Exercise 1 Questions and verb forms
Put the words in the right order to make a question. Example job / learning / for / English / your / you / are? Are you learning English for your job?

(15) ________ (write) to him but he moved and I (16) ________ (not have) his new address. A Well, what about dinner on Friday? B That's fine. What time? A Is 8 o'clock OK? I (17) ________ (ring) Brian yesterday to check the day, and I (18) ________ (ring) him again tomorrow to check the time. B Well 8 o'clock is fine for me. I (19) ________ (come) at about 8 and I (20) ________ (bring) a bottle of wine. A See you on Friday then! Exercise 3 Countable and uncountable nouns
Underline the uncountable noun in the following pairs of words. Example cheese/egg

1. English/you/start/did/learning/when? ________________________________________ 2. tennis/often/play/how/does/she? ________________________________________ 3. do/doing/what/at/you/like/weekend/the? ________________________________________ 4. weekend/do/what/you/would/to/this/like? ________________________________________ 5. dictionary/why/got/you/haven't/a? ________________________________________ 6. much/put/my/coffee/sugar/how/did/in/you? ________________________________________ 7. phoned/doing/John/when/what/you/were? ________________________________________ 8. sandwiches/make/is/who/to/going/the? ________________________________________ 9. radio/listening/does/enjoy/to/mother/the/ your? ________________________________________ 10. live/Anna/where/was/child/a/did/when/ she? ________________________________________ Exercise 2 Tenses and verb forms
In the following conversation put the verb in brackets into the correct tense or verb form. Example A Why did you go (go) to the seaside last weekend? B Because we like sailing (sail) .

money/pound rice/potato loaf/bread job/homework food/meal Exercise 4 Articles

meat/hamburger flower/flour song/music luggage/suitcase furniture/desk

Put a, an, the or nothing into each gap in the story. Example I had ∅ dinner with the Queen.

My Aunt Vanessa is (1) _________ artist. She lives in (2) _________ beautiful old cottage by (3) _________ sea and she paints (4) _________ small pictures of wild flowers and birds. She doesn't like leaving (5) _________ cottage, but once (6) _________ year she travels by (7) _________ train to London and has (8) _________ tea with me at (9) _________ Savoy Hotel. At the moment I'm quite worried about her because she's in (10) _________ hospital, but I'm sure she'll be better soon. I'm going to visit her next week. Exercise 5

A (1)________ you ________ (know) Brian Bailey? B Yes, I (2)________ (meet) him two years ago while I (3)________ (work) in Germany. (4)________ he still ________ (live) there? A Yes. He does. He (5) ________ (live) in Frankfurt. He (6) ________ (have got) a good job there but at the moment he (7) ________ (work) in London. He's here for a few days and I'd like (8) ________ (invite) him and you for dinner. Can you (9) ________ (come)? B Yes, I hope so. I'd love (10) ________ (see) Brian again! When I was in Germany we (11) ________ (see) each other quite often because his office was near the school where I (12) ________ (teach) and so we sometimes (13)________ (have) lunch together. I always enjoyed (14) ________ (talk) to him. I wanted 

Pre-Intermediate Placement and Revision Test page 1 of 6

hear/if/I/news/any/you/I/phone/will ________________________________________ pay/as/you/I/back/soon/can/I/as/will ________________________________________ you/feel/stop/better/if/will/you/smoking ________________________________________ car/Peter/enough/when/he/buy/a/has/will/ money ________________________________________ problem/help/I/you/have/you/a/will/if ________________________________________ Exercise 8 Questions Write questions about the words in italics. But he liked it. Mike and Polly are arguing about something. 3. ________________________________________ 3. ________________________________________ 2. I went to Bristol University in 1984. ________________________________________ 6. Working in an office is better (4) _________ working in a shop. We have moved here after my daughter was born. D It sounds great. Peter works for somebody. Exercise 7 Time clause Put the words in the right order. Tick () the correct one. but I'd like to. 4. one is correct. that new Italian restaurant.1Description Below there are three dialogues. D Mm. and it wasn't as expensive (8) _________ Giovanni's. Giovanni's used to be the (9) _________ popular restaurant around here. Example Somebody broke the window. B What are the other people (1) _________? A They're very nice. I have never been to Russia.Section 5. Section 6. Something smells awful! ________________________________________ 5. Someone gave me £100! ________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Pre-Intermediate Placement and Revision Test page 2 of 6 . and the job is much (3) _________ interesting. A I started a new job today. F Can I borrow it? Exercise 6 2. I have lived in Chesswood for five years.  worst funnie r was lates t than what more friendlie r the as(x2 ) tastier most funniest like 1. C And the service isn't (10) _________ good as it used to be. They seem (2) _________ than the people in my old job. "Going Round the World?" F No. D Yes. 3. I live in Chesswood for five years. Who broke the window? 1. 2. ________________________________________ 8. 5. but I'd like to. E Have you read John Harrison's (12) _________ book. ________________________________________ 4. Somebody hit Lilly. working in an office. and in the other there is a mistake. I never went to Russia. I watched TV last night. Example bath / I/ when / home / will / get / have / a / I I will have a bath when I get home. B Really! How did it go? A It was OK. B You worked in a shop before. 1. 5. so I think we'll go there again. This one's much (15) _________. I have been to Bristol University in know. didn't you? A Yes. E Neither did I. I know. but then it started getting very expensive. and it was (11) _________ than Paul's. I laughed out loud all the way through.1Correct the mistakes In the following pairs of sentences. I am a teacher since I left university. They are talking about somebody. ________________________________________ 7. We moved here after my daughter was born. I was a bit nervous. I hated it. F I didn't like "The Truth and the Light". Put one of the words in the box into each gap. the one that came out last year. Example I have watched TV last night. I have been a teacher since I left university. (13)_________’s it like? E I think it's the (14) _________ book he's written. I'll tell you! That was the (5) _________ job I've ever had. 4. What (6) _________ it like? C It was (7) _________ best Italian meal I've ever had. Jeremy lives with someone. but mine was cooked in wine and herbs. Ssh! I'm listening to something. C We went out for a meal to Luigi's last night . D What did you have? C Paul and I both had veal.

10. so I'm tired. We've been here since last Saturday.9. 2. How long have you known Wendy? How long have you been knowing Wendy? 4. 5. but he isn't sure yet. she lives in a small room above a noisy restaurant in the centre of town. Someone told me that Ann was getting married! ________________________________________ 10. she _______________ it easier to sleep. Wendy. Write in the Past Simple and Past Participle for the irregular verbs only. She's gone to work. If she _______________ live above a restaurant. 3. 1. Exercise 13 Irregular past tenses Here are 20 verbs. We haven't made coffee yet. 4. generous beautiful ugly annoyed noisy mean old wellbehaved interesting _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ pleased modern wealthy happy naughty boring messy tidy poor quiet miserable _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ 1. Jane _______________ happier if she _______________ a more interesting job. 6. 9. We are here since last Saturday. 10 are regular and 10 are irregular. When did you buy your new car? When have you bought your new car? 7. She has a boring job and she doesn't earn much money. 3. She thinks that she will perhaps go and live with her friend. 2. Pre-Intermediate Placement and Revision Test Base form appear bring climb fall feel forget improve invent know let lose manage pass pick speak Past simple Past Participle ______________________________________________________________________ page 3 of 6 . Her boss might __________________________. I've been running round the park three times. Mary isn't home. I've seen her five minutes ago. but she isn't sure yet because she likes living on her own. Jane's unhappy at home and unhappy at work. I've been running in the park. If she _______________ a car. They've already had their dinner. 5. Tick () the correct one. Her boss says that he will perhaps give her a pay rise next month. will / when / be / new / the / bridge / built? ________________________________________ 5. I've run round the park three times. We didn't make coffee yet. 1. Exercise 11 Continuous Present Perfect Simple and In the following pairs of sentences only one is correct. I've run in the park. Mary's / invited / I / to / wasn't / party / why? ________________________________________ 4. Something has just crept across the carpet! ________________________________________ Exercise 9 Passives Put the words in the right order. Then complete the sentences below. Mary isn't home. They already had their dinner. She's been to work. since / has / nylon / 1932 / made / been ________________________________________ 3. Example Jane wouldn't be unhappy if she lived in a quiet flat. Opposites Exercise 12 Choose an adjective from the box. I saw her five minutes ago. world / is / English / the / all / spoken / over ________________________________________ 2. 8. She doesn't have a flat. asked / car / design / were / they / to / new / a ________________________________________ Exercise 10 Second Conditional and might Read the text about Jane. She might _______________ her friend Wendy. He is waiting to see the doctor since 9. so I'm tired. He's been waiting to see the doctor since 9. She finds it difficult to sleep because the restaurant doesn't close until after midnight. Write it next to its opposite. she __________________________ to work by bus. She doesn't have a car and she goes to work on crowded buses every day.

start tell understand use want ______________________________________________________________________ Pre-Intermediate Placement and Revision Test page 4 of 6 .

4. carefully mind concert glasses in forecast path heavily ready B A. 2. Exercise 16 ______________________________________________________________________ Pre-Intermediate Placement and Revision Test page 5 of 6 . Andy Goodchild. K. J. Andy tells us about his background. Factfile on Andy Goodchild Andy's highly successful solo career began in 1984. 8. 10. 11. I've been reading a story ______ two girls who travelled round the world. 13. 9.1 Used to or the Past Simple Look at the profile of the singer. Trixie. C. "She's mine" Toured the United States Broke up with Mandy Went solo Pop festival in Los Angeles He _____________________________ Bradford School. 6. He said that she was too young to buy alcohol and that it was ______ the law. Lived in Leeds with my parents My first guitar! Bradford School Wrote songs with a friend called Keith Played in pubs and clubs Started going out with a girl called Mandy Number one record. He _______________________ songs with a friend called Keith. computers L. 2.Exercise 14 Prepositions Put the correct preposition into each gap. 4. The Forwards _____________________ in In 1981 he _______________________ a number one record. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 A never wear wait drive tell detective lose give someone narrow get sun pop rain interested weather ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ uniform G. O. 12. 1. 6. 7. He _______________________ football for the school. pubs and clubs. Example He used to live with his parents in Leeds. He _______________________ with 4. 3. 2. B. He now lives in London with his wife. D. N. H. 1. If that machine weren't ______ of order. Do you believe ______ UFOs? 5. 3. I sold my car ______ £2. He __________________ with a girl called Mandy. and their daughter. or the Past Simple. The Forwards. 14. M. Suzy. Exercise 15 Words that go together Write the correct combinations below. I. F.000. 3. 7. E. 5. story a lift the truth patiently weight a Section 16. 15. He had his first guitar when he was six. 5. Complete the sentences. 1959-80 1965 1970-80 1971-75 1976-83 1980 June 1981 1982 1983 1984 August 1985 1. I'd get you a drink. using used to where possible.

He ________________________a pop United States in 1982. The Forwards __________________ the Andy ________________________ in 1984. 9. festival in Los Angeles the following year. 10. ______________________________________________________________________ Pre-Intermediate Placement and Revision Test page 6 of 6 .8.

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