MASTER OF COMPUTER and INFORMATION SCIENCE MCIS Group 1 Courses Eleven credit hours of computer science courses are

required from Group 1 for all MCIS students. • Students must take each of the following courses from Group 1: • CIS 601 Graduate Seminar in CIS • CIS 606 Analysis of Algorithms • CIS 620 Advanced Operating Systems • Students must take one of the following courses from Group 1: • CIS 600 Computer Architecture • CIS 650 Compiler Design If CIS 600, 606, 620, or 650 is waived based on prior graduate course work, an advanced course in the same area must be taken in its place. CIS 601 may not be transferred or waived. MCIS Group 2 Courses A student must complete a minimum of six credit hours (two or more courses) from the following list: • • • • • CIS 590 Foundations of Computing CIS 611 Relational Database Systems CIS 666 Topics in Artificial Intelligence CIS 667 Bioinformatics CIS 675 Information Security

Additional Rule A student may choose a maximum of two courses from the following list and may apply those credits to the MCIS degree: • • • • CIS 524 Comparative Programming Languages CIS 554 Data Communications and Networking CIS 580 Introduction to Computer Architecture CIS 590 Foundations of Computing

Hours earned in any other 500-level courses will not be counted towards the MCIS degree. MCIS Electives MCIS students will be required to take 14-16 credit hours of MCIS electives beyond the preparatory program. The exact number depends on whether the Thesis Option is chosen: • 16 hours of electives are needed if the thesis option is not chosen. • 14 hours of electives are needed if the thesis option is chosen. In addition, the student must register for CIS 699, Master’s Thesis Research in Computer Science. A faculty member supervises the thesis. The student must pass the Final Oral Defense, which is conducted by the Thesis Committee. For more information, please see the Thesis Rules.

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