test is similar to the CBT to be held on the day of examination. The Examination Hall will be under camera surveillance.

+ Examination fee Rs.175/. If a candidate has not opted for any of the posts. 10.8 8. 9. subsequently notified by the Commission. The registration shall be valid for a period of Five years from the date of one time registration. should specify the name of the post/posts in the online application as per the preferential order. Cost of Application Rs. who wish to apply for the recruitment. But those candidates shall pay examination fee if applicable. A candidate once selected for a post will not be considered for the other posts.1 of the Notification subject to his/her eligibility to the posts. he/she will be considered for the post in the order as specified in para .towards Application cost. Those who have registered in the one time registration system and paid the registration fee of Rs. . PROCEDURE OF SELECTION :Selection will be made in two successive stages i. (For further details regarding the Examination fee concessions refer paragraph 12 of the Instructions to candidates’).e. (i) Main Examination in Computer Based Test Format and (ii) Oral Test.50/. (No exemption for cost of application) Candidates have also to pay the service charges applicable to the Bank or Post Office or Fee Processing Agency. Candidate can avail of the facility of one time Registration on payment of Rs. (For further details refer paragraph 21 (b) of the ‘Instructions to candidates’).50/.. 50/. (i. NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE :Refer to paragraph 15(g) of the Instructions to Candidates’. EXAMINATION FEES: Rs.e. 11.50/towards Registration fee. the option exercised by the candidates in regard to order of preference of posts in the application will be taken into account.(Rupees one hundred and Seventy five only) be paid.125/-) Candidates claiming exemption from examination fee should pay Rs. While finalising the selection. EXERCISING OPTION AND ORDER OF PREFERENCE OF POSTS Candidates.and received the registration ID need not pay the application fee for a period of 5 years from the date of registration even if he applies for any other posts.

please enter all the required particulars without skipping any field. BCMs. candidates are requested to fill in the online application form with the utmost care and caution as no correspondence regarding change of details will be entertained. Communal Category.tnpscexams.in or in www. HOW TO APPLY: • Candidates should apply only through online in the Commission’s Website www. 5) If you do not have valid ID. STs. Address. to the registered/given e-mail ID only. BCs. other categories of persons etc. • A valid e-mail ID or Mobile Number is mandatory for registration and e-mail ID should be kept active till the declaration of results. Other Memos etc. are given in paragraphs 12 to 14 of the 'Instructions to candidates'. the candidates should have scanned image of their photograph and signature in CD/DVD/Pen drive as per their convenience.tnpscexams.in or www. Centre of Examination etc. CONCESSIONS:- Concessions in the matter of age and / or qualification and / or fees allowed to SCs.net. • Please note that all the particulars mentioned in the online application including Name of the Candidate. 6) Candidates are required to upload their photograph and signature as per . You are cautioned to keep your e-mail ID and password confidentially. Post Applied. MBCs/DCs. 2) Click “Apply Online” to open up the On-Line Application Form.9 12. Date of birth. 13.gov. 13(A) APPLYING ONLINE: 1) Candidates are first required to log on to the TNPSC’s website www. if necessary. will be considered as final and no modifications will be allowed after the last date specified for applying online. e-mail ID. • Before applying. • The candidates who wish to receive SMS should register their mobile number in the application.tnpsc.gov. TNPSC will send Hall Tickets (Memorandum of Admission) for Main Examination in Computer Based Test Format. 4) If you already have Unique ID. Destitute Widows.tnpsc. Ex-servicemen and Differently Abled persons.net. please enter the Unique ID and password to view the already available information and update them. SC(A)s. Interview Call Letters. 3) Select the name of the post or service for which you wish to apply. Since certain fields are firm and fixed and cannot be edited.

e Net Banking. 3) If the online transaction has been successfully completed a Registration Number and Password will be generated. 13(C) ONLINE PAYMENT (Net Banking. 4) On Submission. Deposit Date have been noted in the chalan by the Branch authorities. 2) 3) Click “SUBMIT” to submit the Application form. Candidates will be provided with Application Number and password. 5) Collect the candidate’s copy of the fee payment chalan from the Branch. Candidates should note their Application Number and Password for future reference in respect of the post applied for. only if the payment is made either in the post office or in the Indian Bank within two working days from the date of registration/submission of application. 6) Online Application Registration will be taken as successful one. 13(E) PRINT OPTION: . Credit Card and Debit card Payment. 13(B) MODE OF FEE PAYMENT: Please select the mode of payment (Online Payment/Offline Payment). to make the payment. an Additional page of the application form will be displayed wherein candidates may follow the instructions and fill in the requisite details to make payment. please wait for the intimation from the server. Credit card/Debit card) 1) In case of candidates who wish to pay fees through the online payment gateway. 2) After submitting your payment information in the online application form. Please check that the chalan is properly signed and the details of Transaction Number. An online application is incomplete without the photograph and signature upload. i. Branch Name and DP Code Number. DO NOT press Back or Refresh button in order to avoid double charge. Please note down the Application Number and password.10 the specifications given in the Guidelines for Scanning and Upload of Photograph and Signature. system will generate the payment chalan which the candidates need to take print out and go to the nearest branch of Indian bank or the Designated Post Offices as the case may be. 13 (D) OFFLINE PAYMENTS (Post Office or Indian Bank) 1) For offline mode of payment candidates have to select either Post Office or Indian Bank.

Note: I. Please note that no modification in fee payment details will be permitted for candidates who pay fees/ intimation charges through the online mode. no modification will be permitted. IV. In case a candidate does not have a valid personal e-mail ID. After this date. Any change/alteration found may disqualify the candidature. This modification facility will be available up to the last date for applying online for the particular post. Candidates should take utmost care and caution while filling in the Online Application. Candidates are advised in their own interest to apply online much before the closing date and not to wait till the last date for depositing the fee/ intimation charges to avoid the possibility of disconnection/inability/failure to log on the TNPSC’s website on account of heavy load on internet/website jam. 3) Candidates need not send the printout of the online application or any other supporting documents to the Commission. should be spelt correctly in the application as it appears in the certificates/mark sheets. The name of the candidate or his /her father/husband etc. candidates are advised to verify each and every particular filled in the application.11 1) After submitting the application. The certificates will be verified only when the candidates come up for next stage of selection. TNPSC does not assume any responsibility for the candidates not being able to submit their applications within the last date on account of the aforesaid reasons or for any other reason beyond the control of the TNPSC. they should create a new e-mail ID before applying online and must maintain that email account. candidates can print /save their application in PDF format. Before pressing the “SUBMIT” button. II. III. Candidates can download their application and print. candidates are requested to fill in the online application form with the utmost care and caution as no correspondence regarding change of details will be entertained. There is a provision to modify the submitted Online Application. Since certain fields are firm. Under no circumstances. fixed and cannot be edited. if required. 2) On entering Application Number and password. V. Candidates should carefully fill in the details in the online Application at the appropriate places and click on the “SUBMIT” button at the end of the online Application format. . a candidate should share/mention e-mail ID or Mobile Number to any other person. Candidates are requested to make use of this facility to correct their details in the Online Application if any till last date of submission.

00a.tnpscexams. Memory Notes and books etc. and 05. d.tnpsc. 14. How to apply: Candidates are required to apply online by using the website www.12 Request for change/correction in any particulars in the Application Form shall not be entertained under any circumstances AFTER THE LAST DATE FOR Editing/ Updating application details specified.1860 345 0112). (ii) If they are found to be in possession of any such thing or instrument they will not be allowed to attend the examination further. VII.tnpscexams.m. Candidates should ensure their eligibility for examination: The candidates applying for the examination should ensure that they fulfil all eligibility conditions for admission to examination. or any other Electronic device or Recording Device either as separate piece or part of something used by the candidate such as Watch or Ring. b.gov.in or www. etc.net Detailed instructions for filling up online application are given in Paragraph 13 of this Notification c. candidature. TNPSC will not be responsible for any consequences arising out of furnishing of incorrect and incomplete details in the application or omission to provide the required details in the application form.45 p. The Hall Tickets for eligible candidates will be made available in the Commission’s Website www. If it is considered necessary they will be subjected for a physical search including frisking on the spot. Mobile Phones and other Articles Banned: (i) Candidates are not allowed to bring Pager. Any clarification may be obtained from the Help Desk (No. candidates can contact Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission’s Office in person or over Telephone No. No Hall Tickets will be sent by post.044-25300300 or the Commission’s Office Toll-Free No.in or www. Cellular Phone.tnpsc. 1800 425 1002 on all working days between 10. . Commission is not responsible for the online payment failure. VI. besides invalidation of answer paper and / or debarment. Mere issue of memo of admission to the candidate will not imply that his/her candidature has been fully cleared by the Commission. Grievance Redressal Cell for guidance of candidates: In case of any guidance/information/clarification of their applications.net for downloading by candidates.m. VIII.gov. OTHER IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: a. Their admission to all stages of the examination will be purely provisional subject to satisfying of the eligibility conditions. Calculator. e.

Experience. They should be submitted when called for by the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission.gov. severely viewed & penalised. slide rules. as arrangements for safekeeping cannot be assured. except the permitted writing material i.e. Community Certificates and certificates regarding their Physical Disability. pen.tnpsc. g. after which the link will be disabled (For any additional information the candidates may refer ‘Instructions to candidates’ at the Commission’s website www. The Online Application can be filled upto 18.01. rough sheets etc. Their admission at all the stages of examination for which they are admitted by the Commission viz. Candidates are not required to submit along with their application any certificates in support of their claims regarding Age. Text Books. loose sheets. If any of their claims is found to be incorrect. Main Examination in Computer Based Test Format and Oral Test will be purely provisional.in ) Any such misconduct will be Secretary . subject to their satisfying the prescribed eligibility conditions. If on verification at any time before or after the Main Examination in Computer Based Test Format and Oral Test. notes. it is found that they do not fulfill any of the eligibility conditions. Unfair means strictly prohibited: No candidate shall copy from the papers of any other candidate nor permit his papers to be copied nor give nor attempt to give nor obtain nor attempt to obtain irregular assistance of any description.13 (iii) Do not bring into the Examination Hall any article such as books.m. i.2013 till 11.59 p. The candidates applying for the examination should ensure that they fulfill all the eligibility conditions for admission to the Examination. h. (iv) Candidates are advised in their own interest not to bring any of the banned items including Mobile Phones / Pagers to the venue of the examination. stencils of maps. Educational Qualifications. mathematical and drawing instruments. they may render themselves liable to disciplinary/criminal action by the Commission. their candidature for the examination will be cancelled by the Commission. Conduct in Examination Hall: No candidate should misbehave in any manner or create a disorderly scene in the Examination Hall or harass the staff employed by the Commission for the conduct of the examination. No colour pen or pencil must be used. f.. Log Tables. etc.

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