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OISD-STD-1I9 15. 6.:ace Safe handling of air hydrocarbor. OISD-STD-114 Chemicals and their HandJ!ng 10. I Inspection of Compressors Inspection of turbines and Diesel Engines Rev. OISD-RP-124 20.! Inspection of fans. OlSD-RP-126 22. No. 8.i'l/DARIJS SI. OISD-RP-123 19.(A) LIST OF PlJBLlSHFIJ OISI) STA. OISD-STD-117 13.'!] sewer systeiTl an': Recommended Practices on Static Elcctricit) Process design and operating philosophies on fired process n. OISD-STD-120 16. Standard No. OISD-STD-122 18. 7. OISD-STD-118 14. gear boxes and agitators Inspection of rotating equipment components Predictive Maintenance Practices Inspection and Maintenance of Mechanical Seals Specific maintenance practices for rotating equipment History recording of rotating equipment Inspection of un fired pressure vessels . OISD-STD-1 Uj OISD-STLJ-1 U6 \Vork Perll1it SYStCl-' Process system design and opcr3tills philos. OISD-STD-121 17. OISD-STD-127 23 OISD-STD-128 Fire Protection Facilities for Petroleum Depots and Terminals Layouts for Oil and Gas Installations Inspection of Pumps Rev. blowers.'iZi] 3. OISD-STD-1 U8 OISD-STD-109 OISlJ-RP-11 U OISD-STD-ill OISD-STD-112 OISD-STD-I13 Recommended Practices on Oil Storage and Handling Process Design and Operating phiio50phies on blow dO\A. 4. Name of the Standard 1. OISD-RP-125 21. OISD-GDN-115 11.:r. mixtures and pyrophoric substances Classification facilities Hazardous Guidelines of Area for electrical installation at Hydrocarbon and handling 9.'phlCS on pressure r~l:d and disIXl. 5. OISD-STD-1I6 for fire fighting equipment Jappliances in petroleum industry facilities for Petroleum Refineries and Oil/Gas Processing Fire Protection Plants 12. 2.

-ll Vol. OISD-RP-149 43. OISD-STIJ-137 32 Inspection of electrical equipment OISD-STD-138 Inspection of cross country pipe] ints .ISO 44. Name of the Standard 24 25 OISD-STD-129 OISD-STD-130 Inspection ofstoLage tanks inspection pipes. OISD-RP-146 40. valves and ti:tlngs Inspecti(JI~ ofBoiic'!"s Inspection Inspection Inspection o[prcs:. OISD-STD-139 34.c mdustry --'------------~- . OISD-STL1. 45.SI.-IV 38.I 52 46 OISD-STD. OlSD-GDN-145 39. OISD-SID-141 requirements for cross country hydrocarbon 36. OISD-SID-151 Inspection of fire fighting equipment's and systems Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Bottling Plant Operations Design Philosophies Operating Practices Inspection and Maintenance Safety and Fire Protection Practices Guidelines on Internal Safety Audits (Procedures and Checklist) Rev._------------- - ---------- . Safety instrumentation Maintenance Propane Tank Truck lndusu.153 for process system in hydrocarbon & inspection of safety instrument in hydrocarbo. OISD-STD. OlSD-STD.Onshore Inspection of pipelines . Fabrication and Fittings. OISD-STD-134 30.-I Yol.! Preservation of ideal electrical equipment Inspection & safe practices during electrical installations Inspection & safe practices during overhauling electrical equipment Design aspects for safety in electrical systems Design and Layout of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Mounded Storage Vessels Safety in Design.ure relieving devices 2G OISDS"')-13[ 27 2B OISIJ-SiTJ-132 OISD-SrD-133 of fired heaters of heat exchangers 29. OISD-STD-142 37. OlSD-RP-147 41. OISD-STD-144 Yol. No. OISD-RP-148 42. Standard No..Offshore Inspection of jetty pipelines Design and Construction pipelines 33.-JJl Yol.135 31. OISD-STD-140 35.

OISD-GDN-168 62.I 5~ Recommended Practices on SlUragc 2. \:on-respiratoD cq:. OISD-STD-I71 65.! r. OISD-RP. OISD-RP. O[SD-RP. OISD-STD- 55.2insportation of Bulk Petrolc~m Prod~cts 50.I 76 Safety Training for Offshore Personnel .. Maintenance.:cn. Persunnel Prmccti\ c i':q~l:=)). ~amc of the Stand •.'ili!)ln~ Pdn ]] 49 OISD-GDN-]5(. structures Preservation Repairs and Rehabilitation of foundations and 63.. OISD-GDN-166 60.Requi.llpmCn Rcspi.lllics ~ix Por: Oil Ten~lir~a!s Recommended Pract.[57 51.SJ.I 73 66. fo.J. OISD-STDI 63 I 64 58.d Handling of Bulk Liquefld Petroleum Gas LPG Tank Trucks . OISD-STD-167 61. OISD-GDN-169 OISD Guidelines on Small LPG Bottling Plants (Design and Fire Protection facilities) Inspection. OISD-STD57. OISD-RP-170 64. OISD-STD-165 Guidelines for Rescue and Relief Operations for POL Tank Truck Accident Guidelines for Occupational Health Monitoring in Oil and Gas Industry POL Tanklorry Design & Safety Preparation of On-site Emergency Plan for the Marketing Locations 59. I 74 of Idle Static and Rotary Equipment Fire Protection Systems for Electrical Installations Well Control Cementing Operations OISD-STD-175 68. Standard 1\0.• d r 47 4~ OISU-STD-154 OISD-STIJI 55 I'i'.crr:ents of Safety on DesigrvFabrication Fittings Protection to finings mounled on existing LPG tank trucks Rescue & relief operations involving tank truck accidents carrying LPG Safety in installations and maintenance of LPG Cylinder Manifold Process Control Room Safety Fire Proofing in Oil and Gas Industry and 52 OISD-STD-159 53 OISD-STD-160 I6 I 54.cOfY Equipmcnl fire Pro:cction J-"ac. l. ''o. OISD-STD-162 56.n J Safety aspects in Ct:nnioi'.

OISD-STO-189 Replacement of Personnel Protective Equipment and Life Saving appliances Wire line Operations Combine Operations Care & Use Of Wire Rope Corrosion Monitoring of Offshore & Onshore Pipelines Fire Fighting Equipment for Drilling rigs. OISD-STD-194 87._---. OISD-STD-190 83. OISO-GDN-200 92 OISO-GDN-201 for Environment Protection in Upstream Petroleurr. 74 Recommended Safe Stimulation Operation Logging Operations for WllrKover and \Vcl! 75 OISO-STD-18} 76. OIS0-STD-195 Safety Safety Practice during Construction Gas Lift Operations and Maintenance Storage and Handling of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Safety in Design. Derrick Floor Operation Oil Field Explosives (Offshore Drilling! Work over rig) 82. Operation. OISO-STD-193 86. OISD-STD-185 78._------- . OISO-STD-191 84.<:Hior~ 69 O!SIJ-STO-I77 7() OISO-GOl'-178 OISD-STD-179 Ci-uidcllnc. 91. Work over Rigs and Production Installations. OISD-STD-188 81.s on M:nagernem 71 Safety Requirements for Compress:un. OISD-GDN-197 90.inQ S:a'. Inspection and Maintenance of Hydrocarbon Gas Compressor Stations and Tenninals Guidelines for seeking Environmental Petroleum Industry Guidelines Guidelines Guidelines Guidelines Facilities) on Environmental Clearance of Development Projects in 88.. OISD-STD-187 80. Storage for CNC.i 81 OISD-STD-182 . ----- St::wdard . OISO-GDN-ln 85. OISD-GDN199 Impact Assessment for Environment Audits for Development of Contingency Plan for Oil Spi!l Response.oll. in Automotive secto) Lightning Geophysical Protect:. Operations Proccdu~es and Guidelines 72 T OISD-STD-180 OISD-STD. Sector (OnJand ---~~---------~--_. OISD-STD-186 79.----- No.~':~~".----~---_..SI. No. t\amc of the Standard lnspt:ction and Maintenance of Thermal of Chsngc: a~d Rc(·~'2:.s lnsu. OISD-GDN-196 89. OISD-GDN-184 77.

0ISD-STO-204 96 OISD-RP-205 Evacuation and Facilities Crane Operation. 0]SO-GON-2]2 Safety in Petroleum Laboratories Guidelines Sector Formulation on Environmental Audit (Internal) in DO\\TIstream Petroleum 102.GON-2] 1 101. OISO -GON -2]8 104. Medical ofDrilJing Mairtcnance Requiremenls.rearr. OISO-GON-217 103.51. Industry 97. OISO -GON -219 of Environment Management Plan for Drilling Operations Safe Rig-up and Rig-down of Drilling and Work-over Rigs Field Inspection. Name of the Standard ()J OIS 0-GON-202 0ISO-GD1'-201 Inspection Operation. Handling and Testing of Casing Pipe and Tubing . and \\'orko\'c[ Rjg Masci Su~'-struc(urc of Hoisting Equipment 94 and Inspecti'Jn Emergency 95. 0ISO-GON-207 99. 0ISO-STO-210 on Safety Management Safety and Refueling Handling of Liquefied Petroleum Gas for Automotive ]OO. Use Maintenance and Testing (For ups'.OISO . No. 0ISO-GON-206 98.j System in Petroleurr. Guidelines Contractor Storage. St<ludard 1\0.

.------. I ----1 ---. Approva~~_ Put up for : !-. Handling of Petroleum at Rural Retail Outlets I I.nd Put up for LDAR Programme I Approval ------. '.Approval --Guidelines on risk assessment of downstream oil industry units. Handling & Dispensing at Pctroleum Retail Outlets ----.6 I OISO-STO-225 ! OISD-GDN-198 L --.o~~ __ ! ( B) NEW STANDARDS UNDER I'REI'AR\T10\ 2 J I O-I-S-O---ST-O--220-l~istribution ofP-i-pe-d-N-a-tu-ral Ga:' --~+pu::~:U.~i ~I I O~::n=~4-~-:S~ ----c::::~~. Put up for Storage.' i . _ I -- - -1----' I . 7 8 Cavern Storage of Petroleum Product Guidelines for Emergency Response Preparedness in E&P Industry Electrical Safety . Guidelines for Fire Operators .A p I' rova I Monitoring & control ofYOC Emissiuf.- OISO-STD-224 i -- 4 5 . ~I I ' I I ! 9 10 I I ]1 .-. I.Drilling Rigs Safe Operation & Maintenance of Sucker Rod Pumps Storage.----~.

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