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Newsletter September 2012
Jane Witt, Chair Julie Krautkramer, 1st Vice Chair Jeff Coe, 2nd Vice Chair Beth Pramme, 3rd Vice Chair Heather Geyer, Secretary Pro Tem Joe Cushing, Treasurer Meg Andrietsch, Trustee Greg Bach, Trustee Pastor Melvin Hargrove, Trustee Pat Mc Manaway, Sgt. At Arms John Scott, Sgt. At Arms

Announcement for Next Membership Meeting 7pm - Monday - September 10, 2012 Racine Labor Center 2100 Layard Avenue
Please attend our September meeting. We’ll be discussing the 2012 fall elections, and a variety of other interesting issues is also on the agenda. Please attend. From The Chair:
Query: If the Republicans are so convinced that their candidates are the ones who will save this country, why do they have to try to suppress Democratic voters to make sure they win? This is from a League of Women Voters current e-mail: “After two judges have ruled that Wisconsin's voter ID law violates our state constitution -- and the state Supreme Court has already once sent the cases back to the Appeals Court -- Attorney General Van Hollen today is asking the Supreme Court to reinstate the law before the November 6 election. The League of Women Voters' election observer program and other sources confirmed once again on June 5 that the real problems with Wisconsin elections stem from human error, lack of training, and sometimes mismanagement -- not from voter impersonation, the only type of illegal voting that could be prevented by voter ID. …It would be a grave error to, once again, change the rules shortly before an election, especially for the purpose of reinstating an unconstitutional law which will make it extremely difficult or impossible for many qualified Wisconsin citizens to vote.” So, you see fellow Democrats, it’s not a done deal yet. The state Republicans are still aching for this voter suppression law. The Wisconsin GOP’s recent shenanigans during the Lehman/Wanggaard recount were just another effort to stop people from voting, no matter how ridiculous the GOP “election spotters’ wound up looking. We have not been sitting quietly. 1. C4C and the Advancement Project prepared hand-outs that they donated to the campaign office for canvassers and phone bank. The handouts include: how to determine voter registration status, date of the election, when early voting begins, clerk’s phone numbers, a local hotline number for transportation to polls* or early voting and other questions. 2. C4C and the Advancement Project will hold an extra training in October for new and returning poll workers, to complement the training they’ve receive and ensure a clear understanding of voting rules and procedures. 3. The Government Accountability Board, as part of its “Back to Basics” program, has prepared a “rules and regulations” list for poll observers. The GAB has also reinforced training procedures for municipal clerks.

Heather Coe Jim DeMatthew Chris Flynn Mike Frontier Ethel Gates Bonnie Greasby Melissa Lemke Tony Martinez Marilyn Nemeth Wally Rendon Jean Smith Bob Trobaugh

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We’re planning to put poll observers in place for Election Day, to monitor events and possible problems. Voting law attorneys are available from several organizations to ensure an efficient and trouble-free voting process. The Racine Interfaith Coalition (RIC), its AfricanAmerican caucus and others are recruiting (paid) poll workers for training by municipal clerks. *RIC again has a network of drivers to take people to the polls. An extra poll worker training session, with the Advancement Project, will be held on October 18. Every contact, whether by phone or on the doors, informs people about their voting rights and makes sure each qualified voter has proper ID – just in case.

leadership. It’s a sign of being out of touch with the basic middle-class values of hard work and fair play that we’ve lived each day in this great country. Wisconsin’s seniors have earned their Medicare through a lifetime of hard work and responsibility. We contribute part of our hard-earned wages in exchange for the promise of health security. The fact that you would break that bargain and violate that promise in order to give tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires is something we never thought we’d see in our lifetime. Representative Ryan, your plan is wrong for Wisconsin’s seniors and wrong for America. Sincerely, Wisconsin’s Seniors

Don’t lose hope – but do be alert, make sure that you have the correct information and that you can pass it on to others. Courage – Jane Witt

A History of the Recall, Told in Verse
With pens in hand and purpose in heart, We took to the street to make our new start. We pounded our fists; we yelled and we cried; We just wanted better, and boy we sure tried! Our feet sore and tired without much of a rest, But that’s not the last time we will give it our best. We won some, we lost some, but we played the game well. And we will do it again and have a great story to tell. Our emotions exhausted, but not our resolve, We will not stop till we see doors revolve. It’s just the beginning. The horizon’s not set. We’ll make ourselves proud -- on that you can bet. Remember, time is our friend. Though seemingly too long. But each minute, a gift to right every wrong. We won some, we lost some, but we played the game well. And we will do it again and have a great story to tell! Heather Rayne Geyer

(This letter was presented to Representative Ryan after a forum held at Wilson’s Coffee and Tea on August 15, 2012.) OPEN LETTER TO PAUL RYAN FROM WISCONSIN SENIORS Dear Rep. Paul Ryan, As seniors living in Wisconsin we’ve seen a lot of politicians come and go. However, in all our years we’ve never seen something come out of Washington as detrimental to seniors and our middle class as your budget proposal. Under your plan many of the programs that we, and millions of seniors across Wisconsin and the country, depend upon, like Medicare, would be gutted and eliminated. Your plan would leave us with higher medical and prescription drug costs. It would shred the safety net for low-income seniors. And it would end our nation’s promise to protect and care for the generations of Americans who paved the way for our country to be the greatest nation in the world. By turning it into a voucher program, you would end Medicare as we know it. This is the most debilitating and harmful part of your budget. You would increase health care and prescription costs for seniors. You would wither traditional Medicare beyond recognition, risking the guaranteed coverage seniors have earned and paid for. Seniors, many of whom are on fixed incomes, would be forced into expensive private plans that they cannot afford. Since its inception in 1965, millions of seniors have been lifted from poverty because of Medicare. Today, tens of millions of American seniors rely on it, including almost 900,000 seniors right here in Wisconsin who depend on the services that you want to cut. By crippling this anchor of our retirement security, you’d force more and more seniors to choose between buying groceries or medication, between trips to the doctor or visits with our grandchildren. And for what? To pay for your tax cuts for the richest Americans? You would pay for these fiscally irresponsible tax cuts for the rich by raising taxes on middle-class families and making devastating cuts to Medicare and other investments that strengthen our middle class, like better schools and safer roads. Representative Ryan, you often talk tough about balancing our nation’s budget, but your plan won’t do that for a generation – and can’t do it without American’s middle class and seniors suffering. That’s not a sign of

Fighting Hate
Recently a man named Jason Collum wrote a heartwrenching letter to the editor about what it felt like to be a gay man faced with four hundred people who were waiting in line at Chick-fil-A to express their hate. Shortly after, a woman responded that this event was not an expression of hate; rather this was an event to support the right to speak freely. Well, I dig freedom of speech, so I gave her letter a closer look. She suggested that maybe some of the people were there because they were hungry. Perhaps, but I know I wouldn’t wait in line for hours to get some chicken nuggets. She suggested that if he was humiliated, maybe it was because he felt guilt over his lifestyle choice. Bam… there it was, a little bit of that hate Jason described, peeking through her letter. Jason was brave enough to write a letter to the editor to describe his distress, so I’m pretty sure he is not feeling shame over his lifestyle “choice.” Facing hundreds of people who have contempt in their eyes would make anyone uncomfortable.

If you are gay, a public employee, an immigrant, a woman, a person of color, a middle class worker, poor, etc., you have been on the receiving end of conservative derision. Attacking who we are and what we do, for political gain, has become the rightwing norm. President Obama combatted these divisive tactics by stating he believed gay people should have the right to get married. Racine champions, such as John Lehman, Cory Mason, and other Democratic representatives, have also made courageous statements in regards to their beliefs on a variety of issues. They did not make these statements to be politically safe, but to stand behind their beliefs. Jason deserves to have these courageous leaders represent him, and so do we. We are fortunate to have a number of worthy Democrats running for office this November who will fight for our progressive values. Just as we deserve their strong leadership, they deserve our support. Please consider volunteering a few hours (or more) at the OFA Campaign Headquarters on Sixth Street.

Sunday, September 23, Noon to 4 (?)

Pritchard Park

(south entrance, off Durand & Ohio)

We’ll provide: grills, meat, buns, plates & utensils, grills, beverages (soda, water, punch). Bring chairs, a dish to pass, games (optional).

We’ll all have some Summer Democratic Fun!
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