How can I resist? Is there another choice, Besides the gun or the clenched fist?

How can I resist? How do I tell my Government, That I deserve to exist?

How can I resist? Their efforts to drag us over the edge, How do I insist, That I can’t live on a ledge?

How can I resist? How can I fight? Don’t they know everybody’s p*ssed? Why do they insist they’re right?

How can I resist, How can I tell them that I’m the one who’s getting screwed, Why are they shocked when they’re the ones who are booed?

How can I resist, The Anthem I’m no longer signing, I’ve no choice but to come out swinging.

How can I resist? How can I make them see, That their enemy is not me! A government for the people, of the people, by the people is how it’s supposed to be, But our politicians are only looking out for Uncle Sam, The American Dream is nothing but a sham.


© 2013 Benjamin F. Kaye

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