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Case Study

(Aficionado Germany Perfumes)

Prepared by: De la Merced, Leinard Maceda, Sorzox Prepared for: Prof. Cecile Respall

Business Mathematics Mon. 2:30pm -5:30pm

It is also a smart move due to the fact that most of the people spend their time on surfing the internet giving them a more competitive edge over competing brands. Other products are also included in the package and perfume kits are made available. but also providing equalled service and help to the community and country. young professionals. it is indeed a possible success through gradual development. This is a good strategic move that doesn’t cost too much and saves advertising expense for the part of the company. Other people may use the product for luxury and social stability. In addition. Venturing out into a perfume business is what we would like to pursue and seek profit from. teenagers. They are also increasing their line of products by including lotions and soaps as well as a separate clothing line. The target market for the said products goes into a wide range. The consumers are usually consuming or purchasing perfumes for personal use and enhancement of self-esteem as it adds up to the good impression that they receive from other people such as colleagues or family members and friends. including adults. The said company had a very satisfactory background since its start. For we know that working is not always just about selling products and gaining money. one of the country’s leading perfume manufacturer proudly owned by a Filipino. kids and the likes. As we took into study its process and overall profitability.Case Study: Aficionado Germany Perfumes |2 1. Perfumes and colognes are those we may consider essentials into being pleasing not only to the eyes but also with our scent. The products that are to be sold are perfumes which are already mixed and bottled by the company. . they are continuously expanding and making gains throughout local and global markets. We chose to be a dealer of Aficionado Germany Perfumes.0 Overview Looking good and presentable to everybody is a constant necessity that people are increasingly being aware of. Social media is one of its means of advertising besides the print media and commercials. We also wish to grab the opportunity to share further the success of this business and its reputable name by being a part of it.

000 sq m plant in Sterling Industrial Park. with the brand Joel Cruz Signatures engaged in a new line of perfume and personal care products to scented home products. Aficionado Boutiques were opened nationwide to reinvigorate the former apparel business. With his passion for fashion. The company acquiring new technology in manufacturing and implementing systems upgrade like SAP (ERP) and an integrated supply chain is geared towards the year 2020 as a smallmedium sized company to achieving bigger success and growth. Los Angeles. drugstores and convenience stores nationwide. Central Affirmative Co. The brand Joel Cruz Signatures offering personal care products and beyond. The company has spawned into a family of brands: Aficionado Germany Perfume as the leading Philippine made perfume in the market. . In 1987. Tolling. 2007. Domestic and International Distributorship. Joel found it equally fulfilling. the company laboratory was officially registered by the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD now FDA) and established as a manufacturer and distributor of Aficionado Germany Perfume brand. Saudi Arabia. Driven by his passion to pursue creative undertakings and business skills. manufacturing and selling apparel to leading department stores in Metro Manila. In 1997. On March 2010. the Aficionado brand was opened for franchising opportunities and this catapulted the company to new heights. Denmark. if not even more. Saipan and continues to expand business in the Asian region in other ASEAN member countries. Joel ventured into importing apparel from Hongkong and Bangkok in 1986. In 2002. Cruz or “Joel” to his family and friends is the sixth among the seven children of Mr. 2000. Ireland. CACI has gone global having distribution centres in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Direct Dealership. the apparel business was rebranded to Aficionado-Your Fashion and Scents Store and registered with the IPO in September of the same year. On June 22. UAE. In 2001.0 Company History: Joel S. Retailing is just the start of everything. CACI is posed to expand its business in the Philippines and globally. Joel engaged in another business venture establishing Joel Cruz Enterprise-perfumery. with the glut of apparel goods from China and Thailand. the company saw the opportunity to switch to the perfume business. Iran.Case Study: Aficionado Germany Perfumes |3 2. the company opened Signatures by Joel Cruz Inc. Bulacan. Dionisio Cruz. located in Meycauayan. Having spent all his schooling at the University of Santo Tomas from elementary to college and honoured with Loyalty Awards. he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Santo Tomas. the company operated a 2. This was the beginning of big things to come. he became an entrepreneur instead of becoming a doctor. and Mrs. In 1999. Contract Manufacturing and Personalizing services were established as corporate units and further spurred growth for the company. (apparel). Inc. The company supplies products to major supermarkets. After 5 years in business. In 2006. he established Joel Cruz Enterprises Inc. On September 5. It is geared towards achieving international standards with manufacturing processes towards producing the highest quality personal care products to offer to consumers. Japan. was born on the process of acquiring license to distribute the perfume brand “Affirmative” or popularly known as “AF”.

To provide our employees with humane working conditions and security for their personal and professional growth.) 10 ml (12 pcs. To satisfy our stakeholders (stockholders. 2.3 Core Values of the Company:      Excellence and Quality Accomplishment Dedication. health and beauty products”. The National Shopper’s Choice Award and The Philippines’ Marketing Excellence Award.2 Vision:  We will be globally known as the leading manufacturer and distributor of perfume and personal care products. It is a clear vision that guides the company to successfully pursue various ventures -“To be known as the leading manufacturer and distributor of perfume. 2. 30000. franchisees and investors) with good profit.Case Study: Aficionado Germany Perfumes |4 CACI has earned several recognitions by major award giving bodies such as the Asian Star Brand Award. the Philippine Retailers Association Hall of Fame Award and the 32nd Agora Awards Nomination for Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship among others.) . To be socially responsible to our community especially to those who belong to the marginalized segment of our society.0 Capital Liquidation The starting capital for the dealer package is Php. 2. The package includes all necessary items and products needed for the selling process. Commitment and Loyalty Respect and Honesty Teamwork 2.4 Type of Business:  Manufacturing and Retail 3.) 25 ml (12 pcs. To further elaborate here are the things that are included in the package: Aficionado Package     Eau de Toilette -85 ml (36 pcs.1 Mission:     To develop quality products for global distribution at the right cost and at the right time.) 60 ml (18 pcs.

) Bath and Body Cologne (16 pcs.)  30 ml (2 pcs.90 gms.15 ml (6 pcs.) JOEL CRUZ SIGNATURES  Bath Soap .) BOY ABUNDA Eau de Toilette  for all sexes  50 ml (2 pcs.) Erich (2 pcs.60 ml (12 pcs.  Foot Spray .)  Shampoo .) Dealers Package Kit  Tarpaulin size: 1.)  Conditioner .60 ml (8 pcs).200 ml (8 pcs.)  Lotion .)  Shower Gel .Case Study: Aficionado Germany Perfumes |5   Bath and Body Spray (20 pcs.) Jason (2 pcs.) Lovi (2 pcs.100 ml (8 pcs.5 x 2 / 2 X 5  Press Kit .130 ml (8 pcs. (12 pcs.)  Intimate Spray .) CELEBRITY SCENTS 50ml      Dennis (2 pcs.

5. Vials . 40. sporty.Case Study: Aficionado Germany Perfumes |6 .0 Product Celebrity Scent: Jason Scent Overview: For the typical teen. Allocation Initial Investment (Aficionado Sales Leader Package) Other expenses (print ads) Contingency Fund Total Amount Php.000 for safekeeping just in case that an emergency arises.Application Form  Merchandising Materials: . 5. We will also allocate Php.000 Php.Aficionado R/N T-Shirt . loves going to parties and social gatherings and exploring new things in life of a young adult.Aficionado Gym Bag .Network Organization . L (100 pcs. 5.Company Profile .000 4. Good for the active. 5.Dealer’s Price List . L (2 pcs. M.Sampler 10 pcs.000 Php. .) . Each) Another Php.Membership Card w/ lanyard . “always on the go” person. young adult or adult who is witty and knows how to mingle with different kinds of people.Aficionado Plastic Bags S.000 Php. casual.Celebrity Endorsers Paper Bags M (3 pcs.Dealer’s Terms & Conditions . 30. great for gym buff.000 is to be allocated for buying other items that may be needed for setting up the business at home.) .

young adults.Case Study: Aficionado Germany Perfumes |7 Eau De Toilette for Men 50 ml Scent: Fougere. and bubbly going to social gatherings often involves her with social issues revolving around teenagers. Young. Eau De Toilette for Women 50 ml Scent: Fruity and Green . Smart. Outdoor Celebrity Scent: Erich Scent Overview: For the typical girl-teen. who love hanging out with her peers. smart. Sweet and Bubbly. The ultimate statement of femininity. Aromatic. Citrus and Fruity Natural.

. We will also post advertisements on broadsheets and tabloids to create further awareness. we are optimistic that people will buy products from us. citrus and woody notes in 55ml BLUE bottle. Likewise. and share the opportunity of earning profit through being a dealer also. Since the brand has already established a reputable name in the local perfume industry. for in their age they start to explore teenage life as they grow in a fast paced life. The Body and Bath Spray is best for kids. Overall the products are satisfactory in quality and meets the needs of the consumers. tweens and teens who are sporty.Case Study: Aficionado Germany Perfumes |8 Sporty Bath and Body Spray 55 ml Scent: Oriental.0 Marketing Strategy Advertising for the products and dealership offers will be done through use of social media. 4. joyful and playful and are neat and conscious of their personal hygiene. aromatic. will also hand out flyers and information sheets to attract prospect customers and business partners. Citrus and Amber SPORTY Scent Overview: SPORTY is our version of f-2 inspired by of POLO SPORT with fern.

"Endless opportunities await you here!" REGISTER NOW!       To register. Unlimited source of earnings through: 1. teachers. freelancer. Direct selling which generates big profit . we can recommend a forwarder if you wish No territorial exclusivity Terms & Conditions apply signed by both parties Cash transactions through wire/bank transfer to CENTRAL AFFIRMATIVE CO.0 Programs Offered a. Account. INC.com A Proud Member of b.Case Study: Aficionado Germany Perfumes |9 5. sales executives.. entrepreneurs. Package is Php30.00 (Applicable to ASL & ASGD only) Dealer takes care of the freight expense and we will facilitate shipment through your contact forwarder. employees. EMAIL US: aficionado_franchise@yahoo.00 for GOLD Package and Php7. Dealership Program DEALERSHIP PROGRAM is open to each and everyone (housewives. students and professionals) who can be a part of our wide network of happy and successful people.000.000 for SILVER Package Annual Membership Renewal of Php 500. Franchise Program TERM OF FRANCHISE: 3 years FRANCHISING SINCE: 2004 APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Submit Letter of Intent PREFERRED SITES: Malls & Commercial Complex NOTE: Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

00 for network subscription (Applicable for ASL & ASGD only). Networking benefits through rebates 4. 5.. We offer Corporate Give-aways & Campaign Give-aways to the following accounts/institutions:     Companies/Businesses Hotels & Resorts Spa & Salons Facial Care Centers & Skin Clinics. c. Bulacan is the manufacturing plant of: AFICIONADO Germany Perfume and JOEL CRUZ SIGNATURES. Referral commission through recruitment 3. Co. etc.000 Other required Fees:  Annual Fee: P 500. Inc. 4.000 or (ASL) Php 30. . Additional Rebate incentive through Network Group Sales Registration requirements: 1. Tolling Program CUSTOMIZED & CONTRACT MANUFACTURER Central Affirmative Co. ID) Proof of Billing One (1x1) & Two (2x2) Photo Avail of the initial Dealer’s package: (AD) Php 7. We are happy to offer you our new line of services for local & international:   Contract / Toll Manufacturing Personalized and Customized Services purposely made according to your own set of parameters. 3. 2. Registration form (duly accomplished & signed) Information sheet Valid Identification card (Any government ID. 6.C a s e S t u d y : A f i c i o n a d o G e r m a n y P e r f u m e s | 10 2. It includes a packaging that suits your needs for local and international distribution. (CACI) located in Sterling Industrial Park at Meycauayan.


com.ph internationalsales@joelcruzsignatures. #: (+632) 740-8888 local 500 & 513 Mobile phone # : (+63) 922-8175172 (+63) 919-6644195 E-mail: tolling@aficionado..ph Reference:  www.J.POLO SPORT FRESH . You can choose from our broad collection of fragrances Be creative… Be unique.com.. Local Distributorship Program LOCAL DISTRIBUTORSHIP PROGRAM is open to businessmen and traders servicing the Luzon. Visayas and Mindanao areas. Contact: Jo Aloroy – Account Manager Mobile Number: 0922-817-1482 Email: jo_aloroy@aficionado...com.RALPH DELIGHT .C a s e S t u d y : A f i c i o n a d o G e r m a n y P e r f u m e s | 12 Cologne FANCY .aficionado.ph d..ROMANTIC WISH SPORTY .ph .LO LIVE MORE SCENTS AVAILABLE . Personalize it… For Inquiries: Tel.com.

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