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Hul internet marketing

Hul internet marketing

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Internet marketing
Internet marketing

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Published by: Abhishek Pramanik on Jan 18, 2013
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MARUTI A-STAR • Situation Analysis / Background o Maruti Suzuki launched their latest entry into the small-car

segment, the AStar. o The A-Star is positioned as being ideal for ambitious, daring and dynamic youngsters (25-35 yrs old) who want a trendsetting, potent, futuristic car which provides the thrill of adventure and the feeling of being successful & invincible. o The launch of the car was to be preceded by an active online campaign which would create buzz and arouse interest in the product.

Measurable Objectives o The objective of the pre-launch phase was to act like a teaser campaign to create buzz within the core TG and to attract them for repeated visits up till the actual launch. o The objective of the post-launch phase was to create an online brand identity for the A-Star, attract the TG, provide information, and other value added elements. Strategic Insights o During the pre-launch phase, the primary aim was to connect with the identified TG of the A-Star. The TG being a predominantly male group ranging from 25 – 35 years of age (ie. Active internet user with definite online identity), viral marketing was a sound option. Also, having an anchor point on the website in the form of a contest was another idea.

No.4 St. Martin’s Road, Off Turner Road, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050 Tel: +9122-26421292 / 93 / 94

Bandra West. Martin’s Road. active promotions were done on Facebook. an attitude shared with the much awaited Star! The winners were presented with sporty Tissot watches & the pre launch phase came to an end. No. the technological prowess that went into its making and a remarkable inside-out showcase of the car.4 St. • The site had a grungy design & a fun stress buster game • To augment the stickiness factor. The virals took digs at classic Bollywood through the times starting from Sholay to current hits. funny lines and funnier visuals. One of the virals even had star kids in focus each resembling their respective celeb-father. Post-Launch: • The launch coincided with the website transforming to once the timer ticked down to zero. The virals were both infused with witty themes. Off Turner Road. Also. o Banners were splashed over major portals to coincide with the launch of the website. The website still retained the grungy look and feel with a catchy track playing in the background. Mr. a photo gallery and the post launch contest which waved the grand prize of meeting with the latest sensation in the Indian movie industry. • The site holds all the necessary info about the A-Star. the ‘Stop@Nothing’ contest was declared open which urged users to submit entries that stated how they ‘Stop @ Nothing’. Farhan Akthar. a fun zone aptly named the ‘Stop @ Nothing Zone’ was created which included interesting games. o • Other Media Used o Along with the viral marketing campaign. Mumbai 400050 Tel: +9122-26421292 / 93 / 94 .• Execution o Pre-Launch: • The pre-launch site holstered 2 animated virals which caught the pulse of web browsers with its humour & style. • Other useful tools like the dealer locator and an option to book a test drive have been incorporated in the website.

we should sustain this momentum and should also devise our plans & strategies to raise the bar even further & break our own records. It has also created many benchmarks with in Maruti. it has attracted highest traffic amongst recent launches from Maruti stable. Mumbai 400050 Tel: +9122-26421292 / 93 / 94 .4 St. it has also created a record of maximum time spent on any Maruti website. Looking forward to see some more innovative & one of its kind concepts for A-star. it was the first time that agency was given any assignment from Maruti. All the best!” Ashish Jain Brand Manager – A-Star Maruti Suzuki India Pvt Ltd No. Off Turner Road. Martin’s Road. and you have delivered as per our expectations.com • Campaign Dates o Nov 08 – Jan 09 • Results o o o 4. The whole credit goes to the team & we congratulate all involved in the project.• • Campaign Elements Campaign URL o www. Bandra West.7 lakh visitors 23 lakh page views avg time spent – 5. The website beautifully captures brand essence & brand tonality. Having said that.38 mins • Client Testimonial “It’s been great working with BC Web Wise.marutisuzukiastar. in context of internet promotions.

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