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Basis of Professor Rask's Grammar, to which are added Reading Lessons in Verse and Prose, and Notes for the use of learners, by E. J.

Vernon, B. A. Oxon, 12mo. cloth, 5s 6d " The author of this Guide seems to have made one step in the right direction, by compiling what may be pronounced the best work on the subject hitherto published in England. A then<Bum. " Mr Vernon has, we think, acted wisely in taking Rask for his model but let no one suppose from the title that the booli is merely a compilation from the work of that philologist. The accidence is abridged from Rask, with constant revision, correction, and modification ; but the syntax, a most important portion of the book, is original, and is compiled with great care and skill and the latter half of the volume consists of a well-chosen selection of extracts from Anglo-Saxon writers, in prose and verse, for the practice of the student, who will find great assistance in reading them from the grammatical notes with which they are accompanied, and from the glossary which follows them. This volume, well studied, will enable any one to read with ease the generality of Anglo-Saxon writers and its cheapness places it within the reach of every class. It has our hearty recommendation." Literary Gazette.
; ; ;

The Anglo-Saxon Version

of the Life of St.


Printed for the first time, from a MS. in the Cottonian Library, with a Translation and Notes by Charlis Wyci,iffe Goodwin, M.A., Fellow of Catherine Hall, Cambridge, i2mo. cloth, 5s

Hermit of Croyland.

The Anglo-Saxon Version
St. Basil,

of the



and the Saxon Remains of St. Basil's Admonitio ad Fiiium Spiritualem, now first printed from MSS. in the Bodleian Library, with a Translation, and some account of the Author, by Henry W. Norman, M.A., Fellow of JVew College, Oxford, 8vo. sewed, 4s


Introduction to Anglo-Saxon Reading



prising- yElfric's

Homily on the Birthday of St. Gregory, with a copious Glossary, &c. by L. Langley, F.L.S. 12mo. cloth, "isdd

Popular Treatises on Science, written during the
Middle Ages,


printed, with translations, 8vo. Edited
cloth, 4s

Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, and English, now first by Tiios. Wright, M.A., F.S.A.,



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D. or North Part of Germany. F. JOSEPH BOSWORTH.A COMPENDIOUS ANGLO-SAXON AND ENGLISH DICTIONARY. that is Angle. BY THE REV. Low.S. OF LEYDEN.S. and modified and written — — into this country by the Jutes. . ETC. Anglo-Saxon. D. OLD COMPTON STREET. MDCCCXLVIII. Engle or English Saxon. F. SOIIO SQUARE. DR. LONDON JOHN RUSSELL SMITH. in England.A. is the language of the Piatt. 4. brought Angles and Saxons.R. PHIL.




and barbarity. they would. Joseph Bosworth. 207. beyond every people upon earth. and rendering them audible. which has the strength of iron. would. These are the features which distinguish the languages of Gothic origin. the Goth. in the first production or subsequent alteration of a language. and could not be communicated. that we are indebted to them for our strong physical powers. man was endowed with exalted mental powers. As words were formed to convey not only the thoughts of the mind. How tame is the Romanised liberty. therefore. but their mutual happiness. by p. nature having made them equal. our nervous language. DD. They thought and acted for themselves. The consonants being the strength. and the vowels the vivifying principle. be Rev. therefore. well conclude. by the written word. Wherever these tribes appeared. that they still live in our popular traditions. Jornandes. in comparison with the old to the frame of the organs. and the eternal mind made known for." 4. he formed words to express them. the medium of communicating our thoughts and feelings. but the . Where is the Englishman that does not feel his heart beat with conscious pride and independence. B 2 . Germanic and Scandinavian Languages. With the faculty of speech. with the gleam and sparkling of burnished steel. Instead of continuing to associate with the Gothic tribes. the Creator's will is revealed to man. with its immediate descendant. is. and loved the language of freedom. calls the north of Europe * The Forge of Mankind. 1. and warm social feelings but the thoughts of his mind and the feelings of his heart lay hid within him. Words then are. free to enjoy. in which none dare interfere. It was there.* 3. naturally take that shape which would best represent the mental Those sounds would be selected which were adapted and the feelings to be expressed. &c. spirit and feeling of words. that they aflforded the great resource to the liberty of Europe. Words are the creation of mind. the vehicle by which mind is brought into contact with mind. the means by which the knowledge and experience of age are added to the store and made the property of the young. liberty prevailed.PREFACE. They were free. and to teach men that. who left their native climes to destroy tyrants and liberate slaves. the modern English. feelings of the heart. and physical powers. till by the creative power of his mind. cruelty. 2. — — — . he is entirely free. and great energy of mind. to almost all the liberty that is among men. that is. they subdued the empire. nothing but ignorance. and Nations. let us ever remember.' I should rather call it. the life. those valiant nations were bred. and do all the good of which his benevolent nature is capable. p. VI. the forge of those instruments which broke the fetters manufactured in the south.-f* We may. The Origin of the English. Disgusted by the effeminacy and vices of the Romans. and became its moral reformers. naturally express itself in words of corresponding strength and tone. and perpetual discourse. no reason could be assigned for their becoming dependent. A robust conformation of the bodily frame. when he considers his Freedom ? He feels he has 2^ free doonif province or jurisdiction. — — : — — — — * t An. would depend upon the physical constitution. with the author of the Spirit of Laws " What ought to recommend the Gothic race. especially the Anglo-Saxon. the predominance of one of these elements or their more equable succession. and our unrivalled freedom under our glorious constitution.

but touch the heart. Though a word of Latin or Anglo-Saxon origin may be equally well understood. of the shop. the Jutes. in all probability. two brothers. but a short account of the origin of the present inhabitants of England.000 words. and consequent oppression. vol. who would not only convince the understanding. and of every day life. Esq.000. Hengist and Horsa. It is estimated that in English there are about 38. as. but cordially permitted. 449. 1839. 1.d. Every speaker or writer then. the street.d. earth. This is true. therefore. the Saxons and Angles. Every Englishman who glories in the vigour of his Father land. who probably gave the name of Sakasina to part of Armenia. the market. 6. from Jutland in Denmark. amongst the first Germanic or Teutonic tribes. Thorpe. day. This view of the language will clearly shew its importance to every Englishman. yea. seems to indicate that they moved amongst the foremost columns of the vast Teutonic emigration. wife. the Isle of Wight. 75. which successively obtained settlements in Britain. but in their peculiar character and importance. childhood.* 5. as well as their influence on grammatical forms. play. as well as our expressive language to the Gothic tribes. 90. and which recall the most vivid conceptions. These tribes. They may have derived their appellation from the Sakai or Sacse. that visited Europe. Of these. The Saxons were as far westward as the Elbe in the days of Ptolemy. in short. but the genial warmth is gone. even in the heart here Freedom is not only enjoyed. as. sea. moon. or more than five-eighths. words expressive of our strongest emotions. . from the cradle to the grave. See History of England under t Lappenberg says. and affect the heart. etc. *' The right year is known to be 450. heat. The Saxons. land. translated by B. the terms which occur most frequently in discourse. f These Jutes had this island assigned to them as a reward for assisting the Britons against the Picts and Scots. fire. and _/ee/ the fall force of his Mother tongue. our very being. The light of the former may be as clear and dazzling as that of the latter. on the Isle of Thanet. our ness. number of words. Sun. No. arrived in three small ships at Ebbs-fleet. Germanic and English Freedom ! With boasted Uberty superficially on the lip. heajifelt Freedom^ and we derived it from our Anglo-Saxon forefathers. but we feel Freedom to be more deeply seated. They subsequently obtained possession of Kent. the farm. Mother. October. the language of busifather. from the same copious fountain have sprung. the one will impart the most vivid. and part of Hampshire. as this is the immediate and copious source of the English language. in a. who would clearly understand. apring. ought to study AngloSaxon. 141. like all the Teutoni or Germans. and the other the most frigid conception of the meaning. : — — — — — — — — — * See. The Jutes [Iotas] gained the first possessions. the Saxons and Angles. p. there is often licentiousness. and adopt Anglo-Saxon. will prove that we owe our physical vigour. our language of humour. national proverbs. and colloquial pleasantry. sister. which from early use and the dearest associations excite emotion. the most energetic words we can employ whether of kindness or invective. Edinburgh Rev. from our earliest days. satire. the Jutes. will only claim particular attention. and actions. about Not only in the 23. 222—232.— IV PREFACE. were of oriental origin. p. must avoid Latinised expressions. words designating the greater part of objects of sense.. night. a. the strongest and most powerful feelings of nature. it must be universally acknowledged that Anglo-Saxon constitutes its principal strength. cold. Gothic. Their situation between the Elbe and the Eyder in the south of Denmark. The difference is that of the winter's and summer's sun. are of Anglo-Saxon origin. At the same time that our chief peculiarities of structure and idiom are essentially Anglo-Saxon. etc. words expressive of the dearest connexions." the Anglo-Saxon Kings. brother. in all the most stirring scenes of life. and extended to all. and. home.

See also Bibliotheque Anglo-Saxonne. 527. 528 in An Historical Sketch of the Progress and present State of Anglo Saxon Literature in England. and part of — — Bedfordshire. under the name of the South-Saxons [S6SIn 494. and their language. A third Saxon kingdom. and the numerous called Anglo-Saxon. 3 Saxon. The Angles [Engle] were the most numerous. when settled in this country. 547. par Fran- — : cisque Michel. writings of Alfric for the best specimens of Anglo-Saxon. 491. Rutland. The early poems on Beowulf. called Heliand. 18. remaining in the localities from which the Jutes. which are offered to us in an easy access to our rich manuscript stores. by the Rev. X Heliand. in a. Nottingham. Eald-Seaxe. brought into this country by the Jutes.d. Hertford. Bucks. . who remained in their old locality on the continent. and Seaxe.:j: Healer or Saviour. V The first Saxon kingdom was 7. Devon. Hereford. Warwick. Wilts. the north of Beds. 4to. Low. and so predominated as to call the land of their adoption Engla land. Humber.d. 184U.d. or to compare it with cognate dialects. The Angles [Engle]. including the counties of York.A. Lond. Paris. Gloucester. in the south-east of the Duchy of Sleswick in Denmark. Ida. perfected and written in England. 586. 527. must first go to the Old-Saxon. from Anglen. they. p. 1830. and modified and written in England. were collectively called Anglo-Saxons. in Dictionary. About a. they were called ^yest-Saxons [West Seaxe]: they occupied Hants. colony arrived under Cerdic . established by Ella in a. and their language Old-Saxon. Mercia was formed into an independent state by Crida. 1837. now including Sussex. of the language spoken by these Old-Saxons. I. in a. Berks. and part of Cornwall. and Lancashire. 9. and Saxons migrated to England. about a. by John Petheram. contracted into England. and 4 Angle. and Scandinavian Languages. Huntingdon. f the Low-German spoken by the continental race. Those. and Saxons. and. therefore. Thus. Cumberland. the Angles. Poema Saxonicum seculi noni. bounded by the Thames. Andreas Schmeller. began to establish himself in Bernicia. Suflfolk. was We are indebted to King Alfred. but much still remains to be printed before the erudite Germans and Danes can have the same advantages. another powerful Seaxe]. and that the Angles and Saxons bore the leading and chief part in the expeditions. and the Many Anglo-Saxon works have been poetry of Csedmon have an anterior date.— Glossarium Saxonicum e poemate Heliand.. Durham. settled about A. Northampton. had the name of Old-Saxons. Essex. PREFACE. and the south of Hertfordshire. Westmoreland. Anglo-Saxon^ that is Angle. Stutgartiae et Tubingse. Dorset. or North part of Germany. altogether 8 kingdoms were established in Britain by the year 586. 1 1 Those who desire to trace the origin of Anglo-Saxon. but. Somerset. there — — — is a fine of the poem of the ninth century. was planted in Essex. the Eugles' or Angles' land. Cambridge. Worcester. Germanic. etc. in a collateral dialect. Vol.D. Edidit J. and Nations. Engle or English-Saxon^ is the language of the Piatt. by Thomas Wright. Oxon.d. 1 Jute. hence the modern word. the There is not any written specimen Angles. but those settled in Britain were properly designated Anglo-Saxons. being west of the other. The Saxons had a very extensive territory. 1840.D. 8. Northumberland. 559 Ella conquered Deira [Deora mseg^] lying between the Ilumber and the Tweed. Middlesex. and Severn. it appears that. Flat. Monachii. t See. Stafford and Salop. 4to. Some Low German race migrated to England and were denominated Anglo. p.d. published* to which continental writers have easy access. Lincoln. A more complete list will be found 537 and in Biographia Britannica Literaria. and part of Surrey. the language spoken and written in England in their times. containing Norfolk. or * See a list of them in Tiie Origin of the English. in East Anglia. 10. under the name of EastSaxons [East-Seaxe]. M. Derby. comprehending Northumberland and the south of Scotland between the Tweed and the Firth of Forth. and comprehended the counties of Chester. the country between Flensburg and the Schley. Joseph Bosvporth. Esq. D.

Verbal Index to Rask's Anglo-Saxon Gr. 1838. S. Auctore Edvardo Lye. Price. 6. h. 1834. Vicarius de Godelming. vocum etymologiis. 3. of Leyden. with a compendious Glossary. English Saxons. London. Phil. Esq. the Icelandic. 1721. sive typis excusis. 4. by Benjamin Thorpe. Icelandic. B. 1832. 1830. von Heinrich Leo. serving as a Dictionary of English and Anglo-Saxon. by J. Glossary to the Anglo-Saxon Poems on Beowulf. with a sketch of their early Literature. Owen Manning. and short Chronological Specimens of Anglo-Saxon. Glossarium a(\. therefore. J. Danish. plurimisque in gratiara linguas Anglo-Saxonicse studiosorum observationibus. cvm Glossario suo ejusdem generis.D. M. 1842. Leges AngloSaxonicae Ecclesiastlcoe et Civiles.d. except the Germanic in the Moeso-Gothic Gospels of Ulphilas. None of the German or Scandinavian dialects have writings of an earlier date than the Anglo-Saxons. Art. Voeabularium Anglo-Saxonicum. A map of European Languages is prefixed. Norwegian and Swedish may then be consulted. works on the subject must be given. Canonicus Cantuariensis. Ancient Laws and Institutes of England. Index nominyim proprior^m . with a reference Indexes which have been found useful. F. 1837. I. 81 91. — cipuas Anglo-Saxonicas. in the preface to *' A Dictionary of the Anglo-Saxon Language. et Rector de Paperharow in agro Surreiensi. by Benjamin Thorpe. and their connexion with the modern English . and Scandinavian Languages and Nations. sive de priscis Anglorum legibus libri. Accesservnt yElfrici Abbatis Grammatica Latino-Saxonica. A Glossary of words occurring in the story of Apollonius.A. 1. Adjectis interdum exemplis. 42s. 3. Oxonii. and some Icelandic. Kemble. etc. phrasesque prselibris. necnon opuscula qutedam Anglo-Saxonica. 11. 2.A. 1848. 4. 1701. — .S. e — — — Grammatical Inflections the Irregular Words referred to their Themes the Parallel Terms from the other Gotliic Languages — the Meaning of the Anglo-Saxon in English and Latin and copious English and Latin Indexes. Somneri magna parte auctius. then be had to other works in Piatt. sive manuscriptis. 1840. Bosivorth.— 5. 8vo. Londini. 1823. with notes on the progressive population of ETirope from the East. Dr. J it is unnecessary to proceed with any farther particulars. 1. by the Iberians. Thorpe. a precise list of preceding to the Glossaries and Dictionarivm Saxonico-Latino-Anglicum voces. Erkliirung der Angelsachsischen Worter.A. together with the Oriental Origin of Alphabetic Writing. 8vo. et Reg. or Low-German. D. With a Preface on the Origin and Connexion of the Germanic tongues a Map of Languages and the Essentials of Anglo-Saxon Grammar."*)* and now published as a separate work. and its extension to the West. One vol. A Dictionary of the Anglo-Saxon Language. Royal 8vo. 1643.D. 2. Verbal Index to Codex Exoniensis. 3. Dictionarium Saxonico et Gothico Latinura.— 4. S. and Germans. Esq. 1568.]itiAt David Wilkins. Thorpe. Celts. in cloth boards. Dutch. Opera Thornce Benson. 1838. Flemish.T. and of the first importance in illustrating Anglo-Saxon. German from the Moeso-Goths to the present time. Societ. Canon. Germanic.S. 1834. P. others passed to the lower Rhine and settled there. explicatio: appended to Chronicon Saxonicnm Edmundi Gibson. Register: Andreas und Elene von Jacob Grimm. Fol. containing the Accentuation the I. A. a sistei' Recourse may dialect. 1840. Ingram's Saxon Chronicle. 5. X The Origin of the English. Oxonise. Lend. by Benjamin Thorpe. etc. in Sprachproben.not explained in the Glossary to the Analecta Anglo-Saxonica. Bac. F. 1833. F. etc. aliisque monumentis turn public-is. translated by D. etc. Antiqu. Nominum Locorum quae in Chronico Saxonico memorantur. t See paragraph 12. Germanic. 1815 2. LL. Opera et Stvdio Gvliel. Rectore de Yardley-Hastings in agro Northantoniensi. 2 vol. Lincoln. Finns. 12. et cum cognatis Unguis collationibus. 1772. nonnullis vocabulis anxit. .* The High-German. M.— 6. magna diligentia collectas . T. Gidielino Lombardo. 2 vols. Cum Glossario. Apxaiovoixia.M. necnon Reg. by B. 1846. cum Latina et Anglica vocum interpretatione complectens. p. and Scandinavian Languages and Nations. 1692. Esq. Fol. Dictionaries. Norwegian. turn privatis. 1659. Glossary to Analecta Anglo-Saxonica. as well as of Latin and Anglo-Saxon. Edidit. III. Friesic. a. e CoUegio Reginte. appended to ThorJielin's Beowulf. Accedunt fragmenta versionis Ulphilange.— — — VI PREFACE. Fol. Verbal Index to Caidmon's Metrical Paraphrase.S. 4. and Swedish tracing the progress of these Languages. Esq.A. 8vo. Lexico Gul. Glossaries. it is. Somneri Cantuariensis. As a zealous attempt has been made to trace the origin and history of these languages. especially referring to the Settlement of the Saxons in Britain. Societ. Before the plan of this Dictionary is detailed. Indexes. by The Rev. etc. and traced to their oriental origin. By the Rev. 370. c. This Heiiand is written in the dialect of these Rhenish Old Saxons. Joseph Bosworth. Esq. — — — — — — ' — — — — — * See a list of works in The Origin of the English. socius. plurimis exemplis illustravit et Grammaticam utriusque linguae praemisit. etc. Dictionaries.

J. etc. a plan has been adopted to combine the advantages of an etymological classification. this Compendious Dictionary might supply the place of the large and expensive works of Somner. with their disciples in England. It was originally intended to exclude all impure Anglo-Saxon words. containing. Words. some of which may be seen under Boc-land. in the thick and expensive octavo. in other cases their names are cited as the authority. been investigated. and the lexicographical arrangements of Graff. and his learned countrymen. has constantly been kept in view. at a very moderate price. Though the writings of the celebrated Dr. The present volume has no higher aim than to give in English a compendious explanation of Anglo-Saxon words. and. and of their followers. have been carefully examined. are given with the orthography. then follow the compounds and derivatives. — — — — * See. 4to. indicated by Der. Thorpe. Esq. G. in their alphabetical order. they have only been followed where they appeared practical. E. Orthography.|: etc. etc. This plan produces so great a saving of space as very much to diminish the size and consequently the price of the book. with a great accession of new words and matter . M. To render it a comprehensive practical manual. and make it tend to practical utihty. all that is most practical and valuable. and meaning on their responsibility.] after them the Postfixes. The radical word is first given.PREFACE. is adopted. 1834 Angelsachsische Sprachproben. and that for general purposes. and to go into the matter as deeply as possible. preceding paragraph. Indeed. This is the general arrangement . § See. have a dash [. von Dr. without materially departing from the simplicity and facility of the usual alphabetical arrangement. The dash enables the eye instantly to catch the words. no pains have been spared to bring the result to the surface.f Leo. ] before them. inflection. It is not. and their meanings attached. while there has been. are added in the order in which they difi'er from what is deemed the correct spelling. M. Though that orthography is adopted which has the sanction of the best authors. etc. In this compendious Dictionary. Lye. a mere abridgment of the large Dictionary mentioned in the preceding paragraph. the most earnest wish. Kemble. The chief compounds are thus brought into immediate connexion with the primitive . The important aid to be derived from the erudite labours of Professor Rask and Grimm. and the explanations very much abridged. Esq. the real. Berlin.* will be found. No fancy : — . 15. almost as easily as if each word commenced a line. Folc-land. yet the principal variations. many words. Professor Leo. Tiin. and constant exertion to examine all that has been written. and the Durham-Book. the etymological signification is at once evident. 1838. in the literal expression of a word. in the progress of this Dictionary. § but their age and impurity are easily ascertained by the letters of reference. but it was subsequently found desirable to take a wider range . — C . arranged alphabetically. 14.. in Explanation of the contractions. Herausgegeben und rait einem X Altsiichsische und erklarenden Verzeichniss der Angelsachsischen Worter versehen von Heinrich Leo. but almost entirely a new work. The orthography of the numerous words taken from the works of these celebrated men. Some impure words are taken from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle with their date affixed. The great object has been to supply. with its grammatical inflections and difi'erent meanings. and others in the Northumbrian dialect from the Rushworth Gloss. in this Compendious Dictionary. 16. a cheap and useful manual for the study of AngloSaxon. the details follow. The Prefixes have a hyphen [-. when corroborated by Anglo-Saxon authors. etc. as well as of those who adopt their system. and in The Origin of the English. t Althochdentscher Sprachschatz. Vll 13. for which no other authority could be found. R. a great number of words hitherto omitted. Graflf. as was first intended. note %> 1842. thus. James Grimm. B. in one alphabetical order.A.



all authors have been allowed to present without any desire to dictate the mode in which the determination has been it is now presumed they ought to have written to give what they really wrote, and not what it is presumed they ought to have Should it be objected, that words of unusual orthography or impossiwritten. ble forms have been introduced, it is deemed a sufficient excuse that they have been found so written. Mr. Halbertsma* is of opinion that it is of great importance to note the difference in the spelling of words, as we thus see the difficulty which the writer had in determining what letters he ought to use to Unable to satisfy himself, in groping about give the proper sound of the word. he would naturally interchange those that had a kindred for the proper letters, sound. The proper letter may generally be determined, by assuming an intermediate one, between those he employs.^ Mr. Halbertsma pointedly asks 17. Accent.

or presumption has been permitted, but

their words in their




" Is not the English tongue, as to its descent and substance, still a genuine daughter of the Anglo-Saxon ? Does she not bear, to this very day, some features of her fair mother, notwithstanding her foreign ornaments? Do not many Anglo-Saxon vowels still exist in Yorkshire, in Scotland, and in other provincial dialects of England ? May not the English alone boast of having preserved the true sound of the old etch, \}p th] which has disappeared from the whole Continent of Europe, so as not to leave the means of forming a faint idea of the sound of this consonant, without the aid of English ? Why should we consult only the Gothic, or what is Why should that which is unknown be still more remote from Anglo-Saxon, the Icelandic? sought amongst the unknown, rather than in that which is known in the remains of the old sounds of the language? .... I presume that no source can shed so much light on the pronunciation and other peculiarities of the Anglo-Saxon, as the English."J These significant queries and just remarks have had due weight in the appli-

cation of the accent in this work, where it is only used to denote the long vowels. Though much care has been taken in accenting the vowels, it is feared that errors will be discovered, especially on a subject like this, where the best authorities are not unfrequently in direct opposition. The observations on the permutation of letters may 18. Permutation. seem to trench on the province of grammar they are made to account for the changes in words, the irregular parts of which are given in this Dictionary, and referred to their themes ; as Daga, dagas, v. Daeg. v. also M. No pains have been spared to ascertain and clearly ex19. Inflections. grammatical inflections. press the precise Nouns have their genitive cases and genders, and verbs their principal tenses with their irregularities given, so as to save the trouble of referring to any peculiar grammatical system. It has been said,j| that nouns ending in a single consonant, after a short vowel, double the last consonant in declining ; but as a double letter is often found at the end of Anglo-Saxon words, it would perhaps be better to allow such words to retain Thus the origin of their double letters, as they often do in this Dictionary. letters at the end of English words, would be seen, at the same time that double the Anglo-Saxon declension would be rendered more clear ; as, Bill, qs\ n. Gelicness, e ; /. Likeness. hill. The terminating syllables have required great attention, as 20. Gender. gender and declension are generally determined by the form of the last the syllable. It seems to be a general rule, that words, denoting things without life with the termination of the name of males, are masculine,^ and those taking



It has often been very difficult to the endings of female names., are feminine. discover the gender ; and, after much research, the result has not unfrequently

* See, The Origin of the Eng. Ger. and Scan. Languages, etc. p. 37, § 9, 10. t See more in The Origin of the Eng. Germ, and Scan. Languages, etc. p, 37, § 7 X See, The Origin of the Eng. Germ, and Scand. Languages, etc. p. 78, $ 127.



Id. p. 80, $ 130. See, Essentials of Anglo-Saxon Gr. p. 11, § 12; alsoRask's Anglo-Saxon Gr. p. 37, § 82, Such are all nouns ending in, -a, v. A, 8. p. 11, of this Dictionary.

been doubtful.


The best authors have been followed, for inferior writers very often confuse the genders. 21. Meaning. The meaning of the Anglo-Saxon is given in English words, which most resemble Anglo-Saxon ; and, for this purpose, there has not been any The Angloscruple in using some obsolete words and modern provincial terms.

Saxon and English words are often identical in signification ; one word clearly defining the other renders the explanation as brief as possible as, Daeg, \. '* " daij. 2. The time of a viands life.''' The radical or original signification is


placed first, the other meanings are then arranged in that order which appeared most accordant with the association of ideas ; as, Feoh, " I. Cattle, livinr/ ani" mah. Cattle being used in early times as a medium of exchange hence, " 2. Money, value, price, hire, stipend, fee, reward. As property chiefly con" sisted of cattle ; hence, 3. Goods, property, riches, wealth.''^ See also, Feorh, Fyrd, Mor, Tun, etc. In compound words it has generally been deemed sufficient to give the literal sense of each part, but where the composition could not be mistaken, being closely allied to the English, and the compound could be clearly expressed by one word, this brevity has been preferred as, Daeg-candel The sun, the literal meaning, The light or candle of da.y, being evident. In words taken from old Glossaries, with only a Latin meaning, there was no alternative but to translate the Latin into English, and when possible, verifying the signification by the analogy and derivation of cognate words in other Germanic Irnguages, especially the Old-Saxon. When the signification of the corrupt Latin could not be discovered, the Latin has been retained, with the hope that others may be more successful in discovering the meaning. 22. Phrases. Immediately after the general signification, follow the idiomatical expressions and phrases, with a translation; as, Don, gedon To do, &c. Lif don To live. Don to witanne To do to wit, to make to know or understand, The compounds and derivatives immediately follow the 23. Derivatives. explanation of the primitives. They occupy very little space, and the plan is so simple that scarcely a word of explanation is necessary. The prefixes are day, etc. naturally placed first thus, Dseg T>er. My-, aldor-, dea^-, dom-, etc. that is, iE'rdseg, aldordaeg, dea^dseg, etc. the meanings of which will be found in the alphabetical order. Then follow the other derivatives, separated by a colon, as deeges, an-, for^- ; that is A'ndaeges, for^dseges. Lastly, come the postfixes, arranged alphabetically, with their significations ; as, Dseg-candel, dae'd, e es ; n. The sun. See also, Beran, Cunnan, Don, etc. /. etc. 24. Such is a minute detail of the plan proposed, but it is painfully manifest, that, while it was comparatively easy to arrange a plan, it has been very difficult, especially with failing sight and much physical debility, to carry it into exeWhile a deep consciousness of liability cution with any thing like satisfaction. to err has produced a constant care to avoid a dictatorial and dogmatical spirit, there has been an equally constant and firm resolve to seek for truth, and to In short, follow it, whether favourable or adverse to previous opinions. the writer can conscientiously affirm, notwithstanding the imperfections of the work, that no efforts of his have been wanting to make it as complete as was in and, if he may be allowed to adopt the words of King Alfred, written his power subject, he would say on another " Him ne wite gif he rihtlicor ongite jjonne he " mihte forjjamjie aelc mon sceal, be his andgites mse^e and be his semettan, " sprecan fajt he sprec^, and don pset ])8et hede^."*



— —







* Proem, to King Alfred's translation of Boethius.

London, 1829,





Stands for Accusative case.

ab. Ablative case. ac. V. a. adj. Adjective.

Ber. Derived from, or Deriva- part. Participle. pi. Plural number. tives of. Ess. Essentials of Anglo-Saxon pp. Perfect Participle.


prep. Preposition.

adv. Adverb. etc. etc. Et caetera, and so forth. Alph. Alphabetical order. Ex. Codex Exoniensis, by B. An. The Glossary to Analecta Thorpe, Esq. F.S.A. 1842. Anglo - Saxonica, by B. f. Feminine gender. Thorpe, Esq. F.S.A. 1834, G, Grimm's Deutsche Gramand 1846. matik, 1822 1837, and Apl. The Glossary to Apollo1840. Andreas und Elene, nius of Tyre, Anglo-Saxon 1840, etc. and English, by B. Thorpe, g. Genitive case. Esq. F.S.A. 1834. H. Halbertsma, a learned A. S. Anglo-Saxon, or Anglowriter on the Friesic lanSaxons. guage, V. The origin of the B. Benson's Vocabularium Germanic, and English, Anglo-Saxonlcum, 1701. ScandinavianLanguagesand Be. Beo. v. K. Nations, p. 34, etc. Boct. Boethius ; Prose by J. S. id. Idem, the same. Cardale, Esq. 1829: Metre im. imp. Imperative mood. by the Rev. S. Fox, M.A. ind. Indicative mood. 1835. indcl. Indeclinable. C. The Cotton MS. of the indf. indef. Indefinite tense. Gospels, now in the British inf. Infinitive mood. Museum. Nero D. 4. This ir. Irregular. is the celebrated Durham K. I'he Glossary to the AngloBook, or Northumbrian Saxon Poems on Beowulf, Gloss. The Vulgate Latin by John M. Kemble, Esq. text was written about a.d. M.A. etc. 1835—1837, etc. 680, and the interlinear K. Cod. Codex Diplomaticus Anglo-Saxon Gloss, in most ^vi Saxonici, opera Johanbeautiful writing, was added, nis M. Kemble, 1839—1840. by Aldred, about a.d. 900. K. gl. V. K. V. The origin of the English, K. N. On the Names, SurGermanic, and Scandinavian names, and Nicnames of the Languages and Nations, p. Anglo-Saxons, by J. M. 22. § 11. Kemble, Esq. 1846. Card. Cardale, v. Boei. L. Lye's Dictionarium SaxCd. Caedmon's Metrical Paraonico et Gothico-Latinum, phrase, Anglo-Saxon and 1772. English, by B. Thorpe, Esq. Le. Altsachsische und AngelF.S.A. 1832. Sprachproben, sachsische C. Ex. V. JEx. von Heinrich Leo, Halle, Ch. The Anglo-Saxon Chro1838. nicle, by the Rev. Dr. In- M. Manning's Supplement to gram, 1823. Lye's Dictionarium, etc. cmp. Comparative degree. m. Masculine gender. cnj. Conjunction. Mo. Mone's Quellen und ForCod. Ex. v. Ex. schungen, Leipzig, 1830. conj. Conjunction. n. Neuter gender.

prn. pron. Pronoun,
prt. V. part.

Quere, doubt.

q. V.



R. The Rushworth or Northumbrian Gloss or version of the four Gospels, written in the 10th century, v. The origin of the Eng. Germanic, and Scan. Lang, and Nations, p. 23, § 12.
Bsh. V. R. Rsk. V. Th. R. Dictionarium S. SaxonicoLatino-Anglicumj opera et
studio Guliel. Somneri,1659. Singular number. sbj. Subjunctive mood. sp. Superlative degree.

sub. v. sbj.


V. sp.

Th. Cd. V. Cd. Th. gl. Glossary to the Ancient

Laws and


of England, [Anglo-Saxon Laws] by B. Thorpe, Esq. F.S.A. 1840. Th. L. Ancient Laws and Institutes of England, by B. Thorpe, Esq. v. Th. gl.

Th. Lap. Lappenberg's History of England under the Anglo-Saxon Kings, translated by B. Thorpe, Esq.
F.S.A. 1845. Th.ps. Libri Psalmorum versio antiqua Latina ; cum Paraphrasi Anglo-Saxonica, edidit Benjamin Thorpe, S. A. S. 1835. Th. R. Rask's Grammar of the Anglo-Saxon Tongue, translated by B. Thorpe, Esq. 1830. V. Vide.
V. a.



Dative case.

nm. Nominative.
I It.

Declension. def. Definite declension.



Verb active. G. A Guide to the AngloSaxon Tongue, a Grammar after Rask by E. J. Vernon ,
B.A. 1846.

p. Perfect tense.


V. n.

Verb neuter.




unaccented contained in the following words, which are represented by modern English terms of the same import, having the sound of a in man ; as, Can, man, land, sand, span, hand,







nouns a single consonant followed by e, as Staefes, staefe, wseter.~(3.) When the word has any other

swic Deceive \thou'\, swica

A traitor ; worht Wrought wyrhta^ workman, a wright;
Foregoing , foreforegoer; bead or gebed^ supplication,apray' ing, beada a person who supplicates or prays; bytl A beetle or hammer, bytla^ hamSome merer, a builder. words, denoting inanimate things, end in -a ; and these words, having the same deforegeng

besides stj sc, though followed by a,









segru n.pl. of ceg.


dranc, cat, camp, etc. contracted words, ce is not in the last syllable ; The short a is often found as iEcer, pi. seceras, eecein the final syllables of inrum, secras, flections, -a, -an, -as, -aS, contracted secrum. It generally appears etc. clension as those which sigin the radix before a doubled 6. The long Anglo-Saxon a. is nify Persons or actors, are consonant, asSwamm^yw?iaccented, and words conor two also masculine ; as Steorra, giis ; wann zvan taining this long or accented star: gewuna, an; an ; m. difiereni consonants, as 7np, a, are now represented by Camp, m. A custom, habit, vib, nt, nc, ng, etc. English terms, with the lamb, dranc, lang, etc. vowel sounded like o in no, A-, Is an inseparable prefix, denoting negation, deterioraThe following and bone. 3. The radicalshorta, can only tion j or opposition, as From, words have either the same stand before a single consoout, aivay ; thus Awendan or an analogous meaning, nant, and st^ sc, wlien this To turn from, to subvert, both in English and Anglosingle consonant, and these Ham Home, an from wendan To twn ; adouble letters are again folSaxon. m6d Om^ of, or laithout mind, lowed, in the inflections, by One, ban Bone, han, stan, mad ; ad on To do aivay, to sar, rap, lar, gast, wrat. a, o, u, in nouns ; a, o, u, e, banish, composed of a from, Sometimes the accented or in adjectives ; and a,o,u,ia don to do, v. M. The prelong a is represented in in verbs; as Dagas,daga,from fixed A- does not always English by oa ; as, A'e An dseg, fatu from fast, gastas appear to alter the significaoak, gad A goad, lad, rad, from gsest, ascas from sesc ; tion ; in this case, it is gesmales, smale, smalost, brad, tade, fam, lam, sape, nerally omitted in modern ar, bar, bar, bat, gat, ata, smala, from smael Small; English words derived imOccasionally a. lates latu, latost from laet aS, la<S. mediately from Saxon; thus, Stapan, faran, wabecomes oe in English ; as. Late Aberan To bear; abrecan Da A doe, fa A foe, ra, fian. Grimnis Deut. Oram, To break ; abitan To bite. but the oe in ta, wa ; vol. I. p.22-3, 2ndedit. 1822. The prefixed A-, however, these words has the sound In other cases, the short generally adds some little The same may of o in 7w. or unaccented ce is used inin its force, or intensity, to the be said of oa in boar. stead of a. See original signification of the alphabetical order. Hence it appears that the word to which it is joined. Anglo-Saxon a is repre4. The remarks in the last paA-, be-, for-, ge-, and to-, sented the modern by ragraph are of great imporare often indifferently and English o, oa, and oe, which tance in declining words ; interchangeably prefixed to have the sound of o in 7io, for, monosyllables, ending verbs, especially to perfect or bone : as Rad Mode {p. in a single consonant, in st, tenses, and to perfect paror sc, reject the e from the of ride), rad A road, and ticiples, as well as to verbal Deut. Gram. short ce, and leave the short da A doe. If a word, therenouns. von Jacob Grimm, vol. I. p. a alone, whenever, in de358— 397,e^c. 3rrf e^i^.l 840. fore, cannot be found under clining, the consonant, or A-, it may besought for unconsonants happen to be 7. The long a is often changed der be-, for-, ge-, to-, or into £6, as Lar Lore, Iceian followed by a, o, u in nouns, rather under the first letter To teach. and a, o, u, e, in adjectives. that remains after rejecting 5. It must be remembered 8. -a, added to words, denotes A person, an agent, or ac- these prefixes. A -bacan To then, that a short a cannot bad bacon Baked. bake. stand in a word. (1.) When tor, hence, All nouns endbfed, -bsedon Expected. it ends in a single consonant, ing in a are masculine, and Asked.—hiBViga.n To be anmake the g. in an ; as from that is, when no inflection baer Bore. ban gry, Cd. Cum Come [thou^, cuma A of «, o, u in nouns, follow, Command. person who comes, or a guest; (2.) When as in Stsef. 11

(4.) —when In


— —



— —



To command, or- A-blignys, se ; /. An offence, A-bygan To bonf,bend,G. bylgean To offend, anger, vex, blindan To blind. B. To publish, proS. byrgan, bylg<S Offends -blinnan To cease, fail. claim ; with ut To order -by Tf^ea.v\,-hyT'\gQdi.n2'o taste, blush, L. -blisian To out, call forth, assemble. An. bysean, -bysgan,-bys-bloncgne, -blongne Angry, -barian To maJte bare, to disgean sub. bi -bisegien, on blunnes, se /. A rest, C. bea.UBowcd cover, disclose. p. ode B. blysgung, -blysung, e pp. od To occupy, hc^^\iWas angry. doion. p reoccupy p repossess. — by s-bedan Exigere, B. beden f. The redness of confusion gung, e f. Kecessary busi' shame, L. boden Told. Asked. bedende Praying ; bywde ness, employment. -bogan To bow one's self, B. hence, -b^dende dagas Rogaboht caegan Elaborated, Ex. bogen Bowed. tion or j)raying days, M. To name, C. R. csEiined Bought. bolgen Angry. -begdon Bowed down. beccenncdBrought forth. -boren Borne. borgian p. gencUicBendingS behofian nys, -csennys Nativity. ode 2^P' od To be surety, to To behoove, to befit or proper. calan; -caerran To avert, B. undertake for, to assign, apbelgan To anger, offend. bracod Engraved, point. p. -c61 To grow cold, G. beodan p. -bead; pp. broed, ceapian -cealdian To cool. B, brsec Broke. -boden To announce, rebreah Left, To buy. cearf Cut off -brsegd Drew. late, declare, to elicit, comcennan To brecan To break, -celan To cool. defecit,L. mand. beogan To bow, debring forth, produce, beget. vanquish, destroy. bredan, b6rau To bear, carpart.


— —








— —


— — — —



— —

— —

berd, -bered ; ry, suffer. adj. Sagacious, crafty, cun-

— — —

-bregdan, he

-brit, -bret



ning, S ble, that

be borne. -berstanTo burst, break, to bebet Better. he broken. sub. ])\x. -bejjecige Jjecian To uncover detect , find hidden, to discover, disclose.

— berendlic Tolera—

he -breed, -brsegd pp. -broden, -brogden To twist out, draio out, unsheath, take away, remove, extend. bredwian ? To send abroad, to bregean To banish, K. frighte?}, alarm, destroy.


cenned\icNative,S. cennednes, -cennes, -ceunys, se; f. Nativity, birth, generation. ceocan pp. od To



ceocsuffocate, choice, S. ung, e; f. consideration,

-bohte ; pp. -buht 1. To rebuy, redeem, to buy, pay for, reconi' 2. To execute, perpense. form. bidan To abide conbiddan To stantly, expect. ask, pray, pray to, pray

— bicgan



— celebrate. —


-breotan, -breottan,-breo^an ; p. -breat, we -bruton,

ceorfan To cut off. -ceosan To choose, Le. cerran To return. cevrednes An aversion. cigan To call.







break, destroy, kill, perish, to destroy by neglect, bret, to frustrate, revolt.


bifian To tremble. bilgian -bigan To rebuy. To exasperate, provoke, B, bilhbilg^ An offence. To be angry, L. Jjian bisegien Pre-bire<5 Bears. bisgipossess, V. -bysean. an ; p. ode ; pp. od To busy, to engage one's self, Apl. -bisguug.e;/. Employment, bitan ; p. bit Prays. S. -bat; pp. -biten To bite, eat, feed, taste. biterian,-bitrian To make sour or bitter. blacian ; p. ode ; pp. od To become black, to blacken or make black, L. blsecan ; pp. ed To bleach, ichiten, L.

— —

— —

Takes away. brocen Broken. broden, -brogden Opened, freed, taken away. brosden Plucked, B. -broten Crafty, evasive, in-brit

— clsensian To cleanse, puTo adrify. — here, Le. — eliopian To to call out. — cnisian To beat.


— cofran To recover, L. — col A cold, chilled with fear, terrified, M. — colian To be-



cold, to zvax or



silly, sluggish,


mind, timid. cordan p. we -cordedon To accord, agree,

Of a fearful




coioardly, sluggish, dull, tribrojjennes, se /. fling, S Dulness, cowardice,a defect, brugdon backsliding, S.


— brurdan To — biuSon Destroy— bryran To rule? B. has, pungere. — bryrdan To prick,

-corenlic Likely to be chosen. corfeu Carved. costnod Tried. craeftan To devise, plan, contrive as a crafts-

— coren Chosen. — —


sting, touch, affect, move, to be pricked in the heart, to be

man. cruinmen Crammed. cruman, -crymman To crum, crumble, S. cucian To revive. cul Cold. cuman To come to, to pursue,

grieved, contrite



sustain, suffer, per-


— cumend-

blaicnes, se ;/. A paleness, gloom.— h\isnd-dn To blind,

deaden, be?iumb, B. blan A est, S- blan Rested.

— bufan Above. — bugan —

f. Compunction, contribry ttan To destroy. tion; S.


To hloto, breathe. -blawung^ blowing. blendan, -blendian To blind, to make blind, to darken, stu-bla.van


-bleow Blew.

—bleoton Sacrificed. — — blican To

shine, shine forth, to appear, glitter, to be ivhite, to astoblicgan To astonish, nish.

offend. — bunden — bdtan, -buton prep. ac. About, around, round about. — butan-faran Togo about; L. — butan-gan To laalk about. — butanstandan stand about. —

-beah, we -bugon ; pp. -bugen, -bogen To boio, bend, bulge, -bulyield, submit.

Tolerable, bearable. -cumendlicnes, se; f. The possibility tob ring any thing cunnian To to pass, S.




— curon

— cvvacian;p.ode;29/?.







amaze, L.

To buy again. To mutter,

od To be moving or trembling, Le. cwseden Said. -cwoel Died. cwaeSan To soy. cwalde Killed cwan, -cwanc Quenched. cweald, -cwealde Killed. cwecan; p -cwehte To shake, brandish. An. cwelan, he -cwyl*', -cwilcS, hi-cweluS; p. -cwai, pp. -cwelen; v. n. To die*






-cwellednes, sc

^ quell; /. slaying, S.

p. de ; pp. ed To ; dry, dry up, rub dry, to drincan ; /;. -dranc, wither.


-feng Received. feolitan To loin by assault or force,

vanquish or conquer by

-cwencan To quench, extinguish, to put out, destroy, An. cwe^an To answer.— -cwician p. ode ; pp. od To quicken, revive, to come to cwillan To life, to create. kill,L. cwinanTo languish, G. cwincati To decrease, di<app ar, Le.G. cwinen Quenched- cwoellanTo/ei/Z. C cwo'on Dead. cworren Drunk, L. cwucian To quicken. cwylS Dies. cyd Said, confirmed. cyppan To buy, B. cyrran To avert.

we-druncon To be drowned,
to quench,

— driogan, -drio— drogen Done.



han To bear.

-droncen, -dronct drugian To dry, DrotV7ied.

— druncen

— cyrrednes, se;/. A turnapostacy, backsliding,

— — — — — — —

dry-driiwian To dry up. gan, -dryggean To dry. -drysnian To extinguish.

— — — — — —





pp. ed

one's peace, to keep mute, Hence, to become dumb, or silent.— d\na,-dixne

To hold

feoU Fell. feorfighting. mian ; p. ode pp. od To cleanse, to clean thoroughly, to purge, to wash aioay. -feormung, e;y--4 cleansitig, feorrian To repurging. vwve. feorsian To depart. ferran fered Frightened. ferscean To 7'o remove. freshen, to become fresh. -fersian To take away. festnian -fesian To shear.




— dune-astigan,-dune-stigan
To go down, L.

ing, aversion,a turningfrom,

volting, S.


dastrigan To disvided courage, dismay, to frighten
aioay, S. deadan To fail, decay or die, to mortify, to lay waste, to destroy, S. -deaf Dea/. deafian; p. ede To become or wax deaf, S. —

to shew.

— cySan To make — dzeled Di-

Downward. testari, B.L.

— dustrigan De-

— dunweard

— dwaescan;

-deafungearena.4 deafening of the ears, a deafening, L.
judge, adjudge, doom, deem, deorcian ; p. ode ; try, An. pp. od To obscure, dim, darkdihtod Made, en, hide, S. dilegian, -dilcomposed' gian; p. ode ; pp. od To abo-

ede pp. ed To quench, to put out, to staunch, appease, L. dwelian To seduce, to lead into error, L. dwinan To put out. dydan, -dyddan ; p. -dyde pp. dyd To put to death, to destroy, kill, dylegian To demortify. stroy.— dymman To become dim or dark,Le. eodeHap'

— — —findan To find. — To emasculate. — Affrighted. — To banish, expel, to p. To take adepart. —

— —

fetian ; indf. ic fix. -fetige To beat with the feet,
praise. firan





To float off, scum, clarify, purify liquor by scumming, S. fleow




— delfan To dig. — deman To —

pened. f^dedFed,nourished, brought up, educated, S.

— faegd,




lish, to blot out, to


destroy, to do away.

— dim;



p. de

pp. od To dim,

darken, obscure,tomake dull.

— dolfen Dug. — don — draefan


-dydon ; im. -do To take aioay, remove, banish, defear.

-fsegnionde Rejoicing. fiegrod Coloured, adorned, emfiElan 2'o broidered, S. overthrow, overturn. — fielIan To cast out, to oppose, faeran offend, R. p. de pp. ed To frighten, to make afraid, to astonish, terrify. foercS He goes or shall go out. f^stariTofast. fsestla O certainly! assuredly!

fligan ; _p. de ; Overflowed. pp. ed To drive aioay, put fligengce A putto flight. ting to flight, driving away, »S'.— fliman To frighten or fliung, e; f. drive away. fleeing, L. — flogen Driven away. flowan ; p. -fleow

— flyg

To flow from,

flow over. flyman; pp. ed To drive ato

Flight, S.




way, to disperse, eject, banish, scatter. {oed Brought up together, R. fon To receive. fongen Delivered, cast into prison. for Departed. forfeorsod Lengthened out, prolonged, L. -forhtian ; p. ode; pp. od

To dread, p. de ; pp. ed To drive away, expel, draenct Sunk. banish, S. -dranc Quenched. dreag, -dreali Bore. dred Feared,

— draedan

—dre^ed Driven, Ch.l90.—
diencan ; -dreiS Dries, X. p. -draenct, -drencte ; pp.

To plunge under, immerge, drown, S. -dreogan, -dreohan p.

-dreag, -dreali,

we -drugon;

pp. -drogen To bear, suffer, lead, endure. dreogan lif To lead a life, to live. dreogendlic Bearable, endura^ ble, L. drifan ; p. -draf, we

pp. od To fix, fasten or make firm, to strengthen, fortify, con-i firm, betroth, espouse, inscribe. fandelic Probable. fandenes, so y*. A prov ing, experiment. fandian, -fandigean ; p. ode; pp. od To prove, try, to make a trial, to discover by trying, to experience. fandigendlic, -fandodlic What may be tried, proved, probable. -fandung A trying. fangen Taken, received. faran, he

— faestnian

p. ode


To he very much afraid, to tremble with fear, to be afior^ Alfrighted, amazed.


continually, daily, still. forud Higher. frefrian To comfort. frian To ful A fault, liberate, free. L. fulad, fulod Putrified. fulian p. ode; pp. od



To putrify,

-drifon ; pp. -drifen. 1. To drive awiy, to expel, repel. 2. To drive, impel. drifene fatu Graven or embossed vessels. drigan, -drigean,

-fajrX ;7?.-for;2?/?.-faren To depart, to go out of or from a place. feallan To fall fearrian To depart. doion. fecan To receive, L. fed,

-feded Fed. forth, feed.

— — fedan Tobring
— fehX
Receives. peeled.

or corrupt. funden Found. fundennis, se ; f. An experiment, an invention, a fundian discovery, B. L. To find. fylan p. ede; pp. ed To foul, dpfile, pollute, to make filthy, to corrupt, putrify, disgrace, condemn, L. fyllan ; p. de ; pp. ed To fill up or full, replenish, fyllan; indef. he satisfy.


become foul


-fyll^, -fyl^





p. de; pp. ed strike or beat



down, to overturn, subvert, condemn, destroy.

hlinode Loosed. grieved. ed It. destroy. -hefgad Weighed down. v. M. -hryre Should rush. to bend. pride. amends. sing. draw out. again. upright. a loftiness. — — A — — -gymmed Gemmed. \)u -gate. to declare. a servant. — gan Gone.-^ -gytan . -hwam Any one. any wise. heardian . Weighed. p. Alph. geoted Poured out. -gieta. to strexv. -gangen. -hafen. gel wed Astonished. fulfil. -geaf. p. under. An hrscan j -bongen Hung. — hafennes. giltan To offend. — hwEened To oppress. p. -gongen To go from. hil- denlice Incliningly. geldan To 2'o hinder. redeem. L. pursue earnestly. To se if An A -hisceanTo hiss at. fyrhtian . galod Loosed. )?u even. -guton Poured out. hu- : — — — dan To spoil. — — fyrht away. -hefenTo lift up. to offend. -heardung. L. L. watered. hefst Liftest up. heherian To ran To hear. — hafen Lifted up. — — exalt. Weighed down. to carve. — — hwylc Whatsoever. a spendthrift. p. gryndan . hladan hlsensud To draw out. where. p. a pouring or shedding forth. -hwonon From what place. disperse. gearwian To prepare. re- — — — hnyscton pluck. — — — — — — — — — — Repaid. trouble. S. geolwian — — f. ed take — — Affrightedy L. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — Weaned. overwhelm. p. we -guidon . hicgan To seize. laugh at. An. hwerhwettan To fed Turned. — gelan -gefan To give back. -gute. fyrsian . whence. S. hwider^yery where. return. m. — extrinsically ed. p. — gifan to raise. A hardening. smooth. To harden. to go or pass by or gesifGave up. — -hneop To — — — — — — — — . courtier. M. drive awuy. -gan . p. or lift up hruron -hrina<5 Will touch. -hioloran To balance. pp. whet. — hlowan To make rify. aliquis. -hwser-gen Every where. giltst gimmedj [thou'] repayest. to be- — dissolved. ed To holan ut To pluck out. continually. L. understand. —ginnan. piffed up. golden — — — — -hefednes Pride. offer sacrifice.to set upon. — — hrydred — — — Robbed. repay. pp. hefigad -hefen Elevated. past.undertaJce. -giten To know. -h\6h Laughed. redeem. p. restore. 2). ed To — — — — -gyfen. An eunuch. give back. — — — — — That which is carved. L. ^hwonan. hasten. S. hwilc Terrible. es. herian To benefit. A robber. — gangan /7. habban. hweorfan. hire. git Pour out. es. hof Raised. -hwearf. -fysan To hurry. L. debar. to cover. -geat. te . gilde Without restoration. ed To rid. — — — gan Began. -heawen To hew or cut out. hrynan To touch. geofan To give. astonish. -goten To pour out. v. p. -hangan Hung. gyt Pours out. -hefst. — — geo- to — tan . Inclined. ede . set gems. -hreofod Leprous. to take away time. -hwsenne When. ede . Soaked. thrift. Le. gildan To repay. a graven image? S. incline. out or abroad. -ginnan. rob.-geat pp. — hnipan. somewhere. anywhere. m.ic. cast out. -hrseddan .L. L. we -guton. — strain. clear.we -hefdon pp. hwonan utan From. hwser Every tvhere. S. -gyten To discover. -gsef. — with p. continue. a pourer out. castrate. — hwaenan aliquem. geara. A-gotenes. spill. pp. vex. -gotennys. gyn^ Beginneth. an . -holan . sent forth. de j pp. deliver. S. pp. Z-> . L. fyrida. An engraved or embossed work. -hsebban To abstain. balanced. burdened. cde. S. pp. grisan To dread. -wer Some where. -hyrd 1. to mock. guette. geat Undergeat Poured out. se . To endure. disjyel. save. od To affright. graeffusion. arrogance. p. 2?. Le. gaeS -gsen Gone. hoh Crucify. ode . — — — pay. di<7. repay. a lift- — To make yellow or red ? make to glitter as gold. — — Rewarded. to commit. hleahhan To lean. gather. S. S.he-e6de. rush. M. pp. give up. — ing up. -grynt To ground. to tarry. m. geton geted Strewed. -fyryda. pu- — . profit. — gift giving back. to fear greatly. -gyltan p. -hijjan — -hijjend. ed To remove farthest aicay. ho Cru{they\ mocked. -geat . — — grafenlice — To rob. goef Returned. fyrhto Fear. — hwyrftS Turns. secure. hreohrepod san To rush. -gunnen To begin. hreran . reward. To raise. — grisenlic Horrible. he -hef^ . — — — — -hafennye. — — — — — -hlocan 2'o pull out. S. To depart. hefegod. S. -hened Despised. set free. — hworfenMoy- 14 . — fyran — fyrd. 2. galan To Happens. -heow pp. an extortioner. delivered. G. -gifen To restore. -hl^tran p. es . spread. past. S. gymmed Set pp. de. — hwa. fyryd An eunuch. v. gaelende Enchanting. pp. held hencg Hung. disturbed. repay. know. -geomrod Lamented. heolorod heng Hung. Engraved. -golden To — .. an^. Le. we -hwurfon To turn away. p. od. heawan j p. -hleop. — — — — hildan To search. — To restore. gita A spendgitan . m. imp.-h6f. sound. liberate. hofyn cify. A-fyndan To find^ prove. some time. -hefe. — — — — — — Rushed. pp. a castrated animal. An. A shedder. -geald. L. outwardly. hwa. ed Touched. pp. hleapan . fyrran . — —hnescian To mollify. — hl6g. An. /. geald over. gitenDwpersed. ede . to descend to the earth. grysan To fear. deliver. hehtS Shall crucify. gyfanj p. holede hold Faithful. goten Poured out. hangen. — -hwylfan To cover over. te . — — — -hreht Erect. gongen Passed. trod upon. elevation. make hebban.ic-hefde. save. p. pp. gaelan To hinder. — low or bellow again. we -hleopon To leap up. delay. gyldan . to — — take away. — — — with gems. An eunuch. -hwer. pp. out or upon. pp. Elated. hon To hang. deliver. stood. -gita. elevate. t To fail in duty. L. gol Sang. take in hand. make hard. fan To engrave. -gearwa Prepared. an . — gr owanTogroiv — grof steeped. p. rear. draw hreddan To out. S. S. hwar. M. made — — p. de pp. consider. without. p. he -gyn<S. — — for -guton Poured out. -hrachte To reach. -grsefen Engraved. cojne guilty. hrysod Shaken. to sin against. To remove to a distance. . — — hseldon Declined.

ed To lead. — rate. put dotvn.—\ysendlic Free. consider. consume. de lice . bear in mind. ed To fatten. -leac. lecgende or -lecgendlfc word^ — p. -rsefnendlic Possible. — mung. ode To dis- od To cate. depress. /. pp. or beat back. p. undergo. languish.m&nian p. waste. redeem. loccian . pp. — middan In the middle. — lesenisi?edemption. -lege p. laecgan To lay away. -rsefnian . off. give leave. p. ed To hide. suffer. Ijened Lent. -lamp To hap. With ut to expel. se. mit. peruse. Le. — To give —leab. suffer. L. lose. e . pp. confute. lefed — —lefan — lede. -hyrde. an /. excommunication. murder. permit. de . or gemjen- excommuniThis word is opposed pinsian To weigh. lotyn Falling doion prostrate.adorned. loden Led forth. restrain. — niwan To — numen Taken atoay. Le.redeemer. — — — — p. drive out. . Permission. — myrran p. -legd 1. -leat . ponder. mansumian . . welfare. ede . pp. es . free from. an. Le. de . pen. To direct. root up. raecan . — — — — — — — — — — To conjecture. -lyfednes. m. -leah lie. — Lamed. To lay aside. -nam . p. m. -lynnan To pull down. leave — la^ian To fear. ponder. -lysednys. libe- neglod Nailed. a lightness. Exclusion. diminish. merran I'o hinder. Counsel. -metan To — ede — kill. read through. -loten To bend. to pay. quald pullod Pulled. S. pp. exact. ode . pened. raefniende. p. -numen — — To take aivay. a patriot. To try. -leet J pp. se . who counsels for safety or welfare. -lyfan. pp. to expose. — — — -logen False. send. — lesan To redeem. illumination. to Maensumian. A-hycgan p. find out. we -l^fdon. care for. distract. m. Iseg Ceased. — hyrd. se. lay along. — sumlan To join or marry. G. live after. A n.A-mersod Excommunicated. fiat. guess. To perup. lynian. pp. A liberator. — lis Loose. To read. -led. laettan I'o let. attach. go. p. — mundlan To preserve. od . p. . lybban. — lenian To make lean. deliver. elect. . S. 1. hold up. de- \}u -lyfast — -let. ransom. de . ed defile. to be idle or vain. /. pp. lay hold rzed of. -msetan 2'o find. — lifian To live. -Ij^fde. ode . od To -hyrst Fried. prophecy. To pay for loosing. -lyfed To allow. -reecte. bit-lyfX . frightened. extend. to lay laetnes. 15 — — — — — — — — . restore. fastened ivithnails. mar. j p. — — — — nidde man . One safety. — — — To perpared Apprehended.. L. — -Hfan To permit. cast out. pp. alloivably. to inake of Jio effect. to lead out. Put down. examine. f. betray. brought to nought. failed. reach. -maet . divine. — — -byrian. hinder. e. To alight. lysan. p. p. to make excuse for. disjoin. — levved Weak. p. To admo. constrain.— \ffed\icAllyfedlice lowable. -mansu- lives -liefan. —hyrdincg A hardening. Killed. ede . submissive. ede . list. ede. An enlightening. od To frustrate. 2. pp. separate. poise. rdedian . Le. — down. G. -lucan. — p. — myrdran p. ed To bear. we . B. 2. lefan To heave. its inflections. — pp. esteem. 2. lutan . spoil. — — incline. mansumnung. a ransom. locan.f. To dissipate. — leogan crippled. leotSian. pp. to think. de. a losing. deliver. govern. An enlightening.— Viht&u 1. — p. idlian. spend. — — — . keep from. — — — — mett Painted. Le. — Pardonable.we -lucon .^fan leave. to deceive. speak. hire. late. take aioay. pp. f. metan . -vciQt. strate. L. — niremove. to fine. -luccan To pull out. discover. raeda. p. f. prove. one who after. pp. loose. dismyrtSrian To able. illumination.—mQ. 2. S. destroy. 2. bend or boiv down. can . rsednis A condition. ed 1. p. pp. -meallud Emptied. Hot ashes. utter. -lup. leave. grant. confine.— hyjjan To depopudestroy. M. To place. sufferance. S. — . ladWdniTomakelean. — legen Confined. imp. — lesen Chosen. L. pp. take away. im. -laeten To let -leofodon . loss. -lysed 1. measure. — molsnian To putrify. -hyrded Hardened. -reehte To reach out. survive.—letsinTo cease. — mirran To hinder. ode pp. announce.-leag —leat — — lecgan. crucified. furnished. L. occurred. taken. — leh. p. plan tod e Planted. thrust. cease.ngAmong. -liesan To redeem. An. pp.— lidian I'o excuse. to relate. prophet. -ni^erian Toput dotvn. p. tell. -lysnes. —hydan. loithdraio. -leah Belied. . -raefnigende Bear" ing in mind. od.-xi\(ittDecked. — mod Without mindorreason. sustain. lay dotvn. lybtuys. — member. -l. ode. damn. — — — — take away. linnan T'o lin. effect. M. choose. rad Rode. -locen To put out of an enclosure. ode . Bent down. -lisendnes -lisian Redemption. lystan To maestan . deface.to soak. force. pp. cease. p. p. A-limpan . Restrained. To hinder. niwian. od 1. — pseran found. verb deponent because it has deposed or left out some of . pp. liberate. -le- don pp.—\egdDeposed. to empty. — — nywan To shetv. a curse. profane. -rade Relieved. — psecan 7'o demonseduce. 2. -ledon lift -lysend. M. vert. laetan. deliverer. Redemption. Laiofully. balance. libtung. Ex. — legeLay down. -leag. mislead. S. es'. To enlighten. -leofode. -lyfS It is allowedor lawful. loten Prone. ed To cast out. mislead. — To seize. To let loose. to be sick. mearcian To mark. dread borrescere.-llbban. pp. ed To examine. — hyldan To — hyldendIncliningly. clothed. merian . 2. . free. take counsel. -lyfe. ed 1 To repel. nescian To make nesh. — hyrte Hardened. p. . — middan To weigh. ed To murder. S. lecgean To lay down. —myrian To examine myrie. ail. — letlic live.mad. wish. S. pull out. — nydan. -logen — nish strongly. take away. -leofod we To — stroy. S. -licdan. try. condemn. pp. live. -lede. come down. stop.C. quick. — lamp Hap- — A -leafan. lose. S. S. S. considering.feigned. -lysde. — libban To — libbe A survivor. . measure. — . S. Falsified. pp. v. incline. meldlan To inform. To to tell lies. se. pursue.

rush. to do. -set Placed. dissolve. rsbrnes. Sundered. cen 1 To shake off. Le. ode. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — • — — — — — — — — — C— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . drowsy. sear. to stab ? to volt. -scan. — — — — — — . -sceoe .-sohte.edej pp. -sceaden. p. pp. se . fail. ashamed. scsefen Shaven. sepaFurnished. p. £6. -riht Aright. disjoin. dee . or fixed. shell. L. to be laid open. exclude. p. relate. scyndan To sepascamian To be tion. inspirit. To contemplate. excommunicate. scypan To sharpTo strangle. remissly. ly. slean To screpan To off. clare. p. ede . remove. clear from. An. -sce6d pp. Le. scyled. pressible. part. scunan To convict. singan To ref-ian. severed. shoot through. a secan. sceosendrian To separate. asserter. Cd. to up. -rednes. Without tonsure. od Taken bethink. L. ed ? To restore. conclude. elicit. detest. dry up. screncan -slagen Struck. gan To speak out. -soht pull off the scales or shells. -scraep To scrape correctly. re7niss. -sliden To slide away. pp. /. deAn. sing. To shake brandisjunctive. smiSod Worked. p. Apl. To supplant.reG. rise^ It behoveth. pp. against. od 6ZM57i. raeran -sceaf Expelled. — — — — — — — — . -scoten To r^d Counsel. p. elapse. accuse. ung Detestation.j9. slydan To slide. L. parate. pp. pull outf L. -slat . repeat. setan To applained. raise the hand. 6ceortian. sealcan pp. recshorten.lop. A pi. restitution. p. S. scuton Fell consider. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —— — — — — — — — — .S sendan To send. S. en. eject. away. ode . pp. tell over. banish. To hate. reslad Slipped pair. seorch. — — — — — — — — — — — — — . relit Erected. scoTo restore. A ed. erect. end. L. save from. fixed. To cut off. enquire. investigamed. dash -scrutnian To search out.p. gladden. rive. p. redan To effect.— redod -sindrod tered. rescyrigendlic Disjoining._scearpan T'o sharpen. rcodian To befinish. scimod Glity. ruminate. ede. retian . -slapen Sleepy. let secgan To speak out. -solcen To depress. A pi. pp. rise up. scufan . bear^ carry. raise the mindy fan. p. slip. . strike against. down. rate. snasan. seow. ede . -ras. fall. A-r?efniendlic Possible. ode . ed To slacian . ode. What is set sceotan . An. umvind. cast or vomit strike. 2. slitan . sceamian . slapian. p. put out. press. lift A-sceiidan . ede . a-sraeagan. S. set. od To be ashamed. redad Discovershoot. sian To L. ponder. -recS Holdeth up. ed To slacken. pull. S. secgendlic That rasian . slogon. untrimout of the shell. perish.to separate. p. reddan To liberate. -scean . To search. scerpan j p. To become red. scacan To branAn execration. invigorate. severally. p. slegen Slain. risan.j9/?. divide. seek out. reccan To care for. tolerable. pp. desert. to scortian To shorten. S. -slcyd Taken from suck. p.B. p. scruncen Pressed. trace out. point. p. he -rist . e . -scufen To drive aivay. evident. S. S. S. exTo raise. tell. de. endlic Detestable. slyte^ Shall fail. sah Set./?/?. to grow short. correct. -nan To bear. pp. -scede Separated. squeeze. -sloh Struck. pp. ede. -riddan To rid. f. scrutinize. To search. se /. pp. sloio or lazy. To rear up. cut off. sciran . rise again. pp.— saepel. saefrom. sea <5 Boiled. L. -scrypan To scrape. fly mystery^ sacrifice. stifle. cast out. discover. redian To search out. reafian . -retten vate. smorian. flee* 3. ex-sliSan p. expound. pp.L vks Arose.— slacigendlice5Zec^fen Banished. to scrape. smother. remove. Toprune. enerfall down.de. clared. sawan bominable. sile. -slyten. To soio. deliver. place. to be clear. scop Gave. S. scirped Cleared. scendan Tosend. -scraep Scraped. saendan To send. p. Toavoid. -sliden we -rison . se . B. scyrian To separate. p. — . loose. break tute law. -soto susjyect. pp. cean To reckon. sgegdnis. screadian slaegen.-scufon. -slad. -sceacen. slacigendlic Slack. shelled. covenant. L. finished. To slide or slip away. ode pp. -ret . slaecte Loosed. ryst Resurrection. shun. translate. err. destroy. V. arise. rise. publish. cutfrom. a detestation. shove a way. 06. scinan . S. ed To sharpen. ode . ivell.-sceaf. p. fresh. L. -snzesan To hit or 2.-sco-seo^an . p. set right. abomination. S. -'•aeman . aS^. L.— -searian To become dry. Disjunctively. od To tear from.finish speaking. take hold of. take away. seirigendlic Disjunctive. slawlan To become riman I'o nu7nber. /. se<5an To recan To explain. p. d 1. pp. sittan To perform. rzeht Related. tell. -slaecud Sent off. -sliten To cleave^ -roda A counsellor. se<5ian To affirm. scadian To separate. condition. count. -risen To out. remit. loosen. design. forth. ede To be ascreopan . od To A raising. de To raise. ed. snydan scyrigendlice J dish.-smean. repel. elevate. pp. rafan To unclotlie. L. dish. pp. A-scyrpan To sharpen. to be weak.p. -scuniendlic Detestable. zohich may be spoken. come red. declare. led Bound. sceacan . 2. To forsake. -scinen To shine rated. p. vex. stamp. scunung. sever. settan To ed. slidan . seed. express. readian fen To drive away— sceonseeonden To boil. sleep. diminish. lacerate. 16 — — . reosian To te. law. we -slidon saed Said out. through. L. se weaned. p. scilian To shell. rajsan To rush. renew. pp. slupan To slip away. -scalengthen. -setnys. ed Tobeshort. enquire. fixed. S. pp. -sceaf . a statute. slatS.fret. an exaltation. untie. sceop p. propose. boil. reaht ExGave. f. rist Resurrection. pp. sceat. -nian. -seowon Sowed. try. scaere smeagung. -sea<S . right. retan . shrink. sigen Fallen.. scealian . G. scunian . -scaden To selanguish. to scale. sta-scuton . to explain. pp. od 1. we fail. divide. Meditation. think. A degree.

-spau To spew. — — — sundran.wring up. — tefredPrtu/ferf. ed To jjroceed — suab Starred. 2. springan . -swefecodD/'ii'cn out. enrage. stifician. -streht To like a dead body. L. step. e. ed. we -spanon pp. p. stintan. slothful. decrease. pp. — tetell . paint. dissolute. . Disturbed. L. explore. J). — languish. ed. pp. dry up. — — . to tame. — — p. . -swapan. — spi- — se To move. pp.^ Extended or stretched out ivith little rods or tivigs. S. -swaepS . — -styrian search. slothfulness. stod Urged. ed To become hard. deface. -sprang. L. spon Allured. to found. — — An eclipse. f. teah Took A — off. -sundron Asunder. tart. sprian To dis play. steened Set ivith precious stones. slothful. ed To depict.-tuge. — . dismayed. choked. break forth. . suanian To — — styrred S.he-teh. p. endure. pp. -steallan . spyrian To seek. od To blacken. stondnes. pp. p. dispersed. ede . smite. e'. p. lack. de To engender. spyligan To cleanse.S. ede. deceive. swolcen Idle. bashfulness. ode pp. routed. standan . To decay. swytSered Burdened. give away. resolve upon. streic.Seascent. p. G. ed. loash. — — — — streccan.destroy ex- — — — A-swebban To stun. — — ken. attract. To . we -8t6don To stand out. erect. searched. to enervate. — — — S lot — swundenlice Slothful— swundennes. To languish /. 2. toefran. S. od To supply another's room. ed To set on fire. trace. pp. to extend. To draw. L. stcpnes. swellan To sivell.— steelan To steal out. spring A fountain. tendan . move. strengd — — — — -swond. Z. p. staerfed Starved out. spretaiij bu -speast. to be stunned. . to grow — — swapa — — — — exciter._syndrung. sweltan To die. 6'. -stall To go. To give^ afford. /. pp. swylegan To soil. escape.vtirpate. — — . pp. obscure. to stray. ed 1 To sooth. L. -stregdan . ed. Idleness. S. S.im. bitter. aggravated. p. ode . stifian p. -stregde . swipan To sweep. •^irehtProstrated. ascending. he -swapecS. cige Terminate. inflamer. -speost To spit out. 17 -te6dest. 6r. from a foundation. grieve. -stregan . consume away. p. swearc Languished. — strienan. p. sprind\a. -swonden Weakened. separation. spendan p. se -jf — secretly enticed. assuage. swind — — — . procreate. -togen 1. -sponen I'o allure. a deficiency. pp. — swyidleness. rest. p. -sprungen 1. An existence. -s wamacS A bates. we -tugon . -stirian Slothful. number. to cleanse. -spaw. sluggish. Erred. Cd . sprungennes. sigh. . Z. speon — — . . inflame. od To put asunder. svrarcod Confounded. — swondennes Sloth. — -swindan . A privation. od To be or become sour. Arisen. continue. Usedioith dispose of. an incentive. ode pp. f. ede pp. L. laziness. q. — -swopen Swept. — -swunden pp. -sprincan To arise. sty 1 tan To astonish. od To stiffen. — swcfan kill. — tellan To out. S. spanan . originate. privately. through dulness.— sti^^ar\. alone. bestoio. ode . stiht . S. pj). ed. p'. pine. I. stah. G. cease. dissipated. spruncen. lay out. B. -sperian wan . confusion. proceed. yield.'d^ii\\. perish. pp. To strike with astonishment. — — -suond Weakened. sully. dark. attract.— stemnian . -sweop . 2. L. ed To speed from. treat. division. apart. -stifecian p. parated. grow. -sp6n. decrease. . -sprungen fail. L. tendend. -strecan. L. — To enquire. build. -swapen To sioeep away.. -swseman 7'o pine. sever. ede. /. se ./?. kindle. -striean q. scatter. — p. L. idle. darken. wither. sloth. p. styndende Blunting. to go out. shew. p. . to stint. R. swogen Overgrown. stigend. /. — teon . prepositions thus: -teon fram or of To draw from teon to To draio to. distribute. tion. -stundian To astound. a pro- — voking. -stahg Ascended. mount. -swindung. pp. ordain. styrfan . To spring out.— sipry tan To sprout out. stignes. M. terminate.f. ode pp. slow. A rider. swyndau To — ede . L. ede. Ide . disjoin. to bear. dried up. se . p. Ex. want. stercd stcreS Moves. rise up. Id 1 To appoint. — — — — feeian Toeradicate. sistence . -sclceiinys. syndrian . divorce. L. appease. misery. styfesuffer grief. covered over. ede. he -stod. — syn- drlge Asunder. — sweotole — To — swengde ShaClearly. spaw Vomited out. set at rest. Modesty. p. -spyrgeng A curious invenL. ly. -swjeft. ic-te6. hfidness. — sungen Sung. swollen SicoUen. ede pp. -swand 1. vanish. -s win an To languish. ed To spend. explain. lay before. undertake. -swoernung. pp. confirm. to he deputy or proxy. dry. to seduce. L. de. — sworet— tan To breathe. — suand — — decay. p. — — — — Malleable. -strynan To -streht. od To eradicate . L. lazy. -spedan . boio doivn. p. ed To blunt. ed To kill. to make dull. we -teo^ . — — sogon SuckSought soht — — — . p. draio or pluck out. — — — — — stretch out. L. to creep on. de. withered or killed as a plant or shrub.-teah. out. prostrate or lay loiv. Weakened. to sepa- — — — rate. swifan To tvander out of the way. To employ. — A-stepte Orphans. to kill. jju he -tih^. Invited. — swarthy or black. A-soden Boiled. a substor fen Starved. L. se. to arise. e . we -sprungon . or icax stiff. pjj. ed To make very tame or gentle. deciee./. — — — — — — — An -swican — . S. 2. — -swunan To swoon. de pp. -stregd To sprinkle. remain long. g. se . 2. einploy. es j m. abashed. surian . — — Sweepings. -stellan. solcen Idle. — — mian . — styrung^ tnotion. Idleness. -straecan .— spelian . . S. depart. failed. establish. To stir. -swunden Weakened. discover. An incendiary. ode . to prostrate one's self. es j m. tendincg^ ^rebrand. to deliver happily. purify. pp. sti<Sian p. made insensible.e. strike.— swarnian To be confounded. L. eject. -sprettan To sprout out. S. spreotan. de . disgrace. sweartian p.—steped Left childless. dissolve. stenct Scattered. -strehte . . entice. S. pj). slay. swsefan. ede.

de. relax.useless. f.A-tcorian j p. weg-gewitan To go away. ode. excite. ^pwdegen Washed. — weccan. teorbrittle. ed to To lead or drive from. vex. n. -wehte. — — tihting -tiefred. S. to rage. taJce origin. 1 . S. invent. Agoing away. ruinous. loound. To aivake. raise up children. baptize. A swelling Thiiined. to weigh as an anchor. provoke. aim. ode. ed To turn aside or away. . frustrate. twined. p. an m. fore. balance. lay open. p. wearp Cast away. pp. f(I II. . suffocate. — terian . p. To expand. escape. ^wefen To iveave together. weg-geniman To take away. 18 rian . tire. pp. -weehte. — — . To stretch out. weg Away. — wselian. )?rid Robbed. de. jjpoxen Spoiled. Painted. delude. -weol . p. -wsef. ])Gi\c^\xxi corrupt. f — — discard.— weg-alucan To shut cline. a . — jjierran To loash off or away. to leave. wegleetan To let go away. can p. )?rotsum ivearisomeness. p. away. p. tiring. . seize./. -tifred tion.L. od To make wan or pale. pp. consider. -wended To turn from. weaht Awakened. p. wece Arouse. p. flow. Swollen. exclude. Also actively. annoyed. to languish. watyrian To fail. we -waefon . pp. stir up. weg-adrifan T'o drive or chase aivay. weg-ajjywan expels aicay. alteration. loarn. cleanse. pp. not cut. A — waendednes A trans— wserde A stupidfoolish man. -weg-gewitenes. L. — dan To puff. ed To open. make clean. ed To disjoin. tension. ed To tear from. -wee. revived. move. p. — war Somewhere. S. . -tcorigendlic lacking. 3. de pp. — l^rysemian od To choke. ode pp. S. 2. teran. S. infested. change. od A-\)y iin^n. encouraging. rinse. Separated. S. irksome. — To awake from rolled. out. to break forth. warnian To confound. sleep. od 2. eclipse — Ex. he -wec^. -Jjiotennes. Troublesome. robbed. gen Draivn. fa- — To faint. susiahu — — — ode To pp. p/?. waecnian . shut out. ode. odTo ob. )?racian — an an To ode . ode . beget. : f. — apostatize./>. 2. J^runten. pp. to revive. ivrung. To erect. se — )?wean — tumour. ed To suffer. tobecome dark. wendan. To wash from. protect. H. fail.f. To beat. disarmed. ede — . }jy wan . loathsomeness. od. woegan. -)3w6h Washed. totion of To draw out. . n. ede. G . p. p. driven out. S.a wy — To drive It — — Rolled away.— yied To — — — trendlod Trundled. p. wendednys. ed. quickening. l^innod S. ed. exj^eodan . — wanian To diminish. — weg.-- — — — — -weg-aferian }?ulian — suatain. swell. pp. to wend or ivind aivay. ede. alterable. the wooj or weft. arouse. p. stretch. de . he -wylS . to groto lueak or effeminate. hit-Jjiyt. — \>6\\i or puffing up. se . -wucian p. from. darken. — wegan . pilled. st)fle. -|?e recollect.de. — wenan. -wedan ^. leave out. -weallen To boil or bubble up. weg-onwendan To move away. clear. j^in- — {^icstrode Obscured. to go or taax mad. to awaken.-)?! uten Swelled up. pp. — To fail. ode. -wendendlicMoreaft/f^. — -jjanon From thence. iveigh. An. anoint.— WW^wTotouch. tifran — — — web. tiht InInten- -Jjenian p. shake. a stirring up. Thecross threads in weaving. raise up. \>y There- — — — — jjylgiau . . S. )jenung. 3. An. de. — )3unden swelling. -jjroten To loathe. — Wrested. od To curse. excitation. pp. To tire. — wannan. To stir up. support. — — wehtnes. S. to spring. S. ed To be mad.jt?. de. — I'o leave en-<ire7?/.— devise. to be born. Defeetive. )?i'6vvian To suffer. An awaking. To produce. j^weran -)?wegen Washed. L. send away. — — death. wegyd Shaken. lift up. wreathed. excite. issue. ^pi&ivodOhscured. S.pp. weged Shaken. — -jjindung. — jjioten . pp. — — — . teoriendlic. waeh Vegetated. wefan . warp Cast out. depart. f. — translate. — wsergda. stream or gush forth. J^rset Trksomeness. — To Therefore.e8. — — — — — — — — — — — weht. apply. pp. od To weaken. Ward. — Jsun- dennes. ed To deceive. swell. -j^rintan — To /ear.-webb. eat up. e-. S. tiariau To %oant.. — tigue. — -)?runten To Loathed. he weary of. — waandan To turn out. otit. S. B. changeable. — — pp. ode . p. tivisted. disappoint. extend. -wehte Aroused. J?61ode Whole. Le. separate. Apl. -wajht I. S. boast. move or shake together. originate. — — A thinking ex-cogitation. To awake from. — take origin.—\}VAwenThroivn out. or lock out. c. An extending. weg-beran To bear. waeh Weighed — — -weg-anumen Taken aioay. wacod Softened. pp. \}ryd Wrested. — waestan To destroy. mutable.tveary. ung. arise. -^ torfian To tredan To tread. woeged Void. ed To wean. Apl. a device. — tym— tuge Drawn — tynan p.blow. ode . to agitate. -)?w6gon. -Jjrotenes. to revolt. he went.-w8egun Vain. -weht. endure. wegen Weighedas in a balance. scure. vegetate. frail. ede . build. . tivist or extort from or out — timbrian — im. -woe. prostrate. -weahte. wed 3Iad. -wegde Weighed. — walation. to be indolent. weg-cuman T'o go — — pp. wegweorpan To cast or throio away. weallan.S. arise. pp. p. to remove. pervert. od To awake. -wende. inflate. we -wehton . — — — . p. r. robbed. L. wearisome. pp. S. — ode. od. build. -wacen also -wacian. -wece . Tediousness. move from.— jjrseste -wacode Awoke. be born. A failing. wa3gen. M. or parted. ed 1 To aicake. p. pp. disdain. -Jjreat . S. S. weegan To shake. revive. -wen- delic./ A change. to depart. to be angry. S. to separate.se. carry or convey away. j?rcotan. S. revived. )3w6g. The accursed or 2oicked one. pp. invention. To paint . p. wecS Rouses. se .A-weardi'an To defend. ede . dissuade. — wendedlic. the devil. S. /. we -wocon pp.ojo. to — — wsecan . — — \}yVdnToivind. pp. -^eostrian To darken. se — — — — — w^ht Aroused wseht Wearied. — To aicake. an tent upon. brian To out. a departure. wacened Awakwacian . — wzescen Washed.—]prytWearies. An. — S. — revolve. purge. weg-gan To go away.

-vvear^ Not to be. Muta. -wreah. reviling. A'wa. A-wringan . we -wrugon . Der. pp. prepositions as -wurpan on To cast info FriMn from: U't out: Under below. for gan. —wer To wipe nes. — — . — wrecen Banished. to extort. corrupt. -worpennys. S. pp. -wregennes. wrigefrom thence. he -wint den. S. pub-wra^ . — tell relate. ode pp. a curse. — -woffod Phrensied. C. ed To injure. ed forth. With. exterminate. ede. origin. loss. t —wyrigednes — — pan To cast aivay. wyl<5 Shall springforth. worpe- roll. — — werged Cursed. to cast away or off. Alivays. worold For ever. despise. —wryged- nes. ope7i. discovery. to vanish. S. es . wiergd. ticist. wyrn Any where. AYE. bloio — — — — — — Wicked. spoil. — — — — -wrestan . What by connes. worden Execrated. demolish. of. divorce. se . reproving. pp. m. To p. ivorse. in any place. execrate. or take. destroy. — windwan . wendincg/iw ovei'throwing. -writen To icrite wirged Execrable. vveodian. woerdan To forbid. awake.penlfc Damnable. ed To support. -wirdan To become nothiyig. — — wered Worn. -wreSian p. p. ivhistle. r evolve. writan p. reduce. drian . — wogod Wooed. ever. rejection. to exult. — wyr<Sian To mahe unworthy . ever . S. put or take off. 2. — — -woh.A-winnan To bleness. cleanse. L. p. —wisnian . Weaned. -\vearp.. hence ze — over. Le.we -wurpon — — labour. /". spoil.avenge. m. -woxe Should sift. reject. wyrcan To do. . unicorthy he. pp. To loind. eat up. fly. — wiat Wrote. spoil. drive out. wendung. — wyrtWickedness. he -weste we revive.injury. . -arn. To uncover. L. -wrigon To uncover. wove.wizzen. revile. p./. wyndwian To — . S. — — — . ever. root or rake weol Flotoup. jjp. \}\x -wurpe.sodwindan. close. A icasta laying tcaste. Source. — -woestednis Destruction./. pp. express. — weran -. ode . ode . dewirgean Todestroy. jf. . Le. werdnys. ode. — — — — — — c 2 . — — wregenneg A — wreh A roused. he -wyr<S . to degrade. hence the Old English.-woriien To thro to or cast doion. Wastey void. eradicate. L. . -wyrglan . — wersian To vindicate. wend-oewrixl On the other side. — wepan p. reprobation. wylled-win Boiled wine. od To become ivild or fierce. -werdan casting away. — L. tfifre. S. weorpnes. — . se . wrion -wint Wound. -wriion 1. jju -wruge. Any To wear. gone. con- strap. to fight. rwi??.~WY3Sste cursedness. — -wreht To arouse. vvunian To abide. away. a change. — — . — wrygen Discovered. where. ivrite. we -wrigon . — wyrX Exist not. adv. od To come ii youthful strength. — Used also with the On Into . inhabit. contend. worden Done. ode . forbid. worcSane The cast away. unjustly. S. wyrdla Damage. pp. cursed. inconstancy. -wildian . A tinuing has become customdiscovery. fully. weorpan . p. looke. f. -yrnan. L. wylian p. ing. hurt. — -wraS Bound up. A — abominable. — wridan deliver. adv. ^ A' A-wendelicnes . — — -wurpan To cast away. S. pp. wyrgendlic Detestable. weorSan. bind up. to pass or go over pp. to be scribe. -wylten To — — To root up. free. sustain. — -woestenis Destruction. wo. vanish. to be loont. p. remain. wened € . conquer. te To defile. -westan p. fane. S — -westnes. Destruction. . To wrest from. wyrdan To hurt corrupt. wyr- — disclose.-wyrged. p. aa . ode pp. od To tveed. disA' for^ Ever forth. p. depopulate. the heathen. -worpnes. L. S.Le. de . lish. — — woedan — wodian To be — wri^{?e A — wrngeRevealedst. C. pp. discover. 2. naefre. -wrigcje. woend Returned. — — wlancian p. — -wirgriis lian Slander To root up.y. -wyrgede. A 2'o be — — come dry . desolation. wunnen Fought. cast away. frantic. unjustly. di'iven to lay ivastp.related. . -wrigen To reveal. ed To wind. pp. wri. change- ablcncss. — wirt-waS. -wrsLcTo guard. — wunsole. wystelian To hiss. f. Metaplasm. ./. Passed. deprive. od To root up. ever. y^^" 5 P' -ytte To expell. L. deserted. to lisp. p. to: —To fly. — weste -wreccan p.injury. A' world Forpp. revelation. -wylt . out. ferinend. aioay. — wregan tected./'. — -wendendlic Changeable. -wrseste — — walian . -wrj'tt . 19 ary or common. Le. swing. S. jo/?. generate. — — — wyrdnys^ blemish. se . -urnen To . wridan To ori- reveal. — — ginate. • root up. sed. Aicry. L. -wrogen. — — effect. To deceive. worpen Cast aicay. L.Extorted. —The pf^rfect participle signifies Execrable. — — weuen Woven. -weoll To boil. — A divorce. -wolde Would. — weredP/'O. p.e — 3'o make . p. — wiscpublican dry.-wyrgd To cuhe. se . detestable. p. defend. -wierged Cursed. draw out. The being. es. — wrecan -werian To protect. wrigde Cursed. he -yrnS .stript. 1. — wyrgd Cursed. destroy. same as Mid wohe or woge With injustice. — wuht Aught. wiht Anything. ruin.se. — weorSian . — westendnes. a bill of divorce. — pp. p. badly. wyrian. od To admire. widlan To defile. f. -weston pp. mad. B. weox Increased. — make L. mutability. The wrongfully. overcome. — wunden Woven. — wrygenes A revelation. — weosung. To protect. curLe. roll — se — — A — — -wylian — — An. To entwine. wrigen Revealed. /". — . L. wicked. ivickedness.: . An. willed Well boiled or . underprop. he -wrih^ p. wreon. G. wylm. se . p. L. extirpate. — — we -urnon run . woe Ato be proud. p. L. ed To waste. evil. — -wurt-warian -wyht Something. transcribe. — — wlaetan — arose. — wend-spraiC to otSrum hi we A icord changed to another [liue^ meaning. or subsistence of a thing. pp. -wrungen To loring out.A'. -wrah. se. -wrsec Told. dispose. defend. lean upon. — wyrgedlic away. Downfal. -wrehte. essence. to destroy. prowierdan To corrupt. squeeze out. cast out. R. out. — werpan To — wrecan To revenge. A changing. -wrang pp. pp. — wrungen Wrung.

corrupted. Abutan About. leg A pile flame. v. Th. paraTo go about. is follian ides. ob. A'dl. M. v. d. m. acsian. An abbot. Cd. stafum . around. Aalgewer A fire-steel. ud. V. blabdnm or mug wort. (1. S. feorh-. acan. M. when in putrid. 2. e. •ig . e. An der . fser. acase an ax. in nouns. have been a slight lengthenmersetshire. sound or whole. an. v. hw^te. v. A'dl. jB. An abbess. -ig: a. (5. etc. shivering. adl. deteriorating or opposite Aci-an To ache. f. v. The state of an adre. i. abbod. SoStan A stone: laer. csern. -isse. a fu. taecan. m. naegel A signification. S. -byrih. B. naesse. Jieddre. Aan Deflectus. 4.Shalesorpai'ings. B. In the declension of monosyllabic nouns and Abingdon. An acorn. d. adese An addice or adz. adjectives: A'bal Ability. approachAcen pained. es . isse.i7^. M. A'csung. entire. v. prefixed to words. A cl j adj. conj. leac Quernum. or e. g. Oak-drink. -hende An abbacy. -georn. n. Addre a vein. Abbandun. v. : 20 . daeg. dr. n. scare. inflection of monosyllabic Ab The tvoof. Adelyng prince. Le. pZ. daeg. wern I'he name of an Laman \egeresB. Der. Aar In the morning. aec. oak. often denotes. See short a in A. spasr. ill. The long or accented ce' is found in the following words. Adremlnt The herb feverfew Acemannesburh . smales . nail. Acse. Filth. But. Axan-minster. v. Marriage. Acas. 8e)?eling. aesc. ad. haeS. v. haebAar Honour. Le. v. v. hvyoetra from Abbad. pain. acian. ulge-weorc. lunshort or unaccented ce. -byri. sr.) A single — consonant followed by e in vonshire.f. cyn which are represented by species of oak. fairy. -sweord. wraecca. ss . L. sounded. sc. Staenen Sto<y. adj. pp. Oakum. B. The dominion or dignity of ral pile. Adloma. pi. v.o. stafas. S. aocer. — . therefore accented. may. ing to ae or ai in faery or iE-. -lie aeddre. v. 0. hwael. m. strength. to Acan. and A'dre a vein. ce aster into d . adulsea^ A sewer. B. -swerung. v. Aam A searing iron. v. IkvLore. S. Adela. se smala The small. Seomycle adl The leprosy. ther syllable in declining. v. kind ofdrink made ofacorns. ed in nouns by a. Jiill. es m. Aad A heap. v. graph 3 and 4. Last Late .hwaele9. Staefes. laeran. 63 . abbut. fire of the funetives. hwoet Quick. S.'] A'd. and followA'dol a disease. we acatS . jesp. aer.smael Abraeda Coarse toio. V. S. A pile fire. u. Boundhy law. ac. C. etc v. sink. hwaetre. A'dl . asking. grief pain. n. v. G. having ea a cooper's instrument. dun a down. etc. Clear. e .— (2. ian To ail. sc. and by a. early. a3cer. S. jecemba 1. also tin. a negative. haeto. acan. and es . v. mannes man's. dwaeses. in adjecA'd-fyr abbot. fear. abbot. Acxan ashes. disd. Diseased. -corn. gation. draed. latemestia^e5^. The shorter unaccented ache. R. e f. gen-.staefe. an becomes a. ece. fn. v.\The palsy.-beri. a-butan. abbod. abbod-a. to languish. A-dastrilatost. adj. sedre. as Blaeda Fruits . sraalum . lates Abedise an abbess.and V. in adjectives by a. A tool. S. B.Acyr afield. -lea The name of a place. es . rough. in-. Ex.6. fot-. quired about. Ex. hwael. faran A'del a disease. craeft. as Oakley. a Adesa. ce' acen To ache. as in deal. ne. craebba. m. nesj-llc.-nuiig. es . baer. Laetne. L./.assumiHganobe sick. u. L. quiry. clay. a squirrel. as Staef. -had. taesel. as appears from these A'chsian to ask. an . aac. filthy. dwaes Bull. hraefn. cc. BaeS. . waepen. -ic. horn-. abbotship. Isedan. abbod. dagas. latum . A kind of marley or chalky IvetrsL. iiscung. hwalas . 7Ji. ic. an abbacy. hwaetAbba. is found before a single conDer. ece. B. Adeliht. hal Oak A'dexe a salamander. Ace ache. as. that which is enben. taesan. -ian. ^ppel. laetre.u. An abbot. v.A'csiau to ask. adj. en Oaken.3. Dsl. sonant or st. Anglo-Saxon cb.iiiw Z. -byrig.— AC I CoJtimcn 1(170. lowed by a. etc. o. nouns. ej (3. arising from the the coarse part of flax. Adastrlgan To discourage. v. vi. Ex. Acer afield. S. v. hards. inquisition.) Before pp. : : — — — — — — — — A — — — — — — — — — . S. . Axminster. animal. consonant. Gaest. bb. A pile. pain. S. daeges. AdulseaS A sewer. faette. idel. A'c. g. v. g. gan. se lata l^he late. Abot an abbot. V. Aac An oak. L. Abud an abbot. S. aex. A'dexe Afire lizard. An. L. est. hards. g. cognate words Wael Wail. B. n. gutter. interro(4.f: also. S. abbod. sae. consonants. axan. e is rejected from the Abbod. The short or unaccented 8b stands only. S. an enft. g. ascian. as: Staef. laene. n. adjectives. disease. as From. feeder. languishhae<Sen. B.) Or before st. etc. aecer. unplucked tvool. consumption. Sick. sonorous. ing of the short a. sink. an salamander.) Before double Aast Love. monacS-. M -faest- -faest. u. V. v. -isse. Small. adre. in De- maest. lohether. es . wseter. f — — C — — : — — — . and sure i a^ Aii oath fXnkn-.—ende Troubroedan To braid. adl. neral 2. es. A csan-my nster. from \set Late . — — — — — : . m. o. -nian. or st. v. tt. when a single a-idm. rice. a question. information. monosyllables. loet. dom. seems to or burh a city'] Bath. aivay. [abban ab.es . Adelsea^. pi. Accutan To prove. Dirty. [ece IE. c?. asce ashes.Theae isknowntobelong. -da. esse. English terms of the same signification. The act of making durable Acs an ax. diseased. snaece. like A-. adl. An oak. m. claene. -drinc. ing sickness. dacg. se. aad. bot's. v. nl A braedo. 1. in Berkshire. faettes. e. -burge. B. bling. Acumba. aex. 2. an abbot. Ac . mistel Mistletoe of the haelan.) Before a single consonant. abbud. stafa. v. m. drenc. The ce' is often changed f: also -ceaster. B. -um.

a stile. . es. indecl. m. eacan. m: -swicung. S. TEcer. Like A-. L. a legal e . Long. an . S. es . S. eal. — — ^besn pasturage. wellm. ece. a nut. an abject. spite. ger. protracted. A breach or thing sown. swic. anger. bulrush. violation of the laio. /.—menne Desolate. tarrh. A lawful fast. aex. notorious. angry. -syllend. ealdorman./. rent. S. pain. Fixed in corn corn^ The corn or fruit mind. — institute. division'] An index. 1. false dealing. An. S. L. says. breach of the law. scaere Without shearing. £e-baer. weariness. or division in wainscotiing a handle.es. — — — se laivs. Fastened by the of oak. es. tree. Envy. discouraged. indignation. v. manifest. 7n. a. iEcne Fruitful. Fixed in the laio. es. be-. v. also. the refuse of things. — — . writere. S. An — — — — — — . A laio mes. v. ealdian.. L. ^Ece ache. — crteftig Laio- crafty. se . saplings. ac. so. -mylnys. to an To depart S. es. religious. a2}ostate. A laivgiver. ciorfan To the law. — lasting. 2. ^chir An ear of corn. manifest. ^cyr afield.e. n. clown. spitefest Envy. — vE'can to eke. whitish. water. pain q/' the -gleawmann. L. — fyrmj^a Ablutions. se . ^ce-lima restitution. [stel a column. without any percepti-Sl-aldian ble alteration in the sense. a custom — — A water spring A — swician. etc. bleak. A catarrh. S. aefesen. counsellor. Loathsomeness. — refnan To bear. wan. gylde Without amends. laic. the holm one learned in the law. corrupt./*. melle Unsavoury. aecer. ae-baer. Idle. ceorl. iEaldian to ivax old. 1. -mon. a deceiver. or statute werdan to corrupt] Perverse. Alph. G. es . 21 . unprofitable. Cristes se The Gospel. justice. wrath. pi. 2. nes. — iEDD risce perfect participles. books of JEhvsr bare.de. — blesome. S. dismaymucSa. m. or table of contents ranged in columns. en Oaken. clear. -welm. secyr. made devout. fiesteri. — swutol A lawyer. Anvex. Afield. v. shoots springing up from es . a farmer. L. -spranga. m. -iren. tn. [werd from. m. v. acorns. offence. Butan £6 or utlaga outlaio. also. es . lawyer. — V. — wyrp A away. A master of the laic. Apl. S. f. an . L. An offender of the . drifan To expel. An. senger. dissemble. L. L. v. es.desolate. v. aecer. —wen icithout. -faest Envy. — denotes Common law Asetnessa Fixed. sellend A lawgiver. -blecnys Paleness. envious. — wyrdla. — brec A ea. — werd adj. ece.: rn' out. 7n. ae is sometimes prefixed to perfect tenses. acumba. IE/\ivec [ea loater. Religion. peeled.— bylignis. untrimmed. and other words. —melnys. j^ryt — swapa Siveepings. a oak. troublesome. ed. scarlet oak. Der. v. -wylm A boiling or springing up of. es. to be V.— hy\g^. tedious. v. m. -all All. Mhs A fir fest. L. notorious. rush. cast- — lost. pass. pp. the sweepings of a house. divorced. toithout taste. ploughman. ^Ebbung An ebbing. scandal. — — faestnes. m. -Acumba oakum. A icriter. v. m. an hypocrite. A senator. an acorn. bed. with-r^st. festlice Religiously. land. A transgression. — swicung An offence. re-spring. gift A legal gift. -festig. M'c An oak. — fest- JEjCcqt a field. an. V. — — — open. One skilful in the — Resurrection. L.Ecrum loith fields. composer orframer of laics. m. Th. v. pi. m. an m. — rist. hling-block. of an oak. lete. spi'anca.-3wicfrom the law./. — swicnis Reverentia. ge-. jealous. crseft. — — — — — — ten -lie One let go. sedition. festig Religious. — j^rytnes Trouble. disdain. averse. treason. cyrf That An affair of law. v. S. ful. uncut. boer. a preacher. appapiece. guide. A icriter or composer iEcelma A chafing of the feet hy walking 1 S. skines. es . m. or continued. aeceras.festful Envious. hiwnes. ^cs an ax. gloom. eternal. blecing.—gewritere. /. MaX all. malicious. -celed Cooled. eren. a fault.^ber adj. q. M. S. Isedend. falsehood. stwn- — — — ^E'ceren an acorn. ^argian. iEbreda A kind of marl. ^'-bec La20 books. [gleaw limbs. secras . a tresan acre. — men Unmanned. — — — of no use. m: -swicend.. eala. of laws. -bod. — Apl. one I£j\ sea Water. bod a.^aht property. A laivgiver. ^cced acid. yEcin Tabetum? tabes? S. note [notu wse] Useless. 3. aecer. -wylm. R. S. a fault. — tynan p. aldormann. or things of no value. — — L. by Id An byligan To be injury.soivn corn. lauful. lareow. v. es . ebban. M. -festnes. apharisee. f. An offence. iEaldormen. v. — svvind ed To out tonsure. Laio-craft. zeht. -ber Bare. dust. unfaithfulness. v. toithout. V. ^ala An alas ! v. What has always or long flowed on. v. A fieldman. v. B. S. M' . — ojjen. . Paleness. uncertain. — swiseste Jurisperiti. m. S. mod Out of ?nind. -irnu [ac an oak. deceit. se . es. eac. m. bilgan. jedre. a fragment. felle Barked. v.-le- — JEcemba oakum. a scandal. — teorian To Troufail. avert. se. v. — cases or precedents. iEced vinegar. v. an . -blip. eargian. stel. — — customary or common iE' laiv. depopulated. L. a label. mad.L. gleawa. -bylh«. £e-brec. a lawyer. ea. -bilian To bilignes. — fountain.C. y. —. lawriht Right. froward. Seo teftere je Deuteronomy. — envious. es . To wax old. acumba. — festian To envy. S. m. v. wen hope] Doubtful. etc. corn. ful. brgec] — — n. -faestnes. se . emidation. business. v. /Ebbad ebbed. zealous. v. /. -craeftigo Pharisees. — B. [se Belonging to law. Clear and evident by proof. married. law. sec. Young es. eced. -corn. skilful — — in lata. -wyrdlea Damage. cut to pieces. eced. — Domas Adjudged . any -gylt. es in. ^ddre suddenly. devotion. iE'cirnu nuts. — S. leng ned. which is cut off. — L. blec Pale. hwyrfan To turn from. swica. till it has become hence A laiv. rheum. Ccecum intestinum. M'cQ — — — A skilful] laio. hlyp. m. . m.

A followIzecend liEcan To match. tioiiEene once. afterwards. S. aftersunset. pious. small -spraec. sebescn. eft. dream After. sc6p. a supper. edwitan. S. eftema The last. A se . dislike. JE'fista Envy. equqlly. iEg-. v. vespers. v. Evenirig after. Der. injury. a supper. efne. renounce. pasnagium. an. to answer. — ryne An encountion. sefer. abjure. -tungel. an . filginc A pursuing. m. L. L.—sesiX A iEfgraef. prep. sBfnian. prayer or evening duty. v. iEffrica. ^fter after. ^t'en.f: -tima. tn./'. water course. follow another s example. . JE'rlfost [ead substance. — — — — — — . S. /. an. liSe. e . v. -myst adj. la. back. of the ^fter. beer or ale. iEftera LicSa July. -spyrgean To enquire after {jon- — — . edlean. V. Evening. v. — . An evening Weariness. hyrigean To After heat. C. through. Ever. v. Der. vespers. zeal. An after singer. seft. e . hy and by. sent. An even repast. clif. raest. v. iEftera Geola January . fyliJEfen Even. sefnian. e . a crup- ever. m. rap. v. ing. behind. e . scent. ^Eghwa ing after. m. ^f-sweorce Fruit ? S. £e-fest. v. African. An evening iEftan . to succeed. a rep'tyment. fylging A following after. ^fweardnes. ttsegwewce. they who succeed.— tid. ^EfterJ^am ])e. gild. an . L. edwit. x^fnjan To groro towards evenJEdwist substance. a — M. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . S. property. eventide. S. G. lancet. yEfne behold. L. — — — . L. m. edwist. sefter. {jenung. Notts. After. Even S07ig. TETnung. Always. behind. mete Evening late. iEftema. efter prep. ^ftewerd Aftericard. v. -)7anc. MQ JE'ddre. openly. es m : -j^anca. a new or young age or generihiQ Justly. full. speech. folgere. weard On after. for. ^Efter gyfl A supper. . \eo^ An evening song. seghwaer Every 22 — ce Jealously. ^E'r oj^Se oeft Ere An evening song.-fylgian. -folgiende Following after. yldo An after age. Damage. ration. [gereordian to feed] To sup JEftbeteht Reassigned. es . Absence. m. latter. striver. ever. weg A drain tcay. and af. se. vespers. S. forthwith.iEfyn the evening. an . Afterward. fefnung iEdwit a reproach. and d.£efre. work evenly. -Jjeowdom A71 evening duty. -ra. — re acennes Regenera- — — — — — tering. S. ra mest Aftermost. efnan. It draioeth nigh the evenleoht. -steiEdwitan to reproach . a paying again. C. denotes sort. in. — — : — — — . fixed] Goods. meal.tu. conlows or succeeds. over. -myst Last. e /. ing. fedre-seax — A vein. e. An after speech or claim. loss. Evening. genga. oefter. [aeftero/ifer./. Ex. efen. ^fen-hlytta A fellow. v. f. lie .An after -rope. ^Efsti^n to hasten. S./. adj. /roOT. sene. — — — . iEftewearde . adj. after that. Efern. aefen. -glomung The ^fte-mest.^. evening star. ffifen. L. se /. an artery.-wyrd- ^fst Envy. posterity. Aftericard. gereordian vEftan-weard Being behiyid. L. S. grom.. cvvaeSan iEf-)panc. morning star. companion. glom. as. therer. es The even. a follower. star. sefter-wear<S. last. of. es . adj. . ^'fer. To speak after. An after — — — ad. seftan •. abS. gefter. v. Jjunca. per. sup. — . efn. before or after. iiE'fre Der.es. ung. publicly. v. for it. space] Afterward. -spr^c. S. drain. m.f. ran si^e Secondly. M. after-loan. iEfwyrdla. the hire of pigs going into the wood to fatten To follow going after. iEfter. -^onca. to co-operate. Second. Posterity.v. m.— fylian. light. -spyrian. — — — — — — — — — . the amercement come after. ^rllean a rercard. A follower. e. m. gend. evening. [gengnys a going] Extremity. zb-fest. iEftra d^l The last part. L. ing splendour. meat.-)5uncaj-weard. geol. efstan. a successor. tod derided. es rei'oke. posthumous. adv. spite. ud. posterity. n. 7n. a — A gengnys.— ^f-dtfil A dedon Suffered. v. ra Geola January. song. again. -gyld. M. Vespcrtijie. secuting. n. L. Der. v. a reward. -glomrnung. f. /? Pasturage. L. se offspring. tax-gaM'(\ve. toards. displeasure zeal. comp. —— weard. ha. One who goes or follows after. sefward. light. a succession^ sueAn imitator. — — light. attendance. — — . according hrepsung to. S.e'.awyrdla. adv. v. -filgian. new. Der. S.iEfweard. n. evening. la. V. an . dat. aewyrdtungel The evening ing. e. a collector. /. justly. One who fol. on acorns j3E'fest . es. /Efenn the evening. second. a. a lancet. equal. fylignes. rival. After. adv. A n evening bard. behind. sefgrocfa. iE'lwines cliff.f. S. quickly. gebed A or aft. Der. vein JE'der-seax. evening ttoilight. After. iEfteweard . sefen. A vein. R. JL. -gereord. sefen-. S. always. Edwinstoio. ^fstig A contender. An.an. or mate. (fen. lima I'wiafter. es . Offence. v. a recompence. song. to per. f^ fast. supper. Directly. The faeee . take supper. S. Absent. -tfma. ZEfescn. scima Evenburgum Through cities. adv. Evening rage or plague. After. -filian To follow or An. laecS ^fter )3on j^e After that. faest Le. -re -mest. An. -tid. A knife. —rihte According right. Posterity. an. 1. Alph. sefweordla. or .— gan. sang The singend es. es . m. wear^ Being away. The service for evening or Mh. Edioin^s ^fnan to perform. As a prefix. ceeding. disgust. succession. steorra. sedwiorra. /. to — — — : lean An imitate. — ridan To ride after. v. 2.e3 ni. . se: f. adj. -gereord. — -weardes -weardnes. an . e . adj. the evenremoval. tioilight star. — es — — — ^f Of. iEflre : folloiver. next. a vein. after-song. resemble. offsec a jEftmest last. weorcan To Every one. sefyn. running against one. -^fter-boren Born after the On ajfteEvening rest. on account of. /. behind. distant. — gex\g\e Successors. K. -scima. Ex. payment. After-ale. -ealu. a meeting. m. v. L. lie After second. —gang —gencnys. -gangan after. Even tide.^adv. ajfesn. e . m. sang An evening father^s death. The evening even. iEfterra Second.

gilded over. ed. Every tohere.—\\svi(\ev. m. M\-. e-rnann. ^gelesford. L. timbred -hvvanun.— \)Q6(l(i\ice. as .Aylesthoi'pe. folk. freinda. . Almost. luing. -hwylc. awel. A preserver of prO' hence A stranger . m. Well. — — — . An. apilgrim. JE'gn own. An awl. adv.-\\vfy JFA Oil. perfect. g. pilgrimage. eag. a village near Aylesford. -incg. Northampton symle Always. n. wise In all ivays. A going abroad^ peregrinapron. ell-. tfewe . ^g.. v. iEglesj7rop. all sides. v. every way. pp. f. adv. a valuer. eahta. . v. S. ^htian. every. adverbs jjeodig. d. JE'g»fifear. a farmer. over. v. ag. or sea guard or tcatch. — — . ^g-es hwite mighty. es .-e-men. ^gru eggs. d. ge both and h wanon. /. n. Aylesford on the Medway. v. es . 6gsa. estimation. on fire. Le. ?n. L.-'rc\\ht-^Ice healfe. es . geweald Properand the other. Both. ognstrum. -ian. both one es . and . the people. K. aex. es . -^jjeodiglice From abroad. whatsoever. m. B. S. der. of a strange country or speech. country. or people. On in. tide At all times. -(Elcian to delay. all manner eel vat. n.-reordig^ari«row5. S. ^glesford. od To -nett. M'\. M. t. -an. treasure. eg. ichosoever . f. v. as ivell . On-. —Der. a ^giptisc Egfjyjo^iaWjV. wakla. e-swdn. S. f. ele. S.L. p. S. reord. every one. hwylc Every. eyg. aegland. foreigner. Aylesall shining. \)yr\A window. lohole. All ^'Idrwas Pharisees. the Omnipotent. ^'gnes of his own. L. on-: on-: alet most cold. de . healthful. M\ -burge . ig. v. iEine any. honest. property. -messe.es. fire'\ To kindle. On aelcere -grene Full green. Each. an .'l. Estimation. fasten a valuer. each. ige The rich. tion. m. f. ehtan. gylden Gilded. ^'g The sea. f. e . Der. g. mang. es . Se -mlhtiga ig Almighty. -by rig . m. aeg. ru lecgan To lay eggs. j^eod. a kettle to bod in. — — — — — — — — — — — . On every side. 2Eg. shire. -JjIoJEjgh an eye. — — — — — — — — — — — — 23 .v. e . weard An ocean hwaej^er.AhusbandiEgeru eggs. to set beorht^l ZZ bright. v. an f. iElcor. an . A going abroad. a ^eodung. . soundly every one. y. bury. hwonene On all folloio. el-. As a prefix. es pl. Se -walda The Alhealle On either handor half. ^'h An eye. e. sTtilful. A7i esOccasionally used as a noun : seg-hwaes. Mg. adj. . aeldu old. -hwer. dig. from far. e. v. 1'he following phrases have JEi'gefear. v. iEhte had. edge. -tiewestan Nobles. Ai. es . . es . A [edge an eye\ An eye hole. ajolthead. taew.frenied liiiie. tvJiere . hwsejjer ge ty poiver. sorts. L. ^-El-an . cattle. An island. v. m. ^Eg-hwa: neut. V. eht-an. }?e6digne*. e . . V. JEhsc art ax. Every. -hwanum -Jjiodig Foreign. IE\Afire. sides. re Good. v. es . M. An eel. excellent. ge both /E\-. smear. . cumende ^lan To oil. K. or aelce Kent. adj. the mass. iylcForeign gar. Doubtful. -ed. every 07je.fiemd. iE'htige The rich. ingenious. -^'htung valuing. v. An. adv. ajgeru. A property place. all.— \m\xt. Whoever. pron. hwilc. -Izecea. wekrlic All cautious. Property. A stranegg. eenig. n. aeldo. hwar. aeg-hwaet or drudge. agan. hwyder Every way. n. K. so sticky part or ivhite of' an Strange.S. hwaeber gesteald. filce. Every where. "Eight. agnian. of cattle. all. ele-. sides. m. v. possessions. reghwilc V. el-. riches. An eel net. an .f. v.iEld. adj. or both of them. foreign. ^g-geon both sides. — — — — — — — — — — — — .(. abi'oad. jE'gnian to own. A foreign land. : : j ML Hoe. cmp. . v^gleswuriS The village of The Almighty. timator. Der. jjanan Both here and there. whosoever. a keeper -hwar. On-Jjeode. an To oil. R. craeftig Ailseled. aelcra . ege.^gles-burh. An segjjer hand. adv. of agan. lands.goldgreen. Elsewhere. perfect. iEhta. V. swa Also. besides. eal. Elces cynnes Of each sort or all msest en. ^Icera of all. G. V. smear. egor. m. on-aelan : aelet. Egeles-burh . ege. vaStrangely built. etc. M'ht. M'g An eye.-\>Q6n window. es. the same signification as these On-j^eodignesse. pron. An. se. /E'gvveard A sea ivatch. elcian. perty. seg. of. ^go in an island. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — : — — : '. v. vernor.-m\l[it\. Kent. — — — — — — — — — — — — . -hwaet Whatever. light. perfectly. -<E1 All. miscreant. gemenced aeg Ocnshealfe weard Towards both ti'iim. each. p. Landed property. agen. Fromastrange eag-. Either y each.'^ ^glesford. aegriim j n. v. pi. .Ehher An ear of corn. foreign. m. Heora £cgjjer Either both. subdiglice. goods. possese . to bake. S. stance. iEgjjer ge heonan ge -fremeda. -leca. A iEker afield. n. ^'htere. sions. A sailor. -Slgelesford. out of a man's native soil. denotes All. . entirely near Maidstone. m. v. an . p. entire. On segj^re -wiht Every creature. secer. seg.Egiptisc. ra •. aeghwii. value. Der. " Potius al-geweorc ael-messe. f. segru . a fork. An. v. pyr]. adj. floia. Universal ruler or goon segj^ere segra. a cowherd. Strange. v. every ivay. piously. an . v. m. Le. eald. [ajl wretch. needle. otherwise. -et. v. -ung. abroad. sound. ]Eg])eT ge . v. v. entirely. aeled. Der.— hwaer. benign. on this side and that. B. ode. ml Egg-Ume. v. v. livery where. Eylesworth. Iseca. White of an egg. all-virEllesborough prope Wendtuous. G. as. flesh hook. Eeht. V. any. An eel-pout. selc. adv. fire. se .- . inBuckinghamshire. An estimator. es . ael oil. all. -puta. dl.y. ceht-. ceald All cold. lEAc . pp. Foreign. iEg-laec Miserable. ere. %en. ploughman. a fire fork.es . adv. the lEX . on 7E\ Fire? Le. aeht-. -leoraa Manning says. stranger .wre /Egjjer . everyone. e-land. JE'gan to own. man. Better. agan. f.

before. emta. anlepnes. appel. semta. empty. an ant. v. semette. yldun. --^SltEewe Good. a ^mnitta A — Der. Apple-pat Ings. An. sel. elegant. aemti. bearing.y. /E'uYic. es JiiA(iQ. singube at leisure . eenigwasta. -stan. respite. v. ac. a genius. endlyfta. to -sogojja [sogejpa juice~\ Elf influence. eel •pout.-^'nlypie eacJ^. -(5imetta. L. ge-semetian. es siden. iEndlefene eleven. S. tiin. pomegranate. v. iEpulder An apple-tree. and. snlic. lice. v. es. £61" Very early. An apple- — win. semtigean To be at EJfin bright. A fire-beam^ aflame of fire. tribute alms. S. b. cemtiun. S. an f. eleventh. pirecious. S. adj. Der. elves. S. L. ^'nyge one-eyed. J An ^led. tofore. formerly. anlepig . v.ewd\dB. n.anlipig. -Vidian delay .I)er. senlipig. an ant-hill. -4 w apple house. Ere. iEngel an angel. private. -lac The gift of alms. aenig. every. -3^'1-net es . Almes-b£eX A71 alms' bath. anlic . for fruit. /. nl 1. ^ppuldre. An ant. m. Apple-icine. senigge. L. feoh Alms' iSlned a duck./. semete. emetig. V. spare-time. ^rest . an . An — — — — My — — — — — : . Excel- ^mylnys. ^"'Iding delay. v. v. v. an. v. soli' Men. m. -e. adj. serre. ffineg Any. -^Im-ham. a bath free of cost. es. emtig. seled. n. n. v. fruit -baer Apple cyrnel. a place idle. Mpp\eOieAppled. -lEnd an end. — lent. f. iEmetlan. free. Made of brass. L. eenyge. semteg. ^mete. and -^11 All. A kind of semetig. -/Elfemu^a. v. m.appel. screade. V. ^psenys. until. -^Imesse. end. tree. v. Disgrace. semtegian To ^'nlice. n. ^le oil. teuig. L. V. — ne /.ra def. adorned tvith bosses. f. first. en -yn . Ex. lately. nys.. employed. adv. ^'myrie. ])Q Before that. -land Abns' land. doling. apple-gray. 2E\x. An apple. en.an . ^'nne one. anfilt. v. -^metgian. sel. L. Swyj^e golden. v. just before. . senlep. engelic. Ex. B. adj. iEnfilt an anvil. L. aerost . ^If-ere A ditch ? Cd. S. ost . S. siSan Before nor since. Brass or metal ioork. The night mare. — n. ealdor. spare-time. v. es . film about the kernels or pips. : : burning. S. An apple shale. pp. gestreon — — — — Brass treasure. singu-^raeta Rest. ^meta : — j semetian semetig unaBmta. ele. Alms' deed. Le.) aere. /Emetta rest. ^Epse. -^nette Solitude. eenlipig. v. already. Vacant. — The night mare. ])e. very soon. v. B. S. ^mtege//-ee. solitary. yldas. ^Epel. larly. semetta. od To be idle. aeror . An. 2. Ex. Tremulous. of an. 24 ffiier. englisc. elder tree. ^mtian.velfruges qucedam stomachio prcescrlpta. Norfolk. adj. ^mel-le Unsavoury. v. . leisure. iEnde and. -^ndemes. ^'leputa An ^mtegiS semti. just -iE'nlep each. inspiration of the Mxn^ce. es.sendemestii^ei/jwe.-^ng any.An. S. An eel net. rest. the chaff or refuse of corn. aenegu any. Each. garden. The apple or pupil of the eye. M'r ne now. Hoi ashes. privacy. prep. ser }pi\xn. Ch. A . — balance. -^met-hwil. v. to v. es . Is at leisure or V. eenig. es. sepuldre. m. apul. 2E'r . -^ngellic angelic./. in ael All. orchard. 1085. — ^mtege wiferaent/n— ne. yldirig. e . burning. ^peningas Fructus. se /. elf. ajl-taewe.(Englisc English. v. Mndl-^ ho. hereiE'niht any. Fire. sefore nor after. some time ago. JEppyl an apple. ode . M\?. jerest. Quiet. sel. semtian.ar.All. V. nisssse mass. v. like] Only. Weariness. Elmham. n. selre M'mge.Universal ruler. semtig. — — An ^pse. -^llyfta. sepples. zeniht. An. aeppel in sepl. daed ^'ne. sooner. es . v. semyrce . -nes. seneg. es. sceal. v. v. or corn-aescede. singular. iE'nig. an . e ple-fallow. aemeta. -sylene iSl'neg. -^'ninga entirely. before. se /. lipig. lEsp. Brass. S. on-ajlet. enge. (se a. hyll before. aen^linge Weariness. (emet. es m. — leaf. ened. apple leaf. gr. Noht micle aer Not much Hwene ser Scarcely lar. sup. the dealing. — seine married women. incomparable. tary. v. seninga. selmysse. Ere. ^Ido-men -<?^ldro Pharisees./. Le. or giving of alms. m. selmasse. v. ^N L Manhind. Alms' dole. M. adj. an. ^lincg A conflagration or J£Jn One. L. es. ^nforleten Clothed. [semta leiJE't . m. se . od To a fire or burnt ofifering. M'v. ^Imes-man An alms' man.finish. un- ^let afire. any one. enhyt Brass pan. till. S. JEME JElda-cynn. engel. -^'nlipig. almsgiving. lie melle. v. Le. end. An. adj. aepel. comp. An — . treasure. [an owe. wealth. An emmet hill. . an . A fairy. blandishment. L.] Alms. excellent. leoma. money. v. . v. lan or syllan To give or dis. beautiful.B . shame. aerur. S. earlier. f. muses. — be vacant. apuldre. entirely. JEj'v. V. m. endlufon. Only. v. ajr- ^'Jpig Each. or vesgescod Brass-shod. ? leisure. pp. S. . sp. v. — n. in Alph. ardlic. — -treow. L. mihtig Almighty. JE'rr'd . an)/?. seples. Mp]. -^'nigwseta In any loay. nys -^'nlepnes. a fir-tree? L. Der. n. v. —hus. /. es.' Jimytta An emmet. brazen. time'] n. sel. like apples. san dze. alraerest sup. -gcel. m. elegantly. beSolitude. zerra . aninga. v. ode. \?e\fire. adv. An before. S. L. iEmti.An. at once. shod loith brass. an m. culfire. aneage. Loathsomeness. Le. vi. — fealo Ap. Leisure. or Der. gedul. parents. sure. bearing. ainig.An apple-tree. singular. an-eage. dishonour. emmet. cmp. apple-tree. v. endlyfta. — A — ^If.8eppel.TheElbe. hwll while. semettig. seene Once. ffiror. -^lecung allurement. semta. an . gene. — cynn. p. v. — geweorc. An elf. sspl. elder. an-. uEndian . — -scieno Elfin beauty. se.^nge narrow. An asp- — — — — — — — a species of poplar. i^mta. anlice . -^mettig idle. fruit.

iiErsc-hen a quail. Succession. Old ivealth. m. —ra-li<SaJ"Mne. iE'rendseg [contracted for On iErs. v. v. es . Der. aer-. sage. A ^rian to plough. lure An. ga?st-. seryst. nes Piety. m. a closet. ersc-hen. -(^^rcebiscop. a little before. sage or report in loriting. -nemeigen. es a father. Because the northern nabulrush. secg. wacol Ear-ur Before. an ashiE'r-geblond. land Heritable land. L. an apostle.r-lest. Th. JFJ rer former v. v. cas . -wreca. adj. earhj. letters V. way. ar. spear blac-. a goat] A goat iE'ryn brazen. as . or company armed — with spears. en Ashen. e. aer. Honour. d. hall. Former conduct. ascum . C. ears. A tation. . aei". bait. re^'re%t first. day-break. es . n. /. iE'rfaest Pious. M'ryv former. Western Westcare. tvages. an . cret place. men. a skiff. es had. v. ii^rnan To let run. heord-. es . /: also aerende. an ern. m. adj. e-man dom-. ^^'r-geblond. J?ain ter-dsege. wraca. first. . V. iErning. an . v. an embassy. or street. spear — band.— toweard £efore. g^t. west-. An ash tree. as^'r-fest. es . of serend-ian short notes. es . . hence heal-. iE'ren Brazen. esca. V. an . tercede. 1. n. f. V. earn an eagle. ash. p. thus. erfe. a. Ere that. a pirate. — ra December. an envoy. business. iEs. cadaver. 1. zer. -Jjissum Heretofore. A running. e. iErest the rising. de . od — — — . v. blendan. lance. The dignity of an win. -scip. letter. lance or shield bearer. on jferon. or lance bearer. were made of ash. as. Mo. nortS-. reverence. cararfaest. hence JF. an answer. S. day] The day before. a message. The chief of JErm poor. i-a. v.aera-geblond The sea. -ne-merigen. Used as a ^rcediacn. ren First-born. Domern. com. wela. a summary. tidings. v. -feeder. Before. 2. A loater rush. eardung. earn-geat. — j^set j^ioson. tions supposed that the first ^rist Resurrection. 5. ^ilt jb- restan. formerly . An. eor^-. c'. J5i'y<5-. — merigen. g. first daicn. hence JFJ I'lest iniquity v. g. a leader.3^rwe an arrow. ^E'r-bovery. f. -writ angel. terday. — Jjam Before. lice nicfel -mergen. shield ? M. ferest j^inga or irest sona At first. n. [dun a doivn or hill] — A — — — — — — A — . — — -ern in English . iErne-weg. blsec-. first of all. eagle. adj. arewe. or on £er-dagiim Formerly. The rising. AVr-. day- break. es.-^'rn brazen. early. Before. e. f. cibiis. day-breaJi. v. iErnddedon. — errand. wyrtS Ho- — — — — — yst First. earh-geblond. 4. holm-. course. d. v. JERE rest . JE'rst first. v. nm. v. — jjam — S. -morgan. S. adv. ar honour. iErynd an errand. pabulum. An. an habiTEsc-berend. an.-fed. es dun. in. e super lor f ancient. bl^ee-. v. A course. Aston in Berk- — shire. v. eerna m<Est. To — boc A letter. pi. — — — est First. Bere-. A place. nourable. early days. early part of the morning. earnian. medo-. before yesing Hie daioning. a iE'rna maest 7nost honourable. iE'rra the former. -sern. in composition is used in the sense of thethreepreceding words. L. hedd-. v. yErnung. -^rfesten Full of words. oerdung-stow a tament-place. or mid serdtege At the early day. /7. es . sernan.carc-. On aeran. vice. Apl. ung. iErdian to inhabit. JErend. aer. — tidings or a message. man was made of ^^/z. yrnan. m. v. v. a spear.es . v. adj. Der. gystrandgeg JEre yesterday. . m. A messenger. ^rfe. v. tid Early — — — time. — day-break. m. su5-. a house. -here. earm. An archbishop. asca . writ A M'voYfirst. An As an adjective termination. ar. solDer. pp. ^'risce. it denotes Toivardsa place. Der. es . Ayi errand man. a-risan. Former. daysmall ship. f. m. ^sc. spiritual messenger . serend. termination denotes A place. e. m. spear. aer. ar. es . -^yr Former. m. aernan. 3. aer-en. spear man. The morning.. hire. e. Done be- named. m. sethe name of Hengist's son. es — 25 . an . oercebisceop. S. f. 2. An earning.f. fore jjon \}e BeS. V. ^rnian to earn. bej^on fore this time. cottage. n. vessel to sail or row in. holt. n. ere. rnej^el-. yes.es. offence. a. v. gasl Northern . ^'rne-mergen. ajr. arleasnes. L. the dawn. sliEp-. v. an epistle. The ??ierit. letter. Der. yrfe. mes. A ship or a naval band. n. erian. es j m. — Befere dinner. to carry neivs. Su<Sern Southern . adj. — god genemned BeforeVery or ex- ceeding good. exceedingly. broad road. 2Es Food. L. yE'r-. S. V. v. NorXern A — A former. es . m. that. iE'ror before. A messenger. — — -er Former.JE'ron befgre. m. Anerrandship. An. V. aer. Ashendon in Bucks. ser-faest. ambassador. surrection. dier. L. made hus-. a a skiff. dagum In early morn. n. secgian To deliver a messtipend. •ian To go To go on an errand. ern. aer-faestnes. meat. messenger. S. early daivn. L. es . earh-geblond.-. es . a brief writing. — — — — A A — — A Ashdowyi. An.%c. v. The buttocks. — — mandatory. eardian. aer. judgjne?itbernacle. archbishop. bora. of ash. neivs. A judgiErdung. — leoht Early — Early in the morning. for aerost. a court of justice. light. sesces . cweart-. aer-faest. -ern. ^rn. ship man. fore. -raca. fold-. Dead carcass. deere. arce-diacon. ra geola The former. m. A forefather. a. terday. rion . the eerran -dsege On a former hind part. anticipated. etc. a light break. L. — — . m. Der.— onfangen Taken up before. to plead the cause. the ocean. aeror. iEryst. v. ly awake. arcebisceop. G. ^ren-geat [q. gewrit. an . v. to inviorning daion. 071 an errand. a bucket. — — gedon — rn. S. Because boats ^riesned Scattered. hence A ^'ring The dawning. A man. Axg Early day. — ran dsege On the day before. mand. aer-en. — .breaw-. es . and in Alph.

st6d. v. -fligan . -e6wed nent man. Ex. n Of or like ashes. -standen To stand. wenan To deliver from. before. sce6fan To push away. dat. mOi- — — .4 man^sfriend. S. to return. iS^. increase. hlyp. in.7«. K. -fleon. hraeppan [hreppian] gl. don — — — — — — also.-\\ryv\air\ p. laris. restore. rescue. mixture. an. Because you approach a person or thing when you wish to take somethingaway hence.— geofa. -ycnys. they fight for. together. — hwoQ 6'. — — — hid detain. . to deny with an oath. pp. -sla^. or out. —hweorfan To K. stand still. -settan. es m. to escape by flovvan flight. he -spyrn^ j sion. pp. S. — — loose./)Z. giefa. tion. j^'sce. pp. S. release. to luean. pp. or fennel giant. laetnes. An . about. S. 'To tell. in some measure. An nsh wood. An. 26 increase. S. A general. from : thus. -sittan — — — . pZ. K. A spring. Ahnost.i/M/). To rap at. apply. An herb. es . claim. Le. to withdraic. ea-. v. search. close by. -springnes. m. from me. S. p. fele A turning — remain. swerian . deviation. iEsmselo Morbus quidam ocu- <^smogu The skin or slough. Le. A feeder. a — — — swear. -hlip. by. — — . -stop To step to. sliSan. a pro-feolh pp. tree. asking or trial of any matter or thing. ys Is present. an .-e6w. iEsce Ashes. out. sacan . jEsp. war. 2^0 sist . to dimi- — — . lances. p. belonging to the asp tree. -ecte. — — nish. To be present. an piphany. -y wnys. prep. p. am] Tobepresent.pZ. — bredan To to.-wesend. e — Strength of spear. od To hold out a~ gainst another. -Iwedo pp. L. be present. tcithhold. against. to a proper name. I. spyrning An offence. a stumbling a stumbUng block. -sworen To forS. — ewung. A provider. escape. inquisition. destruction. wunden Fled. at.—e6wG6. respect ? Le. -hrinen To touch. labour in. -hran . an m. Of. vi. -samne Together. stay. lessen. {jVcBC •. -fleah. dat. S. disoion. adhere. es . -fou To take away. witan To twit. bredendlic gebigednys The ablative case. upon. to grope? -ferian To carry out. pirate. ivay. L. An inquiring. pp. wyrt Ash-ioort. fruman At the beginning.v. fall. e- tir. gebrengan To bring or lead to. . pp. . don To take away. ^scian. aespes . — vain. to stand to. byrstan To break out. . escape. Mi. ^sne. f6ran . Le.— windan p. siSestan At length. est. we -spurnon . -feal- sit by. declare. se . approach.^wednes.—\\riniix\. the colour of ashes. hleapan To leap bo welled. to swim.f. incite. at last. to get aioay. -sliden To slip a. at first. -spurnan.x\\^ an m. — appear. out. At. shew. fiolan 7'o persist. hwega. perfume. to mistake. 2.-st6don . — eow-stede. get aivay. iewian To sheio. with. brine A touch.7?. to stop. outtcorks. Th. hard ky. to enlarge. m. speornan. — felan [-feolan] p. stop. -fealh. -<4 springing out. or spears.-gcn6m. — A shewing. acsian. -brodon.-flugon. -cart. — — — — — — — nam. geniman . to eschew. wesan wesond. — — L. L. wrongfully. The sport or play of A revelation. or together. — beun To be at. drive away.-spornan To spur. v. -hwe^xy Somewhat. — — — [eacan to eke'\ to increase. 5'. . prep. spornen Spurned at. last. approaching. manifesting. licgan 2'o lie still or idle. to happen. -wand . to. -gsedere Together. ode . abate. K. aspas . Aspen. next. -(?S'-spring. -ycenys. A battle place. se f. near. gsedre. y. to trust in. —stentan Torepress. flee alaay. -bajr to —^t-arn Ran. es. to spiirn at. an attack. -mon man. assault. a nobleman. — — — — — — By — To wis: [w'lo^ivar- like'\ . Le. . 7n. fore-sceawian To provide.i[)oSpared. Close before. give. to flee. skinned. quell. -soc To deny. jEsceda A farrago. power. — wiga. set at liberty. —beran To bear up. pi. -ys [eom I — plega.tostand out. stanch. Put out of the hide. —swymman — say in and about Nottingham. v. S. an. remove. to take. S. a bulwark before a castle. tiirn .-sli- — — — Msca. -brudon Taken away. demonstratively. -felh. per name. L. an examina- — Der. S. to stick to. JE'st estimation. fountain. g.7).. — wlancSpear proud. tourge. ae-. -yean . rescue. f6. fore Before. -ge- — pp. the big fennel. -flogen To flee aioay. -wunden To icind off. a kind of dart or other weapon to cast at the enemy. — Shelved. L. [wesende being'] At hand. p. -swor . A shewing. K.e. to take away withdraw. to attend to. to deprive of. f. a battle.-e6vvde. p. Spear famed. -wseg To take or bear atony. — fa^stan To dash f.separatedfrom other affairs. -ycte To add to. To flow to. noble. ])vG{e. — fea\h Approached." i. wickedly. p. A short spear or javelin. S. to increase.-weosend. M'V — man A M\r(iom. A leap at. The asp -iEspen .-genumen To take away by force. toait. -fleogan. pp. sailor. hero. strengian . . S. to knock or dash against. transgresspurnan. -spranc Sprung out. JE'scian to ask. — shore. esne. steppan. an emishew. — berstan To break out or escape. to. an addition. v. proach. adj. -waesend. ver- -wine. pp. — — — ecan (iddf little. igendlice Evidently. lean or infighter. -wegan p. to dedicate. laedan To lead — — ic . — to — S. To adv. se . es m. re. -weosend At hand. to pluck out. p. f. Mo. larice -falh. -slid an To slip or slide away. lutian To lie hid. presently. — feolitan To — asce./?. -spornen I'o stumble^ — — — — — — strike. L. — rof -e6wigo. — eowian. to seize. se . niman To take from. sepse. -clifan To cleave to. p.— standan. unlage Unjustly. abjure. v. /. at once. in. to atigment. — 5. A len stay. — gifan To habban To retain. rihtost and by. to take aivay. somne I?i a sum. L.. —gar. To sicim out. to dash or trip against. ic -spearn. . likewise. Out of bounds. — against — farocSe At the -tyr Spear glory. or at. furanweall The outer loall. nyhstan At to take aiaay. " Take this at me. /Et-hyd Skinned. deliver. a champion — n. to confer. to pluck out.

. glutton. V. ^t-ara ran. es . pi. -igendlice. Der. attor. envenom. famous. a feast. unchaste./. ae. Adulfsest Re. german. disgrace. p. ne Envenomed. S. f. vious. v. lie Afera a child. sejjele. afor. es . j)P' od To breathe. iE'w. through. se.El't-stttl. yrnan. the heir apparent to the crown. or noble ale. as-jpryt. m. ecg. ^'w. Affiican. -ian. ffi2.— hrecca. Der. — .^'tter Poison. adj. a hatchet. : Mti at. or year. A vapour. -ig. adj. M. aetol. in the sight of all. Der. ^Sung. laying open. Aserpent. ode to ask. m. An. e a marrying. full of poison.. a hole to breathe ian p. son bearing . e . v. L. v. poisonous. born in wedlock. iEvestlice. Food weal. v. eSrn. Venom-minded.for secer A field. /. king. Der. S. V. boil. e /.^'wende Memhrum virile. edcS. Hants. A'ful. laio. piety. ^Jjele ealu Ale boiled to the third part. es m. debased. ler for one tointer. singular. an ?n: cewd-niann.f. An adder. v. nian . p. es . cundnes. to be great- ly moved. fest-mann.-\}onca Grievance? adulterer. od To take a wife. a of other rivers in different parts of England. n\festatimi. e. . V. e. — — attor. A breaker of the marriage vow. A man restricted by law. a declaration. M'^qX — f a country. hogs on acorns. head of a river. — . -ian . A legal witness. A female bound by the law of marriage A wife. ahnung. jEvesa Fruit. n. ^wisc. L. of etan./". governor. in. B. e laic. envenomed. -brica. vapour. pp. related by the law of marriage. L. sew. ^wul ^ v. B. — — : -u. food. man.set-ywednes. v. /. f. A71. -<Etyw-ednes. oewisc. m6d A disgraced mind. an in. leivd.se an image. nobility. je laxo. JE\}e\-ic Ex- venomous. ede . ^wisc .E)?ryt AFO -nung. an . A ruler. Afen. ea-wylm. inga denu. gives evidence faithfully to defend another. 1. eefen. The island of At helney nys. — iExe ashes. se . excel2. a breathing. — . Nobility. — . a spring. abnung. ^E'wda. es . igg. aeSm. a nobleman next in rank to the 2. ode. ^wintre cyning A king orruV. a smell. easy. v. son. aet-. disgrace. zettren. ea. Poison.\. JE-wylm. Af-flael idol."] 1.u joined. Afofv. iEven evening. es a king. on sewunge Openly./. married. festnys Religion. — Troublesome. 1 Avon.f. Eage ywian. 1. but in mind. An. S. v. mind. An eater. V.u or ea . boiling^ A boiling up of ivater. Nobleness. — A descent. ^tScundnes Nubility. . . ode pp. Hence from their poisonous M\)e\ Noble. m. Th. eovvian. v. an m.^adsten A fxedfast afast-day before Christmasf.S shamed. shameless. V. v.. setol-man. 1. \}onc. . . aefesen. m. — — — — — .— M'^el Be- longing to a country. L. [. fully born. iE'ttor. ble-born. oej^ele./: The feeding of . an law. v. of./. K. in. od To raise vapour. 27 hence Wedlock. -ian. M\>e\e\ adj. the ivorshipping of images. {the nobles' valley^ Alinga ig. — Fadn^n^. An African. p. lent. K. etan.Afaran children. -^tten should eat. berende Poi. e<5el. indigenous. hv6^0T Anown -^'ternes. JE^m. ^^Lufest religious. full Religious. Noble. S. ton.acsian. -^ttan . ^'-wylm a fountain. ^'vven Oion. L. . u-E^ian . a'Sung. Support. Lap. Lawful. anwintre. a. L. ^'teren. ahnung. an. A dishonour. one of the royal blood. one toho an m. god An —godnes. etol. p. A food or ^teow-ednis. strong or noble ale. Ex. [se law. S. eafora. to wed. se . v. -wist. v. M. Venomousness. to be seen. cet-eovvednis. L. L. a refectory. smell. ^c5an To deluge. v. iE'w-boren 0)ie lawfully born. L. ligious. ^'tren. iE't-wela. v. in A nobleman. aet. — — Der. Der.(Etul-man a glutton. breath. iE'te Eating. e . . v. iEx. es . V. natural. lEtern. tery . }?unca. j j . ^fest. asw. A disgrace. as not being ashamed — — . q/'set-hrinan. — W .-iEwung. 2Ex an axis. Der. — — — f ^SelferSing-wyrt HerbcB genus plagam sanans et carbunculos. knife.f. fountain. p. ice — ing fish L. od To poiyn Poisonson. e /. fornication. impudent. legitimate. source. unclean. aet. p. v. p. — nes f. — ^wist Elegantly. Breath. 3. -bryce. Any thing that brought to a sharp edge. eatiiig stall.— lie Disgraceful.'^ easy. — : — — — — . e. S. twig -basket for catch. Der. yEjjel-borennes. Afon. growing fast or JEpeleeahi Strong quick. eax is . envenomed. TEtearnnis An argument. the name of a river in Somersetshire Also day. of etan. £E-vvellm. JEto]. S. aefestlice. A71 axe. S. //j. v. e . veno. obscenity filthiness. overwhelm.. food.jEtrin Venomous. indecl. ^'-welm. Alph.— mod . ^'wum-borenre with one law- What is established by welm. od To shew. tedious Trouble. Law. iEwintre One winter or year. — . 2. ahnung. Idolatry. etc. v. settren. voracious. v. es . brother.Q%. reverence. — — . -^'ttr-en. es Laivful. eminent not only in blood or by descent. M'we of ivater.^'werd Perverse. adulteress. ^taS eat. S. 2Etra. Afon the river Avon. es V. -yn Poisonous. Afene. ed To eat.ode. husband. se. disgraced.a3vostlicei?eZi^ioM5. aeton. for eta<5. 'a. A bindirig by pp. p. The son of -ing. AIeat. /E'ta. S. marriage./. iE't-wist. eax. ous. -wela. nature.— M\>Q\-\iorer\ Noa consul. L. 7E'xiiin. On aewiscnesse Openly. cellent. nys. a marriage vow. inous nobility. Nobility. a prince. se.. ealo. 2E])Gr. to be heated. y wiaa . an . — — berende Bearing disgrace. ode pp. v. a snake. v. an eating place. S. . aetul-man a M'l ate. a blushing for shame. S.f. lice Nobly. . C. axe. -brece. ^tgywan To shew. — — Der. eafora. S. e . spouse. — Der. ode pp. ly. Der. Afen. m. Nobility generosity . I iE . iEwaese. wylm — — — — — . iE't-stiBl. IE!t. viper. ^'toii ate.p.? Soul. X. Disgust. v. v. Very young. n. m. L. M. v. S. 0.

C -frigea. — a possessor. : -ian sefjel-e. sel-. Agan Gone. agend. agenre. dgan. geagnian. name. sel. S. v. set upon. n. Agean Again. m./.-— Aldor-bana. an Le. grow or icax old. Agu ^ pie. past. owning. — yrnan owner.S. helm an helmet'\ Aldhelm. Eaht. ic age. oppose. to fruser. possesclaiming as one's oivn. adv. es . the -hwyrfan To turn again. ahte. An owner. in. A'gend. he agyniS . A'gnu own. -gehweorfan. lac. — — A — A \ life's safety. manslayer. V. — am Alder. the term of a mans rechange again. -lie. aij^an. A self-slayer. weardes After- — — — — wards. v. -nes. Aught. . indf. to render vain. v. will or A'hnung. ail. — sessive. Life-day. to be sick. separation from life. sorrow. pp. afor. agnian. -liEC.S. dom A'gnung. -mod. v. m. meet. f. unaga. M. Agnys Sorrow. — something. p. Alan To appear. A possessor. A'hnian To own. any thing. Ahtiliting. L.igend-frea. Pos- Old. Afrisc. dseges. Ag-lac. S. A basket or 77i. — m. AHO A LD —nama. es back. B. A murderer. A'gnlend. -lice . — — agnigende. A'gan own. v. Der. e-fseder A grandfather. an asylum. f. wicked. v. . deferred or lengthened An. Africaiiisca seppel -spraice. — cyrran To return. torment. He- longing to Africa. es. v. R. S. One's own tongue. death. A'l A'la<S ale. Africa-cynn African race. ^yi. -nys. Albe. Aid. but. S. ealdor. L. a master or trate. A'gnegan To possess. An — A'hte owned . ai):cnde To cast Aginnan. od To own. to meet ivith. Al-swa. A'h has. agen. care. es .— frigea. -waldend. adj. m. Own. origiAuthority. he ah. Against. mischievous. After After. A horn A plane tree. pi. se f. : seht. an turn. ag-laeca. -ian. — : . -leeca. C. a: ongean Alph. Le. frio . to A'hnodon owned. aldre . S. -wiht. bars. ma^mv.es. — — gold-. an idiom. Agen Again. f. Quickness. Eel. — tormented. -lie sejjelo. An. es. -fatu. sour. re. out. Aisil Vinegar.Bhi. trouble. tn. v. blaed-. thing. V. unagnian. Al efne. African. v. v. ferian To go again. acsian. a successor. an . return. — wU Anold woman. ) divorce. v. an — an aid. n. agan . 4gend-frigea. — V. peculiar. ac. v. L. Aider g.f.A'ht. An oicner. An owning. To give. -walda. had. — bewendan To turn again. v. deface. A'gn own. adv. -Izecea. g. M\yhc.: .Ah-l£cea a loretch. ung. Ald-agian To old age. f. L. ahnian. n. -gehwyrfan To Ah . — A — to ivithstand. Ahne whether or not. -burende. S Afrigen Frixum. Bitter. Der. : A'gtiian. manfully. v. -fy]gend. 2. od To be idle. An intention. -wealda. eafora. kgun theyoicn. p. fseder-. B. to demolish. ATre hitter. sanctuary. v. es. L. to prosecute. S. Der. adj. agenung. — — — Met. beginnan. bana a killer^ An. — . Powerfully.• ealdor . A'gon. or dominion over any A'ht-swan A coio-herd. p. adj. sion. agan. A ivretch. a magpie. [aldor life. agnian. an . es. a possessing. obtain. es . alda Old. sharpness sagacitas. pi. S. To own. R. A'ga. undertake. An elder. destroy. )?u age. maining on the earth. laying down of life. adv. time of life.Alph. L. pron. sejjian . adj. m. agimnen To begin. Le. ian To grow old. fylgean To fol- — loiu after. a proper name. pleasure. agon. or possess Hence. S. Ahlas Leavers. — — : dagas. wrong. pp. own. ode. Aghwoer Every where. aldor. — slaga. sehta. in. e . ah. ag. ugly. leas Lifeless. sion. nere. hateful. Life bale. — L. agen. v. Aglad ailed. A pome- granate. proper. as his Aiejjende. . Courageously. indcl. Afora a child. V. [eald old. in agen. gan. b61d-. A'gende Having. parent 28 .. -hweorfan To return. Al All. possess. Agnette Usury. Oldage. L. A'gnes of his own. v agen. . take in hand. A'gan lit To have or find it out. Ahta eight. A'gien oicn. age. m. or kettle oioning. standan To stand against.S. aefter. S. Africanisc. An oioning. m. A'gende. agan. affliction. V. an. v. seg-lsec hie. oions . Agen gone. sharp. v. kettle to boil in. An eel-vat. -ing. to appropriate. A-idlian. -lege. agen. An ownpp. ?«. deliver.esj m. A'gan. — anj m. the name of a man. lie — — — — lie adj. That which is -gecyrran To turn again. . v. an aim. p. a purpose. aina one. Afrisc African. e /. e. msegenagen. ealdres . nes. A 'gen g. mistress of a thing. — cuman To come again. an . -ung Der.we ahton . vexation. m. a possessor. A'l An eel. agen. — gedjil. Life or fatal dseg. A'hsian to ask. empty. es.^^&n. : ageiidfreo. agen. B.8ehte. Africanisc. to possess. triumphantly. es. of agan. aeht. p. -fiea. a posses. es . laeca. Agen . A'gendlice Properly.m. v. oioning. Der. Alph. 3e)jung : vejjtn. m. another to own. ahnian. a refuge. To run gainst. Whether.es. m: . eall-. Ag Wickedness. . Der. profane. p.es. v. un-. agnes : : g. ge-aehtan ^gennes.aliniende. C. death. Misery. L. aej^elu. m. folc-. ra geola January. life. agan. Misera- a. from eglan. dire. prep. Aldor. Aldaht — maund. m. m — — To make : Ag-Iffic. e. session. L. sendan To send again. A'htlice . prt.^ AGE A'for. property. -lice. ge. habet. resist. whole. ode. v. hinder. Own turn. 1. to return. or pertaining to poseald. v. faet . v. Afroefred Comforted. S. grief. v. oivnership. ad. : -cearu. v. m. — An author. power. 7?p. nator. one's oion choice. to put out of doors. Ain. dhniend. -ic. Aid An age./. A follower of another. he a-ydllge. L. to return. v. A'hniend -bealo. L. we agan. Ahnung. life. g. restore. all-. agen. aloS. have. An own Ahse ashes. — — . An alb. -genga A follower. -freo. agun . 2?r^. Aide Aid. helm. v. l^danl^o lead back. A'gen-cyre. axe. Aij^an .

assumptio7i. An in. Aldur Chief. detan.. presumpThe Omnipotent. m. pail. byrigif. untie. Alph. servant. or -gan. Alf-walda. To unbind. temple. Alter. ael. God. es. n. ampolle a bottle. m. geal-gian. a tradesnot. Is used in composition for and-. tankard. es. nour. A vial. m. and an (7) in. m. d. paliam. se . daettan v. ministi'y. v. tveed. qb. se /. v. pal.A chief lord. -an. Leisure. an. " verb of motion To go. U'tan JEver henceforth./.an. -bidian spices. v. inga. taste. v. L. of g.^ ALS governor. bigan To gether. Aji altar. ealh. Causing fear. resistance. " Gan is the -ian. v. R. Norman Fromthe north. Le. A siipremejadge. selan. ambiht. An. fiea. Amesbury. . or feng./*.v. general. Dslan To divide. Terrible. S. A'lsian to intreat. indcl.) Is added to other adverbs to denote Motionfrom a place. nister. Fea?fully. v. Der. se. Air. tarrying. fence. v. frankincense. e . " Thus Deagan. v.-S. -detta. -o. (JcZ. A with one handle. dedgian To feng Received.Am am. wind. Alh-stede. An. feorran Fromfar. m. m. pp. deaw walda Ampelle. eall. Der. S. -byrig.— hindan loater. ic Universal. "and -an seems to be (I) " give. officer. Amorreas. 2. a sort -an. m. All All. AN " tinge appears to be from '* Deiig^ colour. baernys. king. sacerdas The it seems scarcely to alter the -scealc. Al-geats : adv. God. A hall. dugu^. JDer. touchwood. adj. grieved. aler. J. drysn Terror Alor an alder-tree. v. es . v. arrogant. " djelan. es. eln. — A prince. A chief Al-waldend. boio to. al-wealda. -kel^dlntroduced bestungaeled. panon )?onon From there. m. es. or in-: sometimes. abroad .an. ambyhtyemthence . d. halsian. v. vant. e . ling vein. whole. feng Fit. a chest. taor grove./.esj m. A chief nohili. fear. force. feverfeio. Ex. -byrdnys. B.-detAlmerige A cupboard. es . eallswd. A — — — — A — — — — A — — — — — — . a palace. Le. der-rvood./. Alsuic [for eall swilc] All such. ombiht. bidan. -mecg. a mi. g. -unga Altogether. ambiht. v. Authority. Many 2. a reception. ealdor. combustibles. -on.n [uii bassador. -drysenlic. expectaelves. aejjele nobW] To dishoder-tree. servant. An alman who uses the hammer. A' to aldre Ahvays Aldre. an — AN . bid ExAlewa.A vessel for holy -bidude Waited. — lie ni. bugan To obey. An Air-holt. Alwan aloes. un-. nen Introduced. carpenter. all-ruler. a deAlr-abrest First of all. prince. Der. vant man. anneal. drysne. bullwort. disobeampulle. es . — burh The — • give . es. an undertaking. air. S. es . Wilts. a prince." Turner s Hist. Henan. — — as. -dettan. JR. tuous. ael. Alswa also. 1. a messenger. aldor. es. Alh. etc.ln an ell. the apostles. Terrible.aivait. A serWhence . cnawan T'o know. L. — nes. S. tion.S. Cd. ness. L. The aloe. an m.Embehtian. m. fangennes A from Ellen The elder-tree. Sorroio. L. biscopod afire-steel. in pi. Ampre. Jjegn. apostol. Unbearablesemet-hwil. henceforth. f. v. /? An elder tree. . A ruler of Ambyht. from Unnan To give. 7n. The Amorites. ansecg. pectation. inflame. es . Eeneath. drsedan . dient. m. approved. —wisa. England. ruler. sense. Der. and the syllables -an. ealgian. Westan From the ivest . L. Always. of birch.A principality. unnan. L. deprived Princiof parents. WilL. Aldor Elder. A chief director or Ambiht. Hence. a minister. Innan Within. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — M. venerable. /. The Allcity. bryrdnes lace. former. vessel servant. m. degrade. 424. Aler. Without. es. Ambyrne wind A prosperous -bidungJln abiding. heonon Aldr A parent. selmesse. duty. S. I give a part : " Blostmian To blossom is " blostmagan To have a " flotver Byan To inhabit " is by-agan To have an ha" bitation. a g. A'lo5. Amorreiscas . Ampulle.^rignes A hall place. -an Grk. A servantAlet Fire. Le. Ameos The herb ameos. A'le with an aid. elf.A serseled To kindle.proud. catholic. acceptable. burge . Almes alms. ompre A crooked sivella. C.e. messenger. bitter Ambres burh . es m. p. Ale. ealh-stede. pi. A measure of four bushels.far. The termination of most Anglo-Saxon verbs. es . An biding. Ni<Sau Aldro Parents. : -jjoBgn. 29 . es.m. L. To abide. ealo<5. . power. dryslie A. 1. An (I) give. self. called eller and verbs are Gomposed of a fanaller. chief. gen Keceived. dreadful. flagon. eom. shop. the Omnipotent. altoAmel. fearful.A labouring chief priests. ni. submit. dreadfully. Al-wiht Every creature. God. alewa. an.^'frc to aldre Near. receiving. an one. smitS. Amet-hwil. or bishopsbryrd Unconfirmed. m. . jug. d6m. v. '' : — Ambeht A'mber. [l^eaw?] Undutiful. v. vol. Hvvonan hwanan disposer. pi. L. alsmith. ty. Aldu. An alder-holt. A Amore A hind of bird. ambeht. Service. -Otv. e . holt. -biirge . S. v. air.— y^]}e\di. — — — leas Fatherless. v. awaiting. legate. aloes. . v. -dryslie. ruling. Alph. n. S. It is quite distinct noun. — niann. ambres m. Al-geweorc Tinder. Alpis The Alps. m. -draedende To fear. the herb srveet an ambry. Viet ropolis. marjoram./. b. es. v. beht. prt. f. " the verb A'gan To possess. amAl efne Behold all! light. Incense. in the north of drysnlice respectable. es. aelan. obey. ii. on. servant. ofA.-— man. mann. Vexed. an . f? The alder. w. ^ftan After . bottle. Pharisees.— Arabiht-e. zel. A mas a loeaver^s rod. servant man. Nean ambyht-o . principal Der. m. The chief Al-walda.e .An-. v. -detnes. dema. An-jelan . bus. velfire.

-egedO«eeyed. hyldan To inhyran To he anxious. seo. e Alone. M. daeges Daily. wlow. of one. -tallic toicked. S. an One hedged in. withstand. a stature. prompt. substance. an m. — One by one. -seet — — — . 2. illwho goes alone. — — — ..S. an image. — To incline. ltjeste. singly. A rate fixed by laiD. dtformed. one alone. pure — )?racian Not or shape. gl. one a good grace. — gcstli^nes -gerced Foolish. A another. an m. resem. v. tan Tofind. anre . m. lutan •luste At theinstant. p. 4. to befirm. . pa Any wlaeta Envy. —standan. S. fered. ige. v. having one edge. wlite one. hati^ian To be at leisure. someone. S. (Th. -setl . S. vated. day by day.— e-hyrne(\One-hornes An agreement. — hefednes — — Exaltation. unani mous. 1. ' saec A denying. S. underhafen Elestand. — Der. The fixed price at tchick cattle and other goods werereceived in currency. having one horn. every one. — — L. singleness. unicorn. emulous. S. — — certain one. -\}'rsec\icFearful. agreed. comprehend — fuiulen out. disclosing. wod Invaded. 3. — S. pi. — A fgure. -mitta A measure. One path. m. — — hyrne. A day or term appointedfor hearing a cause. ed. an cutor. g. A'n. — — — Used in 1. To Wanting nineteen. an . Of — A f. ./. laga. biieud A lone dweller. m. — On Front one to the other. resist. — — — C — — — — excellent. impelfeet. — — — — — fear. geiit Poured — — geniitte. mud. taken. a homily. An. — — — -inga One by one. obstinate. n. siynilitude. Sole power. leof Hire. presumption. es n./'. fell. dagian To appoint a day to cite. . es n.^'. -timber. one alone. born. horrible. or steadfast inhabit swarian To andwell. an. hyrnend. scuni-scunian To shun. To lose. singly. To fight against.sole. se. nity. — trumnes. an m. — — — — matchless.-laste J^ theinstant. -fealdlice . baga. 7naterials. an idol. sight. se ness. Jor gemette Found. to be afraid. one by one. A solitary cause. 2. ege. An. a hermit. pp.—^\cY)ncsSolitude. only. an . m:-daga. blind of one eye. A N A'n-fenga. singular. — Of the same hue of twenty. sufknow. To anum to ^num — nirnously. 2. h'^re^d A journey one colour. an opening. intrude. -wloh Untrimmed. 1. f. relinquish. an m. S.-stod — . as.-8cunigendlic JZ'omiriable. senig. — cummum . agreement. — — m. hoga. single. — — gelic Like. sincere. amends. g' f. Jjtfit ane. singular. — — -^-es geares swer. with one modnes. — lee Respect. . ne Only.hermit. l&ecan To bring to one. Single. — — — — nigende Inhabiting. se . A'n after anum One after another. reveal. — lice Only. •wlitegian To change the geng Going or tvandering alone. -pacSas ly. -wod — To invade. : — — es. -modlic All of one mind. . — ^ Ymban beon To agree. — canned Only-begotten. Found. without ga. unity. ness. gitan To get. — — — Anunicorn. a hermit. a narroio path. m. S. golden Paid. a theme. ifiy.S. S. sin vietc. to unite. regard. A revealwhich certain injuries were ing. hated. or devoted. -lipig Single. and generally written ana 7n. an oblation. —lapum With one part. sum. £En . . constant. One alone. Solitude. -gan Began. A recluse. an . -igge One-eyed. an In one. — an agreement. lifen Food. A statue. liEC A respect. only. g.-hyrnede6r^nwr?icorn. p. peculiar. 1. gylde. or literally recompcnce. vehement. only. ple. relinquish. — wadan. to dread. clearly. . unity. eage One-eyed. at once. S. wuson or property. ane. neglected. Th.A'n-weorc — fiiulan foiif^ednes 7'o receivdiscover. lame. terrible. — A'n— dJBg. — saca. V. a perse-spzeca. wej^ Away. leingEach. — an-syn. forbear. -fciildnes. knoio. . Singly. — bynd One-handed. all. either to pera sermon. I. L.se. — tynanTo open. — tymber Wood. reforlaetan ceive. to be paid fur. lie One like. favoured. — -cer. Set against. gewcald. . Itfetan To let alone. n. ecge One-edged. — fon taker. alone. Uaccord. diligent. sien A settan To impose. -lif. gengea. matter. Cd. A Every one of all. blance. One- covenant. weak.or pass. — — — — — ancra sen. lar. ania gtliwylc Every one. a sacrifice. at the moment. B. A'ncer-. Ex. — — . — geo tan To pour out. forsake. m. -hirne The one-horn. -gcnform of. horna. licnes. a height. def. discover. Matter. to attack. endlic. stubborn. — pseS .2. gan gan T'o go personal appearance. wann Fought against. solitary.— raede Constant-peEcSes. continually. huende Lone dwelling. secgan To offirm. segedneSj-segdnes. anga f. necessarily. wreon To uncover. m. flier. simply. — j^raec. modlice Unanimously. Any. l^dan To lead on. -weard Present. S. m. — speca. — — . sendan To send. -hon To hang. -standen To stand a- gainst. e One. definitely. one alone. Pride. V.L. — — Alph. Tn this sense it admits of a plural form. hebban To lift up. — se 2.. gehwylc Every. arrogance. Unahydig One or hrsedliee i^tub- single-minded. clean. unanimity. L. An. — lipe. se . grislic Horrid. S. an accuser. firmly. se ana . A speaker against. le^er Lying ivith one person. — . es bleos Of one colour. weardnes Presence. — -es hiwes talic. . Hospitalily. — ig Any. fah — — — — nes. A'nra gehwa. wana twentig media. A'N A'N — Jind. es. gl. simplicity. se /. r<Ed One-minded. L. -fe'A\d. aspect. An infirmity.—\\yvnedOne-horned. -lie. scod Unshod. anes . — -lypi.. hreosan To rush upon. at once. the intestines. Oneness. An A wider. zene. avouch. ivifhout intermission. cline. To folloio. a like/. : sen-lie: aeninga fenigwseta: amber: yne -leac. a recluse. an idea. consideration.) ^ — — — A — — — — — — — — — — — — . Anunicorn. simi- — — — — winnan A'n-floga. an m.—-hendl One-handed. jylainly en tirely.-^QQ\(l\\cOnefold. sim- — on Singly. from gemetan To find. denier. m. altogether. pe?-severing. -nys. — es — eswana Wanting one Of one year. L. S. A solitary. and sometimes alna. gy-grysendlice Terribly.at wiygenys.S. A thing which is voiced. One. -sceat Tlie bowels. -lies. 3.

ede. -S. IVie one -wealda. get- — — A'nan. cogtellect. bald. -sum. se . . -byfene^ quantity. A'ncer? es. an. — One continually. along. S. wiglice wille Folsingle combat. -4 gytleste anchoretic. An ansioer. abjure. worth. bear. To tremble. — geloman. se . resaet Set against. S. To perceive. agreement. hermitage. On Le : also Ancleo.-sacigan To deny. contention . senseless. full of an. rine. 1. empire. sort of And-giet-tiioen. /. es . L. A'ncra.m. A — A thing to be 3. looked upon. — — j^racian A — — — — — — . etc. in. steadfastness. Ionian. fin- fon 6en(\eFinding. — sundnes. v. of unleavened bread. stubborn. A conjecture. an. S./. Andeae And also. Ex. 7n. soundness. m. ed To give an answer. ambiht. es . to ansioer.wal wald Poioer. And-beorma Without barm jurisdiction. doltish. a spectacle. m.—fegnes. a hermit. -fsereld — — — — By A journey. or amercement. -sumnes. weald. One hour. G. fege Made bald. -gitleaste Foolishness. Imple- desert. S — weardlice In the presence to of. I AND Anan-beum. staled. stalk. prep. agreeableDer. fore castle or ship. contumacy. S.-gyhermit's life. constantly. worm. without . angel. setl. hwse^ere protect. -fenga. 2. soundness. Single. an One going or stepping alone. sole. S Ancgel a hook. L. ^ simple or single fine. n. 2. as. contra power. a sight. -bidian To expect. An anchorite. during. diligence. face. v. ness. /. — — pi. instantly. e. constancy. bend ^wc^or mann.form. — — standend. hermit. wintre Of one year. -lyfen. erful. gitlic Sensible. n. war] Enmity. only. entireness. m. p. weard ian To be present verse. — gan To receive. f. reces Continually. feax Bald. n. es . mighty. concord. assault. tohole. Notwithstanding. having one handle or stond A vionk. 1* tree. radish. willice obstinate. utensils. sils. gitol UngitliceC^earZ?/. bold. Mo. -setl. An anchorite. entire. — wig. — — incursion. An earthgitan one of the senses. tegrity.saca. pp.. n. es. f. Whole] — sound. A'ncor-lic. 31 . es. m. intelligent. -luman Utenness. face. anchor. on/?/. a duel. the Alpectation. or royal against. by the side of. report. the prow. se . wages. lie Like a hermit.Ancle. timber Wood. — — — And. athwart. denial. an leavened bread. Through. A'n. [sacu. An. Ana-wynn. — — s^n Obstinacy self-will. A pi. Anchor-seat. ra earnestness. — A An ansioer. aa monarch. perwilnes. streces Of one stretch. L. cross. or And the like . by oneda The A Imighty. ancor. es . 3. sacu. stubbornly. hateful. ruler of the universe. 7n. a cable. — lang. follow. es . oncer. knoioing. v. lyfen Food. 1. AND A — Unanimity. wes . sustenance. git. — Without hair. gitleas plainly. discerning. the feast of unm. ancres. — receiver. wealcan To roll^ An. — sund whole. S. determinate. a forswearer. — stapa. squeezed. Ang-. stand. Anbyht-scealc. single es. e . Sensibly. leofen. gythermit. make ready. — i&w^ An assumption. an intestinal worm. syn. O. efn An equality. e . fl \. Food. Le. And et csetera.getting. um -tid. g. bring back. 7/1. 2. a solitary life. wal dan To j-u/e.n . the inboiled and used in baths to 2. A'nad. Der. respond. The Foolish. -saec. ?«. the bark of tchich ivas The understanding. o — — . — -lifen. se. continuing foj a year. A view. senseruler or guider of a ship. tinaciously. Le. standan To sustain. Knoicledge. m. S. so And elles And swa forth. B. es undertaker. figure.— gyttol.—waldeg Potowalg Entire. ments. ana Alone. veherabdnys. e . resistance. an enemy. n. Andor sole ruler of a province. — — — — — To answer. only anum By . dominion. gitfuUice To understand. sacian. fullice Clearly. Poiver. so. /. fence. ode . Mo. Le. hleowan To tol Sensible. ous. government. gehu both. e . m. wite. Obstinately. sweg Of the same sound or tune. n. wardnys Presetice. — steled One spell.dlice Vnanimously. lessness. n. raeccan [recan to say'] To relate. Foolishness. countenance. Ancer. -gytfull Intelligible. m. Wholeness. S.es. firmness. gainsay . The one or sole bidung An exbide. /. Money. cure eruptions. Alph. a monk.A fengend. es. odifusal. present. a standard iveight. spurnes An offence. — -ra gehwylc Ecery one. v.S. es . — . contention. —^fan- — lowing one' sioish^self-willed. es m. wisely. bidcin.pottage. in. nourishment. tools. swaru. with one effort. aicait. an.—reve I'wisted. one year old. One standing alone. A sen sible token. /. sorrowful. L. es . Ex. a mulct. denu~nciator. forsake. get The understanding. this alone^ d. ancer-lic. An undertaker. combat. mently. v. m. but yet. swarian . an countenance. m. an apostate. avTi denoting Opposition. v. -gytan To understand. A iveight. jjvvaer Perfroward. n. an appearance. n. -ward Present.es . abide by. cwis wealgnes. e f. And. With one. an .—' band. in. Q. y ANA A'n-ra. f. streng.- — . or leaven. mitta. — to present. might. An. A71 inroad. Troublesomeness. Kn. That by which food procured. L. distinctly. for<S conj. -nes -lie Troublesome.\. an inseparable prep. vehemency. nizance.— -spurnan To stumble. sub* is \icnes Like-* stance. e — . receive. — tacle. derstanding. weard Present. Ancre — An length.An anchor. Mo. gehwa. S. es . i. soundly. Sense. monarchical. [an-aed] Solitude. — — — — — — — — An — — — — — — — — — — — — — — A nog-mod Sad. bita The feast wealg Whole. S.— unga One A — — Ancsum. clearly. A denier. es . refuse. -wealglice Wholly. meatiing. A hermit's cell. A recep- — — — —fenege Accepted. — weald. gyt The understanding. g. leofan. swerian — — — — — — — — . /. An. es . And-. S. 2. consonant. ancle. Sensible. saec. — — straee Of one effort. : — — — — — — — S. fex m.string . abominable. lif. an opposer.

countenance. cynn. v. ic. melu T^e early garA'n-maedia. aepl. -morgen Early daion. Apostol. andet-. Anweard. the moly. an .Apa.f. A n. S. S. — A v. very. . Glory. werd Present. trouble. St. L. 33 . S. se . change. apuldre. Gs. zeal. — mercy. noeglj es. nes. v. m. — ANG And-weardnes. Angol. amazement. Notwithstandand-ige. sumian To Anxsumnes anxiety. an m. — R. Ant and. And-ig adj. v. material. professing. v. —wyrding A consent. sum Nar. S. Engle. — confessor. cyning. One who con. It. — — Andredes lagu. g. Anstandan To loithstand.c. seppel in aepl.also m. n. sorrowfulness. and. envy. es.seppel. apul. an orchard. gelic. Engle.S. v. A red worm used Appl an apple.es. reverence. sad. envy. An. v. ongean. atious. lice Early. . -scip.f. An appletempt. . -lie Apostolical. An antem or nail. S. of breathing. Kindness. ara . se /. or garlic. arlic. /. Apflod. f. es ./. — — — — — — — — — : ing. ta. a messenger. arna. S. v. — wlita. a conspiring y a conspiracij. A hook. Apple or pupil of the eye. Ansceat The bowels. e. e. Apulder An apple-tree. an-medla.v. es.-twicfor Der. apostle. cement. for a bait in angling or fish. -writ. angel. V. v. a difficulty Answarian To ansicer.Angelfc — . exceedingly. S. Der. eruptions. v. v. anxiety. n? Personal appearance.for Der. Andatre A shrub bearing capers. es. a harbour An-gitan To get. ung. adj. care. troublesome vexof the sea. Envious. troubled. nes. wormwood. angin. Anglesey.2ir\4cx\^. 1. m. forthS. -sumneSjSe:/. Antfeng acceptable . m. an . angyn. m Andustr-ian To hate. Der.— twecca. narrow..Apuldre. as. An English king. an at. -gewrit. -sumlice Sorroivfully. and-swarian.. es. ara. wra<S Hostile. anger. sorrow. a upon. One going before. -media Pride. seta A disease with Antibre ? A condition. the gel. ness. es . werdan p. V. Angin. es . ang-. Andred's weald. n. v. Ang-. Apuldur An apple-tree. se. -wreca. In composition for ange IVouble. fishing-hook. appel. an 7n.v . agreement. Ang-breost. presentness.^T-. Aqueorna An ointment. understand. goodness. Anxum anxious. the Old-Saxons. S. Vexed. e •. S. -ra. V. a in Denmark. ning. Experience. S. Andhwse<Sere and-git. g. modnes. — wyrdan To ansiver. /. S. an-syn. Angel-. n. an. g. An. es. skilfulness. Angle The country betiveen Aquilegia The columbine. Andred. — An. An. AppeljSeppel. -tun. and-igende To envy. anda. jjeod in marne Early in the The English nation. An apple. e. hatred. Ange . — — — . S. S. Abomination. tule. Sadness. Apel-treo. opportutree. like. Andet-an To confess. an-deaw. m. den. S. -nes. Engle. Angle-twicce. A changing. m. sorpart of Mecklenburg. v. the western and the greater Ange Vexation. wild rue. d. tiynes. Angl a hook. angel. S. Andredsley. ic ga^ . Anfilt. anxiety anguish. inhabiting V. Andaettan To confess. cause. m. set A carbuncle. — — f. detest. vex. S. Andred. proportion. /? Appledore. 2. an acknowledgment. answarian.f. to be angry. Ansfn sight. ledger. hard.f: Andredes wald. v. la. se . an-standan. a hymn sung in alternate parts. aeppel in aepl. an angles came to Britain. straight. m.Anticrist Antichrist. an^syn. Corneag . A'r. an. One sent. an eruption. n? 1. -gast. S. an. Andeaw A rrogant. an . Troublesome. fruit. measure. Matter. aar . exchanged. An. A n asthma. a Sclaguish. aprotane South- — — — — . v. M. anticrist A ntichrist. v. n. and-gitan. A confession. -secgian. Angle. mod Vexed in mind. to thank. ang-. -wraca. to acknowledge. Anda. A confession./. row. arena. engel. Angles. Ar. Flensburg and the Schley. S. are . Angel . the name of a large tvood in Kent. /. -boc. prt. v. enter Apuldre. S. AnoSa Fear. S. v. L. S. . An(ie\-hsefetideOverhastily. se . S. Ansyn sight. sorrowful. e. v. s. a pimple. m. morning. an . -igende Envying. troublesome. es. S. ivhence the Anlegate. vonic nation to the north of Angesum Difficult. S. a pus. Andgit Sense./. v. an . yet. commencing. ho nour. — -ting A confession. A begin- ernwood. An anvil. . — wyrd Present. Andres ea A British island called Andersey Isle. gitan. Angles eg. on the coast of Devon. an Angel an angel. And-ian. angles. difficult. ?n ? Ati ape. aconfessor . Alph. 2. skilful. beginnan. whitlow. row. benefit. v. L. a. -secg. A'r Before. nm.Antute On the contrary. hate . m. village in Kent. S. favour. Malice. —wis Expert. an essay. Der. v. werdnes Presence. afflict. v. S. jepl. An. -tere. m. — -v/endednes. angel. respect. v. sumlic Troublesome. L. ed To answer. -]pe6d The English nation. •ung. Soranthem. v. but. An answer. Andover. Andefera. appel. flffiiction. beAngyn a beginning. m. hermel. v. nity. A of tide On a sudden. creed. with. a sore under the Antefen. m. use. pi. ' anxious. to be solicitous. It. de pp. Andefn An equality. v. Angean again. -raca. a. wliie. fesses. An Englishman. ang-. -ian. es. he and- ing. the rogance. L. ca.-^ -wisnes. English. — A face. metal. S. Ex. a form. m. es. An apple-gar- — — — — — — — — — — d. — -wyrde. sence. nan To begin. es. m. a Antecrist. thony's fire. andian. Andyttan To thank. amount. L. ANS Pre- AR — wended Changed. angApel an apple. — weorc. L.Aprotaman. Angil a hook. anguish. V. arum. Ayi agnail.Anunge Zeal.Apdrede The Obotritce. an-weard. ^rend.anaclinoiutan To confess. m. eor<5-: apulder. An overflowing sorrowful. rowfulness sorrow. An. V. Before. es. an . S.

C.. virtue. C. ar ore. nestly. — — wyr^el Arn ran poisonous potion — or drink. -stafas m. ede. S. nity of an archbishop. magreat honour. of a -ung. ously.A rod A species of herb. virtuous. An estate. es impiety. An. n. A she-ass. se . penny Snakelihe. ears. loor. Asce. se-ryst. f: A'rewe. dignity. Lap. verence. Oar-room or weal. ardlic. A'scian. v. smiS. brass. tion. fully. an. B. edness. es . jnously. pious. sparing. p. A'ter Poison. ed To -weor^ung. wuduwe A nun. -uwe: copper. earh-. Asteriou The herb pellitory. sesce. sexe. es. q. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — Arist a rising. Arytrid robbed. hencjici'. bad. arewc.forgive. Amerce-fetoi'. v. to revere nee. A'r-craeftig Skilful or quick in shelving respect. to. readiness. A'tan A'ta. Sparing. laiSe . safely. in. S faestnes. wealth. wyrSiicc Reve. a question. ill-fap. e. 1. fe»t Merciful.-gel6ma. An. inleaslice Wickedly. graciftestlice/foes . A'r uwe. extol. Assirige Assyria. An oat. wor. wur^ian. Un-. es. se '. A male ass. Honour. A glory giver.Arg Wicked. S. spare. Mo. the notch Asanian To languish. Arod Ready. v. m. venerable.-igende Arseman To raise. pi. V. pardoning. v. ed. of — &\e\icfoul. -helm. -wyrhta ora.Arc. What was left to the discreDer. woruld-. corrupt. beah ^ brace verently./. Asse-dun adj. Th.Ars Podex. shipful. or fine. an . cares. arydid. A servant con An archdeacon. ?«. an . dr. e . polite. leasnes. pp. Arce-bisceop. v. v. of one in power. an. geotere. Ar^ thou art. 2vho A'scung. m. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . At At. rese. was in rank equal to an Asetnys a statute. A'r. foul.-graeg. od 1. carefully. gratuiswiftness or straightness. The digAss-e. —wyr^ian To re- = — — — — — — — : — — — .-smiS. L. p. celebrate. gently. ship. regard. Aiyst Resurrection. in. -smiS. A regarding. penalty. Bold. honour. ?. Der. e'. lice HoChiefly An archbishop. with.— AR 'poioer. valiant. Cd. support. A brazen vessel. venerable. Asca Dust. an . A mare-ass. v. 4xigean To ask. wj. 997. R. g.Arianisc . also. v. stol. show. To give rowing. ar-weorS. L. A'rna. for -bisceop-had. wurcSe Arh Mean. bile. appear. mildly let. Th. C. aisce. v. an. ful. ywian To appear. arroio. Ashes. v. aruwe. — — — . a Ascas Ash trees. weorSlice So. safely. L. arwe.f. fullice An arrow. S. m. A'rum With cares. inercifuly Mildly. a melter of brass. Ars-gang. — — — — — . lemnly. an . wur<5e Highly A're-weorS. n.f. An. such dun or dark colour.es. brass. Arian.f. an . v. wesan. v. verend. latrina. An -eowian. blsed The oar. v. a Arynd-raca An ambassador. parwages. v. v. S. -j^reat. lift up. Arianisc. solenmly. ahsian. iende. grass. tares. merciful. lice Quickly. Wickhearsay. in tchich oars are placed in Asaru The herb foaVs foot.feet. m. ede . acsung. earg. Arudlice quickly. [apx^Q Asc|?r6tu Fennel-giant.Arm An arm. -heard. -sid. o/iir honour. S. atelicost . dr./. ment. S. tEsccsemployment. Der. ness. re. Ex. A Arydid Robbed. dignity. against. isern. -}jeng. arena honour. m. honourable. es. m. have in admiration. a-risan. wuDgaActingfavourlean to. impi. hutch. ar-fatu.hole. generally used in the pi. wyr^nes Dignity. on water.-)?en. glfa. Ashdun. ArdUc Quick. S. of a river so called from its ably. pp. . se Arrianisca voured. 2)roperti/. belonging to Arius. v. copper-icork. eowan. weor<5ncs. don. wurXlic Venerable. be informed. of yrnan. ivorship. v. hring-. S. arwe an arrow. a-setnyp. aptness. good. a cinder . in sesc-. an ark. wela. S. an. honour. od To give ho. v. ar. — Betony. -hwsetre -locu An oar. lice Disgraceoats. A'riwe an arrow. uwe. Void of Aran Parcere. A'r. ing Honour. ahse.Ast ^ kiln. Honourably. fii\ Respectful. es. a reverence. -festnys. S. — ARN Venerable. —wur (Slice Honourably. honourably. seat. A sal an ass. -hiorS. honour. ar./. An. es . es . pp. earc. Arrianisc Arian. An. — . an . -hwates: g. ATE . parwillow-band to tie oars with.f. earm. v. •weor (5 Honourable. as a pall or staff? Ch. Mo. cinis. xAss-a. copper -smith. V. from. or minister by his place or shop's vicegerent. f. ian . -wurtSnes. — — wiir^ig Re- — A'telucost. acsian. Assan-dun Ashdoion. the name feolan To nifest. the sea. reveal. axse. p. Le. reverend. V. v. reverence. VI. se. tously. noble. 4. a bi. earg-. 2. f. ar ore. explore. pi. A'leh'c Deformed. weorcSian Are. chest. — drinc A -wurtSung Honour.Q. ode . protection. A vessel to swim quire. )'egn. reerect. assa. blade. good. men. Der. -byrne. lie Honourable. pi.es m.Assald An ass. Arm miserable. jfer. Arroio. hwjet: g. Ore. leas . m.hor- lie 33 D . S. shameful. L. eccledoned. earm. m. A cowt-yard. Le. A caster or pourer of ous. A'r An oar. Dexterity. ne. ysela. Der. v. adj. V. to honour. isen. acts of loickedness.f. loicked.Honesty good-geweorc Brass-work. ode. L. drewe. -pan. 3. carefully. or knowledge iren. Aras 7nessengers.richp!i . Der. mild.substn HOC. favour able. Ascau 2^0 ask. nourably. early. acsigan. stsef. es . 2. elevate. vile. nour. L. B.A're. To wi<5)3e An oar-withe. a brazier. Ard. gar A javelin.A's 1 brass. axian.-grseft.f. def. m. An honouring. Ard 1 An ensign of office. inquire after. axe. sp. atelice Horribly. sidstieal living. i mined lately. An archiepiscopal see or um With dun. rently. geblond The sea. scipe. impious. es n. show. -scur.— weoc^e lice Quickly. Honour . respect-tange.An honour staff aejjeling or prince. fuBSt Honest. v./. ba^rst Escaped. Beveretice. S. conjectured. 7'o honour. -sceru. honour. clemency. icorker in brass. money . piety. gl. Anus. asal. reverence. etan. a coffer.v. spect. disclose. -bend. 02t. care for.A'rewe. eal-. L. diaAss-myre./.

constrain. Betony. coppa. d» more properly means Ever Atywian. S. Awsergda The wicked one. : — : • — — — — — — — . — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . asce. B. To m. es At5er or. n. m. v. n. a answer. v. bus. acsan-mynster. eawian.f. S. berstan To break an oath. g.Axe. v. S. A'tol. ba^zere. A'jje. Anenveno^n. S. K. pi. an . a ]}y . bed. v. thing distrained. o/bidan. A'ttre with poison. S. ni.f Breath. ode . 7/1. v. A Bi both. A-yd\\^c fails. poiefolsung Blasphemy. tan. swerian To devote. italic deK.an oath. a-weg. v. sacrament sonous. An -sceaj^a. A'xung inquiry. so far that. and Under bsec At his back.backtcard. set. od To poison. de To appear. -berende. bed. pus. d. es . ffit-eowlan. wo bocon . X>led(je. pledge. ysela. m. a firm or sacred oath. BsEC-ere. bseces . es . a^or. acsian. bacan. berende. v. A baker. A bakehouse. ere. . awcSer . A' )?y therefore. e . A'ttor. brice. -ling. Baeddel Hermaphrodite. L. wyr^e Oath worthy. eage. a-idlian. A' . — sta?f. Baec^ bakes. ic bace./*. foul. L. formed. the one or the other. m. aettren atol. L. a. K. A pledge. axe. set-eow-ednjs. -stede. At-hyd Skinned. au^er. acsian. bacu . A pledger. an .orhead. es. Therefore. p. as Beber. fest.O'ier-. Poi. jo. L.A'ttr-ed. ashes. -slitol A backbiter . Bsedd a bed. v. g. A vehement persuader. g. es. sacra. v. v. Aurnen run out. biddan. V. atter. slanderer A<Sor.Bfcc . cruel. B. Ex. interchanges with the other dan. 1091. — — — — — : — . AJ7-ywian To appear. baca d. out. anus. attor. ed To Enquiring. as a py. -burge . es. -tin. v. iE'ttor: presented by V or f. v. A'xsian to ask. are transferred into modern to jicrjure. e. d ba-ce . Ajjwat. or spoiler. V. V. j)l. Atiwede shewn. a Jjede6rvvyr<Sveal. awcSer Another. In Anglo-Saxon we find tbat b A^-. acsian. A-^dlian to fail. Apl. V. ed enemy. y. An oath. p. An.'ran. a firm oath. A attres . es . side of a ship when looking Ajjnyid pilled. Bsec-berende Taking on-. Au^er or. oxa. v. ahse. -ering A gridiro7i. boec-slitol. Baddan-burh . L. aht. bacan. ittor. house. an grass. Bsecst bakest. — A]}o\ Dire. fultiim. v. Anoath-lier. biddan. A^or. V. ecg. baedd a bed. m. V. ian 1. a stake. p. bacan. both. or take for a ment. Awht aught. beado. v. bef'er A beaver . sexe. pp. v. At-iwan To appear. Der. v. or by loay of a worthy of credit. and-wyrdan. inquire. re-byrig. -coppa. es. atoUic. v. V. axigendlic . -swird An oath. Dorset. to lay in. Baed-an not disappoint him. A brother in law. Au(Scr other. terrible. A(S-wsenan To take aicay. ran Ever the more precious. Bsed prayed.Bad. L. rn. O. hor. v. g./. es . Der. -rida. Ebolsung. and with A'tS. bydel. fs n. {jearm. matter . v. syllan I'o es . seSel-o. m. bile. inquisitive. ern. adj. 68 . ni: bse- . a<Sor. bsec(5 p. a perjurer. Alph. An accusazeteren.A back. minish. disclose. Ac5-wyrdan . Der. bacen 2'o bake. Le. attrian. solicitor. to swear. Bsede-weg A cup. rn. rs n. longanum. v. An. gorgonian. on the back. conj. \. or. es. Der. Awul an atol. Ajjed ski7ined. -ywian. to be informed. a. a-wtergda. v. S. Ifig Ivy tion. /. -la<5e. attor. Bsedt commanded. sweord. rible. Poisoning. von. -wyr. n. Bacu backs. v. terrible. A'tih tares. Rectum Either.-' end. ATI rihle. S. v. A'xode asked. A'xiendlic. compel. AtSelo nobility. Poisonous. A'ttor-beeatol gehat. he -svvare A firm oath. an oath. L. — — — . an. or to pawn. A'tter.K.Baca of backs. nm. S. Axan ybr oxan oxen. A'xigian to ask. -la^e. n. attor. aht. wed. aS-word To A'xigean to ask. axe. otScSe. oath support. the art of poison. S. aetern. bacum. Deter's huhband. A sacred O'ber. pledge. a. spider. ata. v. acsian. Awel an awl. — ian . sel. a-)jryd. es. An oath of an oath. Aw^re. Der. q/'baec. lie Snakelike. v. pp. di* Ax-bacen Baked in oshes. stirrer.f. MngBackivards Der. An cra3ft.^wian. -j^earm. L. — — .au<Ser. -scea<5a. v. a baker. abate. svverung. v. or left-hand Ajjexe A lizard. p. m. When words V. ator. Auht any thing. an. of begen. n. axse . v. — . b is sometimes ren. set-hid. -od Poisoned en 2. son craft.-estre: bacen. and v. acsian. labials f. v. v. pron. poison. dedicate. attre English. oS^e. Ch. Bad expected. newt. a<Soro^^eEi//ier. gorgonian. the The larboard. penny B8ec-ere. an oath. es . v. cinders. Badbury. show. a jje. m. former. — hord. A)?weran to beat. A poisoned rod. Poison breaking of an oath. Bsedel a beadle. u Ic haebbe I have. m. a sis. a-idlian. v.de. It A'tul Dire.of ba3C. — — — — — — . A<Sor. Axse A )jylgian To support. v. v. attor. ic b6c. v.. -)3eariTias The bowels. Ax An ear of corn. Aweg Away. a oath sivearing. Higher. 2. Bsedzere. es. pp. so much. Ashes. rende Poison bearing. a-)?\v. drinc. es . m. C. On bsecbehind. na ajjwat him Shall A'xian to ask.Axan ashes. pi.A'tor Poison. perjury. V. A solemn oath. ofer Over. e . B. Der. estre. v. Der. ater . ywan. V. A icoman wJio bakes. other. eutol. the.Bac-slitol. a<5-w8enan. atA' \>y ma Ever the more. adj. v. either. v. he A '-S abycffan To make oath. Bsedde Exactum. Der. awa. mani. —— AY D . swariii^ An oath ous drink. wenan. m. m. stuffed out. v. acsung. A'wa Always. niw-. — — . devil. h0ef<S he hath. A begen Full. On baec. j^u bsecst. A bakeAxan-minster Axminster. n. ael. envenom./". a-yrnan.-la?Se. Der. totvardsthe proiv. A poisoned rod. Bsed. set-bid. ]py betera Ever the better. A}?img. To seize on. A'^um. v. M. at tor. m. oath. give oath. es. S. 1 A son in lata. p. distress.Bacan. es . lofja. an. es . A'wo ahi'oys. atol.

L. balm. body. a promo)dnry. -suining Ban. -gar. rein in.Baldsam Balsam. signifying ProducBancorna ble: as. . ring. Bold. ml \. a bridle. a./. maker. pi. boars. the audacious. -rift. Bar. ado. es. — Bal- es . A poV' erysipelas. m. v. Without. p. m. Bana. blfese. -beorgas Boots. The back. a killer.w. hereafter. an . I. a . -blase. 1. sames bleed. w. bindan. -wes. to burn. bearm. belg. Miserable. btefta .-wcorc. Bgend aband. Baers. blast-. Baestere a baptizer. Ba5rstla<S broke. J^set bare . harn. Bean-. heap. V. Blaze of the Baerwas groves. beridden. an . -syndig.d. nation. any thing that holds Bser g. Bara. v.bealcian. ba^u . v. es. — — — — — — — A — — — — — — — — . S. R. de.The bone-house. loca. baerre icort. Baeldu Confidence. by Id. table. Bzetan -faet 7''he bone vessel. Baldewin. baldsam. f. man who hears. of m. proper names denoting Banc A bench. water-mint. ni : bieoftS-ware . e^. bald. from bald. bite. — — — . bylig. L. es. bana./. Bdld. an . es . A funeral pile. Der. mach. ben. After. — Ballice boldly. waeg. lohich dishes were stantly. m. v. es . es) m. boalu. hone. bfEc-}jearm. nn . saucily. m. open.m n. Baem/brbara -. wyrt. e. Brepi./. synning death. -beages . hillock. Bsern a barn. pily hold. vering. a neck-bone. afterwards. Barda. bares bare. wido-. Balduin ing. an . -synnig. Ban-beorh . f: -co^a. d. A burning. boots. L. A burning. Bannuc-camb A wool comb. bring. f spear. -suinih. The baleful work. A bone dwelling. Balsam or spear-mint. crown. \. f. g. Bald. 2. b61d. A boneBaelcan To become angry. Bieftan sittonde Idle. After. battle. A boar. A bone. A beam. disc. the funeral pile place. d. S. Boet a boat. spere. bealdor. or terminating syllables BcEr bore } p. d. : -stow. behind. table] A lice Boldly. The incipitable bed.. One sinning openly. v. Balo. -sunnig. Baer-suinig. brought. burst. m. cofa.ofhk both. . the bat5a. E. L.-ryft.-blise. an m. [disc frame on — — — Ban-gur. a dish. a bearer. bedstead. ylpen-. v. v. g. e. an m. ba^um. es. balo. g. fah. fruitful. es . v. v. 2. -beere An adjective termiBold. bus. 2. -co^. a hero. Baelignis. bindan. 2. es m. mind. elpen-. budget. Cd. householder^ B»r-beah . ete. Ba?rst burst. f. an. m. m. VI. wicked. es. n. v. adj. 2. L. L. manslayer. mete-. Bangor. es. of heran. Baldra bolder. se f. f. burn up. Satan. a malady. es m. Band bound. bit. To the bridle. A death spear. weavd The body s gtiard. S. light. sinner. ian To bathe. G. barum small knapioeed. A bier. A bear. balca. A baptist. Baegeras. v. funeral pile. seo. adj. -spreot. f. Baldor. beran. A bench. v. hag. ban. S.v. es. buskins. w . Balewe wicked. es bite. e. Balzam balsam. a pubDer.^ belch. — Baereden Rid of . -brice. inlie Bold. v. openly. roof. BoneBaendan to bind. -b£er. n.A vjound Bare. d. d. A bath.Banda a hand. baer. S. v. the undoing. v. BAR 7h. adventurous. An injury. a publican. The Bavarians.es. Bansegn A banner. m. Bar. v. Der. -fag. A bath-house. v. es ness. es . service.f. A breaking. byrig Bold in battle. baetan. wudu en Bony. bonda. es m. belly. S. body. ?n: pi. bere-ern. es. prep. m. bearwas. baedzere. co<S. se. -re ^1 burning. set on fire. n. v. rope. fracture of a bnne. courageous. The balBaerende Bearing. body. sele. Balca. — — — : : : : : — — — — . Bgette restrained. g. a violet.-ga. L. n. p. M. Grief. -mann. A bone cover. Basnc. 7n. baerne bara . A cable. A lican. the breast. an m. perca. Ban. Baorm bosom. en rip A linden or bast an . murderer. A bone Baelc 1.es. \. f. m. L. S. A hapfizefj baptist. stede. barbycan An outBserm a bosom. sam's fruit. e. v. a ship pointed with iron. BaeS . beting. Baelg. bealdlur. dle. L. of begen. Baibacan. BjeI. barian. v. perhaps the or restrains. g. v. n. Fruit . Der. and set upon the -or. — — — — A and bald. the body. an . B A L zera. 35 d2 . — combustion. es. L. Biting. n. es . R. 6st-. v. Baete. Ex. — — — A A Bannan To command. i. es. — — — . earnestly. a course. pride. honoura. inclosure. m. -fag Baer. husband. beald. es. 2. wyrda. be-aiftan.bana. Destruction. Mo. or dwelling. or wicked one. Ex. fyr. Bum to both . ari'ogance. win-. burge . A bulge. hrycg-. v. A bone purse. place.. m. A bathing The bone-hall. M.v. A wave waerc. bera. L. ent. de pp. bsedzere. lupus. Hence -buses the body. g. m. L. . an ensign. bone. Jjraec. n. the sea. an. m. dire disease. S. m. v. v. A To Btet'tan. p. or funeral pile. Bals-minte. -beorges . ed. n. -es birst A breaking of a Wood of the funeral pile. Q'. 2. S. of berstan. m. A Baest The inner bark of a tree. Death or murder stained. v. horny. bears. bae^es pi. m. pain. boioels. bfette . Bselc a covering. a biting to the bone. greaves. Eadbold or Eadbald Hap. ofiahich ropes were made. A bed. Baer [7] bare. e . L. gebcete A bit of a briBaelded Animated. a rope. conakedly. a public Bzeh a crown. boer open. BanOne sinning openly. . naked. — — — m — . The Baerc-Jjearm or sna?del the bolder.Bancorena burh.bearing. cin-. balu. beald. Cd. . from ead or eadig bearing ring. balcony. bares /. v. banc. se ac. Baer. or ache in the of the sea.Baezera. bearm. hank. Balcettan to belch. beah. baelig.Baeswe crimson. bat. Bacftii. e. bona. a. A perch . v. Bald-e Boldly. bend. saucy gester ? S. es. A balk. trappings. — ing .r. greaves. A boar prived. baswe. curb. stede. the skin. Ban Interdict um. prince. Boeftan. The sto. bus. ^ppelbaer Apple-bearing. driven away. m. bearing: as WiEStmbEere burh. lice Barely. kindle. baezere. Fire force. BaecS-ere. f. A b'-aked shipy Bajrn-an. es . es . porter. v. Balewa. S. and win A contest. fot Barefoot.A prince. ridge. v.

fixes a-. Batan To bait or lay a bait for boren-inniht Born within a county. n. g. ed To dwell. near vation will apply to the preBasingstoke. trapped. — cynttan clip. ac.ode. 4. -brocen Broken. byrde Garnished with — nails. ge-. p. basu. enchant. give tip. imbibed. Basuian To be purple clad. pp.Be-aeftan After. or beThe same obsersprinkle. wedded. Der. to meet loith. hide. order. ple poppy? astula regia? Mo. to happen. glued to or together. f. decked. bugian . a beorgan To defend one's bicgan To precious stone varying from self. Baswon-stan.es.frequently expresses an active signification . adj. od.twk two'] Both the two. de.L. etc. — strive against. immerse. be6dend. staff. cip^ Sells. cwy ddod Laid aside. to cunnan To assay. pp. join in marriage. A scarlet robe. be] is often used as a prefix. Baso-popig A pur-beodan. beheaded. e . BE Be-cla3med Beclammed. es . cyme. A burying. ceive. nm. master. Bate Contention. 2 To come. To compi. con- ciBfed of-^Be anfealdum Single. Beside. — Ba<Su baths.m. ceastre . be-dyppan. -we . baronian. 1. crafian To crave.-cipcS. -bygan ed To bathe. To becarve. charm. Baso. — To hide. boht Sold. n. dulfon sorbed. he -b^'t. — — : : : — — — — — — bequeath. Sae-. ceasan To pp. Expec. Be twifealdon Twofold. g. Be. druncen Abdeprived. ple. — — by. p. to. called. 3. When prefixed to verbs. but little. A by coming.he -cyp^. : /. S. e. es.es. For. ctnplastered. . man. or over and a- — The name old Basing. L. plastered over. BaiSa of baths. a bosom. mand. S. -boht To buy. died. m.7iamedyarcused. deceiving. /j. to take care. according to.[Ger. in. ^Basing. Keeper or commander of a boden Comship. bodian To comBat bit. cuman. promise. v. ceive. es . no perceptible variation in as. to folloiv. bindan T'o bind in Bat. S. Stan stonel A topaz. bparin. club. naa fish. To begird or gird. [ba both. es to bury. The city of Bath. 3. A Baswe crimson.oda. -cymcS. -cumen 1 To go or enter in. at. tive./*. S.f. ede . beodendlic gemet. dat. bond Bound. upon. M. or keejnng close. dydrian To deFortified. trade. buy. S. try. basu A berry 1 G. bend. weard. etc.S. n. B. L.-byrian. Of. — — — — — — — — Cut off. cloak. Basn-ian . deluded. o/basu. Basterne Basternce. out -byran To bring. od To sell. to loed. -drifan To drive off. -cvvom Fell. v. . boatbod. ship. dromo. //. endured. — dihlian — To hide. Be jpam J^e As. to deli- — — — — — — — — . m. — Droivned. touching. tirely divide. vesor about. — — — — corfen enclose. ede. ode . deaht deled Deserted. bind or tie. Banian . '—com Happened. es . decree. -clyped Ycleped. delfing. By^ near to. befal. m. carcan To take care of. -com. birgan To bury. pp. — — — cherish. od To make bare. Behabban To sur- 36 — dip. p. — clyppan To em— clysan To enclose. transfigure. bseS. [h-eiiu pures. S. traffic. Belifan To be the sense . G. Hampshire. ode . S. be. V. arn aftan To lament. — strain or enforce one to do dr6g a thing. A boatsioain. — — — — — daelan To enver. brecan To break. S. — draw -byrgian. V. -clisan cell. tinctus. -clabnsedC/eart^fY/. inter. L. give up. Berkshire. of a phice. Ba<San They pretended. 1. . 7'o To enclose.-byrigean./br -deldragan To fen Buried. pp. bugan To bow. wash. because of. To give a by-command. pp. — dyp- A — dyrnan Le. gentle command. p. c . 2. v. es ?n. »S. cover. to come to. or a Basu. pi. bhie and piirple. BE Barian. n : pi. S. commit.. -cyped Sold. -bohte . To as. sel. mand. A ba^od Bathed. adj. S. both. foment. -c. thrust in or upon. pp. — -cnawan know. Begangan 7'o perform or dispatch. conceal. cut off. p. a yellow to a violet colour. about. -byrigednes. pp. — Begyrdan — -cleopod. Purple. brugdon BatSan Baths: BatSan. — dician to To bedike.— -byrignes. — Barbed. bove. p. pan To bedip. big. -djEle — — — — — — — Partly. droren Suffered. about. to deceive. p. jjrep. to come together. we-budon. Deceived. dried. p. biddan To comBat. deahlian To hide. dolfen. expos- — — — — ing. crimson. p. cyp^ Sells. an event or coining suddenly cymtS Happejis. Basu g. Brun-. Be. cs. to give by will.—ceormn To complain.yrran. to compel. remaining. Bat-swan. buta. — cefed -coefed. baeS. conceal. pp. butwu . upon. concerning. ccapian. to give up. sell. -wes f. to-. Sprengan and besprengan To sprinkle. -re But generally 2. for-. to instruct. to deprive. manded. ed To turn to. m. set toith spikes. — clising A — — — To knit. ode. biitu. Betrothed. mands. bereaved. — ceorfan Le. hynian. ivith. — — diglian fortify with a didrian To de- — S. -delfan To dig in or around. deposited. deal. from. tation. Occurred. to cut or par'eaivay. -boda^ command. bitan. To offer. The imperative mood. L. -comon pp. to fall out. -bead. Purple. Barn burned. Baso. conunend. cbbod Be-ebbed. to bait a hook.prefixed indicates Barm — Baroc-scyr. v. betray. round. Covered. v. dydrung e. — -diped Dipped. ceaster. Baron A man Bar^ A fish Basing A short . m. An. 1. creopan To bring secretly. bring to. S. beiiari. to — — — — — vwund. cweSan To prove. m. Barbed.— cleaped. brace. Sometin)cs be. bi. trade. keep close or diglincg A hiding secret. mandate. blonden Dierf. -bycgean. mand. m. a concealing. ung. -bodeu. Der. L. m? A bat. tincdofen tus. /. ! . homo. mound. se byt Com/. -dreosan To deceive. — Be Jjam maestan A t the most. nm. f. after. od To aewnian To expect. — — — — — — — — deceit. Le. Batwa. S. v. a cloak. od To bury. to creep. 2. G. order. beddod kind of colour mixed 7vith bead Offered. -bycgan. A digging about. A boat. cerran 2'o (urn. L. purpureas.

A change. upon. An -haetst. A promiser. put in trust. observe. On this side. pp. reverence. 2. to spoil. -foran -gestihtiende Fore-orfotigan To cut off daining. 1. e '. 1. benefit. Before. or travel over. Betrothed. surround. heed. study. peel. obtain. 3. S. we -geaton . seize. to be diligent about. -feng. enforan prep. Hence our behest. attend. Le. hoflic leap upon or in. to till. -het. pp. feht -feastned Betrothed. hlySed Solitary. ung. promise. hawian To see. boivels. vow. -hropende Vexing. . p. dreading ? Cd. dwell. To defend. S. regard. For. Jill. hicgan To confine. repent. quakgroring. — hongen Behung K. detain. e. Be-eodon Dwelt. 2. polluted. — hilt Beheld. hreowhresian To berue. embrace. circumvent. An. To compass. acquire. custom. attend. L. shoio. To restrain. n. fill detention. 2. 2. p. A sdf-command. het Promised. — fyllan up. To clothe. — — hwearf. ac: adv. look on. p. S. cover over. S. ode. — 3. p. pity. examine. An undertaking. — giinan To govern. — hefe. moisten. f. incline or tend to. -hnimig Swarthy. — -hindan prep. ac. regard.poinp. }?u exercise. pp. ede . To observe. observation. gen gas InGoverned. the arms. pp. -hwylfan T'o overxohelm. assign. -hefe Necessary. hiita. deliver. goten Covered. Care. -hweorfen To turn. fortify. prep. — hreafian To set S. held Beheld. hidan — — — — — — — deceive. S. -grynian To ensnare. escape. pursue. — / — To behed. j)rehwofen Conpare.L. seize. worshipper.— go. es. 6san To rush dotvn. -healdan. — giming An invention. dispatch. — fealden J^nfolded.e. K. dat. groren Shivering. to try. -hringed En- — — — closed in a ring. -gehabitants. -hoefdon . ditioned -hwurfon Spread about. p. It behoveth. — anxious. ge6tan. consider. od To behove. an . -festan To put in trust. corrupt. S. To watch. an observer. behoveful. loise. -helen To cover. 2. p^?. to cast upon. surround. e. -feold — — — dan To begird. spread about. feollan Enfolded. business. — fon. S. a bene- factor. amputate. in. se . endeavour. loeave. clothe. hweorfan.n . to stain. heonau S. deride. hide. flee away. to — — — mean. od To behead. . gymen. commend. fiilan . ed 1. we inhabitant. 1. promise. -hofian.dirtied. dat. nian To lament. helian K. To pour yond. hwon Whence. -hseb- very careful. de. p. Behionan On this side. — hogadUse. hrineged. adv. hedge around. to perform. -gangen. -heton . lie near. To follow after.— hses. hide. needful.crown. gripan T'o gripe. grindan To destroy. enclose. -hwoifen. S. %ipon a horse. ban . -hwerfan.odc. To go over. — gan. -flog To fleugan. to attach. g^nian.i. -hlehan To laugh at. the feet. require. — — hatan. L. to apply one's self vigorously. — habban. hold. — hat. -geat. — folen Filled. A lamenting. — gnornian To lament. S. to perambulate. exchange. solicitous. use. close heot /or -hei Promised. es. — gietan To get. To fall. he -hylt. a device. — an m. gierto surround. to fix. among. pp. — ten To get. hill —hegian — — — . — fician mourn for. S. -hofan. feastan To trust. hsefednes. to befit. pp p. pj). obtain. ed To take care of. To beqird. surround. chasten. it is needful or necessary . worship. care. p. -hwearf. pp. se. 1. ensnare. hseft — A owsung. tench. see clearly. L. acquire? M. Impersonally. R. obscure. to need. cover. 3. regard. Ex. Befoesting An entrusting. gyrdan. To 37 — — es. guard. commit. molesting.jt?. surrounded. To load a ship.^^ean. To receive. — Taken. — — — hind. m. off. regard. prep. flagen fleec The Following. -hsefde. helan. rob. behoof S. he-haet. advan-hefnes. — hroren troubling by calling Deprived. observe. 1. take in hand. ic -fleoh. — h o rsed Horsed. j)P. Held. fangen Taken. hlaestan hlad Covered. A promise. — — — — — nes. betroth. oportet. — len Inclined. feallan To befal. heofian To bewail./>. ondan. heafdpp. i. tage. A beheading. To apprehend. provide. -haetan. p.BE BE gemed ficstan To Be-geaten Obtained. -ge- fel- To An. gang. -geat To beget. de . f. — hogian To be practice. — galan To charm. in. defile. a. . occupy. nefit. return. — feol Befel.a.L. to keep. it concerns. e /. to sp7-infalden Folded. p. S. heold Beheld. An. od To dye cloth. govern. filgende filed Defied. -eode pp. — -feran — ferde Surrounded. L. sooty. — gitan. hrumodBedaubed. — — foerde Fell. heowian 7'o threatened. -haten To vow. . p. p. gnaw. a cultivator. -haefed 1. 2. se. lay hold of.—g?ir\ga. pp. -gytan . -gylded Gilded. geond. -hopl . -felan To allot. 2. to attend. see. -fangen j V. faran To To obtain. go — — — — — — BE behold. take heed. L. religious ioorship. -heold. repentance. — — hangen Behung. skin. fet — To — — gnagiuiTb begnaw. — — — T'ofill. mind. — godian To begongA course.ed To hele. — — — frinan To ask. contain. —foh Contain. — — — heafdian:/?. — To — — -gongn Dwelt. f. -flogen 2'o flee. a dweller. kle. gangan To go to or after. L. — To befoul disdain. contain. plunder. chide. p. — — or cover. Le.f. — fyl^ Falls. — Behoveful. mound. flay. /l — hrebereave. gongan To exercise. f"> Gain. — gimen A watching. -getan To get. intei-est. hapcast doiun. —heawan hew — — hedan or cut To make smooth. -faj<Sman To embrace with out. surround. haldan wl^ or from To mind. — Exercised. beioail. dian. — . pen. signify. an — — — — — . defiled.p. — fy led Befouled. pass over. ^on -fleon. we -livvurfon . hung round. to have need of. penitence.—feore Before. — — — — gongyn T'o hide. ode . S. go roundj to travel through. by. S. — giondan Beyond. 2. — girdan To begird. to practise. bezoare. . exercise. -healden 1. tertain. To — — ieh^ Includes. To encompass. ac. we -flujtfp. gledto seek out. f6ran-cwaede Foretold. take. — fyligean To folloio. encompass. hleapan To — : — — — — — — — — — — hofen Ornatus. hlidan To cover. pp. healt . to take hold of. heetan To promise.

sceawodnes. -scoren Shorn. — — — — p. e /. benumb. that hath undergone confessc lifan To thrust. — saweu -miEnan p. -luron . shut up. An. nuge. To nohte. — Shut.f. belong. hydignys. S. p. rowan To roic. — . — L. falsify. — lucan. jxistify. An excuse. S. scyrcdnes. — ladigend. ed. Happened. landian . daubed. cautiousness. j)j). — — -niimen. saew^ Sows. ichere one — may car/fully hide. pp. BE Be-hwyrfan To apply. Toride round. belie. rsdan . f. nemnan p. S. — — loh Forbade. 2. A sorrowgian To seduce. consider mi<San To conceal. slegen 5/am. to confiscate. to be left. San Beneath. onFreely. sion. by or about. -hyconceal. BE — hydan To take off the hydan T'o hide. bewail. — Looked. lyrted . -psehte . vigilant. — ssencan — e . Seen. G. jo. drowsy. L. S. beloio. Disinherited. counterlegde led Brought. perlistain. -lecge. wary. — hylt Beholds. impose. -scyrung. to — sceran Shorn. enclose. S. scyre Should shave. )}Vi -scylst To look upon. contemplate. Xo- — logen Be-rypan To spoil. an. sight. entice. ian . 1. — sargian To condole Deceived. beholder. se . od To deprive of land. scyrian To defraud. S. to bark. scy- — seofen G. . sereadian I'o cut off. liwing A betraying. seah Viewed. — singan To utter enchantments. — rumod — Be- po. pp. besiege. hi . S. laewa. de To rid from. /. p. -loh To hinder by blame. li^ Surrounds. pp. S. rob. -sencan To singe. feit. — maet Found. degrading. to ob- — Sank. shut up. 7n. — hyrung. to enchant. to take aivay. To deprive. herit. have ueed. -lyc^. sert. pp. . to impose.he-yit. spoiler. reafupon. spon To look about C. p. a defender. — reowsian To — reowsung Pe«i— To defend. besiege. seten. de — — — 2. lofen Bereaved. 2. e. An. nian. solicitous. rindan . — — — . mislead. prenan. unde- — ny^an — — — . de. cast. tojoin. —hyldan shin. allure. innaii icithiundan Beyond. myldan To bury. od To bereafreave. — — — tence. An. — — Isende — laefan .ssess. -lumpon. to forbid. rfwan To repent. \\r[i\)ar\ — — — -reccan answer. to pursue. leolc — — Surrounded. stupify. — scearon Cut. L. screopan To scrifen Confessedy shave. detested. -lifen To remain. bewray. p. — — -leas. emasculate. m. look gere. Wden Deprived. sucen Questioned. — — — — — — *Jpqau Tq belock.y. putting from holy orders. raesan T'o rush deprive. a harlot. to prive of. — metan p. -liif . de To bemoan. to — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . an To clear. -lucen To lock up. enticer. BE Be-16ge Reprehend. notod Noted. ode . shin. slagen.— renDeprived. -neo— niman . — meornan To mourn for. p. pajcan . — lament for. Cd. To put off. compassionate. esteem. beset. -sceawere. tnntigled. f. benumbed. seize. One making ladung excuses. Deceived. si<S — — 1. lifan . an •. re- p. scy t Injects. -lucon watchful.rn Mourn— sceawian To consider. — neced Naked— nemd Taken away. accuse falsely. see. — -nam lamp Destroyed. — sciten Bedaub- — lagen posed tray.— slep Sleepy. encompassed. leaf — for belaf Left. -meten To measure by.— on. surrounded. . to precipitate. inter. gewyrhtum under. —leosan p. se. -paeht To deceive. — — sargung.—-scyri Deprives. — sittan To sit to place. pp. an offence. removCy — deceive. An abdication. serves. es . saet. S. to deliver. hydclice. — . scuten Scut. deprive. — — — — — — — lian. recan To cover. ode . behold. es A or To lie — — extend. od To evirate. -sceaden Clothed. -lege.L lyscydMaimed. K. ?eald Furnished. S. disinherit. Ex. anxious. -led To lay by or on one side. igend. — A scandal. —hyped Surrounded with a hoop. L. A robber. -nohron Lacked. conduce. a casting off depriving. neotan To bereave. — sio Regard. to see. A destroyer. es . A deposing. — sigan To descend. pp. — seawian To — scead Sprinkled. well. . ]ige<S Lies. I.beheaded. sceat6'Ao^. To round. rowsian — ^id'muBytheside. -lean . m. re move. An. />. p. m. — — -nugon They enjoy. hurl or throio off.—%\w\an To sew together. paecestre. 38 -smired Bcsmearedj B. — — neoS. segan To go downwards or aside. To ride after.— laf Remained. lycS Lochs. to deprive. with. sloh Bereft. Beneath. store. p.f. L. practise. es . a wilderness. An. direct. nounce. -scyrian To deprive. — sceawiG.-setten Beset. -listnian . destroy. An puecung. — A — sceoren To shoot. -sajton Besieged. 2. -mait pp. pp. ^ seeing. treason. murcnian. slean To beat. -lede . — silfred Silvered.-slcegen Cut off. deceive. laedan To bring. Thrust off. settan To set near. seduce. p. delecgan imp. -lamp. treat.— rician. agree. sane To — — Beheld. m. — hytSlic Sumptuous. — soeotan To shear — — shave. ed To belay. neah Should lack. to lack. to destroy. Ex. se. off. lyte- sink. — sincau To sink. take aioay. leahan. to overthrow. — — — To engage. neeman To deprive. de To take off the rind. appertain. numen Deprived. — — — — — lead by. -prewan To tvink. S". to surround. burn. L. have need. to find out. slepan To be slepan on To put sleepy. sumptuous. — mancud Maimed.— nacan To make naked. pp. -loren To let go.de. to surround. limp An event. S. spoil. siiwe corisider. ing. — — — regard. 1. happen. — sining A bending. regard. an. ny- — man To deprive. servedly. forge. m: betrayer. pp. G. -murcian To murmur. -leac. Leicd practice. sencaia To sink. vision. castrate. hide or put under ground. Op- to Ge-landian To inleac Shut in. — hy^eh'ce Costly. be- de To leave. declare. S. — saeh to — — — — pp. scerian.—mea. /. -riden. perceive. A hiring. p. pent. . A deS. — beheaded. rad pp. secgan To defend. excuse. peel riowsian To repent. To — — — To repent. exercise. L. draw away. abide. ladiin. laeSed Loathed. lum- pen T'o concern. . de\ewa. -pteht Deceived. -sendan To send.— sengan. hydig diglice Carefully. (S. encompass. round. p. — koran To pass over. laewanjp. ed. e. rob. -scyldigan To accuse. — licgan -lewend. hide.. Careful.

— wille -tux Betwixt. out. — To spirian — sorgod To Anxi- ivant. preserve. es. Is needful. -tienan To shut. — werod — tredaa To tread upo7i. — pp. pp./". 2. weaJien. Willingly. tenge Heavy. to d. swimman To swim. assign. vered.— stelan To steal away. Jjolit. — timbrian beat. engrave. during. weallen Cooked. A deceiver. — -wician enca?np. B. — windan To enfold. B. — ed. stred Stroiced. em'tv/yxt. bequeath. without. I'o insert. offend. — wiste -tweonan. — sprecan — Bethought. a deceiving. ceive. S. — watch over. in— twux-aworpen. by. 1 . p. shut. hedge Covered. smear pon7'Arei^. e} f.—wrihan To dan To send betioeen.— strypan To strip. swej?an To swathe. Jjwyr Perverse. An interjection. defend. stridan To bestride. sight. — wruge Protected. rob. f. twixt. a fortification. iced. sprengan To besprinkle. -smyred Besmeared. — stsel step. -twyh keep. -twux. — wopen Beivaited. overGoing betiveen. — tweox Beic. lie 1. close. An. accuse. To -twux.-wyrcan To work. bedeived. 2. K. — sorh^7ia:ioM5. to cover round. — worbt Worked happen. S. destroy . Betioeen. ed To burn. shut up. weddian 7^o eskeep. Given up.be-wat. L. sone Soon. — tweoniim. BE Be-srmtan Tobesmut. impeach. to disarm.es. wealwian To icallow. swoelan . snzedan To cut off. /. -swac Deceived. S. occur. suncen Sunk. -tablit. S. An. loeakeuy escape. S. se . m. entwine. to complain. drawn over. — ufan Above. a scandal. — -vve6p Wept. — wrencan To deInterposed. pp. -twix Betwixt. dejjyddon Opened.stemed Besteamed. ed -styredon Heaped up. geteald To speak about. Deceit. 3. . — weran To pour over. cover. ede . Apl waepnian To take away arms. — speon. wearp Has cast. — witan. A betaking. to to ed. -twynan Betioeen. se. inquire. two-fold. -weddendlic Relating to marriage. -twih. . -Jjohte — utan Surrounded. — encompass. wrap or wind about. put betake. — twinan Between. — Betioeen. syrwian To ensnare. beset. -twy.vide. An accusation. Betwixt. To send. — yrnan — wyipari p. to swemde Besxvam. — — tealde . — — — — — — — — — — stry)?an erect. in. streowian To bestrew. To cast. surr our ded.. praved. swuncen Worn. -spon Induced. warnian To beware. 1. An. — j^ridian. f. meet. '. excuse. deliver to. in trust. jjcrfats bethink. justify. — werian To dese. suj'rounded. — stain a dark colour. Pulled To Acbewail. — — wriSen Begirt. tion. niece.. L. — twion Double. — wrogen -tynan. pp. — stymed — stungen InjectBesteomed. — worpen gea rood Left. clothe. — tux-sittan To — tweob. dividing. -urn en To run come in. — wunden Wrapped. -taehte . d. li. spyrian To trace. — teldsLn Be-wrefan -smitenys. to tell. — twuxround. — — — — — wyeg — — — — — — — — — — stoepan To trace. forbidding. prep. wefen To beweave. ac. {jencan To consider. n. An interposition. to make cleayi. — werigend m. pp. A pi. — sorgian Sloic. —wlat Beheld. — — tihtlod. ous. stroden Brought into the treasury . -trymian To environ. force. conclude. Dirtiness. To sheio. S. -stirian To heap up. S. pp. A defender. stained. 7'o se . — wurhide. — A whelm. stop. to. swungen Beaten. nes. entrap. — beloved. -swapan To clear up. L. — twyx-sencealing. wseled Afwaenrlan To turn. ttceen. plead. form. swic. omitted. —standan Stole. to storm. close. swuncon Laboured. befold. to occupy. f. -told enclose. careful. To enclose.-wiste. To end. remember. to ansioer. terjection. pp. weddung A ivedding. clothe. 2. — among. . — — BE 3e tafeht B E . to persuade.2>« -weotede To proy. e '. —\)ecci\n To cover. — werenes. 2. styrman. Accuses. administer. — tygen — wri^an To bind. to . tafecan p. L. — tellan — J -tolden To /?. To to hide. Anxious. ^ cused. besllvered. — wrigennes. •tihte —— — — pouse. p. — wlatung. superintend. we fan .-webt Disappoint— wendan To turn. clothe. build. — twyh-geset Wreaked. build. — — — . pp. -arn ./. . cast. restrain. dc.— \>\xtfon Have need. brace. entice. — tugon Shut —tub. wand Wrapped up. A defence.— wyddod Pledg— wylewan To wallow. syled — — — — — — — Soiled. Cd.— Accused. — solcen S. — twub. besiege. cover. keeping or con-twyx Betwixt. S. commit. to act as a tutor preside. tyl)(S 1. . -tweox. pillage. — on. extend. defile. stlngan To inject. A show. — wepan To — togen. didst need. fend. — twyb-gonging — wreon To cover. over. between. sorrow for. Governed. f. pollution. ed To surround. te6n To acgetenge. — sorg dear. -witen. -v/sei' pp. circumvent. — wegde. syriati To ensnare. — waecan To soften. to wrfficon. — un-gewyrli.—strudon Spoiled.-wiston. — f)orfte Need. se . command. V. -twynan prep. — — -swincan To labour. appoint. -warian To keep. pretend. — twih-ligan To To overlook.p. — twux-alegednes.— spanan — sparrade BeTo sparred. to sicim about. p. S. wareiiian. -witian. vxirn. ? -tvvuxt. — -wrecen -twyh Among. warigan To ward off. seducer.—&n^'^diU To cut off'. — jjeait'an — — — To speak to. -styrmian 2'o bestorm. To ed- heap Bestreiced. To stand by or dian p. — wimman A S. among. sylfrede Silvered. an offence. — -trseppan To betrap. — — — jjaeifeS Is needful. ede ?//>. infecsmicSian To forge. saw. stefnde Called. swican To — — — — — — — — — — — deceive. jjwean To wash. cloak. sniwed Snoiced. — twy Cast. govern. impeached.— togennes. low. cover. -sweop Clothed. swicend. se — twux-cuman To come bepageant. wajlit Disappointed. to foltajcung. — stry wed . es . — p. — weorcan To Blamed. weardian To icard. — werung. in. syrpan To take hold of. pursue. clothe. e . — tyran To betar. -fjry. — weorpau -tyhtlod Accused.— -spryc^ Tells.— Restrained. 39 — utan From work in. filcted.presided. among. -wissian To rule. clear. To — J?eabt Covered. — turn Freely. consume. -tweohs. S. retain. incur. waerian To defend. — hiding. swingan To whip. To impart. ed . Jinish. {ja^ht Cocuse. . dreiv. G. smuttiness.

as a saucy jester. a treasury. A beckoning or nodding.n.f. belonging to beans. es . es n. v. It is used. N. Der. Dcr. ed To shine. an onset. n. es . e. Bearo. Der. hence the origin of ring money. — forth a child. beacen. v. es. adoption. f. A sword of i'aes. A Beaf A gadfly. ed To bear or bring . hycgende Evil think-weorca. Beam. A of mail. breeze. Z*. S. -lest Childless.. A ray of light. -bearn. — Beaten-. BeaySed dead. BEA . bosom. hard. coat of Bealu. vvulf. . Play of bealwas le6ma. Beagian./.besan. es n. ter. Le. n. bord. off- — — — — — — — . Battle. — . e^. leas. A ring-service./. — — — — — Beard.gifa. becen. ?n: -tor. bcage Metal made into circular ornaments. n\. S. A speaking by tropes or figures. wes n. A war speech. . C . bealu. Brightness. Any thing proceedBeaftan . es Bealo misery. — Issue. strength. stock of u tree. malice. horn. n. d.— nH. v. an . /«. A ring hoard. es bracelet money. earnestly. Fore-.-iend. scintillation. A dreadful death. in. es . tear furious. generation. es. Der.— hwa!t Twinkling quick. an m. v. — — spring. as means of exchange or as money . an m. able.f. progeny. es . Beadanford. ring-hall. -we pi. full Buhful. in early times. e . -burge -by rig . eacnung. To lament. 1. A beard. tle rush. beaft . bealuas. -bailgas. m.-selu. a sword. huslc". . a porket. L. depravity .c?'. . -owe. bycn. alluding to ring or hord. byme. Beada. b6cn. Miserable. Love of children. an . TVar-icork. a soldier. bearges . here-./. [riuc a nian^ A soldier. an . gebed. BEA Beacen. -fjegu. S. es. laces. S. J trumpet. cloth. A tcind instrument. Aldor-. m. beaivva. en Beany. bealu. v./. Bealwas evils. A barn. a cup. — \\vii\eAtioinkling tvhile. wicked. v. e. A beam. un-. — — — — — — conception. -wes . mail. ni. beran. wood. es . a hall. shew. Bearm. e. Bearan-burh^. Beacn. — -owas. lufe. v. beame.Beald Bold. cods. es . Hunt.es . sescearp Sharp in quarrel. bealo. heofon-jherc-. hence. m. firgen-. bealues. bend./. g.beag}7ed Dead. What is borne up. es. belgan. an . bejicn. Bear bore. v. e . bealluc.^co\ .Q^. beagas . g. lac. m. Bearh . Bead comtnanded. f. — . S. lice Boldly. emit. d. searo. v. gko-. — iendlic Allegorical. svveord-. p. m. beafted ing in a liiiht line. pi. bien. War grim. wuBeagen both. biddan. v. bald. 1. od To beckon. mece. K. beorht. were probably used. war. n. run. cennan . trumpet . beages A — — — — sceado. A barroio. es Engine or iveajjon of war. — heard Deadly e. ^. gl ance instant. Baleful wig Holy consic5. Son. a moment.. pour out. -ian. C.— r'mc. orle p. A loar or bloody hand. child. v. Beam-dun. — team. sudden/y. e^y*. A barrow-pig. Bearnende ybr byrnende. beab. baleful 200und.a. Child-birth. utter. a splint. es. v. nod. ivhich the beacon fire was set. Bealu. beages. or These being valucrowns. ^ destructive path. A bearer. -cennung. wcs . cwealm. f. Bearht bright. morcS-.— hen. Bealloc. inlieado. -benn. beacon stone. all baslg . S.es. es . A loar cup. byrhtm. A youth. A bean. .m. f Banbury. Bampton. neckrings. Beand a band. A bracelets. . Beg-. Beanpods. a . S. — — . an leader. an. -enfllic. a Beog gave way. beado. e In a twinkling. to travail. death.^ batchiefly used in composition. palace. Beag a croicn. grime. M. a sun-bemn. cwealm-. The womb. token. in the scrotum./*. : d. bcorgan. an . persuader. tooe. e. es . syrce. begen. v. -ian. A ring giver. yeast D^^r. biegian To crown. Beam. beorht. m. 2. 2. for bym(* Beage. leod-. a prince. — Stan. m. -owes. leas Beardless: Used as a noun. freo^u-. gen. a high or hilly place. de pp. beran. -ung . balk. momentary. m. A coat vere. A tree's shade. — . S. v. rn. bfah. A counsellor. war-gleam. Bamian fleet. slaughwyrda A or A prince. A tear garment. A ringwriXa. garlands. — j Beamfled. -eacnian To bear children. Beah . a giving of rings or a reward. stripling. as \. sige-.es. cruelty. lap. -was m. 7n. fight. or -coddap. an apron. wig-. BEA 7n. bealowes . Beadu war. shirt.es. n. bealcottan To belch. b^cn-an. e. slaiighter. eacen Travailing. indcl : headu. — — — . the sun. stantly. wer-. bcaluwa. m. — — . e. Bearm e. p. L. v. Barma bosom cloth. bi'cn ian.-iendlic: beli<5. glittering. mischief. Wickedness. Posterity. gar-. as bracelets. beran. — . Depraved. A testicle. er. sorts of pulse. : — beam. prefix only. 2. bcaen. a toioer on . bei3eg<5ed. pi. 2. es . — . M. Beoioulf. . deadly. . scrud. v. hroden Adorned with sel. saucily. Beadon/br baedon. thus. v. been . issue: Used only at the end of the names of men. weg. -weorc. -spell. v. one of the two organs gvim. mseBale. S. Beado-. v. be6dan. Bedford. 4. 1 . m. a coat of mail. p. hrsegl. to cast forth rays or beams tike fleet. — Beam. es m. bealo . pledge. bealna. feorh-. A tear work' ing. Bead a table. ^ loar snares. Der. myrtSra. — son. 2. Bearh kept. m. wicked. A tear helmet. a grove. L. dire. in composition. cursed. m. m. Bealcian. an . m. beor. Bead a prayer. e. ivhich see. Bearhtm.BeamBeah. es . or shells. adj.es. es . biigan. m. 2. ivickedness. niht-. 1. beh. Beah submitted. to du' set a garland on. bib j g. rn. es . bead. an exhorter. 3. BesegJ3ed. Der. A hawk or buzzard.f. pp. ?n. test. 1. sige. beala . A beacon. Benfleet. it denotes Those without a beard. breahtm. m. bealvves. ung. — — — — — Bear beer.bymian. ede . tree. m. 40 . Generation././. m. Bean. . — — — — — — — — — cla^. an . Battle. A child- — — murderer. m. g. m.:•/. - been - an. A baleful story An. A battle. barm. S. evil. Essex. Der. pp. e . beadu-folm. v. f. post. beran. sign. beah. beacn-lan pp. bearu g. -ian To fly as a gleam or an arrow. g. Bealh 7vas angry. v.

dea bed in a garden. /. an . an entreaty.bringes beacn. to rest. Begire a berry. beag. m. beacen. m. Bed. p. deacS-. L. bile-wit. Bene. v. g.f. Bearruc-. e . bodi: beod bod. to vapour. es . es ./. S. 1 The herb henbane. sittende Sitting on benches assignment. bsedan: beodan. beot. be bylgc5. closet. es . es . an . n. Beme A musical instrument. Bearwas groves. L. ley. strike icith the hands. Bearug a barrojv-pig. cofa. S. A petitioner. beo. n. ji. viaud.. bolster. S. a deof the month . the parish of Monkton. es . by rig . A bell-house. Mentera. : gean bidel. Bece A brook. begen./. sian . loio. V. The mulberry tree. \vi-. es . belene. begen. -lice : : m. A prayer. A place where Beggen both. e . bed-chamber. berie. of hegen. v. Suffolk. bus. A beater. a Bedan-ford. Belgan. BeverDer. an. on-: gebeot beot. f. ///. be beuteX . S. Bel-flys. floor. Bearwiic-scir. an . BehtS Token. curtain. belle. Befer. es. a-. es . v. A placefor jjrayer. be-tiS. Bedd-. w. or at table. buers. A woody proBcariic-. bealg. BED a hill covered with wood. tiid. A wound's opening or S. biddan. Began began. bidende. an . v. belle. pp. ul Prayerful. Begra of both. feorh-: bangar: end. v. S. A kind of sweet cakes or dainty meat. v. v. in sup2)liant. bed. Belt. pi-t. -lac. Begannes The calends. medu-. n. noise. n. wig-. Beme The Bohemians. feorh-. L. beginnan. 2. — tid. — wurift. belene. Der. Edmund's Belune henbane. S. es n. — : : hurt. Bearst bunted. A bed rest. M. bcatDer. bcaro. A chamberlain. Behemas Bohemians. A benched One who is bedridden rest.— Begera of berries. f. bed place. g. . fightchampion. v. ge-bod. bod -a. beodan. m. supplication. couch. bega: d. an To beckon. v. Bega of both.— — . es ni. bus. v. L. sylf-. v. hand-. p>rayer. /. S. bar./. beaten To bent. Der. bed. — . . m. m Baebban burb . began . p. The bell-jvether's Bebod. es . . beds are made. Belone henbane. A com. an . A praying. axe. Bcaroc-. L. Bel-. petition. prn. p. prayer. — -nsesse. Ben-geat. mouth. es . gebed. e . -tigtS Easy to be obA bed-covering. small rapid stream. -ian. v./".f. bed-b£er A bed. — — — — — — — — — — — . 672. indignant. gcbod. beck or Bedd a bed. begra. i3e/Ai7iiVe. -cleofa. es. a 41 Bend. A bed.Bealo-. v. od To fall down in an . v. S. v. Beber a beaver. Tribute-corn. v./. bilb^. Bedding. rn. An. guide. begra. bark. bolster. -clyofa. m. m. v. bam ac. Baniborrow or a chapel. To bellow. vi. -yndlic Beg a croivn. Bebat. for-. beacon. gebolgcn To enrage. Betitan. es. A bench. -ung bodlan. Bede. L. Bederices weorcS St. Le. -reaf. Prayer-time. Triing. es. v. A beck. raidenn. d. S. muS-. bsel. Bele-wit simple. es Allegorically or by parable. gast-. beacen. Bed. rivulet. v. to pray.e. clyfa.e man. A bed. Gebed biddan. -tid. a Bediean-ford. -4 beech tree. sign.. es . died 735. A. . demander. e f. Ben-a. Bed asked. v. Bellan prt. order. convivial -redda.. L. es er. m: ha. Der. token. an tn. a coverlet. pars hominis. v. a Bearu a grove. An Bell a crown. feld. e . v. K. e. Bears a fish. ode. ba . bedd. f. Bedfordshire. f. bearh. bed time. M. Bedan-heafod Bedwin. ian To go to bed. iendlice. on-. a chamber. Belig a bag. tained by prayer. bellende . v. befer. begea. v. girdle. boed. A belt. beig-beam. Bed a . bute-corn or produce. e. m. calendaj. beaver place. A promiser. Befor-leag. born in Belle. beckon. benn. es . g. v.Begean to bend. — beg-bedm. wyrt-: berries. bedstead. an . -lagu. mansion. we beoton. for-. Beldo Boldness. dian. pp. bydel. n. an . e . v. Bece. es w. beginnan. strilie. An in-* fiated ?ieck. i. es j BE II stede. Becun a beacon. prayer. a-. Bedford. S. Beel a pile. Bryd-. Becca. ling. berstan. — Lividness. *S'. A sign by bell-ringing.— yv^. a tree bearing wael-. bealb. Bed.D./. A ivound. -reda. Bcbr A cup . m. bensian. es. hlin-. Bel-flys. be displeased. A pil. n. An. Beraere A trumBecen Made of beech. m. bselg. an ?n. ecg-. bod. first day Ben. -bus. tion days. J voic. rzed-. peter. pickBury. dining-room. Der. -rida. n : g.Boguniien. make angry. decree. es. m. byme.e. S. table. -raest. Bed veil. Bedan-ford. fritS-. hammock. mattock. — . request. gnnnen To begin. in es . wel-eacS-: bena.S. — )3en. S. Beban burh. be-. f. v. Ealo-. Benc7iar. leger-. A bed-chamber. to roar. n. Begen. n. Bed-tide. n. v. baelg. 1. e. Been A beacon.rogation-doys. p. es BEN A Beig-beam.pl. fieece. e. be for beaver. Bee books. burge . : — — — — . exorable. V. Beer a bier. v. — . es. ./. pp. Beg-beam. bana. v. montOT~y. Beging Bowing. proof! An. -lie. -feorm. es . boc. Roga: — . Ex. beofer. be-. Belced-8W( orn. Bed-clothes. ^ Z/eZ/. we bulgon. beacen. Ben. sweg. n. An ulcer. a chamber. m. Behiita. bona. Beaw A bee. Beiitere. S. A sign. baeftan. an oratory.bend. bearo. v. Belcentan To belch. 2.?^. Ati. v. -wahrift. Begea of both . Ea<5-. Belg a bulge. covering of a bed. e'. the blackmand. v. bolgen. fri<Sberry bush. t'elu. m. Begne. f. — Beigra. -felt Beginnan . appointment. Becen a beacon. An effemi. tick of a bed. beag. rip. es . ian To Beftan after. bell Bamboro^igh Castle. 7n. A or produce. v. e f. e . Beddagas Prayer days. w? What Bebban burh. v. f. v. J7carm. Der. scir. Food or proL. precation. beals-. n. ge-scipe. duce requiredfrom atenant. bugan. — — — — . Belene. v. Both. morus. successful. v. intreat in -em. wih-. a bramble . wsel-. begen . ? Bela. gebedda. trumpet. pallet. n. Bedan to offer. promise. Northumberland. poculum. ofhegen. berie. : — — — — — — — — — — — — . A bench noise. m.

— — A A — — — — — Instantly. Der. adj. es . enjoy. an . bende . court yard. clearly. m: -reaf. S. v. es . he bead. to be6nne. Der. es . S. sele. pp. beorh./. herebeorg-a. n. d. citadel. beonde. — . first milk of a cow after endlic gemet. beer hall. e . S. rn. hig-an. biiidan. S. v. Threatening. beaftan. -hwile. Beo hit swa Be it — so. incline or lean. yeast. Bend bound. L. v.bean. beorge pi. es . bond. fers. Beo roan. prince. or domestic vant. chaplet. es. belene. . m. threaten. sadol-. ac. a den 7''o command. v. \>eg\i. Beolone henbane. Beoce a beech. Bernicittf that part of Northumbria which lies between the river Tee and the Scottish sea or frith. Beo g. bajrnan. Beogol. -ian. scipe. Beormas The Beormas. }p\x. lie-. Brightness.A birch en birchen. Beordan-ig. glance. beorgum . 2. Heofcn-. Beorc. miscarriage. an . borg. Metheglin? S. es . f — — — — — — — — : . A table. ben. e /: -e. Der. tree. Stan-. To stretch. . Berkhampstead. 1. n. -as. Beorht Brightness. m. east of the river Dwina. es .— hrsegel. m. j^nrh-. clearness. The imes. beorgan. ge-beorgan. 43 Bera. we budon. be thou V. 1. he byt. e f./. adj. so be it. To protect. v. p. sceat. defend. offer. keep. menace. bere-tun. Beorg-a. — table-cloth. A nobleman. hiw-. \}(i blst. A hill.beorht-ian. S. N. m. M. burrow or barrow. bi^. queen-bee. A threat. Brightly. table meal. 2. v. he byrg<S . Beot beat. The king doin or province oftheBernicians. chamber. Bh stings. f. bindan. — gang swarm keeper. beona. wer-. Be-. carpet. an . es. v. extend. hleo^. are. es. — — — A }:e6f. One toho proBeorht. — — ter. bzer. v. R. Beorne. bean pi. beran. An. SLn.es. es . beorh. A beaver. a glistenthreat icord. he. p. blanket. A bee-ceorl. m. -wist. 2.es. Beprenan. BEO Beon. m. m. and hence. Bee-brend. Beo I am or shall be . v. . Beorh-ham-stede. Beom a beam. g. o. leaven. Clearness. bo- tion. Beorende. This word is chiefly used by poets : it was not used as a title. beam bcai'htm. — A song or hymn sung during meal -time M. Ex. Beorg a hill. Beor-wic. e. j^inen. A — — — — — . Beor. — — BEG binds. L. L. Le. A bed. -beorht. chieftain. an. Food placed on a a table. To be. light. raging. byst. -lice make a noise. Beofer. v. table. sight. Beodburial. a man. croion. rampart. A A .cloth. bifian. n: -maegS. -hwaet. fortifica. calving. band. e. be6 we v. bearh weburgon. citadel. bude. Beo-bread. I.heafod-. lice lie Beofton lamented. peril. e. ties. hanging. rodor-. behata. beatan. — gereord. Beado. v. beo }pn. exist. preserve. breahtm. borgen. 7n. f. ed 1. e. mother. hurt . m.bre6st-.L. Lincolnshire. f. S. A — . beon. Beoran to bear.. bowl. ian I'o shine. tn.Beotian To promise. -an: heals-beorga. A trembling. v. glit-c. A birth. S.es. midwife. Ber a bier. wllteBeen. In poetry . 3. a people dwelling on the shores of the White sea. hereberg-a. 2. A defence. Burford in Oxfordshire. f. m. splendour. L. p. d. king. splendour. breeder. A beer service. Der. a place of Beost. e. A tablecloth. in-. a cup. Beorht-e. Beorh save. -u. L. hyrde. imp. espn. 1. Beofian to tremble. swinig A m. board. beon. pp. 2. Threateningly. ber<S. v. v. — geneat. defence. A A bold. nourishing or strong drink.gebeorglie beorc beorh.Kingof men. or stealer of bees.A thief vvyrt./. refuge. claS. gebeorh. \. — A dead -ling A child. to avoid. bending wholly to. e. beogul . bees. v. A Folc-jgiicS-. /. -me — — — — Beorma. ung. es. S. Beorh. A beer-drinker. lent. -runan The mountain faries. — — A MeadlS. bergan. a beefarmer or — . To bend. Beosniriende. birth. A feast. sigel-. .Herfs. Beneah Should laclt. — m. in. pi. -e. save. wiga. bed-clothes. es . L. /I &ee. bid. — Der. es. light. Benne of a prayer. Beodas Scales of a balance. bece. Bene of a prayer. se . beorgas. an undertaker. estre. clearly^ lucidly. A beating vapouring . . v. beo^. es . vow. beran. es n. S. ben. nobleman. hand-toicel. m. Beorne^ burm. Be6^. -urn. table-cloth. A rampart. Barm. Beor-tun a hall. 2. mises or vows.beon (/. 2. m. beoan. beer hall ? 3f. ban-. S. pp. ceorl. -ian . v. bolla. S. A table. -es. byrne.K an. an. BeorcS. /. hwile In a glance. — Beorn-cyning. es'. herein. likeEorl. v. w. Benne of a loound.f. . S. froth. nm. ic. ic beo. beorgan. v. bysmerian. Beorgan. Beod. 1. Berjvick. — — f. nm. perative n ood. heap of stones.beoena. K. m. f. Beodan Jju heap. -ian. beorges. ornament. order. m. of a mountain. A tiin. v. clear. mountain s top. Bardney. es. beoan. publican. n. Agreeing. beer-servant. of beo. n. a/eas^. lucid. he by<5. ser- become. Bright. we beo^. beo indf. Beohata. se . v. heals-borga: borga borh. m. scealc. BER . e . Bright: Used only in the termination of the names of men. guard or provide against. a surety.-cere. ribbon. -brice. Beornica rice. modor beeof bees. prt. ymb. n-bread n-br6c5 Bees'-bread. v. merely^ 7w«n. es. es. n. e-. es. sub. tablenapkin. he byrcS To bark. -hlitS. beorh. — — A — Beorg-ford. — : : : : Beornicas The Bernicians. excel. — es. n. g. . a honeycomb. to Bend-an. hit beo we be6n. v. but. heo. fortify. — A A Der. A table-bowl. A bearer. es. shelter. birce. Beofung. ing. m. m: -scyte. Beorn. Beogan to bend. es .n. ben. Beortian to s/rin^.A bear. -cwealm. es . m.it often signified. se f. coverlet. n. Beowulf./. v. When wi^ follows To fortify. A Beot. threatS. or bends. word A ening. nys. the summit promise. an m. — . beorga . the ivill. Beer. . v. An. chief. Bee -wort. ian To promise. nes. es. m. Beorh-ford. beprewan Totcink. god-. mouiitain. ern. v. -lice Distinctly. Beornes. S. splendid. general. m. v.

Bere-flur. K. Berian To bare. Beth'c ? Excellent. — — A — . p. v Bete. — fserende Passing — fleon To escape. . paid in kind. 1. berbine Vervain verbena. Berigea a surety. 1. v. To carry. ssed. A corn village. peristereon. [sup. : : : beorS -e wealm. v. -flor. es . bugan To abearst. he bette. Bernes. To . betst. A barn. : — Bere-ern. bear. Fertility. dyed. n. un. v. v. v. ter . berie. he byrst . Berynde breeding. -wic basu : berie. tere. v. To burst.vcel. — — — . r Brighter. byvgels in — A burial Bejjen A fomentation. Belonging to a make a fire. Bercnd-e Fruitful. As girdles were used to carry money.— Der. beran. A cultivator. we Bergan to avoid. v. v. /. v. m? Besma. adj. — . -hyrig. public lieafdpurse. Barley grass. he byrS beeron .A courtafarragol M. gafol. cwyld-. Betoce The herb betony. made of barley. S. -burge . S. first . T'o Der. v. Betnes. Besem. remedy. — . X. byriga.birst. shire. break. Berce A birch. m. offer siqyport . A corn place j a barn. cesc-. Der. buriged Buried. -estre. — — aicay. betera. ship. fall. v. most . v. S. [comp. byrgeis in byrgan. S. v. piodnce. 3. an y. geongende Passing by. — nes. beren. S. optirne. Betan. hence 2.A grain of barley. Berig to a city. floor. 2. adv. Bergels-leo^. m. beoi*^. Bi-bod Berst loss. -gerdel A purse. bere-ern./. gencg. amending. Better. v. Berbyz ? Wether sheej). rffid-. v. Bergena ofberrieSy v.svffer endure.Agirdle. ursine. the best. betest adj. . tillage. A berry. berern. v. esj m. Ex. — Worship^ gangan To icorship. blatta. B. L. dipjjed. be. m. gengere. near. -wic. cuman To come. v. eorn. v. Berg-harn-stede. a treasury. on-. vately. bring forth. se. Bi By. make naked. J. bette. cwealm-. Beta. the barley harvest.-tid: inbyrdling: ber tS. ham. bera. Berencdon Lighted. f. beorgan. bearing burs. Berig-drenc Drink made of Betst. seo. alfen. berie. berige.ocS. -gafol. beran. biting. gl. ing -ige. es m. — — — . d. ened. of burh. q/god] mulberriea. L. — fohten Assailed. }?8et beBereotan To deplore. v. Betst adv. L. -graes. helmod Shrouded. an assuaging byrgan. gyrPractises. v. L. cwide A proverb. barley. es .besm. surpass. — 2. es . -tiin. Bejj-ian To bathe. ba. bctre. compensate. void. geboren. every labourer employed in Berwe to a grove. an .— gouga. repair. v. borsten split. BI Beran. rods. -yge Cherish. bern. iic f. weeg-. bearo. betst. — heonan — — — — On this side. or region. — rn.Betl. (le\. helan To 2'o hold. to — — bycgong A selling S. to light or Beren . v. a rent. evade. Der. — folen Filled. Beran-burh d. e] f. healdan ian To behead. teste Best. -n-flor. 3 T'o bear. v. beorht. berende bercndnes. be-togen. A worshipper. to make better. -{jinen : bjer. es. Der. happen. streaw-. R. . Berie. Betre better. birce. up- for-. — fomentation. — blaf. fixed at BeriS-esti'e. a barn Der. pp. Berga aj)ig. — tun. boren. grape. blost-. Berg a pledge. a^-. Berewe A ivheetbarrow. — — — — gang — — — . pp. Best Best. yardl a corn farm. to grow betrung. — n. 2. S.es. se f. v. hunig-. bot. gecndan Beyond. by. se besta.es. driht-. A-. es n. . v. An. se betesta. Barley. v. amends. v. Berd a beard. S. Beting a cable. M. -saed.re. es. a corn village. v. A beetle . es. S. Berbena. occupy. or repair afire. cover.l. R. -ling. L. Le. daelan — To deprive. meliorare. Beet. — . bearhtni. Bernan to burn. — foran Before. btcr. burial song. a grange. weestmbyrjjen bora.es. j^oet beBerige a berry. forS-. make better. g. n. -ling. Bere a bier. bearme bjTe gebyrde. v. Cd. H alley -loaf. bere. Betera. bera. optimus. blosm-. Beter-ian To be better. Bergan To taste. an. of god] Better. se. most. banes-. — j — flitum A loave. od To be better. Joined with i^r To mend Bered vexed. . m. seo. n. v. se6. beMountain fairy v. to pass to go — dyttan BeTo — by or under. A burning. best. to excel. : Mt-. for-. Berigena of berries. — fylc A neighbouring people. A command. beatan. -ern. Sat isfaction Berh/br bearh Shunned. : e. Berstan. steop. lust-.bersting. Bersting A bursting. to make amends. byrcSen. v. of wel] Best. bett. amend. beorht. penitent. berie. recompence. gebyrd. trian. glidan p. to improve. v. Oxford. -geng Worgenga An inhabitant. A Bergel-song. a broom. Barton. tioigs. -hlaf. m. -groes. embrace. 43 . mu<S. A floor for barley. o5-. hebaerst. beter-ian. Expanse.bere. . : mund-. — es. pp. byrst. Betogennes. es. gebered. betan. baernan. S. floesc-. ode. v. 1. — gaccS away pri- }78et beste The best. : hynd-. n. betra. brid beam. Th. six 2^ounds per head for F3ert-hwile. fruni-. n. — — cerran To pass — — — : -clyppan To beclip. To hear. — deped — . exercise. win: : : bird. def. or nourishing medicine. v. shut up. A bettering. roar. Bere a bear. borh. Bette corrected. Berht Bright. bearh. . horn-.. To fail. 1. BET p. e /'. gonggenne for -gangenne from -gangan To exercise. by. n. to kindle. m. Ber. A purse. Barley-seed. Barley Ber<Sen a burthen. Bet beats. n. primus. — -hlemman To rage. near Canterbury ? Bcrgyls. . R. Betcsta. A herb beran. -ied Made prosperous. province. 2. -corn. Beredian To promise. restore. beard. Berg a hill. we burston .beam bearm. adj. /*. hlis-. Barley. \_sup. nad Brightbot. S. Bezera A baptist. Bern a barn. Betr-ian. beran. an . baer. escape from. p. 5w&. L. v. m.m. rent. gong -glad To glide by. BereBere. -ung A bettering. Berhtm. es . — — . an m. beorg. ode. Banbury. berie. — — f. fruitfulness. : f BER Ber-sern. gebetan ic bete p. cherish. Berian of a grape. Bet. A besom. S. es m.

reduce. A petitioner. worship. bigan. on-.ic binde. near. Bigels An arch.Bindan. v.sli/. Sword-hate. es m. ses A. p. m. se /. gentle. Biga. be. beon. wist Food. enforce.Any instrument trembli7ig tvithafever. ScEcan To be present. S. Biggen An observation. f. imp. A n endeavour. L. Bigegnes. bysen. bide ip.bidan. hutch.bygan. es. shaking. v. Biernende burning. example. \. beak e . v. Tillage. v. L. biter. he bicne^. belgan. bycge. wist. To bide. bint.food. heafod-. S. v. meek. kind. Big a crown. wserian To defend. A loorker. Bicgan. Bil-wit mild. Food.— BID dash together. v. btigon. S. bigan. v. spell 2'o stalk. — — — — — . A bill. v. — ssec. bearm. sincere. es . e'. an /. cwide. Bielde Steadiness. — swic pass by. -hete. roof. R. or nib of a bird. en Belonging to a bitch. forepart of a ship. becnian. BigcS buys. heals-. honest. bag. ode . Bierhte. subdue. pray. pp. bytel. seoii tilled.^4 bending bowing.f -laeuan To beset. beden. to support. to sustain. woh. — settan To — A fable.Bil a bile. demand. shake. Biatian To threaten. a representation. 2. beseech. es . bycgan. innocence. rish. require. enjoy. be-. Cweorn-.for-. -gifa. disEx.byrnan. Bidroren Bereft. es A by e-ivord. 2. n. -hord. Bige buy. faulung. Bigc. L. support. an . sword. compel. bendintreat. pattern. praying. bierhtu A flash of Biggeng. A-. byme. To enjoy. gengc Exercise. Bierm a bosom. arm-. proverb . v. hwitnes. covi'r over. — noten.prosimply. set an example. we bundon. — suicpitfall. B. deceiving. Bicnian.bealcan. S. Ex. boh boga. Bilhst art angry . v. An inhabitant. v. vision by zohich life is main. 1. n. bted. H. ing. . form. beo bread. — — Ex. od. choleric. bile-hwitnes. Bilifen Food. be. A bowing. Biegian to crown. v.Bil-wetnes. wul. ge-. as Bif-ian. bilhcS is anDeceit.^ . sivathe. by icord. v.L. v. ede pp.de. v. biegean to buy. 1. BiliS. an . v. Bibod. bill. pursue. es. — writan To write after. n. L. hilde-. S. Biddore. A turning. Big of. A bitch. bysen. es . A — seah Looked — about. Mildness. Bigsen an examjyle. wudu-. Biblio}jece. ivar. vault. L. Bidel a beadle. sink. e . wound. Bigencere. biggeng. simple. an . — witigan To preside. I N — hroren Bedecked.-hydiga bill or snout. f. — e f. bod. pu. a colony. he bide<5 p. beah. Bifgende. gerdel hostility. m : byga. A parable. Biddan. spell.an . we hlddo. support. biden. A bysaying. liSe-: biga. we ba3don . v. Biddende. To shew. leof. tremble. Bigen bought. svvie Bilge Bold. Bigean to bend. byl. — leap year. — — — — — — — — — — : : : : . j9. beyid. An. provision. bunde. beacen. Bilig a bag. S. beacen. v. scrip. swicol Deceitful. ed 2'o boio. bogan. — ^etedSet. Bid-steal An abiding place. beah. den. bycgan. BIG gcbeden. — stalcian proceedftnarch. V. B. beagian. biggende Bieh a crown. band. crib./": binne. — saregian To lament. -bete. biht bigels : beogol Bilyhte. v. A trembling. L. bselg. pp. turn Bill. An. we bindaS. v. S. standan To stand by Bilened Inhabited. B ask. gry. -witnes. bil. Bii near. Bien a bean. Bid a prayer. — woedded Wedded. m. n. . v. worship.byge. Bicgencgeie. waegan To disappoint. by. spaec. comparison. Bil. es a M. v. — — — — — — — . Bi bread. v. An. — suej^an To visit. flan-.pp.se. p. anxio u. Bigan To buy. bad. ian To Bigung. V. victuals. — niotan . gan. Biht A corner. Exdeclare. bilitSe. bi.An. ode To 1. vi. a?n. es. loren Deprived. we An image. 2.e3 . sword-path. bosom. L. latj^u. BigStan-. beset. Le. An ax. to mix with force so as to produce a vnise.es. bifigende TremMing. change. swican To deceive. : 44 . byle~wit. back. Bjgnes. K. corner. v.beah. v. falle A Deceit. bean. bile-wit. — 1 1 ( i i — — — bye-law. constancy. -uundun Bound. beofung. A corner. ode Having A treasury. hut. m. v. S. commerce. bycgan. rand-. he bit. remai7i. beog-an . f. ic bidde. gebiden . 2. we bidon. an m. — -liydelice Hee'lfnlly. tarry. ligently. C. se . — Food. ni. biddan. earm-. m. Biecn a beacon. leofa. bile-hwit. es . hwitlice Honestly. expect. v. a proboscis. Biggencere. command. Biflitum A wave. Ex. resemblance. vi. Bicce. hydig. or weapon made of steel. Bill-geslehtJ3i/Z-cZflsM«^. —wered — — — — Forbid- n. swa<SuJB<ZZlic Anxious. Der. A manger. likeness. signify. es. v. p. Big-an.abide. . by. word A proverb. mutad Hidden. — word. v.— locen Lochedup. bitst. cast doicn. S. angle. Bereft. or out of. Bidende. m. Biddian To pray. A worker. byl. gebed. verb. -wriSa. .gu<5-. To beckon. bles.bogen: also. v. to copy. ture. V. a-. binn.p. Pro.Bilcettan to &e?c/«. Der. pp. hoe. leofa To pass over. ivorshipping.victuals. —leoran A — — Deprived. cullighttiing.l. horn. v. tained. niyldan To bury. Bieter bitter. A small — — Disputable. meekness. hardy. regn-./.tvait. v. bun- To . or near. S. Biesen An example. feed. story fable. Biggan to worship . L. bin. satchel. S. — stemed Steaming. 1. 2. A library. mild./. A by -speech. deplore. waiting for. una. sword. liden e. 2. See. pp. libban To live by or upon. bycgan. v. y. Command. bay.Bin. A seece litigious. j^ii bindst. an . v. pj). Bidan. bigendlic: bige.Bile-hwit. wave. ci bill. hydilice Diswath. m. 1. he der-. cifid. -hroden.bill. ed To noubele-wit.?. -spell-b6c A book of parasimplicity. . Bin. Bime a trumpet. 7%. ji^d -sel. The Bible. bice. V. pntteryi. Ca refal. buying. beof-ian . Bigeng. chion. bydel. proverb. tillage. pay for. nod. bile^e. fable. scur-: bogiht: bogincle bu. merf. — f Bicnung a sign. . v. wig-. example. horn-. beag. — sencan To -seo — Sited. Bietl a beetle. bil wit Innocent. To bid. wasrlan To — — — suic Deceit. tale.

e. confirm.^. smerian to besmear']. v. L. ireu-. v. byrl-ian. copate. f. pp. Blac Black. m. pollution. \M\-. bises A leap year. bend. blaces f. A satire. e f. herdsman. lie Disn. mochry. v. Employment. shopric. — . v. fyi'-. Bitolden covered. byrne. Apl.un-. bishop's seat or see. A black inferior to the A^j^eling or Bisn An example. v. tying. S. grave.. be<Sn. palld. v. m: an. v. es. G. unpleasant. : : Biom I am. phemy.w. v. a ian. od 1. Bitte A bottle. burial place. hrem. L. S. Birned. byfendeth. a biroc. S. V. —Der. ern. An.es. visit. Ex. A light place. e . bisceop. beorht.Ablaciau. ian To grow ican. es . Blsm a besom.es. S. A bin. v. tree. staff. v. blaec. The raven. besem. bloed. bouget. to oversee. blatta. es . -gym. A deceiver. v. v. bleach. Birgincg A tasting. v. bysmer. Bion to be. pp. v. v. beon. g. Blacjja the leprosy. fair. Bis-leasuiig. mock. byrg-an. — . p. Birnan to burn. scire. Bird a bird. Der. belonging duty. bat. Episcopacy. food. Be. v. Bisegu. tomb. blsmor. wyrt. sprzec. phemy. eom. Bituihu Birgnes a taste. n. byse'gn. v. L. v. light. Le. onctr-. Bft-maelum Piecemeal. A binding. ni. A-. biter. ern. : v. beran. bloecj^a. Bisy Busy. L. bitan. Bitende Biter. byrel. es . byrgan. se blac-a. es. pale. betel. -od Confirmed. bisgu. disgrace./. ic bite. e'. mass : is. bisegu. A birch bishop's -J^enung. Z)er. bitt asks. es ni? [bi. v. byrnan. libel. esnung. 7?. v. he bit. S. — — -ung. v. A bit. Apl. Bitan -lie Blshop-Uke. • — .. od To exfierce animal. Blac shone. Birne a coat of mail. Blacesnung. A bishop. birlian. — — — ardent desire. Bita. -rocc. episcopal office. Bisgu labour. biton. shall be. st6l. Hce Disgrace. beteldan. Le. es. m. n Birchen. — — A Bi^ A — terness. es . An. biddan.es. birgan. m. A beetle. ode. es. v. — — — . p. se . 2. Black. blican. 2. Blasphemy. pp. Blaec fully. es. sepulchre. chet ? M. Bisen an example. Der. — — A m. wlte. bytel.n. -secSl. graceful . insult. A deceit. Biorg a defence. Bio a bee.bffitan bite. p. bismer. -ian. an -. Binne. Bisrner. BIS province of a bishop. bysen. ignominious. a bundle. Biscop. Bindc'le. beorht. biting. blasphemous.e -jf. Birgan to bury. bishop's tveed. Be-. m. — . A bridle. Birce. to purpur Rust. beorht. an . Birhst defendest . C. V. L. bitela. an y. I'o blacken. e . is. birgan. buriness. : — — — — . S. v. biriiS de. v. sharp. of h\ica. An ink place or stand. an. byrnan. procuration. Blaca black. v. v. shall be. /. . L. Bisegu ng. e. lend. A lightening. v. A birth. beodan. es. ancer-. v. C. de se. dirty Birst A bursting. A bishop's herder or BLJE To give an example. polluting. n. v. n. n. — f. baernan.e. hygo-. Bisgung. ceiver. of burli. a diocese. Paleness. Bird. A A foul tetter or scab running over the face. A bishop's dominion. es shlp^s hold. Bior beer. n. pp. — Pale-faced. abomination. leo<5 es es . episcopacy. pp. Smeru. Bishop's -wort. Bit.— -ung An example. biten To bite. Blasprelate. bishop or diocese. an /. Blad. to birch. cup-hearer. blsec. birch liolt grove. Biorhto Brightness. blaspheme. Bisen Blind. bytl. . wan- — — — . m. Hissexte. occupation emsteward. v. birgean. Bisn-ian fossil. bUic. n. rank of a Bishop ivas equal Bismiriende Deriding. -seSel. pi. v. tie. binnon Wlthm. bysn. v. Business. Bist art. B. An. Bitterly. shop's seat or see. B. capture. V. v. bit-maelum. S. Bisgian. episcopal. infamy. v. jT. h^^red. To B'lrihto brightness. Der. wa^l-. d6m. reBirist bearest. -heatbd-lin/i mitre. an. . sharp. Binoten Bereft. ed To bury. Blac. es. -an. bishop's shire. Cd. gymm. lohite. • BIS hind. f. gan . A biter. beor. episseld. I am. v.An. m. bcon./. L. beo. v. es m. smeve fat Birhtu brightness. Biriging A tasting. p. -setl. v. A Bitel. es n. berie. A blackberry. candlestick. Birigh-man A city officer. A bishop's stool or see. 7n.es. /. v. bitter. Bit~ — To make bitter. reproach. ercise the office of a bishop. Vanity. BioS Are. S. Birgen. — A bishop's ro- Bite. proach. e . light. 1. n. ^\6for beo. K. v. Birilian. shining. Bitre Bitterly. Bl{3ec. laS-. being only Bismrian To mock. s : nm. ni. qs . ed /. byrce. To pretend. f. To defame.-berige. p. trough.. To — — — Bisscno A . Blaces of black. 2. ode . deride. . piece. Bitst pray est. Pale. lantern. bi-saee. -saece. n. ad). to that of the aldorman. bleec. rice. jet. utility. beran. highest nobleman. v. uug. — ian. biddan. 71. or Bismor a disgrace. v. beon. — horrid. Apl. n. Birel A butler.on-. — hleor. parable. a wild beast. v. S. on. — . Biotul a beetle. Bixen Belonging to box.Bismoer Reproachful. m. Bisig Btisy. What is bitten or broken off. Black46 Bissec. e ness. 1. e A female cupployment. blsogung. beorgan. tyrOjwes. Bitt-er. vervain. blaecre se blaca. Bisaregian To lament. Bisceop. Birht Bright. bisetel. bearer.for bife. — . Bitt A bite. den. Bitt asks. Birden-meto Heavy. high-priest. v. 5*. dreadful. a housekeeper. bits. v. service. nes. the office or dignity of a bishop. A bishop's household. hell-. v. blasBirig d. es Birigan to bury. A Biotian To threaten. Bire^ beareth. — — Bladu leaves. blade. v. labour.m. Biodan may offer. rn. -or bitter. v. may be. bysig. The n? Ink. es. A bite. bysgian To occupy. liad. ill treat. Bitter. — . FllthiBirian. -ian to become black. de . by Bitme A Bitol. the clergy of a Binnan. f. Der. S. contumely. byrian to raise. Bitl a mallet.miabi'i)(ieiuUic: tjebiiHl wfiat is bound. ac. — — — — A — — — — . — nes — lice . — n.biscop. blaid. fastening tolth bands. smor. brid. es. Prince. An. ian. S. f. ful Sliameful. bisig. hyrdc. L. searo-. L. A dee. episcopacy — blddan. . adj. shall be. A bishop's fee. birian. beorh. revile.

an . blac. wellnes. a torch. blast. a. v. a province in the south of Sweden. coloured read Blue red. fs . A blowing. Blaece Paleness. Bleegen. hap' Blecte glittered. Blanc White. v. merry. shining. sian.f. L. bough. blee. To maketorejoice. v. p. Blase. — slite. 2. . blsed. Bliss. S. bla. blunnen To blin. Bleeddre. goblet. ode . S. B. de- sere. v. g. violet or purple colour. m. y^-: ing. ture. biy. A faglitter. bleegen. f. — : -horn. Blot. es .blinn. ar-. bledu. . bord. blaed. a leaping for joy. Bleow blew.es. envious. -netele. B. m. S. beauty. v. Blaewan To blow. giver. A pustule. Blendan. bleesere. es in. blican. -ung. blabc honour. — mod Cheerful-minded. gift. Blere A gem. blac. G. f.e. blaec. purple. e. blind. blac. joy. v. gr. Blinda mann A parasite. e. p. an . blendan. exultation. — es — — Blinnes rest.ybr blowende. blithe.Bleoton sacrificed. Blood. Joyfuldisposed. ]. Blin. he blic<S blicon pp. uta-: Bktsing-boc A blessing book. plea. Single. blaest. Wind-. Blaevven Blze\v<5 Light blue. S. A trumpet. — Quivered. blaewen. p. amaze. glory. blendan. -d'*g. an. dire. blonden To mix. p. S./?. v. a sort of Biatesnung. bletsian. es . — civious./. a kind of marble. e Slowly.saWeata. kind. Blessian. v. blfse. A blessing. hue. bladder. blac perity. comBleo Blue. f. S. A flaming. a-. A blade. e. A coazure. glo. bland. siere. pustule. bletsian 46 . bleec. he blent To blind. naphtha. exultation. sparkling. of biawan.f. — — : To — L. se. — colour. beauty. merry. -beelg. Bald.— Wee Gladly. heortnes heartedness. A bloioer. bliwan. aimple.Bleoh a colour. Blat Livid. fame. e. G. es Bleet bleat. n. — — Blicet-an To shine. G. or ulcer. Cd. Blicet-an. sjan . loured board. bleo. -iere An incendiary. f.EC<Srust Leprosy. V. — Bli<5e-heort. L. — . \. e . — an es To — dead nettle.\. blows. exult. an m. Blice. m. S- A bleating. blond. we bleowon pp. lilaican. e . -tan A bloioing. S. to be glad. e Miserably. v. Blican. blind or -}?earm. pp. Grey M. pj). bla^tesnnng. blisgere. Joyful. Blet adored. S. n. -ern. mingle. v. biawan. blastesung. bajl-. killer. we /. bltise. bleo . blowian. Bliowende^oMriViiw^. life./. plexion. G. pale. — — — — Darkening. blotan. (/ef. a trumpet. n ? also. blotan. be glad. bleo. f. cendiary. gifa. excellence. ende Pallidly. -gifa Blabco Paleness. Biawan. — cease. p. rest. ode . a windy swelling. n. Blind . od V. v. v. myrtle coloured. bile. lie — — Glad. Biawan. S. Bleed a cup. confusion.sant. es . a burner. bljEst. shining. Blaese A blaze. v. effeminate. prosperity. bellows. ode 2^ be glad. -agende Glory having. ere. earb-. B. ceasing. bleos . an . deadly. G. an Bleda a goblet. A blain. S. ear-. Bleed . a screech-owl.bleripytteMmo?<s<?spiteful. blinnan. S. S. S. glitter. A Bledan To bleed. V. p. nes. blister. bliEse. ~ Blanden-feax. L. e .\vc5 Blic-ein A lantern. fruit. benefit. lasDer. K. T'he lice — adj. S A — — Blan ceased. m. Miserable. gladness. A glory Der. bh'5-Iieort hearted. bleow. blovvian. inward wound. bliicean. geBlsest A blast of loind. v. n. Blind intes- A — — f tine. blend. blister. the art of embroidering. Blegen. v. 2. — .n. Blis. -netele. es •. A BLE . Blec black. Bliotan sacrificed. n. blisiere. bl6wian. ac. BlewatS blow. pale black. Le. 1. in. v. Blod. Bleed. darkly. Bledu A boicl. S. . Merry Merry Luxurious. bladu . Gebland. v. K. twig. leaf. v. slow. deadly. A' blessing. bag. L. pi. piness. S. S. blossom. crseft. blonca. v. pleasure.Bled. bloedre. in. — — — from light. -hleor Bleac black. we blundon. Der. inter?nission. pp. hitui/iinoHS Jiuid. sung. v.f. rashly. . blin. branch. blase. v. -an. bleo. -slite. Q%. fl What makes a blaze. S. glittered. Blecinga eg Bleckingen. f. gere. -re blysan: Bletsung. -ung. bhiwan. Blets-ian. consecrate ^ Der. an To blow. deadly. Belloivs. -horn.f. nm. nes. Bled-horn. an To puff. Blevvian to flourish. blotan. a-blzecan To blawen To blow. se 'jf. dazzle. /. Blaesere a burner. pleasure. 3. S. v. — Blindly. od To rejoice. willingly. leave off. adj. deshorn. tar. Blcre . blys. God. ser-. se. un-. S. joyfully. blithe. bleo. mosaic work. A grey horse. A niix' Changing BliSe adj. a mixture. kind. Blinnan. staening Coloured stonework or pavement. blicen To shine. — haired. Q'. Blaecl^a. ode . A branch. a king. Blidsian . success. . burnbloud. -fall . bleoh. breathe. prosDer. — : : — . joyful.Bleowes of a colour. An in. — Der. se .n. ni. es . ung.in. G. merry.m. blase. day. gend-. O'fer-. v. exultation. tung A coruscation. leprosy. That which gives pleasure — — se /. . B LO od To bless. -nes. blise. v. A triumphing. p. fag. -agende. ness. v. — . BlcES-4 blast. n. d. in. Bledsian to bless. — te — — f — L. Blast-bselg. To rejoice. es in. — . — — blaecyn. bleo. bled. Fruit. we bluunon pp. y <S-. he bla. Blio colour. n ? colour. V. blaid. varying hue. v. Blee-hjEwen Of a blue hue. Blea^ Gentle. blasere. bl. A blast Bleat. lahite. v.toexhilarate. Blee-craft. g. Blindness. The a whiteness. breath. Blind. A blast. blan. -wes . An. A blin. p. Bliccettan shine. A blade. viol. Bleo . v. -netle. envious^ dire. colour. . bleach. . reward. es. daeg A prosperous rious. Blanca. 2. 1. S. e Bleripittel./. Bledsung. 2. K. Mo. vourable loind. shoot. dolg. — Blasere. S. a horse. Blec-crn. se . Blendian.BL tar. Joyfulness. Z)er. Blsetesnung. sluggish. An. -jjearm. es . — an 2'o windblond : blind. Blis-e A blaze. Blaw-ennes. party cheerful. rest. perately. -lice. Blajd.ccecnvn Der. L. draw blood. sund-. A blowing or puffing up. its Bland. v. to fade. e. blessian. es . pp. bledu. feestnes.

Book language. Latin. and offered sacrifice of the -gyta. 1. Bodig. book-case. the scriptures. vermilion. leas Bloodless. S. A can To reach or spit blood. wite. Book teaching. n. m. blawan. es . blood. es A . A book. an . as we now say. es beech grove. — siht. p. -fah.4 sheddcr of spiung. L.— gihamand^ bookcoverer.— Idnd./. hraece A spitting of sacrifice. pp. Metal. S. an m. ing up of blood.f. — Der. literature. A fine for draioing blood by a bloio or wound. parchment. wanian To Blyse a torch. ung. — ryne. — Boc-secer. a volume. A blossom. V. m. v. civ. ode . . e. geblowian. Bloodwort. -geotan To shed to adore. yrnend. bacan. and as books loere generally icr'itten in Latin.ian. es . Rarely found in this S. —f.gebod.//*.-baerende. . hus. //. digian. K. A messenger. Bocce A beech. -ung.i4 command. bloten To sacrifice. v. gcwod Bloodbloodthirsty. — e. es. ung. we bleoton . read Book red.. leden. The trunk. 3. es . f. od — — — — — Booked. the Bible. A spit- — Th. bece. The leaf of a book. geld. es. proclaim. blod. alphabetic . v. — egesa. S. Isesn. p. Bookter. A blood. . A preacher. bloom. munaiS November. S. S.BIyscan To redden. preach. f. A letter. ing. e . -geota. . an m. . pliantness. Mixed That hair. Book-land freehold. grey haired. — seax. A blood wound. q/*be6dan. momontli] November. forlajtan let — -Wig Blood stained.-sex . crreft. S. treow. p. bocum . v. a lancet. as the backbone. igutsilit J. blase. a charter. -geote A shedding of blood. fee. ode. It was land severed by an act of the Government from — sense. Blonca a horse. Reading. calendars. n. od To book. — — — — — — : riht. stature. gestreon. f. ian To blossom. B16stm-a A flower. Blon ceased. engage in. -Iceswu. es m. — ian. S. spiwung /I ^Aroz«. gebl6t-an. of blendan. S. scamiil. order. diminish blood. blosma. At this season the heathen Saxons na. — dings. blood. m. bzerende Blossom bearing. a — nounce. n. jo/. Book- a — — — — — land. flower. es . ian p. g5'te. ordinance. library.e. offer. L. an embassy. A message. G. bee g. vi. a master. Blys JO//. es. n. 3. buxom. — — -h6rd. es — as Indexes. [blut« sacrifice. blood. as the whole body is 47 generally denoted by lie or lic-hama. Bless. V.— : : — ting of blood. es Apl. n. blanca. S. S. A B16<S. Freehold land. A -ian: blod. od To bleed. B6c A beech-tree. L. B16sm-baer. v. Der. ian p. L. Cod. n. boce .f. beacen. B16t-hra3cung. Bocsum Obedient. od To blossom. blinnan. bece. es. . geblot. — a. 2. d. the Folcland. e .<S — e . m. Blundon. made a provision for winter. An. Obedience. -litsy^ A flowing Blysan To blaze. cist. Blond mixture. tell. vi. blawan. Blood. bocon baked. A blood-knife. es m. A blood -spiwung. The body. G. A teacher. Blost-baer Flower bearing. doctor. — BOD . and converted by a charter or book into an estate of perpetual inheritance. . A book treasury. bI6stm-a. literary. bloom.e. blostma. p. A running of blood. blood. S. tery. B.f. land held by a charter or writing. — Ztirar//. -tal". tavern ? B. — . in. ig pp. es. M. es . Blydnes. To come toith a command.e9 m. es . character. holt. beech.f. es . es . Bloedsan To bless. f. bleot. publishing. and the chest or trunk by bodig. knot-grass. odo . od To bloio. es. to propose. — Der. — — . K. hence the Latin language. in. L. blets-ian. v. Blosan? A flower. 1 . gl -hir. flexible. — — — — — Blood-red. deliver a precept or comto publish. 1. stained. Boc g. -geld. A preaching. . lie Book-like. es . — raedere. service. bed. diDer. — — — lac. Der. n. of blood. inscription. es flownes A bloody issue. blosDer. A book-house. — dryncas Ulood shed- n ? A sncri- to idols. buxomness. — cest A To command. blendan. v. -gian. the lohole man. ?//. hriBCung.-be)'ende Blossom bearing. hoc a Bod. S. pp. . blowian. inscribe. mixture of colour which the hair assumes on approaching or increasing senility. 1 43 K. To for-. skin. a merit- — ing. liEtere. e. m. A book-hoard. learning. or fines: or. n. to rim with gita. of blood. Blonden mingled. — ere. animals they killed blood. n. — — es . A — — A — — — Boc. blowian. Allen's fice. vulging. bee: pi. a commandment. 09 a wound or scar after bleedflce. n. fereld-. M.. B16t-an. ung. bloodshed. giaii . boca . sitS: se. A running Bloma. v. It might be held by freemen of all ranks. the month of sacrifice. index. es. m. Days of amusement devoted to Flora. bloodshed. Book learning. bland. Bocn a beacon. blow. blis. 2. v. Q. Royal Prerog. freefrom allfief. A book- — BI6wia<S bloio. L. S. od books. L. Le. laetan To let blood letting. A reading desk. Boden. m. read — — — m. ode pp. -leas orblede bled gebloblood letter. ivorship. he blet p. -seten A stopping of blood. v. A decree. V. 7n. leaf. a book of decrees. mand. C. — 2. blush. flourish. S. bece. an offering ing. — taecing. ic blute. f. — mcSna^. Dom-. -raeding. BLO . chest or parts of the chest. Blosma. es. pp. . es n. an ni. w. f. -dolh. a book-binder. n. L. v. holy writ. ??/. n. to kill for a sacri- — . p. — a streon A treasury of -igean p. e. nm. ode. v. . an. v.es .es. tractable. a. scipe. Blood cruel. es . geotende Shedding blood. S. staef. . BlosmBloody. a reader. m. writings. bookish. v. spitting of blood. writer. Book learn- Blonden-feax. A throiving shedding. lump. dysensom.—nes. a mass. dead-. A — A book-chest. Bigness or height of body. pp. interprefell. hreow Blowian. blsed. A bloody storm. biblical. es. monaS-. es ac. : : an •. floioer. . -ig. -n. beech-tree. — — To — -fall. dracan-. — — — — — es reader of books.f. Bloest-baelg. Blot. es . m. BOC . wyrt. L. hrseup of blood. blast-bselg. bloody. The right of making a loill. library. ere. -bier. an- m. ing. a library. .

— Hm- A person who gives security. ling. brice A pledge Bosm. v. The fail. — — es Bondwyrt. shoot. J3octci)<le Bettering. a husband. urn. Bocc a A lancet. A border.— Der. . 2. v.M. Bonnan To proclaim.c selma A bedstead. liocU'Sfhoo. A house. es Sureties. Born born. Bosmig Bosoming folding Le. ^4 pledge IJog ai'in. p.6. v. semblage of folds. arch. es. Bosen-ham. BOR Booc-hord A library. a. n. Borli-bryce. a say " you will find it in the ashield— \\uf\\xShield-wood. foetans. Borh g. A bol. an m. botu. band. p. Boose n. householder. bolts.having. iend. stern of a ship. liocnsiiin toiutreat . bosig.e. etc. work or embroideringboard. a cover or Bol A sleeping room. byrnan. bolt. Ber." A boic net. Charles's hooliy V. 48 . Bogan To boast jactare ? L. A bolt.ticsBootes. — oe. the arms. S. an aslefde^ promise of appearminded. bearer. berstan. L. p. getiEl A Borg. belgan. es. pp. Bon-gar Fatal spear. sel. — — . A balk.eg-. . atonement.: . an m. Boruct-ware. redress. e . bail. husband-man. m. es . L. Often used as a lioga. L. -an . v. m. beam. cup. witchcraft. A loan. bugan. v. vi. The space a manor roll ? uylda An usurer. d. Botl-gestreon. weard. an arroiv. Bold.ian 7'o bore. A housn. Ber. — . mod Angry 2. bowl. Northern counties. house. Bor 1. rity. beorgan. coinpensation./. — — — — . B. is in the Laws of Edgar. B. Bolster. What is made of boards. d. L. hotel. a shield. borge an. 2. an m. Le. dc To bow. borges ac.es. leas Bootles. vol. es Bohte bought. g. — On borh . used in composition. . fasten. -wyr<5e Pardonable. string. Birth. A boot. Bolca. 6?. dwel. Borian to bore. 3. V. agend. ^ little branch. . An usurer. e f. — . coio's boose. To bote I'o boot. a spoiling. A board is now called by the common A shoulder shield. A bow. 31. hall. bald. bor. a -)?aec. Bonda.\i(iU%\^x\. A proprietor. BoSen Rosemary darnel. n. — — . -leas Void of security. er.S. surety. cs . 1. line. han(l. bogen Hosemary. One bound. ode To bark. Le. that may be atoned for. S. es m. . ridge of earth. m. an in. v. the upper part of ihe stall ni. A Bos. — — . 3. BON boc. se . ge-: Botbetnes: beta. es. buckler. -a. in the Borda A list. bugian.n. B. as Bosig. K. Borde. Bosan-ham. fa^stan To to make a hole. included by the folding of ian To borrow. pot. man. — . bos. M. m. A Boreiines. Sin. . arroics. hall. ii. bonwyrt plant. Bolgen Enraged. es n. linden-. bigan. A bending. — . a paion Bolla. A pledge. bser. indemnity. h\ia./'. wed. — ure or breach of security. Boseham or Boshani in house owner. remedy.vveild. — — . streng A bowbleo-. . L. palace. Bowed. v. gl. S. shields. . as it branch. . a back. bearer. an termination to denoted bear-igeiid. moreover.Borgen saved. -hreocSa. 1. es 7n. Is qui fert. House iceal. Ex. An abode. pledge. 1. nm. — — . boor. warlike engine. 1. be security [for any one]. or by him for n'hom it is — — . 1. A board. or surety. Any thing lator: as. lop.u>ipai dona hie. Boren born. A board wall. Sussex. etc. tohat cannot be remedied. — Household property. A sort of Append. 2. . house. . net es w. m. S. dwelling record or register. Ex. cure. f. by the hand. ple of Germany. niman To steward. an m. mf. S.v . bycgan. ac borgus mends. shield. hajbbende Shield play. es . borh. but the first time we it clearly expressed. an arched room. rnanger. bo^e. loan.'iy round vessense the word is chiefly wed A proor pledge. -fodder A boiv-case. 499. n.h()C. mansion. v. 3. hilde-. gf. a people in the midland and Materials of buildings. guilty of theft. ?n. indeed.v. Ch. A surety. A table. v. 2.^' that is. S. m. of A. gl scalprum. es Ex. -weall. a dwelling. Bor. Daed-. breaking. bosih a ci'ib. Bold Bold.f?A board. borli pi. or wain. Bail was taken by the Saxons from every person — Bond Bound. An arm. tail. A stall. K. vi. measure. Land under hold. Shield. Borsten burst ed. S. .bough* scyld. haga. a pillow for the head. Th. A borer. debtor. A fold in clothes. plank. . bondsman. v. v.Le. A. m. A ruler. bolstres Bot. Turners Hist. — a surety. lend. In this ance before a judge. m. domestic happiness. A warlike engine to shoot g.icith advantage. is more generally used for warlike engine. — — — — . f: also bote . beDer. S. Heafod-. es jn. offering Bolt. . a snare. Born? burned. . — — — Bonde-land. m. 2. Borlice Openly.\.v. Bk. — — . v. every person was tinder bail It is for his neighbour. beorgan. homicide. Boh g. B. S. Board thatch. inclc. a surety. n. botl. Bogodon dwelt. — — . A house. a boose. -etimg. restrictions. botles. Th. A horn. Botel. m. Cfeg-bora A key ond A surety. S. an m. e f. crib. es. or bind by pledge. or bearing Boryn Bearing . v. correction. the bosom. G. either by the giver of it. djfed-. cs j)i. S. . BOT . bru Materials of buildings. n. — . Bogen bowed. aster. — — — — — — — — . A secu2. feoh-. L. v. S. 1. bana. boren. of htrsLXi. mise. supporter . Ba3c-. A corruption. vicnding. held copy- Alfred. generally thought that the borh originated with Kingfind assistance. Borcian . tied. wigBorsimng. -wela. — . ridge. Bogean. boges d. es n. place for the cow's fodder. shoulder. timbru covered ivith a raw hide. recompensed or expiated. sides. S. v. -bora. S. gravijig iron given. Bon-a A slayer. an. A peoBord-gelac. a corner. crooked.es . Bora. iht Bord.Botl a house. n. v. a gimlet. pledge. an where the fodder lies They roof of a house. that bends.: betan. a pi. an m. vt. L. Der. bending. V. boh. An usurer. board hedge.

ung. ?. box-treow. Der. es . alter. draio. An odour. Brae<S. m. B. Bregen-ford. S. es. Bredan. breg. Box. bregu cation. keep toarm. A Bredi-. an . pretend. broc. fold. se brsesmeal. v. excite. Brsedenu. brfedan. Bracan To break. def. sic'ftly. brecan. an eyelid. S.A brow. Breard A brim. S. -ing. 2. ruler. extend. crashing. m. ing. Brehtm a moment. 2. burn. f. ac. -o. f. noise. v. cracking. v. Le. -e. gebraed. es Breacan to break. Botu amends. v. n. Brad Broad. m. prince. Braed-sex broad axe. S. brad. /. brand. Breden. brosnian : Brand.Bred-bur. brugdon . to-. tool. o<S-. To roast. draic out. breowan. v. ge-. melt. Bredende Deceitful. Bratt A cloak./. Breg eagan Brow of the eye. bread. hlaf. f. pp. width. in a moment or twinkling. Der. . A throne. aet-. — Bread. 2. knit. m. hat Brand or torch — — : : — — : — — — — : hot. gebregan. to gripe. gebrec brec-ing. vi. fl A box. Wilts. Braegd Deceit. es . S. to-. A bottom. bend. K.falsehood. S. Brent-ford.. . height. — — — — — — . lord.v. The brain. -seoc Brain sick. Der. braew. pretend. ing. 1. bred-ing. L. V. gebregd Fear. Braehtm a glimpse. an ford. bredan. an 3/". den. Broec-co|7U. ofer-: brjede. Braed broad. Breahtm. Braed-e Roasted meat. p. els A carpet. suddenly. es. C. Der. 1. to frighten. cherish. To nourish. -nes. weax-. braedon. Brget -maelum By little and knit. brad. n pi. A crackling. broc. upa. Breah g. biix. sea-holly. s. pp. v. ?n. isen. JjurhBraemas Margins'^ S. Bregdan To bend. — — — — . the eyebrow. -panne — braedels. breaking. f. Bridan. God. Metaphorically from its shining. burning. S . weave. Brec breeches.Breawas the eyebroivs. To break. S. bregdan. bregdan . A broiv. brucan. es . one troubled with the falling sickness. 7'o spread before the fire. \. breowan. Brassica Colewort. Fear. Breaw-ern A brewing place. plank. In pi. se. Bred-guma A bridegroom.A biscuit. v. v. V. Middlesex. A Bran-wyrt Breed. — f?istel. [braed broad . or take out or Brsew. Epilepsy. braid. -seoc. or small table. braed.f?A breach. vast. braegd.f Width. S. found only in nm. S. bred. panne. S. ni. board. Ruler of mankind. p. Strong. Brastl A noise. made of brass. S. Braegan . brocen. an relic The Flat Holms. —Der. A scare-crow. bryd-bur. Le. br£es-ian. Der. broc. brymme. board. v. drive. v. — — brand.\.breahtm. broad. v. 5. downwards. v. S. e . Bregh a brow. Braestlung. Breac discharged. baked bread. v. BrsBchme noise. es . little. Un-: breed. bryce. Brazen. broc unabrecendlic. f. To spread a report.-panne. 2. -stol. A frying-pan. — — — — . God. vibrate. K. S. se . e /. gebraedan p. Bregnes. breesen. \. de. e /. To sail. es. quickly. A Bredan. braegen. That moment. powerful. v. move. d To spread. insane. brice. quickly. Braue ^4 letter. Breah tnung. byrnan. weg-: brseS. The loins. broden. Der. rustling.— ednes.e. fragment. Bracigean. pp. brogden To breath. bruise. The breaking disease. scent. a savour. p. S. and beorht. Brego engla Ruler of king. A table. v. table. bredan. 3. Brfesna strong. braedan. Wilts. v.es. S. A noise. bresen . A which is spread. nes Broadness. indcL f: -u. creaking. braec. v. breg eagan. weard. brastl-ung. a table. make a noise. A braesen bred. counterfeit with brass. — gebraec. L. S. Bragen the brain. A — BrcEccae. L. Braetan To change. Q.Bregd. -isen. v. S. a Brsesian To mix. sioord. brond. A bit. Breg a brow. crackle. sound.-isern. The box-tree. V. es. S* — — blackberry. S. brsew. denu a valley} Bredon Fo. bredu A surbredan. v. e. open. Bredan. : : . Brac-hvvile A glance while. braegen. says. v. gebrocen. bredan. m. bregsmell good or bad. ing iron or rod. lay hold of. Breedon forest. es . brief. produce. pi. 2. es. weaken.n. braedo. m. Der. S. by piecemeal. we brudori. Breaw brewed. v. S. Bregen the brain. be-. an island in the mouth of the Severn. e. m. large. for-. e . extension. top. Brad- — — A ford. Breah tm-e In -a Breadth. hand-. breage . Jjjet brsesne. e . 1.: breodwian : broddetan .falling sickness. 3. n. Braer A brier. torch. overcomct Braegen.A thistle with long leaves^ sea-holm. lunatic. 1. he brit ..m. S. A ror. pave. draic forth. Brehtnian 2^o make a noise. Brec-ing Broes Brass. break. burst asunder. pp. brsegd. upa-: broic. to publish. mund-: Sea water. S. B RE BRE Box. S. ter~ pSLTnne A frying-pan. v. Bred broad. seo. Brece A breaking. we braecon . breahtm. Bregda Fear. 5. es . de . S.?. a tripod. p. a lord. breaking. 2. Brentford. a twinkling corusbugbear. Braec breeches. brsdde. n. burh-. vanquish. stretch out. Der. brym. governor. Brec gain. Braec broke. Bred deceit. fiction. a rest. dread. nes. dread. face. v. K. cover. -maelura : Brsembel-braer A bramble. breden. Bregden draicn out. Der. •ing A spreading. 2. A word -o . BRiE Botm. v. Brego. chiefly used by poets. es. v. spread. bearhtm. ruler guard. ua . v. Bred. mon-cynnes angels. A-. cunning. Brjegd-wis Crafty. soocnes. To make broad. bu bricst . brustling. brece. f. -an. rumour. to roast. brice. 1. an eyeaway. Brecan. hot.. — — — 49 £ . breahtem. surface. Bounff.A royal seat. for-. ian To brustle. iande niSer Tending S. a um In moments. se. es. a-. es . A breaking mjelum PieceBrsesen. -se6c-man A frantic man. Bregean. V. />p. m. denu. Sealf-. A scraping or graving shining. e. cabbage. profit. case or vessel a small with a cover. 71. Braegd -boga A drawn bow. L. — — isen. breden. reda. A boasting. -roi Princely eminent. ofbrecan.f. ed To give fear. A brandingiron. breeches. S. gridiron. fie. — — — — Broadness. v. on-. B. bredan. brad.

A breaker. gloriou. wylf. thorn apple. brsesen. flood. ode .m. we bruton . V. Sea-road. . m. hwile. Brer a brier. rim. S. the mind. bryttian. m. L. p. curb. mulberry tree. Breast-care. Contrition. brang.Brei breath. broliBreodwian To drive or tahe Brie a bridge. Der. bord. Bryten. Bramsby. Brid. -jf.— \mg. Bryt-an. a Bremol. abreo5. 7n. m. wserc. jjfct Breoton. pottage. Bres brass. es . m.Breoton Britain. S. es . Brycg. S. breotan. 771. — — — icolf — wylm. ruler. 7im. A rupture. Brig a bridge. Disease. S. byge. .That which one Bremman 7'o rage. midl^ bridle^s middle. tvave. company. v. T. coat of of any bird or animal. /. Brimse. Breoten. mind. m. S. Briddas broods. blackberry bush. gray or badger. seppel A thorn Breten Britain.on Britain. we brun' BreiJiiing A burning. -se bryt-ta. giest. A es. -mann. frumenty. clothing. e . or Bret-land Britain. v. n. a bone. sea-king. brycg. Bremes burh g. v. braew. the chief (f the Saxon Bringan . ni. breaw. S. — — — — — — Broc. es . Brice. beran. An offering. . f^rea Dire calamity. -geborh. Bi-em-an. A Bricg. Bryttas. the Bridel. v. Brlht bright.L.: BRE Brchtnung. S. honour. /? An ox-fly. The Brice use. v./. Briig pottage. brser. e . A noise. sorrow. briord. brier A brier. brerd. stomacher. voyage.cs. wudu Sea-ioood. def. Brit knit.—gehygd. v. breastplate. misery. breast pain. es m. es n. es. lizard. brucan. -rad. The sea. /. the inmost Bricg A bridge. — — — trouble. v. A breast net. gsest. -weor^ung. bryne. es . S. the mind. -)?yssa. n.n. Briwan To brew. breard. v. f. p. Breast flood. Bruges. etc. bridels. Jjwang. pp. chamber. Bring. afSick. aioay. frag. es wj. A sea-iooman. S. m. -ge)7anc A breast thought. S. -ra — More illustrious. es . beran. es ment. — — brocu . boo-: . an . pj). ^ breast dle. Bricst shalt break. The breast Bristol. A gadfly. . Broc. Breowan p. v. net. Brid a bi'ide.-geweorc.^ seaclif. thoughts. Bryten. glo. Breotan p.f. — — — — es . hank.Brigd A change. -li<5end. /?. the small pieces of meat in broth . brink. S. ca7'ry. an. brecan. Breaw-ern: bread. breaking. — . b^rist bearest. brim. breast-chamber. -lice. Brie-stow. Brembel A bramble. breat. rule. Air. b6t. broken. . v. braes. A rampart or para. briw. a ship. e. od — . — 50 . es. e. m.. Bricst shalt eat. e '. A brim. L. brycg. bryce. bryeg. e /. pet made breast high. V. brember. craclihig. — — Brist. seo. . — — — — Sick. p7'oduce. also Kings in Britain. Britt. bramble. an . n. An offering. shore. 1. m. deluge. an . Brewer #o a brother. -jjissa. the asthma. — — faru. rocc. Sea-guest. gon pp. or — fugel. bringan. brings. '. -)7isa. /. Brine a burning. The sea stream. v. v. afflicted icith '. m. menting. wif. — e . . — — ?/i. A seaman. breast defence. v. : . A breast thought. lie flict. Bret-walda. Breast thought. -nian. v. flsh. browen T'o brew. BRI BRO ocean.Briord a brim. in. violation. 7niserable. es . gebroc. w. byrig". Brember. — flod. breeze. bee. bear. wylm. L. break./. S. Sea planking. hro^or. v. brae<S. brycian. Bryttas. bridd. Brengnes. )3elu. broken . lirom-e. v. v. Brettas Britons.es. S. A sea rock. ed To celebrate^ solemnize. perhaps beort6n. V. Lincolnshire. beorh. affliction. vex. brym-e . S. v. A mind brood. e . es. service. brydles . S. have in BreoXan 7'o perish. — beortiin a hall. es. bremel. Bryten. make famous. Brittisc British. Bricsade profited. m. v. v. A sea- Bredan To warm. e . . pi. L. a mail. Bristniende Breaking. Brew an eyebroio. v. an.Bresen brazen. Brittan. bread. es. A steioard. m. ton pp. bankrupt. grieved. Breost. — . G. an . brajr A |?yrn A bram. top of a pot or vessel. brerd.ac. . ban. grievously. — Der. the 7nind. brungen Breod bread. Brittas Britons. riouS' — en Solemn./. od To oppress. Brig. brier. brydel . lice Sickly. es. de . Sea-fowl. G. a sacri' Brengan to bring. . a jade. a rupture. A brier. brym. burge . — A blffist Sea-burden. Bristl — — — — Brittian to divide. m. Der. n. apple. n. es. table scraps. fracture. Broc A horse.A bridle thong. ian p. 2. broten To bruise. siren. S. A sea-stormer. v. n. a ship. Bridestung The pimpernel. brem-e adj. gebrice.Brim. bedern. the ocean. Bramsbury. m. a sailor. cearu. brembel. a bit. v. f . es. weall. f. ?n. brood. notable. 7n. es . v. bryd. pJ. v. 7nl A brock. bredan. v. Briw.o. bryce. — apppcl A Brcotone lond Britain's land. p. bremel. es. S. — — . lead. ode pp. The young Sreast clothing. Iienmvned. A sea-ruler. Brica. a voyage. themind. bramble Brotene British. margin. -beorg. pp. Brettnere. od To bri-roc. A British flee. e . A bridle es The breast enclosure.-^endlic ^ Having in ho- nour celebrated famous. -tian. v. hoard. m. sea-horse. ian. K. an . brffimbel. ble bush. q:<>brom-an . lin A breast cloth. g. es. nament. L. gebroht To bring. se f. in fortune. A tor. -hengest. L. a rein. e A sea-journey. es m. crumbs. — —lad. f.S. A seaa ship. nett. M. 7n.es. The breast. ^TWiiraenBrokenmeat. es . cofa. S. — — — A bristle. e . Brercis. d. Bridgenorth. c. — — — bro^ : bre<San. v. — stream. breord. f A sea-going. the mind. Bricg-stow. es. The breastBriose. Breoten-ealond Britain. roar. broiihtnung. persecute. v. A sailor. es n. we bruwon pp. Ex. Brcrd.in. /?. se brem-a . es . Britten. Breord a brim^ v. brohte. adduce. loca. es . gewaede.f. short windedness. an m. a ship. A sea^ way. S. v. . brid. Bryten. es . the sea. bredan. bringan. Bryten. — leadu.favwus. v. m. wisa. v. Bryttisc Brittnere A 7nanager. Breast orbeorht. pain. a brier.

A brook. v. heat. broker. or lufe tons. m. perishable. S. purple or scarlet garment. v.^dyls a bridle. S. v. r«.— ig Broody. firm An. e . ac. 2. — last. Watermint. brooding.d. Bryrd Grieved. A prodigy. thefirst blade or spire Brune dark. Brosn-ian p. BiOcSerscipe Godts. a. m.S. K. workmayiship. . /. Brodetan To tremble. Bvyme famous./". A Briton. — — — Bryce a violatian. brucan. an . S. Brydel a bridle. es m. . a tvood in Sussex. -minte. dread. — —Y\nQX\Amidicife. orfeast. The hair on the eyelids. ivhether in Great Britain — — \ : j . — es m. an. — The murder -cwealm. Bruwa. Ex. C.f. Brostlung. Broga. brsedan. S. v. ^7. f.y. L. ofer-. gewith deer : hence the Broyl. faesten A broom-field. nes. S. f? An eyelash? Ex. brun. — gefaedred A A friar. brsec pi. brucan. e. Bryt. Brown. — — — — Br. riage portion. brim. —wylm A fire — — Icuma A fire. breac. of free cost. Brooni. C./. S. The place in JVoi'thumberland ivhere the Brond a torch. Br6<Sor. /. — pi. a herb. discharge. A conjugal step. Brodetung. bryc<S. Broht Bird-lime. m. /. Bront ? Streaming. broce . an m. m. — se. byrnan. brie . Hones. A prick or Brune a brook. brun. v. — — A marriage gift. A brother slayer. p. e. Brooc a brook. ecg. m. brem-an. -rest. do good. -gift. Broddetan.wi. Bryran ? To rule.es. Brotherhood. an . L. : broca. . BrycatS. — al. pp. A ivork. -mynte. an To goad. B. salt liquor. Broth. de .wite-. ru . guma. the occupa- of a thing. pi. loave. Bryce. Brod A brood. eye lashes. ac.es. the mother's side. — . nm. sunu A brother s son. tion or exercise v. v.dusky. m spring. fruit. betony.spere-. -igendHc Corrupliung. flame. bringan. Brysan . v.Browen cooked. brdj^. bletsung. S. wn. to the A rchbishop of CanBrucing A function. Brygc a bridge. -bedd. d. Brymel A bramble. e . Bryce. bryd-elic. n. ealoS. brice. an Brurdan Compungere. Breeches. ivarren stored we brucon . d. in repair./. S. v. Bryd brid. Sorrow. —esLu. brog. L. bridel. Brugdon dreio. Briican. lie 11. An impost or levy for keeping bridges — Geboren bro^SerGermanusf — Bio^or-baua. L. brice Use. -had Brotherhood. v. K. — — — A bed chamber. n. od To Bruun brown. v. Brord. Bryht bright. bryran. Brost breast. — Bridal.ashi^ub. L. Broel A park. es . brocum . a border. K. * 61 E 2 d. ble. Welsh. a lie. A burning. v. besom. Bro^ur a brother. pp. Brycian.f. — cofa. beorht. elic gewrit A play.— wif. es . gewcorc. horror. Bryten. S. twisted blade. S. brec. bringan. m. v.v. 2. A mar- — — . advantage. brutSor. ode pp. S. Le. Brycian. brocen To use. mar- A . Th. a Broil misery. gemaedrted^'l brother on S. boiling. brand. an occuterbury. n. c. n. . An. — Bryne-adM burning disease. Mo. Brymme. enjoy. enjoyment.]oppa A marriage feast. Bryne Brine. : I . v. BryngaS bring.. perish. blind nettle. — — — Brydelic. S. Der. v. \. a girdle. brocen. Brohte brought. brec. rivulet.m A marriage song. Brode A growing together. roife. A Bryc a bridge. -gifta Nuptials. — bui". ed tale. goat or sheep skins. pation. we brucaSjbrycaS p. — riage b/essbig. RO BR V . e. A bride. BroS. spoken of a sword. fag Brum. -ian Tomake a bridge. rocc. brycg. -JendJic. es . Broccen. adj. BioS. bricg. gyld. What is made of broom. brycg. Brunnan burh wood of broom. fire. bredan. Le. a bride or marriage fast . hlofa A marriage feast. 1. n. of a brother. v. lip of a pot. bryce. Brown coloured. e. v. A brother. R. bryce. v. . Bryhtm glance. S. Brod Freehj. v. v. Ex. broc. briwan. brcScSur. w. famous battle of Athelstan teas fought. Jju bricst.—wyrt. dark. g. Broion edged. Brocen broken. A bride gift . — gifu. Lap. lic-Brotherly. to pant for fear . Srum m. raging. brookmint. f. Bryr<S ruleth.brycgcan. e . An. water broom. Bricgstow. e. Brogden Variegated. Bryttes. ed To bruise. gield A burnt-offering. baso A purple colour. and such like. rot. f. rater. — Brycg-boi — BRY . fear. S. Stan. jn. Der. an . es n. dusky. v. — Der.f. -ealo Bride ale. brotSra 1. of grass or corn. -sang. e. corrupt. v. es BrutSer a brother. Brudon spread. brother on the father's side. -sib Brotherhood. broc. S. belonging bear. a fever. A e .es — Brotherhood. Bryt A nymph? nvmpha. es made of Broce use. espousals. S. — . Brunejjan A disease. foaming. A bride bed. es es. B Broc. v. . brotSor es. brink. in. v. Broden-mil. scipe Godes or lufe Christian love. — corruption. slaga. N. rffiden. — — — -ealu Marriage ale. se . adj. S. A bride chamber. Broten Britain. bringan. he bryctS. Mo. v. an in. forg. profit. an. . v. -scipe — — — — woman. v. monster. es . brogden. —lopa. C. pp. Br6c . Here-. ? — Bryden Solid. Brym the sea. wyrt. nm. bed. daeg Passion-day. S. tSra. )?ingas Marriage affairs. n. A bridge. who has a sicord. breost. Repairing of a bridge. 2. . broiSor. fashion. iende. — A garmeJit . S. v. trembling. A bridegroom. breahtm. eat. v. a scent. A sword. The name of a place. f. e. — A marriagebed. es . Brygdan To draio. e:/.S. a close or Brunan burh. S. ode To profit. vvealas Briavailable. be or Bretagne. C. S. profit. Brycg. an edge. trowsers. v. brodetan To tremble. burne. 938. g. . — reaf. a ivaxinghard. -stow Bristol. bro- .msel. terror.f. p. f. S.wa3ter-. A ivedding garment. A brothers wife. brfdel. scorching. K. a congealing. m. S. ac. Briin . BryctS uses. an . v. Useful. dun. Brim. v. brecSer g. point. q/'brecan. Bryne. One Brungen Brought. brastl-ung. in a. . A dowry. g. es.^ brim. break small. Broiherioort or herb. a fratricide.e /. m. Brown icort. Bryde A draicing out. Christian love. v. gebr6<Sra. burge . An. lac. or gaeten roc. broca. A murderer of a brother.

Buce. Bryton Britain. borh. — A A he-goat : a stan-. Buan. es . The of Burgundians. e. Hangings for a chamber. One dicelling. house. -4 distributor. v. ac. Brytte. calf. L. getael-. proness. d. f. stoop. bolot herb. den.ofheorgKr\» Brytnere. ac. Spa' gend. what are now called cities tian. pp. a bullock. es . Der. mushroom. v. Bue. Bunda Bundles. Burgan to protect. Bryten. e. powerful. Der. The city coun- — bed. bur./. stew- f A — — — — — A — — — A — — — — A — — A — A A : — A — — A — — A A — An — — — — A — A — A : — A A A — . dweller. an inhabitant. to give way. burg-stol [beorg. dwell. use. tapestry.Breten. buwian. ge}7ing<5. city: sessor. An. m. before. L. Buoftalmon Chamomile. L. A bower-tent. cup. an Btigunde bowing. Burh-bispalace. fold-. v. an. BUG Bryta An author. edneSjSe. Bry tene. Brytten Britain. land. lord. m. we bugon . Der. Bulluca. becen. S. Burg-stal. Borringholm or Bornholm. Bug-ian .stefna. an . n.-nian. morenica. begen.bugian Bunda. used in opposition to Burge saved. citadel. y. Burh . Ex. yield. burge . m. v. Bucca.n.e8 . -agend. Bude ordered. v. Brytnian. adv. Wide world. v. j^eod-. An. reaf. A relawong. burg. V. S. imp. chamber. es . Brytofta Espousals. G. gundians. Bune Bologne in France. n. pi. Bryt-an To break. into fragments. d. pitcher. porch. V. m. bot. Brytnedon. aninner room. inghamshire. Bryt. Spacious Buend. British Biicen beechen. Bufan. dispenser. I.-tigan. stud. British. pp. adj. fortress. C. Bunde Bound. Der. bruising. v. v. /. stal. es.helgdiTa. Bryj^en. milies and tenants. Court. bailifi^. es. es . prep. burga . eor<S-. A fort. bryt-a. buck. Bune reed. a pavilion. v. to cultivate. v. es . Burgh a city. Bryten. od \. m. citadel. biigian. gl..Bude divelt. or spoon-wort. afort. buan. m./. v. S. an . an . ge^t-setl The town gate. S. A fragment. bulut. burgum . v. p. ic beah. buh . Bucc A cheek. v. es . boioer. the roots of oaks.es. g. Bur. es . burh. A powerful king. a for keeping burgs or forBryttas Britons. dwelling'] Borstal. burh. niEeg-burg. S. od To Burh a surety. ml secret place. breotan.p. solitary and e . ge-. f.Breo. — — v. 2. a husband. /. pos. buan. author. an island drink made from it. Bryt-ta. Piece. ruler. An. burh. A city inhabit./. Buckton. Afort recyne-. occupy . Brytian to profit. es. ceop. a door. bugen. Cd. dweller. fold-. flute. gebet-ung.-tigean. e. g.e. K.Breoten. An impost S. begen. BUR v. dwelling. 1. K. pp.Buccinga ham.— . brice. Above.Bulgon Were angry. 2. f. bugan. ode . gem6t. steward.Burgon saved. a part of a helmet. flagon. Bulot. an. v. burh. Bryten. 7n. p. Buend. Der. Jjegn. S. ^ bucket. perpetrator. L. es . mountains. beag. es. submit. an. p. distribute. A British kingdom. Bryt-ford. Brittisc . es . S. rice. Burgunnear Sarum. botel. an . 2. beorgan. es . nm. the name of places built Bug-end. buck. grand-. mere-. Bryten. -stul Budon ordered. -gerefa. m. Bufan-cwe^en Aforesaid. also castle or dicelling. Der. — Broken in pieces. pipe. Alph. v. breaking into a es . Brytt-wealas Britons. Bue a stag. defence. dispense. se . es. L. Bune. gebun To prietor. Burcg a city. broken part. m. -priche A jjarish. w.\da. on a hill. L. Th. ard. es . — lie .Bufan. bugend. n. crumble. city reeve. gat. m. ge. use. Britford. broken in Bugan both. ufa. Brytou-land British land. S. 2. an . Burg-. bigan. The BurBugan. One bound. beorh. Britain. v. of Bryten. n. bedgovernor. v. elder of Bu both. a bedchamber. pp. we budon . tresses in repair. waeg-. hill. till. pieces.Bryton. brytnian. flee. brytta. scir. ode. Briton. bold. Welsh. Burgendas. Burg. Buckingham. 2. ground. -igend. Burgenda. bufon.Buh avoid. or the court used feor-. bugiend.father. SLXi. Wide.Brittan. toionsmen. storehouse. cyning. -getael. v. m. an excrescence found about fine for this burglary. m. sund-. m. Burstal. Clous realm. Obedience. wudu-.. m. v. The land dian. vessel or loater-pot. v. m. were anciently called burhs. UR — f. family. buan. 52 -ge J?inc^ . m. Brytlic. avoid. Britten. BuhsomneS. The city bishop. be-ufan . L. dispense. beorg. Burgenda. v. A for trying the causes of faland-. -ealdor. Bunden . Budfsest Stationary. Der. gate seat. v. Broten. bend. 1. bogen. a ship. buan. Der. beorgan. he b^S . geat. bindan. Wilts. Buend. es. rn. m. recede. A pos. rice. tive. -~v/a. a city. pairing. v. n. es . rule. p. beudan. pp. prince. Bulberende Bearing bulbs. ode .from Burge of a city. enjoy er. burgmote. breotan. bug. enjoy. enjoy. m. A breaking. V. a bestower. B -cote. ^ chamberlain. diocese? S. bugan. To divide Bui 8. es . es . — se an . v. ic bude. an . Brytten. governor. toadstool. n. bugiBurstal. adj. beogan . m. Bry tse. etc. m. f8esten. 2. sse-. fragmetit. corporation. broad. -geteld. beyond. A town. bryt-ta. 1. od To bogen To bow. m. adj. v. pl. byrig . JDer. British. e . BuhS bows. couch.f. -grand. the belly. young bull. d. beorh a hill./. d. A farmer. m.e. a mayor. Brytene. Under. m. byrig pi. bucca. cottage. es . [be by . -wealda. Burh-. The herb Britan. a farmer. Burg. es. in the ivest of the Baltic sea. geteld. I. bywan. Firgen-. ufan above~\ Above. m. runan 2'he fairies of the cious. A gate to a dwelling. ceaster-. inhabit. n. Bun (They) inhabit. bounden prow. biitl. bufon .f. spa. brooch. v. bugan. The Bry ttisc. employ . Burguni to cities. brytta. An. castle. stal a seat. Britton. an. breotan. es. v. above. a meeting of -wela : by tlian gebytle. L. — Der. A city-fastic bue. breotan. g. Le. over. adj. To Bulgian To bellow. beodan. p. sess.

S. e . d. L. R. ing. -waras . Byre A hillock. tion to the names of places. freedom of a city. /. bigan. ?//. poointment. Ijuter-ice. v. indicative mood. bat sae carl] body. butter.civil.: . v. hleo^. trope. v. byrian. -raidenn. city boundary. A swell. f. Burne. The Byrdian Sustinere.fairies. B^me. m. sure. y. A citizen. m. M» city hall or dwelling . a city. v. Bnt A butt. p. [beorn-sel?] Bye an habitation. v. an . A citizen. BUR BYC es | hence. e . Buter-flege A butterfly. byme-sangere. a mansion. weall. Biitu. batwa. Butl A dwelling. es . burn denotes that they were a stream beacen. v. incolse. se. S. The By an To inhabit. scyr. bycge .gebyrd. v. f. shall 6?.y. sittend. V. Butter. biitan. a wall. burge . A princely hall. Burn-sel. band. in the modern names Byd commanded. iht Choleric. e. byt. S. but.Byden. By mere. byt. also Buta. ni. es . beodati. Butter. bycgean. written. es . bay. Bygspffic A supplanting. S.A town's man. es Butt a butt for ioine. Burig a city. bigan. Quality. Byrd A birth. ByldOjinrfd: «/sobyld. V. Byled-bre6st Puff-breasted. butera. Byrdest . bicce. tn. es . The Byrdnes. d. herald. es. be6n. Bylges leg. Butting-tun. Monmouthshire. a citizen. an . G. bold. m. m. Butere. V. buan. ^saeta. spreec. -^riht.7». v. A butter stoop or vessel. C. Byl. A bile. -burg. citizen. 1. without. rich. nu A beadle. —leod. or moat man. inhabitants of a city as a Butse-carl [batsee carl. raise. Winterbourn. ^ citizen. v.Buta. the body or authority seaman. bime. 2.Buuc -4 cheek. m. Bylg^ is angry. bselg. an . v. Byggan To build. ByrcS barks. birth. pp. ham. brook. bycgan. a borough. v.prep. bye A dwelling. byrnan. Buttingin Gloucestershire. bile. V. f. 1. S. Le. -loca. b6hte. Byrden a burden. [be. hwitnes Simplicity. Burian to bury. es. v. to a city . sailor. tun. v. berstan. or toion. Bying ^w habitation. Constancy boldness. C. frequently occurs as a prefix. v. an . mysBurigen A sepulchre. es . former noun is often in the Bycgan. beorh. procure. S. 2. warn. butan. Bycge A bitch. v. v. burh. 2. steal. S. wall. messenger. -tid A birth-day. bran : thus. m. By gen Trade. blotch. Bute but. braun. As a Buwian To inhabit. manu. es . Burh a hill.Byld Bold. house. Citizens. L. Bygdon boived. 7)1. m. R. L. ode J pp. better form is Burh-sel. v. as.f. places.A dwellsele. bile-hwit.f. the Byran to bear. es. byrian. d. Bym-ian. A trumpeter. A borough. city place. B. sore. L. e . v.Byndel A bundle. v. Bisley.l. S. an . as. purchase. Lunden. v. v. Gives. Mo. a — — BYR — — — — f — — — • — — f — — — — — — — — . Byrdinge^ tveaver's tool. T?ie fates. v. Buturuce. v. burh. stede. Boroughward or guard. m. An. def se byrdesta The Burigan To bury. — Town people. buton. bute both. 1. n. stream. Le. Bute both. Citizenship. witCourtlike. The city. Burst A bristle. seta. v. urbanity. burh. butyre. butt. . bidel.gebyld. of a city . burh. crier. mound. a city defence. geboht Byrd ? Heavy. Le. borough. g. S. Bycn-an.Biitan. bycn-ian To beckon. Byldan. most noble. -a . Le. citizen. Butter. Bycgene ? A buying. utan] Without. An. preacher. bera. S. adj. denoting Something relating termination of the names of Inhabited country. save. v. inhabitants . es. pointing or fore finger. habita. tical. An. Le. Bydel. butwu both. v. Byga. conj. sita ? One free of a city. LundenByn tilled. ice. A dtvelling in or bottle. biian. termination it is sometimes Bux A box tree. e . wela City Buttor-fleoge A butterfly. an . lend. civitas. gebicgan . v. biitan. To buy. gebohte g. es. Der. v. Biiton but. rajdcn. A city loall. m. byrian. v. biht. bag. m. bifian. Burg-sel A By 6^ are. v. but this form more By by. Burhg a city. Barrel. m.A trumpet. es . Swinburn. without. a. Byllinc A cake. Bylgean To bellow. S. city hall or dwelUng. m. sal A Burug. belgan. ic Byrce a birch. Cantwar-burh. byge. -lagu. burh . wit Merciful. g. m. beofer. Ex. m. of places we find bourn. A free Butan. v. . by.n. v. as a Radbourn. imp. gejjweor. v. pi. To confirm. es. batwa. A bushel. v. m. bute except. v. v. wealda. c/7 . baton. Ashbourn. butan. Byfor a beaver. byrian. Hence by. first-born. m. Bending. Bygan to buy. except. denote Cities. v. -scipe. Byht. near situate or assembly. Byge a corner. Bylig belloivs. A corner. birce. Byre a bear. /. S. furnish.'-en Made of p. box. /. Bylg a bulge. buter-ice. K. B^. — — — — — A — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 53 . beorcian. an . To build. -um pi. /. v. Byle-hwit Simple. the Butruce« bottle. butse-carl. ship. butun . except. furies. burg. es . well. m. S. v. rough liberty. An. Der. an . as. v. e\ Unless. endlic Allegorical. Biites-carlas. stoppa. by. officer. e . boundary of a city. bige. wealth. be. Bygan to bow. Bygendlic . byrtSen. Byl-wet Simple. Butun but. 2. bye in the Byn-land [byen from byan] tion. v. ware. M. bige . i. -uce. Byr-daeg. The civil laic. L. as Cantwara burh. incite. e . As a prefix or terminaung. v. S. lite behaviour./". Byffan To mutter. make -staSel./. Burn. S. -weard. n. An. By die -4 worshipper. L. w. A S. btelg. byrig . river. a citizen. od To sound or play on a trumpet. A castle hall. buan. botl. A leather bag K. ton. exchange. es . A dioeller in Burston broke. S. an incorporate city A bo. A city's inclobrown. Civil or courtly speech. Burnen burned. Brownsover. runan n. fountain.A bourn. w6tlice Simply. : also. e . Used as a termination to Butyre. buruh a city. Sin. A figure. S. batwa. es . bdtun •. An. -iendlic gemet. an . firm.

ByrS bears. bisen . Byssen an example. Byrne a burning. -leoma. v. Byrcl-e. p. A taste. C and cc are often changed into h before s or ^.Ge-: byrigean. y*. for borga Byrignes. Byst art. ten. A building. A hammerer. v. JjingtS. -byrde. — — — — — v. — —— — — — . descendd. — ian To de— ung Deceit. v. byt. biseeop. \eo^An epitaph. Byrl-e. raise a mound. m. — es . y. en-stow A burial place. it is only Byrig to a city. beran. An. . bysnian: gebysnung: bysig: bysgu abysean. an . to be to one's give an example. example. S. v. es.burian. — wealda. hringed-. byrigea. Byrh cities.-adl. An.on-. berstan. Byrst burst. busij. Queen . -gerefa. bysne . : — — — — — — — — — -u. hleo-. here-. pp. S. an . B. C£eder-beam a cedar. A favourable fruit-trees are set. burthen. Byrst. Byrne. byrgung -sprffic. csefli A halter. -hama. A jwrter. beorht. Bysen. bytel. Bytta bottles. Byrgea. birle. A son. shall be. bismer. -ge. beon. S. -saita. -ian To bury. A reconciler. brine. e . heajjo-. els A seode. Byrnan. p. ed 7^o occupy. l^^'vhi bright. — elegy. man-. m. city. an . byrignes . the first milk of a cow after calving. -leod. m. -song. A burial. Der. Bysg-ian . by rgian. burh. A Byriga. pu byrnst. pp. e . iveight. gebyrnan. Gu^-. Byr-ian. ode.birian. uxian to ask. Bysn an example. L. head-' stall. Bytme. taste. byrian. an . S. — iug. bytt. birignes. soldier clothed in armour.— Bytt-e hlid.geburnen. bysen. a ship. A female but. A butt. fice. ^v^. K. -geat-setl. occupied. L. . e. Bysm^r infamy. byrian. buan. the young. G. a surety. Descendants. Byrel. e . ^. -hat. X. cs . -nes. fyllingjV. — : : — for secS — In words immedifrom Saxon. BytSne a keel. Byr<5en. se /• A burial. v. se . afile. -runan./". m. freo-. for-. freotSo-. Byt. a um . cs . . BYS : cm? Bypgu occupation. Byrhtm c. ede . ung.f. Byrg a city. v. g. cemetery. ode . ber^en. ordure. A'hsianybr acsian. -leotS.liyretS Belongs. Em. ^ corslet. sun-. burh. burg. -loca. cuiA taste. od To give to drink. derision. Cac Dung. Byr^ere. od To raise. Bysn-ian . byriga. iren-. n. G. en-stow A burypulchre. byrn^. biian. model. an . sexton. se. command. m. time. nen. -en-song A grave song. A privy. v. Byrig-ean To bury. v. Byrig A berry. . Cwen -ware./? 1. p. byrian.Byscop a bishop. f. byrne.f. Bytl A mallet. he -els. p.load. Bysen. m.-stGdc. -sittend. ednes. -geat. partus. ednes. A midwife. v. Byrigan. defect. v. byrg-an. butler. -fas. pp. A burDer.-sta<Sel. S. A An burier. Byr^or yl breed. m. birnan . ung. Bysst A loss. bisegu. -gebet. Byxen Made of box. as Strehton they stretched. Bysting Beestings. f. v. ge. -isen. V. a coat of mail. -o. seeks. -brice. m. bus. -en. edi' -ing A tasting. from secan ately derived Der. -byre.Byr<5r Born . v. A bristle. : n. bytme. Caifester. or bung of a butt 1 Bytt-fylling A filling of . tun. S. S. A bottle. Byrga a creditor. v. byrian. A coat of mail. byrgea. heord-. bytles . Byseg business. Cyng A king . f. vm. pertinet. behove? f. Jjinen. trustee.fagot. by t. beon. bysig Busy. a portion. od To build. ian ler. -swinig. bryne. -ing . ba?rn-es. bergels. BYR Byre. ea . S. bisegu. tasting. pp. es . — bismer. -waru. cyn kin. ant. beodan. p. L. where mulberry and other Byre. p. 2. cup-bearer. o/burh. en-leo^ An elegy. hvvile. A mallet. coefester. f. Byren Belonging to a bear. '54 . pL in. — : — Caebestr a halter. -leoS : byrgen. S. Sometimes q or ch . -vvigend. -pi. se J y.v. ing. Der. v. K. byrg-an. on Der. od To give or set an example or pattern. v. As a termination Bysmr ' ride. an. -gemot. — . v. v. -sclc. in. Byrna A torrent. An. bytt.burigan then. employ. : g. -nes. de To taste. sehtS to seek. Byri a berry. nes. — — bottles. -ian.. beorgan.n. e . .ployment. is. beost. to be on fire. isern-./. v. in-. Byrig Bury. a.: . nes. bebyrgian : byre. A sepulchre. tq become. bernan. v.Toburn. A city. biter. An example. un-. berie. es in. S. v. S. bcor. biirh. offspring./. for strecton /rom streccan. -wela. -wit. v. Byrs A graving-iron. elegy. •raeden. e. Byrn-hom.resemblance. By<S inhabits. Bytel. v. builder. Byrnende Burning. v. BysgungjC /. Byrg-an. rn. stopper. V. ung. v. an . Bysen -ian . -ung. -acyr.m. ode . y. for-. p. fiagon. Byrig. An example. burial. By^ on- : se . glance. v. fore: — the English k is frequently substituted for the Saxon c as. v. cs . Der. -jjegu. v. -bisceop. ung. C. bysen. ian . f. -vvylm brand. — nes. es. e. §-c. Byrg-an . burial. -stow burh. cup-bearer.f. A B^wan to dwell. Byst Biestings. byie . -ete. pp. berigea. -scealc. -scipe. S". es . B. v. Disg-race. Byrst. p. A lid. bury. to serve as a butler. byriga. A burying. S. and especially before^. -but.Byrigan to taste. -reda: bsernan. A tastrass. 1 . -scipe. v. butts. as. Ex. byrnende. — : Byt commands. Dei'. By si. ere. m. An -sal. Suffolk. wiga. e . Bryne. Cipfed Embroidered. -igan. -ean.-gield. bury — ian To — ing^ burying. f. A burial. an enclosure used in the plural. v.ctder. -man. A surety. se f. od To od To taste. we burnon . f. Bytt-e hlid. S. cild a child. cities. v. S. m. sons. -tun. steward. eorcSByr^ene dfel A share of a byrg-leocS : byrgels. Byrian. Byrg^ protects. Le. ing-place. gebyrIan. e. byrel-e.barn.-steal. 2)1' of horh. g. e. ode . bux. berst A loss. we byrnaS. burtomb. -weall. pp. K. -rilit. S.ByrS-Jjinen d midivife. g. bearhtm. -weard./?/?. ac. L. V. A keel of a ship. Bvrga of securities. A leocS — Byter bitter. byrle.. ode pp.

A canA male or cock bird. a house of correcclearance. L. A male cat. quickness. Der. -galdor. . L. -had. S. snuffers. guS-. L. V. 7)1. battle. disease. v. A chancellor. Czelan To cool. rest harrow. v. L. crested. knoioest. caeg. L. an f. Caf Quick. cearu . 11 ng. es . 2. Th. ceald. -wara majg<S. Caegie. an /. g. . pi. v. weder-.adl. A contest. Kentish cempa. pi. CfEpe-lius A storehouse. a Carl. d. Candle . Le. caenn kin. cancer-. Calian To cool. — stede. Le. — f . n. es . es. S. fght. Ccega. — — — — A contest. v. es. v. burge. ian To care.n. A — — . contend. m. Cal Wild cole-toort. tion. canonship. sioift . weoca. is able. Der. v. — — — — — . staef. — an . CAN . snytels um 771. Coeic chalk. a quarry in which pri. v. prompt. sandal. C A L Ca?g.care. S. a city. caelic a cup. burge . — .es. county ofKetit. ceorl. dom. . V. Caerse Cress. ni. v. Caldea burh . A chapter* in. gl. -sticca A candle -staff or a . in. Care Cark. Caen a pine. den. — — . v. Cama. Averment. A lock. se. 2. full Carefull. was celebrated with many Cartaine._/". es . Le. es . es.aclerk leoht. the Sclavi. a A a. -ig. Ceennestre. Cagrfille Chervil. Warfare. ian To calve. v. caru. ?/m. m. cunnan./. A /. Der. bald. A fighting. -leas. A -ian. caru. -u. v. A — Calo. Ellen-: -a . tvithout care. S. a bald place on the head. es . chapter-house. e. A canon. S. sorh-. I'he whole body of Kentish men. Heofon-. the mass Carr A rock. es. -ul. pi. a hole in a wound. Caru.an. keys. Caennan To clear. fuUice Carefully. g. cope. f. n? }. L. Caester. Wie Agrimony. S.f. v. tle strife. ing locked. Casrcian to chirp. . cearcian. es.' Cananeisc Canaanitish. — bora. n.f. cynn. A cancer. An. S. Cafer-tun. cealc. Cancer. e. Canne. — — . bendary. nes. cennan. The Chaldean city Sabylon. Capiin A capon. v. msesse. A camel. g. v. es . Caluw bald. manfully valiantly boldly. d. cear. m. d. e. ni. calo. cean. cafor-tun. 2. A A bridle bit. an . of can.. n. Caen. crest. dam. Canne. Batgarment. office of a canon. — — — — — — . v. early. an. toork. Coelc. can. rond. R. cre] A cancer. bora. v. in. v. Canon. 7/1.—-tmst A pair of sorg-: cear. To e /.Anencamping? S.y. -sorb. giggling. The Carthaginians. T^e male kind. 1. v. d. L. S. cup. ena . calo.7nen of Kent. soners ivere compelled to Cancelere. a steicard. Can dle?nas. L. nu Candel. hastily . m. an . e f. condel. men. es n. Le. an . e /. S. -fulnes. treow./. A laughing. active. v. g. es. comb. m. a torch. an -wylm: cearig.—\a^.an . c . -si^.Care of care. //<:-hyrde. bearer or keeper of -iht Combed. lighted candles. mod-. Caeppe A cap. ian 1. 1. d. n. Calic. Calla. Caerc-sern a prison. S. S. caru. — — S. Cancre a canker. v. S. e . [hsedern ?] A hole forfish or Car-ian. es. dlestick with branches. haebern. cealf. Can know . S. Hilde-. aBrn. es. candlestick. loca. carelessness. -wes Cal- low. waru. be cui'iosity. shut. m. S. Cantere. ac. pot. i. cempa. Carl-catt. calwere. V. A s07ig. L. Cd. A leasnes. Caenned Born. S. without hair. -uc. es. Caluer-clim.S. A — round hoof Calc Lime. -wyrt. Canterbury. canst Cara cares. e. A canon or prereckless. an . Czele A keel. e[can. bold. can. -gast. /. to wake cool. B. A hastening. or place Camell. in. d. in.7n. goblet. which. tn. S. can . es .an JEurly mass. Cseren A sort of wine. a Calwa. Carherb. ceaster. used before words to denote Csiiicet-tendeLaughing. m. calic. tear. ni. e f. the male. Camp comp. Cantlc. combating. nm. A disease ivMch causes baldness. an. in the Romish church. S. carc. maij dle. -leas. an . 1 Ccesar. S. eclic Canonical. ac. A man. A candle. an . m. Candle-wort. an Carendre A people of Geranimal. S. Th. chief. One who has borne. many. disease . Cappa? A cap. coeige a key. A fighting multitude. m. Churl's or farmer's wain. S. brave. v. -wund. An inclosure before a house. priest's an army. -seld. m.calu : g. gecanip. ac . /? can. um . rious. Calwere. cuCann. 2. to refresh. -oc. v. battle-place — Capitol. Calc A shoe. -Der. Camb. L. The Ca^ggian To lock. caru. rule. es Caemban To comb. cealc. Der. Care^ stick. lice Quickly. g. wyn. ware. war. Candle-light. hood. TO. 1. free. camp. scype. lie Brisk. es. A key locher. anxious. crabs. a woruld-. commuc Cantwara burh . mael-. Careless. scar. Carta Paper. a keepMaiden weed. a place for burial. v. -um . CAS A es key. es. m. Can. g. bog fennel or burhge . as. -waras.: Candelmai'ried man. fugel. byrig. S. v. Carles waen Charles's. ung. A singer. Le. w. m. — Canst knoioest. m.snuffers. S. active. cealf. e . cope. caluer-clymp skull. an Casere. a man. es . first.Carefull Careful. L. L. cann. ship's bottom. &e . justify. : g. a breost-. a canker. men of Kent. — V. cerse.bearer. A skull. 2. Caempa a soldier. a sort of priest's garment. Caelf « caff. . es . L. 2'o cncampl S. ciilian.f. -icas Canons. es n. m. . S. the asub-deacon. cammock. Calf ^ calf. es . chapter. Aldor-.—werod. Camp-dom. FlaetSe-. — — — — — ^ — — — — — — — . The ruler of 55 2. A . in. Carefulness. Cantel-cope. Cald cold. as cwen is the female. a. Capitol Chief. north coun-r at the feast of purification try carrock. An. wig. L. A cananxiety. a vestibule. ts. battle. tvick of a candle. security. f: carleast Without anxiety. 7n. A male : chiefly cave. emjjeror. raedenn. -ung. Cammec. wulfes-. a leas anxious. a mother. that can be locked up. A prison. VI. a crab. ac. — — A A large hall. — maesse. f. also cxge. S. se . es . Cantelcap. m. v.

orceas-. : CE A heaven. e. — — — — — A — . seat. plaint. p. an . S. The inhabitants strstjC .f. v. Ceap. es-minte. S. martown. an vi : ceace. pp. citizens. es . JR. e /. es . f? Strife.f. combed. es j m. coc. litary law. ge-. -ciende (hence rior. to buy. u . A cat. n. m. L. great. calf. -warn. The price. -si^. proof. ian . es . Ceaplas Cheeks. es. grief 1 ii. Camden thinks it is Tadcas-ian. Der. Cear cedar-tree. Ceailian To call. ian To calve. ness. — . An hired servant. cealf. Cedelc. castle. es n. and our chirp) To chatCempena yldest First. se cealwa . Celf a calf. Ceat A thing . air.f. ter. S.. C. ceas. A city. L. An. S. anxious.Chalk. n. Der. cafer-tun. a citizen. Der. camp. Any thing 3. An embroiderer. we ceoson pp. f. cear. A sorrowful coriander. m. eavvl. L. es. lime. L. Ceachetung A rebuking. Droppings careless. Der. n. S. journey. es vi. Land-: ceapunga. cedeleac The herb merCeafor. L.es. jaio. ket -man. Ceaca. Bald. bora. Cat-mint. ing. e . m. A buying. Casere. Cheats. n. Cellod Keeled. e . ^4 bought daeg. scip. v. trade. pi. /. a slave. a novice. Anxious. es. anguish of mind. creak. orceapunga. Be-: ceas. e.carc-sern. A chooser. p. Cef chaff. Cauer-tun. Cearf eary^rf. L. Cempa. S. ceafyr. wherry. ter. mann. Casul A cassock. Cheek-bone. seld. cooling. merchant ship. stow. ce^st. Cempena rib t Micares. sceamul. chary. es. tradesman's stall. ceac. merchant. Ceafel. — money. e. v. sale. v. ceorfan. ung. — Cavvel.A care e . f. S. trade. pi. an m. C. Cealf. v. f. Cean. caeg. S. an m. es. for sale. v. sale. Ceapan To buy. chaffer. calc Chalk. S. a comCeare with care : cearena of mander. pi. Le. ceast.i4 cheek. Pensive. — — : . 1. A street or place of a city as a body. se . beaker. A citizen. prt.Cellas Cells . Townsmen.y. cear-ian. n. Ceap a fetter./"? A cheek. Gear. Niwcalcd. an. a very great Stan Chalk-stone. a com. Casyr Citsar. A or shop. fort. Ceaster-sesc. Ced boat. Der. Th. — . Ood. penCeald. v. es. es . crashing noise. nes. sort of ash. grievous. celmert . [as ceaflas] cury. Ceale. es . be-.ceap-ian. S. A chafer. Le. Ceace A trial. gl. a coin. surplice. m. n? A bargain. Ceg a key. commerce. a strange mishap. thing. ceaca. g. Choice. bill. S. S. An. es . beak. cemde 2'hat tohich is Cearc-ern a prison. gild. \)c\\x a plank] A n ale-selling n. sorh . m. — setl. ung. m. p. fight. v. as they laere chiefly used in barter. od To take care. rn.n^. hus. A care Celment . Ceaf. ceas-ing A buying. a market. cece. CEA wif. enmity. a market. A tradesman's booth. m. S.f. a price. ]pmg. batfull tle. Celefjonia The salendine. tearof the teeth. coleioort. or day. saleable. a coin with an emperor's image. Ceus chose . Cealo. es place. as Cemes coat. -ung-gemot. cealfru. pL m. es . A bargaining or market dagas The Nones. caru. A cooling. to chirke. — — — — A — — A — — — A — — — An m? A — — — — — — — — — — A — — — A — — A — f — — Cu-.— es. A basket. A Cassuc Bind toeed. ceasen To strive. Cemban . city dweller. grinding. g. ceastre . B. disease. Ceahhet-an To laugh. S. 5. m. j4 meeting Ceaw chewed. — A — gefera.Ceawel a basket. v. castle. de To comb. a-./. e'. Cemb. contention./. S. -4 calf Great sorrow. toion. v. es . a beetle. market price. . ?i. g. J?ing. ceawel. 7n. S. custom-house. traffic. v. in the plural jaivs. —Ceap-an Tohuy. v . to be cold. p. Care.e . wund. Coolness. ode . giggle. e . cen. ig Careful. ceapian. Ceafes an harlot. v. res. stated times when the common people came to market. S.es. n.7i. for merchandise. — — . es. an tu. ode . S. f. [carian] . Ceac-ban. anxious spirit. m. m. Ceac. also cattle. es . leas Negligent. toio. grieving. — — A — n.f.Cellendre Coriander. collectively. e. S. S. -sorge. Cel-an To chill. es . Ceafer-tun a hall. Der.Kent. lie Imperial. A toll-booth. gnash. setting Ceca. A gnashing. heed. v. a market. es . S. es .-man: orceapes.uneale-)7elu. -welm. to contract Full of contention. ceowan. ceca. 2. A cole- worm./. n. R. cawl. calo. H.man. I's-: acealdian. Castell. the city wyrhta. L. A fellow — geware. g. a shield. snout . v. anxious. Le. a Chaucer. . bottom of a ship.f. m. thing on m. v. Hence the name of Chepstow. Sale Ceasega. L. careful. es. m. m. [ealu ale. m. A Cossaring. Chaff. L. ung. Ceara care thou. p. stone. galdor. es. n. v. Ceasnes.—hyi. S. Ceaster . S. Caser-ing. chief of the soldiers. v. to be 8 Chillness. cald Cold. crash. house. coldness. Catt. to cheapen. Care. -hljd. ceaf. Z. tra . — wyrra cawl-vvyrt Cole. — A — — A . Celendre. market-place. cealwes. od To bargain. Cealer-briw. -wylm. A kind of fetter.n. S. cearu. -nes unbeceasen. refreshing. Cawl. se . tvhelps. v. m. -treow. es Cegan To call. ung. ceos. for trade. C£en ? A jJtne or fir tree. refreshing. m. es . buend. Cehhettung Laughter. cawel. Cearcian . sive. servant. ung. Business. Der. -waras. champion. cafer-tun. — — — . chalk. Le. cyfes. pp. — — . chapman. A . Ceac A basin. L. S.. cniht. caru. e '. ceap. Cearcctung. cellae.inon ivave./.4 loudlaughter. adl. Ceas a quarrel. caul. /. hards. a chattel. Ceast. es . Cealc-a ceaster. an .e. of ce6san. e. ing. an /. an . Cearu care. cellendre The herb of roasted meat. Der. chirk' young soldier. — — n An empress. A city gate. un- — Der. m. tumultw for the purchase or sale of a ous. Ceatta. ceafl. CEM — — Caseres — Caserescwen An empress. gast. The chalk city: dire enchantment. L. m. A soldier.ofa-: cy'p-an. es . short cloak. business. e. Ceder-beam. wary. es . ceasan. cup. S. the grievous or great wound. pitcher. cheeks. stall. calf. Ceasan . es . Anhilus.

ge-. . e . Le. es . v. Hus-: carl. cyd. churl. he ceose . Ceolr or Jjrote A collar or regard. v. Strang faemne. A-.es . v. heed. Ceocung e . -sceamul.Cyrm. ceap. borne. Ceofl a basket. — A A — Cidde told. edcer. One who has ing. J^acenuedan Geni- — talia. es . gleow. A a-. an ocse . Surrey. business./. v. Cider Cider.Chidan to chide. es n. time. tun-. Cerdics . to-. Peb. /?/?. Hants. v. Cer A turn. Ceorfincg isen A marking or Cepla basket. cyrm. v. sil. Ruminatio. cyging. season. es m. — — A A quarrel. The jaw. n. Cerlice The herb carlock or charlock. Chardford. codd. Ceor A bondman./. v. a law. ian . v. Spocer. make Cidan p. Ceosel-stan. v. de. bor7i. A turn. — . 2. " Loci nornen. S. common. cycene. kettle. for-. quire.es. Cilct Chalked. e. 7n. q. es. merchant. husbandman. jjing A saleable thing. sometimes S. -fugel. A es. seek after. pp. chandise. ora? Cerdic's Cignis a name. catch at. m. a fowl of the Ceosel. Cepe-cniht bought servant. S." Ceola A cottage. engrave. 2. corfen To carve. cygan. sand. cipe. A manjiusband. Ceole. Cenesta keenest. adduce. Strife. v. an . ge-. v. a constellation. m. searing iron. cearf. v. — v. S. chidCepa A merchant. Ceorles wjen. ceorl-. throat. cuwon: pp. Der. a jay. ode To murmur. Keen. a countryman. Kent land. A . — 67 cildru .an. ac. contention. leag. S. sand. to marry. cennan. p. Centauria The herb centaury. v.mon but free born. m. Hence the sand-hill genus corvus. gravel. Charles's icain. coarse Chin the chin./. Ceor-ig Lamentable. S. Kentish. an. hold. wyl-. cure. es. cin. Centaure A centaur. Ciele cold. Der. A ship. 2. Cep-man. — bankofthe Thames: S^ says. Cielf a calf. cunnan. A chickeat. ceosl.ed To churn. A turn. ceosol. an attempt. — : S. S. cawl. S. Cene. Ceosan. e. Ceorl-boren Cerfe. v. Cerse. cellar. people. Birth. cawl. : — : Cete A pit. a keel. An Der. Thekingcyrice wael-cyrige curen. brawl. on-. 2./: also ceole. elect. cyr. — — Ceruille Chervill. ceap. S. Ceos-ung. Ceorl. purse. gar-.—' . cote. rusticasion. A turnCeorm A noise. DiBcl-. es . v. Cicen. bring forth. — CIL CEO pine. ge. cad. Noble born. ciden To contend. ceorfan. S. chick-ioeed. Ceo A chough. A rough woman. Ceosung. Ceorf-aex A cutting-axe. to. {^elu. e. Gravel. cyne.Cerre. be-. Ciding. — — ynde Producing. S. an . Cene-helm. 1. the churl' s or farmer' s wag. ?/*. v. — ung. a slave. -man. S. S. en. cepte 2^o take. generation.Cernan. S. notably./. Der. V. v. cote. A turn. and opposd to Wifian To take a wife. v. ble stones. Cene-. An v.S. ford.A begetting. he cyst Cent The county of Kent. c6n-lice Keenly. villae insularis olim. Ceorl. 1 . Cetel-hrum Kettle-soot. /. S. s. -setl. ley. cirran . shore. )?u. 3. A child. Cenned Begotten . -isc Churl-like. throat . 2. ing. B. se. — : Cest a chest. of cene.opposedto\)egen-hoven Cerian. [lagu Cifes. S. select. ceping Traffic. Mo. cer. e . v. city. . dom of Kent. man Ceorfan. A cheicing. L./. L. Cierre in a turn. Chervill. a mother. v. we stow market. G. A choir. m. es . we cidon pp. catch. Churlishness. hut. ge- CER as opposed to J^eow Cen a — cenned. 1. infant. territory^ Cheardes. v. lambes-. Se cenneda. Cese Cheese. Ceoles ig. pass over or folc. ceaca.Yorkshire. a producing. Der. v. Ceowung. The conwion by. f A murmuring. n. merofa-. e . . Chorl a churl. Cerrednes. cabin. on the Ceol. es . S. A-. The deck of a vessel. e . Chelsea./. Fen-. m. belonging to Kent.Cigan to call. — A slave. Ceortes ig. Cian BraclcB. fierce. L. p. coren To choose. f. strive. v. we -ingas Men of Kent. de . —Wh Milk curded. isc p. avert. ung. land. Country borii. earthen vessel. leather A bottles. meat./. Norfolk./.cean. -B. ^ chonis. cicenu. es m. pp. v. S. ~ wooden Ciepe tankards. chide. Ceoca a cheek. ed. bending. es n. — A free man. guttur. es. v. rustic. cerre.Cerran. n. es pi. To turn. sale. Chece a cheek. ofer-: wiSerken ofa woman. cerran. def. rice. in. cene. v. — — — — ./?. in Dorsetshire is called Chejackdaw. cydung chiding% Cidde chid. cirre. ceap. low CerfiUe. S. Cenn-estre. To produce. m. Le. Der. ic ceose .Afreemanofthe lowest rank. ic. 1. crow. Cester a city. re/. go about. Cennan .f. Cress. e. an. cealf. ceorl. es . ed-. bold. v. com. keep. Cid. Ceowan. Cetel.eyre: cyst: Kent. S. Chor. cidan. choosing. CetvehtCatterick. to vouch the truth. ceaw we Cicel A morsel. hew. . tm? \.es. S. a bit. Cild. a cabin. B. cenn-ing.. p. ceaca./. cut. S. v. v. pp. Der. — Ciepe-mon A merchant. f. L. \>u. cyfes. An. . cowen To cheiv. Cicena mete Chicken's Ceowel a basket. com- plaint. kill 1 Der. ode To take wiSer-: ac6rr . warlike. he cyrfS p. Cepan p. lohat is for curfon . Cexiue fierce./?/?. Le. complain. — Cierlisc Rustic. Bucks. -leah. v. — . B. S. S. Boiled toine. cidan. e. Le. ceaster. endeavour. S. an .n. c6ra : cerre. To beget. Eft-. S. m. v./*. -catt. . V. Le. i. lagu. cifese. /. v. pi. pi. A churn. S. Ceod a cod. v. S. cytSan. cottage. cildra. ceasan. iscnes. building. cerran. ing. space of time. S. et navibus accomraodata. The ventricle. Cicene a kitchen. Cepinc. J[)er.-an. Cennys birth. Vessels for drink. he cy w<S p. Cerdices ford. — : — — — — — Ceos strove. cile. cyse. Ceorian . p. amputate. small bark or vessel. ede . L. Cerene. cyst. betake oneself — — . Ceosol. onion. Cerot's island. L. Chertsey. 3. he ceas curon sub. vi. Ciellan . Cer dickshore. ceosan. v. ut noraen significat. ed gon. S. -ednes a husband. boldly. Cesol a cottage.

pp. terer. es -jin. S. cypan. Childhood. es .^ Cinges tun. v. -He. a7id its compounds. Cispao Ciane clean. e. cyn. cin. v. S. a kernel. A child-cloth. Circol. w. L. e.f. e /. e . daubing. es. es. -beorg. — — A — Claeppette should palpitate. ed To crisp. CipS sells. The chin. — trogor craDer./. e . v. a sphere. Citere a harp. To-. f. citelung. an f: cinu. -toS. — — — — — — -ende Gaping./. S. -snian . claen-sung. Cinn a sort. Curled. ceosel. S. Clam. S. L. c. ledye of the sphere. S.Niceness in eating. The chin-hone. purify. Clate A bur sticking to man's Cine-d6m. curl. — had.f. cleen-sung. ed To clam. S. The shingles. S.Cipan To sell. Claded clad. smear. v. Cilfer-lamb. v. 2. I. A kingdom. es . Der. p. 1 . v. cluster. . p. Le. f. CLA — Cildahyrde. A circle. tree. se Cis Nice in eating. Cist choice. v. cyrice. can. nes. L. S. Clcengeorn desire of purity. cynn. clothes. G. pp. Clover. logy. Cime a coming. C. . Cloth. es m. Der. Cipp A harrow. V. ness. — -mjesse dxgChilderumsday. es. A cherry-tree. se . A child-fos. bandage. Cist-wuce? B. A chink. fold. cirps. clifian. gecyiid. An acorn. pi. Cl£en-e. Cipe. /?/?. — : unclfens-ian. m. v. v. Suffolk. bases of a pillar. S. A young tender . v. Ciori a rustic. ed To cleanse. cyrice. — — lie . p. C IN CIT .f. \icePurely cleanly. A Ciorian to complain. cytel. ban. pi.es. n. Cisil-stan. S. v. circul -lie — —geong. A grinder! S. cradol. cinu. S. the cloth bur. — Childish. coverS. Cinelic kingly. Cist. ling A relation. Cinan . n. A carrying of children. anoint. colian. cilfor-lamb fe-wyrd. '. cina : cean. Citelian I'o tickle. Civvung. sprig. v. — — . bread? S. es . S. ciste Clasnung. Ciser-seppel. B. tate./. Cirspan to crisp. ede. gecladed././". treow. to break Der. m. S. helm A crown. ceosan. — — — curled locks. blade. es. G. infancy. clay. clyster. L. small clover. B. L. A child Cioloen. axi f. S. S. es — — A — . Cisse-ceaster. ccol. S.nature. v. Clappan To clap. f. a cleansing. 2. Cisten-beam A chesnut-tree. pi. S. Clfen-an To clean. adj. full of chinks. Cin-ean To gape. es 771. Clsec-leas. a nurse. cradle. v. make clean. v. cyn. cine in cinan. A return. S. -berg. esscrud. m. S. -ung. e. e . craeft es . cen. v. ClaS. v. Ci'San To make knozvn. cloth. scallion. fate . Chaste. Cirps . S. Cirran to return. sceare. — — claen-e. Clsera-ian p. clappan. Der. A cleansing. v. -beorh. palpicity] Chichester. A chastisement^ a chest. v. smearing. v. hardening. L. What . Cimbing. Clatrung. v. n. Clffifer. cin-. S. v.es. v. v. v. A pair of Cinelicj(?f. Cleesnung. . chastity . cerran. /. /. ede. Citeling. an. jn. — — — — — — — — ish. B. makes a clatte7'lng. -geongman Aninfant. es . m. — iung-wif. Cinn^^. booth. ?«. an . an •. cinon .— hlk^ Cimbal A cymbal. L. v. A chin defence. Cite A city.cy<S. Cinn the chin. cyn. Ciste a chest. or mathematics. Cin. cyrice. corn. pure. garment. to clear.Ciol a ship. Cynges tun. zodiac. cleanser. S. cyrice. — hiima. a visor. cinne. Cim. What holds or retains. ciellan. sicaddling. ceorl-isc. is v. [Cassa's Clansung. shoot of a herb or tree. cyrm.innocent. v. clammy 3fud. purification. S. -nes .— su\)g. Le. cyst. sian. — — palpitaret. v. Cd. Citil a kettle. cylfer. — — iiigocS Circ-. Clseppetung. S. Cille A bottle. ceorl. A cherryin Buckinghamshire. stall. v. v. A — ClfBg-hangre Clay -hanger or Clayhonger. Cleanness. V. v. S. m. Ci<S.es. A chewing. v. or a fourth part of an en. m. to cry out. . An. ciolon The throat. Cio a chough. C\\i A tent. Cilic Hair-cloth. Cist-milum Earnestly. 2. coldness. S. from Cinu a nick. a drum. high hills Cirice a church. prison. the fates. Un. Claustcr. expiation. cytere. gar 7nents. ede To fetter. Der. — sung ChildChildhood. S. child's garment. cmn fit. loccas Crisped or — Corn. S. A Clafa a den. Cipresse T'he cypress-tree. v. cinn a race. Ciris-beam. Cin-. dainti- cleanly. cys.Thewovib. cirse. cyst. shears. S. cyst. army. Circe a church. 2yurifier. Cist chooses. -ming A blotting. cild. n.f. c^ 711. Cipe-leac A leek. v. . wolfsishness. Claeia Clayey . czen : cine. v. ed. Circle of desmale lamb. S. plaister. m. The chin. cist. /. Cildru children. The pulse. e .es. 58 . cunnan. the root upicards. a germ. -wyrt Clover. Cin. faru. nick. Cild-cluS. poultice. ceo. cyne. cyne. geogu^. f.e . nes. f. e . cleft. net. An onion. Citere ? A chider ? S. cisefre . v. 3. S. S. justify. 1. modesty sere. an m. priest. Cincung Great laughter. pant. the adl. v. Ciste A band of soldiers. move. groiving. Any thing that Cing a king. cyning. v. metropolis. Cincg a king. Clean. entirely. A joint. penitiis . clamm. A child hearing tcoman. Cine. choice?iess. p. S. The course of Cilian to cool. v. v. V. cinne. Cirnel. S. tiny. 7n. 1. cyne. L. es. crisp. S. ceorian. pp. cyme. adv. v. S. innocents' day. -st61 ing. Cina chinks. cys.. Cind akind. Clsen-e . Cl£B<5. clac-leas Free. Ciltern The Chiltern. argillaceus. ede . B. cyn. cjning. L. -ian .ian. -fostre. S. of astroCile Cold. v. S. Cirse A cherry. Cinne. S. the fates. lie Gaping. Cirman To make a noise. pi. Clean. Claeg Clay. thejaw bone. A front tooth. clffiiie. V.es m. 7/1. twyinto chinks. e . A A claiv. Cist goodness. Cirm A noise. faest Root7«. 2. Cunnan. es A schoolmaster. L A — -heort Clean-hearted. es. Pure. ciric. Knoioh unger. cim-stanas 2^he feet or Cirlisc rustic. of cinu. . v. v. Cirre. Clothes. v. es. R. v. dol A cradle. Ciric. cleafa. cinen ? To split. Cine A commander of four men. — iscChildChildpuerile. A kind of — dried figs. J ticka rattle. ling. — hood.

L. igende Cryclose. call. v. CLI n. Clepung acalling. nys. speaking out. cleopian. es. in clyp-ian. L. An. lice Clistiin. Clof-wyrt. Clough A cleft of a rock. -enes. Cliof a cliff. Cleopian . split. v. v. clufan. -ung gecleps. inclosure. cop. hillock. 1. Le. drum. S. clysung. Clerc. cellar. clomm. se. of garlic. clip. Cluster bunch. e. A cluster^ fasten or stick a thing. cleofan. per. Climban p. cneowres. clea. Clyp-ian. A cleaving. S. A little cloth. V. S. zeastone. pi. I. shut. Der. S. A cleio. Suffolk. a bottom of thread. S. A clif. der foot. lohlch is closed. f. e . v cleofa. p. cneornes. 2. Cleadur A clatter. Clumian Tokeep close. v. S. Cliwe. bon pp. v. Clud. C]yf a cliff. inclyp-ung. Le. Clepan To cry out. Clip-ian. — — . beclising. holm-. S. An. clott. Clusa. m. bargence. a se. Cluf Jjung. ?«. Clawung. m. to Cleafa a room. clif-ig. L. . v. od To or crying. p. A cliff. ending. f. cliwe. CliSa A plaister. cm. y. cleopend. m. a bur. — : — — . clerc. es . cleric. L. the forming A closing. rock. se . Ex. which is cloven. S. e . a son. cnearres •. clasp. Der. clauster. chamber. cnawea To knoio. call. — — — — — — . n ? CUst or pian. vi. Clawu. Clem a plaister. Cleot a clout. ClyfS splits.. take care. make much of. ^•.f. Glad. A band. cleafa. A rough roio passage.y. cnird Diligent. Clywen a clue. Der. S. S. es . u.f. Cd. Ex. Ge-. . Clynegan Pulsare. ball. clyp-t To embrace. v. e f. es . cucow. water -wort. A seam S. . S. clucgge. es . as 2. S. hecnsew^. split. Stan. clufan. rock. v. we cn<edon Clibe The herb agrimony. rock. clufan. pp. . clea wan. n. priest. Clot. V. ig Cnawan. Cleofan to sx)lit. A claw./?. A debate. Der. v. affection. he clyfS . Cleofian to adhere. pi. es . den. pi. v. Clifiao. A ship. Cliroc a priest. down the side of a hill. A clock. e . cliwe. That cellar. L. cling or shrink up. cliwen. tice. liEcan To study. clyp-ung. e . ofivords. One beCleopung a cry. L. ton . A plait. S. B. an iiiClufe An ear of corn. ode To cry. an . Clowe a chie. S. an . Cloccan To cluck. L. Clea. clove-tongue. close. M. m. Cneoferis-burh. L. talon. v. CI pur A clapper. Cnaepling. l)er. Le. Clipung. pp. hlyp. B. m. Cleafc/ofe. — — . a lump. A claw.es. L. L. foot. S. clifon riers. I — . S. clout. cleof. Clysing. es. clomben To climb A hook. cniht. the Clyne Metal. Clyst. cliwen. Cneoehte Knotty. stock. clljja. Clucggc. A calling. cnsepling. qulry. es n. salve. To knead. v. had. pincers. v. clucgge. cleofian . — I . narCneoht a boy. v. Ch. B. Clustro Cloister. . Der. m. -iht Cliffy. cleroc. f. stone. f. p. prison. Cneord. we clufon to. clofen To cleave. clypnys. : — CNE Clyferfote Cloven-footed. -ho Abiiigdon. V.—\%. -igend. Der. V. . pp. A log. cnedan. V. Clifan. mutter. Clibbor A burden. m. A bed. clif-wyrt. murmur. pine. clamb. ode . clut. clzene. Cleofa. A clipping. clife. clasp. m. Clom. boy. A generation. poulhaps Abingdon. S. Berks. v. S. near Exeter. Clufan.m.^ Clufiht cliffy. Articulation. Ex./. lous. A pain. Stan-: cleofa. gripes. Th. clif. the gout. South ing. That love. Rocky. S. A cleft.cleo pi. cleon.f. poultice.Clls-ian p. oyclufan. S. v. Xing. L. rti. Der. Cliewe a clue. an embrace. S. Burgcastle. v. Priesthood. Clifa. clyf. A top. Clofen separated. To-: Cnawincg Knoivledge. a little hill. admire. 3. A vowel. to. v. Clean sian To purify. on-. sigh. v. Clingan To wither. V. S. R. ode To Clyfa a room. od To speak. clypCleanly. f. Maiden-hair. pp. A-: clifan claig./*. As tripling. Cnapa. : : — . cloister. Cluf-wyrt Cliff-toort. bell. bond. e /. nest. lie Ardent^ Clustor An inclosure. f. an m. Clife Agrimony. un. Der. Cliopian To cry. Cneores. Cleopigend. CLY : What Is enclosed. A cloister. prison. 2.p. -burge . In R. stick Clut 1./?. 2. Cledmouth. nes. g. /)Z. Le. family. weall-: Cnear. Clengan To adorn. A rock. scratch. A prison. e'. es . S. closing. wyrt. L. L. . v. cleawn Cliofian To cleave. S. right doxon. lend lie. call. cleop-ian. clerk. cleoClen-e Serene. cleaf. A joint' disease. Wales. L. cliimClawian To claio. v. Clif. cnafa. -ung. cllfian. Cneo A generation. to press. clufjpung. Clyp-pan. i — . galley.ode. p. bunch. S. Cliwen. Clylle sign. cleofa. claf. cleofa. 1129. an offspring. es m. Clugge a bell. v. youth. Der. cleft. cleen-sung. S. Be-: mouth. vocal. S. cliwe. S. clif. S. load. gotten. brim-. v. f. /?. in-: ofera narrow ship. knop. v. cneden. Clysung a cloister. e. Cleof a cliff. m. Devon. 1 Cneo. A bed. Le. tribe. v. clyp-te pi. cneowon Clepej^a A claioing. g. clauster. Cleofesho A famous place for Clofes-hooh. an . Clucge a bell. clifian. v. v. Clyster. Cnsedan to knead. Cleovven a cleio. L. S. or Cnaep. One calling CledemucSa. race. Clifrian To claw. Cneat-ian To debate. cleave to. Vocative. to Clymp Lumpish. S. v. care. any thing that is globular. hank. cnaipp. speak aloud. couch. cave. Clyofa. clear. steep.cover. cneow. steep descent. calling. — — — — — — . v. es . clysing. fox-glove. v. The herb crowClicta Chalk ivashed. A cliff-leap. . clifen ? v. clufan. clam. cleof. cnasd . Le.^. S. a clove Clesnung. a search. To ferment. S. Cluster A lock. button. din. m. Cly|ja J4 plaister. n. S. geclibs. Ex. v. Clypenes a clipping. esj m. Cnedan p. Cliofung. S. an . Anglo-Saxon councils. To adhere. cneow. clyp-ian.cnapa. Clis-ung. vi.Clofjjunc. L. a cry. an . clif. Dilidiligent. a period. S. pp. room. Cleric Clerical. Clyfigende adl. Clipian To call. say. e /. S. 59 . -igendlic Cleafan To cleave asunder. pp. pp. chain.

L. A knife. /. ed To beat. ede . youth. es . m. a Code. or king's annals. S. . -berende : A — — — . B. es . hood and manhood. cocer. g. an . . That beareth corn. weevil. <Ser-. lice Contwara burh. sibb. a valley. v. wealas Cornishmen. . A coal or blackened like. cnosles . small bag. . cnucian. /. Cneow-holen. low place enclosed pp. . 2. seS. L. n. Cniht. v. A trialpiece. tares. se .4 genera. — — — — — Cneow. Cofantreo Coventry. S. Cof-godas Household-gods. In-. m. Commuce Maiden-ioeed. m. Coerin boiled wine. e . A cook. n. V.Con bold. copp. Camp. v. es . handful ofcorn. thread. ed To cool. Cniht-had. but rather 2'o knell. Cneores. If the accused ate it freely he was considered innocent. L. S.Basset. m. -ferh^ . m. A the names of places.n. most precious. Relationship. gecorenes. v.cirnel. L. an ark. p. m. rows. 60 . M. situate as in valleys. town near Newcastle.m. lohich was given to an accused person by a priest. Cop a cap. S. burge . -croh-. nerves. Cofa. B. for Der. m. -wyrste Geniculi. es . The purtun. favourable. Coronian To crown. m. cerene. cniht.-crog. male fowl or Coc. es . S.?i? A . a Coelnes. summit. yarrow or nose-bleed. An. collon. bus. Cor-snaed. Caster. curs. Cnio a knee. m. weLe. as Comb . progeny. Der. 7n. nexed .A kneeling. Re. Hence the modern knights of jjeoster-: cifes. v. v. pp. gecnyt To tie. Corn. Cnysian . an . A cove. V.Copenere A lover. COM f . A rela. es .-4 knee. es. L. a militaryfollotoer. v. Cnytan. knit. when a )3r3ed. parus Cnott. Cnucian To knock. es. comon came. Corion The herb coriander. S.—.heolster-. to Cocor A sword. knitting. v. lationship. lice Fitly. K. v. satchel. a hill. JB. Coll coal./*. A scrip. — S. or cheese. plumb-line. gl. Cohhetan To cough ? An. v. Cnyll.Cueccan: ceac: cycene. Cuoll. A cock. 4 quiver for ar. es . — Copp. S. e . v. -cer-panne. . S. bryd-. Lib. — ung. Der. m. so called from the Cnucl -4 knuckle. — 1. or caltrop. corn trough. bold. Essex. weala-msegtS Cornwall. cene. bed. top. f. tion. CoolCnittan 2^0 knit. Coal.] A town. Connan toknoiv. an . . in-.heord-. — lie Fit. — — — — Cnobheres burh g. ple fish. CoUen. hwsecce — — ripa. mearh-. cue. S. Knee-pain. ness. Codd. m. cor<Sres. /. 2'o heat. a fastcoeruleus] Mo. se . top. cene. v. es bird. Sometimes the name of the owner is anCnyttelsa The sineivs. lie Boyish. Cnosel. The head. e . S. cneow. p. dash. v. —res. boyhood. rim. Cnyht a boy. attendant. Cocer. cunnian. Comp A battle. S. v. scipe Quickness. -ian. nung. room. an . wserc. ivhin. cosp.f. A race. ian. m. Corf Corfcastle. v. Coon bold. for can. Cneornee. top. f. se. S. S. bin. zeal. mouse? parus [Lin. Cops a fetter. a Fruitful. n. dog-tree. -appel. pp. p. Cnocian to knock. strike. Conned proved. as b is changed into p Compton. es . A helmet. m. Colchester. 1. Le. L. A corn. Condel A candle. f. Col A helmet. he was guilty. holly yhutcher's hroom. Col Cool. Der. A cornel-tree. G. tion. pedigree. cyninga bee Books sib. bind. Consula bee. Corenes. Cornsesceda. S. es apex. An election. S. cnytan.'cppe Ra7n. S. m. . chamber. cold. Al-comb. an m. V. ed Coltr. corn-chest. Cockle. state. Quickly. — COR — — — — . Coin A pebble stone. A knoll. Knee ian Cone-ceaster. S. g. es . es. v. ede . breost-. v. or Venus shell. . R. Th. to beDiligence. nes. S. S. v. es .Cod-aeppel A quince. ml A knell. Der. S. S. cunnan. ceap-man. v. S. sende Being a boy. coc Cneo-risn Family. e of consuls. caf. se . stroke. /. es . es p. un-. -wurra A. — geselig Cnodan To B. -4 knot. S. A race. cop.Coccel. cunnan. ceosan. colloncroh Water-lily. A thing cooked. milfoil. a grain. p. es m. Hence Cnysung. L. ?«. -troges . Bos-comb. Cof Active. Ban-. we cnyssacS . f. calendars. S. /. — troh S. L. — A A es — L. A cook's pan. Sometimes titude. corn-worm. Suffolk. — : Corn. family. nes. cocel. candel. -ian. m. S. end in comb striking. cyfes./. es . The coleprogeny. cocc. an. M. Comb oppress. a Copan Compilare. come cold. ciS. 2. A boy. v. col. rum-: Cop-estChiefest. attribute. v. -san . company. scabbard. Cd. an . S. [Comb A valley. with hills. e . Cnidan Cnif. cneo. a case. n: phu. A corn-house. Coolness. Col-mase. v. Coc. well.Cocur a quiver.weal. Le. ed Cnyssan. boy wise Youth wise. maeg. -boren.Cofincel A hand-mill. Cnird Diligent. give. S. darnel. &c. L. joint. S. Corci<S An increase. youth. a sieve? L.Colun-ceaster Colchester. Der.Col. A corn. e. Colloncrong. beat. Com. Cor-wurma. pomp. cunnan. S. Der. The period between child. ening. cave. /. S. a slice or piece of bread. comb. o/cnawan. bunion. Coln-ceaster. pp. colloncrog. encores. kneel.hre. — — — — cup. river Coin. m. break down. sound a bell. Der. m. youth. Chaff. A pomegranate. Colt A colt. Burgcastle. tolling. cuman. cneord. Le. A mulComb-Raleigh. bser. Jju cnysest^hecny. boyhood. es m. Cantwara.e. se . Coren chosen. ede To bow the knee. an . /. coccel. Consolde The herb comfrey. — CoUa. Cneow. p. Cors. — — Cor<Ser. L.— — . ede. Der. or Christ's thorn. — A . es. a choice. v. m. i^er. es . iugu^ Youth. ciieowres. race. a frying-pan. ChilCnytan. Coortan Bands of soldiers. a shire are so called because they serve the shire. Corn.— treow. Con know. S. de . cnyssung. n. train. es. m. g. es . granary. S. S. stone thistle. cnyttan pp. Cope-maU. — Cornoch A crane. but if it stuck in his throat. Collen-ferh^ Bold of spirit.

stratagem. Crincan. S. Christendom. emwur^iend. S.creopan. es. craw of a bird. S. v. nes. S. e. nastur- tium. e. Crism en Balsam. ode . /. pp. bottle. dream-. m. m. m. sweor-: cispan. Questits. cropen To creep. m. A temptation. A female weaver. pp.-an. weorc. cringan . Crop. searo prove. Crano-hafoc. se. b6c-. crata tempest. fant. 7n: crabbe. leo^-. an f. Cosham or Corsham. S. es . troop. an ear of cise a craft. Cossas kl-sseSf v. I)er. Cosp. An artist. christian. S. the baptismal vest. es. cot-setla.gle6-. wig-. — — — . wirhta. Creg-lad. contriv. cran. v.Creasnes. Creccan-. Crisp Crisp. eraene Christian. m. 7n. craet. Crecca A creek. holy oil used in baptism by the Romish church. f. cottager. an . Crystal. faculty. Cramm-lan. e. nere. tuft. rod.m. . crae^.Creg-lad v. es . es . chrism. f. S. p. artificial. a detempter. Wilts. leae. hwsere^ kettle. Crucis adorator. Crsecetung. creewX . an. vvicce-. a small a craft. n. trial. cratu g. Cr<Ew^ crows. . Cost-ere. sweor-. v. v. m. Cringan. Coste tried. temptation. den. sang-. Cranc-staef. Christiathe zodiac. skilful. Cottuc Malloivs. an . lice -nian. A A A — — . Christn. Usurpation. tage. cerse. A kiss. Cress . lie WorkCost-ian. v. an . es . Crecgan-. bunch. es . Apostles' creed. A Crjen crane. an . an . 2. wen To crow. jackdaw. S. Cracian . v. cruncen. tvorker. f. an /. L. fot-. crupon . Creacisc Grecian. m. Crjipe should creep. v. temptation. C03S. A croaking. cops. A little creeper or craivfsh. m. ^ Greek. skill. m. es m. A cotsettler. w6^-. v. m: Crist-ena. n. co<Su. v. pitcher. cribb. e . manlike. Ban-. S. es . Creed. v. A cross-ivorshlpper . Le. v. S. es. an j^? Craw. ig Ingenious. Full ofcrum' searo-.f. ofer-. instrument. Creop-end. G. B. Talent. crohh A small vesgaldor-. . m. run-. Craebbe. laece-. nigend. iglice In a loorkmanlike manner. lorinklfd. G. ni. 4. A od To cram. rim-. crungon . v. artifice. craf. also crocca. \. A consecration of the lysingi4 leaving off CoXlice truly. Strength. Creac. cryb. es. A crane — — A — — — — — — — m . A reptile. Craw : craetS. Dominion of . \edksAi-tless. baptism. Creacan. Jjyle-. baptize. crafiau. m. credp pi. Craet. crawe. stuff. A toorkman. curled. a craftsman. An. crocc. bed. he crypS .Crompeht adj. an .scip-. A'ttor-. waen. cocer. v. Croh Saffron. K. A workman. ple. A croiv. creda The Nicene creed. crawan. Crawan-leac Meadow-saffron. an . Crod ? A cross. — : Crism-a. Crist-en. croaking. en-do m. -ere. lie Christlike. pi. ica. Greece. scin-. Creca rice. CrseS a crowing. Creacan-ford. Cric. — . haxok. co3. an. stall. . v. Le. es. Cricklade. Der. S. crawl. v. m. es . Cowen cheioed. e /. corn. an : Crabba. pp. S. es. S. Crawan. ing. crungen To cringe. A crop. A cradle. n. also craeft. — — . S. es m. top. A Christian. rice. ic crawe. crismatory. Geto die. m. an m. ford. ega. n. cui5-]ice. we creowon . hana. S. m. near death. e'. Crisum-lysing. a slave. — . ?n. tolse. staff. bay. . ceowan. m. innocent. 2. crysm-a. crock1. es . tily. S. se . se . cowel. Christ. A Crafian To ask. p. be. chariot. cratu. Croc. cawl. es 7n. es. Workmanship. Crayford. cryc A crutch. e. Crencestre. — hafoc. -nian T'o christen. Crang died. The skilful one. L. A standard. -4 cot. an . -cild A cradle-child. Crgefian to crave. an. — . ung. — — — — — Crib. v. Cos. S. The creed. Craft. Devon. Kent. C. 7n. cave. cyte. crave. A cart horse. Crecca gelad. an. nian To tempt. ea . Cristalla. Cressa. a sign of chough. A crest. Cote-setla. sel. — — — A — — Crepel. Craeff. ni. try. flit-. Cran. m. nung. enclosed field. the ChrisCracetan To croak as a raven. croca. be tveak. be7'ry. e. L. — 61 . presumption. A vice. stealing. n. A crab. mgegen-. — Der. cruncon. Crecca gelad. S. hors. craicjish. Cradel. Cunningly. cripL. S. Crist. potter. an architect. A — Creopan. 5ecost-ian. — es — — A — m. A trading vessel. Le. A creepiga. -igan. A croicing. disease. Cridian-tun. -ol. Cristes boc The Gospel. frizzled. trying. croh. an inban-. Cosham. ni. p. Cote. m. ance. f. es m. e /. staef-. Cot-Iyf yl little village. spinster. poxverful. Mo. es. A potsherd. bed. craed. Creac. A Craesta. V. plague. ployment. 1007'kmanship. submit. m. creow. A croft. . Fot-. A tempter. Creda. v. crism-lysing. -enan-dom. An instrument of toar. p. cotA ivain. loeaver^s C6t-S£eta A cottager. Crseft-a. 63 . tempter. Creeklade. inexpert. loharf. malady. nity.Crog. cringan.es. S. cost-ian. S. Kirton or Crediton. Crane Weak. Ex. cart. couch. the Greeks. L. L. -nigan To tempt. crencistre. pp. f. S. crafty. — -ga. Croda. ung. virtue. crabba. es . freeman between a ceorl and Crahettan To croak. lief— ^e laesse creda The tungel-. craftily. es . — — — — . L.-igan. an m. L. an . f: co^a. catechize. Coxre a quiver. crydan. Crecisc Grecian. p. Croft.^ . Se maesse Cromu Crumbs. potoer. m. tian ivorld. A crock.gu<S-.getincg-. an To exer. sunder-. Creccan-ford. 3. Der. -gleaw Skilful in art. pot. e. Cread crowded. crincan. sceard. ability. fetter. Crata. R. crib. implore. to croak. an . bark. se . to build. pies. S. a icorkman. simple. Cristes Couuel. A carriage. pi. . es m. v. S. crano A crane a white vesture in which grus. ode 2^0 crack. crane Der.f? Cread A company. excellence. dry-. S. crang . m. V. craed. Wilts. heort-. CRE CRO CoTung. cran. m. cropp. art.Creow crew. in-. crane. G. Cost Costmary. L. v. A creeper. v. hildren ivere clothed after Crism -balgung. es . crawan. es . m. Creca. S. m. .f. trade.f. Cots.v. Creaca land.

go. es w. S-. eric. -witSSe cynd. -ur. L. v. Cueccan To Cuellan to cook. pigeon. Signal or great hate. -u. frum-. Cruc. press. an f.— ian. denoting capon. d. S. mewyrm-. make peace. Crypan to creep. f.ode . S. . L. self-. Cualme-stow. an. folc-. S. — Cumena htis. wuldor-. dove. tempt. Cune-glaesse The herb hound's CuS Known. -ung. canst . Cum-an. to-. A Cursiam lyicense. v. v. cryppel a an. cuma. an To torment. to receive as Crump crooTied. S. m. can: ci(S. ode . feorran-. v. ed To inquire. se . S. Cum . Crydan p. -clatS. L. m. leod-. py. S. se . a banner. -rice : cyng. v. -beam. con. un 1137. com.es . cule A cuwl. A — — — — — — A — : — — '. Culufre a dove. acennednes cenn-ing. gehnad. ])n cutest. Cudele A cuttlefish. -had. an coioslip A — . v. nature. Efen-.S. guest. pp. -eraledge. hedge. Cumbra land.in. od. aelda-. es . cumen f? A crook. L. Cumen come. Cult-er. Cunning. an . piht Cropes . signal. m. Godcund Having its origin from Gusc Chaste. familiar. m. cugle. [comba of valleys'] CumCu-cealf. a-: lee tan To enter knife. -but. p. e9. A comer. . Cum-paeder [feeder ?J Cunt-heare Fumatory. 6fer-. A liquid measure: CruS a croivd. A tempter. L. m. -li<Sian To lodge. m.frum-. under. kill. Cryb a crib. L. cynn. Experience. an f. p. origin. — — — A god- -ung. Crume. berland. Crysma chrism. den. pp. — -scipe. Le. we comon pp. p. crutch. -stol. -rof. an m. An attendant of noma. hete. cumbul. a. Ch. still called cowshot in LanEorScund Earthly. Cumble A ivound. sort. we cunnon . m. — — hyrde. gear-. gum-. a Cule a coivl. A Cryc a crooked staff. -Se : cild. v. a -c\ind. CuCrucot hiis. To come. S. A crumb. A kind. v.One Guide a saying. S. cwide. ^ herh. cymlic. S. fram-. to be able. -a into friendship. A cow-herd.dung. Cu g. -ian. M. S. -lie : cyn. S. Cumena bur.-geong. -elic. v. cu. Culpian To humiliate. S. v. ymb-: acumendlic. cwic. crypele. gecuS. or likeness of a thing . Cus of a cow. S. cugele. v. v. es n. man-. passage n. -straet. cunnan. es^ cook. up-. certain. Cumbra land. es n. ofceosan. half a drachm. . . li<Snes. an-. have poicer. crumped. dol. curon . liSe Kind to comers or strangers. e . v. Cure. Der. usi'd for punishment. on-: cennan. -geogucS. S. Heaven-kind. 1. Cuic. -elice. ic cuSe. see-. -haga. wil-: gecwem-an. Cue. to prove. up-: cuS. /. ic cume. knotvn. G. to-. coulter. Cum come. v. croc. curse. -isc. What is knoivn. S. A fault. domestic. Cud A cud. on. Cursumbor Incense. : ge-Jjrym. es. Cumer-land. — — cu. S. -ling. -dom. To ken. Heofoncund Gusceote A ringdove^ v. To know horv to do.g. pp. iti. S. fl p. an an . clean. g. S. small ship. crumb. -gold. guests. L. -estre -lice Certainly.an •. cryfele.cyne. cruca a pot. pp. -cyn. A how. es .m. -licej-licnes.-un A live. pi. quick. cuna /. K. cus . cus. cumbol. what is cheiced. search into. ac. divine. -giercld.— Der. n. Hos* Crusene A robe of skins. vtent. happen. A coiu-calf. cyss. up-. Culfre. 2. Cuppa.n . V.for<S-. Crungon killed. 1. full of clusters. m. god-. p.esj . Cuna of cows. fffideren-. A coia. a guest. Alive. cufle.odeTo become known. -ian . Wud-. lippe. Gunnere. evident./. elere Cue — — Cumin The herb cummin. cuman. A banner Crymbing A bending. Cumbel. idea— e Knew. hecym^ . 2.knoio elice Certainly. crib. A military standard. -lice. gecrovalley. punish. n.n. cuman. S. CUD -hdd. woruld-. L. -helm. cucumber. — S. . v. B. fraggodfather. a camp. S. -wise. G. — CUN Anhospital. Knowdeed. V. -Izecan. S. torment. as. Cuma. Der. en Alive. . he can. — -had. Crypel. J?u cunne or familiar friend. eorS-. attempt. — — — [cyneg. Cunela Rue. crisma. spoon. . An adjective termination./*.A — father. Curs A curse. a relation. cread. nm. ecSel-. od To curse.eft-. coc.feorh-. up-: cyme.n. S. -bend. Cum-mase A kind of bird. Cumena. v. -laetan. fram housc. ic can. Cus a kiss. certain. L. Le. An. -geard. : : . culfre. heofon-. hell. e. S. 2.:. v. cread . cwellan. try. man-. un Crud. A cursing. m? A conflict of banners.n m. Cunelle Chervil. emen Relations. L. cuhle. eormen-. elicKnoivn. Centaury. L. A kind of wild or running hetomj. A — sceote A ringdove. cave. cucS. Cunnian. — dren-. — — . creopan. we Culpa. make alive. cenned.A sirname. wise cneow:cene: cnawan cnosl. -or. pure. -boc. Cunnan. cringan. don To make known. -lim cund. Cunnian. es . L. wiga. cashire. burial. v. A commander. — : — — — j | — I 62 I . -nes : cniht. culefre. heavenly. -lie. .f. es under ground. cringe. certain.-ling: cytS. S. . S. dagger. An inn. ?w. m. herb grace. m. : wid-.re. : -lie. Curmealle. cy g. -hdma. v. n.-fostre. L. Cryfele A den. -ian To quicken. cu^on. forS-. CUM es. A cow's horn. -an. un-. S.-lic: Cruft A crypt. mesa Cow. A cup. Ex. — Gunned Crafty. . -ere. -be^m. Hence perhaps our dry measure A comb or coom. instranger. m. truly. . Cumena aij^egn. -iugu^. hospitality. Cuter Resin. S. an acquaintance. boil. -bull. g6S-.A standard. narroio box. CrucetDer. Cucumer. es man feran To come. S. or dog's tongue. or culler. comb. V. an. es. curmelle. -e. A place of Cumer-land. Cumbor.faedor ? A Crumb Crooked. p. -nes. vault. . v. cwic.firel-. Crymbig Crooked. lie Known. Gu<S-a. monk's hood. Cruc. es —horn. God. nam-. -e. )7c6d-. be-. a. f. -setl. cy pi. jjrym-. esif. culver. acquaintance. in-. S. S. S. S. es ?n. etc. pitableness. es den To croivd. — — . of cuma. -rice. nes. S. -dom. know. Cuople A coble. gecucSon . to regard. cyne] beorn-. Cumb 1. Cufle. e '. heah-. ofer-. -ryne cyning : . omen Cue-mesa Coiv-dung. cyne-. a short.

cwealm. an eunueh. cwe^e .— stow place tooth. n. an . Cwert-ern — — — don To make loills. L. Der. S. argument doctrine. Cwid-raeden An agreement. A-. v. grinding tooth. cwiSa The womb. Cwanian p. cwiSe. v. cwelian. a prison. evergreen tree. cu^-iau. deiiS-. A mill pike. gidd. Jju cwyst. a harlot. stan. A stream. A satisfaction. Cwydodon said. — — — To — — — — . lie Life like. CwitSe a saying.f. Torment. sentence. p. 2. Cweorn . pp. Put with 7ceapo?is.A Cwal. cweden. we cvvaelon Cwe<SaS lament. gore. ede. cwencan . Cwanta wic Canterbury. Der. a pustule. Slaughter. -dreor. cwelian Cwic. v. The aspen-tree. . -)jrca. Cwoellan to kill. cWtEde. Cwicu Alive. S. adj. n. man. gilp. ic cwaecS. Cwiferlice Anxiously. Living property or cattle.cwid-raeden. jesting. a-: cwacian. CwoaSan to say. living. cwide. A guard-house. C B. Cwajcle. judgTnent. the pp. Driht-. A Cwide-gied. ^ living sacrifice f an 63 — Cwyddung A saying. one fit to languish. od — Cwsert-ern A prison. con. S. Cwem-an p. mill es . Cweden said.cwide. light. we cwehton . sar-.ic cweSe. — on v. Living property. cwic. fyr. ed-. be killed. de To speak or for-. cwiddian. Ed-cwic Re. — . Proper. . cwecan. penalty wyrhta. m. es ./. pi. couch-grass. pain. v. es . sea.Cwyc Living. hearm-. gender. cwen. B. j). royal. prison. profit. shake. cwebte pi. . The inton habitants of Civenland. hearm-. burne. faint. A song* scral A n outcry. ivife. Cwehte moved. cwalu. — beam. l. cwealm. — — -ian .man-. tion.?i. of cwelian. es. quake.Cwencan To vanish. cwjeI. a. . mourn. living. o/'cwe^au. es . man- Cwelmende. ode. /. an . Amill. — — quicken. An. Cwene. cuman. v. Cwale liiis. destruc. report. pi. Vandals. Hand-. ung. Der. cweSan. w.n. treow. Cwelan p. Cambridge. cus in Cwelian. An — — . Cwelian p. anguish. /.-baer: «wal. Cwelmian To kill. v. bi-. -stow. lively. -ung. S. J. C wydele A n inflamed swelling. iidyst CWE R. A speech. v. ode pp. Cwatan p. gecweden. T'o Cwi<S. of Bothnia and the WhiteCwead Dxing. culiar. ruin. wiSer-. country bettveen the Gulf on the Severn. -nys. brandish. pp. }prea Deadly prison. . wave. Cwydeltas Speechless. n. CwiElm death. speech. viving sam- : cwician. f6re-. cii. V. Cwiert-ern A prison. sj)eak.Cweu-as.n. Der. lit-. . death. m. Destruction. an appeasing. hyrde. cwyde. od To speak. L. • WY Cwelc-a Colocynthis. moan in grief. v. . Cwearn a mill. de To please. cuman. tormentor. pp. cwylm-an. p. S. v. /. a-: man-. . The vwve. a-: Cwiczeht.~ — y — Relations. Cwuc alive. cwyld. lie Queenlike. m. make alive. e. filth. slaughter. v. 5. cwe<San. se . cwuncen \}u. satisfy. e . cvvic. Cwinod toasted./. toS. p. e f. man-slayer. beor^-. n. lapp. fiery. ivait upon queens. es. L. killer. susl. aelmesse. ede . m: feoh g. v. v. v. -bealo Mortal bale. ScE llie White-sea. on-. saying. torment^ — — . Ealde cwidas Old Cwidas sayings. Cuckamsley Hill. feorh-. word. v. deadly. Cweccian.CwicSendlic. f. baernes. -bajrnes. to be weary. Cwc'eS said. cwatan. big-. Cwealm. -wyrhta: cvvyld. cweman. . Cwice Quick groioing grass. foregilp-. A pleasing. cweccan . a mitigation. lie Lively. Pestilence. . slaughter. or se f. v. e. iti. L. testament. natural. es. ewecian p. cwealde. fe6s.cwuc. Berkshire. Cwyde a speech. — .Cwincan. . Cwide. seolfer. Cwatbrictj. cwic. m. ceowan. . cwi<Se. e /'. cweht: also Der. e . V. es . proverbs. e. slayer.y. cwanian. peCwede a saying. cwjtdon. wi^.A tormenting Cwen-fugeU hen folc-. v. — : . p. cweht To shake. kill. S. es. a violent before nouns to denote the death. cweS Cweart-ern. v. -nes.f A disturbance. Cwen. house. to mourn. p.-^clre6r. A trembling. an . cwalu cvvalehus selfcwala o5-cwelIan. v. gilj)-. m. n. es. es . . quell. quench. es . To say. queller. A quelling queen. ni. the iron supporting the mill. . eald-. . A quick fire. tremble. pp.cwetSol. cnal. : : : '. command. cwycSe. A -. es. S. v. es m. man-. m. decrease. -bair. suslen Sulphureous. 1. cwide. ed To tector of females. p. cwide. juniper-tree. v. \>xi Cwiman to come. quitch grass. — — — A — — tagion. teon-. ^el-. cwe<5a<S or cwe^e ge To disappear. v. es . Cwidd-ian. y*. hleoSor-. : : : cwecan. A common ivoCwart-ern A prison. S. cweald To Kill. S. cattle. cwyrn. A probird. L. A — — A — — Der. — CwiBstednys A trembling. L. bealo-. an. es n. brandish. oblation. Hfigende Living. a violent death. cwanc. S. pp. provoke. cwiSan. v. -bealo. V. cwealm. ing. Quicksilver. se . susles ealdor The chief of burning brimstone. -bill.e. ment. Cwoeraan to please. Cwom came. of execution. Cwelm destruction. perish.f.Cweoc quick. cwuncon . Reyardedst. Cwilmian To torture. Cwecan. im. cvvelen To die. — — — — Cwe<5an. f: cwene. v. es . Cwidol Evil-tongued. cwic. pp. f.-lic. v. S. v. the devil. 2^P' *^^> ^ «/5(7. Cuiis of a coiu. Q. cwehte. cwelian. active. slay. bzer Death Cweorn. wlht Living creature. es. cweorn. Burning sulphur. ceap. Cweccung. call. Cwacung. Cwid-boc A book of proverbs. CVVI Knew. es n. Cwacian To quake. don shj. including Finmark. he cwee^. wicken-treeor wich tree. Cwild Slaughter : for the compounds of cwild. alive.a. C\v£e1 C wellere.yb?' cweman. Le. cwelan. Cuwon chewed. a wild ash. looman. m. me. p. -igan . p. S. L. Cwiman call for.bil. A . cweh. n. od To move. deCwaen a queen./?/>. Cwealde killed. he cwy^. bearing. ode. 2. helmes hlaew. CwrecSan. fire qjf brimstone. gar-. Millmillstone. saying. cwert-ern. — — . we cwie. adj Living quick. Cwe^ol Talkative. land. S. death.

diadem./. mortal. cwelan. Cyningestun. the oath Cyline. Cwy<Se a saying. y. dred. Cycen a chicken. e. the deluge. es. princely. Cynnestre. royal street or road. -pmann. man^^ merchant. botl. night. v.an . Cyne By nature. Cycene. es . an /. m./. A kingdom. A crown. To call together. — pan-ham. v. A royal dominion. coldness. Kempsford. Cyrde. a crown. invite. cyning. kingly. Kingsmed by the accused. es . v. es. Cypa. A royal es m. -boren Baseborn. for slaying the king. e f. ft. /? Cinnascendant] A king. ceafes. L. adj. v. Chippenham. f. ni. cypan. Cyf. es .Cynnreceennis. A kitchen. squeeze. [cyn naCyme. an f. cynn. Der. A factor. A concubine. S. cid. Cwylt-tyd. m. 2. S. cipton To sell. destruction. a diadem. cuman. Cvvylm Death. Cydung a chiding. A well. — — — — — — SB . n. pp. m./. Cyneg a king. call upon. m.Cypan. — — — : — — — . cwyld-tid. v. dignity. m. An. p. bushel. 2. es m.-^Mce Royslaves. m. tion. a — — — A Merchandise. A cold. 2. e Slaugh. A carp. Cyle. n. seat. cidan. ]}\x cyptest. a purple robe. Cwyst Jju Sayest thou ? Whether or no ? If or no ? Cwy <SaS Cy Cwy(5 says. ne . Cyr a time. S. ter.es. lie Fit. Kingly. S. ^ relation.— gyrd. Cynges tiin. -bend. A — /. people. v. cyll. Cyne-bearn. -He Regal. — merchandise. -helm. Cynnryne. gecynd. coivs. an . ea . hogshead. cyn. C^ne a cleft. cyrice. — A Cyp^ sells. — es.To call. bruise. cer. clothing. S. pleasure. es .— -wyrt King's wort. A name. — — — . a kingly like- Cyging A calling. ness. noble. kind.^p-ing A bargaining. kingdom. The select oath. ling. v. — Der. •Jjing . 1. es . ing the king. cerran.m. cyng. tribe. plague. an . 'gild. Whore. parentage. cweSan. as shewn in the deportment. /. -)?rymm. pp. shake. crush. w. Cynn a race. v.es. deadly. m. cicen. dom. de . es . cynn Akin. S. trader. Cool. ^ ioife» Cvvyrn a mill. n. e . : ~ CYL Cwydol Ill'tongued. cunnan. L. se . — . ed To . CYR Cyning. A basket. A setl. Cylfer-lamb ii/ewaZe lamb. a genealogy. timber. fornica. babr Death . Cynren Kindred. Cwyjjele A pustule. royalty. Torment. kining. nation. es. Der. The king's town. m. Cyfes. A the office of a king. v. v. cyn. Royalty. cygean. had. Cummin.^d strife. scepgeneration. republic. m. cwelan. kingly host./.— d6m. -ryne es . . cweorn. 7n. prince. Cymen. lineage. — faru. B. A tun. Fox [Boet. e ^f: cyfese. m. es .es. cin. v. Cyl. cwiiSan. a tradesman has his goods healm.bear. regal. Cwyst sayest. fornication. S. — n. Cyning-a^. es in./. — sheriff. chief city. naming. -reccennis. v. Cyp-inc. . cynn. cyl. L. — manna — riht I'he tion ?— had. people . cymyn. v.: . Royal mawise jesty. /4 reckondom. A a royal dwelling. handmaid. es . Cyre. Cynet Kennet. a throne. — licnys. Cyrce a church. — . m. cin-ban. 68] thinks. A leather bottle or bag. C. V. es sworn by the icitnesses naCyll A leather bottle. v. Kin. Cype-cnihtas Bought servants. Cwysan p. Cygan. posfl6d. diadem. TO. Kingship. S. S. w. cunnan. — — CymS comes. — A kingdom. v. e . A king's oath. cyning. — stol. commonivealth. -ing. m. fA carrying of children. es . I. p. n. Cyle-wyrt Sour sorrel. chill. v. m. Cyp A beam. cigan 2?« de pp. royal master. cunnan. Cyran To turn.f. proper. Cwylan to die. royal.es. pestilence. race. es m. royal. cweSan. cynn. . A fine Cynn^^. B. )?ing A saleable thing. setting a price. — cyn Royal race. es . A cross. a palace. S. an . v. v. family course. meastire. A — rice.f. ruler. — — — — — med Crowned. S. and sc" Cyln A kiln. family An. — pi. hurst asunder. 2. cyning*. A fine for slay. deCwyd-raeden An agreement. V. es. o/cy<S-an. es. realm. Cydde told. w. m.Cyn. cwide. chill. ed \. ni. merchant. S. n. Royal offspring. h^rliceDeath. strat. L. lace. an oven. gemana. hearing. Kingship. kind. Cyld cold. cu. Cylew Spotted. cald. cynryne. \ CYN Cym-Mc Advantageous. A royal crown. 7/1. gewaede. v. c. es. Cy pera. Cwyne. . Der. es. turn ? aS. vessel. cwild. L. -wicS^e royal wreath. cynn. Kingly gold. A royal state or condition. cyrice. v. — hlaford. comely. a pa— — gerefa A -gerihta Secular dues. terity. calling by name. L. Wilts. renowned.. ^ king's Cyn-recenne? A pedigree. Anglo-Saxon kings were elected in the witena gemot on the death of the preceding sovereign. Cylenlsc Like a kiln. A kingly dtoel. — incg. es heal A king's dwelling. A n. What e. mon. Gloucestershire. — — -TO? Royal. suitable. ^^9 of relationship. es . v. tid. 1. A choice. n. gold. n. se. lament. cyrdon. gentle.Cyn. ally. es merchant. S. hel. Cyng a king. marketing. Cyrc for Der. The chin. e. . — gierela J diadem. v. Cyne . S. L. Ati. an i7i? A sort offish Mr. A coming. j^rym. Whoredom. es.Cyo A species of crow. Cyncg a king. f. v. v. cyllne-heor<S A kiln. e . belonging to copper. cwealm. Mo. cunnan. — es botl. m. The death-flood. the dead time of Cyn. S. ing a son. jjegen A king's thane or attendant. Cyng-ban. intreat. — rice. -but). cild. invoke. Cylene A kiln. cinan. — law of — — — mann. adequate. cyn. torment. JR. S. n: -cynn. bot. v. S. Cyperen Coppery. lected by the accuser. ed To kill. v. Cyld a child. . A dead time as we say. cypton. Cwyld. p. Cynde Natural. ton. se f. es . Cynende gaping. crucify. An. nes. icill. e. A mother. Cynd nature. v. sort. capital. Cygling. cinn. tre. — scipe. inga?-4mar^e^. v. A Cyle adj. v. an p. es . V. cold. assemble. maeres ford. cyn-ren. marjoraml Der. geard A royal wand. V. cypt. v. A sceptre. Wilts. quash. Der^ 64 ceosan. kingdom. — nys. royalty. merchandise. de .

— Der. -gricS Church peace. cetel. Se .Cyrre ti7ne. S. nastery. relate. S. letters t. —lie Like a church. cirice. an. S. of a person. generally feminine. comCyrfaet A gourd. in. de. f.f. rural.— h\\r\\.es. ceosan. an . ishness. Church. Holy orders. cyss-an. sheath. ec. Cyrige. churchy v. ceowan. x. coagufriS. A ivitness. CySde said. dun. <S. Salop. an.ifjegn. Cyte. an. e . the best'\ of socn. pleasant. lation of the privileges of CyScSu a country. Cyrnel. S. e. Gesceod -meelum Earnestly. e . V. f. terminating with used for Best . ficently. circe. a./. wsecce. usually considered as a perun-. messenger. ignes.— Q. u. e . K. and dypt dipped. weed. m. Cyre-wiSc5e A crown. sangere. goodness. cerre. e. Church monger. cimerrily. Cyrpsian To crisp.-liceMM//. expressed by the root. nm vigil. Q . v. stalu. — — — — — — . Church robbery.es. an induCyren -ceaster. CyS know. lice Nota. ere. Cyrcea A rJuirch. C YU CYD friendship. coffer. toitung. d. ped. Cyston kissed. but Cyrin A churn. —\ic Munificent. d is changed into t. in. B.Cys^ A fetter. A church book. v. S. un. D andt are often interchanged. ceosan. e . church. : — e . p. Der. as mette met. es . tion. gularly formed dyppcd dijjCyrlic The herb mercury./. a hyrned Horned. se f. — — 05 . conCyric. although no {jenung. shout. clown. cysten-beam. Cyst-beam. Cyrse A cherry. — — f — — — — — — — — — — — — — — j — — — — — — — — : — — — — — — . j^en. mantle. an action. v. L. scream. n pi. S. Der. Bountifulness . A church icatching. generally ge Ibas Fruitless. kindness. a vest. Cirencester. A deed. Cyrtel A luoman'sgown. With excellence. faet. tell.f. e . stdn. but when the n. g. j9. the vowel before theterminating churchman. an m. cs. declare. CytSSe of friendship. es. to Cyrraii To turn. S. Cyrn-ceaster.Cystel A chesnut. Cicester. vi. CySSe. and s. dangling.service. sticce sanctuary. v. ment to cut with. S. the first toeek in Lent. A makCyrre. cyrnl. A church. Mo. an instru. Cys./*. cyrice. Church scot. ness. as Gehymn or psalm. e . a A word. cunningly. D. pp. an . m. v. ric-boc.e. as snidan. right of -lib Milk curded. Cyst chooses. se. AvioS. affinity. vant. A church. Cyta. Cyrece A church. sidei-ation. Chirbury. /: also. byrig . Ciren. /. Cyren New wine. L. L.an. Might. solemnly. S. S. native place Cleansing or purification or rate for the repair of the or country. h. Rsk. A church serfect participle. therefore. An. v. Cywung. IC. pp. cy<ScSu. prefixed to them ./. cote. m.CywcS chews. v. ^ kite. for Der. Church proprovided with that which is all garments. Gloucestershire. call. the liturgy. A noise. m. S. f. — — — — . and is Gum-. sacrilege. m. A church Shod. Costliness. ceosan. A church Cyst 3. indicates that a perweeda cyst The costliness of all esculent seeds or grain. a priest. rudeness. A church dioeUing. Dyppan To dip would be recester. -man. A kettle. es. Der. Cyricean mann. m. es. An actual murderer. eyre./. f.Cysel-stan Gravel. gung. of c^S-an. A chesnut-tree. cyS. /. contracted into dyppd. L. es . es.Cytel. A home. B. v. ed To make Cvrn A churn. weard. se. eyrie loill. m. for metde. ing or traffic. es . dignity. nes. ed To kiss. known. f. ceorian. Cyrlisc Rustic. as. snicSan To cut. Dacd-bana. e. good. Cytere A harp.an '. /. — — . testament. v. te. cerran. V. Often -sceat. cirse. dedication. pact. Cyric-. — . Daed. p. es m. dag Any thing that is Cyrm. Church hallowing. the church. Churlishness. excelbyrd. L. e. f.mu' have. cy^-an.cystig. es . wuce. p. cyrice. Cyse. nificence. A clnirch singer. ry. lum or curd.cunnan. c. nys./. Cyif ^ cutting off. ^e . had. 7i. a cauldron. -geruii Cheese runnet. es. ren. cyrce. tv/ll. m.f. runnet. L. /. testimony cyrice. bly. Cyrice. kirtle. Birth : Miht. cyrred. go Cyricea. crashing. ing known. S. liverb may exist to which it beral. an To bind.Cyst. Church theft. e f. /. cist. an /? A chest. f. m. rated gland. acquaintance. e . v. in. can be ass'gned . S. -d is not only rejected. brice. e./. es. cunuan. S. S. A cheese vat. v. -d.y*. as from Cyring-ceaster. es . bot. a Da A doe. as Geprobate. cerran. hilde-. halgung. cirm. lie Mersunt or beautiful. an y. Izecan. loose. A priest. announce^ shoio. re-tun Church-yard. Cyst. es.CyS a region. /. vestment. Ealra gepayment of the frst friuts -ed. brazen pot. es. publication. son or thing is furnished or [the most costly. an . cycS^e. — — — — — . e. dagling. excellently. Der.^. in >ed. uproar. sanctuary. casket.— magung. Election. after another consonant. e. Cyst-elice. Knowledge Der. or curl. vvyrhta. clean. a mo. temple. cyricoa. martyr. goodness . such words Jjjngere. week. A Cyst. v. an . cry. e •. cyrece. Daag. Der. A cheese. A cheese maker. poioer. The perfect participle ends A churchioarden. p. grain. m. e. an ecclesiastic. ciste. Cirencester.gecyS<5e. inCheese. -od. in. SA kernel. e .Cyser-aeppel A dried fig. S ling. v. S. A relapraise. f. D is sometimes changed into clesiastical. indf of cyss-an. The Church city. fruitfulness. A chewing. Cyrn-ceaster. choice. Cyss. es. A church levy Cys Pure. Nouns ending in d or t are sang.. . wic. es . v. burge. lence. -laehte To make knoivn. ig Munificent.n To cry outf Cy<S g(cy<S. A kiss. w. cy^Se. Cyrten-liEcan To make pleaA knoioing rumination. v. before the infinite -an. dyppt. v. m. A cot. Cyric Ecclesiastical. tection.

m./. m. G. dogor. ^n. ding. dah. ware . Dseg-feorm. buckle. a daisy. ]ii. tiwes-. deal. boren Dead-born. A dealer. A deed amenbetan der. es — — . portion. g. -nimingc A partaking. to repent. e 'yf. e . wil-. daerst. Z)er. gang-. -neomend. Relic of darts. — — f diurnal. wist. an . B. gedefe. an . mortal. es. Dalf dug. -wic. ei. scade By day. A Day time.Dsegsaii Stan. A day's tvork. be-. javelin. -beta. v. lirsefen g. m. for-. f: d'Ju. v. S. ed To divide.private. dsj. to participate. Dartmouth. es. delf. niman Darst Iraven. Inhabitants of val- — f — ode •. v. Dead . -reaf. active. Dara^ derian. ly dawn. an . Der. bestoio. Deag-el. cle. -ung. S. rim. Dalamensan The Dalamensce. dagas. f: Daen-merce. an m. Derta-muSa. win. . Dae. Dauston. pi. leas Porsurvivors in ?i?ar. mid-. S. wnndor-. injury. ous. Deag. loan or reward. i4 day song. scild. adj. Deafe Deafness. v. -tima. /. meel. m. w. a penitent. — — — f — — — — — — — — — — S. A large Danisca. A day deed. a recomof Degsa. es . deog. Deadly. an . m.f Penitence. -or. curer of death. mortality. dealf. for a day. dseg. The rush of day. axe for cleaving wood.-werig. mattins. dale. dagum. daeg. e . msel-. . viild. or Dalpence. v. A division. S. m. cavern. es .sunnan-. S. Dag-ung. S. od To die. Dsene The Danes. S. to-. a participle. Be. for^-: In parts. red woma. v. C. fruma. S.f. e . dagas . es. judge. a — : — . Cd. -ic. lecandel. carbundial. — . Vic Deedlike. m. mortal. se. hood. : : : — f — — — — : m. Dag-or The day. An. Le.A shroud. unknoion. n. The sun. an m.fitly. hearing. gedafenlicnes. DeaconA partaker. es. 2. — — . opportunity. gear-. Dae^ Death. — A — — raegl. V.Daer a loss.bferlic. B. a Sclavonic race. A hater of valour. g. deag-ol. de . m. Le. Der. dross. life. G. Z)er. -hwaet. Dself a digging. Daga. aurora. — — D EA Dally. dig-el g.e. to he penitent. daybreak. Deaf. a. butor. a feat. m. Dead-ian. — — — — . Deogoljdygel. A number Mortal. dar. an energetic man. botnes. repentance. m. Dar. e f. v.-da^g. — — — — liness. ge-. synig Guilty. m. sign ? pistris.an-. an Daerst Leaven. es . adj. pi. m. — — — . conceal. lif-. dawn. laen-. Den-e. e . n. deag-ol. quotidianus hwam. daru. gedafnian. dead-berende. Denmark. of days. lif-: dal. hdt. ian To shine. abstruse.-godas.beere. v. A daily repast. Ds. -wcard. An amendsdeed. m. ~ woma. saBtres-. S. v. mete A saffron. f. had. an . Dale.\. spend. friS-. sang. A ordaele bedaele dell. S. redlic The mouth of the river Dar. se . — redwent.— lacende mselum Dart brandishing. dareS. vite. . e . Dal. -ian. daga d. Dael. itself. Food participation. blood. -hwamlic. day watching or loatch. es . dyg-ol.DiEgel secret. A deed beginner. — . es . -cene Deed keen. S. Dag Dough. or-. diacon A deacon. diver. -o. an . lie Daily. the — f— — — — Daga. se. — dart. end. quotidie. an . S. L. — — — A — — — . divider. jjnnores-. — — — A — trifle. tionless. Der.'te Convenient.Deaf. es . p. — a . v. piecemeal. Dag-ian To dawn. penitence.swilt-. Dane-geld Danish tribute. -le Coloured.work. colour. es . woruld-. pi. lean A deed. jjerlic Dag spread. DAG — day star. Daefe Fit. ellic Covered. n. g. -daed. an DafnaS becomes. Dafenlicnes. A dye. m. f. man. present. p. A day ward. S. /. fyrn-. a dial. Daeges edge. rof Decdfanied.D£elan.swig-. hold. dispense. coloured stone. Deacon. -nimung. v. dom-. apart. An. — m£et Dsene-land A land of valleys. — To make amends. dole — A division. Deaflice properly. dole. Dahle hid. -nes. -rima. Daily lahour or task. adv. es . dasges . m. hidden. parting. to become dny. S. es . structive. edlice By Der. Dah. K. berende -writere.es. v. an ni ? A dner. give satisfaction. aldor-. Daru Hurt. — — . G. secret. S. Day -light. -les ac. damage.wael-. e . f. -ice.— bana Prodigel. n. geswinc-. feorh-. Le. valiant. Dzel-aex. togedal. n. ^ day's eye. nimend. deficient. . an m. 66 m. divider. S. B./. deadly. dag Dough. -ydnes. &e. in. dajl. Dalas parts. A day raven. v. daru. dseig a day.pp. — A — day measure. M'r-. Da^ge A ship. adj. spring.—rim. Le. A fit time. A day shield. Dab a day. Don. red Ear. e . Of the morning. waecce. Dap-fugel The dlp-foivl. S. S.Daerenta-. f. an m. Dalo. indcl. .h\ice Conveniently. nm. Dael-an . daeg. V. da3ge . sentinel. separate. Kent. : age. light of day. The dark. es . win-. dead . adj. deog-ol. To take part. Dead Dead. — K. Daen-bsere woody. Destruction. deah. es . f.Daema. hold. Day dawn. a great ivork. deagle. lice -lie Deadly. es m. es . secret. or didapper. hurt.-bed. a course of days. The time of a mans life. g. A Dane. 7n. ere. The rush of dawn.Daei. e. Der. weorc. early morn. The stone for-deedla. m.se-hwata. tid. S. -nimendlic Participial. m. portion. dal. or active. v. dea^-. -nimendnes. Dara^. Dieij . wodenes d8eges. -elian — — To hide. ende-. -leo<5. illustri. S. ni. deal. Den-ware in Den. -hwates Deed quick. daro^. close. Days space.. valley. -scyld.obscure. — distri- A — : — — — — ni. delice . A day. meet. e A dawning. ?n. Dead-blod. DeathDaily . DsegesDaily. m. ^ morning song. of daeg. denu. e. deatS. n. hwil. n. toy. -hwomlic . v. e . A deed. cloud —steorra. morning. weorc. monan-. A day. S. V. Cumberland. Danais The Tanals. damage. d. bracelet. loho formerly inhabited Silesia. pp. A day's space.~ -}pQrn. v. A part. a leys. licnes. Daegdag-ian. daag. /. v. aldor-. the Daerstende Fermenting. deaconship. es . Dead blood. v. hata. es m.. Daerian To injure. Der. DeaS. A divi- -laf. DyEG perpetrator of murder. f — dawn. congealed leohta Dtene of a valley. A malignant ulcer. ston. frige-. hiw-. e. Daily . day division. ing. an . or in the day-time. Deen-marc. weapon. distribute. uc. hrsefnes . den-baere. A judge.n.

Den-isc in Den-.f. Thekingdom tion of the names of places m. a . m. K. Dea<5-. e f. etc. he dorste. — . es. condemned. v. Dearr Dare. -fah Death coes. dead. A death-fault. lenes. DE . dugan. Mo. Dena mearce Denmark. Dene. Death. denu. sider. K. A plain. proud. de. Deane The Danes. delfeu.— v/axe.se. Dene. werig Death-weary. isen. a capital Demmes of loss. — — — — . es. geld. ml The icood of Deofan struction. A tax Jjenung. an. An. n. — — — — olnys. offence. To dare. — — — — — — . daeg. Deah is strong.a. m. resolve. ^ recess. on deg-le In secret. S. a governor. — — — — . Purple dye.. -laecan. secret lying. /. Decan. eminent. ants of Deira. -licgian — m. es w.m. v. guilty. . dugan.m. es m. Deg-oUice. a seDen-e. Den-marce. e. v. damage. e . Devonshire. Dencgan To knock. Deira. -betaecan Morti iradere. reaf. DE A occult. Deng. -witgung. A Deg a colour J v. es . -full Dark. du\f.v. Deoflic «£(/. e. S. ding. we dulfon . g. Deg profits.y. e f. solitariness. Defre Timely. S. colouring. ode. pillage. discoloured by death. lie rits. Den-. slaughter. forest. m. hell. isc Danish. e . S. Humber to the Tees. m. an . death. n. m. Dene of a valley. -ig. Deofel. spi. doom. dealre Distinguished. secretly. death. v. S. vale of death. Deah a colour. -uWiceSecret. a pl. light. D elfin A dolphin. es n. dale. e. p. — A delving. m. vi. adultery. S. Dealf dug. A V. es . slaughter. e. m. A digger. 67 — — — . death. d. n. dern-unga ^eDenisc Danish. digging. ing or divination by raising es m.\. Funeral service. — : The people of Devonshire. es 72.vvrisecrecy. Deal . e -mearce. S. /. lice Secretly. v. es m. a Dane. loss. wyrm. L. S. we dufon .m. is often used as the terminabana. Ded dead. Danishman. quite dark. Death-hall. Den . c . v. tere. A murderer. gedyrst. secret. es . p.. L. . a pi. Denmark. A Dearo Loss. deag. es . dcarr. as Tenterden. . n. in. A land of vales. v. Death-day. . — — — grow dark.pl. uin. Rashfrom degel. Danish laio./. p. Dea^-faeg. deag. licnes. v. privately. m. Dearst darest. merce. Dyrn-e. Dearn -enga. Der. the river Denis. The inhabitpp. hidden. -igan. Dea^as A secluded or impassable spirits. -ignes.f. e . extendingfronithe situate in a plain or valley. under. an tality. m. dilfen To dig. es. L. death house. be-. fate. dofen To sink. e. ./. or spoil. roegl. we durron . den. f. hemes.. deop. denum . Def'ene. dom. wic. Deagged. gedecan To cover. L Obscurely secretly ^privately apart. -nes. se . an . S. deorn-unga. denena dear. exulting. digging. v.m. Hurt. es. place. Denn. deag-wyrmed Troubled with the gout. vale. m. DeaS-bser. -mearc. A death-place. Deio. m. Deaw. ghosts. To deem. sciifa? A judge. od To colour. — . T)e\xiextoadaughter. Ttui- Dearm a Dearn [dearcn ?] Dark. beim. cup. dael-an. — elne9. pp.— Deg-le. Delf-an. Deirarfce. §-c. — Denisces burne . deaf. duck. — — — — — — — . or tribute to the Danes. drepe. e'. — . — — — — — — f — . Der. — ung. V. dena g. think. v. cave. of delfan. Mor. lie Daring. gut. spade. tetter. Deg-elice Secretly.Den for denu A valley. deadly. ded.bearing. v.-olnes. Jjearrn. place. Dwell/. -nes -ig. now Beverley. daeg. A umpire. Der. Deira wudu . . C. plain. scyld. The Danes. pp.Dem. wald.Denu. — . Death's K. e. Deagle Hidden. Death-garment. DeaSes-witegung. g. A secret icriter. ing. d. a place of rest. Destiny. decide. -ollice.-h£emend. pi. A delving. Sffite. Le. d<Ed. v. dead. es n: pi. Den-. es. es judge.. a pi. an . dying. S. ollic. Defena scir. A weg. — scipe.f A projjhesyA-. lian To hide. godns Death-gods. 2. dem. ni. Deapung. deufl. we dorston Der. valley. e Demman To dam. cwealm. A judge. dearn -unga. d. dence. other Der. Jju dorstest.. in Den-.es in. — — — . pi. od To darken. K. A the Danes. se /. Dene. un-. wyrd. v. Deadly. Deivy feather or Dena lagu. land. deag. V. Death. bedd. v. dylf$ . m. ig Dewy. durre. sel. S. deag. raeced. dye. v. the spirits of the dead.f. dcBlf. sweltan To suffer Danes. -ulnes Solitude. Deg a day. -gewrita. privacy. e. Dent' sesbur. to die. DeaS. A death-bed. deovc Dark. denu.bsere Wood . L.Dem-a. /*. deofol. fej?er. to . secret. v. hiding-place. -berende Death Dehtnung. L. . dealf. Death. dyrnan. le secret. Solitariness. day of death. v. Der. Death neral. ivilderness . v. — — — telg -olnes. . denna. bedew. A disposing. presume. \. a camp. ofDeira. es . S. m. Der. can. v. -grjEg Dark-grey. Ded-bot Penitence. -lice. — . -laecan.-licgend. ian p. denu. p. Inhabitants of dew. dusky. lour. presumption. es . etede. f. a Den-.elice. It hearing./. Delf. es . Den-. dreas ers in a vale or plain.pp. seasonable. he vale or dell. el. examine. es. f. delve. S. f. K. ghosts. an •. f: -geligerscipe. be-. Devilish. es. v. igvales. Deathsub.The pulchre. disease. .nin. An. ^ digging-iron. ode . The laio of wing. stroke. A valley. fuIsca. n. a wood. Dear. stop loater. Death tree. an ./". adeorcian. a den. — — . A dipping. conv. fjii dearst. Deire. Mortificatus. pall. — Der. Death . mes. Der. -ere. yjp. bed.v . tree of death. w. — — — — . I j j — Dyrst -elice. Deira Der./. -marce. dolfen. pi. — ian. gellger. p. Delf-ere. Der. scyldig Death. m. solitude. durste. mors. m.es. Dearc. L. pestilence. e . — ung. On dengum In novalibus. Defenisc Of or belonging to Devonshire.deag. daru. — — — — -ellic. ness. f. : -igues. pIIi'cc — DEO . sepulchre. rashfS. ring-worm. cwylmmend Delan To divide. ed Death-cloth. — — — —— — — — — — — — . se. g. -lod Hidden. secretary. yielding mast. scua Shade of condemn. Death resi-marc. woody. end.doctor. wuda. dear. ian To tvet with Deio-fall. ly. cretly. es. Dense. g. mortal. es . -lice.dealles .

solitude. j)}). Deprobane 2'he island Tapro-nys A recess. es m. profoundness.in. Dyflen Dublin. Digle. Q. v. ed To set rine. .Dilgian To destroy. nes Solitariwizard. on digle deor-e. p. image of the like] devil. — .m. v. ness. es. — Dignere. Dinig Dung.. indite. obscure. Le. hiding. hege. -fri^. od To hide. being Diacontiad Deaconship. Dihlice Secretadverbial terminaly. m. Digel Secret. ham. VicDeep. pp. hidingham dwelling] Durham : Deulile secret. dispensabeast. Derodin Scarlet dye. precious. dcofl. S. a Digel . situate Die./. Deop The d^ep. S. an . v. e?. predictDiht-an . annoy. Dart. to love. jnystery. dcag. — loved. v. anise. v.e. gedeorfan. L. f. pp. Dingiung. . hurtful. wur<Se. ig Set in order. An — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — : : : — . dear. es.<:/. Deor-by Derby. derian. deiegaS. -sum. \. Der. L. solitude. between the Tees and HumDer. V. death. dern-gelinung. we DeregaS injure. A deerDiht-ere. es . Dereham. digl-ice. Deore^-sceaft. v. m. se . Deora rice. Deep. obscureness. dincg. n1 A Derian. An. wild-: dictating. m. reDc6r-l)am. direction. Derta muSa. S.f. Unfound. in. v. deer. treasure. a fence Dern-geliger. apart. sealf. — — D] hie Secret. obscure. lie Beastly. dictate. ic derige. p. dydrian./*. K. V. m. jjancol Deepthinking. S. arrange. mere-. gediht-e. e Deor dare. place. darkness. grseg ditch. Diglian Deornunga Secretly. A dike. m. es v. the sea. also new broken her. Deoul the devil. es . we in order. ranged. Durham. dihl-ice Pridevil . digele. be-. n. dyngan. we durfon . Dill salve. Deop. L. S. f. K. harm. es . A tion. perish.Dige toill benefit. dearc. dorfen 2'o Digel'ice. Deriendiic. f. . se . — — — — — ic [lie — — — — — — — — — A — deofan dippan. gedered 2'o injure. Digle Secret. digl-ian. tion] Derby. moat. hidden. deacon. es. S. bank. ung. m. mound. Dera miEg<S. Deoriende hurting. T)e6p-eDeeply. an . es. of great ivorih or va. fald. — me S. secret writer.Dertan I'o labour. Mce Secretly.Adevil-deed. -fellen rocc. se •. 68 Deor-e [dure. V. Dereham. e . An. n. 2. reyiowned. n. tun. dead. contemplative. deor-e. diht-on. An injuring. Devil sickness. Dilfan to dig. tion. . imnte./. sae-. lice Deeply. A disposing. f. L. minion.Siil. — Dim-gende Dim. A deer park. gediht-on . denoting 2'oicards a Diht. -gild. Deogol Secret. diop . dearn.Dimpart of Nor thumbria. Deerhurst. Deurwenta. n. dear. mouth. Deira rice. n. precious things. ditcher. high in price. ger-scipe. deofol. nere. don. Digian Todo good. don. favourite. dvar. seoc Devil sick. e . Deoi' dear. modDear mi7ided. D\cU dug. ncs. Deor-by [deor a Dim g. /. L. p. dispose. /'. fe. an abyss. dolh. J)ie<S. dilgian. m. adultery. JieoQ Dye.~(\. es . seocnys. scinne De. dim-mes : f. onbedopetan dop-ened. m. orderDeor. wickedness. m. A born. appoint. L. nes A ling. se firmly. — der bane. -nes. bank.belovcd. boren High. -gyld. Dile Dill. or fallow land. digel. : — — : — — v. nes. A dark house. v. To make a Dingan to dung. Derwent. dera<S . Ayi. Deor-boren noide. Diglice Secretly. A hunting net. danger. dark. ciousn ess./. an . m. Twilight. Deorc. tying. great. ian 1 To dike. v. S. de- vilish. hyrst ordering. Dim. Dark grey. noble. pp. g. e . skin garment. De- vil-cr aft. Depan To dip. delf-an. Digol Secret. HeaJ^o-. digel. L. digel. sa- — crijice to devils. Dielgian to destroy. he diht-e. Ex. A labour. work. hurt.u . es . rede . lie province of Deira. dyre] Dear. denioniacnl. the black art.n. Derbyshire. Digel-ian. -an. Deepness. — Dim. compose. iti ? The river Diglod Hidden. wftga. an lue. Dimly. Derling a darling. gen. darling. command. foretelling. loiUh- — cxxndD evil kind. m. ness.ra-. e . secret. C. adj.deorc-full Dark. scir.prophet J soothsayer. delfan. gf'Id. cess. A secret round a deer park. Dera jnaeg^. es: f. A Devilish. v. -fugel. ung. vately. a ivild ing. v. digel-lice. In secret. v. all place. 71iedeviL~crvii\'t. A disposer. arrious. S. p. Deora by. A ditching. v. deag. gedefell. Derbyshire.Diegel-lice Secretly. 2. n. a park.e . a wilderness. Deor A man's name. g. m. v. DeS does. Pre. dar. deor-e. 2'o hide. derian. Theprovince 2. v. Dest doest. cestershire.trench. re. S. loivs. dim-re g. Gedeorf. es . A sjjear. An animal. R. n. contracted to e. de6r-e. writere. Animal or beast kind. secretly. dym. Le. digian.es . ede . m. beast. derigendlic InjuL. v. A deer or beast skin. es . deag. e Diabul the devil. V. B. an Didrian v. Deira. secret.es. wyrXnes. es . dugan. re Precious. Dffirenta mu<Sa. an .joss. v. craft. v. lie Brutal. v. e . GlouV. Dera. es . digolthe devil.Derung. — — — — — — . possessed zvith Deorfan. by an habita. p. deofol. Dere Damage. S. es /. v. /. dearf. es .f. v. An.Dit'elin. in. e if Dunging. secrecy. A pair ofbeh — B. Deruunga Secretly. Die DIN dcoful c's . -wyr^e. Der. a cave. derigan. v. v. be- Deora mseg^. by-scir. baptize. dca^. A Dincg Dung . -en Belonging to a beast. to be ice. v. e . deer-fold. -nett. Idolatry. contrivance. v. hilde-. \. S. Norfolk. v. m. ere. f. Le. pi deofla. secretary.e. trench. —hof. ing. as. pt'ofou7idly. L.es . ode. ilwider Whither. Der. Deor-un [dyranj 2'o liold Died dead. v. mound. [deor abeast. m. A steward. A ditch. cynn. in difficulty. direct. A deer hedge. v. A disposing. — — . deag-le.: DEO D26M. L. pp. es . Dierna Hidden. deer. es. m. noxious. — — — idol. digel. doughty. The Diacon a deacon. of Deira. den. diht. B.f./. brutal. vil shining. sorts of wild animals. m. OS . — Deorling. L. n. prepared. v. conceal. digle /. pro-\ Deor-hyrst Deerhurst. A door.

ic D6S do tice. vient just judging fffistnes. pp. dom. madness. lice 69 . 1.c. S. expulsion. Dole a buckle. es . di'gel.place. es VI. Do do. Doom. gedyde./. dihtig.wel-. ral day. /. an adulterer.dohtor. scipe. m. Hell-. Disgung. .viake. serDogor. for-: dema-. Abbod-. }p(x dest. v. e. es. j^egn. firen-. berend. erring. . A mischievous enemy K. don. fenduck. on-: ondraedan. decree. Dirstelzce Boldly. Doeg a day. lig-. -botnes. hall.Cynedom A king's power. -rof. he de<S. Di6p Deep. dixas [discas] . pp. holy. tseppan Taenia. v. hinges Thane who superin2. we dredon culine. drenc. give. Diogol secret. a book of decrees or laws. Huntingdonshire. Donlic Practicable. for-. v. A judg. ving. he did.— lie. es. Don to witanneTo wurSe Precious. day light. gedon. etc. Doom A question. oS-.—McePowDracan-blod.— Don fram or of To -nys^ mystery. judgment. S.Old. Dohter a daughter. i. — — f . deofol. do ))(i spra. J). swath. — — — — — — : — f — LA — : — — . sae.Dornford or Dorgford. es n. duru. A daughter. Dolsmeltas.Dr^edan . judgment. EortS -. the state or condition of being free. Doeraa ajudge. -hwoet. trial. \e?is. ie do. cristen-. p. es.es. Drsen a drone. Dirian To hurt. Der. As the termina. m. im. S. D •• OM I D R^ . S. hiis. Dohte done good. — . Dorce-ceastcr. Dorces-ceaster. d. S. C. ic dyde. Dragon's blood. L. deore. -bot. to make to know as of a dagger or sword. — es. opinion. and luas poioer. dracontie Dragonment-seat. locust. A Dirri-licgend. m. v. S. effectually. es w. Blessed with poioer.— vfiWen Foolishly. ode. Der. — authority. d. A judgment . X". A dish servant the officer D6m. glory. — — — — — . dyde. L. Ex. deop. fffider-. Ex. Don. g. cause. es . gran. In the plural. /. Dorchester. v.| do to 2oit. gedon To do. A A sword wound. dragan. v. — — . a or understand. wise. un-. dotage. dran. Tanfield.ster . dagor. a-. Vi. S. A natupent. rashly. dyppan. burning. Dochtera daughter. es . w ? Folly. r DOL Dinne Stormy. Disc. Dorste. a pestilence. m. pp. of delfan. m. pupil-petau To dip. v. Dor A gate. nm. A ^ DyM — . a moorhen. a-. . — Der. Binor A penny. dorsten durst. e . Draca. drseden To fear. es m. Lif don Diore Bear. S. -ilsegJ udgtnent-day. state. wund. eorl-jheej^en-. etan. fy r-. sore. and denotes Power. vain glory. ling A darling. gian. v. dread. honest. man-. pp. ede . pi. Disciplehood. eadig Doef Perfect. condition. S. V. board. S. a toivn hall. Le. we d6<S. Der. an^ m. Pellitory of the -betan. Dimin^. Dora A drone. . don. adjudged laws. temjyestuous. Dofen sunk. One loortfthe greater serpentine. Deathhabitants of Dorsetshire. 2. tion of nouns is always mas. wall. v. deag. victory. S. take from./. glorify. -ere. pi. Dolh.Dracan Gypsum. grievous loound. discourse. Dobgende Decrepit. A house ofjus. Der.akingdoni Freodom Freedom: Haligdora Holiness . e . plunge into. cy ne-j cy ning-. A-. drag-net. in diht. toion. f. g. a tribunal. gilp. Dofian To rage. es .Drffid Dread. near Ripon. un-. error. m. e . table. probably the king's taster. V. — — daeg. or scar.f. Dop-ened [ened a duck] A Discipul A scholar. S. — Domne x\ lord dominus. Draege Draege-nett. A daily number. s«/j7e. dema. /. Dirodin Scarlet-dye. fssstFastorjustjudgDoende doing. wite-: deman. S.— Uer.— Dol-drunc Foolish. eie. ac. pi.sin-: dilDer. A d>'agon. camp-. dear. p. es. dohtor. Do! fell dug . Dotage. Dolg-bot. ofer-. C.-bana. dOhtra . .beta. L. Dol Foolish.Doonde Laturi. -ing. -endlic. diolu secrets. v. S. quality. vi. ge-. es . dugan. mun-for-. v. — — — — — — — — . to-. Jurisdiction. de6re. es m. to exalt. fear. Der. tended the table. disig Foolish. Draife/l driving out . es set.Dorwit-ceaster Canterbury.es . S. f. R. L. A dipping. deop. ?n. S. a . Craziness. Integrity ofjudgment. — scoa^a. e. v. fully. A dinniny. D6m~b6c. Dorlajcan A sort of locusts. A?i. dugan. deur. — tend. water -fowl. loho served up a feast. se . Feorh-. Wound -fruma. se . Droegen draion. counter-poison. -end. -run.e •. v. georn Desirous of poioer. v. v. Dofung. A wound fine or compenDirling A darling. — Der. drab. drag. -lie. bisceop-. L. Diobul. Do]. Distffif ^ distaff. ian. A-. vioorhen. L. S. the judgment. 7ti. es . Fifta-.Dracentse. sentence. Duhton Dohtor benefited. sitting in a judge. Docce A dock. /. e f. feasible. bounti- — — — — . tingling. -lean. v. R. L. depart. v.^ — : . n. were kind. w. in Doeman To judge. V. -weorc swajJUjC . ofa-. of-. Dohtig doughty. Yorkshire. plate. A toound To live. toge-. an . Foolish boasting. -hata. we dydon ./. R. dolg. VI. es .— %ei\. -cene. sealf.Dwelian. The inDoet5-ba?rni8. daedla. A dish-bearer. n. m. dred. p. cases or precedents in law. Disi. S. Foolishly. right. L. — Der. n. Diohlu. S. q/drifan. es . ceremonies. rim. -lie djed. od To give Drabbe Dregs. dish. of-. a large door. diofiil. Le. property. e. v. Ajudge. for-. dohtrum 3/. office. A n error. e . 16f-. office.. Donua The river Danube. 3. A wound salve./. ern. A secretmis-. Dorsaete. )?u dydest. Decrees. m. OS m.— fugel. es. v. ed To dip. a age. v. valiant. Don A little fallow deer. S. pp. Dii)pan p. Der. A foolish folhj. . antidote. |?eovv-. dolh. L. Wisdom Wisdom . had. sway. on-. v. able McJudicial. laioyer. d6n. Dooc The south wind. dehter . erfully. Oxfordshire. -llg Foolish. Poicerless dishonournicS-. -ceastre . vi. sation. Dorm-cea. lees. lice Deeply Dole a wound. dale. Doom-book. ra-ige. e . g. a great or Dona feld. as. drove. heretical. dufan. doeg.

-nes. servant. A law. d. -f'aet.-: drig. DRE Drifiiic DR ge. the seller to the buyer on Dreng. dreoran. folc. offend. drinking-house. ge-. ilice among the people. lord. to drive as a Dreman. drinc. drenc-te. a fdlower. /. n.Droren falleny v. m. -g. SorrowDream. -monn. Dreariness. family . maSm. Drihten-. ing-horn. es. n. : : — — . m. weard. dreht. •ignes. Der. wea folloicer. gory. A royal or great queen. Drihten-beah Muddy. draught. &c. he druui^^ . weras Felloio drearily . drincan. we drilled. man. dry. Drias Soothsayers. n. Dreosan. Der. dreoran. wy rda One speaking in the name of God. m. Dominion. m. oppress.dra. scot-ale. Der. cwen. m. gl. S. guma. Drehnigean 2'o drain. To drive. of wyrd. Cd. Der.de. 2. sorrow. es . v. ruler. dreag. es n. n. K. drihten. gladness. geu To drug. heor-: dreosan. pensive. with drycrasft To expp. S. A royal hall. ^ dryness. wuniende Dwelling -ignes. slaying. Dranc drunk. positions of. S. vex. profession. v. mod Sad of mind. noble. es .Drigan . bear. -lie. gedriht. Family folk. Drtiarung. -sele. herd. a cup. dry. gedrefan . to be used for drihten. -leas Joyless. Mirth harmony. gum-. n. gedrenc-ed T'o give to Drenc-cuping vessel. heDrefan. A lordly treasure. noble. es . pursue.diminish. es . pp. of a family. es. se . se. o/drecan. v. for dreohtum. rub dry. dreccean. A lord ring or money. An. drire. m. B. pp. o/drinean. ter.for killing afreeman. Driht-ealdor. the Drifan. man-. e. m. man. — Folc-. Drepan p. With the pre. ed 1 deluge. v. draecomplete. dreas. Dry. endure. drinker. Drehte vexed. — swhisung. -ilice. — . dreogan. -mann. m. /. es. longing to the Lord.: but may it not be V. es . gedrincan. Dri g.we drifon. we drsepon . gedreht To Drepe. dominion. Dre6r. S. ere. m. S. Dreas soothsayers. 7n. dreoran. dri. e . flod. we drogon . joyous. S. Tribufor-. vex. drihten. Drink. Lordly. Driencen-georn A drunkard. mournfully.— he'dXden. The ruler of events 1 dreahte. p. A drenching flood. The art h'c Dejected. An. m. se . a Dreontum With multitudes. ut. A family jected. and then signifies. 2. The 1. tou . p. re j adj. train. v.— :. an . m. driges. S. v. dreman gedrym. Drican to drink. we druron A noble child. m. 1 Joy. dreas. p. dryht. Drigast sufferest. Instruments room. S. A drink. -iglic. -fah. of music. dryhten. . es. f. -nian.f. ic drince. fine ofoOs. es . es . drosen. chase ale for the entertainhorn. wyne-. es m. Almighty. . es . p. ^ bloio. drihtnes . Almighty guardian.Drihtn a lord. -bealu Great Dregende Drying. Drihten. vex. Blood. ^^'tiranc. pp. a drink. Precan. -lie. of music. . S. driges. dreah. drecean. A singing. drink. p. A drove. — — — — — — : — — — — . foul.drifen. v. To ment of his Lord./?p. p. dryman . pi. — — m : — . drenc-flod. -iglice. G. r. v. or his hiis. v. melody. dream. gore. ut-: utdraefe pa. drepen To strike. medu-: drysadness. ed To make muddy. A ivith ceap To drive a barp. adj./. Der. concluding a bargain. A young man. faet. ruin. a dreurig. sad. iglic De2. D ill' drove . scipe. The Lord. dream. ic drife. drog. man-. e f. pular man. The ruler of a household. sige-. A distilling. Der. Driht. m. a hall. the Drig. we drihten. es . p. n. divine. Dren-flod. the condrinking-vat. lord. f. K.f. drifcS Dreg dry. men. — Der. falling. gedreosan To rush. se . music. come Lordly. S. Der. Drear /e/Z. rejoicing ful. Lordship. Dreoh-laeean ? Magicians. the ale giver by gedreoge. down. ofa-. -ig ]. be-. drync (5. we drenc-ton . grieve. e '. v. dreary. Drif A fever. A drink. mago-. Lordly. es n. ere. sad. of-dvif-dn.drincan. harmony. L. drigre. p. A poDian. A musician. drive off: and Drinc. sawl-. dicine. Jjii r ic DRI dn -6 wynegedrihta drygast. — — — — . great: as Driht-bearn. driht. to wreck. Dreoran . draio. -neas Carcases of the people. e. disturb. droren To fall.f. Dragan. Or. Gleo-. To prac. pp. to-. finish. Wliat mirth. — — — — — — — . wurc5e A theologian. go. es . meeting. p. Dreah did. sad. B. n. — — — — — — . A pleasure-keeper . usseinhly. Dreor. v.es. es . lie lie Harpp. drias A fall. to play on an instrutise. n. causes mirth. Diight the Lord. use a trade or DrihS bears. gedrlfen./. L. diain A drone. ?n. Dresten Dregs. tary drink. dreoran. fall.y. es. f. Bloody. work. misery. Drenigean To drain. steward on the fee.becomeweak. — . gedrif. es. -65 paiiy. Drimjoy. Drias A falling. or feast. an . drench. drogen To bear. a folloicer. driht. v. In composition seems Dream-craeft. hew. dryhS . v. A-. One -fah Blood stained. m. — — — I 70 . dreogan. Driht-. song. a iJreas. drugon . drench. lean. masDrefe . ge-: drosen di ysnian hall. : — — — — — — . ivith drink. household. nes. /). g. dreoran. drig. L. -ian. and so mean pp. we drehicound. drenc-ean To drive out. To dry up. frea-. S. A. sele. g. drigast. de To ship. -mod m. de . drear. harmony. L. R. pp. es monious. exercise. drihtne . Drenc-an. sorrowful. dryfan. rig Drink weary. tribution of tenants to pures . denotes. iglice Sadly. lagu. music. heor-. droll. m. v. household. company Drincan. (' : : : I a drink. A dry. drsep. 2. proceed. as v. an associating being. n. . a. guard. es . nes. — — — — — — .f Drinkercise magic. Jailing. trouble. g. drinc. a trouble. Drihten-lic adj. Drearily. Drenc. Used in composition. perish. m. Dreccing Tribulation. rejoice. wsel-. A drinkgain . mournfully . p. es m. gedreogan. Th. p. great. soldier. v. suffer. drehte. v. ment. Drefing A disturbing. 3. he droht. coin- Dreogan. A Dreng a drink. perhaps. Der. icither. Diai'. Cd. Dreog Modesty. es . v. o/ dreogan. bealo. satisfied Drignes. ^.

v. Dugu<S-gifu Liberality. Dror Gore. dear. M. extinguish. — : : : — . L Dust or poicder. I& — . v. to be Dumb Dumb. Dune adun. ede To drop. es. haunt. drinean. JJer. conduct. 2. dub. v. dropa. \^Y\\\t people. mann. ig Mounhilly. Mountainous. n. -tsehte Mountdin-sage. An. a . sorspeechless. a dun or a dark colour. Druron fell. bian adymman : dun(!or. we duFolding-doors. A Druncen Druriken. care for. mute. Dripau . p. Dwresnes. and more imDrugujju Dust. Durre. Duncor Dark. DriigaS. man. od To Dumbla. drunken. driht. g. hof. fortitude. es m. -nian course of life. : A hill fairy es . sorcery. Sadness. S. e . Duru. magnanimity. Dwala an error.f. -hud drenc. on-. -um.^joeZican. S. driht-. gon . Dulh-riin. es. dreoran. variegated in Dufian . -mian p. a ous. ode . druid. dwaeses f. — — — saluie. A noise. S. od To converse. Dugu^. A door. — Der. virtuous. DugutS : dyhtig gedigan. magical. -studiJ. submerged by drinking. ofer-: druncen. ian. Dufan to sink. drinc. -ig Dusty. ward. 2. v. honour. es n. Der. drosen. -jjinen '. blockDrupodonrfM?iZZec?. door keeper. ode . v. p. dolh-riin. es . subside. dreoran. p. ment? V. Eag. Drosen.an. holm. settle. 3. senate. p. Drync. drosn. — . 2. Drunkenness. cerer./. driht. way of life. drunk.i. dwoliau. -stod. pp. cra»ft. dyfde .. The digdry place. Excellence. v. L. S. S. Mountainous. dienc -had. m. . v. A dumb person. S. dive. v. V.v. m. in. a. se . honourable. se . sink. to be 7nade sad. m. L. nobility. To Dune-ward. Drof Draffy. es. a. Iset Sloic. v. noble. street. L. A hilly or mountainous country. on-: drinc. conversation. to obscure. 1085. tainous. Ddn-holm. Drync<5 drink. -scrsef. dear. es. pp. an.f. S. wall mann^l drunkenman. A door stod 1 . dohte.— land. duru-leas Doorless. lie Brittle. Dust. Der. gate.— \dinA\sc Mountainpi. ofa-. dryness. Duua A dove. v. side of a door. A hilly V. Le. S. a pri- — Dun. Drof-denu A den. weak. terrible.-nng. 71 with. m. L. drop. Dung Dung. dryngc drink. older. — fain. dwesenes. gedufan. duneweard Downlife. f. A n. Drog drew . dreoran. /. create. help. foolish. drinean.drop -ian. drihter. m. G. Ex. de To make sad. duru. f Conacversation. To have the mind Dulmuna Long ships. duge. ras Folding doors. saete. an . Dulness. L. — e •. Dryfan to drive. diuncen To drink. v. [holm water. house. se f.m. petung A dropV.me: gical. e. to be virtuous. — colour partaking <Sfer~. lie Ma- DW Dun Dnn. tions. Durham. m. avail.e. Der. ac . A bittern. -weard. A mountain. DUM Witchcraft. live. spot. S. Dryht Lordly. Ex.4 ty. he deah. Dugan. dropa. v. — w. v gedwola. L power. drigan. delfan. hilly. nm. distil. distil. cattle -keeper. dy^e-hamor. v. v. ofer-: drencan. — xi\xn%. v. . lees. riches.an. S. Sediment. Dryhten the Lord. darken. e. S. es . Dumba. — elfen. S. — . f. Dwajscan . Drinktdesirous. dreor. hilly. v. A mountain e. L. faag. v. fah A Dufedoppa. an To joy. p. drifan. v. f. ines. ende Joying. ne if. -seine. f. dor. . v. Droreu fallen. magic. drigan. pigeon. . /• Dirtiness. f.drig. song. es . Dr^'g dry. dulfon dug. etan To drop. A-. Ex. hel Drugan to dry. vex. es — .p. A dryness. dugan. duhte. jju door-ward. for. v. K. pp. V. foolish. Le. dwell. be dirty. dream. furbulency. probiDrugon -Bore. S. Papyrus'! Dulf. DugeS. Drunkenness. drypte To drip. p. Dur-. se . cavern. spotted. ede . ed To Duolma A chaos.Dynij-hofj-husradumdweesre Dull. S. government. good. nes. f. virtue. Dryming A Drypa a drop. v. od 1. — A — — — Dun adj. v.drink. Mountaineers. crajftig Skilful or crafty in magic. keeper. Drygan to dry up. ian To Dure-leas Door less. The weard. an island] Durham. a -fealu es . p. Dunung. n. petan To dohtest. ping. A female doorgeorn portant part ofa court. Der. foolishness.y. quench. Dust. Drisne A wig. an ac. prosperity. — dark colour. ofer-. dirty. men Magicians. dun. ode. happiness. . e ^f. o/dragan. DugU(Sum With prosperity. nified. immerge. Dur-stodl A door-post. ni. Drypan . S. dugutS Good. ivhispering. durron dare. S. goods. ?ti.— Der. Drogen Suffered. dreogan. e . hill. e. — — — Ispndisc . Dugo<5e-ealdor A magistrate. Duolan to err.f A sojourn. downs. be good Durfon tried. 6<5. Der. Drusian. . gain. Tawny A — nian To make of son. Dros Dross. Le. A drop. condition. starling. ras spots.: dureleas oferdyru: Drosne of dross. v. deorfan. S. es . or valley Dryhtere.e. a fairy m. heor-. Drysnian. prosperously. foredera health. accomdure-. beaten skin or parchDruncnian 1 Toimmerse. S. 1. a stead. pp. Advantage. Blood. filth. a-. ward A inapJum By drops. dreggy. dreogan. m. S. modation. — . Drugung. ed To Dumnys. m. Ddhte did good. m. Droflic Sad. enlargement. S. An. to mourn. g ena: d. d. road. Ch. sink. Drym joice. post. dreor. drugoS A drought. L. -fag drop colour. S. ish. es m. sedition. Dune Doion.. a door-keeperj -pah Stronius. — — of bronm and black. e . v. to keep company — A — — — — — — — — — — : — — : : : — — — . se Droge Dung. rewhere droves of cattle feed. Der. an . sorroivfulness. Dubban To strike. foul. do-. A viagician. Dry. or post. we dohton To projfit. honourable. Droht What is drawn out. Le. DwjES g. dugoS. Dumbness. A lord. obscure* Dryslic Fearful. Durste durst. v. S. p. — — — — — — — m — — . pi. Som. Drop-a. A droveS. S. Drofnes. S. DRY we druncou pp. pp. false hair. says I'o put out. m. Dii^hama. Dryr. lees. drown.

fje e. absurd. secret. -lie dol. dvvesenys. hell as. S. de . Dyorlic brutal. specan. v. Dwol-a. dllit-an. Dynt. pp ed To Dyttan To howl. dun. -elie Foolish. Sly. bedd. Dygel Hidden. Dyfing A diving. 1. 1. useful. Dyra. Dysi foolish. DySe-liamor. deah. S. insipid. es . dile.. when followed by a long or final vowel as. foolish. cont^^ining tbe short — . v. — — or unaccented vowel e. with the sound of e in meet. Ghosts. S. -. ende. beloved. Dwelian. : — — Twentig. DyrfS is in danger. sea. v. close. riys-ig. hell. Dweorl). L. adultion. Dyrling a darling. so . . g.— ig Foolish. — A — nes. Dyppan. delusion. v. sin. dincg.f. dear. 2. es .we dwinon pp. -sum. — Boldly. ian error. Dimness. dwelian. Dyre. deorling. ede . adv. phantom. v. Words containing the long or accented Anglo-Saxon ^. myS' dyrst-llee Boldly. hended. . lie.e(le. gcdwellan igdom. dizzy. fedan. v. -drunc. m. manure. dung. chasm. vi. Der. dippan. lice . v. single s.elice. e . or accented e. Sele. the noise of a blow. durste durst.in the termination of nouns. deorfan. the apocryDydrian To delude. dippa'S. having tbe sound of e in net. Stelan. B. A transfiguraligre . v. mattery. Deire. as. Dysvlic: foolish. Dyre of a door. com. V.ss. 78 . The deep. Dygel. hide. dugan. Dys-ig. dyne. A stroke. dwinen To pine. deorvvurJSe.4. — ig Dusty. : : — — — . dear. dwaes. Dylste. v. Dyrst . an To lie secretly. dvvan. — . E. Der.(lweligan. es n. an . secretly. are not known./". : as. djgle. da^d. I D YR E Oyseg^Hsfoolish. to thunder. os . Before one or two eonsonants. n. deavn.dyglice Deeply. e f. Erroneously -ma. bzemend. Metan. 3. Nebb. are often represented by modernEnglish words of tbe same meaning. niis. v. T>er. hel. se . noise. extingnish.dwimora \pl.e •.Dyle a dill. . feed. Dydring. K. close. spectres. geliger g. gedyrst . The short e generally comes 1st. its -nes Boldness. v. L. Corruption. Der. consonants. S. — daring. absurd. hedan. f. The long.es. hof. fore weddian: 21y.dwolmani/ar^ne. — — v. A chaos.f. Dyre Dear.: : DYH Dwas-liht A false light. -lice. blasphemy. ??i. Folly. . p. dust. S. don. Dyne. -j^ing. — . dim. L. to -mann. blaspheme. m. — : . Dym Dim. enchantment. v. Dyrn-an p. dypt To dip. EorcSDer. heretical. Dyhtnere a steward. dys-\giixn. A wild. ede make a din. a folly. absurd. v. dyre. Dyrran To dare. tery. obscurity. Dimly. ian To hide. Dyngan p. put to death. a prison. Der. i/nL. digel. f. K. — Solitude. ig nes cret. Le. ed To pp. '. S. h6s. Der. — laecan To dare. cate. Dydei'ung. — : : — . v. v. deop. Der. — — — . tings.dy cSeDwild A deception. A yolk. a mallet. — — — rec. Dyhfe arranged. : — tellan. lice Foolishly. 1.elice. dynian dynt. es 7n. tery. Dwimeru. — — sendan. To err. — lete^^oZf^. Dygyl hidden. Dyneras Folles. An adulDydrung. dypte pp. of d\vo]-ma. n. t. Dyrra dearer. occult. dweoi'g adj. . — — . Dydan To kill. ness. dincg. bamor.Dyrsting-panne. Dyde of an action. j)P' ed To Dyde did . blow. cwen. dwol-a. v. daeg-. . vanish. reward. a din.wasteaicay. -e. od. gloomy house.o(le. Darkness. delfan. — Dweomere. enclumt. L. ed. terer. Dwes. m. and pounds. S. . : heel te<S. . 2. v. met. licgiDyfde dived. Dotage. heresy. ignora?ice. A pretence.7?. dark. deor-lie. — Der.Dylf<S digs. es m. Pyhle hid. S. deag. Oblique. Before a double consonant . pp. blasphemous. -lie. as. ac. -ian. se. Nett. Dyxas dishes. webb. ignorant. vierge. S. lie Serashly. Dyttan p. v. gedtalk or act foolishly. es . Le. an -jf. v. dyne. fornicator S. Dyst dust. and before the I. dufian. A secret lying. 2. v. v. Dyrste. fet. V. r. v. well. en. v. med. To be -ung gedwol-a. baptize. p. eweSan. Dyg a day. V. Dwyld Error. A Jry- — SLudf. m. svvet. gewrita Secret wria charm. m. v.TJnmder. fet. ignes. v. dwaes. disc. D we an To deceive. to lead into error. bernan. hel. Le. weccan. chaos. Dyhtig Fit. rash. ges. S. deag. Bold- — — An — Dynig Hilly. is used at the end of words as.. v. S. m. deformed person. Dvvinan. Der. L. rashness. a insipid. S. fed. me -willen. Dynian p. p. denn. dwcorg. a Dvpa. Dyncg dine. henne. bold. Gcdwelan. Dearly. To err. Beany two consonants as. pp. Dwosle Pulegium. dizziness. duS-bamor A sounding hammer. tahe. —ignes. To hiding-place. denotes a person. Le. dweorh. d. An error. S. S. lie JErring. Dyvn-e Hidden. Dynan To f. diht. Dny rge-dwos]ePudding-grass. Dwlmorlic Visionary S. mis. -ines. Anglo-Saxon words. -es dwosle Fleabane. of don. S. books whose authors Dydest didst. dark. an f. ignorance igian. -goda. hedan. S. To deceive. -u. Foolishness. u An error. An. rush. . lead. phal books. es. spectre. Dyran To be dear. an . DyrwyriSe. daringly. v. duru. -lie. digel. dicarf. beran. Dwcorh. Dwolpmaii. Le. — — — — dumb. gidph. Dyre. A dark dwelling or den. Dylstihte Purulent. v. de . . Dwis stupid. feedFalloic land. as.y. ed To dit. or shut up. erring. dweorh. fenn. deor-e. v. llyrde. L. Deira. Daring. g. -lie. v. ung. v. ing-pan. secrete. humpbacked. deor-e. A juggler. Dygle. Dy^edoes good. -licgend. to d2vindle. <5. band. K. are very frequently represented by English terms of the same signification. an m. to forniDyfene Desert. dys-lie. lice presumption. geDyderian To d ceive. stripe. es n.gedyne. fade. n. weddian.

L. G. All i7'on. es a n. . S. Eacan . humanity.-e tig . e -jf A price. f The oak of Jerusalem. pp. . — mod Humrespectful. tvater stream.Eades bnrh g. mihtiga mist or dimness. od To conceive. 7n.but when derived from adjectives they are feminine. linga Altogether. great. H. bright. n. -deefe All good. es. every. ni. m. to bring forth. geador A Itogeoffspring. asCyle. Eafora. bulrush. v. -risce. the popuissue. e . -an -wen A ringworm. Le. To bless. even as. S. catholic. S. An. Eaht-ian p. eofor. leannung. A river^s bank. es . Eye ache. An teone ean . conception. Water -land. nes. Eage. e. sotSlice truly. es . guard. ode pj). observe. Eoeldian^o grow old. andaremasculine. eoc . es . utterly. staeS. L. ahnung. . -a. es . f. gifted. so. beget. rich. — teoS-a m The eighteenth. S. v. -e I'he eighth. a. Running water. ead-ig. tir-. wyrt Eye wort or brig?it. sel-beorht All nalses.— ian To trouEal-. Esellenge Behold. n. A n. de To humble. an herb. increasing. byrig ^f. burge d. S. esteem. beauty. EA ung L VI. An addition. valour. cumende perfect. -seung Eye seeing or sight. /'. The vowel -e is also used to form nouns denoting inanimate objects. Most cold. -nian p. sige-. — mo. ehte^-a . retribution. we eocon . or happy. -Iriili All rough. v. 'perfect. An. yfele badly. ofcreac: eacen: ge-eucnian yean.Humbleness. A fioioing of water. regard. — sen. successor. eodon pp. Ea. 2. stream. m: seo. ode .dioelling . se . 73 . mighty. -hill. Eadeg happy. M. m. Eah an eye. an-spind./. happiness. moreover. eac loater-course. Eac. eaden To produce. times found in g: pi. f. weal.seppel. nalles. lue. Eiihe chief. dow. es . ealdian.tAl7nost. modlic Humble. an. es. wrsec Eye pain. ehtEa. v. . Ead. Edmundsbury. sigor-. — land. . v. eod pi. mist. earfoS. long. le-offrung Whole offering. from guard. Eaca. ivhole. is the termination of deries . A ivindow.— EadTo make prosperous. all shining. vative adjectives. bubbling of water. K. consonant. Every kifid. L. -an. ed To humble. befall. tvoi'th. A winIneg. L. wylm. -stream. aeht. ehto^-a. ead. ful. j E A D shepherd. L. spring. ther. Eaca. ea. m. f. riht All . es . q^dte. : aenyge. cynn Eafer. flod. n. K. An. piness. heah. -heafod. /. kuiga All at that p7-ice. The apple of web. A retvard. e. testament brvce. Eac swa. very like. n. -nes Persecution. modlice Humbly. a spring. esteem. give. Walton esti77iatioti. ung. es . m. augment. conj. respectfully. Der. od [eaht cerse. e . pregnant. ivater spring. Eddcsbury or Edis. Eye salve. ede. byan. an . filce All people. S. v. Eac-en . The Almighty. — conceiving. es. 7n. lie All all. medan — . ^ xcater-rush. hve^'v^ Exulting in pr osjjerity or success. Eadmundes burh g. Wyr^e : -modnes. se . n. — tyne Eighteen. aet-. Eador a hedge. -scon — scoung. Ecerdung./. K. m. Eadulfes nsess. A — : — . 6t5. Ei^e -xn&?. universal. -lice. icater. n. Eaht-an To persecute. Ealles. v. — — es. 1. heir. nung. f. To eacan Besides. likewise. v. flea A spot in even so. anlang All along. S. m. son. L. gang. eage. v. — ig- p. . rig /. . midEEerfo^ 2VoM&Ze. Eah a river. q. oet-. geleaflic Catholic. -met Humility. — medlice Humbly. an . an . lean. ea d. — : — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 1 — — — — — — — — — — — — — — ig Happy. aneage eawian y wian. dian — eye disease. pZ. An. v. totally. i -e p. -docce^ water-docTi. — wela — eaht-ian. \}set. ni. Eaj^-mud mild. ture or power of the eye. eaS. burge d. godwebb. es . -e is also the usual letter by which adverbs are formed from adjectives ending in a — Eaht estimation. advantage. even so. seo. Le. These are mostly derived from verljs. bryhtm The eye's twinkle. Der. pset. strong. lenga Altogether. a saying. — — — Happy. Justice. doubting. as. n. m. An eye. cy/yde. gearo All prepared. eag-. v. — med. Happiness. Also. es. — Sa Eighth. p. from wurS worth humility.: . honoured. es . island. . Worthy.- — — — . sel All. A — iglic hyrdan to Happily. an eye. nes Difficulty. -Inig Ahcays. eye deed. perfect. — — —— A . To meditate. Strength. An eye broic— alo7ig. A progeny.Eahte-o^ Eighth. ece. m. Ex. most bregh An eye brow.v edor. etc. The na1 swa miceles For so much. hapDer. ne Conceived. eard-ung. -e happy. an-beorht The Gilded over. ead-ig. Der. ordain.: eawunga : sureaged. . -ste^. vioreover. devise. fern.—Der. -sio- — right. ins. tetter. — — . indcl. pp. Happy Eadan . Eahto<S-a. cold. ignes. excesdvehj lids ? S. eafor a boar. /. lice AG . an . harp. Eal.ahn[ing. \esOf moment. an f. f. but cas is some. sealf. on the Nase. golde7i. reinuneration. Happiness. the eye. -lie. — ml Prosperity. E rich. bulation. Le. grant. S. a river. and. ble. duru. . as Rihtwise. swa eft So often. — igan blessed. Der. ceald u Tj^ible. G. eacne Increased. S. pp. in-hringas Eye brows. — sealf.—m\\\t. : . m. es . )?yrl.S. en- Eye's sight. eeking usury. increase. All godgylden Eag-a3ppel. mild. 1 swd es princ ? The twinkling of A Iso. . moreover. toS Eye tooth. to be pregnant. river. gebyrd. eall. -nes : gian ge-eadmedan. amoment. lace.Eadg. es . p. respectful. m. Cold. es. L. a bury. -nes. Der. S. also. Eighteen. fortSgenge forthcoming. Proper recompence. es. altogether. an-wean. Der. — Eahta Eight. crseftig A II skilEcerpung A harping. . all silk. An — — — — — — : : — — Eagor Water. se -jf. Eag . — Eighty. an — A — — A — A — ^wWcG So also. eacen To eke. es. Le. likeioise. mihti. Eadig. egor. isig All icy. ring The -xnihiig Almighty pupil of the eye. the eye. v. A breach : wlite. vaaSjRihte?*?'^//*////. Eye or cheek fat. Water-cress. -spreot. Cheshire. — — e'. for eah. used in Der. St. Ex. iren aneye's glance. Eag-. Sharpness of wit. EafoX. es . Doubtful. 7n.

excessively. utterly. — Eal-. Ear before. — Seaxe. how ! Eala Ale. geand boroughs : hence the blond. — wit an m. magistracy. es . S. sp. dom. — waerlic Kind. es . e-offrung Whole offering. pp. L. quite. dom. preon. -Seaxan The principal thane 'officer. maest neg. v. palace. excellent. n. little ease. An. a ivhisperer. -mann. Der. Eldership. Jjaet yldeste . Life. burh^ metropolis. ele-. senator. es. soundly. — co^u. lege. — taewWell. Old minster. od To yean.old. age. An ear-cleanser. od To despell.— ungdi. An. house. ealo^. f? An ale cup. EA II L silky. p. Eall. Eale^ ale. An — . p. piously. m. — v. es — deras Ancestors. The chief magistrate. wajg. es . es -b6tl. — Eald-awered man. m.es. life.e. od To groio or wax old. C7np. ealo. An ale bench. a^lc. The A mighty. the sea. if. — bring. in. excellent. An elder. se yldesta. es . eald Ealdor. Old age. 3. eall. eolo^. Ealdas men. An old tvoman. m. -or riht. The loater origin of the English Aldermingling. that could be given to a sub. — Eall — Of . Old.L. — . lord. — bold. lie Princi- ^ — . 7n. — — — supremacy.—es — inga iron. Eale-gafol. v. ale house. ael. Ealc each. Der. — — All icy. e . — swa miceles For so much. assuredly. licnes wet. S. entirely. hela. quite. 6r-:ealdian. — — — — — — er. — es. loccas Theforelocks. An m: yldre. protect. old. A71 alesceop.S. breioing. v. a Eal}5rutbolla. — wririan. f. v. es m. official.f. ell-. An old history fend. n. vi. e . V. ealdor ealdorEaldafseder A : Worn. a palace. e f. or discourse. f?st An ale vat. 2. — — m. e. eer. societies. es. An ear of corn. ealo. Ear The sea. G. ealu g. hair dratvn over the forehead. an. ocean. es ./. All. loere the parent stock from which the Anglo or English Saxons migrated. v. kind. m. Ealifer J^ac^ in the hedge. — isig . . — — — V. chief prince. chief. v. es. Eald6m Old age. — L. ode pp. es . V. house. Principality. Almost. vi.4 ealle - With all. el-. even so. vital. [sct)p a maker'] An ale breic- — — — . Ukeioise. An antiqua- ry. Ale-work. — alh. a matron. ni. An uncle. authority. v. L. — or servant.Ealu ale. ealewes . first. m. — wer30.An earlap. cs . death.f. l- lice All — wiht manly. Ealglan. indeed. 74 . Oldness. swa Also. ealdor. appel. at that price. Ealo. . Eall-reord Bar- m. — all. Eall. An earring. m. es .L. Eal an awl. tO' cynn Every lice built. /. es . The lit. f. n. governor. the — Ear-clsesnend. v. n. a tale. scype. Old speech. temple. secutor. from eare. drunken. — . An. Officially it de.an./. in Every creature. [JjrutboUa nobleman of the highest rank the tvindpipe] Claustrum. — gewin.an . so. v. Ex. -spraec. n. es m. se •. An histo. liberally. es n. L. the M])e\in§ or Prince. fable. Ex. Chief apostle. ramsons. A blow on the ear. n. — — tory. Ale. absolutely. f. eal. An. Eala^ Ale. who inhabited the country between the Eyder and the Weser. rian. es .ealteaweGoorf. death. Old age. — — lie -moder A — grandmother. Ealh A hall. eala Well tvell. ancestor. —gespraeca. Ealmeest Almost. m. L. -scop.principality. g. n. L. — symle Always. Ealdr an elder. a. pi. An elder. n. finger. es . old right or privi- — -mynster. — biscop. An ale beer. EAL — swa — seolcen A Aho^ Ukeioise. n. e. S. m. ealo. altogether. an elderman. — — pal. elder. chief or vital ill. ject. in time descended to cities. A vital adversary. e f. v. indeed. bene. An oldper-hettend. \. An ear-dis. An ale bench.ioasted. honest. royal village. A sena. ^n — ian old or ancient gesitS. f. an m. Ear. an m. . f. e . riih Allrough. an . man. EAR . a father. ode . ml Life decree. -gewinn. m. eom. Older. —hlaford. ancient. head of a family. Eal-hus ale-house. — taewestan Nobles. — gesOld treasure. eal-hus. — — grandfather. v. — wif. bus. -gauel. Theocean ground. -u^wita. adj. m. and Eapel an apple. es n. es . An ear-speaker. very — — Eala — Eala gif O jjaet chief. tle finger.—cwen. Ex. — teewe Good.^. Ealo<S. Lifers origin. es. Ealder an elder. Ealdor. es. laeppa. grund. m. adv. — laf. princeless. es m. — — barous. grandfather. ealdras . at all. Eald . — t^egn.Anold ivoman. es . Der. eal. — —wealda. Life? K. aldor.Foreign. ofer-. /?/e. leg. yldra . clyfa. ear.es. Der.es . v. v. S. eala^. v. hispi. m. — — . even as. chief.an . plaette. ealo. totally. All along.Claustrum. gedal. m. ealdfaeder A great grandfather. omnipotent. was both hereditary and Ean one. ealdres d..Eanian . iren A II Itogether. -ing : aldor. ale. adj. K. Tribute or excise of ale. <S. es. es. well. leas Lifeless. the German or continental Saxons. a breiver. ealdre. shire or hundred. Der. — bealu A — . Ale — — — — \>e\\i. v. p. eve- tere.— Mid tally. yldas. geweorc. eald-dom. stede Hall-stead. ung. v. I wish ! Oh. It Earn. —^n^u. ode . n. — — sel.!. S. Ale. — Ealdor. m. adj. — nes.for-: yldo: yld. healthy. Old. a finger. es. pp. -nig Always. being only inferior to Earn am. es m. Eala. es. noted the governor of a probring forth as an ewe. — treon. yldest . e . e . freder A patriarch. . A ruler. ealoX. es. v. — — -timbrod Strongly -unga Altogether. ?n. O'fer-. An old companion.Alph. O! alas! Oh!— Eala./. e .L. vince. archbishop. entra Altogether. v. An An — . were governed by elders or the aged : hence. author. fae- — — . n. Eale with ale. m. ealdor. n.soi/??rf. e. parent. swa eft So often. v. — \>r6thol\a. whole. S. An old in heritancCf a sword. The old or great Creator. tor. gal Ale merry. metod. m. seo. The old Saxons. wose. neta A grandnephew.Ealt<Ewe. the lower part of the ear. Ealdor. the chief nobility . -man. life. senile. chronologer. Ear-. n. that — apostoljts Eala hu Oh. — tun. Authority. sound. es. Separation from gesceaft. Because early times.

Ears. ea<Sere. timidly. Earm. chest. Land inheritance. ling The man in difficulties. S. disgracefully. an . v. -wind.Earn. eastern Zy. Kaiban Pulse. merit.Franks. EAD Ed. S. faru. mean. es. ready. Eard. s. wind. dull. S.f An habitation.x\. Franca n East . Easter g. the dis-ben. An inhabitant. an . gat. satisfied. [g£Et. a quiver. h-geblond. finger Ear -finger. ocean. S. S. v. Iseppa The Ear-mu(5a. Eastern people. a 'wantoay. timid. . an m. Easter tide. wuce. vulture. Difficult to be seen. EarfoS. j^enung Easculty. Der. a desert. e . adj. archnorth of the . ear-ring. difficult. ful. The East Saxons. region. settle in. Miserable.-Q. fixed. east. m. easterly. Prepared.A painful journey Jrag. EastA?i earth-stepper. — — — — — — — — . lufe. Ea<Se-fere EaDfficult to be numbered. -nes. L. province. m. Earn-ian. labour. tid get. laboes .ea<Sre. paschal. n. gang. A poor miserable being.f. Eargeat A ravenous bird. •. a nor^an North-easterly. cmp. lira. happy.J'. lie Easy. The pain. eortSe. -scapen Miserably made. For the o. iceak. blesome. es. or men of Eakt cowardly. od To earn. se. timorous. m.t. m. S. -ni^*. ther Der.. Eastre Easter. an . — — — — — f : — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . es .f.ea^ost. m. beah wind. n. possible. -er-daeg. wretchedly.Eatan to eat. An arm. compassion. habitation. n. adj. The breech. pi. An arrow. scanca. Ear-gebland. ode . An ear of an aniover. w. an . -weard. feorm Easter The goat eagle. n.— Angle. Easter-dasg. S.An eastern heort Merciful. readily. gearfo^. es wretched. blendan. L. ly.e . weg. Kent. — — An abode. aern. good Eastor Easter. Lent. L. eSre. — — — — — — — 75 .n. es . dament '. tabernacle. lice Eastan From the east. easy. The sea. e -ff A diffi. S. es .f.f. es . the ark.Earn a cottage. An earthbedweller. beloved country. fun. pi. dull. biggend. out. Earn) . laeEarning. es . Easterflap of the ear. es. and east of the vehicle. breech-muscle. divell.j: An ear-ring. a storm. -land. indcl. Earcnan-stan A precious stone. an . easter. trouble. — bord. mal. an . lie — To com- kingdom. f. Earfan A kind ofpulse or vetch. 1 An. rice. perDifficultto be told. e . 1 The east. Mo. sily trod. a bracelet. East Any Ha Earh-lice Fearfulunaifh. trouble. -scipe yrgSo unearh. ring. An EA S ian T'o be slothscipe. suffering. e'. earg Earh. v. also nl An eagle. . G. an . A humble prayer. Der. hearpe. Mr%c. -wigga An ear icig. Difhen. feast at Easter. S. who dwelt e. ni. pi. K. -igan . evil. es n. es . Easter. pel Ear-scraper^ the little spinl An earfinger. eai — — — — : : . geat. Der. Easy. Der. grieve. soon. gengnes. poor . gete e. easter. a goaf] Earendel A beam of light.^odex. m.arf/. -jjyrl. perhaps. Eart. m. EAR An ear-pin. unblessed. earm poor. an .es. sloth. cyn Eagle hind. pp. troufere DifDer. A farmer. Eaic.es . station. in. breech. Difficulty. East. earS art. ear. an inhabitant. Centingas East throughfear. -ni-'. — — Der. Strang J /-Aning-place.source of the fer. Miserably. e^el. 1. poverty. m. The Ea^e. pp. Earh-geblond. in./. EarbeS trouble. Easter week. L. adj. /. -er. Earg Inert. ran Difficult to teach. tabernacle switS Ann-powerstrong. S. ea. es . soft. April. Ark's-hoard. v. p. -igean. reward. -erlic. EatSe niffig Easily can. Eardung. eX . ficult to be passed. lice Easily. Earg. pi. . An geat East gate. -boga. v. m. -suSan South-easterly suX wretched creature. country of the Osti or Estas. little finger. turn. erian. m. An arroio going. — — — — — — — — — — — Cowardly. Rhine. a tent.oa. Earbellice Uneasily. means of obtaining. inne In the East. weak. breech.— lie Easter. draught . idle. ward. produce or tribute. a dwelling. folc.Seaxe. lie Difficult. the passEare. Der. ode. Earth.v. — ian . Der. fleeing Angles. es . An arm-ring. v. f. inhabit. Country -love.es . -huSj es . se — — — . — scrym. ficulty. hardly. v. v. Easier. EarfotS. An arm-bow.. v. meek. nu The arm place. The East Swift. people of Essex. attain. etan. v. tS. Ear jjan before that. e . man. -saelig Hardly happy. stapa. Easterly derer. Miserable. m. Earh. of Easter. An arrow ery. Eastra. idle. woe. nes. es . country.-6te(5 a river'' s bank. pitiful. monacS Easter month. Mo. es. yrS-ling. Idleness. Eastre . e. Eastra elbow. ling — — igendlic Inhabit- — an — Seaxan. wesan. Ea. necessity. earfo^. siS. . -bcgenga. A gentle. Easter. miserate. faest Earth fast. an . //*. the east. — rilite East right. Eastre. Yarmouth. L. fast. ing. helpless. An abiding L. m. Easten Eastern. m. Hard. wretched. od To able. es. ful. es. fynde Easily found. en -wind The east wind. wicga. the passover. Ex. -licnes. mild. A dwellalso. Ears-ende. labour for. East . the shank or hone. erian. es . cmp. vfosivdEastf. settled. Native soil. eastern . 2. . situation. With difficulty. part. anus. content. The east Der. evil. Danube. v. — — m. ter feast. day. v. adv. deserve. m.f. e. — Eard-ian. An Eastern Eastern. v. Eas (fa river. — -rin. S. f. Misery. earfan. v. m. An ark. strong. rest. the breech. remarkably elegantly m. inei t./. unfortunate. an . p. erian. leete Difficult to be sent lice Eai pe a harp. — — — — — — right to or towards the East. f: Eastro. arsed.v. -ern. The 5jo. gearfo<5. Easily. the rious. EarSling aj'armer. n. es m. m. in the eaut. n. v.se. South-east. adj. — 2. tr retched. tressed. aer. — — — . [j^yrel a hole] haps. Kentians. ge-earnung. n East country. 2.EaS . hawe Earnung. e f. The east wind. hylde Easily held./. faesten. Engl a. uneasy. m. unThe fundamen t. — — — — — — — — ge^yrelBxiBracelets. pascal. Eastergat. es . maecga. EaSEariSf the earth. recce rime -od Backward. stow. -ian. A troublesome time. erian. dael.

— — . about. gyldend. War or savage — courage w9el.se . wistfull Subsubstance. L. L. lice. es . -gung Young. geeced. L. -geste- hostile sivord. v.('§. from full Full. -lesende. Eawfaest Pious. sword. A shoula waken. R. An ebb. v. Eaufsestnys.] as Fyll-an. wealt Turning wend.A return. Eatoge^ Eighth. S. S. . -melu Holy sacriflces or cemod Mild. reconipence. disgrace. a renew— gi fan To give again . e . An eive. Ebylgan To be angry. ?n. iung Young. leanian To reretribution. se •. wite. Le. the river Ex. A re- — — — — — — ward. Der. n. -an.eala. niodlice Humbly. also most verbs in. V. e. . to obey. — niwan Anew. for iicn. v. E'cen Great. a To aicake. Eaxan-ceaster. L. L. The minster on Ecilmeht One who has gout in — —niwian To make neiv again. A repetition. A renewing. Eawunga Openly. recompence. : ebbe.ware -fpl. m. strong. prefixed to words. — -roc A chewing again. -growung. es . an .-wa. Orion. to wenden ? An end. Eawesclice. ever.mor <5 Open murder.pp. S. again. e. e f. obedient.ihte.. humble. gift. v. se . tu. increase. An etce. ' — . e. -lea3nan To reward. Exan-ceaster. S./. we eca<5. ameliorate. escape. L. 6dor. lean. f. f.jt). reconipence. Repeated heat. L. a vinegarEatole Italy. D*ir. v. m. blame. iin. Eaxl. S. Being. Regeneration.de. wistlic Existstantial. . pered. Ebba. eofor-jpryng. Eatol. Eax. S. Axminster. proach. Ecg-bana. an attendant. -s6<S. — To establish again. Acid. Der.ecte. — I><?r. Ebul Evil. VI. Le. sharpened.f. Edignes Hajjplness. e . ^tSe. £ex. L. — — ./". ear ax. m./. [eg.A recon- An — . as the Latin re-. L. v.. A remit. Reproach. changeable. n. S. reparation. -lesendlic Reciprolesung. eax stan-sex acl. relative. again. gently. Exmouth.p. S. Repaymcfit. — hete. Hu7nility. es . Eaufsest Pious.— edEdged. m. -scaeft. Le. an m. ing. substantial. ed To flu. egor the alla. Eaxel. ing./. — V.Ecilma Gout in the feet.Ar elation. -cla^. pp.f: also. A recooling. A -ed The pp. -rine. euwill if. Italians. modnes Humility. pp. An edge. es . . E'c-s6^. Firm.i tive verbs derived from neuA shoulder cloth. secer. S. L.e?>. E'cne Great. from wa^can der or arm companion.L€. f. es . restore.Eclan. egele able. An escape. Anger. a sharpEaw. Devon. B.— j?ingung. gild. adj. — -. growing young again. pleasant coohiess. a scapular. ling. sea?} A sea cliff. remunerator. eax. but also. Der. -fset An acid-vat. S. Eax an axe. A cucian To ce^a. Humbly.prolong. S. — — — . A Eder-gong A refuge.m. v. wendan To turn again. recede.es.f. e establishing again. cal. es .m. War hate. everlasting. es . def. Ebere . denotes Anew. eacan. — recedroc The dewlap. L. S. renew. we icton pp. Egle : eher. wielle A whirlpool.establishment .?. e m. es. Revived. Eternity. e. battle. -Ed-cenning. A re-groia. derived from nouns bosom-friend. sta- Jjelian re- establish. e'. e f. -lie. leanung. Izecung. 'EdeAfloc'k. requital.es. from ece eternal. E'c Also. A return. wylm. — sta}?elig sta J^elung. sex. es . f.f: also. The mouth of the river Ex. 6c. Ebbian . — On — ecnesse Eced. 6can. E'ccelic Eternal. se eca Eternal. — his feet. Anunpleasant feeling. reflux. worship. Ex. niedan To E'ee . Ebur-)5ring The celestial sign. gracefully. petual. E'cnes. ecenes. ed To ters gestealla. E'cg-clif. — — . Devon. a reneici??(7. burning cw\^e. f. L. m. consideration. remonies.f. Living again reviving. S. vessel. . m.ycte. sece. an . A renewing. as Weccan pp. ing. Anew. rumination. E'ce-Iic indcl. renew. — — . e . cerr. A reward' ing. Hebrew. relating. slaughter. S. Eternity. — e'. es. nes. — recan To ruminate. To and adjectives [not verbs. v. e . to renew. wyrpan To unwarp. a f. manifest. regeneration. substantive — — An. -hwirft. add. eowu. ECE : ED '• EDI -labre Easily taught.E'der a hedge. Eawla Oh! alas! v. eaxle /. ^cnes. w. Eatol terrible. renovation. security. cer. e. yean. e. e. revive. Idecan To repeat. re.f. — obey. a reverse. Eddysc Household stuff. -^Der. Religion. A sioord Eawian •. Ebalsan To blaspheme. Ecg. For ever. tion. es n. EawfsestnySjSe . cerre.- lu Swo7'd's wail. E'can./. Ebylgnes. ed Tosheio. jn. L. es . wiht A redizziness. — A tneeting. y. S. axletree. or — — witan To reproach. Ebreise . S. Cd. S./. A relatioji. upbraid. eawunga. m. v. R. M. — sistence. /. remarks on D.Edisc. manslaughter. modian To : — — — . v.reicard£r. — — — — — — — 76 . S. -so^lic. retelheat.7i. f. L. winded vortex. ness. '. ac o/'eeen. atol. Exeter. he ecS. — coelnes. subsisting .edish. Ece. geong.yhte. 7n. eage. — -sceaft A new creanew birth.restore. pl. . — — — — — — mult. E'd Safety. ican. 'Ece]eUnpleasant. metto ecean. submission. etc. f. — — — — .— vak^. od. -socSlic But truly. Ebolsung. ode. essence. 7?. publicly. es . Ebolsan To blaspheme. -)?rGec.e f. mettu. ward. Eternal. an ake. — niwung. n. n. full ice Discontumely. A park. will Reproach. S. modian To be neowe. killer. Eawu. e. m. S. iTiu<Sa. Piety. E'cea. v. tear. medum adore. eac. A restitution. se.06. wist. Eclan To give pain. eowu. lice Eternally. S. es m. again new. in -ian which make p. L. an m. vinegar. pp. everlasting. termination of acshoulder. e. — — existence. ode. Blasphemy. — — — . L. es re-quicTien. arouse./. Play of swords. L.e '. cwic disgraceful life. . Devon. S. — — reivarding. f. Eaxl-clacS. f. es . ebb. Ed-. subciliation. An axis. geiced To eke. min. -mod Humble. —plega. se . Ecer an acre. def.S. /. teacheglan acan ecele. blame. — — — — — : : : — neowung. ster. -lesenung. — niwe Neio.-n\6d Easy mindcced. humble. eaxl g. an — battle.

Efnetan To make even. Efen. S. Efenlesten The herb Mercury. revive..a. licnes. lie plish. es. In composition denotes Even. bad. w'lC'higasT he people gain. es m. fcddre. geMc Againlike. to agree.es in. an . — ge- A -icnd. eSel-staef. L. a fellow. IjEcestre. to regebiegan To buy avel secvs aquam ure. S. -weard. efen. house. gereord. To return. f: -bryce. f^ofor-wic. of the same age. witan To reprove. equality. R. se f. after. . -mete. on efn. shaving. -metan To make equal. ]penuwgEven-food. -|?eowa. _/. m. herencs. shear. S. afterpassion. . Efnian To perform. /I EFE I EFT gcspitlan I e An ed'ish hen. gejjoncigan To give thanks together. gian To send for again. Efesian to shave. v. awoende Dwelt -werod. edEfer a boar. brink. Efelaste The herb mercury. f A — — — — — — — — — — . protects. — gedaelan To share alike. heap. as Der. sujyper. -cyrran To return. e f. j?r6wian To suffer E'fst A hastening. A consort. ling. m. S. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — .f. To be equal. e '. Even Efolsan To blaspheme. a brim. York. Efes-harn. an . gereordian To sup. now. there is a defence or dwelling. Efalsian 2'o blaspheme. Efne Ahanen et stypteria. Efnes. — . v. com. hlyta. a heepcr. assemble. hseftling. A co-heir. con-. shearing. m. behold ! truly I S. regeneration. awaeian To reawaken. Yorkshire. late. ping. A consjdracy. v. returned. L. To perform. together. redeem. co-bishop. Plainly. Efne Even. an. C. S. A — — — — — — f — — — — — — — — 77 . m.A return. like.f. to cool again. yfel.— cerran co-operate. L. iend.efne-. n. /??. E'dorcaii To ruminate. A female over against. jn. co-captive. newan To agree. ward. restore. A roof. represented by — . e . K.deliwiht Eve n tee ight. parkicard.ascallion. call back. f. A a quail.— gewdsc'd — companion. Eofes-ham. speed. Le. Even. universe. v. In compositovvistlic Consubstantial. p. es m. se . — cristen. mi Even Efolsung Blasphemy. 1. an. — pi. S. soldier. m. e. e'. save. tion it has the same effect as EftS. S. es m.ife6nde <5 - C. Edwist. m.-feolo So many. L. . S. equinox. the throat. w y r c an To vered. execute. R. . L. — geha rigan To restrain. supper. clip. gecyrran To pursue a gain./. Edrecan To ruminate. Efre ever. S. A fellow ser. Equity. weorcan w'vdnTo renew. V. efen. A praising together herian Efes-ung a shaving. A CO-. f. imitation. Equal/yivoi'thy cynnes edyrfeweard. wsege. Edo a Jiock. 5'. a like condition. — hen. e . Efer-wic.-igend. v. 2. — gcceigan To asse?nble. gejjeiehtian Tospittogether To think alike. a newt. barber. A suffering together. pp. accom•matching. cuwyrhta cool. — E'dre a drain. -ece Coeternal. G. betaeht. imitator. consort. efese. 3. feola. efese. Worcestershire. blissian com-. to compassionate. f. What bounds oi" defends hence. se '. colian To reA co-operating. rice Equal poioer. Even worth. beteht Re. flowan To flowback. wic-scire. Even bathe Latin re-. A fellotc worker. brectS. — — — — A — — — — — . gong A refuge. Eofer-wic-ceaster. /. interj. commiserate. m.EFE aftermath. V. mfere Equally large. anircell. To come dyre ^Zi^e sembletogether. Evenhood. Edrecedroc The dewlap. just as many.assigned. l^wjer J greeing. E'festan To hasten. Efalsung Blasphemy. upbraid Efern Evening. S. metenCompared cut l?i the form of eaves. eofne . equal. v. efn-. . m. fdloiv servant. efsod. niwung. E'dor. es. gelanEfese.-igend l^egn. pare. L. foerde Went again. S. wel Even agyfan To give back. — gecerran — Bejoicing together. weorS R. 2.f. L. L. Co-citizens. team. gelajt Bring back. S. es . M. fefen. re. v. A fellow E'fest A hastening. liECung. eald Coeval. Efen-. given back. Der. adv. S. L. to strive. gelic Like.Efsod shaved. back. — osne. es. es . as many. C. L. Efan even. E'fstan. Edulf-stsef. a shaver. v. a supper. equal. G. V. e] /. e . bisceop. es. S. com. an . e. A shaver^ ung. -igean . es ni. aefen Even. es .es . v. again. vant. Wherever fold. es 7n. cyme. p. to done — ary. shave. — — es — A plainly. m. se comparison. V. alike. subsistence. od To recall. S. barber. equally. husband. an . S. to correspond. York. ^eow. equal. e. reneicing of Kfenes Evenly. v. Eaves of a house. efen. L. retro-. L. make haste to go. Evening. S. the kind. Efosode shaved. fellow-prisoner. Efer-wic. sefer. ode . on emn Even.Eofer-wic. efste To hasten. m. The world. m. [jefne. A clipS. A hedge. To praise together. anequal. gebetan [ea-ure-\vic castruni ad To make better again. or equally dear. C. -gan To go again. v. Even-meat. G. es . expanse.. laican Efin. round. -gecigean To recall. of York. An. wyrcung. es. eofor. just. wyr<5e man To come back. — — — — To con— gratulate. -henn. m. to agree. v.fAn evening repast. -sarig Even d^ equally sorry. Efn. . efslan. efn even. /. aeft. eh^.Eft Again. —gehToturn about. To suffer. Ex. existence. A soldier of again. niht.Efne. Efen-beorht£'yen or equally bright. e. plainly. night. A Efn an 1. to imitate. Efen An evening. Efel evil. even. S. L. Efor a boar. equally. S. dwelling. boundgeard A house. Being. Efete A n eft. K. even as. — C. likeness. es. lance or weight. etc. lice Evenly. convoTi'. Edre QaicMy. — ceaster-ware. What encloses or fence. C. substance. es . the Same company. f. in. to Efes-ian. Lol ness. Even. -spediglic Consubstantial. L. metenes. m. to as- — cuman A fellow christian. A Evesham. justice.—es Evenly. eofor.f. efese. v. — — — — '. An hijury — a landmark.Efnes. nes Evenness. servant. S. j?r6wusg.] store.S. coequal. equality. — — — .— gecigan. A fellow Efs-ian to shave. es. — to — — — . hud. Efor-wic-ingas The people of swa Even so. equal. Efeleacy4w onion. L. To co-operate. equivalent.

— — — — . fear. v. e . egan g. S. edge.m. 78 — Egle-edwaelle A channel for water. Eg<Se a rake. S. efen. Me egle^ back. eight. nine tenths. f. an ear of corn. -ol Terminations denoting . od less. reside. m — — m. E'g The sea. — — si5 A renewed journey. 2. es. f. A siXian To go back./? E'lig-burh. Troublesome. es m./. outlandishness. Ehsle a shoulder. fear. Fearful. egele. se . . like the Latin returned. tro\igh.&. countenance. foreigner. g. that To resprout. an . /'. Efyr a boar. Eggian To egg. ?e-gylt. v. Egeland an island. • A — . ege. egor. Eghwelc All. se .. od To affright. v. dignes. out corn. to chase. lendisc Strange. v. Prefixed to words — — denotes Other. S. S. here A water host. an . full Der. A travelling. /.n. seamol.-M. — oncnawan To know again. . E H terrify. Hel-ig. Efyn Even. Heliga land. e . tfedet. trouble. ian sorceress. . rn. ege. a storm. L. reord. egesa. ac : g. /. m. S. ni. m. m. Egiptisc. v. G. eage.n. A giving back. f. egsa. Der. ig. To frighten. p. Fearful1. — myndig Mindful. oga. terror. A foreign nation. S. S ELC E'hsyn — — geniwian To renew again. stypel. return. — — — -)je6diglice Abroad. eg. S. the pricks spryttan recapitulation. Ehennys.A harrower. . water.se:y'. egan . eall. oga. — — . v. healdan To hold E'gs-a. weard Sea guard./l.—^%e9. v. sele. •el. -reordig Barbarous. ere. S. An eye. es . v. ^giptisc . a gift.-iend. Cambridgeshire. E'gysful fearful. eg. alarm. L. pp. Egiptiscea. Elboga. f. heap. pur. ege. ehtutSa Eighth. lie — — — Eht Ehta face. oga. Egh an eye. /. — losing Redemption. EgleswurS Eylesworth. as. furthermore. -stream Wafer or sea stream. v. An — — hateful. terrible.An inhabitant. — rtedan read often. E\ AIL— xnihtigdThe Almighty. To travel. y. Eg^er either. E'gor. Eftyr after. to unwreathe. a. m. — Der. ea-land Egi<5e A rake. Living in a foreign land. — — )?e6- — — — — . nni. riord Barbarous. ael. soons. Eg an island. Egbuend. e. as. EGE in like manner^ iikewlne. ege^e. speaking. Egypte. V. a storm. S.. e'. To persecute. dread. E'go an eye. es m. an -jfA sprout. -grimme. eoh. v.— grime. an m. A Ege^e A rake. p. swa miceles Eglan To injilct pain. 2. Eglian To feel pain. Z. Jjeod. acgemyndian To cordingly. harrow. nm. a thistle. afflict. R. Eh a horse. Cd Eisile Vinegar. E'ge . ^'ge. egbugriul. v. se . S. e f. G. Egyptian. Der. strange. — Egle. /. bench. alius. eahta. S. — . ege^e. soon after. L. es m. — . — ongenbigan twist again. S. — Abroad. again. ung A threatening. Egiptisca. EhtocSa. E'her an ear of corn. L. S. ea-land. es . To follow after. A steeple. Ehsta the highesty v. K.es. correct causes fear. Foreign reordig Foreign speech. A threatening.-U\\\\Q. ness. es. v. Fear. v.— selenls. — sehtian. wendan To turn dolet. Ely. excite. Egii»te. L. v. also egle.m. The sea. E'h the sea. egesa. : A Iso Egiptas. torment. K. v. ter. reord ignes. L. Afore runner : bydel. -byrig. Der. recollect. Jjeodan To be outlandis'n.as. /. v. v. B. K. ell-. A herald. girdle. g. to ail. v.secMtor. — {jeodin. aefter. — E1-. zohat leas Fearin fear . the beard of corn. leude Banishment. Der. A witch. Cd. Egle ece. An. E'g V.Egl [egel] e . . difficult. A m. S. Eig-land an island. water pipe. E'laweeZ. oga fear. Egele Troublesome. annoy. ele-. L.f. Ba7'barousness. an . to prick. Elc each. es. v. 3el E'l-ig. eal. land An island. ear. v. —fulnes. Der. ode J pp. pi. se . — remind. m.F6re-rynel es. To fear. aehf. slaughian . E'gen. — m : . L. It grieves me . Egelian To ail. return. Jjiod jjjodig -fjiodigian elles.y. sea. terrible. se. — Strange. a span. Fearful. dreadful. of a thistle. JSven so much. v. d. — myndian To remind. Ch. Horror.S. Eiseg Icy. pi. me tsedet. ege. Egypte I'he Egyptians.. eg.e?'. — hwcorfan To turn back. foreign lendisca. dreadful. ehtian p. egesa. /. Fear. For so much. a second time. togoten Repoured. sona Eft. sittan To sit again. L. reord. — — — — — Eipe an assembly. urn . nes. S. Egjjere. Ehtian to esteem. bugbear. An Egyptian.sue. to regard. oga. G. eage. persons. eg. torment. — Jjyrl a window. Elland. L. an. Persecution. wvrd Afterward. It is more frequently used im-syS<San After that. at that price. V. Der.m.es. foreign. value. — — — ing. S. Modesty. v. es . aeg<Ser. ung. es. — — Egbuan To inhabit.seEgiptisca. EhteocSa. e . alienus. pi. as. A raker. a dire stream. ode. Egiptisce. -stream Water-stream. we ehton 1. — )?e6diing. Eht-end. v. 2'o -sceawian To look often. v. dread. Belonging to Egypt. -ung. Egenu A little ro^md heap. lice Fearfully. The Egyptians. E'lig-ea The Isle of Ely. Efter after. v. A stranger foreigner ra? Strange. -burge d. An. m. spellimg. Persecution. Ege^ere. trouble. v. — nivvian To restore.fear. Egean To harrow or break Eg^a An instrument to beat clods. An elbow. eaxel. v. dread.?e?'. Eihvvelc Every. Eige year. ehto. A persi'cutor. €ge.foreign. (S^e/. nys. Egor Nine ounces or inches. E'h an eye. elite^a Eighth. An eye. Egenwirht Hire.Gyrdel. foreign . They denote also inanimateobjects.v. egna •. eahtian. S. L. -Y\6^\gForeign. v. G. L. Egiptiscea. swa micel which pricks. aefter. se . Fear. heab. L. Der. es. m. eofor. tender shoot. {jeodig. S. v. Foreign land. — onfon To take unagain. lend Foreign. grieve. S. 7'o Fearful. Egylt afmdt. the — — . Ehtr A persecutor. SEi^e A sled or sledge. sellan To give back. v. Elaes Hedgehogs. adj. every. E'gesa. ege. personally. Ensham. a dweller. Le. — — j^eodisc Foreign. m. Egones ham. I Ehtan. tit . trouble.

An olive-herry.Elpen .— b'knerx Madeof ivory. lice cel3. . Em-. Eldor a prince. yip. strengthen. denotes -wodian To contend valiantEven.justSomuch like. snydan. embeht. es . -lendisc. 79 t — — trymming. to for. -smeagung A considering — about. hwyrfan To go about. v. where. EUm. f. berie. eircmf. v. — — reign. alirer. /". S. A man. el-. K. a measure. gfest. EUende Banishment. fraud.also. Der. ellnung. conEllen. — — — To go round. R. Fo- At length. L. A circuit. to behold. eglian. About.land-. n. Strength. envelope.-ung. L. dun. -land. loaf. -9pra?c -J^riste lEAcoT . Der. M.— weorc Elys Hedgehogs. Elnes of strength. f. elneboga An elbow. es . seine. — Elljjeod.e\c. L. Alms. Ex. od To EUean. S. Ellen. stemn By turns. scrydan To clothe. An oil-horn. //». ellen. L. men. hot emulation. Elm an elm. ell-. alien. d. A compliance. -reordig el)7e6d. Very or deadly sick. Eldra-fceder A grandfather. S. m. : Eldcurifjc delay. weevel. Ellor: el-. Ellicor elsewhere. v. —man An abns-inan. An. kind attention. clothed. v. Eldas elders. V. yld fire. . a stranger. 7i? The elder tree. Elne Bnldly. Tn. Elp ^n elephant. press. Eldung delay. strive. byt. Electre A mber. Eldran elders. ^S*.A Elone Wild marjorum. Eleboga An elbow. A n.— BcrudClothed about. experience. — — Eme Emel Deceit. — Considera— J?encean To think j^anc — — about.t s . L. Oil. M. otherwise. Embren Bathoma. — . v. V. sweet balm. minister. courage. . mantle. ne. comfort. — rene A — sarig Condoling. v. equity. •campian To contend vigor. L.led. es m. es. ylding. ambiht. death. Elfet. el-. — niht Equal night. -snidan. e '.v. L. Elljjiodig. -d-t6<5 An elephanVs tooth. p. L. amiss. sprite. M\^. powerful contest. Elcung a delay. valour. -sogoj^a: circle. toith age. Ellreord barbarous. v.nTofence be anxious — : : nian. Else. an. V. to besiege. v. v. v. Der. Ellarn An elder-tree f S. equality.. Ele. eald. lin [emban encircling iron. ^ bold guest. S. elne Feorh-. environ. — : — — — — — hydig Anxious — lang Equallylong. or about. — — gan . waefels. ofer From some other place. s-drisma place. e. -ryne A running round. Em-donTo envy. — — — — — — Emb-. v. n. yld. n. e. what else. Elelendisca a stranger. el-. Great glory.-fe\ai About — seoc K. yidan. don To encompass. v. Wilts. v. trymmung A fortifying or fencing about. bravely. sumnes. ianTo5#renr/f/ien — lac.— gyrdan To surround. — twa Betioeen two. Der. m. Elles — Anolive-tree beamenOtZy. v. recels. ellen. Frankincense. \vy rt Elder wort. asemb.A cloak. EUor-fus Elsewhere hurrytwig. adv.f. brave. S. the fruit of an EUes-hwa. Ellerseoc K. Eldan to linger. emulation. fortitude. v. <S'. a fetter^ Balus. L. m. ellm. twig. An olive Ellor. — speech. Boldly daring. Elnian . In composition. A going round. Elnboga. The scum of oil. -siS A strange path. elljjied Banishment. ly. -cynn. EL9 delay. . ele-. EUebor Hellebore. elles. S.—. — wlatian To look soniuch. Elle The rest. tend. as. Emblennan ToencZose. sae-.About. seocche Ayi oil vat? L. a small branch ofoVve. v. embe-. E'l-ig Ely. genius. es. S. Elsewhere. -reord. olive. — . snidan To cut round. fence. tke equinox. S. foreign.bytt.<S'. — trymma. m. Eld age. loallwort daneioort. A coat. L. amber. Zeal. ELL Elch A n Eloian elk. Embiht service. -walda:elfen.wodnes Zeal. msegenel-fset. El-J>e6d. Elne to strength. an EilnungemM?«^ion. [valour hilQ A llington. horn. e)ivy . elfetu A swan. ylding. m. -fert Circuitous. v. a. Ellend St range. el-. a fight. compes. — — EME Elsta eldest. Pow. el-. Elehtre Myrrh. m. EldendJic Old Eldo Age. Valour offering. — Eveti evenly patiently — Evenness. es Bound yldo. careful. — snidan To circumcise. S. es -long irn . in. Elian to trouble. m. An ell. endeavour earnestly. Ellyn zeal. S. S. elnung. — Embeht An — — — — ian To office. m. An ahnswinter-: elfet. es . berge. An oil-tree.— roi Remarkes . a chrismatory. adv. A fairy. ellnes. yldingf. like. ylfet.wr other wise . An elf. Ellen-canip. L. feahi. ode . — — — — -hwyrft. v. — trymming A fortress. dzed A powerful. elm An elm. S. an f. Elra? Strange.e. hwrer Elsevessel or cruet. ellyn. wlatian To or fortify around. L. begird. el an eel.ban Elephant bone. v. h wider Towards another cruise or pot. pp. Scycn. Iseca^ champion. S. -an. — faran — 2'o go about. beam. around. adj. in Picardy. el-. alias. K. equal . v.y Anoil else.An. ellj^eodig . Embene Amiens. — swapen Clothed. v. 'E\-\diX\d foreign land. v. aelcor. round. g. Eln.emulate. ealdor. a — — L. es. valiant or good deed. /. n. serve. ymb. se . Bold Eluhtre Myrrh. Bold or heroic work.Ast range guest. -treow. — gcbundcn K. — leof Equally dear. foreign. sealf. Elf. a fight. Elel:end strange. G. v. V.— g^ng.elnnng. K. syllan To sur- — — round. — — — — — . es . Elraes-hlaf. L. Oil-salve. — . es .—hwergenElsewhei'e. S. B. ellen. f. slow. ellen-seoc. tion. L. S. -liwset Who olive. utanstandan To stand lolthout. Elmesse. A termination of nouns usually masculine. lice licnes circle. — — — — consider. settan — — To set around. elnes . rfully. -ig. — -bydignes Solicitude. alf. Elnung. vi. K. inaer<So . -siden. nicest Chiefly. around. v. S. An. ellend. -hembend Circumscriptum. A canker-worm. off. going away. Der. EleS. es E'le A lamprey. o f.es. ivory. f. v. surround. S. as efen. gast A strange spirit. men Servants. ously. El fen.e8 . godnes Zeal. v. consider. — . v. utan About. -lend.-ignes. gsest. An elephant. faet An oil-vat.es -els. el-. standan To stand by. circumcise. ellen. ealdor. To put ably strong. v. potoer. ing..\ jelcor. . haembcnd.es.

rsEcS ferende Way-faring. S. ened. borderers. punishment. a number. condolence. Enga def. v. spaec. an g.gUsh7na7i. plain. An — Endless. Eofot. S. E'n-wintro A year old. ealdor. of gan. g. Enlihtan To enlighten. as.offe nee. emn Opposite.)?eow. es 7i. eowde. in. destruction. equal or. — — land. Equally sorry. succession. In composition. w. g. to condole. es. v. Emete. 771. ty. Inglefield. a peasant. enetere. from St^n A stone-. of nouns and Engel-cyn. last. Endian To end. over against. — last a leek. Knglisc English. es rude. in like 77ia7iner. -e The eleventh. majority of settlers in Bri. and participles hence Eofor.f. disposition — Sleswick. giant -7'ace. m. Equal. a3mta. a Stony . lie Like a boar. q/eadau.se6. liceii"tive participles. p. an. cor7ier. end reS. E'odor. nes Order f arrangement. S. Engle. v. 7'Ae last day. Jeivish money. v. e f. wallfer/i. England being lite- . — sarig Endlyfta. Trouble. Wegferend. S. L. adj. — leasnes. Englisc-man An En. ende. g. V. an angel. ??. equal. v. es . es. nrji. hence Eolet. v. Ende A sort. — — : — — — — . A schooletan To make even. fellow. from Engel. demethod. adv. and embEmne . Eofel evil. Encgel. condoling. A tcay es England. A7i angel. — Eode afiock. equity. The English. emitte. senlipig. as. as as Efen-. epilogue. -scolere A school-fellow. . semti. edor. v. pvofQ. s. es. lean. stsef level — co7iclusion. the neighbourhood. lastly. Quoddain rutos genus. The denomination p. of eacan. -ung. engellie Angelical. S. Engelic. Eallenga All along. ])vyx\^ A qua7itlty or — A — — — — herd of boars ? G. Oakfer/i. confined.i et'no-. /. v. — — — this rally country derived its name. n. extremiEnde-bryr. v. eternity. -cumbol A boar helmet. v. E'nitre a year old. n. Berks. as. fault./. Eqiially. arisen Risen. Leisure. up-. S. — — ytan Emta ])&osv A feUow-servant To make equal.fjcowa. eter7ially. ni. v. were from Anglen and Eolene Wild maTJoria/i. Giant-kind. /. Angles'land. semti. Englelic angelic. enge. E'netere. nouns having the 7i77i. m. Eofer A ivlld boar. v. . cyn. En A\eoi Eleven. m. An onio7i loith one A — — — Evenness. cyn Angel kind. adj. — sar Equal sorrow. men.END Emertunic.es. Angle . . es . a7igelical. Entse. v. An end speech. v. es 77i. English. boa7''s head. es. Evenes Evenly. adv. enitre Of a year old. Eofulsung Blasphemy. E'nig any. m. en Belonghig V. es . gratum. end-bryrdan To d7'ive Englas angels. Em tig tives Empty. Bederly. part. Even. — lang Equally long. at last. -ende. — — — — — — — A Equally. ian To end. — wic — — . The ending of Englefield. Eode loent . near Reading. helmet in the form of a arisan To rise. R. . Emetig empty. ed To set in orof the people from whom der. off. S. just. An epilogue. laWf E7%glish laio. Anglo. L. es. se. The Angles byrdlic . . . like sorry. tain. . a — plain. masculine nouns. Orderly. utter- — — most. EOL o. S. being and name. m.— ISC Gla7it is h. v. enig. ecan To be e-cristen made equal. e. Evesham. elice christian. point. in byrdorder. A horse. E'nlic only. v. ac. engles. doog loay. engel. sum7nit. es J m. gel. wic-ceaster York. Eofne behold. m. engel. -byrdlice . iin^f. e f. — To blaspheme. a 80 sailing. -inga. adj. Engle. v. the field of the English. v. v.Eoldor an elder. -end. the English derived their byrdes O/adjust. A giant. pi. place.Englan . Engla land.scire Yo7'kshire. . cntsena A shekel. L. es . — — . v. eafora. d. es. Eugle. -nihst nighest end. — ground. L.E6c increased. — tion . enetre. E'odorcan To chew. K. efne. K. eternal -leaslice Endlessly. Engla feld. — — — — fearii.|?8et. An. An ant. 771. leas ivard. alike. -ena Tlie g.. The Eo-land an island. eofor. bum'^s head. v. E'nlipig each. L. . finally. . smooth. B. Eofer-wic York. denoting Engla lagu. f. S. also the g. efen . es m. de pp. Emn-8e}3cle Equally noble. — mes lessness. Ened A duck. ordinal.Eofet a debt. an f. Angles' field. Efer-wic. — sarian To be aette number. -enga A71 adverbial termina. The A7igles. or -0. p. at last. oe^eling The dedefence. infinite. yfel. — An — : — — maest — men EndEndmost. ruminate.Saxon. An ending. eofot. i7i -u. engelic.-i'ern. eenlic. eafora. L. The -nehst. endleofun Eleven. v. Der. 7noorhen. Eneleac A leek. or . -cynn. -mestnes An extremity. Eofesham. m. e . manner. K. um pi. efen. se . dispose. R.endlefta. Efer-wic. Enid a duck. The termination of ac. level. Engyl an angel. E'nga any. stgenen Enge Narro7v. faring man. — — J debt. Eofolsian To blasphe7ne. heafod. Eofor-wic Yoi'k. An end. Eofora a successor. es .A an itching. -brerdnes. ENG tickling. Engle. se . f. End- Engla land the land or eou7itry of the A ngles. &. coder The universe. Ende.ej/*. fo7'tasse. R. tail. an .emnc-. Eoh. Englisc. 77. end. saeta Ent. A wild boar. -e-scolere. ea-Iand. — m\c\Equally great. v. enbryrdnes. ordain. -jjeod the E7iglish. adjectives wliich make the to a boar. en-den u. v. p. in Denmark. Ij. v. e. felloio Evenly. dan. ness. Eofera a successor. at the point. v. . Eoban even. aenig. A boar vale. of. pi. Einn-. i7i. 2Vie end. a Endlufon.E6d granted. -next. A n end or border inhabitant. pi. G. spreot A boar spear. S.A squilor sea onion. byrdan English. v.m.felefne-Jjeowa Ennu On low servant. v. were from the south-east of longing to order. — qually.cs. The A7igles' the ugent. — lange Along. a7-range. fe7ice of a prince. wic-ingas Yorkists. Weg. Empire? An empire. G. s. pi. -en Is a termination of adjec- V. — rim E'nne leac blade. Emptian To empty. — ian To make Evenland. likewise. mea7is. — [hreS cruel] Equally cruel. ??. Eofulsian . apris.

Eorod A band. hele A heap. human race. G . A lians. man Eord the earth. ea-risc. eowu. S. gemet Earth. v. an . a cock-chafer. therefore. truly. cyn The Eowde. — leaf Malva A great battle. ground. seppel An Eotenisc Gigantic. and seems to earthquake. precious stone. dom. EOR Eolh. bus An earth. es . Eotende eating. brilliant. Eorl. S. ifig ground. v. of ranh or valour. god Wo. weorod A grap measure. /. Be. e K. E6-risc a bulrush. a den. rendel. A71. pi.Eowestre a sheepfold. geatwe War apparatus. es king draca An earth ser. Eornest earnest. cane. eawian. Wo ! alas ! Eowa of ewes. Be. interj. v. Iotas. v. topaz. Eorsung anger. angry. but aftercripel. Originally it loas only a cend Earth-born. Membrujn virile. ac. counsel? — ric e. v. General Hermanaric. An. a farmer. — a cave. v. eowih you . m. eowa . fold. a hillock. a cucumber. -crypel An earth. kingdom of the earth. earth. dark brown. A great erra- nafel The navel or Eowu. tiliS til- lage. . earm. eorcnan-stan A Eornostlice Earnestly. An Eow^en The Saxon den. byre An earth rank. Eoster easier.EortSa tilia.wort. eowde. v. S. The earth's Eoten. v. —hild. Le. yrm<S. hroernis An as an intensive. grave. earth worm. cund Earl kind. Eorcan-stan. v. g. Eored-ciest. es. -burh ifig Earth or ground-ivy. heofung an earthcave. Be. race. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . a7id cowes nm. Eornestlfce. m. legion. werod. \. title of honour. v. fice. Eornigende Murmuring. ea. adj. e. eive or sheep. A giant. earl. for etende eoton ate. legion.him. scipe Manliearth-gall. reccd An earth house. earldom. legion. combat. An Anglo-Saxon buend earth cultivator. bitumen. of Eormen-. and Der. S. es . earthly. etan. bigenga An Eou-land An island in the head. -styrung An earthquake. cund Earthly. geometry. Wolf coloured. dioellers.Eowocig Of or belonging to an mean General. n. eorod.Eow. prostration. riht An earVs right gealla An Eowernan Altogether. an in. S. v.— . feet An earthen Eower of you. caster. wesan. Ex. g. The nes . C. v. wolf. but. eorly. Eowian to shew. Eolh-stede A temple.-— Eowod a flock.Eowend. monstrous. Eolh-sand Amber. An. — — eor^e. a man sern An earth-place. an . PtirCy precious. yrre. berie. v. yrsian. Earlish. Eorfo<S Difficult. sliht ter. — welaEarth-wealth. v. -berige The wild ash berry. A bird of prey. — raed f. ena centre of the earthy the herb ura } f. also eortS. S. es . ende< Eornost. — A71 a farmer. . chief. ealdor-man. a Eotole Italy : Eotol-wara Ita2. Eornes A duel. leader. pi. EorcSe. Baltic. Ex. beyond. — — cyn. legion. eor^. Mo. Eorp . ac. — Earth agriculture. Der. cyning An earth or great Eowena of ewes. wards it became one of ofcreeper. pi. liht Yond. v. d. cow-age. Eorlivas first hill. universal. a snail. Le. Eos. a gem. m. eosul an ass. /. misleto. — strynd. as eordA horseman. send overspread. v. a cave. Eornoste Earnestly. v. Eosol. rest lying on the ground. d. yrnan. house. 7iess. -cyst A chosen Eorre anger. beetle. m. Eorrian Tube angry. a griffin. — ware. v. L. An. great. Eordling. about the same as an habitant. Mo. K. hnut An Eowic. ney-wort. vat or vessel. monster. from }?u. Eom to them for heom. Eorodmede Honeysuckle. m. nest. great toion. — — — — — — . general. serious. scrsef ^w earth den. E'^rnende running. or race. for the better word ealderman. foest Fast in the Eowendende Beturning L. turf. Some sort of Eorp a gung Earth divination. v. Rsh. laf. 3. waras Earth —weal An earth a mound. —weorc Earth or — wicga An field earth-iaig or —wite— sele navel . tyrewe Earth-tar. m. dignity of an earl. n. An elk. vigorousDer.ivy f v. A flock.ground. S. ho- Eond — — EormtS poverty. - wo7'k. Soloc A reed. earth-apple. iised by the Jutes of Kent. the province or dyne Earth-din or pent. — — tyrefa Earth-turf. S. Heathen Eom I am . belonging to an earth. Eow you . v. — — — — — — — — — — — A 71. v. ti'oop. v. the best of troops. geond-. m. troop of warriors. — . S. ryrnes An earthquake. Eota land Jutland. f. eowe. Be. S. — Eow^ A flock. /or eoes. lie Earth-like. and Der. quake. gvyps. v. ling A farmer. es. — Anearthdwella cavern. herd. yrsung. paraXytic. S. S. C. . — grund. eornust EarEonu Moreover. L. f. v. S. ac. of |?u. Eors-cripel A snail. eornost. nobleman of the highest An earth dweller. An earth grave. scynan To shine beyond. An noble. v. . eowu. Eorp A Eored. Eorcen adj. Horsemen. pearl. — EOR tica.serSling bird. etc. eornostlice. An eive. L. es . ealh.S. S. es . Used in composition \>xx.Eow . weorad. earth-nut. or yeery. Eoryd a legion. evvestre. eornest. Eorm an arm. your. eohes of a horse. 81 — — mistel Earth — matn earthly. EOW — A — — ing. m. eorS-. JBeyond light. — legacy. Eonde a species. moecg An associate. amjjle. rice Earth dominion. eafer An Eow The ivild ash. tylia earth-tiller. A band. werod. eored. and ivas constantly used earth kind. hero. v. of eoh. clau-stan. men Eorsian To be angry. esol. — Slaugh— styrenys. v. v. es. A man. Eorendel the first dawn. fertility. Earth. Eorg idle. g. or privilege. — — — — . Eornfullice Earnestly. earth-chafer. adj. Human kind. earg. e . den. — wsestm Earth -fruit. He quake. tiller. v. for seton. isc.ivall.

owunga. ajcSele. Esa gescot spear of the gods. — Erre angry. Erse A park. 'E. the great Roman tion. and Der. Be.-estre. Hercules.: of adverbs cases where the oferetolnes : ata : noun is not so formed . extending from St. Rsh. E'^er a hedge. earming. earm. lice. on. ahedgehog. native settlement. — — Erfe^. a chest.-weard -est The sp. B. ter. Rsh. L. Der.ex\\\icQ fearfully . ser. -es The g.-]£ete. v. A —inga ig The nobles' island. Ep-flod The loio-flood. -lie. and Der. love. devour. v. m. ESelice Easily. L. ic ete. feast. m. E'r eer. v. a man. w. partridge. Esces-dun Ashdoivn. . In English e is omitted. erian. Erfe an inheritance. Escole sumer. ing. S. submissive. Eswic deceit. the ears. esuicnes Deceit. dream Domestic pleasure. Etere. -em. Erce-had A rchhood. soil. Este Favou7'ing. p. E'rra the former. v. banquet. To eat. p. v. iren. es . v. of the greater ytt. od. Epe gitsun}2j. Ester easier.y earh. easploughing. S. -wyrhta A hired toorkman. Ere aji arh. Esuica. Eowystre A sheep-fold. erfe. . -scapen delicately. Erend an errand. mes. Thef termhiations of nouns of acstreet. An ass./. aepl. -stow A chief residence.f. fyrd-. g. Essian To waste. or adv. Eswicnes. Erd-ling. A songstress. erf-wyr^nes. arce-bisceop. v. stubble. Esne. Eijjon jje Before. v. wyn Inheritance. -fere. home. " David's to Southampton. of which the pall was a sign. -lie. and Der. v. of land were often poor. brave. yrmSo. eoten. v. mete Delicate meat. cam. One of royal descent. serend. -ere. : — — — : : — Eriung. of def. ic he part of Saxon nouns. S. Site.Be. . jfisvvic. Eran A shrill sound. Ern a place. se . of indf adj.— r'iht A land or seld. Der. consu7ne. L. we eton . 'Erm^ poverty. place is denoted consume. : — Der. eten. as a termination. ere that. v. haps from -esta. Eswica An hypocrite. es . geeten . eacSe. straw. 1 Liberality. m — .yrm^: earming. -l£eran. Earblade. land A native land. before. — Abrahames God Abraham's God. E'5 . -eB I'he termination )7urh- set. cvveorn A mill acrn. sesne. hlaf-. Estra-dffig caster day. hearsal. but -osta. form the sp. SDrn. leas Homeless. m. Est-land East-land. fuUice Devoutly. mearc A country's limit. es . v.e. a member. C. V.rh. Mild. S.eaxl. an inheritance. country's right. hence. v. yrfe. etol. dishes. adhere. s. v. cure. S. EcSelicnes. Et-filian To follow after. ic erige . Erce-bisceop an archbishop.: : : : ERM Eownncca openly. es m. -ost.'i-ge-syneEasy tobeseen. E'rest first. arc. Em an eagle. yrfe and Der. — E^elhence earm. Esvvician To offend. v. /. Avarice. Erfe-weard weard. A country's dignity. v. EDO Estum M'ith favour. A ree^cwi^e L. A school. devotion. an abiding place. lice Kindly. Epistol A letter. nobles' valley. valiantly. earfe^. Epse an asp-tree. etc. caster. Erming-strait.yrm-rime. erian. Eren iron. j. a prince.-lic. same as the Latin -ix road. cmp. L. an . Be. esol. theservile class. Eten a giant. -faest. 5under-. ofer. Esul An ass. A v. One^s own residence or property. es. v. S. L. Erscen An urchin. A — — — — — — — — — ly. fuUnes Fulness of liberality. joy. es. adj. devourer. Der. es . se f. devotion.-beah. . edor. eater. Ern 5 Sown land. v. -estp. S. Erbe An inheritance. pp. -si$. or region. inga denu The -scanca earmian esne. v. Epl. -oste are occasionally found. \>\x. esle A shoulder. S. nightly. 2. we aiton . S. oferoferoter by an apostrophe. an archbishop's pall. warren. Kindly.-nis. eardian. and Der. mild. cultivated. Hants. v. Ercol. nep. Easiness. daintily. m. e. v. 82 . as sangestre. lera. an . dainties. servant. the east. ete . turned by an ass. The termination of many m. E^an to flow. a native country. -setl A native seat. v.-numa. sub. Hypocrisy . EST v. -Ka?": est abundance. -blead. yrm^. stsef A family stacSol A staff or support. — — Esnlic Valiant.-st61. Er-blaed. v. as etere: settan seta. v. v. Erexna-wong Paradise. E'<5-be-gete Easy t-o begotten. Heretical. An inheritance. . and English -ess . yrfe. ver. Esol. E^cwide. Ersc-henn A quail. As the arm is the laborious m. Ered ploughed. -recce. es .serfe. ploughman. f. sest. Eregend . yrf- Erf-vvyrdnes. card A native dwelling. m. boda A native preacher. E'st. but its indf. card. v. E'<5el. favour. Athelney. prince. heron. S. v. cyning A king of a country. eppi an apple. difficult.-setel. a. es. freekindness. f. ear. m. Erian. e-. his dignity. — ing: lers geyrman As the til- V. adj. an heir. )?rym. and Der. Eseljgf. delicate. rn. pleasure. -ling Est east. 'E. v. eorre. e. m. f. -liawe. male. stol. Etan. — weard A country's keeper or ruler. east. se .jjcow. ode . f?u ytst. bittern. Le. To jjlough. A man of E'cS more easily. per- — — — — — : — earfo<S. v. sepse./.— full Full of kindness. E'^-fynde Easily found. till. es . V. favour abhf. ofer-. ic ete. youth. n. and Der. earfod. lice . Erming misery. y^ian. A eete. pp. Erming. nouns.voi/. E^ele noble. L. Esnlice Manly. nightes by night. ines Benignity. L. Th. v. Esceapa A patch. kind. isfre. signifying a person or agent. munificence. we etaS. v. boren Noble born. m. turf Native turf or . Alton. a con- in many : : A An G. earm. he heo yt. aet. adj. Eretic . es . and Der. a metropolis.

faeger. ed. deflour. Fsedyr a father. f. facu faca . Faegen . faederen.ac. gecwis A ivicked consent. ettul-man glutful or treacherous deeds. L. se religion. Faemn-had Womanhood. v. To cleanse. S. Th. . mis-. Faelan. it is. the A. to be delighted with. etSel. rice A paternal kingdom. v. suhtor-. Faegerlice Handsomely. E'cSung A breath. sefwyrdla. fated. f. v. Obscenity. fcccan. V. lice Deceitfully. Etol. Fsegnian . interval. v. slowly. eax. glad. Facn deceit. e /. n. f. Fsec Suspicion. To set in order. whorish.Faen. — — — ^- : Ewyde a flock. Faegan To plant. true. iyi a country). etol.eSung. e. — — Deceitful. portion of time. Fsegn glad. Faca of spaces. ?im. E'Sle E'Sm vapour. set. v. beauty. v. Fairness. Ettan to eat. fsegen. v. if his daughter Faeman To foam or froth. gefadian p. Ew marriage. fzelian To make a harbrece. y. ode . shoulder. fulnes Deceitfulness. softly. Der. v. A — exhale. had the sound of our present liin. v. guile. Fci foes. ettul a glutton. 2. v. G. ceitful idle. deceit. F^EN E'iSf^iende JBreathhig. v. stealla. adj. Et nyhstan At nighest. v. ^ sheepfold. v. Faele. Any parental relation. -cBcSelo A father nobility. joyful. eowde. v. Euesham£'ye97iam. to ivish for. eowu. An eive. as htefS heavetJi . stafas Deceitlastly. . Fceger Beauty. man-. S. B. Faelsian . felg. se. L. Fsel Pure. A plaice. Fain. Ex an axis. times g. S. L. Faemnenlic Virginlike. FiEhtS. fadung. crafty. recompense. Faegnes. EShelde. An uncle. nm. — Euen even. purify. v. factious. Foecele A torch. Ewyrdlu Damage. S. ea. ettul. pp. v. E'cSian. v. L. elan. v. Ewede a flock. Ex an acre. Euwa sheep. offend. exle pi. : paternal race. Fsegere Fairly. the marriage port ion lohich reverted Faem foam. exla . S. FaegS Feud. pi. wickedness. heafodFaelg. S. v. Faeger.standard. S. v. . fatherly deed. Der. property. v. Exel . to the father. fix. E'^yl a country. cyn A paternal kiiid or race. vapoio'j gasp. Etiewian To shetv. isoccasionally represented — — Fffilian daed — A A Fzelnes. Rsh. Et-hrinan 7'o touch. feld-elfen. a bosom friend. A space. to disEttulnes Greediness. v. . A. Foedering-mseg A paternal relation. Facg. od. def se facna Eton A giant. gently. f. pi. 0-. facnes . Faegernes. Faela many. Rsh. abcSm. beautifully. se . facen. Der.a. a disaimuUing. Exan muSa Exmouth. neh. tween two vowels. gefsedera. What may be sold. . L. Etolnes. eald-.v.nQ„ f. Ewisad Clear. lot. p. adj. Paternal./. A breath. leas Deceitless. faDer. F. therefore. G. Ewestre. d. ode . fsenn dirt. indcl. virginity. geard A paternal Faemnan of a virgin. Ewerdla damage. f. ae. . venal. fseces . A became aividowandreturned Faemig foamy. m. um. efen. L. disposing. ea^. v. — . fsedren. An abolishing. gefadung. faelge a felly. euen. gefaegnung. v. A. S. distance. g. v. . in this position.Faelging a harrow.S. but somemity.iB. Faemne . p. faecne Deceitful. leas manhood. Exan cester Exeter. A shoulder compacountry. fenn. v. v. To breathe out. good. etolnes. v. . fish. Ette meat. S. Faegr fair. e^gian . A virgin. Facen g. se To — — — — — — — — 83 . gestreon4/a^^e^'^ Fffimnan had fjemn-had Wonion. beautiful.father. . Eufgestnes. v. feoh A father fee. Fadung. s. ede. had the sound of our f. v. eaxel. Faegnung. Le. /. v. To rejoice. . sew. Fsec Faederyn. g. Faelsecan To be at deadly enEwe loater. pp.Fsedera. L. EcSSa or. f. a conspiracy. L. Faederen . faeger. es . y. fealg. fsederas . An ornament. favour. od. Gluttony. FcEge Dying. f. Facen-full cility. v. E'cSnes. Ettol. f. Etonisc Gigantic. v. S. E'Xgung. an . cnosl Faena avane. patrimony. L. handsome. Ew-bryce adultery. simple. aer-. S. Fzecene. Sbx. clean. m. facen . faegr Fair. for^-. Faegenian To rejoice. exultation. e^igean. at — — — — — — — A A . un-. A setting in order. se fraud. pose. Faedem A fathom. Faegerlic Fair. v. At the end of syllables. ing into. f. A breath- L. hseuS. Facn. of fiih. S. n. ton. eowde.v. an . exult. foec. famig. faeder. Fseder. and be. f. faemne. /. m. an .slayer. G.Efes1iam. maid. fela. abounding^ by u. ivhorishness. to boast of. E'cSre more easy. Msh. rvoman. fag. luf love. eten adj. Fsegrian To be fair or beautiful. Euor-fearn Wall-fern. 2)1. an . Ewunga Openly. acquired. ecShylde Contented. Faag a varying colour. Facon deceit. Faedrunga. sew. in s. n. /. the present English v . Deceit. Faeigr fair. fam. S. home. efen In the beginning of even. m. od. L. e-. Ewiscnes Shavielessness. probable that the A. Faegre Fairly.Fseccean to fetch. longing to a father. e<Sel fatherland or country. Fatherless. Fadian. v. but A compensation for deadly feud or homicide. ode pp. Le. v. Facynfull Deceitful. innocent.. facen. Sincerity. se . Easiness. p. an. Ewe. fraudulently. un-. L. Fseder. lie Fatherly. be. to flatter. deadly feud. words. v. to deflour. : origin. lie Deceitful. A rejoicing. E^ieude ycSian. adorning. Faelan To feel. v. adj. inspiration. Deceitful. g. searo delast. slaga A father . e^el. fsederes is found Faeld-aelbyn.. 3. pp. ancestry. e . v. an .Enmity. Facade Fetched. v.

v. Fcer. Fsereng bulwark. made void. ar-. Faerr passing. se . To man. Fah . change of colours. Fagnian To rejoice. beautiful. g. speech.m. m. 71. firmly prudent. feorra. by dig Fast cauing tious. L. sordid. L. an enemy. favan. Faet . — firmness. g. S. fagian. def. adj. cup. Fagennian To rejoice. Fieran to frighten. S. entrust. 2. — inga./. fcola. Lent. . steady . negligent. . v. Fsernes. day. fegn] Serene. ni. faithful. fidence. Fah. -ian Der. fetels. L. tenacious. . fathom measure. glitter. A variety. vessel. — gryre A sudden — — horror. a journey. over feast. Fagettan to vary. fortification. wael-. v. an act of coningan To fasten. religious Fserd an army. unga SudA denly. deaS-. L. firm. 1. \. loall. A journey. v.Fagc A kind of fish. Fffirh a litter. firm. horrid. v. freols The pass. feax. dirty. -foest.-fellere Fa!s A — A . p. fareld. Fat. Fag a foe. m. S. gold-. fied. sta^olfaest steadfast. wis-. ede . T'he shining colour of an Fserm a supper. unsteadfast. ac. 2. a little pig. v.Faestan To commend. fercian. so^i'i&st fast in truth. v. nm. L. — niS Sudden mismod Constancy. Fagian To shine. the space of both arms extended. an That in expedition. nm. — raednes Resolution. fag. ship. surround. fage . S. great heat. n. n./. L. c. f. fetor : procision. 1. — — I — V. fasting. V. v. fsettes . v. — searo Sudden deceit. f. eor<5-. v. fger. Faeola many. Foerbii. an army. effectually. ^-im&ifast FaBx Deceit. fara . fortiFaeran To go. an uncle. 4. Sudden. bosom. m. entrusting. coming suddenly A upon. bran-. Whatever embraces or contains . glaes-. swiftly. toivn. Faestes Firmly. muddy.es. section. v. Fagetung. fahra. ae. ed. passage money. ma^^um-. 2. Fser^ the mind. sine-./. dense. nes A fastness. a going together a meeting ? Foer.mon. un-. fetian : gefeterian : faeSm. lice — rim A . avaricious. colour. dreor-. gl. swooning. A passage. lie Fastlike. husbandvery. S. constant. steady. sicS. Faer-wundor A great loonder. . -hafol Fasthaving. faru. M. Fa. n. fahes. v. e f. Firmament. fagre . 2oalled Fagung. fetor. fetel : fetels. A relation on the father's side. 3. hem. ingman maTte firm. fa . swat-. husl-. fajses j pi. meatus. going. fah. constant. Der. rich. jiist . or FaEtt. FaeSm. s6<S-. nm. F^S Fa3ng-t6^ FAH A A fang tooth.f. — clear. A transmigration. -ian. imoard peril. fah.: Fgesel . fatted. A bryce daeg A fast Breakfast. — —lice Firmly. an abyss. vary. true. pi. Faesten. an expanse. R.tyh ted Bedridden. Faettian . in the law. fages . constantly. pp. To fathom. Faeter a fetter. Of different colours. Faer-bena ceorl. fair. — deceitfully. Faeter a feather. hivv-. g. — — L. journey. — raid A fast opinion. g. wyrm-. /. L. stan-. es . faeran. — mod ConSuddenly. company. A . v. — cwealm Sudden — destruction.ed.sta(5ol Fae^mian p. death. firm. fatten.v. coming intense. L. Fjcreld. Faeste-gejjufFas^ growing. behaefednes Parsimony. /. thick. — deaiS Sudden — death.tion. Fsereldtu fastness. S. — FaetS FaecSa Commits.stung. — A sudden — gripe A sudden gripe or An contest. adj. 2. passage . nm. Be. m. faesten. ac. L. -hafel. v. niggardliness. mar shy. faenlic Fenny. Fa3niht. Faet fat. e . n. — chief. hue. Fserela Penetralia. y — : f toJiich a journey is made. castle. as the bosom. hafolnes. Fyerunga suddenly. ban-. Peer. vessel. surety. n. great. fringe list. Faeste . Food. A fathom. v. lie going. mete. a — A vehicle. L. tid A fast time. sceat Fare-scot. thickened. Faest-. — Sud— den. . foesles . gin-. v. pi. A fast. fser^ goes. — chance. passed. Fferst goest. the deep. fastes . forth. deceit. L. haga Inclosed or hedged danger. entwine. as a prefix.fare. A way. m. Fsester-moder A fostermother. se f. e. L. fe^er and Der. fyrd. shining. fearful. — scea<Sa A great robnes A fastness. faett. danger. Fsers Verse. fatii . es. Fcermo Ntipti(s. g. — scytum Withiviles. — 84 foe. winding. /. fastltig. The fasting. steady. Fsercodon supported. fteringa. inflexible. — bryne Sudden or — coS A sudden — — disease. es. — —JJer.^^sien. Poverty. blod-. — (7. v. faegen. the lap. faetre . termination. g. Fast. for faste Fast. afaeran. a-. Der. embrace. faestre . es 3 m. gewerc Fortification work. — for^ go tude. gold-. A cubit.— . se . g. progress. an . to die. g. adj. FaBSt . feorh. perfectly asleep . m. v. vat. Fast-havhraed ingness. Faetels a bag. K. stability. fearh. faetcs . journey journey Ing . Faeted Fattened. Faesten. ber. Faost-gongel A sure Faetere Light.firmly. perfectly. bold. Fagen glad. n. stant in mind. L. Faestn afortifica. fortress. inflamed or leprous skin. v. greediness. unsta'Solfaest un. as the English fast asleep. denotes Fast. adv. drinc-. by chance.: faetels. expedition. confirmation. passage. gefah . FcKr. L. e. fear. Fsesceaftnes. fortuitous. Bold. forti- — — filler. trance. — wyrd A fatal rsedlice Boldly. A -.faran. Fagn [faegn. es. fe^a. v. coloured. 2'o Faetnes. tir-. dyed. wuldor-. boldly. a grasp. an embrace. peril. Fffestn FserS-rade 3Iind prepared ready. — nian To spell A sudden or deceitful fasten. — Fah. Le. lie-. vat Faet. ede 2'>P. faernes. fuda. hafod. An en- closing of the arms. fasu . se. Fae^ra. Inequality. ung A fastening. v. constant. fyll fall. fall. by immediately. — — suddenly upon. S. Fag coloured. Der. S» Fiestan To fast. Faer . Fae^tnlic Bending. ^n. se fasta . ac. g. pi. Fatness. A — — A A A Fcerennes passage. Faex hair. adj. guile. 1. Faetian To fetch.

Fearmian to farm. vAvd^u\a. fram-. Fealle A trap. fare. pp. Farndon. f. ripen. on the north of Britain.-sum. Fast Jast. Fea-sceaft . Fahnodon rejoiced./. Fandere. faest Fearlic sudden .fear.S. v. )7urhfyrd. ymbfsernes far6<5 fara. p. f. -hraegl. fae^m. feorm. FaSem a fathom. he fylt . Farisee. die. one who having slain another. A fan. Fah . gefeol. tress. S. feol. Fa-lffican To Foelike. fotS-. faer. v. leod-. a farr 010.feald : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : . Faran . faest. Berks. go. v. *S'. sheepfold. disFea fee. -rseden.Faum d.. has thus exposed himself to the deadly feud of the fa milt/ of the slain. Fandlic Foelike. S. feohtan. -um. an . mere-. feold . tid A short time. faerh. be at fend or ymb- foereld. V. faet. Fare. fatSu An aunt. v. Pharisee. Incontinence. Th. L. n. untrue. v. -on.: : FAN -wer A foemaii. Fealh approached. se . Fealg. stable. Fariseisc Pharisaic. fealo. Feald a field. Fealewe yellow. Fan a fan. don. —Der. gefea. lacende Sea Fean joys. fulfremman fulfremed. fram-. -werod. fealo. ge-. fyldan. march. plica. fela. for. faer. Falevve fallow. p. foereld. vessels. v. m. fane. Farr a loildboar. v. v. Many-fold. felh. Fealdan. litter. v. Misery. eft-. in-. -wic fur. fearo<S. S.^ Surrey. Manifold. putting sheep in fold to manure the\ gang . 6S-. Faru a journey. Falu a fallow colour. A Pharisee. a-. S. v. m. hap. money paid by — vassal to be free from sending sheep to fold on his lord's land. ic fandige . L. docce A fallow coloured dock. falod. Farma a supper. fealo. fear. treble Jpry feald T/i/Te'. going money. A temptation. p. to-. an. v. an ox. /. Feahte fetched. S. B.es. v. Fasta. falde . v. Fahnes. falud. fealdlice ManifierS. fastum. Fam. Famgian To foam. v. feala-for. on-. n. a ship. faer.m. hild-. pp. Ex. faer. — luce. seek. feormian. tealla. we foion . ut-. Farnea ealond Fame island. v. fealwes . S. wave. Fanu Iris alba. Feallan.es m. Fear. wigfrum. L. Fattre Fetters. deadly enmity. Fell see [falic] mtdtiply. S. Falletan To cut. ina-. Fahnes. fealo. Fealwe yelloio. adulterated. fon. pp. FEA Fant. ode pp. m? Falsehood. faes. fold. — — — Feala feald — fealdan To - A ofer-. feld. R. FamwiEstas Molles. we faracS . A course. [ham Jiabitation'] Farnham. — heals Foaming neck. double. f^rlic. od. shore. -leoS. L. es. B. v. Fang. -or. Fatan wif To marry. C. e. leas Without fern. -feald. proceed. an'.penig Fold land. f. m. gefea. |7u fa^rst. on-.: gefer. Faht fought. feccan. Feanes fewness. S. S. e . an -feald Onefold. A murrain of hogs. v. faste. V. S. -scipe • fere. S. es . es. Fax hair. : : The termination of numerals. A taking. g. as. /. Paul Foul. Fearh. faren. S. ge-lie frym<S. feorm. A little c\v83l pig. f. Fdmig Foamy. eofer. ing. v. hostile. ruinous. fald . Fane. Fealh. splendour. feallan./. Fald a fold. fant-faet A font. sail. S. n ? A fold. Fearm a supper. A bull. out. v. ord-.fyrst: harrow. family.grasp. Fern. standard. return. dsed-. FeaUor a feldfare. ^ea\\\. — — — — investigation. Fann. Fare of a journey. L. money. wave horse. — Fandian.t. e. def. fealre . Enmitrj. Falud. white flower-de. ^ taking. depart. Feallendlic Likely to fall. gl. v. Fana. fall down. A -ra fyrdrian fyrmst. travel. pitfall. Fearran to depart. m. m. — — — — . Having few V. -gemaca. Fangennes. S. e . prove.— Der. rejoicing. v. es . S. wrap. -scipe ferian.Feala-for. of feohtan. fata vats. p. fann. g. Fatu. v. he tnany. od. FEA Feagan To rejoice. To hengest A groiv yelloio. of fah hostile. liberty of folding. Feala Vara journeys. Fas a fringe. be-. ham-. v. lacend Fean To hate.-u. -esne. Fariseisca. fandigan. a — — C Falsan To blaspheme. n. an evil spirit. S. ode . -gar. [dun a hiW] FarringFandung. of findan. m. faled. : 6<S-. es. v. The . ut.-fsereld. fern bed or ground. for<S-: for<5. Le. 85 — . afaran. generation. v. -sumnes 6<Sfellan fyll fealle fremed fram. -hama. lif-. v. Feaht fought . family. es . m. leoht-. m. dun. Fallow. feoh. v. fare. feawnes.\\. land-. twy-feald Twofold. wael onfylt fel^e fealdan. C. -searo. f. pp. ly. es. Le.for.A flag. Fara. fearlice quick: : : : faru. Falster islandin the Baltic. stall. falud. S. To try. fast. False. se. eft-. ml A wave. S. hatred. se fealwa . falde to a fold. A seafarer. Faster-man A surety. for-. experience. Falnes. Fealo Fareld a journey. A Pharisee.-elic fremian feallen To fall. Lustre. v. res . firm. C. feax. /. feal<S . es . v.-nes: to fail. 65. v. False False. fallow. frem. single . v. for<S. p. filhan. wur<S Fold worthy. v. fealo. disco- ham. Fea joy. v. A tempter. ic fare. Fealog Destitute. FaroS. ear: feala . Fearras oxen. Feald A fold. * ^n faldes : d. tempt. scip-. gefaren To fealdnes Multiply^ foldly. m. v. L. a fold. on-. Fea Few. Fea-sceaft. faru. yellow coloured. : ni- Fald-gang Fold going. weg-. Fearh-hama A little stem. Fealwian . fyrn furma fruma. se . billoia. to-. p. forS-. a(^. S. v. Fa<Se. he fylcS. feran. A traveller. trial. untruth. we feollon . very. bed A Fandian eft To repeat. Fand found . trier. ofer-. feale-for feldfare. v. se . pen. Fangen taken. Falaed a fold. ut-. Hostile. gesgefealden To fold up. e. search Fast-stow A fast place. soon The liberty of folding sheep. fealg. Fearn. for<S-. feaw.-ful. Falewende Yellow coloured. -a. Fallende falling. adj. ge-. playing. Foam. p. S. v. adj.

Feoian. wort. S. Feohtan. g. value. Feloness. Fehies. v. a toad-stool. yce A fen frog. or loss of the hair. Felle-wasrc Melancholy S strong. Money getting. v. V. Hair of the head. n. we fuhton pp. Febrig Feverish. wyrt Field ward. Felan To feel . adj. a duty. fon. S. covetous man. feerlice sud. S. v. Feh-gerefa steward. Hair needle or jpin. property. S. gersedian — specolnes Loquacity. dedicate. fenn. rich. gearn. v. skin. or fael. riches. wunden-: fexe. mt 1. g. v. gefeax. clear. gar. Fell. contend. and-: feaxed. n. CatFebrian To he sick of a fever . C. n. Feb money. fyll. v. Sensus. treasury. make 7var. plain. fatling. desti- FEL Feirnes Fairness. ni. feogean. gonV. p. perceive. Fell death. wreon hair tvood fairy or nymph. take. McMars'hy. fealh. termination. S. feallung Falling off. Feer-stylt Astonishment. he fet . es . Money. Felsan To recompence. fee taking. Felt Felt . he fyht. Feng. nurse. Many. cute. Fedan. — or road. S. fsec. riches. L. ci^uel. L. gytsung denly. poor. a herb. comet. : v. Fednes. p. S. /. Fefor a fever. fell. S. gcfohten To fight. swamm as a medium of exchange. v. a. F'eger. Feging Composing. Feber-adl A fever disease. S. fej^er. <?e-. fix. indcl. loenung Money treasury.Fell Fell. nourish. v. draiv out. made of skin. Fegn Serene. fela. sceacged country church. S. j^engel. B. v. -ian Felle-read Purple. dirt. S. Feder a feather. feedera. v. A — A A — — — A — A A — — — A — A A — — — — — A — — — — — — . we faelon . An adj. privy. nacdl pasture. f. marshy. Mud. fciiwosta Few. /. way — — — — — . Feoht-lac A fight. pannus. gyrnes Fell Gall. loicked. Fengel a prince. feolan] p. gan. S. Fee a space. Fen-. fee. v. A fen. embrace. L. feode Feing a grasp.: . S. f. anger. fsDStlice. fohten. /. se . — Felaw Felch A fellow. feled To avarice. S. Fenn. fefer. S. C. es . S. fang. Fele much. gestreon Treasure. f. Goods. ern A money Fedels. es. S. refield bring to. Fen fishes. Felh a harrow. — : : . feon. S. hence. : : — be- setfele. feh<S takes. A A A A 86 . Feding A feeding. L. Felt-wurma Wild rnarjoruiyi. feoht. Fel-tun n enclosed place. um sup. marsh. haired star. S. v. Feligean to follow. cattle. Fehst takest . p. feavva : indcL adj. a wild Fenwg Fenny. Haired. living animals. es . v. a purple spillung Profusion. feoh. ivealth. laf What is left decrepit. se . gefeoht. to be at enmity. fearn Water -fern. fild. Mo. tangere. Feng. severe.f. a locust. v. fea. part of the circumFader a father. felge. -eacon Hair hanging down the forehead. much. FEI things. avarice. Felan [felhan. feunes. tute. gytsere Feerlic sudden. Fela. Fencgas The bowels. fell. Som. R. folen. having hair. hire. lending. Feoh. bring up. Feld-beo^l^eZrf sun-: fold. fen cover or refuge. Feverfew. cast driFefer. Fen-cerse Water-cress. n. es fang m. se . fight. L. ness. . bribery. naked. eacas. bop A fen osier or twig land Fenland. tax. mortgage. gyft Fedra an uncle. -bus Felian . Le. re Haired Fenol The herb fennel. C. fe6 . a sword 1 specol — — — Femne a — virgin. fealde .Feohtere fighter. Fetiw. fedde . elfen A Comatus. hof. S. bush of hair. Fel^e Wrong. L. an /. hror Very feald Manifold. filian. also Feuwe Few. Her. sid-. es . -feax . mora Wild parsnip. 2. Hair net. Fel a fell. hug. A harrow. span. stipend. gaco. mint water-mint S. swop JBradiFeccan . faecele. fseger. Feer Stupor. Moneyless. p. v. muddy. field. pp. m. es . Feld. S. Fen a fen. fende fever pursuing. blonden-jgamol-. gend field ganger. As property chiefly Feeele a torch. oxan Field or pasture Cattle. e '. fengon took. fer^ A centipede. fiht . Her. feo-ga^ To perseland lie Rural. gentian. Fild. sceacga eyrie bee. Strang robe. fugel Fen fowl. set-. field mushroom. leas fever. Feohte. an asylum. dirty. Fellen Skinny . Feo-gan. felly. fixas Feax. feld. es . Feax. Felg. fegr fair. den. To dress the hair. Fegan . plain.-— — A — — — — — A m — — A — — A A — — hleo^ A hof A fen dicelling. educate. leasnes Poverfuge having a fever. Fenix A phoenix. feahte 2'o fetch. ty. Der. n. Her. S. v. recompense. v.feolan.f. Feawnes. toages. L. S. B. Fel-terre Centauria minor. C. many. georn Covetous.— Der And-. Mo. Le. p. waste or desert. Felnys. westen price. bus A tent. m. An. se . 2. fang A tailing hold of the hair. R. v. e. hset seeat Money tribute. nett. fiercefeabt. by many. — Speaking much. Feoh-bot centipede. feeder. A grasp. L. Fel-cyrf Foreskin. Nourishment. d. Felefer^ Der. but d. pin. feohte litFegre Early. pp. es J . FEO Felt-wyrt gentian. tle being used in early times oxen. dunghill. de To join. hence. doivn. steorra A minte Field or ivild mint. gelad — — — — A — fen?}y — — To devote. -hord. freoSo A fenny dwelling. Feaxed Haired. consisted of cattle. 1.faerlic. — — — — — A — — — — — — — A — — — A A — ^ — A . feded. TeastUce Jirmly. S. S. cet-. faeder. v. To feed. 3. beast. felt hat. skin. ference of a wheel. feos. place. money gift. d. Fed-esl Felian To feel. pp. Le. Money desire. Cruelty. fon. Fcax-cla^ A hair cloth. loquacious. faemne. S. fillet. fealg. v. hrySer Afield ox. S. p. To hate. . be. gafol Usury. an . m. to make to fall. S. incline. rude Wild rue. seoc Sick of a fever. S. fihtling. waste. Money To he sick of a fver.

S. A rejoicing. e . dangerously sick. nere A life refuge. harbour. 1. V. A71. v. fright. conductis the man. fela. he feo<S to hate. S. preserve life. -ran.Ferht-gereaht Soul's direction. v. Feoran . Feolo viany. feores . Fer-blsed — A A sudden blast. ode. . f. dwelling. Feoiran Far from. seo. \ . substance .feald Fortyfold. ling. Feond . faru -4 Feor four. — seocnes Fiend Enmity. B. firsian first afirran fir. feortS. faer. Feord an army.Togo. lege A laying Life's gift. 3. fj8et. reiqn. destruction. n. Fer a journey. Feornienleas Without support. v. cofa TJie mind's cave. ing business. ode. B. v. Farness. FercuS Frugal. rice eacen Viviparous. fah.sarig-. L. A fiend. m. Feon. tetrarLife security. of feallun. fela. ply with food. Feording a farthing. tion. Fercian .Feostnian . feoran. adj. death. the track of life.Feort Crepitus ventris. Feorr /ar. e . feores Life. feorh. f. ferht5. Feren Fired. . ferian. feasting. pass. 2. transmil''eorm^. Distant . Ferh^. food. To confirm. feorh. v. se . ferh^. scipe —seoc Fiend demojiiac. death. loalk. scete Four square. fet sweng A life ov fatal stroke. Ex. to die. boc a toay or travelling book. v. food. S. Goods. — buend — : : p. Godforbid. fetched. — Der. soul. mlnd^ 87 . v. v. woel-. per. v. m. ries A fiendish violence. S. bed for a journey. /. gration. the body. wund A death or seo. feore. S. ac. land A far or foreign S. To remove. S.f. se . the life. -sian Feorlen . cuvision. Feond g.— hard File hard. feorraung. tyue Fourteen. adDer. feowurtig Forty. 1 The Feorming. A — — Feormian. Feolif Munificence. mortal affiiction. de. a farm. To purify. fyrhto. nin. — weg A dis- Feowung. military expedition. hot Money's boot or compensation. soul. pi. es . v. fyrin^. uin m. Food. Ferennes. foreign. fa^der A greattime. Feolufer A bittern lfeldfare. V. fealdan To quadruple. : — land. To assist. v. help. v.feornie. enmity. expiate.su2}port. grasp. feor and — A A — — — I)er. feori! . bus The life house. feoudes . FeowertSa The fourth.georn Curious.colIen-. last Life's path. ian. f. Ferh a little pig. fearme. enraged. — riht Right ofpro- Feowr^e Fourth. wyrt A herb. m.FEO Der. the devil. stipF-eoreld A relation. gefera. tainment. Feolde Tlie earth. — — — — : — : : ur. e . v.ge-:feormenleas: feormung: feorm5. Be. killing. tig Forty. reception. firn furf. 2. FeorhcS the mind. L. — rian To depart.^edh. f. of life. tant. gefeormian. hence. f. Fere of a vehicle. S. Feong Hatred. generian To chia. A farmer. --hesdo Life bale. a . se . Feolfell. Le. fynd . banished. Fourfooted. cund Fo. or. feong. V. e . The countenance. . cleansing. fearh. at a distance. feoian. cleanse. v. giefu Life FeorSling. C. c/. 7nurderer. Feornes. -rian. gift. Feoliatv To Jile. Feordian to march. Feorude removed. v. entertain. port. feran. thrifty. ellen A government of a fourth gebeorh Mortal courage. L. feorh. Use. lean Feos of money. Der. L. v. -cund. d. purge. ^e: FEO : FE R f^eod-. sceaSa^ direenemy. A life. struction. — — — grap A tribute. S. dissoca A travelling bag. Fere Passable. L. J^aet. e . feorh. geniSla A mortal enemy.wide-: — Feorh-udl A ease. Feola many.-e The Feorla sy Far be it. S. seo. Provision. Feorme-ham farm. cwalu — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . F'eor Far. a ing Crepitatio ventris. Mc Fieyidlike. A farthing. v. distant. fenn. — stuSu Crooked. Le. — nes Distance. v. benefit. sus- tenance. — rzeden — — sick. hord Life hoard. enter. Fer-gan To conduct. v. aspect. v. — ran Far from. support.— — mortal dis- A — — — Fered Deluded. Der. support. Farcome. L. Fere-sceet Passage money. farm. sickness. fer<S:g. camp. m.Feoter a fetter. an enemy. — Feor-begeondan beyond.S. geornes. Feorg life.gild Devil . v. feower. Ferd-mon A soldier. Feower Four. iiiovxsisi farthest. — — — — — — — — — — — . tance. Thefourth. Feol. f. gewitan To prolong. — rene From far. fortieth. daeg Life Fe6r<5a . fyrd. h^^rde The life Feorwit . a meal. q. tig . feoian.Feorm. An demonology. Feorrene From far. e. feor. swi5-. G. down of life. Fereld a ivay. cousin. lyre Loss Feotod Called for. Fered carried. m. Be. grandfather's father. g. Ex. lahere food is procured. A farthing. v. artd Der. guardian. A n. fyrd. Feon a fen. pi. -e The fourteenth. the breast. -e . an Crepituvi ventris edere. Be. nm. l^a^t. adj. — (lo]g A fatal icound. S. loca Life's in. Ferh life. an asylum. Curiosity. men. scot A hostile or payment.feormvaritage. cynn The life kind. Fer-bed J. Ferd An expedition. -seipe fichS. men Strangers. the body. A Jile. ben A deadly wound.Feorme. S. awry. — — fiend condition. es . Feowr four. ki^eping. berende Life bearing. to supFeore to life. g. 2. 1. L. Feowrtig. faDreld. (7. seoc Life sick. p. the FeorSung. 3. A man. at a distance. cs . S. L. p. feower. Ferde. L. closure. si^on Four times.dis. ferdon went. m.Fera A companion. wic enemy's dwelling. vessel. board. feond-. Life cvveahn Life de. f. Feoung hatred.Feran p. . destruc. fetor. hostile. deadly loound. Feorh . od. m. fyrd. feor. sup. fer. v. part of a kingdom . weard A life guard or teoSa . tance. to feed. pp. Feormere. To procure food. ode . v. soul : Because the soul farming. v.firm<S. to put to a distance. Fercung sustaining. a — tigocSa . support. cumeiie Ferht fear. The life.es. p. v. 4. feald Fourfold. — Far Far — ^yx\ii\VL\Food.froni Feran furS To go forth. a mortal pang. a stranger. Hospitality. — sian To prolong. v. bana life destroyer. fyrdian. ac.

v. bear. tive. faerlic. L. of the foot. acecged Five-edged. S. feorh. S. foster. mogefetod. V. A monster Ferian . Le. Jjtet. Fatness. Fifta. The Feste fast. crifift IVie art of embroiderrace. belt. v. an army. fsest. es . The frightther covering. Der. fe^re . cynn. Film a. sunu The Fetlum with belts.ede . A fig apple or fruit. crafty. m. Filt. S. FeSan-leag The army field. iiiund Foot sole? sole Five-leaved grass. seo. B. felt. The act of going Fierst a snare. adj. nes. V\\\e^ filled. Fiftig Fifty. odc. : a — A — — — — — — . Fifteenth. Fetta-irn Feet iron. dohtor The fifth fifth. L.Feuer-studu Destina. a icing. -e. 1. an attendant. linn. fiftyne. Fin StrueSf L. Ferwernan To refuse. m. Felloivship. m: seo. fae<Sem. v. S. Be. n. v. sec. Fiend a fiend. — cofa The breast. feower. fedan. shire. wyrt Filhan . v. intellect. leaf A Filgestre. v. L. buckle. in Gloucester Fieren-ful loicked. an exburgas Five cities. follower. fiftene Fifteen. m. Fifteo^a. fylstan. fytSer. terrific wave. es . pure. e .'R. . L. /. ed. e . To Fjc adl sore or File a fig. Femes. Fearful. — — — — — leaf — — — — — — — — f — — — — — A m — — — — — — . v. si<5on Fifty times. man A footman. v. last A foot step. experience. rian. filgian . bag. Fetor. feawa. Fif Five. fiftieth. To contend. v. g. Fierd an army. fset. sefa 2^fie mind's sense. here A fyrst Five years' space. belt. V. V. nus. L. To hate. A female Fe^a Sluggish. adj. — — — Film. v. A fetter. Be. v. convey. fyllan. fySer. the river ing with feathers. Fickle. teuch. step. B. S. S. v. de To fol- Figuratively /orce. fiftig. without feet. ap2. L. To bed A feather bed. S. Fier farther. Figan To be at enmity. A going. — freca One bold in mind. Le. Fieder a father. foot. FecSe. an A cleft. Festrud nourished. button. V. Fian. An. afetter. of fot. p. A fighting. drowsy. fetigan. es . a fetter. fseringa. daughter's grand-daughter. wif To marry. feohtan. Fille The herb savory. A — Fin a fin.— \ii\t A belted hilt. the ocean. Feringa suddenly.— FED spirit. derness. pi. Jig leaf Fe<5a. A desert. v. the Fe^er . Ficol Filian. Fertino Portetita. Fetels.Fettian p. fyl$. v. feower. hair. Fester-mon A bondsman. army. F^stre a nurse. feh^ in fon. of fedan. skin. Fe^u an army. fyllan. f. Fil« filth. A feather. v. fyrd. S. J?orn Rhamful or horrid stream. p. pj}. rag. dispute. Ferwetfiill Anxious. feax. v. wiBg. Filled-flod Filiende filling. pp. m. spring flood. Fett feeds. Le. S. Fet fed . on foot. A L. to. R. fetSer. a fg. S. activity. Holstein and Sleswick. feald gang A foot falde A butterfly. jjroach. S. p. geFerlic sudden. sagacious. se . v. ode . power. An. L. es . v. /". Fifel A monster. p. wrsesn Fiften fifteen.L. es S. — — A — . A person on wyrm A fig worm. Terror or monster door. pp. v. The Ferom strong. -geara Five-fold. g. ceppel Fild-cumb A sort of vessel. S. — rearig Soul anxious. gent or desirous. L. v. beam A fig tree. FiUtung. husk. Figel Fet a vat.r Feather bearing. /. n. low. infantry. S. spirit. — gleaw Pru— — — hund Five hundred. The FecSm a bosnm. S. Ferscipe. A girdle. a fearful dent minded. an. title. feeste. fost. se. chain FJhtling a fighter. A frizzing of Fiht fights. m. To fetch. S. nimble. verses. . S. v. footing. v. a foot soldier. willeas Featherless. fette. pi. v. or the nephew's nephew. feld. ceorla ealdor Quinque vir. /. v. Fersian. winter. ferhiS. Fersc Fresh. dreadful. journey. fig. fiogan p. power. v. fyrst. Fet feet . Fewer four. Fetnes. es . A verse. p. Be. A film. a fearful or dreadful rende Feather hearing.Fett fat. Fiersna Snar'es. S. hat. adorn with a belt. berace./. Q'. sian p. v. L. v. m. carry. pend upon. v. great-grandson's grandson. FeSung. v. Filiende Rubbing. v. buckle.grandFetian. a phalanx. v. fairlice. FI F foot army. firenfull. v. v. to bring dor TA^ great-grandmother's Fer<S life. ni?nbleness. S. v. foster. f. treowvl^^. A fetter chain. Fetel. m. Fihle A cloth. S. daughter. tree. A fetter. siXon Five times. L. abdictus. grandmother. S. ba. -e . to de. horrid. S. v. feor. broidery. es . an . Few feio. demon. Feuer-fuge Feverfew. strength. S. In The herb figwort. sure. Fifele Verren-lainOi A foreign land. m.es . J^set. se. Hence as a prefix pen. Fifti fifty. ode. od. Fers. Fe<5e . Fex hair. v. ~e. -wintre Five years old. homa A feaFer-loren lost. Fiftyne. . es. S. the ocean. fealh To join. or the niece's niece. es.Fier four. Fesian To drive away. FeSer four. leas Footless. ode. Frethorn. FetSer . siveet. fe<5res . goSa . the great-grandFerscrifer One lost . m. L. L. vasis genus. stream. fyll. L. fe^a. where there is hair. L. boc The Pentaa ivay. for-loren. fustre. Fild a field. jjoet. Fill fuhiess. Fester food. 3. S: father's grandfather. m.— ied\a Fiftyfold. fetel. pedition. S. v. m. fylitling. Eidrr the boundary beticeen weorc Feather work or emFerlice suddenly. fers-wyrcan To malie fgeder The great . from. walking. S. Fe<San To take footing. n. f ic and Der. feond. — — — — — — — Filstan to help. georn Foot diligerafsec. ty. Going on foot. faeder. es . Fe<S talies. The Festnes a foundation. Fexnes. — banu A muj'derer. . Fig Creber. v. v. scab growing in the body. . dor. n ? ^ wing ? Fer-rece A Jire-pan. FetSre of a feather. faett.

Firhte^ frightened. A fin. m. scite-. — ian — mere. es. v. A woodpecltcr. sin. f. and Fird an army. Ex. m. es . A Jinch. feor. p.middel-. — . A flesh selling. es. Fleesc-oet. The — bryne Fish brine. p. es . v. 1 . — [^. carneus. C/i. — . of fleogan. a maggot. — : or she goat. G.Fijjelstre. firenian. -aS. poultice. finniht Finny. firne. fiscas. flesh house. Vlwcer a finger. FlseSe-comb A weaver's comb. fyrjpfingnes. FIR Fina. FID Firenian. loicTied. S. Le. es m. firA gen. m. es . v. dart. Finn. flanna. m. es. Der. m. es . -full. A mountain tree. Fiuta. Fior life. fioh cattle. m. S. A Fixen A vixen. licnes. the sha77ibles. es. C. m? A m. v. f. stream. riot. full Sinful. S. 7Ji. or flight. Finc. gende. — ere. v. v. S. lyger. S. Der. -lust. an crime. Der. cu7'i- Firna. -leas. f. she fox. a dart. — Fira beam children men.A fleshworm. Fixian To fish. A female Fleam Smut. v.A butcher. train. hyetentorii. S.Fi<Sele. 8D — — — . — wyrm.Fiter-sticca./.es. findan. roving. es . v. FivTCi^ food. 77ieat. fyrdincg. -oS. se. fish tvell or force. Flasc. e f. Fleah flew . shoal of fish. Fleshliness. FioTsi farthest. es n. Fish-kind. p. es./. w. v. flea. ness. Fitung. an. an arrow. a Firra farther. v. Mo. -ian. S. an . es . flask. Flacea. — mangere. osity. lust In. funden. fyrst. A fiddler. market. Der. Fiogan to hate.. — cynn The race men. fioung. n. fla. S. V. v. fleshly . S. A — — — — — An — A — — . S. flascas. A song. fisc. es m. fixnotS. — maiSu. n. Flaesc./. tian. e f. Fiscan. feoh. — nes. people of Firn old. fe^r. Fittan To sing. Der. Fennel. also Flaxa. un-. Firige makes afire. Der. v. v. of of A fishing -house. fishing . Firnum fearfully. vi. the sea ^ Flaa. S. an . v. feor. n. an . v. A sin. — A A . Firnian to sin. FixoS. es. .an . mere-: A — m. feorm<5. es .a maggot. The flesh hoard. flana. hilll — fint . flaxas . Anar-rotv. .f. gold-. Fir far. A fighting. v. a fir tree? bucca. A fin.gu<5-. gebyrd. 2. -ung. flesh. v. good. linnet. L. Firding an army. Fleawort or bane. A fishing. wer. To fish.10ne evil think. FingerFioeran Earlaps. Fright.\. m. S. es. geweorc Arroiv work boto. strife. v. R. Fintfindeth. pp. . v. m. The living. Finnas The Fins. S. v. Jjcarf Evil need. n. A mountain buck or goat. hamian To become incar- — — — A nate. A n. f. es — . an . v. fyrn.FiscatS a fishing. /. An. cypping. m. v. incarnatio7i. fisc. m. vice. A Fire-gat a wild goat. Fisc-bsec5. S. e. mouldy. feor. — — — carnation. Le. Finie Decayed. fleam. L. Firigend a hill. feond. Le. Firhtu. fian. Firete. -ful. Flaeme a flight. eucS-: faudian. To Fi^er a feather. o/fian. a harlot. — cynn. -leasnes. promotion. hus. firnian. pi. v. v. Fiv])rungnes. First^rs^. First. Fiolan To happen. firen. flan. dirt 1 Le. A mountain kid Fiwan To hate. Find enemies. S. feorsian. feond. Firen . m? fish pond. Fi^elere. S. Fiode hated. v. 7i. ren-daid A wicked deed. a leather bottle. flart?i arrow. feorm. m.-^ eht Fleshy. v. chamber vaulted. S. fir. A flesh sea. Fisen a sivord. The lie Fleshly. v. Flsecfiesh. {ju finst. A flesh fish. Fisc. Fleered Feathered. Whatfolloios. v. arrow bow. flan. v.-lic. ^iscatio. es . an /. 1131. taking. R. invent. FLE ode. S. Le. v. order. in. FlcKxen. Der. Finland. v. an. Fiond-geld Fiend service. Fiong hatred. fulnes Sinful. a-. e . Fit a song. S. hangsman. an . rian. gr. ing. Fir. he Firgen A mountain. the body. Flesh born. findan. firgen. m. L. feorh. — mete. A fiddle. es Fioung Hatred. g. Fio. fingres . v. L.fear. and Der. Sinful. feond. 7n. Der. Der. cest. Findele An invention. cwelere. imagine.— hord. Findan. the chief of living beings. Flaniht Belonging to darts. L. fyrst. harper. cofa. To find. rafter. First a space of time. fyrd. ona. Der. determine. v. Fleshfood. v. m. luxury. j). fyrhtu. fyrnum. L. Clavus Fleah A white spot in the eye. Der. m. Der. perch. v. Flakes of snoio. es . Apl. L. v. man. Finger. Der. fyrn. The body. fixas . B. firrer latter. lie A ring. : : : V. es es.es. Ear-. e. e . Flesh Incarnation. fyrian.. Der. gat. fund. a de- — beam. possessed with devils. p61. m. The flesh coveriiig. Ex. devise. fenol. — — — — — S. icorm. fyr.Flane An obelisk. v. in. A Findig Considerable. Flail . . L. — str^t. Firsian to remove. tel-. Fir^riende furthering. street. flaesc. fixan To fish. fish net. dispose. Le. fisc. Flseh afiea.Flacge Flacor A fiicke ring. es . e. — noS. the body. Finst fiiidest. es . — holt. geornes Solicitude. v. 7n ? A flea. mountain grove. adj. v. wyrt Flea. Fleshly. es. fla^sc. Finiht. a Flan-boga j^rutt. finde. L. homa. S.es. l^racu Arroio well. Le. v. pi. Flse^ra Flakes of snoio.: fundiau afyndan fandung afandenes. -modnes. feor. Fir fire. n. Ex. -liger. Fi. m.. hron-. — nett. Firmest The foremost. S. hiis. m. F\ovm food. es Firn of old. heavy.se. Firen . Flesh. A fish-pond. fyrtSFiond a fiend. A fisher. A hill stream. fish wear to j)^'^.f. ?n. — — : — — — — Finol. feorh] afiran : firen. Der. S. v. S. R. Flan. fisc. servefish. v. fyrst. v. m. mankind. gefindaii. — Der. liger Fornication.e8.-d2ed. fitt. Le. dispute. v. pi. pond. in- — — Fiorfar. -lic9. we fundon . forh. en Fleshly. Fixas fishes. v. afyrhtian forht. A butcher. firne . fisc. finger. -lie.an . ?n. lie Wicked. S. Firwet-georn Very inquisitive. firct-hrof Theroof of a Fitt. es.firene.

pp. lyft-. Flet. imp. flihere. we fliton . n. flcon. v. Flod. 2. a river. Le. loeave. floten contentious. VIemQ. S. for. S. R. : — — A Fleard A trifle. Flox-fote Broad-footed. a band of seaflying dart. S. Fliogan to fly. L. tracted fleon] p. To flee. Flene. flooring. he flyhcS . L. 1. fugitive v. Flod . L. fleon. fugel. 2. m. A flock. Flustrian To plat. — 00 . \. VWhiA flight. flocc. /.f. n. p. wid. the mouth of wiS . uht-. Flugol Flying. mereing a fugitive. Fligan [fleogan. brim-. flys. Flex fl'ix. ship. 2. Fleogendlic Flying.— net. a river : hence the wrangling art. Fliete cream. fleohan con. Flugon fleto. inundation. Flint. flowan. smere Floating fat. m. floslactis. Flettj es .Fioc. Der. waeg-. ic flowe. as a bird. flea. 1 A flowThe fugitive's food. It. Fleaming a runaicay. v. meeliim J3y m. 1. he flew^ . V. : ing. flux. flt What is made flugon . Z. To flow.Flyht. palace. Flyman feormX. offence. geflit. raft. a fragment. To put to flight. A fly net. hatter.Flowe conquer. raest house rest. flowan. Fleming A runaicny. stream. fleet. flit. flyma. flitter.gesteald fixed habitation. con. we fluton . an . — FLO room. A : : — — A A A A — — A A — — A — : : — — — A — — A A — A Dy A A — A By A A A . run away. an wiSer . To strive. S. flett. Fle|3e-camb weaver's comb. S. Flor. scum of a pot. joining or bindradum compa. as Northes . set-. a ship. wave. Flot A float. swim. Flima a ruuanmy. Flotan To float. a-. 2. stream. WQ^ A flood — — — — — — — — A A A A . a bay. flogen. fly. gan. flumen. S7vlm. fleoge. lie Flood — like^ fluvial. An. fleogan. a runaway. fleow.croeft The Flowian to flow. f. flogen. ie. port. Flewsa A flowing . banishment. One that flies or flees. e. ic fleo. ivave. Fleajjan-wyrt. R. full Full of strife. e. gutter. Fler a floor. -an. Float grass. v. hands. p. sea force. 1. S. Flig a fly. f. Fleot. a channel. one dwelling in a palace or house. Der. Ex. v. Flige-pil floating army. eft-. flota. Flum idver . wudu FloW' f. soft. of fleogan. pull off the shin. a FIpos a fleece. pi. S. A cloak. pp. Fles a fleece. the sea. v. A Flet . es . wrangling. 1. Flegende^?/^?*^. aflyman. rebel. 7n. v. 2. an . chamber. weard A floodguard. L. Fleoge. V. flel.flicerian. Southfleet. S. company. scip Flind Genltrix. Flean S. quarrel.L. L. v. sink. p. S. sittend — A -seip -here. Flota. Flc'ugan.Flooc a plaice. ship. Flenod. flight. Flocan To clap as with the a runaway. v. es n : also e. fleogan.v. ofor-. flowing. fly^ . flugol. in. contend. S. flion.— Flet Cream. troop. wave. werod A house band or guard. L.: afligan flugon . es . Jiitter. e FiewS flows. flooc. fl'e. v. Flugol . flicker. Fleoh a fly. Sund-flit on-geflit Flowednes. Fieon. v. v. A flight. flowan. flor. Flet-mon a sailor. m. /. p.blac Flood pale.— Flit . flys. es . volatile. m. bed. An. escape . dispute. S. an. p. flym. Flogen flown. lorangler. ing ivood. or suphouse. FIiccerian. V.an. L. be-. ter. flyma. L. L. names of places. In. V. flownes. A flood. FLY Der. A flat fish. v. . Flot-here.f: aZsoflore. V. v. v. an sailor. Fleardian To trifle. Flering Floe. 6fcr-. a. To Floh lliat which is flown off. m. S.flima.ge. Vieohfly. L. flioS. fleogan. To rout. fluxus. Fleo V. egsa Flood dread. 7?/>. e .flicrian To Flode A place ivhere any tiling Flede A flood. fleoge. v. floe. v. float. fleogan. Flitan./? flying. To flay. flowian. Strife. A flint. sailor. Flowan. rad hwEet riding company. v. S. bird.n. Th. es. the offence of harbourdeiage. flot. -ryfl. arm of the sea. v. fyrmcS. an . v. Flooded. and Der. flood wave. fluglas . v. S. A flf tan. To fly floor. One vjho flees. con. fleah.. S. Le. georn Eager for strife. flows. Flyma. es. in. at strife. flod. Le. fleoge. S. A o^. wseter Flowing icater. flugles .Flogettan To flow. -mann. S. Flicce T\ec flesh. Flege a fly.flogetan. v. flod. fowl. we Flogol flying. contention. flitch of bacon./. v.Flyht-cla<S Flet-gefo^ Disobedience. a river. L. hall. 6fervessels float. -a. S. Le. m. he flyt. folly. S. g. mslum Flyg^e. Fleogynda. ic flite. Flie Floege vessel.flita. A floater. we fleoS. fleax. ing together 1 commissura? tempt. light bark. bird. fleo. C. Flyc^/o7-flyh$y?ees'. 2. dwelling. fltesc. v. Flax. vagabond. gulf. fleoj^an-wyrt. fleohe (I) fly. ere. v. fleeing. fly. en Flaxe?i. v. a quick flight. v. gu<S-. tohunigfiowend: flowe: flede.gefliten. : : : — : : : . flaesc. Fleot-wyrt An emetic plant. v. way.fleming fleam flugan. flys.Find a flood. flowing of water. move the wings.flita. flot. S. Fleding A flowing. Le. es vi. flutFlede . 2^p. Fliet A slap. we Der. piE^ A house entrance. gol floga. Flogetan To flutter. es . S. L. One who flees. wave. Flion to flee. division. issue. Cd. connies or troops. Le. v. L. he flit . sole. grseg Flint gra]i. logic. ycS Fleax. men. m. fleah. S. B. piece. I. adj. — gcnd-.gefleow . . n.fliten. flyman. or the right palace sitter. mann S. fleon. tention. Floga. flocks or companies. »S'. Flesc flesh. es . Flis a fleece. — :: FLE Fleam. Flit. river. Fieotan. dex. v. a vestibule. n. fleogan. Fleowan to flow. fly. an . se . V. Ex. A ing. S. Flouing A flowing. flowan.flema. a To float. To flee.fleogan. flat. Flocende Complosis. sole. tender. err. Flyman to banish. a plaice. A place where Der. ic fleote.

gl. an edge. an . getael The yiumber of Folde. R. — — . v. lie : unbefangend- — popular law. rseden A m6t A popular — andfenga : fang. driht — — — — A popular company. A fleece. fol- full-neh. food. L. gestealUi A companion. the understood Fon-fyr A glow-worm. sel- — fylc : sige-folc : : filgian. v. L FON to "elze the chattels — Fnaest. fore-. bly or knot of people buend A Folkish. es. land which Folen Filled. leasung Common report. B. v. a multitude. L. full. When land loas granted i7i perpetuity it ceased to be Fol-neah full-nigh. weras pi. A trial. es. by the ki7ig and his Folgere.— C VI. ofer-. gesetnes A lata or statute of gesiS A the people. a public leader. es m. Folcagende Possessing people. G. a 7netropolis. S. 77i. employmetd. Der. fangen. Fogere. . : also folrae. an . L. Isesung Public lygrsef An earth grave. Foereld A company. hand. people. a way. d. or an es. Food. Flyte A keel. A sneezing. city. S. gl. — Fodno^ Food. A multitude . Folc journey. S. — — — — — — — — — . Food. ^. the populace. therefore. fnaed.Foigian to follow.: foster. seditio7i. nue. . Fnada. feian. v. Fleming. p. — A m — palma. B. Fohlic Comprehensible.throng. under. the people. Foera A companion. v. 71. toga A com7nander of the people. befolen. 143—151 K. — mfere : Populous. I. L. Aliens Royal Pre. on-. R. Fnas a fringe. bold The isc land dioelling. v. ic fo. accept. slander. S. ma3g<5 A nation tribe. t»urh-j under-. beam A child of the people. slite A folk-' — L. Fodder-brytta food dispenser. the la7id of the people from the earth. Foer^mest First. L. n. queen. S. — — a genealogy. family. v. flena. and it was not devisable by A man 7night 7iot onhj Th. common. an . gefege: gefeg-faest. v. ?i. and therefore. j)ublic — — A — The loind pipe. cutS People knoivn. relation. ac fnadu g. Fold-. R. attendance. down. Foe^ Going on foot.Fon. public at his death. gl. tices or outlaws. lie Folklike. m. fna?d. fyligean. a people. fongen. [feld afieW] The the people. prince. •el : on-. as the representatives attendant . nourishment. FO nue. fon.— \ar Pop. prince or 7wble of the people. fodder. cyning A people^s king. foda. written but custo7na7'y.— r'xht. folc -gemot. nourishment. unde7'take. Der. sweot 77udtitude of people. fleon. a reti- Folk-right. n. fotS. That which follows. a queen. folmum. list- under-. fon. tainer of the heorS-fcBSt. 01 . es 771. F6 take. a forager. stede folk-place. A banished man. eel-folc. -ling fostre : fostrian : fedels fsesel. FniES a fringe. S. service. perpetuity. the common latv Fon a fan. kixig. fringe.f. /: pi. right of eve7'xi free7nan. Folc. v. capside. and becaiyie Bocj^u fehst. m. — a.: . or shire. official digbut Folc-land an estate for nity. popular.es . 2vhich reverted to the While Folic A multitude. Fused g. Foedende feeding. nation. folde. of the land. m. the people.—Der. nm. f. Fofrotad Tabes. the original un. meegen People's force. border. will. v. a sermo7i. /. who had not a house of of the nation. a ground. a. it continued Folc-land. feng. mot A ge7ieral assembly of the people of a toicn. A — — — A Fodrere. fodderer. wylm Bubbling lata.e. Fodre xoithfood. m. es. Fongen taken. foder: fedan. truma A71 asse7nblage of people. fann. gefre6. Cod. receive. e. gefangen. Fnora. S. Fly^ flees. a king. he land. stow slit. findan. Flys. a camp. A hem. rog. Der. m. A sneezing. Foerde zcent. Der. populoxis. Fog An agreement. sunder-. n. welig Rich in people. bai<5 Baptism. : — — — — — — gian folgere : filgestre goS. C. freemen.^ov-.— Foder. ing. false accusalagu Folc or public weg A field way. beorn A people's a child — : fol- tribe. Flyining. fob feh'cS. L. v. fon. fnsed. K. public. wooer. A folk Font A font. 7vas granted to all ranks of Folga<S service. S. Folc-land. land. Der. and Der. To take. fnoesta rage. Le. gl. Me7i of the people. Le. a te7'ritory. e f. Fola. p. and-. R. fuh . frea A nation's lord. public crime. es .Fond/ownd. inwit-. hrerendre Earth moving. Fneosung. gestreon A public treasure. leader. d. — A A place. S. vulgar. It loas held an7iually 071 May \st. or a life estate. folc. but who was the reheld for life. reverted to the co7nmunity. fedan. an . it Folm. the open ha7id — — — — — — — . husk. pp. v. -frig Folk free. C. v. h7ip. gerefa A people's gover7ior. we fengon . shell./. S. v. an inhabitant. A follower. — — — — — Foda. life. fole. heals-. division. That which covers food. jjege Food taking. onfengennes. pi. es . R. — assembhj. Vo\&-^xviA7i earth crowd getrum An assemplace. The palm. Q'. S. FOL of fugiTh. acave. d. . CIV. v. fod: res. — Cren A — — — a general or public share^ public land. Th. m. an . Th. G. we foS . tal Folk-7-ecko7iing. afree7nan. surface of the earth. an . g. land. v. retihe had the complete disposal. Mo. tion. den. FnsestiacS A pvfl". V. pular i7istruction. folga^j es . 7i. S. place of battle. seize. 2. folgocS. . tate of inheritance ofiohlch Folgo^. A feeder. es . feax-. -foeder. colt. Flyna batter. tribe. a train. FohcS (we) take. scearu. es . could not be alienated in beado-. Foh fake. possess B6c-land. Foca. com7non. lighter. Foet-men Foot-men. foddres . v. a ymbfeng. after the specified time it Folm. land dweller. um . blast. manus. 1. an council. but it could be convened at aw?/ time by ringing the 7noot bell. covering. a7id Fondung. or the public. It ivas land his oion. fodder. e . Der. a serva7it. wi<S-. fon. near. v. v. gefeoht A public battle. : ymb-. the gejjrang Folk . A stater. A cake baked on the hearth. v. celecwen A people's brated. v. llie folk. V. m.

hogian tempt. stubbornness. neglect. helan To gives the idea of privation To condemn. corrupt . because of. meleasian To neglect. gitednes Bruisedness. leosan To lose. precipitate. herian To destroy. indulgence. mit. oppress. to perish. damn. To dit or close up.B. gian To hide. R. seduce. beodan To lay. boernan To burn dle away. A seizTo despite. v. change. -laetan. guilty. helan. supply. v. gyldan shrink. v. ceorfan To cut gnidan To dash down. dismissed. — FOR — : — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — A — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — • — — — — — . forbid. eldan To dee^Mce Straiting. G. abstain. disdain. pay for. Relinquish. perbygan To bend. bruise. expend. leastioise. leoran bent to pieces. byrnan To gitol Forgetful. dwilman To examples. hohnes Contempt. -hwig For flee away. dimmian To make dan to forbid. ligere. One ill A joining together. Aforbiddifig. hinder. seduce. -hygian diminish. to betray. lee Deceived. -gifenes. S. brytan To break in laecan To mislead. S. cutSost Perverse. reTo leave. to commit. burst asunder. An. healden Pollution. dative. witnes A false tvitness. V. allow. verse. -Iffitnys A leavTo ivait. gifung A forgiving. intingan Because. leort Left. don hides. deman hcawan To cut down. sednes Contrition. For-aldod Anhogigendlic Contemptible. The reward for reselling such cathwsega At last. which case it seems to be hergung. cwe^an To tel Forgetful. restrain. S. hwon forfeit. a grant. slay. faran tle. parch. berstan To however. contempt. ealdian hrered Made void. clingan . fongen Fornish. cuoe<San To reprove. L. break. fangen Taketi. fulness. heardan To harden. lohy. S. neglect. why. despise. in composition exactly as lan To deal out. -druwian 2'o dry To neglect. v. Icetan ] giveness. Dutch and German ver. Be. infalet go. R. byrd Ian gitelnes. forbear. An. for-cu^ perdim or dark. A despising. sorrow. To wax old. -cuSera . destroy. beran To hule Concealed. the Devil. hilS to condemn. is used again. bind an To bind to. bregeldan To repay. transgress. To let go.—giBdnes. S. to R. To laedan To mislead.beodan. prep. ance ^ patience. ceorfan. -hweorfian recompense. C. v. ing. -gycucSlice Permeleasnes Negligence. pro For-. lacan for. byrnan. v. -hogung Constroy. horwade Was dirty. cusing. omission. -hycbodenjfor-gaegednes A transgression. S. bind. cyrfaS shall cut off. gnidennes. or bite off. laedend. out of use. down. rebuke. For-cwysan To shake. cuts . hweorfleon To bigan To bow fela Very much. S. wherefore. deem. hucste Contempt. defer. mangle. spoken. An. dyttian. fusion. L. ceawan To chew.— cunnian To tempt. accordcyrran To turn v. accuse. L. for. jjrejudiced. refrain. bugan 2^0 bendfrom. a despisbegan. gyltan To become down. hvi'dm To go away. to the English for : it often deacSian To lull. across. 2. drigan. incest. seize. S. S. vanish. gy mednes. an . m. For. S. leosan. huhnes. m. S. up. bsernednes A burning. fearli. on aclicalden Headlong. To turn. smash. hum up. gnior carve out. sp. tiquated. condemn. licgan. To transgress. To forgive. annoyance. as a prefix will To intoxicate. ngect. destroy. ae. avoid. shunning. -hergian To lay demman To dam or shut up.— dwiwdn Todivindyttian ealdian. to break. hogednes. gyman. S. injure. v. suffer. 2)ardonleader. leornes Prevarication. -legystre An adultress. decline. bretan To break. letenes an omissio?}. -gyfennes Forburner! burnt. corfen Cut To recompence. brygifenlic. sorrow. suppress. before which it is placed . bruise. byrd Forbeargitan To forget. fon To arrest. Tlie different mean2'o undo. forsake. 2. vi. can To break in two.(diffence off by dike. loeg gifenby. down. seducer. L.— betan To Wherefore. se. nes. cirfst Shall cut. omit. 2neces. regian. Why. desolation. fan. bigels A bow. Le. ravage. bidden. guilty. demolish. legere An to kill. up. ha3lde An -liBtennys. brsedan. gnagan 2'o gnaiv. deceive. hynan To bogen avoided. v. giving. for-deman stroy. trouble. speak against. tan To shut up. d. -liggan chide. pp. be seen by the following -drugan. hygan. subvert. gyversely. ings of for-. gifan 1. Cd. suffer. A misgive. pass fendlic Forgiving. v. cnidan. C. or rescuing stolen or hinder.don to declosing up. B. gasgan gan To despise. let left. strayed cattle. bugenable. Iseron nes An avoiding. nes Adultery. ing to . S. S. For . seduce. blot out. For-beohicgan To neglect. break. -bygan To bend. gedrefodnes Concast behind. -legernes. legennys. hugian. ly. plunden Lost. L. shun. dittynde despise. Foor. prohibit. neglected. dimihwi. in detwaste. deferent from vor). leoran. for-bugan. To mislearn. S. confound. Cd. dtchealdian To withhold. oppose. cnisan To bruise. v. or deterioration to the words mednes Condemnation. clungen To grind an To grind up. leogan To bely. es . L. legis. -heriung der. quit. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . cyman To overcome. 2. ing. v. v. L. cmp. like the dilmolesting. wicked. foorn a hog.'bredan Tothroio destroy. -legup. L. dehehide. conceal. dician To a different word. off. -gitennes ForgetIzetennys. [licgan to lie^ To co?nmit offence* 92 adultery. gegeman To neglect. hygdelic gedon To Despisable. or away. -helan. for. lic Dissuasive. exactly. beodendf. v. in respect of. count of. -gymeleasian To neglect. S. or eat leac^ leek. drencan -hogodnes. adulterer. licgan.ous. humble. bod hyccende Acfeited.— FOR Fooglng FOR For-hatena. fang \. geTo give over. thrust under.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . Ex. ness. ning A71 allurement. slow. to blush. A despiser. dishonour. san. press. Darkness. ous. smorian To nes. L. nybe absent from. to perjure. we. tynan To scendto oppose. disdain. p. much. L. pretend. transrian. Turned aioay. spennescaping. L. deceive. anxiety. stop. pp. An. B. C. truwian To be rogance. jDynded tress. greatly. Ex. S. niman To take away. sogen Wearied. S. -scop. sittan T'o mis-sit. -swapen tery. sweep away. sliten duce. stop up. ransack. -spancg. sin.-scepen Transwoernan to to destroy. trugadnes. -truwednes h'l'e/)jo. allurement. S. -wcrian To wear away. sceamigean To sume. swapan.^ Perplexity. To inscroBncan. detion. slit. Le. rian. destr^iction. L. seapung An error. pp. L. — — — — — — . -suwian To be liden Sh'q)adulterer. oft slawian To be jyress. arspillan sceaf c«s# doion. pan . S. v. pp. condemn. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — A — — A — — f — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — formed. overivhelm. presumption. m. |?ricdan To force. unwilling. despair. Shortly. up. wyrnan. sweAdultery. -sceapen Tore-create. murder. spillednes A spilling. deny. consume. JR lor Destruction. Le. lyst loses. multi. ohject. oftentimes. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . belied. ing. ivrap rotian To discomputrify. scuniliges prostitute. v. -syngad Criminal. pp. V. -scrane . An. Destruction. jjylman To involve. pp. endure. contrition. Contemptible. adv. leosan. spennend A planting. tredincg tvhoremonger. 'logen tvither. can To tread under. stondan To benefit. perjury. dence. Ex. . M. molsnian .es n. C. — soconj pp. burn. A seducer. spensin. ed. mengan To join. setsygian To conceal. gathered. liger. L. an . L. slean. B. Spoken in vain. togennes innan feawon despised. dissleehcS Breaks. &c2i\}\xn^ An estread underfoot. S. presumption. L. suffocate. de . beat. S. R. ode . scufan. a badaction. v. L. J^inari To vanish away. A shipwreck. Forsooth. conceal. tion. ode )peon To go before. p. B. scunian. tre. L. corruption. blush. avail. slitnys Derim A preface. S. thechoscaden Scattered. sacen To declare an opposidry. V. ScEwendllc Contemptible. tempt. Fornaught. lire An adulterer. sewendUc Jjencan To misthink.AdulL. . sworcen Darkened. S. -sccoppan. speon Urged. sewend. She who despises. break. S. Jjunden Swollen. — A A — — A — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . pseran J^ricTo pervert. gladly. flame. nes A resolution. nys . steal. S3et cZeZa/yerfjV. tylan . a place of prostitution. kill. pp. to obscure. swerian To scyldian To condemn. setnble. S. vehemently. den Scattered. jjystrian To darkspanc. od. corrupt. lic. help. spedian -seon. jjyldian. lose.deform. solation. trouble. )jrsestian To bruise. truwung Overconfiperdition. togen Tugged together. p. v. to make rotten. knock. silent. rotian To rot. swelged Vicious. To flourish. S. spendan Ex. wicked. V. sworcennes losan To seon To overlook. sceap A fault. R. secgan To acsvvi<5an To rejjress. sorged Sad. neglect. wither. Apl. es. terer. V. L. ligencs -screnct To supplant. formed. despise. es )jearlice m. to preperse. 93 dejiy. togennes fuse. loaste. woestoppan To stop up. sharply. conthiuateon a treaty. Bruising small. -liggeiul. strogdnys Presumption. dissceamian To have shayne. over confident. llggaiig swelgan To prostitute. sicS Death. S. besides. S. f. spanend. To accuse. S. To cast down. p. sugian. swaerian toforswear. sceapen Transto defend. R. Ex. an . to grieve. B. an error.-sceaden To scatter. lose. sce6ppan. ligere. hinder. cijntancy. proud. j?ylmed Obsacan . to sivear falsely. Cd. rotadS. — — — — — — — — . An. scrah Abdicavit. v. gean To blush. rash. broken. adj. sewendistrust. S. excel. dry up. L. contract. Adul-scruncen To shrink. sceadan . R. Without. Cd. scetymbrian To misbuild. contraction within. -sceop . f^rysmian To miscounsel. gether. -spannincg An enticement. liger. racSe Very quickly. to oppose. For-licgend. reen. naht jjiofian To thieve.' V. benefit. m. lideties. switSe Very great. -seon. S. socS . destroy. scured. . Apl. to abstain. rish. forswear.rotodnys Rottenness. To putrify. Often. plunder. liornian To lose. si<5ian To die.— FOR FOR FOR .— fort. scaencednys A sup'To consume. roioful. soc. hinder. locuse. cednes An oppression. strangle. liSswigian To searian To sear. rcedan slean To kill. S. v. compel. mingle. slay. murder. glory. ren lost. loeak. se . o([.-sittan. se!Z'o suffocate. choak. void. sorI^ylgian To sustain. lorenes sen dan To send aioay. m^l An agreement. to err. sewestre. R. singad. destroy. scorn. liquefy. S. seduce. An For-scildian J p. j^earle Very maernes Brighttion. meltan To melt. aid. to form. A bawd. Cd. tredan To tread upon. ligrian To commit adultery. es . utan sceopshut in. specen Le. swelan To kindle. tan To die. jj. ]?yldegian T'o bear. -scroenct. stelan To steal. sliet Tnternecio. standan 1. -sceod . scy edswallow up. swtelan. 2. )?yrrode Very spanan To entice. j)p. For-styntan To break. C. sworennes A forswearing.Jjyldigian. truly certainly . Adulterscrlncan p. L. sewen despised. lustlice Willingly. -spanincg. To spill. forjn.sewennes Conte?npt. I^eostrian To darken. to disednes seawenes Conshipioreck. damn. sty Ulan To astonish. S. To stand against. -scapung. destrucsinful.-^ To kill. leoseonnes Contempt. missay. To draw. longe Long ago. set on fire. m. To inveigle. To stand up for. swoelan wrecked. vain. peJjolian To be deprived of. S. manega Many . to precede. v. drawing or shrinking toes . pass over in silence. myr^rian f. to opneglect. devour.

v. Notivithstanding.— FOR — FOR a FOR For-wandian Tofeargrmthj^fo Foi-atS A fore or first oath. journal. endlic Ready to po'ish. L. *S'. an To step or go before. — — — — — — — . S. adv. S. fa ran. hesLcen A foreTh. weallen Thoroughly horled. h radian To has. to refuse. — settednes — — — — — A — — — — — — — — — — — — A very. Foreney. worht A n harbinger. 1. gan To foretell. forbear. suddenly. gyrd yrncre. the accused took to show he was not guilty. — — — — — — — — — — . weorwened Proud. -wurSan stemious. delay. habban. surround. 94 — — his accusation or suit against the accused. es . to lose. -wisnian I'o niht The evening.— vyuei A fore. heafod The Forad broken. coram. forod. geat A wel Very firewarn. vi. Der. S. destroy. 2. styltan To ashinder. an To bind up. Foreknowledge. tor. A rejection. a malefacrunner. for : of tive. precaution. The before. oath with which the accuser — neglect. condemn. anticipate. oppress. B. before another to obstruct his course. drifan To expel. reject. — wyrst destroyest stroys. standan To stand hinder. Le. B. S. v. destruction. -gangan To forego. V. witignes A pi. seuwenes To wound. excelDer. v.Foran . hoda A for eboder. werednys Old age.buc A farebooh. wifehave in honour. cmp. Foreknowing.— yrmian To Foi- afflict. Mild. Fora-gleawlice Heedfulty. furij. J70ncl Forethought- a — — — says A foretacn A foretoken. S. for. agreement. lent. ulcerate. v. f. fure. tvear tiously. yrm^ Affliction. destruction. — — — To bring out vroduce. enes A deficiency. ward A fore ward. wrigen Darkened. foru. -hetan To rewreckf banish. weorcSan. geblind Blinded. to reverence. stsep. Forantenbefore. The oath taken by witnesses in favour of the accuser or the accused. weaxan To grow immodepass by. gl. prse. — wyrpnes — yldan destroyed. — Fore-beodan C. The oath ivhich set free. before . prodigy. ivay. away. lioran chest. near. Absagu A foresaying.die. step journey.Ford-boh A herb groicing on One condemned. bate. quashed. For-wcriian To forewarn. wyrnednes welmed Overfront gate. byrdig stranger. gesetnes A prowell. v. away. for. L.— )?ystrian To obwregan I'o position. — arn Ran before. patient. foreweard. wartS Death. provision for a jourhead. fu re-iiX. es . furca. death. sceawian To forewitolhigh. steal. cy. A ford. fore. scip Foreship cut off. S. Fure of a journey. An. can 1 To miswork. C. S. est. to swell. To cast away. fullic Very worthy. provide. writan . f? bargain. S. heafod The foreTo precede.fser. to be unhdBfednes Restraint. darken. wyrd destruction. fur. take before. S. weardnes Futurity. S. vehicle. sce6tan To compense. sceawudlice Fore For. Prcewir$ Destruction. man 2. S. presacan To forbid. wand ling A reverenccuman To come before. wyr^- — To put off. preposiaccuse. wyrnan To gan. toperish.S. v. done.an. L. witan To foreknow. war (5 destroyed. wordenes Deficienradian To go before. wrat To scrifan pp. v. forward. wrecen A A providence. cauT'o grow old. L. Only. the wered Worn. — token. wj^rstemnian To scttan To set bevent. A martingale. wlenL. a stopEnglish Fore. V. ride Ford. If this oath could not be verified by the oaths of witcharge was the nesses. pride. i. nian -hasbbanTo holdin. C. cut asunder.— oiMeitendo. preface. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . v. a. L. protonish. v. prse. . To forbid. L. m. ceorfan To accuse. S. m. m. Forbret Astraba. weorpaii abstain. V. cneow A race. S Fore A fork. Fur . weosnian To pine hraedlice Hastening bebodig The forebody. setscure. forerunner. nean . wundian scyttan To go before. coram. B. slaying. v. S. wostas Magistrates. v. . an assault. continency. — wyrht condemned. sceawung Providently. wricSscribe. whelmed. —hhtV. used in composition as the Fore-setystal A forestalling. refuse. denied. To oppose. B. restrain. word A prevent. position. rupt. e. lost. 1. One driven away. denMc Damnable. A superintendent. weorSan To foretell.restrain. v. an intention. S. weor^ Future. daeg Before day or fore. cede. L. stop. costigan To proprora. Fur-abringan tiuhung R. tendlic Set before. wrecan To injure. ing of a sault. fur. overtake. cean To exalt. spoil. preside. wendan To turn away. suffocated. A going. continent2''o become nothing. twilight. rie3 Industry. a fray. shew. a stranger. can To lay or stretch before. rately. meat. speea. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . e. reprosp. — Der. prevent. 3. -spreca^ sponsor. go away. fore. The coman as- commenced For went. sceawian To forethyme. {jingian To intertoken. ioither or wizen aioay.— witig wandigcende Respectful. shew. weor^forehead. amend. fure. -wyrcS deweorcSan. Foran Before. foru. ful.Fure Before .weto banish. fill taith nefe A nieces daughter. R. nigh. neah. L. drifen. ante. understand. prohibit. deny. page of the way.— wyvhtortSan. clusus. Fur. almost. prudent. ge)7istrat Blinded. sittan To sit before. carve. too. Le. Dishonour. L. S. destroy.for. corforfeit. lisefed . wian To foreshew. refrain. scrifen T'o profane. wregan To shoot before. worridan To ride before.. to weard before. ra sceawung Consideration. provide. F6r Fore. p. mete Fore dawn. wesnian. adv. gripan To preA restraining. forbidding. S. S. a« fore oath. wyrd A fatal journey. A forerunner. damage. old. wyrcan. yrmian. Providence. nefa A nepheiv's son. ing. C. es . and the accused 2. — — stalling. possess. L. to hinder. L. much. vicegerent. astrecstalian To forestall.

porch. bringan To biding faran — — — — know. hluvidence. timbrigende Building betiohfore. chief.the breast. adv. wis Foreicise. writennes prescription. illustrious. leas Fearless. -ssecgednes. l^anclice considemEera. -msirnes Greatness. bold. foreshew. — — I^ingere An intercessor. S. steora -gewitan To pass over. — — seon To foreprovide. departure. presumption. Fearfully. gehat A promise. fyrmest. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . Jjingraeden. leasnes Fearlessness. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . witnes A false vntness. Ex. mood. -heafod The forehead. adv. weal Fore or front ivall. death. Forma (se). -cynn A pretion. thence. a bar. glory. dseges^ ^ close of day. S. — teod Preordained. teohung Prescience. ung. cwide. m. — -settan To before. for -secgednes — saga propreface. agreement. -'breo%tForehreast . cyj^an To declare. singend ji Forhspebung. affrighted. -j^ingung Iliter cession. adj. timid. mod A fearful decessor. -manod Forwarned. egress. scyttels. ta. 95 forth. Le. Foren-spr^cenForementioned. prince. standend A prelate. geA steersman. genga. — mihtiglice. gulforeswear. nung A foretoken. v. preferred. — settendlic Set besend before. an agreement. v. T'o anticipate. bycsittend full Fearful. fore. witan To fore- — — — — — — To pass by. an advocate. lie Fearful. dera. come forth. mzerest {^encean S.Fear. rately. fulfil. to provoke. a -tacnian To foretoken. e'. void. abbot. seer. preferred. Cd.forinterception^ assault. faran Togo forth. Homes Prevaricaderation. pon Boasted. spraeca. prespajc. nus piscis. -berstan To burstfor^. fang. gelpan. beran To j). forum L. an ap- — — — peal. die. to affright. tige A market . intervention. Premeditation S. prefer. cynryn A progeA sponsor. beran To bring or carry forth.-arsesan To riseor rushforth. -secgan To predict —?>e^e\ -sedl. smeaung -cuman To come forth. hung. ]>^X forme. Forn \_Ger. frighten. shut up. side. ther. v. pronounce. v. fore a trout'\ Turgend. protrude. Forht. asendan To sendforth. sooner. an hypocrite. big- produce. skilwitung A presage. -igendlic To premeditate. -steallan To forestall. es m. predict. -cennednes A geyieration. ode . gend A predecessor. L.ing. smean. Fearful. furan. witol Foreivise. bsero Bringing becuman To forth.Z. tod Foreappointed or or-gleaw A foreseeing. -[jingian — — — tio. phet. — 88ecgan. tynd hedged in. for. presage. geleoran Topassaivay. -ceosan. S. anticipate. v. slngan To Forf ^ treasure. — — FOR 1 FOR • Fore-beon To be before. Fear. 7n. foretel. fyr-standan To stand before. Furene Before. predestination.—heseon Perspicere. Scythian cen A foretoken. C. rim A preface. blawan To belch or break out. geforht Fearful. to undertake progeny./br — rynel A fore-sec- —nime — — — intercede. A seat. ateon To draw forth. ^iie^di. awlice Providently. S. -smeagean To fear. A going forth. faru. proceed. -word A bargain. — — — — — forebode. terror. -gean . -steal A forestalling. divining. — . vent.Fortende Amazons. bysen A president. -sittan To preside. pp. A goingforth. Afore or front bar. foresinger. S. stih. To Forst. — . weard Forioard. frost. Frost. runner. L.-^ dissembler.For<S . spreca A sponsor. To anticipate. sceawian To foresee. lice cyn.— FOR . jjtincul Provident. to depart. Forth. lioran To -j^anc Forethought or consi. gleS. -duru A To intercede. -witegian To predict. Faintheartedness. es. -gilpan To boast Formest Foremost. stihtung Predes. cweSan To predict.C. Before. despair. sendan To A — — — A A — — Providentially . — cuman Tocomefor^.Forod Broken. defend. weard A foreward. precede. eom Prcesum. f. L. — — — — — forth. gan To -staeppung An anticipation. furtel. burh A vestibule. iendlie. ferednes A going forth. sp. gilpan.r*efer. transmigration. — cyme A coming — — — — — — — — — . L. precede. — seond A fore— seunnes A providence. an m -genmest. -clipung A provok. Early. agan gone forth. bishop.f. A predecessor. A prophet — L. -halig Holy before others. es . fence. Chiefest. C.A storm. — -|7onc Providence. iceakened. lead in singing. v. setter of tunes. excel. f. to much. directly. prepossession. f. -cwiSe A predicfor -spraec A preface. blsestan To blo2c or break forth. looinen. gesettan To set before. S. robe. S. spr<Ecan modnes nitor ? but S. S. says offspring. od Aforemodelj an example. -aslidan To pass or go before. fore. see. produce. S. proposition. lateow A fore runner. forward. cautiously. S. accotnbylding An instiplish. — cure chose. seo. feran To bear forth. incitement. — mearlic Pre-eminent. — setnes A proposition. tion. Fore great. sceawung A providence. fon prince. faran. dread. ahreesan. Preventioyi. governor. se. witig Forewise. writan To proscribe. — — — — — ^ni- gan To preface. V. e . v„ teohung. boatswain. dread. S. tan Toprostrate. gation. stalmer. depart. L. wesan To preside. gledained. S. don To put faederas forth. — — — — — — — — — : — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —— — — — — — — — — — — mearcod Forenoted. foran. — To -mihtlice Strenuously. e .. a patron. swerian gontination. timid. .Fore-settennes A prepontion. lan. stal. tig strongest. to pre. — mihPrepotent. fcereld Forefathers. L. -steppan To precede. slop A long -ian. Forne . premeditate. proFor<S-acyganProyocrtre. prudent. first. predeclare. C. die. p. before. nes. hall.Foron went. — — {jonclice atinog ExhortaL. clipian To call forth. man To Preoccupation. shutting up. sceawere foreshewer. wyrd A — — — A — — — — A — set deed done before. j^incan To forethink. awnes Providence. ful. - -munt A promontory. wost president. despraica courage.

-lie. -scype. /. troy. to this sole . Hng A fosterling. foot step. steallian To have Fostrian To foster. vile. C. — geclypian To — gecygan To progress.— gerseht Reached therefore. A goingforth. -ennes. riht Right forth. forhtian. IcBstan To fulfil. die. S. mest Foremost. L. weard Forward. — — — — — — — — — . fram. feeder A foster-fachild. progress. depart soldier s pay. active. A going to a fray V. forj^amjje. S. V. Foru. -fromuntf gan. ryne An onivard mother. S. adj. to be prone. hald. gum-. scencan To drink turing. sendforth. M. L. nourish. to defend. — Forjjam. — wif foot-stool. maintenance. to incline. advance. spownes Profit. -heald Bending forward. R. onpaytne7it for rearing a fos. cosp. p. fleoi^an To pi. forfjig. faction. L. here Thefront or van of an army. Frsem^e Strange. a exhibit. -cops A fetter. — a basket. — swa^u.— stan available. Payment for rearfamous. the gout. going forth. Foot ache. increasing. pass over. riht -spreec child. fe^ung: fetSa. — Fortina Portenta. assist. Foot pain. hare-. an expedition. provectus. for-geong A going forth. very. v. — — glofa glove. pro. Prose. — genge A FortSa Because. beam A nurse child. on account that. S. v. e. gefrsege. prse before'] Before Forud broken. S.— ^diW. profit. fet. gyrd^ tablet. si'Sian To go forth. edlic Base. for father of lead: v. laedan to forth-lead. Ijcdnys^ leading forth. — Fortio. V. forlcfetcnes -tige -here. gebrengan -weaxan To grow or break To bring forth.ce2ih .L. Frzec-mase The nun bird. produce. free./". — — ^onne Therefore. B. Fox. ian Tofurther. ad. pasturage. A fox. aprovisionfor travell. L. ga. v. matron. perform. To rise or rush forth. v. n. for faran forth. gang. gan To goforth. v. fe^an : fe<5e. — wesan7'o forth.Froec Bold. L. first. — J. A foot trace. S. L. -ednes. 2)cn. food. — Hound's tongue. die. nm. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . g f6ta. S. nes.For<5-stefn The front. v. healdan To hold forth. prow F6f. gongende Goingforth. feer. a mass. pour out. To foster. {jringan To rush ease. — — fot spurge wort. sweoness. pp. — A ivashing of the feet. -last porch. Fote. vantage. intrepid. si<5 Death Fostra^ food. de. nourish. — gelEedan To lead forth. for|3y. ^e?. gemet A fetter. S. forth. fur clife Fox glove. Food. -nes. in a greater degree. A foot disease. Der. direct. es . -ocSHce Shamefully.Fostring A fostering. bench? — si^ Chlamys. L. S. plain. for that cause for. feower. things necessary for going -gangan To go forth. scian To die. leorende Going forth. j^an )3e this es . S. license. -lifan To stand out. fur. d ceasing. C. Footed. dying. of the foot. vile. fosDer. — spure A foot S. ac. Frsege sharpness. cypsed Fettered. L. Jpweal forjjan. — For reason -georn Anxious go forth. be out. wherefore. fox S. X. — — gelang Conducing. For}?y Therefore. Ber. ed. lean A lice Greedily. gewitenes A depart. f. Fodder. foda. 7'etain. gl cel Very great. lay open. e . -gen-lutan To bow doicn. fostracSas Frsegn asked. A nurse. fitable. — gewencall step. for}?y go forth.— ung. Vileness. Jjriprevail. -brocSor A food-brother. — geleoran S. Very hastily. fro. nurseS. ceedingly. loten Provolutus. to hold continually. m. death. -nihtes Farm the night. or engaging in it. Der.Frsene. forod. Cd. n. mung. proceed. an. nurse.\_Lat. es ni. —yrnan To run forth. nm. Frac Bold. pi. a stud on a bridle. ian p. call — — — A mark or forth. L. frtenne IVie bit of a bridle. A goingforth. length of afoot. forth. g fotes.~ece forth. S. of fregnan. A forthgoing. FraeForwegen P7'ostrate? An. v. Le. An. C. anxiety. produce. appear. death. -ecS. S. mying a foster child. raesan ter child. — gewitan To Forjji. prejudge. e . d fet. Mo. load. ednes Baseness. emit. to. modor A foster. — geotan To because. nourish -fset Very fat. titmouse. nourish. to des-]and Land given tofindfood. Der. L. S.— FOR FOS FoiiS-fering A goinr/ forth. saucy. because. se . for}?! — Forjjon For that.yppan To publish. — forthcoming. ae . departure. Fraemd Foreign. maere Very ment. To depart. Fostor food. Frsefel-lfce malicious. — Forjjor Further.Froefele Bold. — scamel A -wages Onumrds. Saucicourse. An.es tn.forth. exForuord A point. steppan To step fotum . Free. Tro. mail A foot — — — — — — A — —A : : — A — — A — — A — — — — — — — f — — — rap A rope forth. Fo^er g A future Former Further. ode. or to light. o'Snes — — — — — — — — — C — — — — — — — — — — — — . Foxes . a condition. — weg A going forth. es . Foster. framian 2o shoot bret A stirfault. — -waerc. S. ofeslice progre'ipus. — sail . cild A foster.— no^ A pasSaucily.Fostre. free permission. Fu(S (we) take. j?e. f. or renowned./. forth. v.Afoot mark. S. groioing up. locian To look forth. free. ter-brother. ing of young. of a ship which fastens the propes. an entrance. fon. Afoot stone. S. L. fly forth. before. letan To let forth. lie Promotus. forth. a place forward. for. v. R. Cd. ucS A despising. a brooch. focSres clan To go out. aid. wicked. n. v. Mo. jot. forti^ affrights. gain. Fower/ot/r. di/ing. for. stor A foster-sister. last ing. I. going tihtincg An exhortation. foster. 2. free and -man Very rich or ivealthy S ther. — Fortredde Knot-grass. od Der. svvofan To foot. frerup. — — — — 96 . e . to hap. -welma The that. L. — to incite. proceed. of a ship. &c. C. having feet. Th.Frjec Greedy. flowan To floiu going tcge. beorht Exceeding bright. tom-tit. F6t-adl A foot disteon To carry on. — gefaran To goforth. grow large. from. -co^u. gemearc.

pel. To wisely. spendfsereld^ departing. -ennes. an . -nes. fratolio An ornament. an. vilenefs. severely. f. — . master. kinsman. v. — e^ Reproach. man. Der. -lie. ateran To tear from. to separate. froan . nes Frendlicre More kindly. away. dom -scipe A fellowship.freuls freogan : l^Der. noble. lineglutton. renncgado. trate. ferh<S-. frcana f : -Isian. — ahylan To decline. — -t FrcmiVianTo alienate. — ednes. -scipe. a precipice. Folc-. — acyrran Der. — abugan To To avert. R. forter. g. a lord. /. Franks. L. peril. Tniitfretted. nowned. v. adorn. lance. over bold. v. sxir6dinTocutoff. An. od 3^0 trim. frecne . -an name. I'he Lord. land. — An ornament. . -wrasn. From.— Frem-fiil Beneficent. consolation. love. perpe. to cwse. To rejoice. L. -s>ia. do well. effectually. V.Frean To ask. — lord. Iseta One set free. lie Dangerous. B. crifice. fne. alien. — diihteu — dreman A 2'o speak. liffreo. man To comefrom. v. frea] Having age. 2). we frugnon riht raed Ready. -lie : agend-frigea : g. ed To frame. power. Comforting. -lice Dangerously. p. frugnen To know by askFrasian. stranger. gain. descent. /. mistress. -liee Strongly. ung. Der. C. -ena. destruction. pp. hild-. An oivn brother.Frecnes.Frend a friend. •beam One free born. honour. lordly. coming from. ab. g. v. Ex. A free right. make. FR E . tapestry . ruin. L. love.: fracod. Freali/ree. Vileness. Freme. "VvdnQ\dM<l. frufer. fleon Frecen liberty or authority. freca. liberality. A fugitive. -hals. -enlic Dangerous. S. treasure. Kindness. : -Isung. frctan. se . burh . strange.good. ac.Fred peace. v. -ana. e .'w\n. Fragenlic Much spoTien of. benefit. Froetu. frsegn. effect. Fram Firm. K. emFraetewung. Le. — — — . Destruction. FRA Fncng asJied. L. — ennes. S. prosper. Free. Der. thrift. — elsian To endanger. e freeman. [Der. B. -maire. — — ful- Freubodiaii clare. inquire. Der. C. advance. prep. liberal. Frefer comfort. frseteu.— Freo.Frank's Fregnan . ness. Fremdnes. m. si^ Frecne of danger.L. frncgn. -na. ny. faran] Profit. frseccd. broider. v. fremn. e . g. f. comfort. Fioeteu. G. execute. lie -wisum With wisdom. g. -nes Danger. weard A. France. v. ne -stigAdangerFrene The bit of a bridle. frtotwian . Fraet-loeppa Dew-lap. -enfull Dangerous. kind- frcond . p. ode . efficacy. T'o ask. v. — endlic. se . adj. m. liberty. freond. g. f. tate. V. perverse. — ed Vile. fra?t\vu. One icho bold. -burge A free city. V. L. in. Clammy earth. gyld A free gild or gan To shake off. Fragian Amplecii. advan- — L. make master.L. indcl. A departure. To flee from. dorning. Frencisc Belonging to France. wise. to excommunicate. console. Freo . C. S. right of a freepp. Freatewung an ornament. a royal chain. — frig-daeg: frae-. Fioetwednes. Very Frefelice saucily. fremed U 97 re- cut or shear from.formeth. Der. fraetwu finery. gal.cut off. fnetwe . interrogate. lity. fiaeccunung An abomination. scyld-. sweord-. Profit. an. from. genga R. — adonTo do away . by turns. -wis lac A free offering. horh A free To depart. froeteu. -heorhtBright. /. -ateon To draw from or away.— mase. . Fremed Foreign. gluttonous. pledge. v. f. scipe Inge» uousnessy Frato. adorning. frseteu. S. e. S Der. profitable. ac. Ornament. d. cyme A Freceo A glut. Fnutennes. esj m. learn. verse. broker order.Frec-mase A tomtit. Free -a. woe. re- Free Bold. devourer. reconciling. — ene. icicked.Freo. pi.fremian. A — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . S.— imma.B. Fremest. Advantageotts.— : — FRE Frea . freoh. vile. free. quick. cu. Fremman./. —adrifan To expel. frsene. S. ede .frcetu . perverse. Frem<Sian To make as an alien. -geng Apostacy. is — tage. bigan Deficere. se . gnawed. lurco. v. S. frsetewu. faran 3'y go from. -Is.f. p. d. S. pj). —s. fri<S. -bugan To decline. gu^-. ly. A javelin. -ofestlic. One in authority. a ruler. avveorpan I'o cast to rob.Jinery. S. a trifle. usefulness. Swung. onas. gan To part. — — — . A sirpi. hear. Der. uti— ian • p. se f. a. fvexae^ form est. looman. ed. Danger. pp. fraetewung. S. /. wig. honour. freme.Free Greedy. S. The comlice Freely. -mycel. a sa' wise Very wisely. Fremming A framing. fraefele. ed — To profit. bearable. The Fregen Problenia. Der. ing. Strangeness. society. fra?teiie. Froetewian. Framian To avail. Freni^ guest. v. Free genga A cynneAdescent. hyred Free hired. S.ndiin To stand off. /. courteous. B. G. -faet. Fremed Perfect. K. Freindes offoreign. w. de -loetan sunu Libertinus. form. bondman. frecen.Fremu profit. — — fulnes Profitableness. -gan. apos. sum Kindf — — benign.nes Freeness. progeton. frco. /. iiT. FrcDie Iinpioiis. — sumlice — sumnes ful-. An aFroet. Danger. tofree. clay. Der. -bringan To bring from.— mseg A remann A Franca. to inquire. freme. audacious. n {Vve6w)Tofree. benefit. n e Bold. v. de- lice Beneficially. B. Freme adj. L. lady. avail. Frefrung. v. fiercely. gewitan gewrisce Iti Freceo A glutton. Francan . an effect. Frefriend. V. Kindly. estrange. — — . decline. simian To de. ouspath. rumen V. -riht. g. very Frefrian. de pp.-beorht. fretan. deck. Freedom. lation. -lac. — ascyrian — anydan To To — m. Fiu)pgian To accuse. — ediice Dangerously. benignly.e . -urn .Fredan Sentire. se dwelling abroad. v. : advantage. K. TraLTn-. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — .do.

An asking. Inquisitive. celebrating Fresan TheFriesians. protect. f. leas Peaceless. f. gefrygnys. an m. freomann. liceKindly. m. a -^ped Protecting minister. frosc. freoSo. e. Ex. vour. g. ralion.—De/-. free. an . feast-day. . msiil A jjeacecotitract ably. — — 'I he protecting Lord. city of refuge. gnaw. v. /. fjyud. going to rest. ode . S. compensation. v. freme. Frician To dance. S. fenFricS-a<S oath of peace. — fuge. apart to pjoiect. es. freedom. wig-. Frico With interest. A friendly invitation. Frignaii p. -Iseso want of Fri . e . m. asking : With beon To be inquhitive. breca. to acquire Freo^o. A peace or love loeaver or maker. protection. frinan. laSu teu. frse-lar Friendly counsel. Afreetnan. bena A peace petitioner. weard A loving guardian. refuge. we frungon give p. Freom ung profit. strong. form. scealc A defence servant. Frisan . a looinan. def.to\\ A feast. 2V. L. lie Friendlike. freoSu. duii) Freedom. Peace. A feast-time. Der. p. liberty. — gisel4 — . Friolsend. v.od. v. Freomon a freeman. Frig.. A deliverer. se friga. gu<5-. es . — FRI :. g.Fiicca. -georn Peace desirous. an. FrioiSo peace. . mundAprotection of liberty. ship. berty.Fricgean to ask.freoscipe Friend' friendship. friend. -ung A feasting. fregnan. n Peace. n. m. Fresisc Belonging to Friesa feast. Der. friend. pp.. v. m. pi. friendless man. A g. ian . Der. JB. A bittern. privilege of granting protection. afrigre. Der. es m. place. wser Covenant of promise or security. Friga./. a refugee. an asyFrcod. v. — freedom — gyfu A freedom giver. : FRE Freoroiincs Daiujer. the Almighty.7nanumissio7i. — leas-man A Friendless. a raid. gegild. G. an . greedy.es. ode. fria a lord. —but A peace — offer- — — -bryce. FroocSii. the Saxon Fi eot. v. freo. . of fre6n. v. — 1. friendly wung an ornament. Fre(5o peace. — — A i an envoy. p. v. Fre-ofestlice QulcJclyy S. Freols. — . adj. 'Freohfree. consult. se . peace city.. give ear. A devouring. /? A female Freom — Strong. frea. — — : : An — — . seek for. — an article — gewrit Peace writing. friccea. llie Friesians. v. — — — — webba. p. m. froren To freeze. death. S. to ask. dig Friend rich. be-. -gild A protection society. um . Frihtrung. -g. Frinan. Fric A devourer. frignys. vi. freme. -ne freme. pi. Der. as of a state or country freedom from molestation. Peace or frank pledge. To make — — — — mann A peace man. freely. 2?/j. borges m. tveaver or — lie land. Der. geard A peace inclosure. a hostage. ac. borh. S.a place Dcr. Der. friends. Fre6nd . — — A : — — — — — — C burh -burge . we friiron Friclo An appetite. vvong The secure plain. fiig. ian p. FreoSiau . sped Friend-speed. fran. scyld-. Fi'ig . fiiendship. fre\ tid -lice Solemnly.frangeti To hear. — drihten ge- : gefraege : unge- freglic. pp. celebrate. gedal Peace separation. peace pledge. freogan. -bcacen A peace token. year of jubilee. Fretol Gluttonous. d. S. Der. keep. jubilee. an enfranchisement a dseg. Freedom. S. bling. least. B. The mutual security whicli persons of the same tithing gave for each other's good '. vi. m. — socn lie- . freo^o. ?. having many friends. Vxi-vii^Afreeivoman. v. . Peace. Vno free. micable. to A — — an . liberVenus. A crier. Friend love. dom Li-candel The sun. chilly. Friclan To desire. hus A peace house. -bryca A peace breaker. FretFriend inclined. deDer. fiym^. break. freca. trem. of peace or security. es . pp. ivife of Odin. Divination. V. he frit. deliver lund A land of peace. L. fence. gift. friolsiend. v. an asylum. nm. Freosan. FRI by hearing. v. banqueting room. friends. Freus icomen. [Der. K. gegilda A peace guuder. hild-. frca] 1. terrify. se f. ben A prayer for peace. an outlaw. spe. Frimdig. webbe. sooth-saying. v. ing.v .ac. S.brece. to deliver. FritSes FriS-gear A Peacffully. freten To Freoma. 2?. freas. Firm. m. f. — A pi. Fretnes. . to set y. A peacebreaking. Der. redeemer. — . friges g. L. Fringan To hear. a liberator. free. freonda. leas Freundyn. m. S. we fiaeton. freo^o. fret. fioet §-c. festival. G.heald Fretwian To adorn. v. v. brice A breohiny or — violation of a feast. A voluntary society for the protection of property. frco. p. a sanctuary. indcl. Friin^ a beginning. adj. od. deburh A city of regood anil. fregnan. — — — — — — — f — gefrunen To ask. Freomian to profit. ¥ri\\d friends. j)p. frire Free. Frian To free. require. Fretol free. Fretere. frigea v. -raeden Friend condition.VnSiWCi. Frijre Wooing. excluded from a treaty of peace. defend. Friesian. frseg. A nuoi offreedom. borh . or companion. The office of a crier. Freond . Frigcnes. courtship. ferh^-. of peace. PreoSe of pieuce. f. od To keep holy day. v. m. sweord-. lum. Frigty.. A ravening. freo. e . Frige daeg Friga's day. gear — — — doeg A — feast-year. S. . Profit. v.Mce or security. FricS. A peace maker. we frunon. oferforst freorig : fersc Friend a friend. rich in Friccan . a question. v. fre6. 2. peace: — — — — — — — — — — — : : : able. freo. A glutton. freond. fri. lice Peace-lie Peaceable. Ube- Free. •setting a man free. ¥ri-horges of a pledge.f. To peace. S. v. es . breach ofthe peace. jjeawas Dignified sway. manners. fvyt. e. v. 98 . 2. Fretan.scipe preacher. . a: d. yi feci at. gifa Afreedom giver. — — — — — — conduct. gyfa A Friday. freo^u. freondum. Freorig Freezing. to ing-j^ir^.an . Fri. love. gefan To cfwe a holy day or freedom."mouu Frigan to free. FreocSau To rub? fricare? S. frynd g. e f? Libci'tTjy affection. ode . eat up. Frisca. Frill tan To fright. lufu fre6. an asylum. prt. pp.

e . common or unconsestoutness. S. S. v. sele. v. hyht-. S. Fium -a. g. C. tar. To reject. Fu1/m^/. S. cynn Race. hweor. Fry^ing A making peace. jowl. v full. n. od. se . v. g. dirty. freotSo. frosc. founder. -settung First setting.Frysan to freeze. To be strong. S. A Frieslander.od. an asylum. eges-. v. S. g in. adv. R. original.Frum^ a beginning. Fugling A fowling. S. Fvyt consumes. A cup. -luhtere. L. S A begining'] Fulham. S. B. fugel. Fugeles leac : Dog's onion ^ Frum-gar. Frohto Feaiful. m. fugles . raed The first Destruction of birds. Dorset. Der. Foul. 1. desert. To help. ab. frum. S. giiu An origiFowl ivise. a iVosc. L. cmp.iiii-. full-. pp.2'. -land France. paternal dicelling. au . can. Der. Foul. nett Fiittun To feed. c . geny. v.— ieVic Primitive.FRU FUG -gara. Firm. Ghost.Fulit adj. fulre in compospr&e An original speech. ccrr fylst. S. Frofruiig. ordinance. pa-hweolere A diviner by birds. a highway From From. Frosc . -eras. -sceat. es. retreat. S. v. sceatoas. also fule. Der. Frostig Frosty. water-hen. Frysca A bittern. f. ginal. of the first age. Fromuijg. old. es . frefrian . Foulness. setnung. -Ines. exercise. v. Full. -waestm First fruit. created. dation. adj. wise. -mcoluc The first milk. Froferian. guilty.ode. eran . Z. cuman Frumo the beginning. FulSJ)ring. sceapen First-shaped or fugel. -luht. full. tize. weard A dening. slffip A first sleep. Ful-. apiomise. an . g. Thefore-dech or prow of a ship. S. B. awselted Frumbirdling Pube tenus. freo'So. nieolc. Ireow Fi OCX A nightingale ? . stemn completeness or perfection uf From A jjhysician. Fran. Full. stout. first fruit. ian 2. iVogga. a bird. scyld-. frosc. Fry <S peace. abeam -Ian wist-. Frym^. m. preacher. e . fault. a fold. effecscipe Strength. A patriarch. fieotSu. To comfort. def. talu boldFirst evidence or tale. frog. Der. ham home. imjiurity. ripa A firstlii^g. m. ewen-. A frog. froxes . p. -Ian. f. — — — — — — — — — — — / — — — — — — — — — — — : — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . Der. comFrouer A favourer. A Frysisc Friesic. parture. licowung First birds. L. A co7nfort. froga. frosces. m. first. S. frofre . C. Beginning. v. freo. A beginning.?2^. Rolled away. where criminals icere buried. nin. v. Entertainment. se fruma adj. From Froine. ripe Early ri2)e. Fulian 1. Frugnen asked. yldo tually. impure. Frum . covenant. a prerogative. frofrian. beyond. lad A Fryccea A crier. Frym (5. Frysa. lie Springing timber A fowl material. luscifrom. es . an . bona A fowl killer. carl-. fugul abird. C. convenience. Fuhtiend Moist. stout. ney. the Holy fuglas fowls. frisca. medo-.Fruodan To groio old. v. To bapFrys-land Friesland. -ful. to the relatives of a slain cific livviite Divination by person hi recompense of his Fji'So Peace. Ful . fyl<S. ond. weardes adv. use. dwelllie Prition. which it is joined. ^1 -tyhtle First accusation. -gyldThefirstjHiymentinade siciftness. lice Strongly. Trost frost. Fowl kind. cynn author. icfu!ige. Froman Perficere. an asyFugcl-ha'isere. In composition. V\\\e foulness. V. rip The Fuglian to fold. awitan To depart. syn-. weorcS-. v. Der. plete. Fullun hames [tule/«wZ. frocga a frog. first. Fugel . q. raua: v. fretan. Pious.Frym Original. Full. in-. Fugelwseter-. e . 6S A fowling. swican To ivithmitive. C. frestincende Foul smelling. A foioprogenitor. a. g. offler.gefultumian full g. heal. profit. cs . fuUes. L. sition. foul. Der. v. v. To foul. shamefully. fram. g. solace. frum. Bealo-. gal-. harbour. base.Fuhion fought v. an altar. — FUL m — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . L. -full . chiejtain. v. fen-. m. catch murder. /. Frynd. v. gefrynd/newrf^. ode . ian To fowl. adj. f.. primitive. inwit-. sum Peacesonie. ge. S. d. 1089. 2. tas First fruits. birds. an osyhim. Der. tree.. the creation. stol Feace-atool or wis place. dop A dipping First-born. Hcor. ful turn. v. crated place. Fulan -beam The black alder Fronc. f. foun. L. -boc Consolationbook. -an gcfylsta -ens. -ful. aii . an m. OriA bird. cyme A procorrupt. caitse or reason. garment leoht First light Frocca. R.— Yic From without. j^rym-. Fioga. lum. cncow A mpegen. in. slitnis A desola. Der. jourwin Foul wine. v. Fry (So Peace. entire. Ful. gesccap llie first prince. Foully. n. fyllan. -wiht: fyll. A going. wael niu.\. love. a cup. Tlie first turn. Ful. convicted. rot. young bird. primitive. freosan. Der. a dolphin from its nal gift. ful. ofer-. sorh-. reed en Original wyll Abounding in birds. Middlesex. Fuhlas for Consolation ghost. hruigcl A first A bird net. sccaft Fugol. S. cynn A race. feohtan. in the manner cf creation. v. Mo. Fri^-splot A peace sj)ot or pjse Hie larkspur. The elder. ere . fyrmS. fullian. draiv. pi. dop-. Frox a frog.Fry free. \'i\Xi Bird lime. frymS. lie Strong. peace refuge. or daicn. VroA Advanced in years. freosan. muddy. pr tide nt.fregnan. fylwerig : Der. Ch. gast Fi?-st creation. ful-. fugeles. Fiofer . Moist. formation. cenncd Firstunafyllendlic : gef>llednes bird. first. fiilian. v. v. L. fri'S. stat of Bethlehem. ham . . denote the Fulness. Le. strong. m. era . good. -stow A peace-place. L. Mce. -lie. fugel. v. ac.f. depascere. corrupt. necA perch for a bird. g. -nes. ml Fouldan To hold from. R. stol An original or the meaning of the word with From. berstan Rumpi. forst. v. ness. f. hegotten. — — — — — — — — — — : : : : : : — . -ian. Comfort. fan 2'o turn from. neat. fiosc.

L. B. impurity. Fylled Skinned. hrge^eFullsoon. e. e /. Very wary. -ncah Full nigh. Fyndele Inventio. m. nigh. full. m. for. L.w3el- Fyr-bae^ A fire bath. grey. An. Fylmen A film. fulluht. satisfy. — . place. fyllaii To ful. A bleacher. L. e . thus. as. fyligan. : hea<So-. truly. ed To fill. -geareFullivell. force. an p. Fully. — bend — hardened. full. fulluht. L. -gan. n. S.fy]\. seocnes Falling sickheaded. Fynd enemies. A Fyll. ode. bin-. -sliiw Very sloiv. cautious. fior. completely. pp. fulwiht. neighbouring. S. Vulcan. go forward. Fyndan to find. leo^. — . To fell. . Full mannod Full manned. further. Fyld-elfen A field or wood -eaSe Very easily. unrot Full FurSum also.?. -boren Full born. L. serpilIum. S. — helper. chase away. — To — — Full-nch. forma. aid. executing. v. F YH FY R Vy\ fulness. Fundian. high. -fiisre Ready. Fullestan To aid. pre-oft Full oft very often. L.es. repletion. S. 'h\'CC2inToviolate. L. . fulian. F. A baptizer. gan To go to the full. destruction. glut. Der.de. v. Fylst. es . es . e '. perfect. het fur<Sre adj. S.— UsLii To fulfil. comfort. even. — — — — . v. ling. The baptismal To fully do. vi. Fynger a finger. help. . bael-. baptizing. plish. says A harroio. A departure. filiFull or quite perfect.de. freolic Very Fulwian to baptize. Isest A full step. byrne Afire burning. fylgean. destroy. Fyl afile. S. od To helj). strive. noble. prepared. es gefeoht. m. n.f. v. establish. L. emolument favour. increased. FuUoc Baptism. v. puce. m. L. — -fyldan (feald a fold) To fold. cu(5 Well-known. The fill. fulluht. barrow. stow. hideed. — es A death song. m. most truly. quick. ratSe Full or too soon. Fully ready or prepared. finish. L. j9. bricei4w entire hrcalnng or violation. Further.ylstan To help. feci. -lung A furlong. for<S-fur. fire dragon or serpent. Fiis Death. Fynig Musty. p. p. tide. S. medlicePer/ec^Z?/. bll^e Very glad. od T'o perfect accomplish fulfil. Bapere. B. Fullian To fulfil.. croc A draca A fire croc or pot. musty . aid. cild A found replenish. fyllan. cmp. -genihtsum Fully abundant. v. — m. death. lend. Q. 'dsut-fus Ready to go out. epilepsy. tofull. v. Futigend Moist. amulct orfine. WEerlic Far^ur further. a font. tic. a foundling. m. Fyld. L. round about. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . findan. v. jjry-fyldan 2'o — — — — — — .^d Fur^an. elommas Fire bonds. perfect. pp. Fullan To fill. dian To fully end. weary. od To make full or perfect. -end.v. L. adv. Ber. ode pp. v. an. wid Full tvide. fyll. pp. Help. Funden Found. fynigean To become Very rich. fif sig Very foolish. /. L. tism. -truwian To trust fully in. S. ncah. welig Fus Ready.Fulwihterea&a/?^is^. -fus : g. j who looks after afire. hdv Fully hoar. Fylle^-ilod The high or flood ma?ined. to confide in. A fall. se . L. Fullian. hotFull satisfaction.L. fulfil. Fyldan to fold. e . -Ti\\t Quite right. — Der. B. es . homicide. 100 god The fire god. — vvite A fine for v. treoweFully true. nymph. cutdoivn. L. fyll. A furthering.practise. a fairy. The baptismal name. scr. Fylnes. or Fyht A fight. p. fulluht. fremednes A perfection. greater. Fyhtling. wsel-fus Death ready. v. Foulnei^s. es m. Fyres en Fiery bright. completing. Falligea^ baptise. — O /"X i V I I L^ i— LL f/^>' C0LLECTI0^4 . Help. v. entire. georne Vet'y well. full. j^uiigen Much def.L gehende perform. f. Furma Thefirst. p. deavour to find. fyll. satisfy.Fynegean.— seoc A lunatrue. fulwian . liberal. Fullnigh.Fulwiht baptism. S. fulness. near almost. -neh Full tree. succeed. Ex. fremian -ian . de Tofolloto. accom. S. tend to. furtSor. a helper? a7i army. Fyl-werig Fell or slaughter frequently. fasten.L. to baptize. se. lu?iacy. Fyle A company. v. promoting. en. perfect. es . ode pp. troop. B. To finish. gan. free. feastnian To Fultemian 7'o assist. Fiis-lic Fyor life.Fulwere A baptist. — : . afire. seo. nearly. Fulluht. feallan — — d6n — — — — — — — . v. readily. favour. Fur^ra . too. Fyr far./. v. fealdan. fealZi. A following. furXon. volume. v. plait. fuhtiend. feld. — Fus-lice Readily. fullian. — — — — — — — — . feond. feohtan. A furroio . feor. rout./?. Fyr. wacor FurcSumlic Effeminate. e. a tvallowing in fire. Fylle Wild thyyne. thin skin. Used as a termination. Fire. L. od To en. Very watchful. S. f. to ac. — . worht Fully fsesel. noble born. Der. m. — — — — — — — — wrought. . fil. narna. v. fellan. aid. freFylignes. altogether Fundung. ¥\xv^ forth. Fyne Allugo. es . f. public. or very sorroivful. fleon To Fultom help. furh. Fullice. v.Fyligean.Fullwiht Baptism. wite A full ut-.f.\ .One — — — — — Fire boimd.Fyllan. -fremman7'o execute. Der. S. v. Fullere. — wyrcan accomplish. S. FurSrung. prompt. help. —beta. ready for death. finger.Fulwih<S baptism. S. perfectly.Fur. tripple. complish. — Fuse Promptly. ):iclice Very thickly. Fylle of a fall. forioar ding. S.lig-. icor. n -fuses g. accomplish. roller. v. es. ness. filthy Der. e /: also. v. A soldier. -lie: fysan. -fur A journey : used in Der. baptist. To explain. v. assistance. fremed Fultnm. lie V. B. v. A fold. quickly. to ivhiten as a fuller. Fyl death. — — — an m.^. child.ivil. FylS Filth. Fyll. Fylging That which follows. ruin. fur<5um Also. L. findan. Fullafreod A defender. Der. a pine Fyllen Omentum./?. gelan. mannod Full Furh-wudu Fir-wood. v. desirous. Full-su^ Full sooth. execute. /. — Ready. . wsel-. v. Full. Fyllan.v. forS. Fyht Fights. socS Most FurSor Further. fullian. sistance.ixxv^din. ode. fylstan. Fur-lang. fealdan Fulstan To help. v. indeed. leas Helpless. FUL Pul-betan give ftdl satisfaction.

ea. vfed^rdAnarmy Fyrst. promotion. trem. f: also. Fyrhto. — — — — — A — — — — hedge . e . first entrance. e . Fyr-faran To travel far. utmost. f. lig le ^n oven. a farthing. — Gdd^ Gabul-roid A line. -hwates . Far. fur. making ige. S. defenceless. a goad. when followed by a syllable. a phalanx. period. Gaarleec garlic. pp. Gaast a ghost. of old. f. line A Fyrian To make a furrow. A point of a weapon. sin. Der. formest. youth. stream companies or bands. fuel. baptizing. v. With crimes. Dajg a day . firgen. Formerly. S. forst. To further. Fear. Ga. S. flZ^o. v. Fyrd-eroeft rica A fourth governor. Fyrd a ford. the value of a Fyrst.Fyr«rian. a soldier. goad. Gabbung. gyddigean. man of loar. wylni A fire fire toicer. /. gefyrn . ed. dition. support. Jjsetfyrmeste. the military force tered. fyr. First. A fist. v. Der. Fyrclian To bring upon. fytSru . wita An old counsellor. f. rush Stan A fire stone. e . rn. nm. v. inthe fine for neglecting to join terval. Beorh a hill : g. g is often changed into y . adv. to be at war. v. an expedition. m. lie army. wite An army fine. of fisc. fyrs. ung Military serwin A military wain. former. respite. are love.iUtary man's life. quadrangular. remove. e. war ship. Wdh a wall . a reception. es. meel A fiery sign.— sJean To beat with gan. first. Der. i. bands. fysian . Thus. hlwe Four of a country. fete. feor. ede. To desire.ed. pL beagas. S. es S. Fyrsn The heel. military man. fyrhtu. searo An army Fyrrefarther. -nest EphibiderUa. War loorthy. A fighting. fus. -faru. rinc Fyrnum . S.ac?. FyrS the mind. wyrcSe Vyrstfrost. torch. p. the fist. pp. fright. When g is the last radical letA fellow soldier. forhtnes. eylene FyrcSringnes. In Eng- — — — — — words. S. Fyst. truma A war troop. wave. Fyrdrian To further. the ancients. military. scyt Four corerung Preparation for an Fyrlic suddenly. support f preparation. Gadiscn A goad iron. fy cSres pi. A wash- — — — — — — — ter of an Anglo-Saxon word. a tetrarch. gast. men. horror. furthering. an entertainment. hasten. getrum A Fyrmest. The An army host. and not lufie. fourth pai't. expel. ayi army. -gethe army. Curiosity. es . a table. es . — — C — — Gabban To scoff. expedition. leoht Fire light. Ch. Fyran To castrate. ac. dread. g. seo. Fyrstig . wung Fire pp. m. furzeber A ivar structure. fircSrungnes. tor A Fyr -Ruge fieefar aioay. till. 1106. army. gyddig g^digan. adj. promote.FyieT-dailedFourdealed. bright. heard Fij-e harden. quadruped. to cherish. as. first. icing. plough. separate. formed ic lufige I lufigende loving. Fyr-wit Curiosity. f. -ioieFour -footed. burge. it is often changed into A. fyrrestfarthest. Sf Der. wic An army dwelling. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — \ — — — . ml 1. — — — — — — — — — — — m — martialband. gydig. preparation. mann A Fyrn. To go against. t^yddian. or lufiende. gefyrtSrian . threshold. v. Fytung. Gear a year. Fyrewltnys. gebeat A Jjolle ? Ajioven. vice. se.f 1. mesta. p. ferhS. Fyrhtnes/ear. The levy or Fyrian To make a fire. A space. . or waggon. Fyrmest. 7n. or blue. to march. g. Frosty. An army song.e ^y. nered. S. Fyrh a furrow. Gabere. pro. promote. adj. e. fyr. spearca A fire Fyrest^r^^. horribly. or dark. g. leas A rmyless. love. beorges. scofl A Fyres furze. n. e . socn A freeV. f. fire shovel. de. esne A icarlike Fyrme A feast. Military art. 2. g. the ocean. S. haste. send forth. S. ford. Fyrsian. pi. lie Like an army. feer. fleofist. werod height. ridge.— ing An -gewin An old contest. v. — : — . leo cS The old stream. firen. J>ecel. adv. m. locan Fire Fyren ian To commit adultery. war. sclp A V. A -leoma A fire beam. An. old. hwsetre . gdd. ede. — Fyrm^. v. FytSer . Ga go. se . Fysan. es . A fire kiln. 2. A military expeG. A receiving -hwoet . ceed.Fyren a crime. v. wyrS. prosper.^ FYR FYR GAD — Pyr-fe&x Fiery haired. gemaca. Fyrd.Fyrn Ancie7it. a Fyrst. Beah a garland. e. fyrst.Fyrdringne3 promotion. gdr-Ieac. lUl — food. A feather. L. Burh a town. camp. fire. mearc Army worth. Fyrlen . -panne A fire pan. v. f. L. An expedition.Fyrs. m.Fyren Fiei-y. an oven. ^rlngncs. advance. military ajid naval force.quarbling. v. L. a prick. as. Foremost. an bushes. fyr^rung. adj. An enchanter — A Gabote A platter. ing. f. \. p. A fire's flame. contribution to support the shaped. or formed. fcereld. excellent in Fyrstan To give respite. tange Fire tongs. g. Fyxas fishes . v. gear. L. delude. give tvarmth. -gestealla Forenwst. adv. rod. gdn. but then. prepare. ed. long ago. hus A fire house. dagas days. p. directly formed from the Anglo-Saxon. top. inga In men Ancient Ancient. from lufian to -hedges — — — — : d. nace.. lish V. distant. 2^o put far. space of time. drive aivay. first. Fyrgen a mountain. spark. v. L. Fyrte Afire brand. v. an army. def se fyr. brambles. and follows a vowel or an r. wages. faran. gaad a goad. ede . es j n. Fyryne afire. intensely. n. adj. to e. es . g. -sweart Fire sioart. a soldier. -hom. G is always inserted between the vowels ie. First in or military guard. harbouring. expedition. A scoffing. coat of mail. v. -hrsegl A — —homa. Der. fyren. fur. v. Furze./. ed Feathered. -sceorp A loar vest. War brave. ian . the g is resumed. dom from loar service tim. -fser. 2. drive. terror. S.— mearc.

the land.acharm.gale: gealdor: spraec Lewd speaking. pi. 2. gombe. yVid-'^wX Wide. Gafol. scoff. Galdor . debtor. Galere. pp. giel. Galdere. S. ode pp. an earnest. pleasure. Gaemenian. a legal Galileise Galilean. Der. Ga^rsuma. ac. ry. Galon. — tengan To continue. riches.] The Gamen. L. rffiden tribute. e. Tax. S. deficiency. S. Ch. a feast. To play. L. v. geen-hwyrft. opposed to the owner. 7n. Gallia-rice The kingdom of Th. gling. freolsas Inteminn. S. laughing. gealh. Gocrst . V. v. 71.Gafel tribute. gese. gig- — Light-minded. weala rice The kingmissio7i to feed his pigs on GfBugang Pregnant 7 Th. deceitVhr 1030. gafol. Gallows-minded. Galloe Soivbread. bute. gsefl. pend.Grass. gseleS spars. [wist food'\ Rare. land let for rent or services.A gathering. es . col- — Collective. Gaful-ford. cage to sell enchanter. barren. spacious. nion. wicked. gagol. A n incantater. wrine Lecherous. geldan. sushwitel herd. tender instead of coin for Galleas Gauls. v. e . gegaf Base. asse/hble. L. treasure. land Tribute-land. cross. goemian. es . A continuation. fully. G. luxury. gafo]. lect. gafeluc. R. keep in suspayer. lewd. v. [^llie triGgep Cautious. gaesnes : d. an fenan. so f. Gaffetan To mock. m. n. G'eeglandBer. galen. <i£elnes. perate feasts. Der. liSe Guest kind. sicine-herd. a uiuto. G'jemen pleasure. v. gamen. rn. gifan. wanton. Gset a gate. es. Corn. S. France. m. Gal Light. leo^ or punish bondmen in. spell. mod gild an To with fear. galere. the rent of a hide of land. galan. Guerstim. sport. Gal Lightness. To sing. es . es. Gal-ferh^ A lustful lius A guest house. p. inn. Ealo-. mod — — — An — caprine. Der. Gsest. yes. we garment. To play. Goi gave . Gadrigendlic collective. luxurious. sej f. vile. gcal. ga. — — — A — — — — — — — A A — — — — — A — — A A — — — — — A A — — A A — — A — — — — A A — — — — — A — — 102 . An GaslseS. A tributenightingale. L. derian. (Jspn again. Goers. foretell. S. joy. geac. loivs. v. Gamen-ian. S. Luxury. continual. f. L. medu-. treow. S. Gad('r-i<i:fnd- lic Grcc'i like grasf:. v. A gaining. assembly. remit. an. Gaffetung Skilful in incantation. gaivk. A jaGsef gave. m. gamol. g. joining. m. gearo. an . crseftig Gcefel. — — — — . S. join. depend. — tangnys. Gselsa. A cuckoo. Gadinca Mutinus. delay. L. paying a cetisus (jabn Yet. V. a man. he merGiBrsame. Gagol L'lscii'lous. club. a Gaed a goad. 23ayer. Goelan ? To call. g. council. To congeal. rent. grasshopper. gastas A Der. compass. n. Sin-gal 1070. — — — : — — pitable. an Gcedertang continuous. treasure. L. dom of France. Wearisomeness.^ Der. gallows. a jtremiuni. assembly for feasting. store np. geat. 7i. pleasant. bu-TMCs Wantonness. compa' An enchanter. a-. v. Gudcrian. [gagat-stan. V. Gaesen. v. v. 6e . viemvirile. S. licentious. grass stepper. ed. 1055. an . — — f. terusurer. tribute lohittle or blanket. JB. an mind. a renter of land as Galga. graes. soothsayer. an. Der. merry. m. S. Geest goest. Gale Gafol-gild Tribute-money. taunt. golon Gaeces sur Cuckoo-sorrel. m. gaful. a locust. S. L. v.GaKwalas. Lust. L. Gsen-hwyrft Gal wan To clap. fascinmn ohscoenum. Perpetual. utter. es . lust. od T'o gather. pa agate or jet. Gaeston Afflicted. a precious stone. G<et a goat. gaderian.es. gealga. es. gegalea Gaf. wingfelsa: gulian: geola geolguest. 6f Der. bute ford'] CameJford. sport. Gjb yea. -ryne A meeting. gifan. S. and Der. sury. an oak apple. Store. chanting. as 3. gyl. crowd. p. luxury. congregation. m. p. gsefil. A gallows tree. an. roec A goat skin. magic. /l treasure. a gallows. gole. need. S. Forhs. Gs J ' GAG A GAM — w ? Want. hopstapa Gagates. gan. grene Grass green. hosfull Lustgjfcsne deficient. fully.charni. Gleo-. -scipe Lustfulness. gat. L. m. gl. bid ? v. of gifan. e. Ch. pp. gad. game. ml A singing. /. uGailan. for per. gilda. pi. Gsedeling. v. a meadow. join. lice Sportingly. icall. lascivious. swan A Galmanho An abbey at York. rent pense. v.v. ing. gadriiican T'o gather. enchantment. 2. es . v. — tang Continuous. L. Gsele Saffron.Gambe a tax. gaming. Hum-gal Roomy. wanton. Gal. tun A S. S. crajft The art af enGaedrian to gather. p. 3. Gueldan To pay. An enchanter. velin. galdres . shrewd. n. GsBC. ni. es . folly. dear. spacious.a herb. a galpay tribute. Gae(5 goes. R.: G TRR Gad. priapus. nm. or part of his stock. joke. . TJer. B. S. brum — fulliceLz^sfful. gol. to astonish. T'o relax. L. galan. Gagel Gale. enchant.!gul-suillan To gargle. S. m./. -snierc Light. esj m. gcemnian rand Galluc Gauls. gibbet. rejoice. jJ^ops. the French. shout. babbling. incantation. hinder. geallian. S. gaderian. -igian heal-: grass enclosure. heord Tribute rify. scoffing. Gaflas . Gafeloe. Galdrygea. Gaeten Belonging to a gont. M^ne^Guest kindness. -wealas Frenchmen. radius. — ung. Cd. Gamel Old. swyn Grasshog. wanting. neglect. v. V. S. Game. triAnincantationsong. R. B. hospitality. S. fine. 1. lie Tributary. To 1. -galan To enchayit. tion of gafol-land. Der. yrS The cultivaturning. -nes. a human beern A guest place. he goelS . Gador-wist. es . toood-sorrel. c. enchanter. on-: nihte. Ex. — sere lAbidinosus. sweet-willow or Dutch myrtle. Gadrian.— \m\^. divine. S. luxuriously. gan.

a loarrior. v. -acsigan To ask. spear-battle. a-. acniendlic Pregnant. in-. v. Rogation-days. healthy. iij^er-. gamel Old. geanian. A pleasure path. seg. go. Store. the ocean. f. on-. ing. ede. v. — — A as. InGasen rare. m. Gandis. Ga^ go. gan^e — — cene SpearAgri— mony. geng. Gamnigende Jesting. o<5gengel : gegnum gegnunga.\. ge- verbs out of substantives . grey or flaxen ferhtS Sage. lie Ghostly. Gare yare. ge-. dealh. ivalk. fore-.-ahtle. Gat. A spear-fighter. pytt. ganot.-oetSele. garlic. you . To go. an armed body. geanan .[Dut. gafeloc. earGe ye. spirit. tes heued Goat's head. Dur.praise. Garum-tol Sharp. ofer-. javelin. JE. Der. R. gegangen. pp. A privy. — — spider. a javelin. es . imp. Gaming A spear. It A — — — — A — — — : — : — — — A A : — — — A — — — A — A 103 . yes. sport. an angular poin t of land. bi-. sefter-. Gaudes The Ganges. V. trum A javelin-shower. nouns. es . — holt Spear-wood. tite- ban-. treasure. dea. v. living. a simpleton. Long andpoinfed like a spear.-serwe Perverse. sefter-. in-. gesund it A — sound. S. getimbrian to build. ut-. lance. v. she goat. Ganian. A dart. A beardless boy. Ger. -tun wsefre. Gangende Going. — weg A gang-way. gangan . aged. Gar-beam Gamiaii S. -aelgcd Coloured. — — — farmer. an .ir-Danes [gar a spear\ . o^-. ic eode. ge. cuckoo. faru. -seswicod Scandalized. ed. a to I'lusical instrument. -wyfre A A Gangan. fyllan to fill . 2. JRogation week. be-. Garwan To prepare. Gast. require . es . gan. Nature. travelling tent. A goat house. aet-. gong. gengde. up-. on-. es . Gat a gate. frum-. lice tinue. Ge-sehyVianToqffend. soldier.— Der. loar death. -sell. n. sceadu-. a pronwntory. weapon. v. -geteld. v. inquire. as. m. v. Th. active. -here. gang. deling: gegada: geofaderian.bon-. Ge-. of \)n. ede . ic gS. spiriGeador-tengan To contual. be-. -sehtan . ut. 1. v. Le. an-. v. — seems sometimes to be a mere augment and to be prefixed to all the imperfects. quiry. has Garsuma. A foot feonnere A jahes mariy S. -wist ga3gedal Soul separation. V. hair. A yawning. an armed course. acnung Conceiving. grave. co7\j. Galic That may be appreciated. : Gandra. ^emagns kinsmen. Gang. V. pi. — wudu Pleasure etc. vi. ham. gaderian. A journey. adlian. v. he goat. /? Prosperity. suffer. A Gander.r. p. sometimes forms a sort of -aeSed Sicorn. m. gape. gandra. To gat. pavi- A infantry. game. The breath. And. — Der. gebro^ru bro. bi-. pjy. niht-.- : — GE^E sometimes gives an active signification.i-. Gate hzer Goafs hair. . otS-.hyrde sehtendgoat herd. Moes. Gappan To lavgh at. a passage. to gang. process. the devil. zvood. -acsian. a tent. ed. S. used in composition for gar. desist from.^ rzes. fore-. — wuce Gang week. Le. as well — as. an exyedition. beo-. -weg. — i m. also. — Dene clife — The handle of a ^-1 javelin- verb in English. gan. goedre. ready. m.: gegenge : ogengel. be angry. preserve . Gata bus -sefnan To accomplish. n. an m. wild. as. ga. way. S. acsung. dagas Gangdays. playing. ut-. -wi. -sefennedDrawn toioards evenGat. spread. a zvay. ga-] -jEt ate. both — and. gsersuma. or seg-. nitSer-. to ask. v. Gange-wifre. gehealdan to observe. S. -semtian. pro^ party. changes the signification from literal to figurative . dor. for^-. gebiddan to pray. m. 2. p.gegan. path. icay. geong. clove. . neuter. . aefter-. Gamol. Spiritually. — -feSe A marching army. bona Geadon Together. e. tell. e. gesticulation. like a preposition placed after a neuter .spirited. -scipe. forS-. : we gaS -gevvinn. Gan gel. holy. prefixed to pro.: GAR Gainen-paiiS enjoy malt. giong. S. wudu Spearwood. Yea. gese. — Gaming. Gata hyrde. deride) and tben forms as. es . ge-. says a whirlpool. fore-. ymbe-. nian. A sea-fowl. drain. gin an. Ganotes bseS The sea. hapganpen. wsefer-. sester -senegdu Anxia. an. m. Ge-gan gan. a kid. Ganra a gander. on-. Gauel tribute. . gende we eodon. Ge-acnian To conceive. n. es . adv. thers . — healdan to hold . wyfre : genga. pi. lion. — leac Spear-leek. -wuce: gangean-. — cwealm Spear destruction.falca spear or gar-falmartial con.wee fre A spider. ge-eacnian. togega-cyning King ofspirits. -ajfenlaecan To imitate. open. Spear-rush. OnThe soul-killer. severe.es. a gulph ? S. L. Castas guests. V. tanned. Ganot. v. geat. collective. — heap A spear heap. to the It often participles only. gan. -ung. Geac also. -oernian to deserve. Garsum. -cemtigean To be at GaSorian to gather. Giir. f. f. likewise. to laugh at. Ganet a fen-duck.g^ten. rw. eac. landbe-. p. Use Careless. G. Th. to laugh . a javelin. m. going. In verbs. riches. privy. in-. es . J?u gcest j he gJE'S . God. intercede. m. v. f. gelic like . ful-. — time of peramhulating paere. up-. — secg [spear reed or rush. appreciate. M. Firgen. sae-. R. wiga. — Ge Gea . ymbe-: geng. geteld. step. Gan gaped. gamen. gearo. -feax Old. gefyllan to fulfil gend. leisure. -adled diseased. play. measure of rent ale. e . v.gegontren. es . etan. Geac. ghost. on-. S. v. a legal -. es . sea. Gaueloc a javelin. joking. Ge . up-. Gan. berend hearer. frum-gar. gara A spear. lascivious. geesen. es — biddan to bid. gaming. gang. as. the rishes. keen or bold. — es. To yawn. gengdon jyp' o^^Ji" gen. -wyfre A spider. an . GE spear. rand. m. -mystical. Dart or ge-. • eerendian To go on an ergafol. rush of arms. e. It often seems void of signification . Gara. Der. es. o/gsest. — liere foot-army. L. not. v. as in German. Ge.

roomy. very much. Geara v. prepared. ready. Geard. 7n? A jaw. encloGealled. Gean-byrdan To oppose. Der. Gcan I give. GEB — }?ingian Geaf gave . cd. torht -ascung Asking. jjerhaps. lie A making ready. bidan. gyrlo gearewe gyrstao. an . wig. resist. A hedge. -wyrdig Eloscipe Deceit. world. spacious. Geare ready. biddan. segl-: gyrd. to shout. Yare. gearo. un-. Gearfo^ Difficulty. 7n. J?oncol Ready witted. deceitful Ifc Gears grass. Gcafol-monunj. door. Gearwian. geagle. stick. ode . a v. Geapan Gearwa Clothing. procure. f. p. -agnigendlic -agniendlfc. A jaw. Geanian to yawn. formerly. . acsung. to prepare. n. Geard~lic Worldly. spun wool. hwyrft A returning. geagl. gearo. Geap Wide. ready. gyGear. gearwe. unnan. Der. es . Kent. mumps. cyning -alinung Owning. cut off. gearo. K. v. open. gearo. -axian To ask after. practice. cuse. acsian. Geapes adv. -angsumian To vex. adj. Geagle. tion. Possessive. g. leod-. Geat poured out. Ge-andagian . Ex Der. v. a . Gearwe formerly . S. szeGe-agnian To own. GeacS A street. — lice Yearly. anointed. A gate. weald. an opening. gearo. v. Geapn. or ati'oGearcung. v. GEA version. bile.pp. GeatSmudian To humble.mod Gallows. gryre-. Gearo . Gealla. m. gyrd. garisum gtersuma. es . to be gyrdel.Gearcian. p. formerly. Geat.Geatas. Gealp A loud sound. To Gcafl. ganian. gat. an . running against. An. gear. f. S. hear.room. Anxious. — wita Der. twig.geara. horn-. earth. Der. Gealew Yellow. L. p. gean.ml A year. care. -aworpen Cast away. pi. Gearn. goers. against. land.windel A yarn winder. garden. year — mslum In parts — . gu<S-. supply. v.: — : G EA Ge-aettrcd Poisoned. Ge-arian To pardon. fretted. A toll house. od. Der. wita. big-. Geapung? Quantity. around. es./. C. Gearnfull. Yarn. od. Gealga gallows. demeanour. -cyning. Gean a. Uealh-. v. owning. understanding. S. rod. -bsec Aback . -wes. Ge-ancsumed Vexed. v. Geaia. galga. in Denmark. Geame Der.f? A pleased.oncol or habit of body or mind. -J. GearfoXe Difficult. provision. region. a consul. treasure. back parts. preparing. v. To liken. geatwe. intellect. S. Ge-aurnen Ovemm. -dseg Time past. lice Deceitfully. : — — . gelga : — : — — — — — — : Le. gearwa. The Geats or cious minded. and settled in Geard. an . the make one. Le. v. f. fraud. well. v. v. gearcian . bilious. Geajles svvyle. days of yore. v. e . gilpan. m. Ex. v. . S. winde. accurate. agnod Yarrow leaf. v. is well known. 1. weardAdoor keeper. -bacen Raked. p. Yarrow. gymari. ivell. Gealh Sad. gegearwung. quent.: — A geato-lic. S. alg. on- V. felloivship. S. space. Geal-adl The jaundice. Ge-anwyrdan To arraign.' L. wicked. Gearo formerly. of glfan. hi-. gearweGe-ahnian To take as his own. Der. ' gearwan. of years. on-: gcdeportment. eal. Ge-anbidian To expect. who came from JutGoall all. make ready. possess. Gearowes. -dwg Gcan-hweorfan To turn again. a clang. certainly. -oBvvnod Married. society. Mer-it.-. Ge-atelod Deformed. Gean-cyme. f. Gean opposite. Oivned. geotan. BenGeat-torr A gate tower. Eal-. for a Ge-asyndrod Sundered. atone. . Gealge ivanton. R. e f. V. v. meeting. dagum In Gearwung. m.gearwian. Ge-anian . v. To make ready. galga. sepa- by year. Yearly. A prepara. gean. V. pp. hilde-. Good-Friday. geaglisc Wanton. es. m.D. In width. heapung. Gearwe. — learn. p. gloomy. Gearuwa. A year king. Geafle A leaver. Iotas. which has been long knoivn. -bad Abode. Gearnung. an . Ge-algian 2^o defend. viusica galdor in galan. v. Geasn Void. Yore. Der. -a. pp. — — long time. to unite. trouble. A. gebacu To appoint a day. e. n. se gearwa . To gape. Gearo-lice Readily for certain. -owes . coming against. leaf. Gearu ready. 44D. C. prepara- — — — Yearly. gerdel. Ge-arwurc5od Honoured. Expanse. con104 Geare Formerly. enough. turning. Gall. S. about paration day. ode . o/gyldan. deserve. hence. or glorious. gearwa. yarrow. A bearing. Cyne-. S. cy. vieasure. honour. geagl-swylc A sicelling of the jaws. v. Ge-arnlan. es . consecrated. Yet. pi' ^de. To earn. sound. To reply. L. or every year bright -asmyred Smeared. ed. yearly. geara. Geallian To call to. prepare. ran. Intel: : : : : : — — — lect. -boed prayed. Gearewe yarrow. abide. compelled. Geato-lic Prepared. to cite. pi. gealga. a state -andwyrdan To answer. Der. Geatwe. Gean-ryne A — — — — — — — : — — — — — — -ahtige values. V. es . -an Gealp boasted. Ge-aforud Lifted up. S. n. long. tion. -andswarian To ansicer.v. Gean-beran To oppose. Geahlas thejaivs. -baer. Deceitful. ode . -daeg gyrn. a gap. gyrwan. -bselded Animated re -andvveardod Presented. gean-cyrJ.Gearod Clothed. wide. -ba?ded Driven. Der. Eoied-./. v. jaws. m. To gealla. gear wan. Geap ? Crooked. a reel. eor<SGeatan To grant. e. iniddan-.preparation. ningdom A consulship. Geagl. gifu. heap. the Ge-anlaecan -anlician To unite. n. Galled. edej pp. gryn begyrnian garsum. od. -ahsian to inquire. confirm. sure. v. v. 2. That rated. ac. Mo. garwan. L. ge. v. Der. e. dsegPreJutes. Gesild paid Geald Goaldor Singing. -andettan To coifess. magic. Geafa gifts.

To blend. an . To bless. Craft. A consort. v. a predi. S. To stain. m. -b^terung. and mutual support. cament. bitc. -birigan To taste. begdadore. offence. A nan. safe. ge-bser.-boetan To improve. A A — stow office -boren Born. -brsec a noise. noise.v. beorh. — -bosmed Bosomed. p. S. an oratory. es. od. pave. mix. -blinnan To cease. walled. m. m. -brec. -begednes. od. -bired Clothed. -betung better.be6n. Ge-belgan To be angry. T'he falling — — sickness. S. pp. -blend Blinded. ed. nunlike. crash. -boerd Toioardliness. -beacnung. -bidan To -began To recline. man. indicate. v. -bed da an . es. I. bit biting. of hlkwam. -bindan To bind. se. destroyed. v. -bicgan To buy. 105 . bent. betan. L. A prayer -blcnung A presage. n. ge. -birhtan To enlighten. tell. — bodian offer. -biorscipe A feast. remain. es . se . geban. be-beodan To command. -big^ buys. pi. -bregdnes. S.betel. -bicnian To sheiv. -biled Having a bill or snout. -b6n A prayer. se. g. -beaten Deaten. -bienigende. bettering. -bicnigendlic In. B. -brsegdas . — A A a husband. v. e. gain. /. -bealg Anger. Ex. bitcred made bitter. Crook. f. -bered ed. -bernan To light.-bridlian To bridle. R. -bed-hus An oratory. jyetition. S. An association or -bleow bleio . ge-beorglfc.-bleod Of different colours. edness. register or enter in a book. A proclamation. bjetan.Ge-bljEdfaest FruitfuL one's self. m. gc- -brengnis Food. denn The prayer. ible. en. -bettung.-blendan. -basnian To expect. 1. — ra^d- -igan -bodscipe A commandment. 1. -begean To crown. se . feast. comes. Demanded. entreat- -bed-giht Bed-time. amended. n. S. -beogul Agreeing. a- book. wife. v. -blut^ sacrifice. L. -biddan To pray. f. -beorlic safe. bocian 3 p. Gebelg. V. edict. case. 2vorship. To furnish with books.-bige A case. p. -bolged Disdained. •beorhnes. v. deceit. deing. ge-byrlan. L. -beorh tian. bigan. es. -birecS happens.GEB GEB I GEB Ge-baeran To behave f conduct Ge-bcorglic. instruction. amend. L. -blendan 1. se /. bound. -baermed Leavened. -betel. -Led-clyfa den. place. -beon &een. jjp. A command. ejitertain. environed. n. L./. cautious. cy. S. Gebcor. -bend Bended. f. V.1096. L. -bJBtel a bridle. -beacnian To poirit out. amending. -bolgen Offended. -beran To bear. R. -begd boiced. angry. S. coloured. Le. banns. -boht bought. A guest. L. 2. -bredde broiled. steep- Moved. m. -beorscipe. -bsete. v. teased.demand. v. icashed. S. -beorh . -brsec Broke. bycgan. An example. e. 2. ge-beorglic. -beorges . pretendf roast. f. -h\om\(^\\7yiixed. lesson. . B. -bette Defended. -beeniendlic Figiwatively. -bearseype A feast. -bredan To braid. /.-bolstrod Bolstered up. proj^he. 2. A prayer. of prayer. -beged constrained. -bett amended. -bilegan To be angry. -bedde. brsec-seocnes. -beorlilic Defen. f. -blsnung. co-ban. dicative. pect. -benn An edict. A refuge. es . n. -biraS. gebrec. -boned Boney . -bed. twist. declining. fnitigated. lour. bredan. -becSod Bathed. es . -baerscype A feast. -berhtan To enlighten. -beotung A threatening. To glorify. -bogen subjected. -blissung Uejoicing. swollen. L. To commaiid. boioing. -brice A breaking. -becnendlic. -blodigian .-borgen Defended. a payingfor the 2^>'ttyers of the Romish church. To mend. L. -beorc Barked.CA. A break- -brec Profit. A bridle. -betered Bettered. threat. bizegan To spread. Ex. Ge-beoran 2'o bear. se . to bend. conse-batod Abated. v. S. crooked. -borh-fsestan pledge. by tropes or figures. mingle. — -besmed Bosomed. iies. -bigednys. ing. osseus. -bed -scipe Marriage. v. A -blecan. bearable. A speaMng -beot^ threatening. -blanden Finished. shelving. -beorhlic. supplication. lie down. -blegenad Blistered.-blissian To rejoice. support. ode. burn. -bregan 2'o frighten. to atone for. v. pardonable. -bicgan To destroy. a -beden. fiourish. v. reneioing. -beorgan To defend. ex- To fasten by -borsnung Corruption. \\ bigan. ing. v. -betan To make better. grinding. bigen Prayer buying. -brsec. -ber a habit.-beotian To promise. — -braidan. begendlic Flex. blowian To blow. turn.-bonnen Summoned. -brsegdnes. v. To pray. -bohtrescipe A circuit. A drink-ban nan To proclaim. -bih(S An abode. -breman To make famous. gebelh Anger.-bigean To bend. S. erlike. L. — mann A praying a supplicant. ode. safe. refuge. To bloody. pretend. draw out. L. 2. Fear. abide. v. club united for conviviality -bletsian crate. -becnan To point out. ge-bed. -bfette bridled. f. bycgan. -breec-seoc a lunatic. corrupt. v. ing party. bugan. Deceits. restor. nient. blendan. h^nMa PrayS. -beoda prayers. v. A bending. restrain. -belimpan To happen. bed-felloio. fended. -bonn A proclamatio7i. -beorges of a defence. a. sible. -bod A command. -bildan To imagine. e.

dili- —bysnung An riding. corenlic Eligible. -bygle Subject. se f. Often fian. Gc cid Strife. mingle. -bundenes. fall out. L. -cennan To beget. to clear. Gecel An icicle. n. p. pa. -byrded Bearded. -cope. to leaS. byrnan. v. -cerran To turn. To -cliitod Clouted. con. To taste. A f — — lice Choicely.-cneord-l^ean To study. VI. -cafstrod Bridled. v. mocking. beginning. Mo. ed. — — — — — — -caelan To cool. To tempt. nil ed. -bytle. -cla^nsian To purify. -bycnian To beckon. eosped. •byrccS bears. -brittian.-clyster.y^smerian cluster. barn keeper. gent. outcry. -broc Pain. n. -cnuwan To knead. return. geriht A farmer's right. . -capitulod Headed. contrite. v. -byrman p. JR. pertain. suitable. purify. sjjread. se . grind. -coren Chosen. agony. A -browen Cooked. -byldan .GEB GEC GEC A Gc-brihtefl Clear. -cnyrdnes. crooked. L. submit. S. ge-burscipe. -clgan To call. 1. -broden Tahen away. -biran . Ch. -cliht Gathered together. S. Delight. origin. to siverve from. cnyllan. es. To cleanse. S. bytlung A cneordViceDiligently. -cnedan To mix. nature. diligence. rentage. hood. adj. -bycgan To buy. -bunden Bound. S. -b. G. -ed. Ex. -ci^. land Iti-bun inhabited. S. -bylded Emboldened. to become. se. well. -csenenis. byrgan. buan. L. To brew. to be fitting or -claesnian -brogd Dread. -byld Boldness. -byrd. -cennednes. S. gebyrdo. ed. lueid. -claded . boor. used as the 79^. be ing. v. example. m. — A A — A A . dedicated. devise. A dweller. -celan To cool. -coenian To cook. ~ii(\ Time -cian. boil. -brucan To eat. -costauj -costnian. give. f.-byrgod Buried. se . diligent. To occu. patched. fraternity. -corfen carved. ceosan. calling. -ceigan. beloved. cli-broiden Placed. cneordlic Dilidiligent. draw. Clothed.f. happen. -od Broken. -byrian. u.-cenenes. -chvmian To smear. nail-brot. byrigan.-ceosan To choose. -bringaii To bring. -cnocian A An obliga- Ge-bur. To give an example. consume. Stu-by dan To abide. -cneord Inientive. -buh departsfro7n. Study. L. pp. kind. v. himself -cuited Tied. opulence. nature. -brosnung A decaying. To exhibit. husbandman. v. to call together. obedient . -ccennan To make -cneowian To bend the knee. select. cneordnes Study. ge-byrde. -broSorscipe. -cnytt Knitted. v. f. armour. -bugian To divell. L. ferment tvith barm. Ge-byrd. ven. -coenes. invite. y. To crumble. -ceahhetung Loud laughing. o/brotSor. tion. 2. indcl. becomes. An. Ch. -clystres. building. pp. habited land. cnyrd-laecan -ceavfan To kill. pp. -brocen Broken. flict. M. -byrhte Declared. -brosnod Corrupused impersonally. /. S. -od Clothed with -clypian . -cnosu Collisions. es. S. es . -cainp Wayfare. -cigean To -cnysan To beat down. — L ted. To study. -celnes Coolness. L. call. -cnyordnes. happens. n. es. inhabit. gine. -burnen Burned. S. natal. shriek. v. — Ge-btirbscipe. courageous. I. S. lineage. edifice. v. to be one's duty. bugan. af1091. bruise. ode . -byrigednes A burial. -comp Conflict. vouch. To -brocSra. I. beat. structure. n. g. restrained. adj. -cegan. -cnyt. fragment. -corenes A choice. -bryttian To break. plan. L. birth. elaesto Okie's taste. A knead. revolt. -bylged Disdained. bid an. n. -byrned. -brot. od. Quality. state. -cigednes. cut off. bound.f. es. bruising. -brosnad. by id. generation. -cnucian To knock. L. 2. v. -brocad. S. L. as It be. -clyfian To cleave or stick to. ed. -clysp. ce6san. v. Brother-byrnan To burn. 2. de. family. ed. -copsend. To deride. -ciud broc -byido birth. 106 . -bro^ru brethren. -bry tsednes. pp. cleanse. A clamour. vocation. pi. S. bury. 1. cde. -ceas chose. -ceolan To cool. -bysmrung -bysniau — hfsA de- -cnaevv Witnei^s. L. by tlian To build. -bugan To bow. -cleofede cleaved to. C. be ran. -cnoden Given. dy. Fragments. -eealfe Incalved.-cerringc A turning. ceorfan. design. anima. S. -byrd lice Orderly. -cist chooses. v. pp. purchase. e. -seoc-mann A frantic man. -c id an To chide. ted. L.Ge-celfe In-calved. se. quarrel. -bysgian . call. merung. gicel. S. -byld To ima. 1104. bend. gence. /. profession. -cnyclende Knuckling. v. To knock. v. offiicted. es. -hwcen exercised. hoves. -brohte Brought. calling. p. of birth. A neighbourhood. -cnorndnes. -brysed Bruised. Build. Fettered. dition. se. m. L. S. pi. Birth. An. corenBirth. tied. -cance A laughing-stock. Ge-byrd . knoivn. -cleps. employ. produce. -cniWed sounded. brucan. -byrgde tasted. -cnycled Knuckled. R. behove. se.. strife. S. fasten-byld Bold. od. -ceapian To buy. to be -cleensung A cleansing. affliciion. -brotu. -coplic Fit^ proper. courage. es .-clibs. countryman. -oend-limu Genitalia. -debs. es . -cnawan To know. niing A cleansing. B. -byiian To raise. py. farmer.

-cy^^e said. e . ode . difference. v. -cunnian To try. faction. -dseftan ? pp. -cyssan. -cySan To make knoum. -curon Chose. give.-diliton^r?-a??^fc'c?. elice Naturally. v. satised. divi-cygan. ^Q'. properly. -dat'nian. ge-cweconvenient. f. — -dreme. An. condemned.Gedda songs. -crang hied. salted. pp. nitalia.an. — — drefedlic f tion. -crhigan To cringe fall. deorf Ged a song. effect. v. v. R. es . natu- -crincan. -derede injured. R. Aseparation. Labour. S. 5.-deawe Dewey. congruous. Ge-de^ed Killed. f. -dreag. a contract. -drefan . digelian. made known -deorf. cid. behove. -delf digging. -doefe Perfect. giddigan. chant. -dccan To cover. S. -dafan . Leaven- -deman — — — — — -dihte. defenlic Due. S. -dofe. derived.—deeelic Quiet. To kiss. v. proper. -diegled hidden. -cydde. — Natural. S. S. v. to icord. -ewime please. -dreosan. C. 1. part. ged. -cy<5de. ceosan. v. elic Na. ly. giddian. purify. S. — — — -deftlice Decently. Troublesome. v. gyddigan . -dseftlice. A -dihtnung A disposing. -daeftelice Fitly. ed. similitude. dse. tural. fabricated. ode. humble. ledlice Apart. GED Ge-oynd-spra. se. -dremere harmonious. es . land Partible or common land. profit. . Ex. -cryinpt Crimped. creation. boc A book of geriddle. -cuts known. de. lice — cwemlic able. -dufan. fenian. decently. pi. The natural limb. C. praise. ing. die. 107 Loud. cwide A word. -daefre Mild. -limu Ge. S. -dseft To do a Gederian. conversion. R. sion. — — — — — drefednes. agreement.-deagod Dyed. -cwyd-raeden J. defnes. tribulation. prepared. -dihtnan. scandal. v. -cwe'San To say. cycSan. f. -cyrran To return. also e 2. consent. -dselan To separate. dafelic. derian. Ge-dsefneB Ought. -sum Afflictive. dy. S. pleasing. A — — -draifnes A disturbance. offend. sc -jf Quietness. tribulation. -cristned. -cweme Pleasant. confusion. -dryme. the womb. -crypte Tops. drecednes Tribulation. testatoil. -cytS. — A -cwemednes or -cwemiug pleasing. raging. craziness. C. dived. -deof Perfect. pp. pp. V. becomcondition. m. -cwse<San To say. coloured. -cwede. fit. -lim The member ef genera. Intreat. du . curled.v. v. A trial. proverb. agreeable. killed. tion. S. Geddian. T'o judge. assembly. -cyd controversy. se . loell pleused. . Se gecrisneda One christened. -digan To come to a good Is-daelednes A separation. pleasingly. — Ifce Na- -crod Collectedl -crupe Crept. opportune- -degan Tosoiv. shrill. offence. dafen\ger\6. -drehte . L. To be giddy. Jit. Tribulation. ivreched. to befit. C. proper. work. -dafnian. -cwitSanlic Proper. Genesis.-diernan To lie hid. C. •deorfanro labour. disturbance. -cwilman To kill. S. pp.-deaSed Dead. kedness. f. convenient. L. vexation. adj. -dersted dited. v. -draf driven. -cwide od. -cwid-rcedden. -cynn Nature. es. C. -c welled Killed. Trouble. L. -cyspyd fettered. GED Godofe Quiet. pp. vorce. S. A -cumen Come. cs . L. T'o sing. v. gyd. de . -dal. manner. g.drifan. parable. -cygendlic AiJpellutlve. begetting. \. create. commodiously. cyspan. v. -cy'6eYic Manifest. V. cid. -dafen also -da-cwlcian To revive. A birth. mild. ayrreable. p. -cwemnes A pleasing. a catechumen. -deoful-geld Idolatry. contention. -dseman To obstruct. reajoin. -dreht oppressed. GEC Ge-costnes -crteft Art. -cure. v. p. l^o -cweman come opportunely. fitly. fit. -dofen. statute. -doeman To judge. -cyrned Corned. cy<5nes Testimony.lim turally. Geddung. melodious. dafan. B. neration . genial. deorfnys. kind.c Native speech or language. -cygednes A calling. Often used impersonally. it ought. giddung. f. ducked. -drelit To vex. C. n. A country. -cuelled Quelled. gedrefnes. -cyst chose. bate. acceptable. gl. -cy^ied fettered. -eyed Strife. -([diieii\icne% An opportunity -cvvyde dafsum Agreeing. v. -cind. membrum genitale. -dreas overthreio. v. se . separately. — lie — lie. n.— liht Natural right. -cweden said. cunnan.\iceConsequently. -dafenlic Decent. S. /. tranquil. v. -drseg. To — — disturb. condition. Nature. n? A band. -cynde ral. elevated. a thing in-daersted. dreag. To become.7i befit or proper. 1. -CTveftged3Iucle. R. sprouts. it concerns. -dician To mound. gyd. -cwemedlic Well pleased. ic gederige to gather^ thing in time. gaderian. G. afflict. -cuoe^en Said. V. re . ment. -diht A dictate. dreean. conduct. n. -dihtan To order. mildness. es . C. 2. v. com- mand. grateful. -drseg.Ge-dead Dead. es. m. -deigeled Hidden.\. ed. -dufan. defen Due. -cynd. — — A — — -don To make. man. dam. p. A na. od. fit. appeasing. -dafenlice Fitly. B. pp. /. do good. cause. -drecednes. assist. -denied Judged. lies. -cwis A conspiracy. S. — cwem- Agree- Agreeably. -desif dived. -drcefnes. invoke. drecte Oppressed. disue.— -defelice Properly. Generation. K. A tumult. . -ori^tod Christened. -cundelic Natural. Genuine. to please. A turning. troubled. cyspan. -cyrrednes. p. se . cofivcnient. -dreean . nasinging. 'dafan. pp. -cygean To call upon. w. v. as It behoves. es . of cwe^an. n..

an enemy. -ead.-faegnian To rejoice. -eofot A debt. mcded. ta. an . An. L. To dare. -^reoh again. -dvvola. A knave. -drif What is driven. -drysned -esedlesenian To pray. exultation.L. dry.— 6. To desty. v. 2. big zvith lamb.-eavnian To earn. -dyrstlice Boldly. -eserro<Sod Troubled. ge-fah. -faedere. gos. sink. deceit.-euenlfflcan To equal. -fseger Fair. deserve. v. imitation. -dwymor A phan. an. -drcncte To Ge-dwymer. -fadian v. v. -embehtian. dreohlicc to be modest. 1. -dritan Cacare. laho errs. L. little cheek. an illusion. illusorily. v. se .-encgd Careful. One An — -fadian To set in ordei -fadung disposing. C. A — — — — — — A — — -dwimor A phantasy. v. dwild. finish. -drimere. metder. heretical. dare. -eorsod enraged. an impostor. -endung An end. ceit. v. -drigan Tu dry. -drucen Drawn out. S. erroneous thing. ceive. foe. avoid. -ediian -edniwian To renew. -dygan . dyrst.-edsta^elian To — A repairing. ode. m. produce. p. gif. -drifen Driven. S. humble. -edjjrawen retiring moTwisted -dreog. -dyrst Tribulation. Dlscreeili/f A — tiously. L. p. sed ct. — dwi- rnorlice Fantastically . 2. conceiv. L. -dyrstig bold. Erroneous. -egian To excite. morlic Juggling. L. pp. od. secrete. to duck. gea. v. 7?. m. L. -feeder. droivn. V. Gees geese. L. Sobriety. -driht. To be like. de . A godmo A • ther. v. ge-fahan A -dreopre -dynged dunged. v. safe. -ebalsadon They blasphemed. p. arid. goda False gods. Gee Yea. m. de-faegon united. dwelian. S. -gangan. -emnian To equal. pp. adore.-eadmodlice Humbly. -eacSmedan. -edwistode Brought up. m. -fasgnung Joy. es. erroneous. — dwolinan An erring man. -dweal. -dweola.y". v. error. idols. ode. L. To -ealdian To grow old. -eovvian To sheio. -eced. -dyf^ . es . -dwyld. dwy. f. To prepare. to be pregminister. m. roneous. v.S. dwolen Wan. -durfon perished. an . Holding dry. medde. wor. dyrstigan Ge-efsod shaved. drinking. dyngan.-engd. ing. od. S. — dwol— -dwollic Erring. • drof dro•emnittan To equal. -faelan To overturn. -drylita a comrade. discover. pp.-efned Evened. safe. heresy. od. dreas -dyrnan To conceal. -deaf. -dwelan . restore. . to overthrow. -faegerian To adorn. nant. egea comrade. ed. a — dwolsum dering. pray. -egled troubled. earn. vanquished. To renew. S. -eacni:in. e^cucigan To revive. ivandered. -earwian. clang. dwild. Geefola J. vouch. -eacnung. -dvvellan. R.-edeenned Regenerated. v. To humble. S. train.Ge-fa. A multitude. -dyrst-laecean To embolden. drysnian. -ea5nti6dian To humble. -dyrstnes Boldness. es . death. S. dyrst. together. L. C. add. heretic. -dweled. -edlaecan -edlsesan To To repeat. R. To revive. laecestre. eardian. revivmodestly f cau. -dwerues. drof. etiam.— dreogan To bear. To de. An attendant. -dryt A host. bring forth. esteem. serve. An. Ex. we -eaht Added. -drlhta. p. eadmodian. extin. ende.Ge-edsta^elung tasy.-efstan To hasten.f. ef'sian. -egesed Frightened. p. -enged Anxious. de . ed. think ivorthy. -elnode contended. Ge-eae Also. L. S. -dweolda. -eode gone over. Jjing rewarder. -erod ploughed. /. -efenlaecan — sober ? -dreosan. v. K. yes. . writhed back. S. muddy. -ige . /??. heresy.gvuR. -fegan. v. -endian To end. C. host. pp. presume. To conceive. and also. finish. ture. dwildlic ErGef if. 108 -faelnes. -dysig Foolish. an . V. -drif A fever. heretical. mettan. guished. yrsian. drihte. escape. ivreched. -dufan. -elice. v. imposecan. e. esteem. ean Yeaning.-endebyrdan To set in order. -eld. To vouch. Mildness. plunge in water. -e<Sian To breathe. restore. -faedren Paternal. pp. -edlajcan. harmoni-drym Cheerful. gether. remit. an heretic. -drihj^a. se . -eadmedan. y. dive. sian. pp. -eawian To sheiv. e^endoor-post.v . 1105. -drinc Drink. ode '. thunder. v. -ambihtian To -drincan To drink. band of soldiers. fednys Trouble. increase.-endebrednan To set in or-druncnian To sink. -ende an end. C.wo\new. -ernian To deserve. conceptio7i. v. -ealgian 7^o defend. -dwyld an error. -edleht repeated. c. An -ea<5medan To honour. imposture. -egsode frightened. -fsegen Joyful. -elded pif? off. v.-earnung Merit. happened. ship. -ecte increased. error. -dyru. nour. erian. GEE GEF p. honour. — An A -dwolode Erred. p. e.GE D Ge-drencan drown.-dyne A. -dofeii -dufon . -edleanian To reward. -edeucian . eldan. elriian. p. f. luorship. v. expiate. deorfan. C. edleanend. /. -faede In order. re. sad. L. overcomCf Vanished. Ge-eten Eaten. Ch. ignes. stubble. -drync Drink. v. 1. efenlseciug A n To fall -dyrfsum Affitctive. -edwyrpen Improved. A godfhther. met To ho. -faelsian ^ passage. i. restore. ous. -ebbed Ebbed. -eardod dicelt. -dyppan To dip. pp. To purify. A female imitator. illusive. drinking toS. -diijjan To drip.

— — Contentiously. -fragude Embraced. lendlic Filling up. ic ge-feo flight. -fioht laar. regard. 1. de. S. -findig Capable. taking. -flieman A fight. -fagen Glad. To join. hence To fall. mind. bear. es . Timid. A nurse. plume. swim. going. an m. strife. god. give ear to. -fillan. od. /. coveship. -ferscipe -feohan to rejoice. -feg. sense. [faer. strong. -felsode Expiated. knoio. my. so- flitfull. flita. Der. ge-fer-a]. se . I To drive To fix.c=eanse. n. fre- we -fahon: rejoice. -fyl. fraetwodnes od. ^ society. fl6wan. -faettian. Ex. by -flitt strife. an adverb. Incarnation. bailiff. od. -feoh. wordes -faran. -fcestan. agent. a troop. ede. -forvvord Agreed upon. -feon. pp. se. known. pp. 1. gefian. tion. p. a joining. Pleasure. -forht -fean to K. glory. perceive. •fraetewian. v. betroth. college. -fer-rzedenn. a companion. nanted. v. To go. -frecnod Evil minded. v. -fealden Folded. v. . part. angered. -fetelsod Belted. -fealic Pleasant. folly. es . insisted. -feah. -fandian. es . Went. ode . n. remarkable. folc. S. -^ev>ys flowed. cover -fraege Perceived. -de. -feoht. of old. Ge-foeded fed. . -fiht -fraepgian rence. /. se . fail. A n opposer. 11 28. -feran To journey. -fehen rejoiced. favour. noxirished. ede. •findan Tofind. -folc people. -ferscipe. nonsense. joining. fon. send for. joyous. -flea Trifies.]). company. faegen. -fsetian to fetch. To -fraege. cotnposing -fian -fie To hate. To fatten. -feaxode Haired.con- To fight. A -fleard Strife.fasten. C. C. lead. -feah. -fahon rejoiced. C. -fetigean To fetch. Jirm. feg-faest Seam or figure. — -fah-mon An enerny. in-fed Fad. -ferrcednes. -fah. 2. -feterian . pp. -feccaii. familiarity society. C. firr. -faetnian. A fastening. S. Ilan. finie. fer. accompany associate. -faernes. B. — — A Deceit. GEF rian. -feon. mother. pp. fel- -firenodon Sinned. To try. joy. rn. . 2^0 adorn. B. -fild afield. -faestan I'o commit. 2. suffer. e. -feincga Compages. -ferian. Le. -fegung Joining. rejoice. G. -fetod Sent for. m. fihan. pp. 109 . es . fihan.-fette. dde. — -fegean To rejoice. u. -felled ornantent. -flyt A fan. v. re . bargained. tear. Haired. -felan. e -fliman To flee. f. v. -fljEscnes Ge-f61ncs. -fraegnan To inquire. -fangen taken. fetter. ge-fagen To be glad. de. -fog -fol . GEF Ge-foor a journey. A transmigra. contest. C. feSe-flseschamlan . -formian To entertain. p. It. shape. unite. A joining. v. ters. rejoice. ivith another. To cover ivithfiesh. Ge-fearred Withdraion. -faeren Dead. f. lebrated. •feoh tan battle. finished. S. Cd. an. comrade. fecgan To fetch. S. f. of a gift. v. ^ . S. pp. away. an . ge-feah . -frean Tofree. v. -fagenian. fegincg. — — Contentious. rejoiced. hind. -fihan. v. junc. S. -flit Contention. fliten eat up. A floater. -for^ian To further. p. ed. society. die. congregation. od. To give wings. ture. p. capture. To experience. -foerreden. B. Gefe. ed. A feeling. ode. S. S. To feel. fedan. Fellow. -festnian To fasten. be tan.-forweai'^an To perish. To accuse. Ge-fea. — -finegod mouldy. Gefo Grace. loitli feathers. x. -fehen To glad. -fege. /?/> ed. ard. 1 implere? L. -fraetan To devour. to act. full. Filled.-frasan To ask. Gefearh-sugu Afarroiclng soic. an enc -feormian To entertain. -feallan To fall.-fe6 am glad. v. -fraetwian. catching. giving suck. -feoht. es.' mer.\ihcTRre. degefera a verb's companion. f. S. od. p. Fit. A company. -fsestiiian ed. •feng took. -fihan. -fiUednes. V. C. joint fast. ciety. felloiu. perception. — flitfulnes Contention.L. /. G EF Ge-fi^erian to feather. — flit-georn Contetiti-flitfullic A 0M5. To fast — madness. know. -fon -for To . v. p. formation. Contended. gladness. adaj)ted. se . pp. perceice. v. f. -feaht Fought. L. ed. rent. -fagnian To rejoice. yj. -fer-l£ecan To keep company. v. gefera. -folgian To fill take. feld. -fern Formerly. To feel. p. es. An Der. One journeying -fana standard. A — Schism. n. colleague. p. Le. L. Le. -feax. free. C. to take to -feoll For getfIllness. sagacity. v. Ch. Joy. -fege . feoht. S. — a battle. pp. stew-fara a conipanlon. m. fegedadj. exult. g. nes.-feSerJan.v. To carry. v. An agree-fealice Pleasantly. -feig A rule. man. a belt. Inquiry. -fi^erian. adorned with -fot-cypsed Bound with fetcollege. -fredan. -fioht. m. shai'jyness. proceed. Ge-fera.. -fleman.— flitlice -flitmaelum By strife. -flyman To rout. -feol Fell upon. manner. m. to render incarnate. -fetian. v. durable. an. gifu. -fihan. n. n. -faeran To go. n. -foerscipe. ment. -fsestnung. revev. -federe. company fellowship ^family gl. pp. — v. fangennes A associate. es. -fercod Supported. to -flit A fan to clean corn. ode . -fallan Gefer. -flota. pi. ce-fegan. an . pp.

pp. v. taste. finish./. G. -gearwian. finishing.. set in order. geddian. performed. -fr^nd Friends. congrega- pate. perfection. v. v. v. satisfy. -gaelen. -fysed Hastened.G EF Gc-^rc<\emUicSe7isible. -gretan. ning. -girla a garment. freon. tion. S. Current. se. -gyldscipe A society. A -grunded Grounded. m. ciate. -fulwian . S. geogu<S. -fundian To try. pp. od. adj. assoliberty. know. To adorn. v. meeting.. S. habit. Saved. plainly. v. To ful. ed. hold. ode . perception. -gealt keep. -frepgian To accuse. learn. inquire. -gered. ga. tion. S. v. tn. against. happen. Le. of old. -galen Enchanted. -gyfan to bestoiv. S. -gang A7i event. f. To learn out. gether. ter into. p. gifan. ^. ivinged. taking. -gogud Relying on. collect. -grapian To grope. pp. collec-Ireolsodj-frylsod Consecrated. -fyrn .-grind A grinding or rubbing dian.-gilda. -giuan To desire. frinan. S. -gripennis. 'hoven frozen. -freod. C. Gc-ffnd foes.-grew^ groios. L. help. -fylan To pollute. people.-gired Adorned. -grunden ground. Clothing. -frinan To ask. pp. -gerwed. K. -freode freed. L. bring to jjass. per-fy^ered Feathered. L. -gyrela. set at -gada? an. an. melted.?i assistant. club. -fyrht. -golden Paid. noise. v. -gsederednes. -end -gaderian To gather. again. tiquity. -gangan To obtain by ivalk. -gyrela. S.pcrepptible. f. S. Gegn-ryne A meeting. -gyddode sang. — Gegnunga Directly. se v. C. f. -fyndig Capable. A feelio — latan Tu Gc-gladung. Cd. S. S. An a- frighted. meeting.-grin A snare. Lichoman gefreed. an -fylstend. ness. findan. GegotS youth. Gegn-cwide. S. a companion. fyllan. A saying redeemer. wholly. -gsederian To gather. compose. ing. f. offend -gyman To take care of. To ensnare. -gador-wist A feasting. -fiemednes. to regard. . accomplish. -fyrncs. frysan.L. v. rung. seizing. — fultu- -gripe A gripe. to buffet. -fylc A troop. v. To help. apparel.-goencg A society. freolsian. S. -fyrhtcd Fearing. -fylled Cut dotim. To baptize. cd. -fregnan. L. A — — Gegnes burli Gainsborough. -gsede. -gri^ian To make peace. To -fyr^iian To promote. -gyryla -fyllendlic . a collision. an- — chievenient. passing. gan. ejfect. m. pro. p. ivhizzing. fullian. certainly. -frian To free. v. -glidan To glide. se. S.-gearwigean Toprepare./. gaderung Carnis copulatio. fortified. fil. od. -grette. -girwend. S. S. •fyllung. -genge A congress. clash- -fuUfremmlan To perfect. fregnan. altogether. forts. A fellow traveller. j)?. wanton. /. -gloencan. assistance* Cut down. se . -gsede A collection. -glendrian To cut down headlong. pp. frigenes. C. Ge-grame Troublesome. v. -godian To please. or corporation. 1. make glad. ful. -glengcan. S. sense. gylda. af-frege ? Known. A gladden- ing. garment. touch. — A fulness. -fry<5ed Freed. se. A A ing a purple robe. -fremman To effect. S. -frefred. emanci-fremian . en. overrun. a companion. L. -frig- nan. gild or club brother. -gripnes. ed. -^ai Base. -lieal. go. -friogean To hear. to subdue. de . grindan. procure. -glesc Lascivious. form. -grinan. p. -fultumian -fullian T'o baptize. v. an ansroer. -gyltan To become guilty. -gerela. S.Iwod. -gymraod Set with gems. luhtod. ing. -fregiian inquire. Ge-gnidan To rub. L. -glengan To adorn. GEG f\ — frcclnes. m. Farness. provoke. -gearvvung A preparation. rung A congregation.GegHum Forthwith. M. a falling -frigade Embraced. immediately. -gan To go. gadederscipe Wedlock. L. L. effect. -gevela. feond. es. Filling. delivered. an accident. m. observe. m. gladden. -fullan to fill. to inquire. ode . v. -friSude tected. -gremian To irritate. -fungon tooTi. -freo^ian To set apart. enemies. mend A helper. -gyldan To pay. to walk. -fyllednes. -od. foztnd v. A garment. by asking. -fry <Ssum Safe. -greatod Enlarged. -gearcian To prepare. -giramod Set toith gems. m. -glofed Gloved. -gylda. /. -gongan To go over. growan. /. enrich. V. -fylced Collected as an army. 110 . -od. -goten poured out. fylsta. together. v. -fylde -gereledj-gerled Clothed. e. commit. robe. -frihtan To frighten. A gathering to-frignan. please. prepared. . -gafelod Confiscated. v. Long ago. e . es. One wear2. S.. A helper. Le. -gladian . doubting. adj. Ge-gnysan To dash against. GEG c. destroyed. having sleeves. -frunon asTied. -fri<Sod. A person who belongs to a guild. an . -fyllan . convenient. a fate. — Camps. se . -gyrla. -freogan To free. gilda. fellow. -frygnys a question. -gang Fate. S. To greet. es . -gaerwan To prepare. m. -fanden found. e. v. seizing. de . an. -frugnon inquired. -freogynd. Consoled. -glengan. -grund-weallian To found. -girwed fylceo Clothed. fon. -fystlian To beat with the fists. -genge. L. Support. To -fylst Help. S.-gong. delight. -gearcung A preparation. -gyld Gilded. -gripan To gripe.

-hefegod Made heavy. modest. rejoice. draw. -liifilan To heal. -hatan. an. a jjriest. habban. T'okeep. -heapian To heap up. condition. HI . — — -hergian. r. nigh. beelan. -b£Ege. -heordung A cus-halgoda. haetan. A vault. S. a companion. -hla^en Invited. -hlodon laden. hump-backed. es. clamour. cmp.da.an. luided- — — inaun priest. hatian. K. -beordnes. C. v. promise. a One ordain- -hoebban To hare. m. secure. hoeftan . -bloten Appointed by lot. -hleapan To dance. -heafded-ringc. -hlywan To cherish. ing. -halgung A consecration. hogode. -lilddan To lade. m. L. hydan. -hlionian To recline. "helmian . Cd. To ra-hatan. -hamettan To appoint a home. ode . -hgeman To cohabit. -blsensod made lean. -heftre Waterfalls. -bleod Loaded. reserve. — C — — -hlidad. en. L. m.ge-hiethracius annulas. v. — An ordained man.in chaste Iiealdsumnes^ keep. n. -hawade Looked around. hadeda ed. -hatwde heated. L. gean. Ge-licald What is held. v. v. L. A saint. my. 3'o clothe. L.-hered praised. preserve. An. -haeftre Wate7\falh. bind. fitting. -hset Made warm. S. sanctuary. animated. of. of1. search out. -bering A hearing. v. C. fashion. robber. -hende. cut. blystfuU Listlisten. pp. -hlyd Covered.-h el pan To assist. regarding. -haten called. Hacked. p)addock.G EII Ge-ffyrhin ju odo.Gc-hicgan. hat.-hnyseanro50/ife?7. L. -blot lot. -held A keeping. -head Exalted. save. -hefigod. -hiscian To hate. consecrate. bid. se. -lialdre better. -hiltst keepest. -blcest.-hindicd Hindered. to hold a meeting. tory. good. -heald Held. jjretcnd. an . v. leap. -hat A promise. -bltenian To make lean or thin. take. -heeled. One of the same state. en. -lioeld A keeping. cro7on. -heende humbled. -hiowian. -halan To feed. K. — hlystan To -hlyst Hearing. regarding. C.-hentan 7'o take. sum Keeping. -heah High. L. -beige A 7neadoiv. even. ord^r. vault v. bouring. 1. -hpeftednes. -hea<Serud Restrained. -hleow A A A A beasts.-hiowendlic Allegoricil. L. obey. adorn. -haccod. S.-beran To hear. L -hihtan To hojie. -hilt A hilt. -ha?cca. Gehbol Christynas. -halian To heal. 2. troubled. aggravated. mut-hlyd. L. es. -heawan To hew. v. -hogod Studied. heald. v. -boered Heard. -hefted Taken. despised. S. L. L. as of the heavens. land Land of promise. -hlspg Falsehood. GEM G K n dow. -habbari to have. L.bladan. To restrain. -healdan. S. ni. p. L. keeping. -hi id A loiuing. -batau. -hi span To mock. -liseled Safe. hynan. leoran. od. Yf-hende. A tumult. -hnescian. — A of the heavens. -het pronmed. L. staffing. -hende Nigh. v. m. f.7>>. -belan To hide. cou-halsian To beseech. S. -lieeiran To accuse. -liata. garden. — — A -hiwian Toforni. R. keeping. -beoran To hear. hladan. Ex. V. a concave. v.'. To -hoend Near. v. to order. Ex. noise. hlita. hemes. keeping. L. -hlcud. Le -heaw A grinding. -hasGfed hedged. hadian 7'o ordain. -haldan To keep. -hlioraii to pass over. an. berian. -hli<5 Laughter. -liinan To oppress.Go-hicrstan To fry.S. disturbance. -beort. -haep Apt. -hienan To humble. crest. -lioeftan. C. near at hand. cut. hpgian. od. -hefaldad Orsus. %q. -helan To heal. To vage. -halgian To consecrate. ening. din. cor>flict. afflict. conduct. S. -hluttrad Purified. f. An. safe. -berian. -heowan To form. -hened humbled. byran. -hna?t. -hende What can be laid hold -hafa have. lic Equal. anene. pp. like. hendnes Nearness. prison. bald. obey. B. L. -hlyd Covered. load. cast into -heed Lifted up. S. L. pp. regard. preserve. tvhole. tody. v. disposed to hear. se. destroy. es. m. — A conflict. -hiwiau To form. v. S. -hlyta. G. h^Igung A appoint. — -bleat Appointed by lot. L. determined. minister. rageous. m. fermented. -hiwung A pretence.neigh-hafen Heaved up. Le. -healgian To consecrate. -hleow -hle)7a.fght.A captivity. -hlof belloiving. -helsumnes Chastity. detain. A companion. condemned. S. Hearted. -liseftnian To take captive. ing A holding. -gyrwan To prepare. A hater. -hliS -hliwan To cherish. take captive. -bealdan. -healtsumnes Captivity.n'ed. -lienanTo accuse. covering.appear. S. -liirnes report. What is hacked.\. v. hold. -hsege Land hedged in. S. a fellow ecclesiastic. ra. hsep. v. An. ed. handle. put on. -hngeged Subdued. hatan. S. An out-hnad cry. Obedience. L. -hede Seized.f. An. humbled. v. An. vow. -hoorted . -hsetan to promise. byr. an. L. -hedXdncs A keeping. v. increase. loiving of -blow. condemn. pp. To -heded hidden. R. hold. -bleo'S Agreeable. stingy. lid. -hald A regarding. -hlyta. covering. ge-hicggan. -hiora^ hear. hendan To lay -hagian To have an opportuhold of. -gyrnendlic Desirable. -bleod. a terri. posed. L. L. L. To observe. -ha. -biran To hear.Oneicho has the same lot. hoferodBent. habbau. blyd tering. serve. -hersnmnes. pursue. report. -bnsest. -heold A regard. -ha^rian. vow. ge-higgan To study. treat. -hnyened Bending down. Mo. Samo. ai). -hlihan To deride. -began To hedge in. a -heft. or is at hand. -heahteridlic Eminent. S. op-hal Entire. A hearing. nity. -hlaested Loaded.

rum. Le. -lac. v. on -hyscan To mock. -hyrtan To encourage. L. roof. S. house. in. supply. spirit. -horiiung. iucian. S. icendlic nama -hwirf A changing. Ge-hu Hoio. paucity. C. is easily led or beaten out. every side. -icean To add. -hruron Rushed. L. lac. ft. S. GehcSa Souls. brightened. L. L. -\ii£ie&left . hywung a deception. -hylmed Helmeted. turn.refuge. protection. domestics. R. -hyldan To hoio doion. indcl. Anxious thought. -hroden Adorned. L. -hryne A sacrament. hroren Fallen. -hiil Christmas. -hrec government. -hyra higher. -Isec^ . oportef. pp. A^^A permission. -hwider Whithersoever. -lirinenes -hwyrf^ touch. Cd. each. An inn. es. Mo. R. -hydan To hide. intended. deceit. ivhoever. man. -hrunnen Assembled. R. f. To everywhere. -hyrned Horned. L. jjleasure. n. /. clean./: gch^o/. v. L. hweorfan. belong. every -iermed Afflicted. 1074. Anywhere. strument. hclan. S. hwftod -ichte. destroy. n. v. S. L. -hwyrpan To convert. tion. a recess. -hwyr. -hwilum So me time. -hrero Banishment. S. an. L. -l^danTolead. L. -hyrstan To fry. 1. -hwedc. -irged Affrighted. v. -hreowan To rue. L. -hwyriftnian. S. L. -hyran To hear. -hy^ljEcan To repeat. se . S. L. -laendc Slandering. catch. -hylt keeps. -laeccan. -loBccan. -hwearf. anxiously. a noun adjective. Geh^a. adorn. pp. Geh^urn With thoughts. lice — hyrsum- Obediently. -lasht. -hwit White. se f. To take. pinnacle. S. An addi-hrifede Brought forth. an exchange. subtilty. to fill. ic -hrine. To hope. m. -huscype. — f -hyrstan To adorn. L. L. L. deride. -laehte. -hyrdnes A keeping. L. g. v. who. -hreman To cry. -inseglian To seal. -hyrde Kept. destroyed. pte. S. -hyld holding. -laeg Lay. hreosan. To touch with an infenes. oppressed.-lacod Numbered. -hrore. vile. Apl. -hyre Soft. kind. confectio. hrisnelic Necessary. lam. -hwset. L. se. take. gft. of. adjective. -hyrsum obedient. -hwanon On all sides. up. v. Iseccan . -Isefan To believe. p. rhiis-scipe A house. -healdan. -hopp A little bag. commodious. Ch. y. — A — A — A — L.-impod Grafted. p. -hwaednes. -hydan.—\\'^\\i^n -lacnian To heal. -hwearf Returned. V. -huslud Communicated. S. L. v. loeep. Obedience. hyra. an-h roe red Ruined. -hvvoes Every one. hyhth'c Season. -hwednes. -hwyrf A -hyt hides. -hriered Ruined. S. S. S. -husan Housefoik. -hrfnan. -hwcer. -lad A loay. •hynan To humble. L. S. while. L. -hsverfnes A conversion. K. Aivht falls. v. -hydnes. -hyspan . turning. ed. nen. pretend. ness. es . hyspendlic Abomi-lire as Rushed. S. -hrun. L. heah. laenan. grief. B. S. -hyd secret place. -Iseht taken. B. horn or scales. L. eke. -hwillicnes Quality. Mind. -horsud Set or mount ed on horsebach. thought. -hreosan To rush. -ihton added. S. -hrione. c . L. huscd-holen hidden. v. se. include. we -hrinon . v. -hyhnd. Turns . V. 2. -hywian. -irmed Contrite. Sadness. se. -hrinan. -hygd A thou'jht. -inlagode Protected by laio. f. ed. -hwa. -hngod Studied. ecan. L. An offering. S. jjp. -lireohnung. f re. he guardianship. icendllc Added to. -hraednes. hrem. apprehend. L. all. covered with -laemed Lamed. -liorsad. ton. regarding. hyrsumian To obey. ihtnys. S. To mock. -hwylc. -hyrstende Comforting. able. -hweled Heated. turned. -hyrwan . Sparingness. -hrorenes Affliction. S. -hwing A corner. ede . To -hremmed hindered. nourished. S. to take hold -hwyrf ^n exchange. osseinbly. prosper. v. -brum pen Wrinkled. Little. G EH GEL Go-hused Housed. L. v. Ex. -hyht ^ hope. increase. L. hyrsumncs -h radian 7^o hasten. S. ger. tion.-incfullian To offend. pp. deck. -hyrsto Trappings.snail. hreosan. -illerocaS ? Surfeited. -hriiio Buildings. v. -lirero Banishment. A conversion. p. either. -hygde Hoped for. -hraecan To guide. -hyldre Safer. ede. -hwsetSer Both. R.e. -hwae^eres meanness. -innod To bring -hringan To ring. -rec. season-hreccan To tell. L. obey. 7?. S. seize. v. inalleable. n. -hworfen Returned. m. blame. hwyrfednes. road. 112 . L. 1 To touch. S. few- — — . v. v. v. small. q\ f. -horwigenflc Unclean. p. able. — — — — — A — . S. publish. — Ge-hyrnes report. -ladian To excuse. -hwilc Each. -hySnes Opportunity . C. leaf. -Iseccean. -hwyrfnian To charge. o/loefan. g. nable. -hryred Rtdned. -liran touched. -hySelic Favourable. 2. L. feign. se . transla. to brush. -hweorf. -hrefian To cover. glazed or -la>nde lent. -hrcaw Rued. anxiety.GEII Gc-holcd Pierced. ice-hrife Whitened. soul. thoughtfully. S. disturbance. S. /. -hvvcede.-hwetted Excited. -hwyrfed -innian . -hrisecS Ought. -hweorfan To change. change. -holpen Holpen. every way. hrinan. pp. -irnan To make an inroad. A making 'hwilenes. care. pp. S. we -laeh-hrysed Shaken. -hruxl A noise. -iiiced yoked. snacgl A housed . L. -hwar On every side. A hearing. S. Isedenlic W/m^ covered lolth leaves. Mediocrity. S. ivhoever.

-lefde Trusted.^. v. -lomed Radiatus. at -ligenod Lied. -landian. m. n. grown. leafleast. -lociau To look upon. -ledd Malleable. -lomlaecan To frequent. v. nes. -la<Sung. JO. connect. L. S. Confidence. se-. low. L. p. S. D. -leht icet. -limp. negligence. Geloda the vertebrce. excuse. cung.. leafa n. Ge-16ca. impostu?ne. dence or passrcord. -lagu -leod. Gelodr A part of the body -lie Like. -last Path. -liman .Ge-lecnian GEL Ge-ligernes. ductile. -londa a brother. -laer Void. v. belief. possessions. S. -li^an To sail. S. frequently. -lagod Sanctioned by laiv. L. continue. -listSelicnis. pp. L. pp. e . ge-16ce Behold! see -loccian To stroke gently.-\\\xtipen To hapjien. de. -leahtrian To accuse. proverb. v. L. -Ipccan To icet. v. p. L.a twin. V. ble. Gelm a hatidful. public place. L. es . allure. -licetan. sp. tc assemlearning. lice -\od-wy TiTormentil. ede . -leaf-hris A leafy bough. v. — Gelise study. -lomlicfan. for lyfst. -lifTaestan To make alive. iceaken. es. duty. JR. — limplic to befit. -leas False. R. -liSewsecan . C. -leogan To lie. -lioma -lioran A m? A -limpan. To -\enge belonging to. S. -lefan To believe. -landian. A frequented or -lifedlice lawfully. v. f. — be leafnes. holy. also. -lomp happened. Ge-lisian To fail. -lomelic. v. fre-lician To please. parture. " Ge-leaf Leave. -lang. semblance. -leoredny s A departing. -landa. to use -liden Sailed. store. -lomlaeoften. rich -lenda. -least Carelessness. fornication. S. rehold-stuff. Learnedness. 1. -lylite . -lome Often. faith- leaffulnes Faithful. L. an . -lefst believest. -leofod lived. -liefan. 2. -lifgean. skill. v. faith. pp. -lifian To live. Iseswian. lie-gem aca A compeer. -lettan To hinder. -lafian. send for. Gelewa yelloic. a chance. -licung A liking. gyldan. C. Houselicnes A likeness. 2. for -lyfst. -litlian To diminish. leornesDedeliver. lomlsecing. on account of. a meeting. loma. A congrega. An event. A suitable. credulous. -lent approached. -licgan To lie together. an. golden. L. knmvledge. To lengthen. man. flood./. To invite. -ligre. study. -li<5ian. ed.es n. quire. in-laSgan To call for. Ire. infidelity. drato out. -long along. lecgan. -lecgd Tossed to and fro. Gelo Saffron. -lampjWe-lumpon pp. L. church. an. -locen Locked. lomlzecnys. stock. J^iV. An. lied. pp. -leafa. v. gelynde. leore. ed.-let An ending. -leah Deceived. flatter. pp. fulness. about the chest. alight. -led laid. image. -lifan To believe. v. L. deceive. omit. To enrich toith lands or -leofst believest. ness. f. m. S.^. -Homes A going. A Light. Care. proper. un- — — — belief. def. -latian To delay. desire to come. o/*leccan. locan. est. -lang Along of. S. A traitor. a common reGe-lifdest Believedst. red nes. f ness. gelese. or . Gellet A large vessel or cup. furniture. . S. li(San. pass-langian To call for.A going out. -leornian I'o learn. p. v. credible. -lendian. L. -lomlic Frequent. liberate. -lecged Laid down. pp. S. diat). An. To enlighten. S. v. An. gilm. onp. ge-lysort. corrupt. death. v. ending. v. — le^flic unfaithful- What may believed. -lomelice -licgean To loiter. — leafnes. -li^egian To soothe. -lihte. equality. Ge-lewan . m. -lihtan. likewise. trust. falsify. -lamp happened. -loma. or season- able. -ligan To lie down. in -leoran To depart. n. learning. -lostr A gathering. delight. acci- cure. To descend. f. glide away. /. moisten. S. se . a Geliese care. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 113 I . -ligen Lying. ernpty. es. S.word A confi— shrewd- S. let. or deredby fate. adultery . geleaflyst Want offaith. — — -. L. learning. Gelden compensation. geolo. To betray. hladan. an . bid. v. parable. -lewend. consequence of. se .fa- — limplice Opportunely. congregate. allowed. A lying with. S. p. -lyfan To believe. permit. ode. ede. belief. liht. society. general. . deliver. n. countryman. S. lewed. -liger. lomlice. ing. K. L. -lang. C. S. -lynd. o/lybban. quickly. meet. m. owing to. lecgan. of lecgan. Geld A Geldan Gelde ? L. yellow. Frequency. fvdlLiable toaccident. license. gl.— limpIsetan To adapt. -luendian To land. in like manner. wselite To appease. emigration.septfoil. -lEewed layman. -loesian To lose. Fornication. leafleas Faithless. -leered Lathered. se'. v. citizen. To land. confidence. foU -legen laid. S. approach. -lend rich. hand. ge. read. credible. die. as. -legd laid. -loden loaden. S. tion. p. se .! GEL Ge-lcendon landed. -lengan . v. brought forth. arrive. delay. L. C. e . v. S. Often. Departure. m. gelese. Yeaned. -Izered Taught. repay. -laengan To lengthen. death. leafful Relieving. f. -lafian. leafsum Faithful. es. quently. L. L. injure. -l£ete. Ge-logian To place. To pay. meeting. tal. L. od. wash. occur. f. -ijBstan To last. p. -leanian To render. delay. G EL lan. Ge-leswian To feed.-]6da A countryman f brother. To pass over. Gelese. To glue or join together. as- — — sent. lica. Consent. lighten. 1. -Ijetan 7'o let go. S. v. McosiOne most like. regulate. mitigate. skUful. adultery. frequenting. -]3dswod fed. limpdent. pp. belonging to. S. Le. sea. lave. es. 7nove. -]sLured Belonging to laurels.-lefenscipe Permission. S. -limpan. ge-leah . Opportunity. p. v. Evenness. S. -llccettan To pretend. Gelomed Shining. traverse. liced Likened. To — A limpan . -loda.

studilustfulling Delight. impediment. de-maelde said. -mearc. -mah watered. v. — A relation. lurk. Fellowship. v. extend. L. -magau . A -mencged Mixed. Ge-man. — To establish.-majn. se . lawfully. S. practice. -maeg-faest A glutton. v. A mate. munan. L. mahsolute. -mal-maegen -mgecnfes. -maca. honoured. v. Gemeleas Negligent. Gelt Gilt. mingled. -magn Saucy. bold. A hind-lyfed Ripe {of age). — -meder To a godmother. se . An. -lymplicnys. -med A consent. L. honour. L. copulation. m. ge-munen. Moderate. Ge-mencednys. -merran To mar. an equal. humble. many. L. appoint. a mere. urgency. to describe. shameless. de . ge-meneitcged. -msecce. -meenan To mean. bold. member est . tude. -lynd Grease.ed. join. An end. lice Co/nmon/?/. Mo. — v. scribed. A communion. v. memorable. -lutian To bend. gemang jjani. An. -lustfullian To delight. conjunction. -lystan To please. greatness. versal. given withhonour. -menigfildan To multiply. -menigfealdan. An. -medren Related on the mother's side. ge-mencgnys. -maad. . -mahnes. deter-lyfan. communicate. -msegnan To mingle. L. impor-lytlian To diminish. G^menis. e. gylt. S. -msed Troubled in mind. fellowship.A boasting. beloved. es . patiently •maestan To fatten. S. f. meleaslice S. m. maest . of the back. m.-mared Enlarged. p. -magas relations. S. moan. GEM GEM -maenli( d.y. -mad Mad. L. L. Negligently. husband. meet. S.^cost — — — • suredly. g^menn Care. Ge-maenlg-fyldan. f. — On f — — — f Earnestly. -faest. fatness. saucy. migan. -mseclic Relating to a consort. -msecce. gilded. by a mother.-madYSinTo magnify. ma'n. mabnelice. p. familiarity. L. -meli Shameless. es . Ge-meltan To melt. /. -mahllc Greedy. Cohabitation. limit. Le. Th. confirm. -lyfedlic Permitted. 114 . Fat. }ju ge-manst thou re- — S. desire. A felice Stoutly. Babbling. exhort. Ge-mang. Ge-ludon Descended. mad. irr. fellow. m. ^ mix. -malic Importunate. se . covet. rance. n. uni. -msen. /. es . Der. general. -fealdan To tio.-4 com. -lumpe. v. -mace. -higon Falsified. maetan. lS. /. Import unity. lug. v. -medemian To honour. The loiucr part -mseSegode Bestowed. boundary. n. S. v. -maeiSrian To gratify. S. -magnes. — ment. one time. lawful. condescending. A bers . importunately. L. -lynde. pi. . S. increase. Opportumset . v. Negligence. fat. -mynd. . boundary. -maecscipe. tunity. -meencgan. maelan. -mjere. tribe. /. association.-mere a boundary. pi. en. mzensumung. L. sacra. do. ge-mecca A consort. -maersung Magnificence.Gemang. compa. -maennung. /. adj. ed. munion. Geman To care for. burden. or Gemang )?am In the mean- pan to boast. -mangode gained. remain. -magdnes. a wife. nicfensumnes. -maersian To praise. S. ed. -luggian To pull. re nion.-ma*el Conversation. generally . S. S. maet-lyhte ^Enlightened. an . v ge- menigfeald Manifold. mingling together. M. ge-mencgdnys. multiply. maeg*. S.faestnes Mod ration. mahlicnes. v.^me. Gemenelic Common. cumbrance. lustfulnys Delight. n. kinsman. Gelsa. ConfecGelt a debt. mark. — f gymen. -maclan To make. male companion. es. mine. An. -maeeca. -maere. -maegenian. es . maeg. care.-menigfild Multiplied. — — -med mad. defiled. -lumpen Happened.ne. -moedrian To condescend. S. -medred. — Gelgilpan. lustfullice — — sumian. wicked. pi. An. attentive. geraencged. gemengced Mixed. v. Power. se. -manian To admonish. A minglivg. an . -menged. e . lyfedlice With leave. amongst another. connexion. vola. -maeeca. se . gilp. e . se. — ^ GcmieneCom/won. -maeg* a family. maet-faested Compared. marriage. ture. -maennes. v. se f. de pp. v. an assembly. ?w. manig. belly. Ge-mangcennys. Ge-meca. selpe m. ously. To -marsian To celebrate. -meldod Betrayed. then. prep. A company. ship. confused. dishonesty. importunate. -mendfull Mindful. p. the loins. mangian. -msengan To mix. S. Gemearr. confusing. S. society.-mah. take note. commerce. enlarge. n. ge-munon v. ge-mon {he) remem-maeg. se /. lieve. L. . limit. L. mearcian -lydan To arrive. V. feald. S.f. mixing.Le. ? Care. lowship. 8c. -maet Fitted. occasion. -maeg <5. an. an . Ge-mercad Marked out. -mend a memorial. I pp. Gemana. C. trust. Luxury L. S. Communion. L. se. -lymp An accident. -martyrad Martyred. S. C. great multiconjugal. -lysed Redeemed. -lytfullice Prosperously. es. Redemption. S. -maed. Geman The hollow of the hand. lysednes -maette dreamed. — Common. L. collection.-mear An end. modest. regard. — msbnt'li'c. •mienGelpnes. f. mengung mixing. A mixture. sole of the foot . myrcn A A twin. To be.— GEM Gelp boasting^ v. honour. m^nsuman. ac Among. termination. -maedla Menstrua. -maca. -mace.-mangnys. ede pp. perversen ess. pp. spoil. -mengde. S. gemearra A vain -l^fan To abide.—Ge- -Gemelest -g.-mannian To supply with men. nity. S. temperance. — Gemen Gemen People. lie hid. L. /. K. L. as-l. . S. -lufed Loved. cause. -malice Importunately.

-niimor Known. L.f. bounds. Gende. S. -mieltan To boil thoroughly. but some were elected. day. elective franchise -sern a meeting place. mingere. -mundbyrdan.Gemm a gem. -miclian 1. 2. or moot. gicn metliceiViee</j/. od. abundantly. asso-mincged Mixed. riht^ husbandman^s right. sen by classes. dest. govern. -me. -nacodian . es . gan. memorial. -monigfealdan Tomultiply. a senator. I'o melt. cunning. Ex. It -naemian. I. faet. moreover. -mund Meditation.-molten Molten. To melt. S. se . j)p. hasien. reason. magnificence. mea mea^M/e. v. patronize. S. L. disco- stow A memory place. protection. -milt Consumed. bring to. L. -mid\ia. \. . modestly. — — — — . a hall. and they were cho. -neat-mann. Care. -metung. -mildsian To pity. To name. temjjer. husbandman. moderate.A measuring vat. ode -metsian To compare. — — — A — — — S. v. bH<5e A grateful remem. Gend-blawan To blow through meeting day or andaeg or against. Genea-laecan To approach. de . met. Ex.admonish. recollect. nipan.me7nory. defend. granted for services or rent. ed. parliament of the A nglo SaxTo assaidt. land Land ciate. R. at metlicung Mo. counsel. order. moGen. extol. invention. -neat. A measure. commemorate. n. . S. memorial. vioderation. es. Electing. myclung. vex. remind.-monnad Manned. for ge-nom. To keep strain.es. council.-rnidd]\an. by heart. limit. de To protect life. toay. less. to separate in the middle. gena. rash. mad. mode. vassal. proper. eiice Ry memory. S. ditate. One holding or enjoying land ^m/. assail. nupfor service or rent. -metnes. mdinwAmoot or counback or against. without book. Again. f. An. l8ecnung. loittemperance.remem. pp. Mlnd. met. supply. 'To Jind. modsumian To agree. afflicted. assem-metedues.a/-rfon.A marriage. — benumbing. es n. S. mortal. attend. need. es -myngian To remember. -met-mann A moderate man. -molsnod Rotten. -myudinToremind. in the -nses. as yet. od. To divide. ness. mucSa. L. ted. m.-mung. L. S. tial. analogous to -nap Shaded.-nsestan To contend. de. n ? An assembly. metan. pp. assembly. consider reflect. -nacian. -metlic Fit. To increase. saved. m. -leasnes Witlessness. resolve. — -. bishops and -nseged Subdued. Q f A meeting. — . GEM GEM GEN . -metung. igMinddete7'?nine. da^g Commemoration or birthdrepe Mind's swoon. brance. moderate. S. -meSgad Impaired. regulate.e. v. S. elic Belonging to m^emory.GemyS mouth of a river. mindleas intention. Ge-mynd.-nsete Oppressed. sort.-mittung. concord. agreed. consultapp. -multan -munan. ber. gung.Ge-mod Of one mind. fitly. giena. -nseson. te .-mon took. L. Modestly. mad-mi't-fsest Modest. -m6t. Forgetful. -man. gimm. servant. tore- -midlige A bridle.se. knights. L. v./. metan. a •metegian To measure. S. 2>. ii. Ex.n. -njeglad Nailed. e -meting. very much resembled our pjy. Gemong among. S. L. moderate. lethargy. -metgnng.]. extempore. press.l. Mindless. modjjencende 2. /. I 2 115 -motod Disputed. v. To make bare. memorable. discovery. darkthose who now possess the ened. S. stow -4 To pour out fully. present parliament. anxiety. melted. An. -nesan. wise. call to mind. farm<2r. posed it . gengde went. Moderation. rate.-mitting. melted. Ge-met./. . -moted Measured.-myltan. adhere.es. naked. an p. -nieten measured. L. e. commemorat ion. L. -migan To icater . -mind. tion. Measure. -miltsung Mercy. -milcian To milh. C.A meeting. Ge-neadian To compel. -mudsumnes An agreement. ful. ode . -mittincg. — -met Meet. deration. abbots. 2. S. -gian. L. p.es. sobriety. S. mote length. e . -iiamian p. -mynegod Remembered. na '^emot An assembly of the -niefd Necessity. assembly. thegns. p. de. e . met-ftestlice -wyrSe Worthy of rememModesty. v.— metgian. S. -metu Metre.— mimorlice Knowing. R. S^c. e. -riiiud Memorial. hitherto. Mindless.A meeting. -mete. metan. Gemot Gen-arn A meeting. geneahhe Enough.— . metegung. op-miltsiend. e f. leas. -nietan ver. H. mood. restrain. -mildscad Mixedicith honey. t. A man. S. were members of it. R. ficiently. mittan To meet. R. ded. verse. se /. orders and persons tliat com. advice. agreeing. -myndig Mindful. n. R. ode . find. Witetion. the gentry or ons. met-foBstnys brance. ly. — — mind- ration. v. v. -motConciliating. C. R. gemang. Ge-monian To remind. besides. painted. -metgung. To Gemong A multitude. 2. An. A discovery. guidance. enTo "praise. -miltsian To pity. munglic Marriagelike. R.— stow A memorial. A pitier.-myclian To extol. An. A deliberation. od. -mettan Eaters. considebrance. /. /. geotan cilman. v. meet. glory. purpose. -myrred Seduced. — -miclung. the supreme council or -nsegan p.Ge-mindig. -man. S. /. — benlmming A mind — — . -mon remembers. Gemnis. a me- An./^wa^joro«c^. An. es. ede. Geneahe. sMl. The king. putrified. An invenbly.S. geana. tian . -nearwian To straiten. clouded. drato near. To remember.S. v. -mundian . R. es . — — — — — — — — — . v. delirium. a memorial. Jit. moet found. -metod painted. -geneahht SufTo remember. mindiglicnes A rememner. R. S. venerable. flowan To fioio term.-munen remembered. m. — — — m : . -mundig Mindful. Agreeing. Greatness. met. large. admonish. . ill the middle. to strip. -near A refuge. p. meeting place. n.

GeofFrian To offer. formerly. Gentod Driven. plenty.f Abundance. pp. Mo. Geol. A yolk of an -nehost At once. Youth. Geond-blawan To blow through flood. adj. S. Geolo-adl The jaundice. invite. v. Cd. /. Ge-neosian To visit. an . -nedan. S. -nioman To take. asfar as. of old. Genlade. -nyrwian To narrow. Gemht. deliverolwian geolster geolstrig. ?n. K. A bundantly. mist. -geara Of old. Enough. Through. liee Sufficiently . poison. Th.ge-neosung A visiting. m. nerian. -niwian To renew. es . folen -feran To pass over. darkness. gegenetSen : genitSlan. n. geohul. gangan Genip. coercive. groan.gengdonpasserf. geneohhe. -nierwed Distressed. Ge-nirwed Vexed. end. vel over. Geo-gara.destroyer. An abundance. n. m? also Ge61a. decliiie. To go through. en. To dare. oppose. L. — sum A bun. L. S. To S. deliver. save. harshly. An. ny ^ermngHumiiity. Se sera abu7idaiitly . abundantly flod Ocean or sea deep. assist. en.Geofian To give. make enough or sufficient. yonder. sad. abound. suffuse. gild. : : — — — heretofore. enougli. Genyd-magas. S. geomor. v. R. L. related by blood. sceaft Geona. A cloud. verely. compel. iuc. Power. — read Saffron. Geneop Overwhelmed. condemnation. sacrifice. nededlic Compulsive. es. Geolca. — — — save. S. v. 116 examine. -nesen To heal. rash. To Genneahlie nigh. ed. Geogelere. docility. e . e Geonan To yawn. adj. over. long ago. prep. K. ser. v. beyond. -neo<5erian To condeynn. Geoc. ode . A sobbing. Geon-beran To bear against. obtain. genoh -nycled Knuckled. about. of a yoke. plenty. rejoice. L. crooked. dant. gan. low.y.— re Firmly. yS Sea. — — — — . -nerenes A taking. v. Gennelung. pi. an . plenty. A Genge A Jiock. . Geniht-full Plentiful. L. genga ? privy. v. geondan adv.v. m.G. Geond . L. sufficiency. Le. n. gen. an f. Cd. v. — — — — — — . v. -necSan Genes burh Gainsborough. stout. Le. Hatred. grudge.a hworfan To turn through. Matter. — rand A yellow rim or shield. go on boldly. gymen. Gengde. pp. S. e j f. Le. Genog. Ge-niman To take. a discharging.gan. pour through or out. abundant.an . Apl. succour. — — — — Geomen care. B. the state of youth. strengthen. recovering. to Genehhe near. 1070. 7n. e. Ge-nunga Quickly.geogu<5. ian To grieve. geniht.Geomrung A lamentation. ing. p. straw colour. ode . -teotSung A tithing of young. the young. It youngling. p. f. Ge-nehlice Chiefly. niwung A Geoht A yoke. Geolna The Egyptian stork. ganian. orange. restrain. S. — mod Sad-minded. Geolajcan To make glad. -nerwde vexed. m. scinan To shine scatter. keep. geo hwilum. compel. -nses. Geo 1. -nitSerung. or moistening bondage. sumlic Abundant. def se geolwa. genyhe-magas Geolewearte A nightingale. plentiful. e'. sawan To soiv about. geneah. Geomian To take care of'S. genoh Christmas. Geofon. m. olwum . lihtan To enlightGeniSlan . geo dagum Venom. w.for Der. p. at last. condemn. An ahus The sea house. -neosan.geomrian geomrung. Geoc. K. L. — hwit Yellow white. He Youthlike. genhlade. geotan T'o fog. resist.L. fulfil-ner a refuge. L. Geomrian . ede . sufficieticy. -nyttan To enjoy. L' -nemnian To name. au . L. 2. a yoke. saviour.Ayoke. -nyt compels. -nerigan To Ge-nyman To take. December. -near. leohtend^ looker -nitSla. helper. gehhol. lie Doleful. saved. d. Le. Subjection. S. geoneHithertOfthrough. preserved. mourn. Geolster. se. Geolo. geoleca: agement . v.under Geomeleaslice Carelessly. help. L. Geng. Afoe.— ^xxuxnes. S. strig Corrupted. Genian to yaivn. v. S. —Der. he -nistj p. Yellow. geolstru. Yond. ^. Genyht. Geo Formerly. strong. S. Geneohhe. S.— GEN . enough. Genehe Enough. L. geh^u. v. L. od. pjj. de Wetting. de. /. Geomer. yule. Geomor- — : — : — A fr6d Sorrowfully old. Qenefa. v. egg. the ark. fruitful. Geomor Grim.Ge-odon — sorrowful. -nySerlan To humble. — — Ge-nidde compelled. compass. an . Ge-nohtod Used. strength. Ge-ni^le. ed. geong. The after yule.f.geolwes. To -ian . -nydan. geola I'he ere or before yule. K. force. lice went.es. geomerian. L. genlade AnunloadGengyme . beyond. assistance. The sea. S. A meeting assembly Genhlade. we -nsson . e . v. L. beioail. afflictive. urge. ac. Comfort. es . thither. Ch. To or Brave. to . v. gyfon. scriSanTo trarnity. -ne<5en Sufficient. noted. S. gan. an arm of the sea. — — — — — — — — — — — — — . Der. de. v. pp. round. Hyge-. Geol- — — — -blaec Yelloto-blaek. Sufficiently. m. plentifully . Geoc-boga The bow -geoca. geocsung. I G EO GEO Ge-iiec-4 lightship. noh : —Der. n. chatter. Filled throughout.e. Genogan To multiply. Genge beoii To prevail. A nepheio.wave. geohhel. ance. Geoc. genehe. Geoesa. tawny. in Flanders. "-suvci. S. Se a^ftera geola Genoh Sufficient. Greatness. Geoleccan To allure. L. -nesan. secan To seek out. [gal merrylThe merry feast. corruption. afiigate. bring under. violent. Genge would go. seize. genehe. overcoming by grieve. B. door. m. -nedan. p. Assisting. p. Le. Those necessarily related. hiccup. bilor against.— hkd leccensurvey. Geogo<S. mod. Le. Der. i>er. Le. January. bu7idance. Geold a payment. ian To sticca A bolt of a yoke. v. L. a bar. Geonc young. geofu. od. v. e. -nydan To press. foul. S. es.. A juggler. sorrowful. S.Youth. Geond. L. S. -ni<Serian To condemn. pp. faran.Geohsa A sobbing. L.f A gift. * during. nearwian. S. neali. Geof. v. after. subdue. es. GeohcSu cnre. S. to be recovered. through. S. -sumian To suffice. to blast. es . Gent Ghent.

-gyrn . occupy. v. J. sprjec.-rsedro. earn. Heah-.— ra. \. or city under an Ealwell. L. Cd. ed. an . young. v. vestigate. structed. disciple. Geonetan . yonder. 2. -raehte Reached. prudent man. steadfast. govern. se. cmp. cal officer of the shire or gently. corrected. gekt. f. v. disfigure. smean. eager. Geotend. Ge-orrettan. R. an artery or vein. minority. pour out. -raed Beady. S V. -reda.-rsec Opportunity.— GEO G . Georw-iuitie^ Diligence. decree. pp. -opnian To open. Diligently./. C. distracted. spurned Over spurned. . — — — — — • — — lice. pp. obedience. -rec. L. 2. compel. melter. far and near. S. dili. S. cup. spregde Poured out. government. K. To Der. reeve or sheriff. careful. es . f. ung. subjection. es .-radod Arranged. conditioned. — — — -ra. 2. v. inornament. 3. counsellor. -raed. de- -rffidnys. an . suited. ser. Der. se geonga geongra . define. S. embroidered. -recenys. 1. slaepGeorne . C. to extend. m. S. condition. Earnestness. crooked. reed. eX' Geon-hweorfan To bring back. 2. account. diligent. rsefnLin. -word Beady speech. seize. Geong Sighs . full.bailiff. ling Geotere. prudence. wisdom. to-: gota. Ge-refa. Geot yet. pp. -reccan. /. es . L. ness. Geong -rafende Bifting. S. L. A nar'ration. follower. gegoten dom Youngership. care. M. exposition. nes. spettau To spit or squirt out. and gefera. Toocto be out of hope. — — A — — A A A — A — A . Ge-rad.-recan. -rsef Fixed. it ought. Deceiving. jo. eager. S. -orwyr<5ed Disgraced. spreot Sprouted heyond. -orguton . diligent. -plantod Planted. -lirec Rule. sit. ridiculing. Young. prepare. S.L. mzed A goverdesire. S. industry. Der. wic-. Ge-reafod Bereaved. tun-. 3. heap. m. plain. gilp-. To despair. hicGeong direction. subdue. f. manner. fortS-. geona. georn. p.i/oM5- — ing. Merit. -wlitan To lookover or beyond. sprcenged Sprinkled or loet through. fully. p. C. 1. g. Considered. gyt. S. Geone through. stuffing of the head. pervaded. sp. v. se . georn Desirous of praise. S.fill up. -ras It became. disciple. j9j3. A — A A A — — ^ : — A — — — A — — — — — . Ge-ortruwian To distrust. m. licnes Youth. -recenGeonung. A-. An. Geonian To yawn. county. ruler. I>esirous. Geon-smead Made manifest.. geap. nion. cleaving. lof-. slander.hreowan. or-scipe -reaht Baled. Mo. A petition. v. Der. tender. pi. e. prose. of a sheriff. a resolution. -rffidan To read. -reaw rued. es. -had. shut in. Gerd yard. 1 A7i endeavour. Georman-leaf The Mallow. S. S. scir-. C. m. sp. od. Ed-: geogo^.Ge-rade In order. Geonre There. learned. — — — — — a decree. -rseft Torn. shed. tion. establish. L. anxiously or diligently. -reccednes. an m. reach to. gan. v. obbutary land. boy. a fellow. Geow You. Geowe^an To subdue. spair. spider. f. youngling. gyrnes. trappings. To pour.Geotton confirmed. fix. young shoot. study. minority. instruct. mann A seon To look over. reesan. m. zeal. geond-. -reedu. -redu.Jugurtha. intent. -pose The pose. fervour. stredan To spread over. an intention. quick. v. a direction. Yowigership. conspiracy. -raepan To bind. solicitous. argue. Der. Georn-est Earnest. To desire. compaDer. -reclicle Widely. -plsegde Danced. Georst Heath. GeoweorcSa. -radnes. report. ut. smead ian. A female scholar. erdom. 117 — — — cmp. cupy. correction. L. gear. an associate. -rscdian . -recednes. say. purpose. as Lof. hisyawning. geonet. vice. Ge-openian. -rsestan To rest. Geoxa. de . Ge-ondettan To confess. Clzen-. Le. scipe Office fuUice Most xious. -pyndan To pound. endeavour. S. n. service. tory. geraitus. -punian To pound. Prudence. adj. m. S. re.Ge-rad. S. the fisor . dustry. vehe. on-. ost Earnestly. teach. Geong-cempa A Geotan. in. -rar A roaring. K. geara. L. 2. antain. gle6-. point or comma. deface. hasten. -pilod Heaped or piled up. tio7i. -reca. ge-ridan. L. Cd. v. seek for. yrnan To run through. Georfulnes? 9. ansicer. an . plaited. f. def. L. 1. chievous. inyearn. earnest. e. -swerian To yondswer. rod. furniture. steward. -raeding A decree. path. Therefore. offended. S. To make ready.L. S. lie Youthful. firm. arrange.\Ge-Tddd. Gere well. Georn . gravedo. -recenod Explained. extended. on that account. Geo-sceaft [geoc?] Power. n. L. tell. S. he gyt . Geornes. derman. chattering. Geosterlic Of yesterday. -radscipe. /. v. A — . desert. L. -price -pricod Pricked. be-. correcjourney. -orw6nan . se /. goaded. we young soldier. Prudent. ed. de.—u'dY6eAnsivered. C. es. studious.d. rule. Georstan-daeg Yesterday. an . -raewud Set in roivs. anxiously. S. out. twig. Bended. S. lie Earnest. v. diligence. an interpretabraying. — -raesde rushed.f Industry. nor's wages. Mo. intent. An ordinance. break. re An adj. To defile. goten. m. B. L. gyngest . holding. gorse. -wsefre. Th. — Georsod Enraged. harness. very -radigean To reason. renopouring Gerdel a girdle. vate. se . Ge-picod Pitched. -reccean Geong went. L. e . ER GER Qeond-sendedOverspread. Ge-rad Beady. an . mis. spoiled. an.require. gyrdel. geocsa. narration. Geref-landTnment. reason. geatan. consider. lay hold of.C. skilful. -rsewen. port-. f.e.fullic Full of -raecan To reach. f. L. . instruct. termination . se. v. S. -reapan To bind. geoxung a sobbing. Hinder-. prudent. Anxiously. Ge-rad invaded. Ger a year^ Der. S. Gep. S. agent. shew. anxious. To defame.idel-. adj. -smeagan To search out. IsecanTo make young. -reccelic Drawn. S. Consideration. pupil. entirely.

tom. m. seize. L. -an To make right or straight. p. m. -retSor. mixed. tell. S. f. Gesaca. 1. sacrament. sealed. fit. we -saehtlad Reconciled. he at leisure. or old. K^ 'lis rfman To number. nes ung dindinner. church. ge-seon. great. reason. cious. saelignes Happiveniency. -risene. respect. to adorn. agreeableness. speech. obstacle. es . Friendly con. -rifen Seized. L. risenes -sseman To arbitrate. Reasonable. discretion. S. L. -reocan To smoke. -rowen Roioed. gos. in composition. L. GER Geref-scire GES a Ge~rimpan. paration. m. L. L. ed.. -sastu. -re tan To refresh. vvisnes Distincclearly. scad . S. -semnung. enlarge. food. 'shire.Language. -scseningnes. Conveniency. dining-room. run. Hostility. a 2. Gerscipe. repast.-sam-hiwan Companions. -ras. Happily. es . -saed Said. knight -rumpen Rough. S. or proper. L. union. -risen. S. hit -rist . decree. crseft The num. -rested Roasted. satisfy.A preparation. repast. an . -sceaft. mediate. plunder. Grist. — — — — — The time for talking. Rest. correct. -rumpon.snake-iceed. nes Setting right. -risan. -rehtad Made whole. -saega A saying.e py. — — — rivalled. make room. relation. pp. to cohabit. S. fulness. tradition. plninedst.f. succeed. adj. S. sam. -sebIIic Hapnung A conspiracy. decide. an m. Gerivv Sorrow. computation. ner. 2. reo. S. 2. . A ing. e . -scffift a creation. L. -risen A seizing. con. A robe. p. -re<Sres. Gerst. roiving. reafian. Gerlan To clothe. duty. -regnian To set in grow ripe. wyrt Shade-ivort. C.rf sne . -reosan To fall. -sael2. An adversary. invade. Separate. to take. Geres fen. to be suitnate. -rist. direct. -seta. Together. 1 To rise -saelan To happen. agreeable./". — . L. -reohnung. -risnian To agree. good. wisian To justify. C. 2. rehtest Ex. imth. wisende. 1. lay icaste. -riht. Gers grass.f. comes. shade. A congregation. -sawon saio. v. -rypan To reap or moio. conconversation. torn. -?8etnes. S.e Happily. county. meal- time.-ryscne fit. e'. — — . -sflettednys A situation. teacher of the laiv. day of death. Convenient . -wite. Appointed ?acu. L.— vjis\\c Discreet. Geryd Levis. -sanco Suckers. meet wVh.. m. Gern-winde Yern-wind . L. ig-hus to dine. Gerela. be fortuor stand together. Gesca. A dashing together. ian To refresh. agreeably. betion. open. R. -rifled. laic. -rehte Mules. Gerisen-lic Con. -lie. torinkled. -samnian To assemble. open. advantage. ode pp. Right. v. to correct . S. Fitly. marsh. space. -risen . cortically. — — — — A — A A Ge-rislic Convenient. es n. be wrinkled. es n. C. to ride through To be roomy. an 7n. ian -rid an To ride. hus A dining room. distinct-ruxl A tumult. m. confedevenient.e '. -szeliglice. take food. repast. L. v. L. Ges geese. licor More difference. able. prudently. -rinan To touch.-\iceSeparafely. Distinct.'] -rif [reafian to seize^. time. ascohabitation. pruGeor over. relation. rusHed. p. ease. suitable. Gerwigan To prepare. restscipe. An imA counsellor friend. sffiled Tied. a break- — — — — — — . -renod Seasoned.reason. cee. bering art. — — . "[. v. discretion. sat down. GES -ramp. an . a loaterman. -scfenctest Thou hast given drink. — . S. dence. -scead. pearled sight. Seats. -saeged Sacrificed.f. relate. enpediment. m. -sablilice. ceremony. -Yisue. A companion in sawenlic. V. bistoria. ivorthy. ing. L. shake. lie with. -scsenian To lessen.dwellings. [run a secret. -re<Sru . seizing. L. L. C. Gerhwamliee Yearly. capture. fit. To rest. wislice Disreasonable. -sseld. roomy. strive. A se-ri'cod Enriched. a Saddu. Gernde Is busy. Ex.Gerino liuildings. synagogue. nes ConGe-reord. agrees. Gersume. L. reprove. Gc-regnian To set in order. g. suits. rum Roomy. Le. joined. -si3egdnes A mystery. An oar. Ge-renian. -scopp-hwil. G. se. -4 site. — — A A -sam. n. Room. ^?. -rumpen To -sadod Filled. affliction.\. accord. L.-sawan To sotv. cequus. fortunate.-SEelig.A treasure. sembly. S. To rest. rectify. K. A • . To -ssegen A saying. S. enlarge. v. noise. unite. order. -runnen Run together. L. 2. S. resp Fixed. we Ge-sadelod Saddled. reord. L.es. S. L. To — — . fit. f. od. Gerlic Yearly. -soet S<it. e. -scsenednes. separate. sailor. es . told. -reofage seizes. cus- Gerwung. v. an . -S(el<5 Happiness. -rid-mann^ ho7'seman. A -runa. reasonable. -sargod Grieved. Ge-soad. seek. S. S. -reonian To conspire. scadan. -re^ra. -riflodj-rifod Wrinkled. feast. v. clear. pp. prosperous. -rice A kingdom. rise<S It behoveih. calendar. felicity wealth. S.justice. denotes Germanie Germany. Stewardship. rect.— ]^can To lie Mystical. judian To 1. — Ge-rosod Belonging to roses jS. -s^wenMc Before the verse. n. rise against. -sselig-lic. S. -renu Ornaments. lice. Stiffness.-rysed Shaken or stirred together. arithmetic. -ryne A mystery. Ge-rum. rationally. -ripian . Gerora Banishment. 2.—\iv. decree. barley. distinction. ly. WIS. creetly. A making up. •sjEgan To say.Right direct. ChACQ]. direct. e. lice MyS' bring to right.!. es . a table. v.-risene Fit. ductum [apnd textores]. L. riht adj . -rined biS Is rained upon. Ge-ryman To extend. f. enlic. ness.L. L. reason. a delay. -regnung A making up. m. samnung. — — — — — — — intelligent. se . : . justify. gruity.-sacan To contend. -szellice racy. gaers. -restan 1. tion. situathing settled. Ge-rip A harvest. prosper. -rim A number.

1009. o-sceanian To shake. —an Ta 119 crown. Gese. damn. -scyldnes. -secgean. -seald Given. — selignes Hap. confess. -scald-wyrt Groundsel. song. 1101. Related. What is determined Destiny. A lay. -scea A sobbing. C. ed. oppressed. -scy Shoes. adorned. -soropenes. cut through. -sewen. fence. sceaten To fall to. sumnes Concord. an. CA. -selenis Tradition. pruned. An agreement. L. nes Relationship. L. -se<San To utter. mar. forming. An fA agreement. -s^ceanTo seek. prove. es . ceremony. seman Tocompose. 1. -scendnes. developement. -settan To set. accommodated. n. se . A school. -scendao To confound. tice. C. -sceaph'ce Properly. K. -sceapen Formed. L. -sceorf ^ gnawing. agreement. — -sumlice Peaceably. p Jju -sceandnes Confusion. relative. protect. declare. v. Nature. Peaceable. we cree. -sceaplanting. -scored. -scerian To bestoiv. defile. seon. I GES -sel. -SCO ten Brought. -sibb relation. A creafor. -sieh^. scapan. confusion. n. -sceapu. fit -sceaft. safeguard. pi7iess. -scea^an To injure. B. blush. A companion. es .-sene for -sewene or -segene. -scirpan To sharpen. -selda. a crea. A creation. for -seah. peaceably. to find ing. S. -scirpla. \}\i -sihst. se '. m. -syh. e -yf. meetly. inquire. division. — A vessel. command. -screncean. separation. verenda. to catch. ly. v. An applying. Ch. -settednys. possess. -sicelod.se :/. hand precept. -seglian To sail. pp. dpfeat. -scyppan To create. -sellan To give. -seten Settled.-scraf decreed. -scyndnys -seeot. -sceowan To look around. inquiry. a fitting. -scyldend. concord -siced Weaned. explain. -sene Clearly. -sepfen Seen. L. S. provide. ac. -scild an To -scan to see. sign. triumph. 1. -scinan To shine. -seon. To a ship. -sem. S.-sculdre The shoulders. verify. screncednes/^sw^-sceap. -send Sent. p. com. plant. -sida Sides. hurt. sold. -sib -sibb v. 4. 2. -scipan To ship. -scapa Pudenda. S. Form. -sceo. -setnes position. -segnan To mark. placed. de. es . -scrifan To shrive. to go on board -secgan. /. A protector. To maJte ashamed. we ge-sceoton . — — A — ian -lie sib. -sce^tan. constitute. . impose. p. segen To see. -seuling servant.-scy red Scored. pp. An. dioelling. -seted. — — — A — — loving peace. -sencan To sink. made at peace. To -sceran To cut. 1. es . — — settle. L. shield. Cd. contract. dweli'mgs. -slewed Soived together. appoint. -scindan To confound. ling A relation. -setu Seats. affirm. Sight. allied to. -screnctyst. Ge-scola. bestowed. -scyrped Sharpened.— GES Ge-seafen Shaven. -senade Signed. sumian To be reconciled. 2. ivell. in danger. make for. sculder. L. apt. populate. C. v. I. -seh saw. submit. -segen Tradition. I. -sceop Created. disgrace. S. accommodation. nl A reproof. give up. reconciliation. -sceppan To create. sanction. an overturning.-seoc Sick. -scroppe Convenient. Ge-seah saic. habitation. v. L. form. -screaded Cut. -sea pen Formed. mand. Der. to load. companion. f. 3. -sceapenes. felloic. v. S. S. -scyrpt Furnished. of-s6gen Seen. -screope Fit for. shot. fitly. appeal. A A -sewen seen. es . es m. defile.compronme. •sell. -scaniian To shame. -scappennes A formation. an -secednes. -scrifan. -sceot. mandate. he ge-scytt. -serif. f. S. ture. sceap. ivhat is created. C. scot. To shorten. gyse Yes. an avenger. R. shifted. -scerpte Adorned. Der. -sele tabernacle. he -serened . L. m. -sceiid §• Der. A A -seunes The sea. verturn. v. A creation. constitution. L. to be sick. -sigefaest Triumphant. /. -sceod Covered. L. A -sewenlic Visible. m. appease. sick. What is formed by the -screpelice Aptly. -scippan To create. K.-scyldgian To be guilty. tion. -seon. se . says A fellow- A -scomian To blush. lat. -scyft Divided. -setnian To lay wait.deprave. -seon. settle. appoint. -scyrtan . S. -setednes. condemn. n. -sceawian To regard. -scot. -te. prescribe. -Htod Ruined. give.de. dart. -seah. S. decree. expose. institute. To pacify. nm. cast away. replace. gise. -scyldru shoulders. sceaft. gesceot. S. L. v. 2. created. pi. -scyld Indebted. A protection. se . v. -scierpan 3'o sharpen. decreed. search. pu. -scrincan To shrink. 2. an arrow. To supplant. -setl A seat. jju -sawe. -seoh . bless. shorten. spear. K. -scyidan To shield. 2. -scyndan Tn put to shame. tradition. se . L. of kin. lice With an alliance. GE3 . defence. book. -sell. -serif. to impose penance or -sawon . an . S. Po-scrydan To clothe. to deceive.\. put. e . Related. L. guilty. sign. marked. ge. gesyhS . Created by the mind. -seowid Leavened. 2. refuge. nes Aprotection. /. contract. -sceortian.Ge-sehtodan Settled. 7n. S. pp. V. allay. C. -scot an arrow. -scoren Shorn. S -sigan To sink. an debtor. shield. figure. -4 confound. pi. -segan. -setted Placed. L. To fail. settle. -siclod. sition. as. meet. imp. ic -seu.— -&nm. v. Clothing.-secan. 3. The natural part. -scod Shod. An. L. — -seltS Happhiess. institu-seryfu ceremonies. S. — — — sumnng S. to advance. L. a sacred jylace. -seotu Dwellings ? Cd. p. divide. K. created. e . convenient-sceauiian tion. -sce^^ed L(ssus. v. foundation. A A -selig Happy.-seon. pudenda. -scropelice Fitly. come -syclod BeinfirMi sick. ge-scad. -sceod Shod. censure. laio.f.

determine. p. A vision. feigned. S. -soden Sodden. 2. Z. 7nates. -siowed Sewed together. S. -somnung A congregation. -spesivn perched. inquire. -siwod Seiced. • an . business. -sneCu^q^. social. riches. -slapari To sleep. strife. Gest for ggest A guest. view. A speaking. -spou Enticed. S. treasure. pp. sub. -stigan To ascend. inhabit. Ge-stud Stood. K. A consort. resert. -slyht. L. see. taste. -strinan To gain. C. -stihtung A disposing./. 1. acquire. S. Gravity. Detained. de . -slagen.-'&i\6xsin. -sirian Ge-sicS ) g. -slaegen Slain. seize. L. L. -smicSed Made. S. A companion. -stragung. ger. S. A spring. deliberate.S. -stentan To remind. strike. -sirwan To ensnare. S. K.n. — w snit5an. gesi'Scundmon. ordering. se . To -springan To rise up. -streht Spread. od. When gesi^ fell into disuse. ie -ige. S. ode . establish. stransmiltan To appease. -sion To see. constancy. emolument. S. seasoned. made even^ cut off. C. -stincan To smell. 120 Banishment. S. ge-siS<Ses ni. S. to asconfirm. S. or -scon Tu Gc-snitSung. . -smseccan To -sprecen Spoken. attack. J'elloio. -span The tamarisk tree. fellowship. -speliga. -spornan. -sinscipeMarriage. A smoothing. -streonde Placed out. partners. folloiv. bullock. m. ai'tifice. tread upon. -stihtian . by the sense of smelling. 7nute. strictly. same condition. blow. -igean To assemble. -spanian To persuade. S. v. -sinsciplic Matrimonial. -stondan. -hus. -spannan To join. e. — — product. smutted. es-snid A killing. An. . -staeSSig Steadfast. mount. Ex. soothe. an . rule. get. Gain. m. ther. -stillan. slaughter. destulian tain. procreate. mutiny. peaceable. -spearn. GestlicS Hospitable. -seonaii. '. place. ge. To steal. 1. 2. od. -stffilan To accuse. L. to loin. L -sperod A spearman. exist. v. L. make smooth or even. Ge-strangian To confirm. flatterer. -spryng A spring. discourse. consider. heal. -spornan. -span prompting. -sirihiwe Marriage. keep in. S. C. establish. Ge-sihan. cund-cynn Of the Saxon chief or -s6Sian. S. to perceive forged. -steor steer. 2. seething. an inn. -soht Sought. ode . settled place. possess. society. Gesi^-cund Of the same condition. rep air. fortify. usury. -stal An obstacle. An. Sight. L. an . -sponnen Persuaded. L. -sporian To trace. 2. To steer. S. S. -sparrade Shut. stop. To speak. -steal stall. -Btiht. -stiience Stinking. S. L. To be quiet. maturity. L. C. m. -spi'iEce Eloquent. /. S. do wrong. Vegetatio. called also -gesiS-mon. still. ge-sih^. aspect. L. m. p. -stredd Spread. ed. beaten. p. gesiS 2. To -msegen A friend. -smeagan To search. S. j^egen was used with the same nieaning. quiet. es . es . -soecan To seek. be. v. -sna^. d. to -sprucg Discord. S. B. S. ge- siS^e. ed. -smead Considered. objection. To -spuwan To succeed. 1. Hospitality. C. -sprengan To sprinkle. A companion. -stealla. -streonan. To slay. v. -stacSoIfsestan To found. To marry. B. e. pp. Q. ge-syh^. Apl. -singian To sin. L. R. slaughter. C. -sinlice Curiously. p. -siht. become stronger. Le. To conspire.C. boiled. -sod A boiling. urge. -spring. S. ed. -sprfficelice Loquelaris. R. Went. -spelia. -socS A soother. hall. -strion. -steal An ordinance. Apl. C. neatly made. -sprsec -spraic speed. The military companion or follower of an Anglo- A beginner. L. soften. -feonne. stitute. G. advice. -sta^olung Firmness. pp. w.f. S. -stoeppan I'o step. es . S. S. Ge-stsef-lsered Literate. C. S. L. man. L. store. Spake tcith. -somnian. synagogue. «sniden cut. -stefnde Fixed. tell. -sped an To prosper. -spellian -%ie6ra. -streon. -sleht Clashing./. king. forged. vicegerent.-80C Suck. -snotc Snot. -stolen Stolen. -sinigan -stala. -stah Ascended. weaving. dej pp. gain by contest. R. order. dissame kin. Gestran-deeg Yesterday. sern An inn. -stridan To stride. -sinhiwan Those joined togechurch. -sti^ian To increase. aunion. -smicerad [smicere eleganf] -spunnen Spun. -sta<Selian. -some Unanimous. -spun A persuasion. GestliSnes Hospitality. Ge-stepte Raised. n. span. succeed. -sticced Transflxed. B f. A thief. sniSan. 1. A A A ^ A A A vicar. confined. associate. -spEenning provocation. respect. -smiten Anointed. remain. L.v. restrain. Mo. -strod. — — C — -slean 1 . -singal-lioian To go forth. -sloh Struck. -standan To stand.— GES GES GES Ge-stacnaJi 2V> stone. to spurn. cundlic Of the -spinnan To stretch out. -stric Strife. v. a station. -singan To sing. -spediglice Prosperously. To perch. -s6cSfsesta*d Justified. -stri<San To ascend. -sele A guest spotted.matrimony. mann -spitted Spit. -strionan To gain. S.-stence Odoriferous. smeared. Gesteped — -speow Prospered. a decree. S. Worked. -sted-liors stallion. S. a jyartner. -smerian To smear. sihtS. tributing. stay. joined. es . stigan. -steald. -spon A joining. learn-smyltan To appease. streccan. -smirwed Smeared. To -siwed. -sprang" A -stnacian JDemulcere.. To prove the truth. hii'ed. e . an abode. scipe A dispose. tablishment. -sme^ian p. Apl. -strienan. apparition* -sine Seen. conversation. deputy. L. gsest Der. -speon Clasped. Cd. -^olian. C. '. web. S.f. m. direct. -spillan To waste. -stsel. -stonden. -stse^^ignes. 2. -spredan 3'o spread. -slefed Having sleeves. To sooth. -sittan To sit. A disposition.

-sweorf The scum of metals. bulation. indcl. -sungen Sung. -swogen Silenced. prosperity. ivith. Apl. -swecean To smell. word. nys ^ sweet -swipe A scourge. n. seal. -swecSerian. confirm. Geswic-an.-syngalian To continue. sheto. Ex. -strynedlic. -sweorf. srel^. -stun. de. icith bread. ge-swinc. To leave -syndred Separated. ednes. lie Bearing a sign. healthy. get. -sweotolad Manifested. hajjpy. ^ sister's son. cwelling. L. triknown. -swylce also. a compliment.-tseld tent. L. opportunity. -syndlic Prosperous. -swurdod Armed with a sword. -swelge. -tsenge Heavy grievous. L. -syne Visible. B. cape. a saving. L. ness. sweet. pp. -styllan To make quiet.Gesynra Manifest.es. -swenc Trouble. fullice Success. To fail.nTofatigue. -sundrian . strengthen. -swir -tael hill. ticement. -swefian To cast asleep. mitigate. ode. S. -swyncednes Affliction. ceasing. Brew. L. to be dilious. Geswutelian . -swse^rung A failing. hitherto. -syd A place for rolling. -sweltan To die. success. v. an a. Getawe. dainty. prosperity. hold. C. m. a uant. S. -syllan To give. -tsecnan To token. v.GES Ge-stroden Confiscated. Yet. correct. -sib. v. -swsepo Siveepings. -swiopernes Cunclaring. -syft Sifted. L. whip. S. to polish. v. siftan. S. ous. -syclod Sick. to hold sound. -suwian To be silent. S. -suirfed Polished. rust. fatigue. -syngian To sin. reprove. divide. motion. -nes. v. faint. make -tanned Tanned. se •. Prosperous. -switSrod subdued. -sufel Whatever food is eaten -sylt Salted. -swine. — Of sisters. shew. Health. ca-swell. avoid. 121 -teal A number. -swetSod Searched. neful Laborilian . -syh^ -sylhX sight. successful. -strynge ? A wrestler. S. Ge-strynan To gain. an .f. day of toil. -strodu Deceits. L. torment. GES G e-sweorc. S. affliction. sweoster. v. healthiness. trouble. geteah. reckoning. S. viist.— Get a gate. an in?nake prosperous. obscure. allurement. L. venience.-\ger\d-swing labour. sell. se. vail. geta. happious. -taeean To teach. C. To betray. V. -sty rail To rule. -stungen Piei'ced. reckoning. -sweare Failed. S. instruct.R. pp. S. -ednes Sorroiu. v. full Full of Get poured out. to deceive. sucoff. crafty. geotan. — — — — A — — — — — A — — A — — — — — — — . leave one. S. -taled Numbered. -swealh Swallowed. A plough. -tiEse Meet. A stun. synto. S. to be sucgent. ode . od. To pre. -swerlan To siaear. remove. -sustrenii Consobrini.Getawian To prepare. pi. gieta. L. -sibb. —ien(\\ic. tu. desist. sumlice Soundly. ung signiTo flatter. S. -lie. dead. out loss. od. fication. L. fulnes Soundness. prepared. -swetton Afflicted. p. -gweor Swore. smoke. an en. -swsencian To iveaken.^ labour day. -ru Sisters. fulnes Sorrow. still. Ex. elic. season. clear. -swaepa. -swlc An offence. -swyrf The scum of metals. Apl. -prosperous. To dseg A Get a she goat. -swore. fulmendment. L. -swiria. Prosperous. 2. Cd. L. ung Silence. temptation. pp. united. cessful. cessful. witness. Th. troublesome. -swi^strena -swystelian smoke. as yet. conquer.-swin Melody. S. L. To make known. hypocrisy. od. -swings swing. deliver. To fail Gestrudan Plundered. profit. geat. moreover. afflict. C. -siind Sound.M. -teag. repentance. -sylfred Silvered over. v. ode. -tffise -swogung Silenced. afflict. Ge-tang Lying. n. of wind. -swutelung manifesting. craftiness. Geta yet. prostrate. S. j). termission. Q. affliction. v. kindled. pp. -sund sioimming.-swungen Laboured. sea. gat. signify. advantage. ung A ceasing. n.giet. significa-swaes Pretty. — -syb & Ber. convenient. ivas spread. number. an es. Ber. es . laecan -swiopernes Cunning. loith- -swetan To sioeeten. -swyrf Thti scum of metals. f. to darken. Sin. give up. full Full or quite enes. molest. L. 'Symed Loaded. ducing. Ge-taen-ian 1 To denote by a -swgeled Lighted. typical. separate. also keep secret. S. S. — — — A A A A . -sweogan To be silent. S. to manifest. affliction. p. -swippernes Craftiness. v. -tade Went. -swe6stra. es . K. -stryuendlic Prohorror.f. -tselan To accuse. cease. -sweopornes. lendar. -taesnes. labour. S. banishment. -swi^rian.y. L. v. -4 cZoMrf.fl An instrument. L. -swiSian. sunder. Mo. es . Le. whirlrust. To on or together. S. dumbness. a gulf. sister. placing. mour. Th. -sw6r Swore. fully. esteemed. -syfled Sifted. -tnes Sorrow. an 1. devouring -swore A cloud. abyss. -styltan To astonish. gyta. -sugian To be silent. -swiiSian. still. S. thicken. tive. safe. S.Get. ig Geswig-ean. -swuj^ian To be silent. -synelic What can be seen. procreate. ivell. od. -siht. wearisome. e •. p. -teala Haj}pily. peacefully. -swysnys Blandimentum. filed. -sufel. -synt. -ian To be silent. G ET Ge-swyrfan Tofile off. -synscipas Nuptials. soothe. incon.-ean. Ge-tead Drawn. difficult. es . •sweg ^4 noise. K. publish. instrtict. glorify.-swiporlice Cunningly. nes Cloudijiess. S. K. -swearf. ning. genitive.-swine. sign. lie Prosperf. scourged. as light. n. 2. -taelfgest Measurable. -nan. -tal number. preparation. fuUic Prosperous. gitan. . -swiister Getan to get. lis Healthy. Labour.-swicte going away. de. prosper. To affliction.gyt. L. To declare. say. An An A A A — — A A C. bring to. said. -sylX happiness. a -swipp Cunning.

DigL. confer. come. noise. M. -teald tent. -telian TonurfJ}er. rank. -JnhS Strengthens. es. S.n. T. purpose. f. Counsel. power. -{yafian. mind. con-JjincSe Honoured. v. 8. -fnaaA Mindful. to obtain by intreaty.z. teta. S. etL T -teolod Gained. f. endlie eounsdlor. Heavy. f. icear. -}>encean To thsnUt. an. prosperity^ -jTSK^lsean To be fit. order.-peaod 8en}ed. -JTeaht Covered.presumem crowd. -pane. -\nraag. -peawUce Well. -pinulsLii ^6d council. -piao<S. m. )?e6n. n. t. terief. v.. se -jjraEStan To /. -pogea Increased. pp. joisung. intreat. -^^eod. S. -teorm^. -Jjcodan. Le. L. A council. -ung Counsel. ra«e. tmstrtanent. A cramp. anger. -tete Pomp. t. -pene. -tjma. L. r. L. m. a. S. teana. -J:ring. waxed. conjugal ion.Ge-jTeaht^-^t^e \f. ate. od. an m. S. to bargain. de. decreed. C. Le. What is pressed together.-Jong. friegan. rebuke. imtpiemtemt. M. 2. B. L. am. . proper. R. -teori-an.owian To bear. e . C -poncan To -)iTafeen R. -teama. intercede. L.1». A ttripe. — — ian To consult. a 'Jane-metan To deliberate. step. educated. attaining. raden Socie y -teonan To irritate. 1.-Ymg. tor. -{yregian To blame. grieeotu. -temian To tamA. -pooe.' ' . -telged Coloured. content. 2. lionour. -I^ensom Ob$equious. 8.A thong. ^. n. 2. getting. -]p\xxct. nished. -pnHtAe Inerease.s%icffer. n. .esieem. depretsed. noise.(mfmiii Agreeing. L.: : GED Ge-teald ToLd. poicer. n. aliowanee.-^feAi should proceed.-pesoaoi To extend.f. hloic. 2. -pincg. nipcondition. -pcAit.con. Apl. suffer. L. S. -nes Oppression. rsdican. weary. -prieeed. speech. GED : A Ge-Jrinc*. . To torment. ii. to behonour.es. injure. 'teog. hftion. t. ' ' ' : f. dyed. sembly. L. -t^tS A purte. peacasu -pohan To bear. -)Hnie thought. -peatan.—ere A eounsH- — 2. Subjufainting. fellourship. se.-tal. L. rfe: - ^. v. -)rah Prevailed. progtrate* eonnder. ee . top. companion. -peoA. m.->d. An. -]nDg Departure. consul' Getenesy gjtenes. Irc^rraa To ob$cure. or compoundmaking elic an arrangement instead of an action at lav:. f. -*eean To thtw. Cordrition. — A A V-ist-lsrcan :12a To dare. -pnse Force. es. te. enslaved. -Jnedan To add. an.A protation. pp. assembly. vice. consent.-Jm^an To eat. e. joining. -\)9LDe. d 'teona. B. -jTiingan To press. -J:in$. deride. per. -: '. strike. L. merit. A ing. throve.p. gtow meeting place. to languish. tJdnking. S. R. matter. Mind. eat. ode . A mit. A A -preeeed. re. failing. pp. -tempMd Sifted. FeUowsMp. Language^speech. lying. thought. es. clangor. -peon Toflourish. S. Permisnon. Ge]>eah \>e Wheresoever. -J^earfan To hare need. An. A fabemacle. An enemy. temdned. associate. tengde Werd. prepared. f. auenter. -: -'Z a erovcJ. ru 1. hastened. incident. es. Z. de. -telan To eietuge. advise. implead. An. . A favourer. -tdd. -tehhoddetermmed. \. violence. -Jnrycced Oppressed. v. 5. reprove. -piDgHHgnity. -temead Sified. R. -)>eofian To steal. L. es. To fail. -teohian Todetervvme. L. comrade. ewring. peion. . -t«cd bound. L. f A — — — — -pohte thought. Atent.— Der. T. wHl. L.thrive. es. -I^ret -pTitig. A — an as- — lor. Stuff. sider. -pinieTies Honour. — — i • -^rafod Corrected. presume. J judr- GED Ge-)7aet Adcice. Ge-tenze. Ge-J>e6d-an. helper.exedlenc€. -peot joins. cover. imfructvyrt. -J«awod Prevailed. L. thought. m. a. noise. e. To tliin. scipe. Le. Affable. r. friendly. -pxweaed Wetted. -teldimg. -)iaiician To thank. -l::ir 'psaJac Fit. design. ad-tem a team.teohhian. an mit. faint. beat. an .n. Der. -\fsef Agreeing. to enter xrdo an agreement. e /. porter.—en^^ Cor "teoQ To draw. an . am. -tian. f. -piixi. A ment.r. v. fi. or proof. e. impute tOj to sinew. -|jree A preparation. L. book of reehomrtg. 8. es. S. senter. or teitnetg. education. To a^toeiate. |-J>ristian To dare. ^ eotrrse. nus. S. prefs. 5.-taBl. ode . tire. determination. leading. -gean .m. -Jnodan To join.ge-tBEmze. entice ^ to play Ee= junetice. a mass. -tede Eniited. -preatian To urge. ii taoadker or warranter ^ $cko gave enidemee that anothtr had oldmmed hcmeft po$$e»nomqf lugpnfperty. m. \. -J>esl:c Fit.a treaty. -^ean To consent. -br&wen Twisted. od. Companionsihip. n. join. eU. Consulting. ian . agree. Der. -peo Flourish. contend. -priag. -)>eiih Finished. properly. seize. dignity. Thought. remember. client. m. t. -fnraesnes. -teee Comoenient.\. L. composition. — A provision. S. m. to be proceed. throng. leize. R. C. -Jjiogan To feed. pp. K. opinion. cerning a couneiL — Con—ian To — A es. idiom. torment.sum^ -J^ingk) ' \ ' ing. -pine. consideration. ewmbeHt. reckoning. -t€l.trotUiie$ome. led. decreed. -]7aea. -frah took. -teaiprod Tempered. -teaug. tcde. -teode Formed.Aappemed/Ke$irred. -\>eado Captives. e. ^icfed. S. -powae Excellent. tilt. -peowade.r -V : 122 -teman T<o vouek to tDomaUy. p. -teod Drawn. mediate. dispute. uuplea^ure. proach. seeat Ransom price. -|iafa. threatentn-j. ostentation.grow. decked. disperse. proper. gated. -\r2faog. utenril. nity. ^rt^. Prepared. langmxking firing. io cehhro.taberna-. obliging. an appet ite. X. eocerhtg. .p. pariliion. An.

bind. si. -tinege A condition. v.-ung^^ree. -jjuild Patience. -jjruen Joined. desjnse. turity.-tincg-crseft Mechanics. ow-fuU Faithful.-tigian I'o grant. f. es. fice. To agree. f. authority. occurred. An. -trucian To diminish. bestoiv. stantly. gian. leasnes Infide. re. jjeon. Gentry w« Faith. Geuc a yoke. state. fullice -unarian To dishonour. p. soften. -tote Pomp. -tyman To vouch. •jjwzer Agreeii\g. -utian To eject. tient. Ex. -try wsian To justify. To -tillan To touch. decreed. fortify dis-tiinbernes. disturb. -tryvve True. f. Jjydan. -treowe. mildly. -unretan To be sorrouful. -tyde Skilful. um With -unrotsian To be sorrowful. Ex. -unlibban Eiichanters. set in order. shoioer. confide. lice Con. m. -tyrian To grow loeary. C. learned. finish. to be confederate with. C. fortress. practise. agreement. tortured. cherish. tucian. Le. ian To trust. -trioweTrue. -Jjyl-mod Patient-minded. A suffering. -jjydan To join. to bear patiently. ^e. to offend. ry for. mild.Ge-uferan To exalt. in. to adapt. -tyngnes. pp. B. ge-tig. rhetorical. patiently. tumour. humble. S. come. resigned. v. band. to -trymnes Exhortation. refuge. f. Jjringau. -pyngJS honour. Izecan To agree. se /. -tweogau To doubt. -)jweorian To become bad. elo. patience. /. strengthen. -untreo wsian To be offended. a structure. f. -tvvifealded Doubled. V. C.-trugian To confide. ligious. time. -tirged Contrite. -)3yli^ grows. -J3Wong. -\>i\ugeji. -unne -ig Patient. od. -twzeman To divide. se . finished. -fjyld. at. an . -tian. weak. Oe]}nfGroiving. se. bring for-)?ufte A71 orchard. — — . push. S. -trahtnian To treat. pressed. found. ge-tiged. K. -tyrfian To cover. new. -tregian To disregard. de. to grieve. L. get. -)3uog Anointed.-tyhtled. noise. -tintregod Punished. Torment. S. risen. to appertain. y. differ. conspire. A definition. 1001. -twin. -)7uiie.A certainty. sorlice Faithfully. S. L. es . refute. v. perfidy. p. luxuriant. Der. incite.-u<5e Gave.f. Ge-tucod punished. Learning. hujnble. granted. -nes nung. shew. kinsmen. building. Jju ge-tihst. Le. -truvva Confidence. -tyddrian To bring forth young. L. L. .-tricce uesPatience. -tidan To betide. -torfode Covered. -treowe. -tingelic Affable. social. v.—nes An increase. L. Convulsion. ian . -Jjwit cut off. n . -^yd Joined. e. corcramp. entain to. dote. -toge Contraction. -tyht Exercised. -uncleensian To dirty.perfidious. confirm. manhood. skill. |?witan. custom. V. -uns6<5ian To disprove. L. company. quiettion. come upon. An -trywleas Perfidious. es. -tiohhan. manner. -tydan To instruct. -triiwian To trust. seizer. lie Faithful. explain. ment. L. A team. jpingaii. ticin. edifice. confide. ward. resignaelice Patiently. se . trust. n. build. cramp. An edipose. ed. A71. v. yoke. es . -trudend. Gette yet. e. pp. -togennes. -trugung.-unret. Thunder. 2. iglice concession. -jjungon worshipped. Ex. e . nes Patience. pi. Conjunct ion. geoc. prepared. tigian . S. de. ly. ede . L. Ch. pp. S.-twysan To twist. "I^ryscan To drive. pp.^. *-|?rungen come. -tion To draw. -timbre. -igean to make of toood.GET Ge-)7rowung. define. minded. grow weary. -tyhted Persuaded. -tredan To tread underfoot. 1. -till tan 2'o persuade. -Jjyd repressed. -tryw^ Faithjulness. rupt.-tiorian To tire. S. perform. — fA . termine. splendour. — — — — — — A — — — — — — — — — — — — ^ — — — A A A 123 . S. consent. fit. troop. -tyma A voucher. to be sick. Le. j^incan. to -unnan To give. optrumian To gain strength. es. -jpwsenan To wet. e. C. lie-tian. quence. es . building.lie Agreeing. -tingce. tendon. Ex. Elo-jpwin. -}7ywe Custom. A youth. S. accordant. -Jjugon Have pleased. C. talkative. L. de. modlity. truck. Excellent perfect . -treowtS A covenant. es. Faithfully.-tingan To press. S. Mo. to clear. -twigan To hesitate. unrut Sorrowful. -tinge Pleasant. -tydnes. mod Patient. L. soldier. Eloquence. gift. nl A knot. -teama. -tyhtlod Accused. n. treaty. -teohan To judge. -ipnht seemed. Being at the right Ge-trum. -tingnes. to make -triw^ Truth. ed.-trymian. -unstillian To disquiet. S. to persuade. to rnake another to -UDga. blish. m. -trewe Faithful. structed. fall out. conform. jjingS. Le. ge-ti« . -Jjwang. -tingnys. S. Perfect age. Quietly. -timian 2'o happen. Concord. ne . v. S. tre. se . L. fall. L. endure. yld -tincnys. B. -|7Ugen Grown. G. u. -tilian 7'o cu7'e. -trymmian To estaexpel. eloquent. happen. L.f Eloquence. -unwurSod Dishonoured. To tie.-tweonode Doubted. divert. broken. -twEefan To divide. pa. despise. V. S. -un|5waerian To disagree. -\)ry\e An assembly. fence. m. -tyme. G. S. -triwian To trust. ma. grove. /. -jjwean To wash. -Jjuren Struck. troop. -tiode Determined. -tingce. -ian To be patient. p. faithful. bind. -triowian. n. — — . -tinge Eloquence. rung.-togen Drawn out. timbr-ian. to mahe suitable. -twisan Ttvins. gravity. -jjrySan. courage. -titelod Entitled. -twyimes. increase. -jjync^ thought. convenient. to buildup. gently. v. L. leas Unfaithful. faith. ged To tie. Der. decree. -truwung Confidence. A building. toinsti'tict. beaten. aside. turn. S. se •. he ge-tit. -tihtlod Accused. mildness. S. -treminc A fort. -Jjynil A knot. trnma -tigan. Patience. -tynge Talkative. a. quiet. K. -untrumian Toioeaken. Le. ode. -urnon Ran. v. quent.y*. -)7wylde Rejected. GET I GEU A Gc-tide a<(/. S.

shun. 1. be agreed. juggling. -wei^ian p. S. -wcemraan To pollute. -wisc-an To wish. e^ . -wile. spiral shell. L. wishing. S. -wser ruption. especially.-yi&CGaf^Q- waict. To agree. — — . -wegen. . 1. To make -willsum Desirable. retire. wisre . -wsede. -waeht Weary. leather. v. L.- — GEW Ge-wealled. of one's ened. es. 2. S. -wifian To take a wife.-w(allode Walled -weallen Boiled.-wildan To wield. wald. choice. profana. An. -wirdelic Historical.-win. -wseltan To cast or fall down. troubled. -wealdan. -weortSan. bewitching. instruction. L. depart. n. united. S. A work. ge-waiht'Jo affect . stretigth. ode . S.-weoton Went. R. m.-winna. con^ -wand Modesty. /. 1. grow up. v. S. 1 To salute. -vvaede. expertly. distinguish. -wsemnod Armed.-wilnindlic Desirable. tempest. u. go. 2. -wsendan To turn. -widmsrsian To publish. circuit. A will. An. vio. make. S. reconcile. profane. an attack. L. accustom. Ch. heedof. n. -utlagode Outlawed. rule. -wsepnian To arm. turn. se . own accord. wish. -wserelaeht Retninded. -wican To give way. go out. departed. S. 2. niate. -wald Poiver. Apl. wad. es . A iveight. change. -weddad Wedded. L. undoubtedly. To wit. -w. an ascent. -wearnian To admonish. dart. a -vveddian To weed. -wife Fortune. -wsedod Fitted up. 2. -wehgen Carried. L. -wiglung Deceit. -waran ? Citizens. n. -wed A raging. lug A-wealdes Willingly. -weorhta. to ivax rich. Apl. avoid. mature. -waemnednes Corruption. -wsetan To ivet. endowed. vedly. ac. pp. Knowingly. -wird Corrupted. nished. -weoriSian To honour. certainly.. L. command. -wetan To moisten. L. ed. L. make wealthy. -wef ^ weaving.To enrich. an To ivork. -werdan To hurt. 1056. n. A fort. Be gewyrh. pi. L. S. agony. -weaxan T'o grow. adorn. R. -ean. -wile A rollitig. S. -weux Increased Direction. -utode Ejected. passed^ sailed. celebrate. GEW Gc-werian To keep. Apt.-wendan To go. dirty. -wilcumian To be welcome. v. -wearmede Warmed. direct. -wsetrian To irri. es . L. fortress. Laboriously stow A battle jjlace. 2. 124 Laborious. certain. shallow. v. v. afflict. -wepnian To arm. -wen Hope. abroad. To wean. -wesan To soak. -nes A certainty. -wind A loind. of person. seem good or fitting. -wered-l3eht.S. /. -weorp. justly. 1. -wedan T'o clothe. hear. L. L. -wilnigendlic. f. n. -winn. was made. T'o damage. -wiht. stain. -weled Joined. -weorht. imprs. -wenimincg A tion. Ex. -wif-sailig Fortunate. divulge. -wefen Woven. -wan ian To ditninish. setian. -wearS Was. be geweorhtum Deser. -wjECcednes. dominion. return. to detach. es . -weder IVie iveather. g. -wened Inclined. an . cor- tite. -wsemmodlice Corruptly. -wserdan strike. protect. To allure. a -wirht A deed.vrhta-4 workman. ing. -weald-le^er A poiver -wepan To weep. motion. priiGe-waterian To irrigate. -warian To take -weorht Finished. K. jt»/>. jurisdiction. arena. to -wemman . alluvio. -wider The air. . subjection. to study. -wexan To grow. R. pp. An. zvorthily. -wisses. com-weald. to vitiate. revolve. -wesan To he. desert. mand. es . -wand Rolled. -waegnian To be frustrated. Empire. deed. Power. endlic Optative. -weng The cheek. -wind. -weenan To turn. dent. put on. desirable. -w«hte. S. note. -wel-hwser Every where. motion. -warnian To admonish. n . calum. -winnan To win. chanting. An. -waden Gvne. fullice -wealc. S. -welgiiin. expect. Frailty. S. -warenian. to reconcile to a loss. de . ode . ivorkman. weligan . Gewat Departed. also es m. Foreknowing. L. C. -weald. — — — — — . lucky. S. prepared. S. we -viddhton-yPp.-wintred Of age. G. lodge. -wede clothing. v. n.-worc. K. -waescen Washed. scroll. v. -wyrht. -sian To instruct. truly. obtain. es.-wiof. f. incite or seduce. -wician To dioell. -wemmednes Profligacy. rival. destiny. To carry. a rein.-wilniendlie. -wardod Seen. -ung vernment. govern.A rolling. ful labour. n. to be worthy. to marry. Apl. Wary. impure. -win. -wemming. to beware. -wead a ford. dignify./? Pudenda.-wilnian To wish. late. corrupt by fornication. wax. -waec-an. -wyrht Work. Wisely. -weald. -wenan To think. -wegan To go. 2. e . S. -waegan . spread -wed-fsest Fast pledged? S. en-weldan to rule. L. m. endoiv. a gate. col-wilnung A ivish. S.-weorc. p. turn. od. ship. batFull of la- — — — — — — — — . -weorpan To throw. An. What is put on. -wseterian. ivean. To weigh down. quer. es . pp. -widlian To defile. a -weuian To allure. defend. weft. dissolve.l.es tle. cut off. translate. K. defame. to associate for defence. esteem. an . an To loind. -wergod Wearied. •"Wsese Inundation. An enemy. do. cautious. admo. hurt. adoption. tle. L. return. -wyrJSan. p. ed. -wsege Weight. The icoof. ednes^n -wealde. fullic fulllce. besides. might. -wealden Commanded. -wis. inforrn. weather. -ian . R. -wsenian. clothe. profane. efficacy. -will. violation. seduce. n ? What is cast. merit. n. -wynd. -wacian To grow weak. K. GEW Ge-6tla An outlmo.. madness.-werod-laeht5ujeefwishing. appelusion. trouble. clothing. od. A loindhour. -wfeled Troubled. sure. to -weaken Rolled. doption. vex. -wior^j?an 3'o be. made sweet. -lice. defile. sung.

weaken. -wundian To wound. . -witt. S. witt.C Gibeldan To adorn with images. the mind. v. full Rich. weight. um . S. v. we -wildon . -w^slice Wisely. 1. es . -witednes. rejoice. intellect.-leaslie. -witig Wise. mad. lamented. -wurmsmed Full of Gibered Teased. Gicel. make. shriek. L. •W3dc rolling. -wyrc-an. gydd. -wyrms Putrid. madness. S. S. -yppan To open. S.-wrixled Exchanged. that is to say. -witen. •wyrged Cursed. S. -wore Work. gymeleas. S. -writan To write. -wyled Joined. n. prove7-b. -wylde. ian To sing. u gift. f. remain. -wita. -wleht Made warm. m. sodden. wealdan. . place. pi. -ean To work. Giernan To yearn. n. beer. ena . v. Gidd. S. be merry. -list. accuse.join.p. •wlitegian To form. G ieran To Gierd A prepare. S. S. gin. -wrungen Bound. stol A throne of grace. -worpan To cast. Giellan To yell. S. An. -wor cSan To be. any thing of earth. d. he -wylt j p. -wyrfed Turned. restrain. es . M. gildan. offering. to be wont accustomed. v. is cogni. wyrhtum Deservedly. Cd. costly. turn. i\x\\\x\\% Abundance an inscription. — — — . An. -wrinc. -fht Increased. -wur^an To be. L. -yrsian To irritate. S. eke. C. Ge-wringan To wring. a letter. -wurdlod Spoken. — f A A — — A A — A — -wynd a circuit. -witendlic Ready to fall. S. -wre^ede Supported. -wrixl A change. L. n. depart. -wrsestan To ivrithe. n. S. -wrc'^endlic Accusative. gifan. p. es . G\e\d. 2. done. build. H. Gielso Care. -wonian To lessen. •witnes Witness. doyn. avenge. v. -^ht -4 yoke of oxen. -wreot Scripture. A -wuna. glorify. -lajcan To feast. -wunian To inhabit. -yrged Terrifed^ affrighted. S. 07ie who zant. To to go. L. Giest. . A deed. ig Icy. a storm. society. -wur^ian To honour.gfena again. se . -wroe^an To trouble. to -yde Subdued. adorn. se. ful. A perch. the mind. -wyld Power. V. Gielp Presumption. de. ex. S. wyrdlian To hurt. -wlo Adorned. An. To pass over. -wurde Was. par able. genius. n. sense. shall be. Giefel. S. a loitness. stillf yet. worship. v. L. S. -wyl^erod Withered. Gibeged Boioed. . v. An icicle. -wurms. -wyld To Gidig Giddy. -wuldor-bcagian p. -wuldrian To glory. S. die. prepare. tol. -wit-loca A container of intel. S. arise. truly. rite. take Gied song. . made. V. 1. tioist. S. begin. L. -wundor-lican To be wonder-whig Kno^ving. pervaded. he. Der. -wrido A little heap. -yean To add. an. ode pp. Ex. wyrhto Merits. es. eulogy. an accom. pp. A custoin. K. Avitodlice As. -yrman . -wlseten Defied. Le. S. ner. bourer. . L.. prudence. cele-wra^ian To be angry loith one. boast.L. To crown with glory. -wiit. ligence. cold. vexed. gen. ^ song. den. wiscan. S. knoioledge.-writere. finiihed.for. S. to give or be. The mind. To be or make poor. 125 -worht Wrought. -wyrtod Herbed. Gief-a -won Defcient. S. ing. a lunatic. . stow by writing. -witen dnes A departure. hold of. -yferan To exalt. place ivhcrc shrubs grow. -yrfweardian To inherit. -yldian To dally. L. S. Gierwan To prepare. -witleast Folly. -wring Drink. -wyder The weather. a desert. -yrnan To run. g. -wyre. Gicenes. -witenes. An itch. knowing. S. -wyrpan To convert. is become. present. -wunnen Conquered. because. Gienie-leas. abide. stitute. -wlacod Made toarm.-wiinelice Commonly. proceed. wunsum Pleasant. conquered. an . -woested Desolated. scab. treatise. S. m. S. Ex. connected. Gierela Clothing. -liest. vex. trouble. gaest. scripture. Gien an abyss. S. perfumed. crown. -wyrtun [wyrt a herb. to be made. m. -y/it'Seoc Mind -sick. The art of making -wraec Wreaked. •wrehte. S. subdue. gifu. to become. a . giefl. -wod Waded. a. A wise man. do. -wrigen Covered. -wyrdelice Excellently. A writer. brate. -wyht Gicjja An itching. rolled. C. 1. pay. es n. tcise. V. w. tetter. -wyrS Is. recover. go back. Cd. Le. •wyrht. -wyscan to wisn. Gierstan-dseg Yesterday. plice. or conscioxis. pp. -witan -witan. Gieman To regard. -wrid. v. -wit. witscipe witnessing. custom. ung A sing-wlenced Lifted up. -wyrd Condition. a payment. Torture. tame. es . pp.-wroeged Accused. wrecan To wreak. Gieldan to yield. mandeparture. sub-worden Been. -wit. -writ. reveal. S. L. Ge-wyrmed Warmed. A fellow la-wrinclod Wrinkled. -wyrsmed Putrid. -wyldor A ruler. we -witon od. S. 2. conquer. ac.-yflian To injure. C. ^ -wunelic Accustomed. ed. -wiset. Giden a goddess. GRW GEW G IE Ge-wlst-an To banquet ^rejoice. -wregan To impel. es m. suppurated. certainly. geld. -wit-seocnes Insanity. -wroht Wrought. wind. heaped up. A writing. To understand. use. enriched. -wittig.constrained.'\ A garKnoioledge. -w^ldan. -wylwed Wallowed. . riches. an m. L. 2. a sage. giver. injure. Accused. V. es . •wyrhta. -wri^an To bind. -witleas Witless. give. work. a gift. Gien. Der. A working. v. -wyrht Made. 2. 1. wanting. S. instructioii. burning in the skin. fullian. S. built. matter. -wylled Boiled. -wyldan to rule. gyden. -wopen Wept for. A Gibed A petition. gest. es . yard. nm. tie.-wyr^ian To honour. -witnian To punish. fate. C. L. 2ois.

seek for. guild. giogacS.-sele. S. Liberal. C. club. sester measure belonging to a — — fecipe ample. gealp. worship. -cwe}7ol Boastful speaking. yeorig. C. space.L. tender. -weard. pi. sp. bur A marriage. S. Gilp Powder. to boast. L. den A society. Gin. st6I A throne. lice anxious.fri^-. R. m.Giowian To ask. gem-stone. tendant. L. arrogance. get. pride. svvcord-: gifel. C. ig Marvaunting word. -smiS. word A bold or Girdel a girdle. fault. w. L. To take fold. bus A wedian To be rious host. S. L. Gillinga. m. arrogance. p. S. gifer. B. for-. geaf^gcef./. git'en To give. Ginian To open. p. a young Giirian To prepare. Gionetan To occupy. L. L. Giht Station. or club lohere payment care of. Gihaman To cover. gifre. v. R. Gifian To give.:). L. es. or A younger. A gift. -na^ boaster. es. -nes Liberality. adj. feoh-. Giotan To Giovv A A A . — 126 . Gifan. giant. desirous. v. ing speech. Git yet. Gilden Golden. Gilpan. Git Ye two. Der. Gind beyond.-hord. sun. m. Gifu. goLl-. v. Der. m. given in marriage. A guild. S. es. L. cynn gem kind. Giostor-doeg Yesterday. draeonites Gihrinan To cover. m. S. liberality. gebSu. Ginan. v. A debtor. though. ede. S. a .ostentatious. GifetSe Sy lot. A yelni. gylpS p. yst. acompensation. Greedy. L. Dorsetshire. . Gist Yeast. Gifule. refuge. es . les. -wyne gcgilda. R. Gin Gaping. A female disciple or at- — — gif-lieal. an-. Gillinga ham Gil. es. \. Gimelist Carelessness. Gifra.GiocJ^a scab. S. C. Gillester Phlegm. gyld.o. -. giu. spncious. Gebed-giht giht. -burh. Der. Giolu yellow. v. nid^m-jnorgen-. To gild. Marriageable. Gildan to pay. resoic. A guest. in pi. v. gife or gifuin Gratis. boast. To Gih^u mind. ra. Giong Young. lapidary. Giltend.v . v. se. V. gyldan. Gim. S. Bountiful. gif-stol: gafol. S. D0I-.wegulpon. ness. preserve. Importunity. servant. gilt. -gilda. an ex. G\o formerly. Girnes Greediness. ?«. S.. tribute. geld. geo. leasgealp.eond. ^\h\\Generous. sacrifice. Gifende Gives in marriage. Der. geomer.Gise yes. a gift.-gifa. Gifer devourer. &c. rushed. care. — — — Giornan To beg. grant. geoc. v.Ginfa'st Very fast or lantlng. S. gifre adj. like our benefit socieabyss.giagoiS. glutton. opening. v. G IN G IT To desire. avarice. Gihsa. Der. gese. v. ode. ginn An expanse. Glory. iucreases wi^er-. clothe. chrys. of ample. he gil'S . v. gifta Nuptials. /. V. a crystal. R. L.turn. Ginnis.S. get. L. v. Giman To govern. -est. Gioleca The yolk of an egg. S. vulture. fering. gaf. Gigant. service. worker. -lie — — — — — — — — Giornis. A : — — GifFsBst Able to receive. sun. ac. voracious. Der. -scipe : gildan. — Gildan . gyfa. froth. Gimmian To bud. boasting.Gim-recan . — faesten -ra . gift. gihsung sobbing. port. p. we geafon . grace. Gilte. -ma^m. L. m. A — A A — — — A A — A A A — A : A — — change. A-. — — . - : Gl L Giet. Gifoelde Felt.beyond. G\ond t7irough. ful. vauntingly. biir A bridechamber. vain glory. generous. g. ed. v. V. V. a-. gyrd. desire. geong. gol pen. v. es . A Gileofful Faithful. Gilm. Gifl time for eating. orscipe Younger- — — — ship. cwide Arrogance. Greediness. : : — — Der. R. sceaj^a A glo. n. Gild-ford Guildford. Der. gieta yet^ Gietsiaii v. ostentation. -ast beali-. To Girnan To yearn. v. give hostages or security. ni. bountiful. girn A snare. ginfaest Very fast. young man.lcod-. haughtiDer. C. V. — get. Gisel. Der.Gimoecca A mate. : : of-: A A feoh-. topaz. Chiefly used in Ver. re. Glfol. yrnau. geoc. Ed-. se.Gin. Gist a storm. Ginung A yawning. frum-. — Giomor. S. Girstan-dseg Yesterday. the sense of the word . S. L. A younger disciple. Gift'l Gife of a gift. pp. an. so. gan To yaion.for-. Gildene-burh Peterborough. Gign A youth. set-. leo^ A marriage riageable. rw. eel-. Gif If. Gild. S.geomJ. -en. -hiis gifa. nes Greedily. an . gsest. C. payment of money. geornes Fain glory. giohS. proitd. ciety. giinrn. georn Vain glorious. bundle. a handful of reaped corn. C. A Gimere A sign.g. ties. Interval. an . R. Giogu^. ^^. 3. club. service. Gilt song. Gioful Liberal. v. Gislian . geolu. To glory. S. gifres 3 /. Gi!p-cwe<5an T'o speak boastingly. wyrhta gem. take care of. tallum. hostage. Giren. R. gyrdel. barm. Gifa gifts. Gioc. sinc-. quire. used in Gisedla A sitting down.— j\es Munificence. Gilp. q/'gifii. guildship. e pi. a proverb. capa- cious. od. dowry.Gilda A companion. p. Gi-flan To hate. pp. bloom. /. v. tohen. -nes : Young. dor-. A gijt. -eeht. fellow. v. gest. dust. Mo. Gifa rt giver. Giscapu Decretum. f.Giming guest dwelling. open.Giscian To sob. Gifer. — riage . beer Gem Girran To chatter. precious stone. an inn. Giornlice Diligetitly. seize. orgilde : gold. sceat A treasure gift. ede. gegerela. es . sprsec boast. — — — elic Boastful. ena gilt. Girela clothing. stan gem. A payment to God. Giorndon Ran. desire earnestly. Gild -rse. e . 2. mar- lingham. L. ding house. as. gifu. Le. S. Der. Gitan geat. Very power- Ging cmp. /?.-fset. yawn. we geaton . Gist.A pledge. — — A Gift. -lice Proudly. rodor bright Girwan To prepare. g. geogu§. was made for mutual sup. prate. geten To get. in composition. nm. chance. hlgeden Pride laden. .Gird a staff. sigh. bearing. p. Der. 5rtrf. f. S. Gilgeccan To take. covetously. Gif-heal A gift hall. gem. f. S. onfaesti^rt*^.wil- gifu. favour. Gig a griffin.

Glaem a gleam. kite. ode . — — . fire place. — — — . enjoyment. v. glasu . es mirth. pellucid. S. G]a. L. glitter. Glemm A spot. gleaw. Der. K.-ful. merry. -ung A glossing. Grief.A Gloden A marigold. care. gla. M. Glof. R. S. bright. Gleaw Skilful. Giung young. . n. C.gleowon. S. Gleaw-ceaster. R.-gomen song ofjoy Music pleasure. ed. S. scofl A fire shovel. Glew skilful. S. L. gnorne. giw a griffin. Glioda a kite. glida. v. Der. sagacious. wian 1. S. — . under-: andgit. K. Gleawe ceaster Giuan To give. 1. Christinas. gleaw. gnirn. L. word A glee word. Gitsian To desire. sad. tnild. f. prudent. G]itenang. sorrow. pride. gliwian. e /. Gleam. brightness. Frugality. break. 2. splendou-)^.Gne<Selice Sparingly. grey. K. Glidan p. rich. A glove. wisdom. — en ac. S. gloWyShine. also gled . gniden To rub. Git wan To be red hot. musical. R. order. ted to pleasure. he gnaegtS . glee. devolileoSrien.jest. Glie glee. -lice : agoten : 6cSDer. GIsew tvise. R. es . on-. gleam. giwigian To ask. v. gleow dejected. B. meeden A female player on Gnyrne sad. m. cheerful. n made of glass. stede An ember or Glof. v. gletiw. v. lively. Der. Glen. henbane.mGlsetlic Easily pleased. v. Glamwnes skill. gliden To glide. To gloze. drollery. V. Glass-clear.dexterity. -nos quent. deck. Cd. gl?e• dre. Sagacity. maeden A glee maiden. v. es m.f.2?. Ex. murmur. d. explanation. mann A male musician. S. A gleam. m. -fullice. ongitful. To sing. R. A glee. gyS-c*orn. Fore. reason. a prison. burge . Glsengean To adorn. brooh. -tinian To glitter. cheerful. S. v. Gleaw: be-gete. S. v. -an.f. R. S. es in. Gnorn. laliende Tottering. Gill. —ma — — — — — — — — Glees. gleam Glida. rnodest. cunning. S. GiJ^reatian To reprove.— Gnaet.gla\van . es . — . minstrel. gnorn. se . glaem. L.glommung. m. v. we glidon . enmity. mu. glsed. glaed.Gloed afire. v. scire Gliwian Tojoke. glene A glen. adorn. play on an instrupp. S. temperance. shine. n. v. Mo. nm. lioitse. es . An. fire. slide. Gliew. elo-ol forgitol ofergitol. 2. Gliwere. saga— hydig Prudent. staef. Le: grief. Glencg An ornament. stafas cious. industrious. v. Gne^en Moderate. an instrument. glitGnyrran To gnash. S. To gloss. devour. for-. Gltem Fruit. od. mod Of prudent mind. Comforting. Joy. To jest. grieve. Gnat. Gnorne Angry. red hot Glodian To appease. Glywian to play. rub together. L. magnificence. gliew. Gleaiines prudence. cheerfulness. be merry. gnad.Glitian. dish. L. ^ bur. GiSwan To wash. Der. Gnyrn a grudging. Gly w a pipe. glyderung What glides aivay. kind. Gloucester.e.— licSkilful. merset. 6fer-. de pp. a glittering treaGlade gladly. gliw. v. be-. es. low. 2. gitsung Desire. fe. mournGlappe. K. chafing.. tiouSytuary. kindly. gleu. glitnian To glitter. nature. Hce Prudently. ian To be glad. Gnornung. Gi5-(. glitmian. se y. gleaw. fset A Gnidill A pestle. pp. Glove wort.Gne^enes.e . gleam. p. drum. glory. — — Glazen. gleof.duglad.skill. mod Gladminded. Der. Glencas Buildings. Glydering. gncett. openly.p. v. x. a virion. 127 . S. gle6. dream A gnaiv. ing. an . glass-vat or vessel.f TwiGladene. Gnornian p. A flatterer. Gnyd Need. /• Glastonbury. gleed. Glad. L. v. V. Giuli Yule. tame. glida. adj. v. we gnidon . glaedene A sea onion. S. A failing. A71.f. Gleowlice Clearly. v. comminute. gnagen To The art of music. Der. Cd. K. R.f. S. Gitugon Conspired. pleasant. glawen To shine. Gluto A glutton. glim. quick. Glendrian To sivallow. mudnes Gladness. L. Wisdom. G. Frugality. nes Pru.nm. Der. pleasant. Gneadlicnes. . Der.. slip. . Gleo. groan.Gild Slippery. i?Bi A fire-vat. Gled. sorrowful. gne^nes. L. e. slid. p. S. gamen . Giwian. gleaw. cautioiis. sine Afire. gleo. set in endlic Elegant. o/glsed. es. 3. Gleo-bcam A harp. coal. ode. amber. — . gnoh. icisely. . Glass. -can. S. p. gleaw. glad. S. valley. Der. To glisten. m. Der. m. Glomung. S. music. f. geong. dence. Secret an^yrig. — — — — — — — . miser. Gliowian to sing. an ilto gluttonize. burning. gneatSlines. — — wise mind. Glad Glided. A Glitenan. bite. Glaed Purified. S. glaes. Glsestinga burh . An. To fen. Joy. Gitsunc. ment. giow. Glaengc. To be glad. the tambour. Gitsere. terpretation. Glom Gloom. e Gladly. To Glysing. v. a ment. glades . interpretation. p. lie Full of pomp. cle6.toplay on g. Gnad rubbed. blemish. compose. . sure. — — — — — Gliw ioise. pp. a glass. lie Glad. e . lice Gladly. Glsed j g. glig. disposition. ask. ready to slide. scipe Joy. gleeman.. q. v. S. wyrt Glade A river. Gleng Ornament splendour. musician. es . to glow we gleofon. distress. R. we gnogon . — — — — — — . light. nes Gladness. Glyda a glede. song. o/gnidan. gleo. v. hof A sorrow GlGsing. Gloucestershire. de Given to music. Glafan. g. Gladung. Soger. S. Glaed-sted Ember-place. Glaere Glare. georn Sport loving. craift Gnagan. : GLI : GNY Glig. Glasa. Glowan To gloto as afire. v. S. A glede. cliof A cliff.'orn (rijjiode forhtS the herb githe. OLE and-. want. cauOf a Glisnian Li. joy. Gladian p.glesincg/l<7?ossmg'.Afiashof lightning. . Gnidan p. scipe Gliw jesting. gled.nc. S. jjl. joyfulness. in. require. Le. S. glaengS Pow. in. Giwedo Clothes. -stTe. m. pi. C. f. explain. hlutor song. R. V. pp. v. Glade-muS Gledniouth. Glseaw prudent. Glesan 1. Der. an /. — tering. Subdued. gleo. Glednes. wise. Gniding A rubbing. lusion. complaining. Mo.

3. es . hordthe church. ner says. sport. v. laBf Gold-leaf. n. Good. m. resin. bleo A gold colour. ac. K. an . hvvaete Grey wheat. grafu . e. lice Divinely. tuneful. grafen To grave. — wrspcca One banished from God. an . v. lie V. geap. cmp. ges pi. G61 sang. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — Graede. fury. u. step. cry out. pleasure path. " my belief is. nes Greatness. The heathen gods. divine. 1066. S. K. hordian To religious teacher. A Goth. Troublesome. godfather. Grecian* Cold coloured. Gos . hiis A sepulchre. The palate. Le. Grseat great. A tax. Gorst. Trougood. . bridgeshire. -brytta A bestoioer of gold. g. spellic Evangelical. gret. pi. hord Goldsacred. •.— — GOL — . hwit-. groats. wine^l liberalfriend. gold-lecf. a Grsec. Groep A grip. pi. b6t A fine gold handle— holdGold-hold. v. the grass. den.S. Gi Adig Greedy. v. penknife. Graetta Grits. 2. tribute. dorned. covetousness. an m. d. time. wicked. —Der. Gost gorse. L.— B\ie\\\di. pi. mud. An engrai-er. n. m. path. Der. nes Goodness. Der. scireCa?nsum. cave. S. p. God-bearn gifa A giver of gold." Der. borh A solemn ted Gold-hilted. monious. To touch with the hand. cundlareow A hus A privy. m. Graeg Grey. — from God.Gv^g-. A graver. es . grasp. ian To anger. up-: gud. S. L. betesure ioood. ring-finger.4 golden orrichcity. lord. Grsetan. S. pp. g. angry god adj. property. seax A graving knife. L. mother. — — state. scyld A thief. ment. armour. m. p. Fiercely. a trea - — Gowng A sighing. L. S. gang. Grsefa. sibb A gossip. ede . indignation. 2.God-don To do Gond beyond. nes Greediness. : — — — . Grass. gsers. pp. order. Cambridge. Le. m. an iron pen. pp. carve. spellere evangelist. cundbot A fine to hoard. Dirt. geond. es . God. — GUJE . galan. ra. furrow. Grasian To graze. Goma. bread-corn. es. m. or Godmauham. taunt. es . A grove. — — — — — — — . ble. 2. v. pi. bran. ode . enrich. thick. faetA gold-vessel. graefes .S. God-seppel A quince apple. m. m. — — — — — . Grapian . the roof of the mouth. Coal. Gofol a tax. um Fiercely. a ivretch. grffiten To xveep. Faest-. \. gorst. The Gospel. betest. sepulchre. an . having a promise. mourn. £er-. endow. Grap.sp. incensed. m. sure. mEel Grey marked or spotted. — — — — — Grffifere. gos A greyoncild goose. 2. a carved or graven image. impiety. 1. An — Gold An idol. geotan. a vow. to benefit delight wid-. Bearing anger. Gongel Going ? Der. B. Golfetung A mock. M. S. pi. 852. pi. pp.God. pp.Grantebrycg. kind. dung. furze. weep.f A grade. to the church. To greaten. Greatan v^yri An emetic herb. great. A Greek. wudu Pleaoffended. n. grasu n. Gota. gamen. dig. cruel. — webb A godly garment. A pourer. ian. God. To do good. ^y d Poetical. hilA godchild. an. 128 Anglo-Saxons. or spangled. A lamentation. angry. A bosom. gyldan. a sword. 1. of grindan. — hiw — . Goodness. Grama. es . mundinQ:a ham -sm\^Goldsmith. Greccisc. hue. Goda. — wrsecnes Wickedness. hroden Gold acund-cundlfc Godly. Gram-bsere good. cu7^e. m. p. ivrath. Graes. Goodly. ed. Gowen A first exercise. Cd. God def. gosa . as no gold coins have I'eaehed modern times. ple. by inspiration. The gold finger. Gum. v. grgef. Grafa of graves.x\ To preach the Gospel. The Goths. sponsor. v. wrath. lice "Greedily. -lice Greedily. a ravening. ho?nage. grseses . Der. Furious.f. spreec^ speech -spell — — — thing carved. Yorkshire. Injury. m. goddera Better. fair. a treasury. . fremmende Doing Gong A journey. v. L. Grffif. g. maSm A gold treasure. purple icorn hy dignitaries. e . Der. ena A hea. Grecas.cs. L. p. A grave. Gomen Game. gomol Old. a harp. bonus.— Mce AnS. se guda. Grajdeliee. Grap grasped . Grecisc. gold was used in an uncoined grope. sele lie leas Godless. 2. od. wsefre A spider. In th« GoUl-^el Golden-skin. hostile. god. g. Anger. finger fine A goldfinch. Gold. Mr. S. holy. An.Gota. engrave. an . grof. — . Grand ground. Gotan. feel. p. Godly. goda. v. pi. Great Great. Greada. idols. an m. we greton G6m-te<S The grinders. inheritance. e if. -burh. Golden golden. Gombe. G61 A song. -siCXA close stool. gafol. hama The grey coGrseft A — — ver. Ch. to become great Grad. 2./. g. G os-hafocGoshatvk. large. go. od. a divine. S. hwset Gold. nes Gop crafty. grsef. grily fiercely icipe Anger. — — — — — — — . Gold. gylden. full Full of good. long Gongan To go. Good. S. Ch. greedy. call. fuGoodless. — — — — — . focder A Latten or copper metal. god.^ ^oo^e. nm. a treasury. A Goth. nni. betst adj. A gripe. gum. in the payments of the Goten shed. GRE Go(l. unhappy. Gold^ht Possession ofgold. gose . The Greeks. lay hold of. — . Gran tan brycg.fierce. d. wlauc munificent patron. treasure house. n. S. To lagood. — — — . covetously. v. modor^ godsiowode Gold sewed. leas Good good. v.\. -hwile A good while. an m. geld A sacrifice. L. cry. lafAnold Grafan . es . a herb. of gripan. jaio. hoard up. to grapGot-land Gothland. m. S. ian Grab a grave. v. gamol. 1. ditch. Gorse. — sunu A godson. I. an oracle. Der. Gold proud. m. Tur. p. 3. gild. v. v. Gore. or large. covetous. goods. Godera. Gramatisc-crseft Grammar. spedlg Rich in Gur. we grofon . then god. — — — — Grsemian To irritate. that ena . clotted blood. ode lie Furious. crime against God. ges. walS A Gram. Grey — corslet.— cund Divine. an idol. v. L.Gomel.—\)eoiAgold Godmundham. hargoosehawk. gees. riously. Gomol-feax Grey-haired.es. Granta ceaster Grantchester. Granan p. step. fab Greedan To say. Granung. Golden paid. L. rage. f. A golden hall. mjBStling cundnes Deity. S.

cde. C. S.Grindan. nes Fiercene<s. to be dle. — \\e\mAmaska visor. Grette knew. Greft A graven image. bite A grinding of the teeth. Griopan To lay hold of. To grunt. seeat A part of the earth. e. receiving. -lunga. Der. The upper part of the helmet. graatta. m. L. -gsest A horrid or savage Gritta. to grunt. per. grillan Grife Covetous. sprout. grim. Grene. foutidation. def. unbounded. tection. mask.grimm. un-: grenian Grownes. seize. consider. Gremetau To rage. ede. growan. grennes. ni^-. Nasn-. grin. es . G. 2. S. S. breaking a covenant. S. a deceiver. ode. -ruch as was given by the king to official men. ulcer. Grinniau To grin. wela Earth's tveal. grinding. neio ale. leas Gryre. phantom. gtiash. S. Gren-ihvLattenor cop. -weal^ ground-wall. horri. wiSgripe. touch. 2.^. S. herb. revile. S. rage. Peace or protan: gremian. dreadful. S. pp. rubbish. dread. v. grom Gristra A baker. v. beado-. GrifuU Apt to take.agr. monster.Grin. Greotan to lame7it. Der. ian. Grig-hund A greyhound. S. curse. ode. v. exasperate. gr£edip:. -bite. bitan To gnash the teeth. Grist. to 2. v.lieoro-.Griosn A pebble stone. Greg greij. To admit. S. weallan To lay a -sopa Gristle. ing. f. holding.GricS. 1. we greowon pp. wong The — wyrgen A sea wolf.F'eer-. differs The — security — It : grunt. To go to grasp.^san ongryslic./". gegrfp grapian. Grennung Grinning. m. collision. horrible. grim. 1. the bottom. — — — — — — GrewtS grows. es . depth. Le. Groicth. protection. E'rmen-. : : — . Grip- GRO — Groetan To greet. waeg A foundation. p. S. salutation. es . fret.: — GRY Groep A privy. killing. 1. Griellan. ere A grinder. v.fc6nd-. m. Der. Grhnena. 1. ing. a handGreow. — — — — Grom ^^rce. seizer. grim. to found. a rag- — — foundation. liaewen A greenishbruise. geatwe Terrible apGroen Green. 3. lay hold of.— an To gro und. know carnally. near London. tics. ian To Grindgrist. To meet. gripon . grae. L.&]icGronndless. To sian To rage. bitter. — linga. gerst. grim. here. pp. griinm. Gr6pian To grope.uTo?-onr. -ian. abyss. seizing. Grym-etan To rage. bitung A gnashing of teeth. Grennian. Greenwich. 1. To rage. caterpillar. Der. Grep Afurroio. ed. swelmake peace. greedy. grot. v. L. gram. — Grim-a. R. Mo. grim. fser-. spring.savage. g. earth. : : Grout loort. bid faremund-: grap. Gripan . — ennes. pp. — me Bitterly. -nes Captivity. Grit.: well. es . grating. prehend. grinders. p/ grinbottom. greot. make severe or cruel. To defend. rumi- To 2. Grome Fiercely. pp. se . be cruel. es. ing. Grymman To provoke. G RI Grec-land. VicSharp. p. taking Greting. — — etung A murmurv. ley. pp. m. growan. me Bitterly. V. bfcome or make green. grime.'jristle. Gremetung a raying.snare. Hea^o-. furiously. sae-. se grimma Sharp. man severe.an. Platted work. a hurgrin. boundless. dungeon.Gvynd An abyss. up. end A griper. ling in the jaws. Greot.'\ea. Gristel. p. es. spring Der. p. greeg. dust. mere-. R. Grund. increase. gretan. lattice-ivork. grette. cs ?«. immense. v. m. privilege of tvithin a certain sjiace./. cruelty. Grifode Wrinkled. pi'ofect. A gripe. L. Grunan. Greue a reeve.flower. fiis Earth prone. S. Ex.greme. Der. — — — Gt6( carved. horrid. roaring. gretung. ting. v. end- — — — — less. — Gretta. — S. Grist. salute. gr6wen To grow. 2. od. One grim or masked. bottomless. growan. K. or a treaty. foundation. Gristle. Grut Throat. ed. Growan . S. greow. L. Der. call out. an elf. v. G. cry out. ed. burrow. 1. v. v. searo-. v. n. a chrysalis. Gripa. peace.— le2i». fundamentally.fret. nate. Grut. T>er. p. — — — — — — — — — : Grum severe. rail. suiig RoughGrena-wic. Der. ditch.shrieking. w. to approach. grand. 2. ap2. grimre . take leave. cruel. — — — — — — dan. abyss. increase. tan.— Der. roar. gerefa. 1. greoua A pot. v. for grand. dire. hyrde An abyss keeper. Groue — — A . groef. Giundhuen(\Gi-oundinhabiting. grew . irritate. hilde. -swelige The herb groundsel. be green. S. a germ . n. /?. m. — etnngAr aging. ing. holding fast. earth. Gretan. — heort from FriS A general Gryn a snare. we fid. ede pp. Fury. pp. a hag. es . Grunden ground . a boil. ness. wrgec Mortal vengeance. Der. grime in grim. m. m. To Grindel. ^ greethold of. bid welcome. od. an inhabitant. Horror. terror. -u A gria. flourish. For-. Greofa. hand-. sm\^ A S7iare Der. K. region. iiig Witchcraft. /J. Grene-wic. A bar. K 129 — — — — . Gredig greedy. unreasonable. L Gric5-brice Peace break. sand. From : — ground or root. Ground. an atom. grsetta. ed helmet. -spring A running sore. an blaspheme. Gripe. grap. gripen To gripe. Grondorleas Profound. Green. Ex. 2. gulph. ing. provoke. niAghost. K. sin-. To provoke. azure colour. greet. p. to nes Greenness.S.An. v. -bitian. Grim. adj. L. Savage hearted. Handworker. an . To blaspheme. the deep. es . Greca land Greece. Grond ground. es. m.e. a bite. S. bloody. Th. Greue. Inpl. — etau p. S. L. ocS-. grurid. -ban Gristlebone. clash. guest. v. iJer. Gremiaii. grimmes . curse. pp. g. — an ble. Gring A noise. \. To make severe. . v. visor. — — : — bottom. angry. 1 Meal of wheat or bar. we grundon .— Grim. -\ta. To Grynlas Waxing kernel.— hord A dust heap. to make a face. pi. grim. grafan. irritate. a stanas Ground stones. Ex. Peaceless. grap. A gripe. grunden To grind. 2. grave. m. a siren.jy. Forblue. witch. C. S. interminable. Grislic Grisly . teS The flmirish. grunt. Grot [gre6t dusf^ A particle. without peace or wig. cruelly. To To rage.

— — — — — . hus varied in quantity in differsettlement. hafoc A ioar-haiOK. glim. gal. j^rsec War. a prhice. fiier. v. i. — Gulpon Gum. ede. — — — — — — — — — — — : — — — — — — — — — . v. scearu A war diviprove guilty. free Battle GyhtSu mind. od. p. ac. yield. joice. war-man. e . S. gutt. S. S. a realm. geld an . Grystlun. geweorc Battle garment. L. ian To ung Singiny. war song. n. A giarit. a dragon.smoke orfume. geogu^.Gyllan. Gynd beyond. 1. geres. Gydigan. fight Gyfen.To gird. dizzy. Her. Gyrdan . switch. and 6 sheep. Her. L. L. gelded. p. Gyrla clothing.^ rior. An. Guidon paid. A staff. a shield. girdle board. lace. diligence. Gyr A fir tree. as Gum-cynn Mankind. helm A war helmet. Gryrende Gnashing. contentious. geafold. S. mearc. Der. v. sad. OUD paratus or armour. give. S. tle reek. Der. despise. Gyld a payment. ge«ng. geotan. gloried. pp. Der. n. preserve. pp. regard. R. eager.Gyrnan . Gydene. eminence. es. food.f War. Gnng young. oma 4. — — A — — — — — — m A A Guineiiian to sport. a man.To -weard^ tear guard. restore. Guttas guts. To make minded. Gyng. buckA weddbig ov feasting -room. gewsede War. C. v. Gyme.f. milldust. werig War weary. tvar. a standard. sin. dy. es.L. m. gilpan. poetic ness. a hero. m. 130 . es . war sword. A battle horn. floga A loar. gidyawn. e . — ]?egn A?i eminent thane. ready fur battle. dreadful journey. Mo. snare. sceorp War clothlic-spraec Blasphemy. Gyran. — A -mann A famous man. — J?eod Thehumanrace A man.(\. an . gird. A Gu If. e. an . Marshes. To prepare. — leas Careless. a sicord. v. de- notes Excellence. v. Gry^ peace. observe. Gylt pays.ed. lie Carecomjjosition. . gilp. A net. of g'lhi. K. an m. Ex. Her. Care. leaslice Carelessly. gilpan. n. Gu-dzed Former deed. Der. an engine. gyras. to yell. Gyrd. straying.Gygand. worship. — . 1. An. ing. requite. d. A dowry. v. 1 coio. hail. /. Gyeenes The itch. For-gj'^icarmednos: for-gj'nneleasian. song. To take care of. gild. byrne A coat of mail. Beo. S. e. — gewinn War strife. v./?.ed. an . Gumian To forget. A gir-free a A bold warrior. belt. B. v. 2. gildan. leasnes Carelessness. Gynan To gain. geald. gydig. gut. belonging to a ing A icarlike king. roaring. War-clothing. dea^ A war marriage. pp. ruf War fafault. a writing tabK. An. rec Bat. stick. -herge^ hostile band. gifan. sion or band. In one place.— Gyrdwar-vane. or violent death. -endAdebtscea)pa A war or. which icar-bil. the art of tear. g^dian. a Gym. ivarlike board. es . scle A battle hall. 24. gnashing. loandering. m. v. let. Guma. 2. grislic. Gund Matter. we guidon pp. creeft War cynsure of a Gebw's estate. it ler. horn Gylding-wecg A gold mine. Gyrian. armour. v. War. The gut. GugotS youth. keep. S. bring A girdle.p. ede. V. Der. Gyrmian To roar. S.scream. Gryt. ^flan Gyfung. turn. Gut. Gud a heathen god. be careless. An. L. gyldan. gild.Gynian. j^reat A war-host. gulian. -list. ent places. — negligent.giellan . TiksAwarshriek. v. -lyst CarelessGydd./. ode. Guton shed. dizzy. Le. vol. v. 1 434. bred A tawe War apparatus. v. fana A Gyfu A gift. rule. War tiding. leasian To neglect. Gyddigean. dreadfully. B. Gyfe. ful.chirp. or assembly. yardt An. brave man. ouw Warfierce. chatter. wudu War wood. C. Der. attend. myrc lac — — — — — gryn.e. gim. S. sweord A Gym a gem.Gylm a handful. dle. render. goddess. also Divination. t)er. Gymung. Gyrdel. Gymen Care.— \eo^ Gylian.Gylp^ boasts. The bowels. od. es . —mod. A consent. Her^ Gydig. e. To re- Hostilefrontier. an offender. 146. Gydenlic Nunlike. Grysenlic. gyddi. V. m. -st6\ A throne. wine A battle friend. searo Arms. golden To pay. force. a soldier. Gyeel-stan Ice-stones. debt. v. es. griS. troubled. pi. solicitude. marriage des A gird of land.sport. wana. Gylda. grytta Finejiour. land. War. gamen. Gypes wic. sing. marriage. mar7'iage. like attack. bil A Gyfl. troubled. Gymend. Grytte A spider's loeb. bind round. Giilian . crime. a shield. ulcer in the boicels. geond. gyllan ? To rejoice. ichich was 7 acres of plough cyste -lie Nuptial. A spirit. and pasture for 2 oxen. es . geong. ig Guilty. heed. v. shout for joy. rod. — dream Human — feSa A troop. /. reaf Gylp. -least. /. A war tribe. gyddig ? Giddy. gape. leo^ A marriage song. v. p. Der. young. reac. gif. L. rinc A war Gylt. v. Gyfa. grace. de pp. plega a harsh noise. man. bellum. L. GuS.. v. Guilt. v. god. ede To be giddy. roar. g. Guoua ivanting. armour. negligence. Gyf(/.^. wite Pain bringing rod. v. S.f. V. a man. gyldan. S. spell Gylte Gelt. -cyst Wealth. Gynnan To begin. icork. prefixed to words. L. purse. Gyldeu golden. Mo. re. A ivar dart. bord A Gyft. Der. — Gu Formerly. seems to be eqtial to the meaigean To give in marriage. an . an To make or mous. es 7i. vam Horribly. gylian. p. v. gegerela. ode .prince.e /. v. es . p. stsef A snare. es. battle. p. an idol. 786.n Gyfan to give. y4 giver. — — — cruelty A Warfare. gerdel. enemy. e . joyy life. Ipswich. Gu^-beorn A Gyfernes Rapacity.a kite. rinc leader. m. Guast. si^ G YL GYR — — — leo^ A — Gry- lie A Horrible. -cearu War care. m. wlga govern. also gyden. vestal. hre^ Battle vein of gold. superintendence. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — A — — . Fruit. To gean To be on a height. The sea. p. v. gehcSu. garter. S. munificence^ — hlesiiing. v. A governor. gemot War-mote Gyldan to gild. anxiety. — rice A great kingdom. place.f. craft. A m<'aGyrd lansure. a song. v. A companion. n. dire song. Th. poison.Gyldan.

gese. m. Heeg steald. Haelig holy. : — Der. ost-. we hsefdon . . thumberland. v. f. R. count. gehselan . Hoefig heavy. yester- Gyrran To chatter. mseden-. hell-. v. Heel. wehabba^. Haal-stan v.e . ode. v. the end of words H is someHaeccle a garment. p. order. gyrsta. pp. g^t. -maegS A country of marshState. buttery. Sloli He Haed-ern A cellar. tarrh. pi. L. An. a sealind-.hafu^. rung The respect of persons. — dom Captivity. Haefer-bite^ pair of pincers. g:fta Yet. L. serve. a large sort of Gyrsta. haelftre . — Der. v. es m. n. ac. -end. SHaefd head. night. an . hadres .Haefcdiies. A youth. pp.<7. ic habbe.camp-. m. craving. haifd To have. novice. S. G^'t pours out. weorold-. Gytenes a getting. day. Hacele. S. To ordain. georn. to abide ai< a guest. es . H8elettung. niht Yester- — — — Haege a hedge. ness. v. v. A — v. v. haegesse. Hsecewoll A collector. Gyrnau to yearn. hagol.br6Sor-. cloak. 7n. an. S. (lyrwe-fenn Marshy i)er. -nian To take. Gyfe. es m. wer-j wif. Haehn stubble. hacod. The healer. Haelg Light. up-. se. ge. custody. . v. Hacod. Haeft.EF H^L Haefenleas. A holding. nes haeftan. hash. pp. soldier. Haeig-weard Hayward. covet. last night. p. prince. hcfig. cyric-. G. A haven screamer. v. m. Haelan to conceal. form. keep. Haeft.Hadrian To restrain. — A At pastoral staff.geornian. give holy orders.A he-goat. slave. to con- — — — A — The state of being bound.—endlic Desirable. Abstinence tia<5.f. Feoh Money. S. gyrstan Yester. Haell. -nian iy. v. quality. G.desire. lasencort. — stream v. Hador . beat. . scorpion. Ha ha. Gyrwa land Fenny land. 1 To heal. Haefde had . heah-stcald. p haet'de. haeles. S. 2. : Gym desirous. Haeh-sedl A pulpit. Gytsung. L. -hddThe state of a bachelor. Serenity. heal. : K2 . vwurniyig. Haeca bar of a d. dress. Hael concealed. sal guest hall or saloon. a man. v. ])\\ hsefst. Hsel-baere Health-bearing. Head. -ung Ordainsecrate. pike. i/«j9. Haegel hail. nung A taking. An. a vowel. S. calmness. —mece A hilted sivord. od. . — ling A captive. halig. 1. mantle. ne<5. Haefe Heefeld'. vain. ^ • U A B H. e . . Gyrnian To yearn.in NorHabban. S. 2. searogull. v. breca A violator of holy orders. v. es . — — greeting. a coat of mail. A per son. pp. noose. Heeftldan TAe Helvetians. ed. haebcrn. Haelfter . es m. h£ef^. helan. -wTOicDesiroiis qfvengeance. haellic. mullet. 2. jjeow-. An overflowing. Gyst enlic Pertainguest. One held. degree. Gyrne Grief. captivity.)r Hcugh. -an. g. Der. S. efen-. ha. v. miser. he lie . -nyd seat. waepned-. Hcefen A haven. S. To preable. no<S What holds. lust after. desire. Industry. m. v. L. S. for-. of habban. andhkl.: hador : ge- — hada: hadian. -nes. hege. es. Gystran Yester. — nead. geogu^-. f. es. -bryce^w injury done toperelice sons in holy orders. hakeds. f. — — bride maid. hood. getan. figure. niht Had. S. Ha?gtesse. hsebban. -ing. K. hloitThe bleating of a goat. 1. A haft. man. handle. capture. '2. hal-stan. — — — Gypternlic-deeg Yesterday. 1. hawk. L. Bisceop-. Habit. L. V. usury Haebbendlic Fit. — Gyt. v. labour. S. — A A bachelor. A habit for a man ofioar./. heebbende. p. met.oor. es. Gyt Ye ttvo.Haebban to have. halas. Th. bonds. virgin. hegian. v. S. Haegelaii to hail. a hero. L. Haegl hail. beloiv. To monosyllables ending in Haeced a pike. Halter headstall. H. p. shedding. hagul. a fen. hakot. rond-. An omen. -ian . cla3g Yesterday. v. L. — A — . sex. Hadre Serenely. v. — — incle What may be bought. a A ca- iiig. gsest. geotan. rife The gum of the herb condition. gri^ Peace. S. eild-. HadhotA fine for injuring a person in holy orders. healm. ode. v. Gysel a hostage. Hoefoe a hawk. S. Gytsian. S. interj. a captive. cynn Mankind. Der. captivity. hafast. times used for g . helan.pre- — — — Der. od.\. de. v. clear. endeavour. To Hador Serene. nm. mildly. detain. — — — en Custody. liagolan. de. S. perGy<5-corn The herb spurg. Haefern a crab. captivity. a prison. sex. rttentio. — . captivity. chief hero. lust. hold. S.haefres '. Le. son. S. 3. v. S. hacele. L. handsome. A brave man.ovarice rapacity . Heel whole.m.hafa. hoebbe. es. v. saviour. R. hefig. Heelend. bright. Haecce. igan To lodge.habba^.^ brave man. H^lan. Gytsere. haecile. covetous. desire. hoecele. f. lay hold of. Haefer. S. — e Dtligent- -dom. 2. Leaven. es . A — — Haeling Healing. eniht-. he Haefed. gitsung. hal. haegtesse.form.. Gyse yes. blast. Gyrning A yearning. -hal. habban. — Hsegesse a ivitch.. bord-.heftnead. ing to a guest. habban. sire. Der. habban. ground. n. v. security or privilege of holy orders. L. v. a hel" Heele. — an To take. -ling. m. — leas : hrefednes: hseff. Haeh hole. Der. crook. consecration. hegtisse. getenes. A coat. a shirt. -aPersonally. habbe ge Haefeg heavy. — Hacine Pusta. -bloat Be-. -mece. hag. g. helm A war helm. Yesternight. Haam A surplice. n? A hook. hafcnleas. fury. V. to make hold fast. -had. hafen131 : g. heafod. Haeg-Jjorn Hawthorn. gisel. S. man-. erung. Der. Hgebern A crab. an h is often added as. swsepe A ing. v. Haefe. — ing A possession. ^ Gytan to get. v. L. state.. hospitable. cassock. S. cure. hafoc. Hsegian to hedge.es. liaefd had. den. tigitrment an under garment.m./. v. cut. v.A ^Itch. es . Gyrretynde Roaring. an . A pike. Gyrwan To prepare. HaeleS. Der. haefed. S. Haccan To hack.

Ha)lu. HffiiS-cole A cap. hoi.Htesere An instructor. heagjnzelum. Half half. v. ed. harvest handful. v.f. or security.tu. hasty . Haetan I'o heat. Haerman To give pain. lia'ilo indclf. Fermentation. the mail-hood tvorn under the helmet. man. A hedge. Der. A hapse. Hzet commands. — — — — Hsen a hen. Hse^e. heetu. HiEspe a hasp. Hajrn A wave. Hafec a hawk. indcl. Hago-spind. v.?. Hoerelof A report. autumn. Hal a hole. One who is -niann. haga. ge-: wig. v. fruit of tbe haw. L. — — — — Ilafenes.Halech. Hsenep. Hsen-belle Hen-bell. S. Hearing. n. A shoicer of hail. Haga. stall. -w'seta Harvest or autumnal wet. A hallowing. Halig [0/Ven contracted when the terminations begin with a vowel. pp. spear-. bravely. To elevate. HsiitabiHad. Crane-. whole.h3esl Hajl^. e -ff. safe. halig. Halgian. her. the H^cSen Heathen gentile. hdlserc. herfest. hafala. healm. Haewen Slue. hatan. gyld Heathen . hserg a temple. HaecSeby. p. v.— wiv^ a divination. nes Halett-a. R. an To salute.A soothsayer.lVholeness.Hsetol Hot. Der. Halan To feed. greeted. hailu. -sian : haelcS. loch. S. wolf./. e. lie — Hffimed lying with. heafoc. a garden.Hal . v. gu^-. Clothing. once called Haithaby. the fee of a husbandman. Ilaeme^^ marriage. a hero. 2'he head. v. gan. her<San. hook of a hinge. od. f. — scipeMarcohabitation. Haeman . halig. laages. L. grasp. lie Equal. es.l heathen man hog. HsGt. A cohabiting. halig. Hagan Haws. scipe Heanved\Hair-pin. Hagian To be at leisure. Halter. C/t. Hsering. se . an . Healing. -ydele. S. — gifta Dowry. hafast. Htesel A hat. loured./. also. ordination. Hserh.S. haiTi. giiS Health protection. health. The heath stepper. de pp. consecrate. v. lend A Hccs. Hafela. Mo. To j . Hafenian . Haldan To hold. hecga spind The Hsete. Hafetan To applaud. ha. poor. hasp. ode.L. 2. HiKls-orc. V. ^ saint. Hagustaldes ham Hexham. — ceorl A husband. v. Ha. vest 7)ionth. Ge-. stapa Heath field. Der.halwend.h ear m Heettian To scalp. Haer. sundor-. generously. tide. handful The Hsett calls.— Hzemere. ode.^ A kind. A greeting. lift up. -an. hnut hazel nut. sceard Heathenism. Der. Stan Hail stone. v.tu. ge-halgian. nut-tree. hserincg a herring. Hair. an ornament for the haga. HcEst Hot. What Ilseste Furiously. m.hael. here.buzzard. Hafen-leas Without property. 132 when it be- . heat. Hsepmaelum. haw. S. Sussex. v./. hasp. greeting. . v. J. pp. Hald Bending. propagation. Cloth made of hair. Hse^ung.f. sour id. Northumberland. S.habban. — — : — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . se hala Healthy.od. A hedge or white thorn. hen-bane. furious. make hot. od. heafod. An. vation. — gemana Marriage. m.S. ode.hataii. — A district icay. S. e j/l also. an . halig. Hagu-spind Cheek fat. head. army. an To hail. sackean-fagol A hedgeUc Heathenish.Hail. an m.worship. inclining. ian . Heathen gold. vest. Hainan To stone. ?n. def. A hat.Hagusteald. the cheeks. S. ian To foreteL 2)er. Haerlice Nobly. e. e.f. To cohabit. a ship. sound.hagles. A hebban. from the estate which he monaS The harfarmed. hseps. pp. azure. es. 1137' Ha?rncs lliebrain. Hserfest.Halgo-land hudele. e -ff. Hseswalwe A haivh. v. )?urh-: haelo. Mo. consecration. Hafa. of Nor- Halgung. Haer here. Halic holy. p. Hagal. treasure. te A ung. L. fowler. Heating. C. gos-. S. diviner. L. es . hazel. V. Der. heofula. v. safety. or bailiff. helmet.hearh. henep Hemp. p. Hafud a head. -hyldele Spoonwort. Hae^. S. IlyER II A F HA L flota A Uailncs. ioilh. Hoep Fit. such as a stag or taldes ea. gylda An idola. bird of prey. 2. falcon. Heeto Jieat. — Kaem home. a town opposite to SchlesHseucS want. Halewend^eaZM/M/. S. V. B. To shut to. Hae^-feld Hatfield. v. — — — — . Hafoc.cohabit to commit adulmarriage. To hallow. v. v. Ha3?el. haegol ^. hering. S. Health. A falling off of the hair. K. Le. wan-: halgian. Hsestinga ceaster. comiudnd.Heath. hebban. mitre. es m. henS. wave-floater. seo halge. v. An assembly. I^ingian iiiatron. ere^ hawker.sc. S. field. S. v./. — — — . pacynn A heathen kind. hat. What covers the head. -dom Heathenism. S. Ha. haeto . Hscrung. violent. sky co. 2. ham. v. . Hffips. L. faru HeetS-berie Heath berry. ^ hawk./. troop. r. es . sal. — . Hagol. e . gold Halbffire Wholesome. an eminent S. but not — Hafcn raised. Ilaemdo tery. e. cyning A heathen king. Har. cloth. den. K. Hali holy. )jiiig^ adultery. Haestinga port Hastings. Halga. v. roof. to injure. wif ^ ?ij(fe.heaU7i. sahiting. S. Der.v. riage. v. loant. HsecSelic Hostile.cs m. heafola.rlic Laudable.f. un-. L. hagol. Hserenes. tame. apparel.R. Herts. Haletan To greet. enHairy. marriagesong. haleg. as in def. Haern straw. tn. Le. an m. cheek fat. hen. e.— least Need. Helgoland. Hage. Hsengene A cage. hafoc. harm. se . ter.. Half-clungu Halffrozen. healf. an m. Halian To become well. v. hatan. S. — — Heat. n. v. Hoet-heoi tries rage. Hailo health. I. v.Hagusanimal. . A — . precept. — A fornicator. v. Htje)<5an testiculi.e . care. thenism. es rn. — — — feld — — . Hjere an army. hage. idolatry.hynd-. m. iht Hairy. un. — — C. 2. behest. Septetnber. a wild Hagustald. S. Hafoc-cynnjF/aM. S. dedicate. -end. Heesthigas. an . hotly. — Der. deby. \. hagul. 1 Praise. )5orn Haw or hedge thorn./. es . 1. hafa^. is hedged in. a.Mor-: m. to hapse. so Iialga. v.

property — Der : . — fare A violation of ham-socn. a sivelA manual. K. . surplice. — HA R go s tea 11 n. -wengnes Hoariness. an m. farm. adj.L part of the knee. Han A hone. Der. -ian To -daed Handy work. -scolu A troop. — sceate-4 handkerchief. hige id. hand's breadth. — A ^ — — — — — — — — — — 133 . an m.K. : -slyht^ hand blow. — gew inn Handy bour. close.S . healthful. Haligung The king's evil. laf A relic of hammers or swords .gehend. A covering. daeg A holy day. and to impose fines for the violation of hamsocn. G. Heo- fon-.— spova A hand . ers. an-. A hare. — griS A confirmation la- — A com- — weor<5ung Homewort names of friendship by shaking hands. toicn. — A sanctuary. -ham. 3. — -scalu. Harae. es. Home protection. ung. Old age. S.adjure.feel. -fsereld A going home.m. es m. m. —w y an honour to Hand hammer. R. a holy place. Ian pi. hand . spraeed by the hand.napkin. shirt. — Hand-bason. to marry. L. Ham-tun. scir-. S. T'he privilege of lords of manors to hold a court. -gong giving up. — — — — dict.9kin. — scyldig counter. — mona€ Holy ?nonth. A nnirderer. — weorc A hand-work. etan . an army. -fsBstung An assur- — — — — — — — — — — — . clothed. As termicraed The cock croiuing. Hamod Hamor. Used both for SoM<7i- scyld A aw/2>^ow. es. Lindisfarne. S. v. towel. a grasp. -j^egn A servant. S. lie-. p. ge-. def. se hara . prepilot directs the roicers. gesceaftjPor?^meeting. Hals-wyrt A daffodil.H-dnnes highness. — — rof Famous handed. — K. hare-fot The herb adj. bell. l^weal — — — — — boc — — — — — care of To carry home. — — — Haiidy loork. n. pledge one's hand. private parts Halsere An exorcist. an . etc. doin 1. the Gospels. daida A deed-doer. — sceafta A creature. Har . Le. — selen. — maining at home. L. seen. 3. Hana. fastened by the hand. dynt A slap dy. form nm. a shield. cricket. A sanctuary. homa. domestic. hkm. L. heals. hares-foot. e /. d. dicraft. back V{{xmi\\n-\>oxtNorthampton. — munt Holy mount. workmanship. gpweurce HAM gins ivith a consonant . elan To Hamula A steersman. m. . recompence. — SCO A glove. shoulder blade. health. -msegen The power of hand. Holiness. nung. Halm Stubble. famed of hand.eraft. grayness. S.stocas Handcuffs ? syllan To deliver up. handful. a. lunga Forthioith. Le. H alines Holiness. a moment. what is become gray. ryft The veil of the tida Holy seasons. — nes — Holiness. it violation of that peace and protection by forcible entry into a man's '2. ac. Hamere A staff" by which the Halsian Tobeseech. — — — -1[>\egii Hand. a creature. V. es . sylen. L. I'del. nations denote A covering. ichetstone. September. dwel- turning of the hand. S. m. healsian. L. A village. mint Hare-mint. unge. cild-. ready. house. pi.— Der. Covered. ac. K. copse A Handle A handle. lin Hand-linen. gray. wseter Holy loater. fsestness. Ham.ham? hom. aZ^o . . l^egen. — Ham-. ton. carry home weorud Home band. contest. home. Th. ealond Holy island.m0eg-: hsoman. liamm The ham. v. sanctuary. -rges Hand-rush./. K. S. e. Ha- Healthfully. S. nes Grayness. denotes A ling. — \oceuHand locked. .— gemsenej Hara. m. flaesc-. stede Homestead. cutlass.. dress. — hrtegl A hand -hwil — rt houseleek. S. The as. fsest — Home staying. at hand.~weardes — — — wegan To Homewards. a — house. Der. hoarifiDestan To ness. Halor Salvation. Ham? horn.*— sylen A giving into the hands. JSx. possessing.Hangian To hang down. pp. hand-cloth. -croeft A hand. L. anda. a . — — : — weardHandivard. hand. lying-in.. Birth. ed. S. finished. K. v. close en- Haltsumnes Custody. company. creature. at haligra men of holy men] Holy.to hang. a claw. the peace and protection from assault in a man's own — HandlianTo handle . heort-. gray.e.and also Northampa shoulder 1 scire Hampshire. m The womb. haft.—smsoUA slap of the hand. hajbbende Having in hand. g. es. S. hand-cuffs. ede. manufacture. . es. hamstring. Hand to hand. L.-w?iing. A moment. hoary or moulformed. -gemot A hand or hostile -hunig The herb hore-hound. -hom.a. Laws notes. um . in Northumberland. S. — gevvrit A hand-writing. Halwende. 1 A home. hamor — Home dignity. ern holy place. strikswords.stHoly Ghost — hadas Holy orders. . — : Haligan To consecrate. . the court of the lord of the manor.hame. of the hall. lean A reward. home. divelling. S. — scir The houses and home sittende Reaffairs. m. cla^ A Handa hurt. •w('ardi/omeif5rtr^/. Der. -an. Hand-belle A hand Ham. -geclihtTAe^s^jiS'. — worhte Hand-ivorked.^ covering. brsed A -wyrst A cubit. Han-ham. — gripe A hand gripe. ance. A full -weng Hoary. L. bred The palm of the hand. v.—weUe. To give a home. an earth-ivorm. — rond A hand shield. A cock. an .copse. S. cwyrn A hand-mill. -gang.halwend-llc/:/e«Z^/^lice hearing. S. heahnes. hand. Hals a neck. cal.mynster :h£Emac5. Hoar.spur. temple. — In the more frequently dehoiise. mitta A measure or weight about four scruples. an . K. crffiftig Mechani. -gpsell panion. A hammer. A grasshopper. hoary. . K. The the womb.f. liable in his mor-wyrt Hatmnerwort. Hamora Of hammers. A meeting Hama.ouldi7iess. Th. Hama. a mantle. Ex. S. in the of — — places. f. -es ^^ home. L. hand. a handkerchief. — ferian — — -wyrm^l hand-worm. 2.m. village. hune. fyrd-. 2. Byrn-. Ham — — — : . 1 Hoariof the hand.touch. Hama. grseg-. Fyrd-hom War dress. Der. Hand . H AN — — A sacrament J relicii of saints. Halle gemot. Hara-. g. Der. a han. 2. — Ham-bringan — To bring home. — — nesHealth— — — — seax A short sword. — hwyrft A cloth. d. L. Hand guilty. also -fare 1. — Ga. — bona ling at the root of the nails. iness.play.

het. Golgotha. e . roughs rugged. v./. ordain. we. m. 1. An. Heaf. flod High freols4 highor great flood. the cheeks. — Heah .m. Der. v. a prince. v. v. An ornament — divines. hatian. bolla A skull. Heago-spind The cheek fat./. a capital — — — crsehArchitecture. — A chief or near relation. fast. head-pin. -stol. m. : : — — Heafoc a hawk. — pening Poll penny or tax. hafoc. g. ode. Sx. end. S. Heafian to mourn. S. v. aspect. Ate hate. p.w. se hehsta. lofty sublime. — nys. — tiga architect. Heafd a head. -maegyl chief heart. S. — ol Hateful. promise. -steap. . sangere — A head- He . HEA — Mo. weard. v.hagustald. hyhst . — port A chief port. a handkerchief. L. heafod. the eye. pi. weard The forehead. famous. g. es . — HighHeadpan. -stow. heliaet. ly. Heafdian To behead. fsesten The chief fortress. — — -run One who prophesies or The sun of the head. hdten To com. iht ter offence. Harra a ildij.A hater. hebban. adj. Hauelestjt?or^r^?/. of peace. a veil. slaege sight. Heafod . ealdor chiefruler of the synagogue.-heortnes:haeto: m6d-hjEte on-haetan h^e'S- — Hat-heort Ho^ Hot hearted. — panne High. ing a cry. Th. — Of imjyortance. Hawe 4 view. Heaftling A captive. Be-. be hot. the keeping watch at the lord's tent. haor tred. High. name. head-sore. Heafan . — deor-hund crsef- — — — — mand. K. f. the eye.h3efenleast. -sprecel. hatan. Huro. fen To Wild barrage. a promontory. — swima priest.A jushead-man. se . weheton pp. fervent. L.To hate. hearra. Hatte called. Hatlice hardly. Heag high. : — e- se . Hot. giaii. v. hcof. Heat. Heahbisceop An archbishop. — heortnes heartedness. 5. Hatter . Heag a hedge. — . cry. Ilarfest harvest. -engel4w archangel. — maga. ode. heah. n. def. proud.- — — }?eod Ajirovince. Heafud a head. hserfest. fellow. /. A head ward or guard. lord. Header A restraint. — deor A roe-buck. plurality. a mate. — Capital. estuary. -speccel. gl. -land . pp. Der. S.Wylm-.— Highness. S. vvyrt H Makhafela. — sare A head. An. gesamnung The chief assembly.-fah ParHaswig Vai-iety coloured. S. Hatan '. —hurh Headborough. — syn a choir. bold. — sien Power of fortress. pinnacle. -feeder — — hyrra. gerefa High-sheriff. g. To become heardlice. an 7n. mournDer. ac hine : for the head. . . — lic-hadas Holy orders. d.—segevi Head ornament. Hata. burh metropolis. bollanstow Golgotha. hyra . hefig. synagogue. heane. The sea. height. Hatte-fagol A hedgehog. Hajjoli^a Ven^i axillaris. gira Head gem. es. S. High. swimming The head wserc . metropolis. — ung: hffise. heahne. a sad colour mixed with blue. husky. S. heah. a high forehead. Heaf-sang An elegy. mourn. up-: heahtSo. Heaf. Hatan. K. An v. helit. v. enthusiasm. archangel. heahfor. a ship. poisonous. Heafig heavy. fervour./*. L. — — Headed. fseder 4 patriarch. sublime. general. S. lie lice skull. V. his d. adv. one. weard. high hall. es. cmp. Ilawere. Der. beaii A crown. gerim The head number. S. offence. cyrice A head-church. Hoarse.a stag. russet. are cor t. hasre def. vein. v. noble. much Headless. heofou-. excellent. he^fj we hcufon . L. we hatton To called. 7n. The guarding of the head. R. — — — — — A — fore- — frae- cyning The high king. A head place. — — — — — — — — A J)er. se haswa . — sacerd A chief the head. m. A favourer. He. v. heafod. cestus A — — — — sittende HigJi sitting. Hauoc A hawk. -boda A high messenger. hattres Raging. ^. leader. deor-hunta stag hunter. — synn • -setl High settle. es . A groan. ing. hete. v. top. Ilarat An assembly. S. Hat . To become or be hot. gemaca^n equal. stag hound. A A — — A — — — — -grsefte leas lie laeee Asixidvica tice p7'ior.v. heafdes . K. — heort High of mate. I H Hardnes Hardness. Ilaran To spare. Harm harm. Hoarseness. -sigel a eye.hea- — — s'ght. -gylt Head-guilt. patriarch. -471 tewnes A head-ornament. v. heafde Der. motherchurch. sore. — — — — High or great sin. hiif. — stefn 4 high prow. chief. heafod. hege. chief— Wtig Afellow. Hatian . H('a High. an . jop. ealdorman A patrician. hete. wend Heat turning or blowing..gehat. God. EA v. — 8e] A A notable A leader of a throne. L. heafdu n. p. — heer Hair of the ment. prelate. a metropolis cla(S Headcloth. someone. p. gestreon High treasure. gewsede Head-clothing. an architect.. Excellence. lices rice nes. — A monarchy. a'/j. v. Hatian . Der. seo j^aet basLivid. — steald-had Virginity. Le. stede. v. Haso f/. Heafor heifer. bolster A pilloio. sp. capital. L. — or chief minster. dusky. Heafod-aedre The h-a. HeahixT-eaihgEgbo rough island. sight- 2. \. 2. ac. Hawad Cloven. es. v. be H — Hat-igendlic Hateful. Fleago-steald. -ian — . feast. p. vertigo.— -mod Proud modnes Pride. -beorh A head defence. Haso-fag. adj.]dThat hath head. Tobe hoarse. y HEA cil. — tid 4 134 . bytlere A master-builder. v. ode. — leah— A capital —lencten-fjesten The chief lent High-graved. Heafola a cover of the head. — Hawian To vieio. 'Stesdd An utimarried person. chief part of an army. ece Head-ach. — lareow4« prince. v. ge. — Heafendlic hoicl. — — Hat. Der. — Heage. high degree. — land Head— — land.S. — j?ungen Illustrious^ 4 — J^egen high servant or minister. -wylm Cajntis fervor. -ian hearm. 1. — : hatte. — ung Hating.p. lament. haes. —hrsegel A long gar— — hriei^oScabies. any or indefinitely. Heafde with a head. S. him regard. Dry. — -siede A high place.A head. — engraved. in. — mynster The head abbot. S. head bold. L. gated. heofian. — mann A physician. call. ~-%^-]}eo^ pirate. n. darh. od. helmet. m. — had High order. wisa A chief wo<5 Head voice. ruler.haswes .

kin. Half. geheald-sumnes. di- Heal-stan A crust. A heathen temple. sceaj^a ham ful enemy. heort Hard-hearted. v. game. also. wur^ungSupplif.— gale. slander. S.Healp assisted . tunate. 2. v. -um lnheaj)S. Healand. Hean . gamen Hall orfeast Heals. a-.— . steep hills. -bnrga A neck defence. heah. murmuring muttering. ble. heal. part of the head.f. chimney. S. I. Heandifa Rocks. — A A — -spiaicHarm-speaJiing. to lean. m. immoderatequickly. feed. thrifty. e. unga By halves. A keeping. Der. beseech. es. iendlic Imporforetel ? S. by troops. v. cruel. bend. Poor. heord. companies. v. od. pp. gebedpp. sittend A hall sitter. napkin. Heard Hard. proud. fasten. Heahjjo deep.-heah. -berga.— tan A germ of evil. : : : — — Misfortune. v. liif roof.— cald Midspised. -ung Beseeching. Hean-lic Poor. S. Hearm-cvveiSan To calumniate. e . sli<S-. huld. as preo healf Hean To raise. Hearm. hals. wreo^en-. — — Der. sester Semid'x^Poor. -mseg<5. m. gedle aged. Her. idol. pp. a house. humble. S. stubHeal An angle.^ Hamstede.on-: healp. a Jjegn A hall thane or guest -boo A neck book. ian To harm. a hall. es? . liealede. bands. -clypigend. — An Hearh. reaf Tapestry. cwyde A malediction. — trtef An idol's — — — tent or temple. Fast. in Hean-burh Hanbury. S.Heainol Frugal. v. der. providefor. L. e-. -Q\y\i\^^n(\\\cAsemi-vowel. high. Pudicitia. ra^ sort of fish. ian To harden. m. hoarding. A Gar-. -scipe supplicate. Bent. v. — — — — — — — lice Hardly. lame. -a. — -sprabcolnys A slandering. To clasp dend. C. Heafor. ni<5-. -ung A heaping. g. S. Heap-ian. •nesHardness. -Der. jjarts. — -sta}f J. ung geHealdnes. Heahn. A neckhandkerchief. S. rule.Gif-. ing Harming. The neck. on-: hyl supplicate at the altar. S. ortnesJ. Hooded. v. kings side. secure. hal. a — — A ther. Ex. wriSa A neckband. nox- — — : — — — — plega Contention. A scur- : heardian. — — mod — Stern. A Heald. What is thatch. def. basely. -sajltS Unhappiness. Supkind of pillory. thunder storm ed. S. an iijurer. 135 . es . iren-.hyldo hold. — lie Hurtful. hurt. phylactery. hard. Hearm a A sling to supjjort a ivounded arm. se heana. side. heortnes Hard-heartedness.77. S. A hall. the ordinal. seelnes Mi. heah. supplicapreserver. heaue . p. 1. re- gen-. To hold on one -gund Neck matter. heold. me. 2.— -Der. Q. fsest Stiffnecked. Heal. chastity. shirt of mail. stubborn. un-. helm. neck lace. e . To heap. stiffly. stubble. pile. 2. heall. gang Healdan . \.One ivho keeps. -beorga. Hynan. a pri- punishment. v. Severely. S. m. healdan. S. A heap. to be lame. ode. mseg^ ^ healt : hylt. — — — Heard-e. harman. -streaw Haulm-straw. But there is a place. ced A hall dwelling. leaving of straic. ybr heahne ac-ofheiih. Heal-tern^ hall place. secure. rebeah A neck ring. ode. Healh-stan A crust. o/helpan. heah. dinal is used . -fang. nebb ly.— loca son. de-cwic Half alive. hilt. S. propped. —— — A — — -heawa — — — most. To gehyld: heldan. mean. healdeu. dream-: heald. hearg. chisel. an Healma a helm. pleaDer. S. . rn. od. o. to heals. v. heah. port. stubes ?«. which it dimi. bedfellow. Hesilic high. — ious. Bealo-. seo j^set Healf-clypiend. humble. S. hicgende Hard or brave thinking. Finchno diminishing when the caramstead. nishes by half. strife. adj. p. Heanes highness. an altar. Be-. the king^s evil. do-. to embrace. -cwHeCalumny. adj. Heanlic High. greatly. halt. se bed The Litany. den-. for^-. sextarius. es. Hard-nibbed. deprecation. heoloran. Healf. heaih. 3. earnestly. 2. It is placed after Mo. a Haulm. straw. leo<S A harm- — — — — ful song. inn. heafod The fore hynSo. for-. Heal ran to weigh. Healede Weighty. s£elig Unhappy. Hear high. v. -mene. regarding.'fortune. — — — feol-. hroneck or beloved maiden. lofty. hehna. — — — — — — fullic Harm- ful. iendlice Importu-ian. Healf. Le. napHe Belonging to a hall. — scear Vengeayice. evil. Hearge Hercules. A fine as ported. S. suped. adv. haft A captive. pile up. hzer. Healt Halt. custody. — — — — — Hear hair. hiop. se -jf./? A heifer. v. -ung nately. 1. A scrofulous running of the neck. general. es. HE A llie HEA 2. . ment of the pillory. hals. S. -moelum. ge-. a husband.— weudlice Se- — — sseld — — verely. vile. Harm. S. — weXer Higli weather. Hearcpa a harp. v. 1. S.we heoldon. cation. fl A harmheful song or singing. worthless.— hund lice Meanly. stede Tico and a half. HE A festival. m. lie Hardish.-gund. speSend-canis. fetel-. calamity. Hearg. 2. floor. da One whose neckis entwinTo prop up. misfortune. In-. govern. stan Hard stone.-gebedda. Harm fold. v. inclined. a house. 1. bush. tion. Healtsumnes. Der.—tr-^ndei hemi. round the neck. Threehalves. incline. es. Berks. Men standing close togelegion. v. ian Der.f. R. fyr-./. an . cruel. heaiSo. cod ed wudu Hall ivood. Heane.Hean high. niSer-. elevate. palace. — beorga. To hold. entertainment. needy. a commutation for punishbowed. hearpa. a corner. — torras Alps. — — — — a bill of a rapacious bird. R. — w/ it of evil.ut-. — ian To vision. -raedenn. — — raed — Steadfast. hell. — — Heard an herd. Healle of a hall. damage. slan— sprsticolCalumnious.a* pridde healf Heamstede [ham home. Hearch an idol. ble. happy. to entreat affectionately. troop. Der. half Declined like indef. ge-. brave. misconduct. servant. sphere. -mene A neck ornament. Healig holy. m. Heals-ado sure. Heap. Healdend. mullet. miller^s thumb. — — — — Heap a hip. heah. cwiSeleJ calumniator. fang. of entertainment . 1 . ost. The half. place Healm a helmet. mischief harm. heargcs . prince. : . sp.

Hel A heel . /. L. piece of money. An. Cd. heliganTo Hefeg heavy. -ware. Hefon heaven.f. a — glemm War-gleam. handle. Hearre a hinge. HEB Hearpe. v. heofon. hedde To heed. Heaw hue. asjvord. Der. li^endOne sailing on the high p. v. -duru. S. Held Tansy or hind heel. hih^. Heben heaven. Heft Le. -weard. heel spur. -lie. Le. grief. ode . Hefe heave . w} Im A Hefen heaven. for-: helm. clyfe. steap War lofty or emi. Hearsumian To obey. burioeed. ag. Helan .For-. hefig. difficulty. S. es . holm. hefilic. S. p. v.. Heavy. v. behofian behefe: hofer he Heg. hefi-an. guS-. gar. -lie.Helerung. hil-hama. Der.Hefelic heavy. -maga. 2. -mann. spor A heel Heder a hedge. Height. w. hyd. heort. VfltCf rnise. -heort. child or a child of hell. Hegh-stald A virgin. •woed^ ^imr garment. slay. to be heavy or sad. 1 Tivo pounds. Herts. Hefed a head. re we — — Hedge row. war beast. Heawan To shew. — reaf A war garment. HeeZ hearted. an. exultation. L.dun-. -nes. minded. mod Heavy Helfelic. sesc-. — shield. Le. v. Helfa Comfort. — A battle rush. Heat heat. Heajjungen Illustrious. hell. Der.'ede. hig. p. HeftnitS. v. S. conceal.S. -rice. hgeletS-. an. To hedge. Hefan To raise. clavers. v. Hefi-lic. haetu. heajju. -ean. HelDer. h'elan. Hearwian To cool. Le. e. v./. Hei't.-srai^. Hefia Scarcely.Helian -igan to cover. -gerim. Hel-hama.S. edor. heor. high. Alcides. hill. wages . v. L. p. A lord.f. sea. L. L. hebban. torht Warlike.iveighty times.-~h'^\neA tear deor A coat. Hefeld The thread of the shutDer. es . fyr A warfire. heave. oft times. dig. pp. hardly.. 2)p' o^^. colour. v. -e. hatan. Hea}?erian To restrain. S.-weard: Heg high. -ece. . v. C. S. -He. -nes. liefig. v.L. -scealc. Hel-ig Fly. beat. S. br/)ga hofon . -lice Heavily with. S. HehS hangs. heap. heor^. To cut off. -sceard War-sherd. haelu. we HefS heaves. eala. tle. Hefelic Humpbacked.^giist4 door.ofa^. -waru. bearn. hafen To lift. helan. heafod. A hedge. L. -heali.an H EF HEL Hearp•. v.jurisdiction. rees — grim Battle cruel. -nes. S. heafod. — lind^ tear — msere War famous. carve. weaver's shuttle. — — — — hoi. Der. . heah. L. healdan. Hefylice. A concealed place. £x. ode . hele. — — — — — A — — — — }36 . master. S. haeft.To harp. L. es . es . loud. heofon. the balance. -msenent."^o make Heldan To hold. g. sad. cover. hsegian . hsel. wounded. L. tomb. Der. S. : lyft-./. speculation.cneo-. e . Der. Hefung. -syn. hsefer. L. S. hera. v. -liCe Haihefe: hefig. cut. S. L. -cund. seoc War-sick. time Gi'ievous. in Der. — — — ing. wig-. — — rof War famous. S. v. —Der. v. -grut. helfenlic Hellish. v.-ern. Hedd-ern A cellar. War work. viness. blow. heah. hefig. -bcacen. says Lime. L. tear. heah. A prefix like beado-. Hege. Rebel. steap Very gravate. Hecen A kid. — streng A harp string. house. v. Heajjodious. hebel. A foc. /? Fidelity. — — — lac War-offering. bend A hell bond. The high sea. Hefe. heofon. the deep. pp. pp. Hell. v. a spur 1 wah. v. hefig. v. Heajjo. thrust. Hefi. Hell. gyrd^ weaver s shuttle. — — — — — — — g6<5-. heawen. sorroiv. troubleso7ne. dor Hell fyr Hellfire. -glra. Heafjo . up-. grievously. reve.: hell. S. a house. A weight. V. bro d leaved time: hefian: uphebbea: ha- on-: : : : : : — Hearpene Hearra. Heber a goat. Der. spear-: m. L. denoting War. rulers. seas. Helfling. sigel I'he high heavy or sad. A hag. leader. Dread of hell. firgen-. hefig. L. naegl Harp- — — sang Harp-song. Heatfeld Hatfeld. — su^r^e Cicada. sublime. — -sleg A harp. v.or helle beam hell Heawi-grei Sky colour. ele.W2eg-. severe. hebban. Hedan p. ian . -torht. S. 2. heow. the shuttle. hon.od. L.-scea^a. Heart the heart. -Jprsec: hule: holt. — -. the Hefig. grim-. grass. A Hea-waldes Nobles. — ung A harpnail. tle. Hear€ a hearth. care of. -candel. Heh high. liefig. Le. ed. implements of war. spur. S. tesecurity. sweng A war Hefel-)?raid A thread of a shutgen. pp. o/* hebban. scaduster : forS-hilman -e. Ilebban. p. -weard:h6f. S.Heftning Captivity. Hehtan to pursue. — — . difficult. Hefetiine. an nightingale. v. Afflicted. L. a sword. Hel. Helcol Hercules. hero. Hecga-spind The cheek?. as: Hea)50-bearn A war son. Heaving. cut down. To hew. Der. S. hebeld The thread of Hegian. El-ig. v. Heafior A restraint. -tungel.hof. The grave. v. /. p.g63-. Held. : niht-. hild-. Hefen. v. S. Heh<S height. we heowon ty nines Hea. Helf Helve.A harp. -wite. heftnie<S Captivity. : : -w6% beheafdlan hafela.-lic. v. 1. ehtan. sorrouful. foot markl spura . pp.. cut. warfare. clear. -inga: — — — — — — — — — — — . trace. e . top. weighty. Der. -dor. blood-shed. a pirate. battle wave. S. ona-. 1. lie Heavy. v. Heawan . A heel wall. imp. a hero. m. hence. v. 2. o^liefan ferlic hafenian enclosure. v.\. flame. we hselon . Hege Hearste-panne A frying pan. nes Heaviness.for he eft he again. hiw. po7ver. Helajjyrn EUerton. as . — rinc A w'ar man. Hela alas. Hay. v. hus-hefen The eaves of -de6fol. A-. v. -ian. heofon. fearful Hed-claiS Ventrale.cranc-. Heflic heavy. hej^e. from the bottom or ground. geard A Hegtysse.vicetula. Heben-hus The chief beam of Heht commanded. v. attend. lice.4 Hef Sorroiv. v. weorc a house. also hellan. -lice. male harper. Be-. helen . he hefS . e. battle. to grieve. The turning of or glorious sun. Der. S. hymele The hedge or wild hop. -bcarn. m. n. coat of mail. Reekoning -lice. 1. esfre A feere A harper. S. L. n. heol- swat War-sweat. take Hel health. 2. granary.gu<S-. S. fence. 2. S. loyalty. alarmed. rffidenn Fidelity. v.

— weallende Fatally — Heavenly. end-bzer Helpbearing. v. -grim Sword cruel. rudder. chest. isc light. — cund Celestial. an . Kingdom of heaven.Heodor-hund. e. Henan to humble. shelter. Heorcnung. v. heaven. 7n.f She. v. — feld Hefenfeld. flende Near. dark. henn — . ung dagasZ>«?/A' of mourn. Heop a heap. shirt. S. an elegy. wyrm-. HEO H EO wc'dn]Heai}e7iwardii'toivards nnng Prison punishment. ///. — -ung A — — — — — — — — -beorht Heavenly bright. S. Loss. K. dark place. S. word-. mere The lake of hell. L. hylpcS . v. — werod The heaven' Hengest-dun. hea. take. es . ing. — assist. coat of -serce A sword the sun. mystery. G. archterwards. rice Power. What helmet. ti'ee. Heolfer. Heugestes dun Hengston hill. Heoloran. S. Uenge-clif //amyi/j(/-cZ(/f. waru r/ie Heof. v. hund A Henise A trampling. ^. Heope. Heop-brymel Heofon . nom. misfortune. for^ Hcncefo7-th. Heofd a head. . Dark. Heord -^mAstore bitants of heaven. to prosecute. heoru hebban to raise. hellish. mere-. punishan infernal spirit. g. L. an . hon. dealer in hell mystery. heafod. fruit of Heofod the head. we hulpon pp. ware Inhagrund-. -cofa. 7h. the grave. seg A henne . Vulcan. S. L. To make diligent the Stygian hiKe. ni. Heofen Elevated. To mourn.heonaneHe??ce. ode pp. lie lice . g. Hearkening. an . cavern. — — Helm Helm. preserve. Der. cave. sceado Cavern shade. poverty. The inhabitants of heaven in -h\ivh A tr eas ury. A mourning.baehelor.-C'0a body. es . ian p. griit The of hell. m. god The god Henges. L.henan. od. ga Hell torment. fl A hold. the dog rose. e j/*. PleoloS a ivarrior. heonone. S. hrune A loitch He Hell like. lieorwes A sivord. the heavenly host. feoh-. Helm-berend One bearing a helmet. the devil. heofon. prisonment. of healdan. herd.A hen. Heng. waru house an To hoard. helan. hengon hung. hcofone. Heavenly. ligen- — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 137 troop.] de One leading a heavenly Heord. od. es . Heofong.heonun. profitable. -wered The host of hell. — or severe wolf. Heold held . e /. hynan.— EN hell . A defence ? 4. e. — — Helma.—c\eo^d. hocyht Sword hooked. beacn Heavenly beacon. Heonan. n.— c6\ Heaven's — HemeSo Marriage.4 heavlament. v. hide. hence 1. Der. v. swing. wealth. damage. heofon. havbig a bozo. m. imgeat ghost or spirit. tre.A stallion. Heoica Hail./ro//i Heofen heaven. torht Heavenly frame. succouring. s. Heofes ham Evesham. foul blood. Der. going back. heavenly. Gore. heofones. he .heat Sword bloody.Heona hence. heolstres . — a balance. e . helan. lurking place. /. hrof An arched roof.heonon. seize. covering. V. Henon.. . v. habitants of hell. K. — fugel — of the sun. covers. heafod. he. Henep hemp. hinHell miscreant. the fiiefor letting an offender ^§ca^J€ from prison. eminent. Heaven. veil. coal. A herd. heaf. g. v. K. runa^ hunt after. Heolray^e scale ofa balance. gejjwin The gate of hell. smiS The smith of devil. tve'p. ing. store. ian whole inhabitants of hell as a body. Heor. elic Sorrowful. 2. hell. S. — wearh A bloody heaven's the sun. a virgin. p. hyrde. -wcard Guard of heaven. fa A trunk. HenSu. healt. a flock. endlic Helping. Heonu Behold! S. — an. Heolster. jmrsue. sang A ing. Hell torment. Northum— berland. also heoro. breost-. pron. abyss of — — hell. as of the head. cupboard. — From hea. hoarfrost. v. Cornwall. ware In. S. bright* tungel J%e heavenly -rseden: hirde. — wlt- — wite Heorcnian To hearken. heofnes . To put on a helmet. ode . lame. grieving. /.f. hilt. manna. Heolfiig Covered with gore. bloody. p. of he. hen's egg. sceaj^a ment. scealc Hell servant. adj. life. a croicn ? Der. flock^ ven. 7no7iey or moHeaven's seat. the throne of ney's ivorth. Henne belle Henbane. v. to poise. herd. m. heonan. v. divination. feorh-. -bunden A bound sivord. bent. g. run Hell Hentan search. S. hiding place. mourning song. Hem Hem. hi7ige. — er A keeping. Hen an Hence. ly host. mourning. Kengen. is elevated.Heo. Heonun hence. L. Hen fold. injury. iht Leafy. Heom To them. h^le^. v. hord. -cofa^ dark chamber. hence Foliage. captive. — gina Heaven's gem. hsenep. Der. T'he top or head of a thing. A hip. — hseh A — — hell — — — — Heoftan To applaud.— \ic-h\kf Heavenly bread. heolstrig Full of caverns. -erii. v. savage. heolfres. hsebbend One 7oard. v.Heora Of theyn pi. — fugol The fowl of — heaven. timber Heavenly Der. C. 3. treasure. also. S. — — — heaven. -candel Heavenly candle. Ayi es elm . afhence. dreor Sword blood dreor- sun. — drinc Sword or deadly drink. border. Hemming A shoe made of rough Hen. v.indcl. Helo health. Hencgen a prison. — heah Heaven high. Heofun heaven. a sorcerer. S. K. v. weard Henceed. S. Helur yl turning of thebalance.S. loca The jvison of Heno Behold. heolran To weigh in — — — ] — \ — — — — — — A — — -. bled Equally. obscure. — leoma The boilbig. to cover. v. boived. haelu. hell hound. S. star. the sun. p. pip. S. stol custody. S. full of leaves. an . Heold. L. a fiend. A — — — — Heolt halt. n. e . Help. f? A prison. healp. The hip bramble or brier. Heolster . — hkvaHeaven d welmail. hell. v. S. Brim-. Heofnes of heaven. a loarrior. — sweng A sword Le. an archer. holpen. heap. gloom. the der a nee. mourning. What Heope Bitunus. hengen. S. The prison fine. Heolstric. lair. ig — — — — ling. the — — -dolg A sword luound. Beah-. Pluto. backward. house of correction. handle. Of trees. heofon. HcUe Clear. leaves. the infernal host. To help. store. Le. An. es . Helt a hilt. Hem-leac Hemlock. Help. A — — .f hen^o. Helm. — ere. y*. honcgenn. heonan. heoSo Hell's deep. horse.

se . Peter's day. A hostile hand. v. A n irTo act as an army. earm-. treasurer. martial leader. Heorra. S. Heoro a sword. (J. ?n. -penigAhearth-penny. S. plunder. hoarder. coat of mail. Heorra a hinge. rum-. m. spoil. a camp . v. The hearth. v.An army -path. niS War malice. Herenes. diery devastation. military standard.L. beorgan. Commendably. S. sin-. Peter's perwe. Romescot. the herring. Here Fame. stag. War terbyma A war-trumpet. loorship. HartDurham. -geatwu A military Der. -geatu.— viis. dependents. Heor'JS-bacen Hearth-baken. S. herenes herung. L. wse^a A leader of tion. a leader. S. folloioers. v.heahjso. — wic An army sta— army-band. sol. si^ An army or high- lior(l-eres. es . -4 lord. -beorga A station where the army rested on their mai'ch. lice — — — Her> gas armies. herian. Le. predatory excursion of a Hergendlic. An. a consul. a vassal. lock. L. v. an . : — A pain. C. An. -nitig Anexpedilion. L. v. -pseS . — )?reat^n — . chiefly of eneHeorot. heordas Hards. -scyrce A war shirt. v. v. stearc-. v. S. f. here. — — — — — — : : — — — — remnant of an army. sound. host. heor. v. C. adj. clsefer A — — — — — — — . es. hearted. a treasure. Warlike.Herging Acting as an army. prepare for 2oar. team — A A band of The crime of assembling a band of armed men. prey. Heort a hart. an assembly. gen nes He6w hewed. herian. mies. cist A Hergan. — army. laf The Heiigend-lic Laudable. v. hat-. -grime J. — geneat^ hearth companion. S. servants. treasure vessel. destroy. hearra. Here. es m. gentle. 1. : : : — — -wulf War-icolf. heor. heorot. msecgAprincipal shoal fsh. riff. Army folk. destroying — -berganTo lodge. m. es m: alson? An army. L. L. i?. v. C. hy^ Herigean. hiw. -swsepe A bride' smaid. brave. p. so called. hergean. S. master. man. ford Hereford. sceaft shaft or weapon. invasion. Here. colour. heard-. titude. hergo^. Here-beacen. grim-. H EO H ER HER host leader. -berga. Her-ian. tvhat tvas given Herian . A lord. ror. bilberry. ed. Eorl. treon Gain. obey. -sefter Hereafter. byrigan To harbour./. Herd herd. wyn hoard Her hair. od. glory. an ealderman. -gang. horn. preparation. /: Praise. coat of mail.esj m. loar -trumpeter. r^den Akeeping.Hering. BlftS-heort Blith or merry hearted. tvarlike band. n. refuse of toto. Heoran to obey. -ga^ -gea^ . heran. — ford HertThe germander. Hercnung A hearing. here. v. faet A Heorut. herung. Hern a horn.—hro^a.Heow hue. v. heorot. ruption. R. toga A general. haerfest. — teama.Covering of the hearts the mid— hoge Anxiety. expedition. pleasure. mulHeorod A herd. bone-breaker. The march of an armed men. hyra. -gian . L. Hera. the military. hegeold. ing a fixed dwelling. commend. Flot-. wela Hoarded treasure. wosa Hostile band. coat of dier. v. spoil. A tax. Phinder. forhergung herige: hering. — ter- Der. herigendlic. war helmet. f. Bli(5-. harbour. 'hrer Hert-briar. v. from being paid on St. To to the lord of the manor to praise. fser A Herge to an idol. hearh. A war — — way. An army-band. cirm Hergadan Captives. hergian. hyran. v. treasure-house. — ea Hartpool. nett A 7var net. v. Herefordshire.es. S. leader. heorot. Heornest. raven. of the family. -— folc Hergian to ravage. ravage. p. to ravage. — ece Heart-ache. Herfest harvest. — offreemen A Herewian I'o despise. ode. v. a housekeeper. -byrne A coat of mail. herge. L. a fondly. v. legion. Heord-clsefer v. here. v. mild-. fly ma A deserter. herian. splendid. troop. — — — — — — — — — — — . Hering. — seocnesffear^sickness.n casket. hand a corps. fongJ. scip-. htarra herlic : herclof gyld A military tribute.wulf-:heortnes.— ^pr-^xn. Rome-penny./. tema^ leader of an army. heord.. brave. baked on the hearth. emulation. — wserc Heart pain. v. -brembel hurtleberry. weard^ treasurer. -redSPlunder. v. Hearty. Heorl an earl. now.-beacn J i^afc^word. g. A — — bil- lit- ford. Heore Mild. feoh Booty. A keeping. 3. ivarbird. heor. Hered Praised. Hera Hair-cloth. — -waed A ivar garment.hord-res m. Aninvasion. — eumbol A Herge an army. — — — — — — — — 138 . an army. hence the name of Harwich. herian. Heran To hear. Der. pad^ Herlic Lordly. The army or . legion. at this time. ede . the vulture. Heowaeslice Familiarly . v. pp. K. — — -werod Hearth company.HeoXo deep. se . re. earl. mae. — — crop^ berry. L. tear garment. Heors a horse. S. mination. -4 hart. -weov^nngTreasure honour. l)er.S. — — an army. Herenes. hat-. fordscir Hergiong. — sped — War dart. A freeman who often — A — — had a loioer class «5folgeras. \6iPraise. A Meoru a sword. straet — A War army. hors. v.. herian. An army shout. Heordan. pp. huS. v. Hering-man A subject. commendation. -heort. Heort Heortefdin-ff. se. bymere Heorsumian To obey. attack. foreign army. -sti sel A tvar — — military way. a treasure. Obedience. Ilerm-bealow Noxious. gung Herige 77*6 division of an army. m. es . cniht fsest One havdomestic. Herghe an army. as. inroad. Der. hsr. Her. a trophy. v. p. ra. Heor<S.— hQ. heorte. — — — — tyma A martial leade-. mild. L. L. spirited. for^-.ma. lepool. a company. — seoc Heart-sick. coat of mail.2iA general. — — Der. wopArmycry.The heart Hearty. e. above thirty-five. fugel The Hergung. An invasion. herian. heawan. a beacon. the Hera a servant. Praise. Earnest. inn-. Tnail. line A Hernis. an army. man A sol. 2. — luf — — — lie War praise. as one custody. S. Heort-cocS disease or griefof the heart. hyran.geheort. any number of men -berie Hertberry. Heraclean A water-lily. — — sweg — success. v. riches.

v. hilt. S. fight. -scipe Negligence. e . hete. Hewen azure. v. Hernise A mystery. Hieh. bed of slaughter. Hicgan To study. hatan. nsedre War serpents. Hateful malice. scilicet. li. Hilted Hilled. hyrnes. cystum With excellent fight.^ harper. haecSelic dzed-. Hiew a hue. Hill a hill. v. enmity. Hiered a fainily. Herpere. — grsedig Greedy of —grap A hostile gripe or grasp. v. v. naughtiHilc A turning. hvge. Der. . v. — — — — V. es . haewen. fire-brand. S. Hilan to conceal.-heola^. Hiersumiies. v. mecg Son of battle. seek vehement. -were Men of hatred. exult. L. an enemy. Hige The mind. Hielm stubble. R. es timbrel. v. herra for hehra higher. battle board. S. hiwo A family. hyrde. Hiertan. hira of them. /. hihte . S. Unlikeness. To hope. and beado-. ly.-hele^. Hig hay. Hig la Hah. Het-len Hateful. consi. strive. Le. — mece A battle din. maun A farmer. v.Hig (5 An endeavour. Hige. deceit. Hind-hel. wrsesn War chain. Heueld thread. after. v. hefeld. Hierra higher.HihSo height. hinder. Hild. morSor-. form. Hieran To hear. hi. L. Higgan. An. hette To pursue. — hlernma Battle beast.here. hire Of her. Hi They. wsepen A war iveapon. h^tu. v. gehyten. test. liielf a handle.Viscus. v. ene. hyi sum. setl 7var seat. Hieordas Coarse toio. raes Bush of rand War-shield. nicS -lice Hatefully hotly. jr. v. higo. Hersuin. hyg. a master. S. V. Bill-. hira Of them. blood. heah. v. Higre Onehouseborn. h^'d. — war. Hidcr. jLer. v. higian. C. S. sword. for hehst. Sful. L. -wulf War wolf. lord. L.Hig O! An. Hiest highest. Der. ! Him to him or them. v. v.Pliewen Hewn. p. v. hateful thought. Hiera. L. S. pp. L. Hierstan. — — — — 130 . v. v. hicgan. Hlgdi-faet. heah a lord. S. — gicel War-icicle or drop. v. Her<S-behg. Mien<Sii loss. llig. der. liicgun. Hewen A violet. study. HeSe height. war. — battle. Herjjan Testiculi. struggle. S. sceorp War clothing. Heuet. 2. loured lily.— o\ Hate.— Hiltleas With. Fligscipe Familyship. Der. Hiene him. hero. — — A endeavour. hogian. Hetel. pie. Hie they. B. L. sweng — : : : : Hiernys obedience. He^feld Hatfield. Der. v. -hioleS Hind-heal. Himming a shoe. hoc Hice-ina«e A loren. -gop Wiley. hyrsuin. hearra.heofon. vasa qucedam. sword. the last. Toendeavour. K. -sweg Battle crash. v. : — lataOne late or slowin — leas Free from conpeaceable.Hihtan To increase. hatred. stapa A warrior. v. -ealdor The master of the house.v.S. alas ! S. Hiht hope. subtle. Battle flame. an — ^ out a handle. stratagem.-heoHieder hither. — cyst Battle excel- A a lence — deor A war a hero. -ol fierce. w also hylta. V. tux Tusk of battle. Hil-song A : Hilt. Hierde. V. v. v. mies. v. Der. trust. S. Her-wic a camp. hero. or bravery. a prince. hiw. think. .— Hilde-bedd Battle bed. heg. thought.aslave. hsetSen. L. L. Hih high. drum. G. -full. bravely. hyht. v. Hete-lic Hateful. -wisa A hattleleader a general. Hii'gian to strive. -swat Battle sweat. Ybernla Ireland. HiermS Craftiness. helan. He<Sen. hemming. Ilernis obedience. but chiefly in attempt. battle. — — bord shield. vehemently. tusc. hetec-g-. Higo. Heuen heaven. Hinder Behind. S. ness. Herra for heora. L. commanded. h5'rnes. Hete of heat. higian 1. Hihsend Hissing. S. Hiere-borh Usury. hylt. S. a sword. a bastard. lielf. a sivord. hete. Hexta highest. drive. to hinder. Hielt a handle. Hinan hence. hygera. Hindan Behind. Hiere. Hatefully. S. Hex. saddle. p. C. v. — : : . letS. — — a — calla A man of war. Hig. Heten promised. L. Hersta A fagot. A A — f>anc — -rinc soldier. v. v. v. healm. Hierosolim-waru Men of Jerusalem. Hervvian to despise. v. cruel. A — — — — — A — — -strengo Strength ofivar. Hettian To pull off the skin. Le. Hete. Heruiig Praise. O. — — Hihtan. S.moor. severe. heacSo. haft. L. m. hyder Hither. v. Hibernia. care. L. heafod. Hersting-hlaf yl bread-crust. a — — play. v. /. Hind-berie A raspberry. a purple-co. Hate. — Hina A domestic. m hylte. hyrtan. Herstan to fry. grass. desire. ling Hid a hide. S. -lie. leodhatol. Hewendlice Disdainfully. nla Hateful mystery. v. Him-self Himself. — — — — — — — — . L. arroivs. Hieg hay. cut. emulation. — geatwe Battle apparatus. battle. — leu^ A ivar song. Der. Der. v. battle. hyll. wigtan hettend hatian hata. hyrstan. hih high. v. hydan. Herwendlic Despicable. Hier-mon A hearer. v. Used as a prefix like gu<5-. heonan. v. a soldier. hea^o. HieUlon Made a tumult. S. persecute. es m. — freca One bold in — fruma A ivar chief. hynd. S. hyrstan. L. L. v. v. Der. S. for hine. Hild Affection. gehihte. L. to make haste. seed War satiated. bach. Higan. S. — leo ma. pi. v. hatan. Higere ? Awood-pecker. ian To bring strive. — — Hierusalem Jerusalem. hIdcr. Hindema The hindmost. hyg they. Iliened humbled. Hettend. v. explore. scrotum. ollice Hiewete A striking. dignation. fatu Calidilia. V. v. v. 1. K. Hiaben. hi. \ . heah. plega J^a^^^e sword. inDer. Hii Jlie island Hy.hevev/mn. hen^u. Battle. Mo. To rejoice. lieofon. Hetul hat(ful. Hidde hid. Her-poe^. hostile stroke. Hi la hi! Alas! S. hired. v. envy. Hettan. L. v. S. servant. v. them. handle. -lice. Hil-hama A grasshopper. heah. Hind a hind. 2. heah. A bill of war. of he. v. v. liynan. heah. S. heuod. d.• HIE HIL -bill HIN the f/. v. her. hearra. . diligence. One pursuing. To hie. -leas. here. Der. Der. hatred. : an hilt. heioing.

a domestic. 3. tress. L. are they not. of ha. L.— Xedi^ne?. v. mestic. v. L. handthen. face. d. hy rde. Hlaeden. some. v. of he. Hiran to hear. 2 ing of bread. m. Hir — — — — — -mann A — wifman -wist do7}iestic. gerefa Ex-consul. destruction. lean. house. v. heap up. Bin-fiis Ready for going. v. family. Th.Ofa. Hiope a hip. coni temptible. to macerate. forms.n To freight. the passashion shape . g. Der. V. v. S. hiwo hina hi/. loading. FHrvvnes contempt. -feeder. 1009. sin. ac. laughter. h^rwnes. -ordom Dominion. deformord-hyld Allegiance to a ed. an assembly. S. an . islice Familiarly. horn. K. ISlo. beorht Bright of hue. laenan. S. property. 2. 1 A form. Hire an army. v. as Me hingra^ HitaS eat. v. g. v. mudor A mis- — beautiful. v. llla^der. dociiS Knoion Hlset Loads. — — — — — lie Assuming a form. ofh impersonally. A royal household or assembly. fgest Beauor loaf eater. Hlaenan to lend.thepump. m. thin. lady. Horned. L. — — — — — — — W ness. wind up. familiarity. Hladung e . L . Bread. Hiow a hue. Hiona. loaf tvho puts on a form. l^n. tiful. — a retainer. ode. Hirnet.Aladder. isc. HiorS hearth. v.h\\B(\ve. he was hungry. Hlselitor. Der. HIaen a loan. barnes Acquaintance.messe LammaSy Ch. sam-. Hland Urine.gehlsest: Hlast footstep. \. — — ord-swic of his Disloyal- Hirne. of him g. — Hltfiddisc Satira. heorte. ing. v. 3. — Der. heope. ner. Hine-weard Inward. [ord orioven.hyiS. L. e. S. L. land. of he. cu^raedlice Familiarly. pretence. Hiofon heaven. Hirn-ed Hlad Load. etan. L. heo. v. disloyalty. counterfeit. -hipe a hip. servants. v. hiw. cnihtAfamily servant.\. ena. hlodon pp. hionan. hirne. enn6. least To put into different forms. /. household. Der. p. applicable to all sergedal A divorce. hi. hlaf-msesse. cu^. Want of bread.— 2t. dissembling. scip-. an guity. adl The stranStan corner stone.family. ofen A bread-oven. -gentle Gone into different vants fed at their master^s gang The procession cost. scip A ship of burload. s. Hirniende Attonitus. 2. Family kind. Plioro a sivord. ty. hladan. v. S. es. K. Deformity. 1. Afa- — — — — ord-sclpe Lordship. What to afamily. v. hider. S. figurative. v. ord-swica A traitor. -ian. a small hill. -et A hornet. household servants. S. — ian v. Hise A male.Hlagole Ridiculous. Hispanie Spain. A — — A : A 140 Hleaf-gewrit diploma. -mann. cause~\A nourisher. ian. To form. v. hyngrian. p. ere One Hlaf. pp. L. v. ord-gift A lordship. hl8est. His his. v. here. m. scipe A house. heord. Hino<5 the boivels. H rde a shepherd. mann A hired man. Hire. -cniht.lord. Hira Of them. es. Hip Hioweslice. hy <5an. a host. Hiu she. heor. 1. Hlsensian To chastise. R. hlod. S. To him. foullord. Hiom Them. meagre.— ing A pretence. HissaBpe Cedria. L. heap. 7n. Lading. w^e Hlanc Lank. Hiu Hah! L. convent. H IR Hindrian To hinder ^ S. family. v. Lean. Hiw.a ladle ? S. f. C. for he6.trendel hlaeder. loading of a ship.tra7isform. A misHiSfuU Hateful. HicSende destroying. Hiord. hlaw. lean. hiw.Hl^w. intimacy. hlseden To load. v. K. up-: hlaedel : Hindweard Hindward. hyran. m. covers. R. servant. v. heowseslice. irony. A tdkiyig food in a family. . od. v. v. Hlsest A burthen. Hiorte a heart. v. etc. in-./. he hlset . es. A family. v. Hlaf-aeta Bread crite. heolster. Le. Also used Hit it . I hunger. a fowler. es . Hiaed A heap.scip-. wisce hired. hlihan. . Lammasday. Hispan. Leanness. also. -gong Departure. v. — . Der. gury. es . A household. L. An angle. /. Hlam . freight. Der.an feit. Hlsed-weogl. ung. ground gently rising. A tract of en. death. — — — : : : — : — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — f . 1 . v. Hlaene. counterloaf-mass or feast. v. hypocrisy.n. leas it houtform. hired. ord-leas Lordless. Hin-8iX Death. der. Hion. hlaefdige. a fabricator. gilp-. tn' windlas. domestic. s. S. domestics. A membrane. Hue. 2. L. Hior a hinge.-. Hladan. Hirsum obedient. L. trace. Hiore mild. Hiolster a den. Hiscan To reprove. matron. ]. Hine him . en Horny. a court. Hingrian To hunger. K. -hlaford The head or master of a family. land-. heor^. : . v. a grave. hlseden. H hin- L A I HLE Hladan To lade. . es. familiar. Hlaefdie. 3. of he. pump.and)i. 2. port. HincS damage.s. Hio She. hys. Hine hingrede Hi<5 a haven. S. a loiv. heonan. Hlaford.fashion. hina. Hired-clerc A domestic chaplain. family. Hlaen-ian To wax or make colour. — ord-socn The lord's protection vassal. An army. ac. Le. tress. 2. v.Hlahende laughing. family ord.w. Hine a domestic. heofon. L. full Angidar.. Hiora. v. Hirdwendlic Familiar. C. A hide of gin. hyrsum. iS. J. hen<Su. appearance. A bucket. Hlcfedel The well handle. maidservant — Hlseden. heor. -wiogl [q.n. intimacy row. a hypoDer. hladan. pi. burthen. A family. tribe. v. Der. scip-: hlaefdige. hfrian. nes. hlsw. Hiofende Weeping. marriage. rtcden A domestic. es . pretend. hieahtor Hill hue. Hi-ne is it not. of he. se piisend. V.f. creation. pi. Der. Hi^er hither.brim. Hion. hweol a tvheell An engine or wheel of a well to draio water. scoff. msesse The to feign. v. S. A family. to obey. Hiwmerchandise. L. pi. v. crew. lordship.: hiwan. Hlaw an elevation. a cor- — — — — — . S. innoS.higo. v. Hiwan. A forming. es . hyre. of the host. g. Hiredes ealdor. — ordsearo Treachery against a lord. the Persons of the same family. n. an inventor. Mo. A differentforming . d. hyp. hiored. hyspan. — mily alliance. m. h^r Hired. Of them. a man servant.

V.— sweg Aloud noise. K. p. HIehtor. leper. v. hleo. sound.— Hleapere. Illeonung A sitting. — : door with couch. HI in A lime tree. — wince — ung Lap- iving. deride Der. we hleowHlihtan To light.es. S. prison's roof. ngess-. asylum. door. S. hlot. v. uht- — : : hlimme . pp. the sense of betalte himself to. Hlear Hleat Hleat Hlece the cheek. hlihan. dra Loud calling. L. incline.' Der. C. ic hlihhe. lilifian. S. m. hleotan. run Der. ge-: gehlita hloS. 3. hlinian. Devon. countenance. 1. spicuous. hlifigean . hleow. Le. v. jump. Hlega A traitor. hlinian. a relation. od. Illede yl seat. Le. ung ing. mffig^ natural protector. S v. hloten To cast lots. Hlionian to lean. protection. 2. lithe. fence. hlyn : hleo-ig: hlydnian Hlinian. 777?. HLI A HLU Hleahhan. alight.\\\ci)^. es . To Celebrity. ung attend to. cover. es . to cover b6t.: hleahtor.f. protection.gehlid. S. Hliet a lot. bleating. cover. Ex. m.Hlio^o mountain-tops. allotted. V. S. nian. . HieotSor. The jaw. — A — — A — A — — — — — — — — — — — A A — : — : — -lora A disciple. -bed. a seat. hlot. heiglit. a hill. ascent. caster of lots. Der. L. L. HleonatS A seat. m. hloh. v. cheek. S. m. bubble. roaring. crowds or companies. nl A chain. C. hleuvv. humming low. stan-. cs — — — — IlleoS. steep. Lightning. dropa The cheek-drop. Hleor. ode. Sam In h\6gon. sunny place. hlisa. ler. raise HlocS. Hleo-burd shade board. H16w-an . prophecy. an oracle. -an: hlosstede A teem. a taberHlis-bajre Fame bearnacle ing. v. v. -smicS. A loud HIip a leap. hluh. v. dasheng A noise. an asylum. Hloccet-an To hiccup. od. 1 Hliosa fame. we A collection. to pursue. lie Laughable. Hlifian. Hlin-bed Hleotan. V. a prison.f. Hlosian to perish.wehleopon . hleo^. es . cliff. Hloge. v. /. -bcEre v. ge-. refuge. es . hleahtor.— petan Toleapup. in. v. spoil. v. Hleo. faest A fast lid. M. hlot. m. A reve. clamorous. v. nere. to rebuke. Der. p. L. an . icarm. 2. gnash. — A — . v. ung noise. 1. 11m. lo^a.A-: lilj^p. A covering.4 compensationfor howith vermilion. S. sob Hlet a lot. losian. lean. p. Leaky. J^-leop. ridge of land. — tS-maeg A re. sob. balk. es . Hliceetung. pp. e. maker. face.: . heari?ig. to Hlida-ford Lidford. es . p. place of an oracle. hlear. patronage. — faest — hleo. soar. -ung. an •. \ . v. v. famous. v. -ful Full of laughter. To refuge. on . Leaping. 1.S. hleapen To leap. eadignes pp. n. HliotSrian. fej^er^ protecting wing. hlaw. A. one ivho obeys. pp. glory. hleapan. -moc. Le. u. rebuking. Hlenortear Hyssop. Laughter hearing. pp. cherish. Fame. back door. lum. Hliehan. a skreen. Der. Der. od. H«e. hlommen To make . v. -scua A latticed — A reclining bed. to be con2. linch.S. H LE IJleaf-winge A lapic'mg. 2. sang A chorus.A sound. A shade. stojjper. ode cadig Renowned. sing. HligatS. rest on. full Famous. -scuwa. hlist. 2. stefn. Der. — A loud voice. an. gecrod Hlihan. Hlinc. 2. Hleom a limb. close. hleat. taken by robbers. A lot. noise. m. an abode. Hlewan. booty. rumour. -an.hleaf-winge. Hlodd lot. hlam. a clipol A — — — nes Loudness^ — rian S. — Der.hlyd. high land. listen.^. hilde-hlemma. hlot. hleoSres .S. Hlocan To rush on. p. chiding. famous. Hlifigean To smear.be-. 'BXQohtov laughter. Der. A noise. noisy. lowing. g. L. Der. — — . Ex. hlowen To low. To Hlud^or. rymd Loud. plunder. hland.— 2>er. hlihan. —&t6\ An asy- — A A — — — A — — — . crash. micide committed by a hlocS. S. HlicS. To fall to. fen-. — o(\e. L. tower. v. S. S. v. ^ band ox company of robbers. Ex. hleor. A grated house. v.pp -i^d-Tosound through. -er\ Allotted. To arise. cwyde. shut. Hlin. hleotSor. The herb pimpernel. -bui'h shelter city. A listener. duru inclined stripes ? a latticed raeced door. C. es- Hleahtor. — — — — — — — — Hleglende A humming. HIidan To cover with a lid.HliwX warmth. estre A female dancer. Der. K. j v. w? i4 lid. es 7n. hlihan. favour. Hleonian To lean. lation. Illem. V.on-. hleo. HleoSr-ian . hniga<5 in hnigan. es . he hlyt . lation. mes- — . — A 5". Illi'Su — stede A warm or HliSe S. — — — hliS hleow. we hlum- a noise. An oracular Hlisa. bet" Hlimme. hleoS. 1 To ynake a noise or tumidt. fence. — . : mist-. desitting dotcn. 141 . a. Hleop leaped. sceorpi4 protecting scarf clothing. geat Hlosnian To know by listening postern-gate. ofer. n : pi. m. sunshine. ung hiccup. v.7^. obey. a lot. hlifigan. we hluton. Hlod loaded . to make what is for a defence. to expect wih anxiety. Hleap a leap. low. S. A noise. e •. sound. S. scip ship. HlocSa a blanket.-stemn to predict. hlili^. covershade. L. senger. Hli^. the noise of boiling. from seven up. Hleow a shade. Hleapan. m. lilj'P* speech or sentence. ian To hliaS .Hlond urine. v. an . Hlid. -hleotan. es. V. hlot. with tears. fortune-telheodA balloting box. . e Loudly. f)u hloge. S. S. p. ere A robber. Hlot^ es . L. \x\g Aseat. courier. ] A leaper. hleahtor. es . Hlist Hearing. v. ing.pp. sraiS A merry -cwitSe. hlEegen To laugh. What is to thirty-five. to-: hlaew. -bote: onlilite unhlitme. -ban The cheek-bone. Hlud Loud. ode.\ heights. hlowan. dryhten protecting or jjatron lord. n. a tear. — A leaky tion. hlemm. — ^Aivarmth. speech. L. Warm. Ex. Hlemman mon pp. p. an 7'o hear. to fear. n. hlud. closer. Wsel-. Hlence. — — — — . noisy. wulf- anclhle6vvan:hlidan. Hleow ? Warmth! an. v. m. A sound. Hlifendre Red lead. hlyp. to appoint or ordain by lot. a revelarenoion./?. hleaf-winge. shelter. Hlid. -cwi<Se. Laughter. raised ground. 2'o nourish.we rob. of hladan.

— — — — — — . Yorkshire. mitigate. G. hleotan. A Hlyt aZo^. To make nesh. hnah. jmint. Humble. To nap.Kneeling. a Hold Friendship. scipe Frudence. S. p. pushtion. Hlyw<5 a refuge. — HOC HOL Parsimon . fort. I hang. L. Hnitan . Le. es .To think too much. hough. weard A house- — — — . hlinian. head crumb. A ho^e. hus m.-or. effemitres. — . Flonktvas higher than a thane. boivl. Der. Ex. Hold. L. hollyhoc. — — S — — — — Hof. dot. A neighing. Le. toisdom. p. Devon. A nobleman icho ing. to summit. V. Hold Faithful.hogvdn. A heel. Hnossian T'o strike. hlyd.Hoh a heel. Hlysan To celebrate. — — — . hnappian p. S. e . to kill. hnigan. 86 hlutra -nys. steioard. wise. es.\. 1 — ig v. ode. Hooked. e word A mocking ivord. empty.A nit. Uluta A fortune-teller ^yMyta. A cup. L f. S. To make a noise. merely. faithfulness. -ian To make bend. A little hole. ring. hebban.. L. an .es. Hnitu. mona^ — : — — — — — . ly.. slander. top. S. beam. R. heg. make a noise. clenr. hlynsian To Hnit-cudu mastic . hnitu. ing. S. m. we hnigon . Hnsepp-ian. of care. Hlutan. Hlydanford Lidford. with the horns. Hnut. hlot. effeminate. R. . sufmod Anxious mindan. Hoh. sleepreproach. Ouanxious. Der. Ho. Hlyttr-ian To melt. hlutlie Soft . make a noise. Napping. p. Der. Gla?s-:ahlytran. house. Hnigan. ede pp. L. resound. reproach. bent down. hniten Tobutt. Hludur Coneisius. v. — — R.v.lice Gently. Hlyst.Care. R. true. Oath of iht fidelity. de. H6f. -rseden Truth. and Hockerton. condemn. modnes Anxiety. captain. hlid. Hlyhende laughing. Der. kindly. e f. m. To Hlyp. L. hlot. descend. delicacy. ham. slumbering. simply.C. anxiety. den.C. Hold. v. . modFidelity. an almond-tree. A cave. ode. m..Norton. v. hnoll. 142 ness. hnesc. v. Hnitel. Hof. -glan. be anxious. strike on the neck. ian To hollow. L. a Hnsesc nesh. Der. — — — — . v. sink. 2. — de Loudly. hl^n. Hogian . gob. v. S. Contempt. efA lentil. hnigen To bow. ges. p.shank. Hoffingas Spheres. healdan. lie Court-like. v. v. din.hlist. S. S. hon.push. — -lice Sparingly. v.f. Hlutor. ford hire.— II . L. scipe Fidelity. softly. L. hluttor .hlutres . A leap. nes. hnesc. almond. G. rod The suffering of ing. S. mollify. To scanc The hough . A vein. nes Der. -hule A nut hull. Der. Der. hleocS. lloeg hny. par. A nut. 1. 2. hlud. v. Hlyrian To play. mutinus. od. Prone. Hnygele. pi. Hlytte A collector. /? A shell.hlynhnseg-an. lucid. Hog. March. S. Hnipan To bend. hlihan. licePwre. Hnah botved. v. a stick or Der. Butting. to vociferate. an . heel print. study. . Hoelende Calumniating. Hocht-an To persecute./l mocking. hnat.hlynan. . vexasound. C. hoh . foot-step. Hlysa fame. Hnysc soft. -ol. Hnaeg-an. . e. v. — Noisy. ung 1. ness. NE V. Hnseg-an To neigh. n. Humpbacked. hleat To how. cut. Hofered. — — — — — . Tender. S. an . we hniton .« lAdead body. od. To Hniglan parings. ode pp. L. ing Anxiety. 2. hlisa. simple. es. Purity simplicity sincerity Hnifel. ode ly. n. to be Hnol . p. lifted. hnifol The brow. nian. Hlysnend Attonitus. holn. A — pp. heel of the foot. skilful. to make a heel. —MceFriendiron bent at the end. hleow. es . sian . soft. Der. . S.bow down. sinu The hough -tiht Slander. Der. HolderNotts. Hnah g. v. hleotan. m. n. cavern. v. V. L. Hnoc A seal . S. p. a. Hocer. R. V. S. tenderPure. Hoh-hwyrfing A circle. p. carcass. m. grieve. Hnseppung. Hnsep./. lens. es m. Hlud-geut. ed. Der. A palace. hnesc. friendly. Hnoppa Nap of cloth. S. Softness. — . The neck. Knoll. -full. Care. jump. seo. ed. To determine. behind. Holdeoranesse. v hnut. Hnecca. in\\xie%Gri(f anxiety . meditate. Hoh hang. m. dom. ian. prudent. Hlywa 2varm. fear. nesh. f — — . kled hroio. -crump WrinHlyd noise. 1. Hocnera-tun. pp.v. lens. A hook. '2. talkative — JLe. Hlyta. Hlypa A stirrup. dwelling. S. Hlyn. v. rest. 3. to he tumultuous. Hly <Se Slender. Hold-aS let. Hnesc. L. S. flluin a sound. lie.Hoc.hwit-cudu. Hoh-fot The Huoecca. ung. n. S. v. Hnyt a nut. to slumber. reda A houseparalytic one bed-ridden. gore ation. Oxgovernor. clef. fast Wise.es. — — : — — — — — — . take a nap. 2. A sound. f. v. Hnot Shorn. Hoi. L. m. p. an to take heed. Flod A hood. to lament. A melting. hufon. covetously.vexpp. -an. es.se . Hofer A humpback. norton. V. S. notted. L. Hnylung. Hlynian to lean. noise. S. hyge. nut-tree. se . hlynn. hlyn. y ? \. croivn. colts-foot. Of. think. e. od. hnappung. Hluton cast lots. Hlynna A brook. On hoh on the Hoi Hollow. full Full Hnit. L. pp. Hole. Ahoofalso tlieplant foals-foot. e or ham sinew. v. v. hon. Hnaeccan . hluttre. Hogs. hlytta a fortune-teller. es m. . S. niggardliness. Ho. sound. C. limpid. g. to soften. od.eo. Hlynsian to resound. fering. pp. Le. 1. Hobanca A bedstead. S. S. ho. hole.Hnexian To so/'(f en. hnecca. v.^d. f. \\ogo-fsestWise. the leg.Le. leaf A mallow. es m.. chatter. hog. v. v. V.hnitol. -tis. hog. R. hugian. Jjaet hluttre nate. forean .— fullice Anxiously. den. g. v. Hly wing A refuge. L. m. spor The Hoi an To rush in. cast down. hnsepp. covetous. lineaw Sparing. purify course. careful. 2. despise. f. scipe WisHlyt cast' lots. L. -nis Persecution. hnygele. S. -ung. HofuU Careful. es m. the cross. R. m. hl.-dis. to sleep. unmixed. Hoi Detraction. S. es . L. hough. . S. hoh Prudent.

swift. ac. hamor. nag. A ivhore. Hond a hand. f. -lie Dirty. A person icho has his head shaved for the pillory . Hor-wig cwene An adulteress. -et. hup. d. d. the main. -we . Hosp Reproach. f. hrades . dirt. Hose offence. dan To get on hor. grove. -en. 2. An adulterer. f. gestreon Pinna. S. HOP Hole. Retching. trumpeter? fisc Hosp-sprecanrospeft^ deridingly Sword fish ? geap A roomy pinnacle. sly. Hrad rode. ivise. -wcg. bearer. Hood a made hood. n. On. LetSer-. S. S. -gebrsec The rheum. an . — wealh An equery. Der. . hoi. Der. hornung. Holen Hidden.hose. Horcwene. pic A pin. 1. V. . Hoppada A monk's garment. a vein. S. waggon. The deep sea. host. Der. an . Homela. Flat-. horu. v.Flracca. 2. 7n. V. hos. — crset Hona a cock.L. hole. circle. v.bl8est-. mockhispan. — ere A hojiper. hrsedne. es . Homa v. A river island. 1. loater. pi. ede.c . Horn. 143 -tung. who had the care of the king's horses. — S. — circle or crew's horse. homola. — )3egen A horse-thane. Horing. pp. es.an-.the Anglo-Saxons frequently aspirated rhy prefixing h. — Der. S. scea'Se A pinna. an .od. reccd A pinnacled dwelling. Hos. 5". Homola. smut.ge-. privy. A hoop. a ship. A dultery 1 nung. Hos. A rush. v. Holh a ditch. hore. hoh. the ocean. Hose. a pinnacle. S. v. Holt. minte Horse-mint. an -gehnast The outcry. Hors-bser. Hoppe A hoop. Ex. m. K. Holt a handle. S v. es n.L. S. crucify. of an animal. company. S. em A stable. a duel. an . drawn by horses. v. the jairs. — is — or chariot. H6n. hawkto mount. Horigfilthy. a cough. adj. Hr.— bestri. Hooc a hook. scin-. m. v. [horung ?] as in Whoring. Apl. — . jjd hehst. C. Leaping for joy sheet. S. . Hore. m. The covering of A'n-. waeg-. hernia. Hrade Readily.ode. an abyss. cle. hangenTo hang. H6(5 hang .A horse. Hopa an m. Der. Horvva dirt. extend to. e f. od. Cd. L. Le. dirty. ele. Der. hwsel The horse whale. cled or pointed splendour. horse-bier. se. an . horig. a fellowship.!. L. nacle. Le. hoc.. hrajd. steal A Hrffican To reach. horWhoredom. . -full. Der.scorn. v. m. dom hyrw-an. husc. . JHoliende Calumniating. hana. Hornung. wci . nimble. v. Horeht Phlegmatic. ioithehinds. The erysipelas. Hor-weg Out of the way Horg-. -ung. Darkness. S. wcall A sea wall. An associaRorlic filthy. ho. S. — Hornbearing. prosper. hore. imp. hreaw. Stod. hnaegung A neighing. shield wood. Hos ? A bramble ? L. hoh. scip A boat ing. -weg Dirty. steed. A hole. Cd. Homer a hammer. S. Holrian. S. v. in. covering. hostler. horu. v. — < — — — dre. holeu Hol/y. /. hangian. heor. Hongian to hang. Holl a cavern. dale. 2. V. holm or alder-tree. Holoc. L. Ex. n.-stan. ery. — Th. -endlic— Horung? Adultery. horu. A horn or trumpet. Hoppa A stud. Horse Rational. he hehS. Filth. A. trust. wylm A sea wave. hana A woodcock.u The sea or ocean force. heord. multitude. — maegen The sea force. v. we hengon. mournful. garter. an . v. S. es . ung. Holm. of. Horhg Squalid.n.seback. . v. S. Der. a green plot of ground environed with Der. r. pollution. Filthiness. collar. ragged. hradum. L. Hopu — — — — gang The holm going. S. S. Hope. dancer. liol. on-. estre leap. madman.Hosu an assembly. v. Th. es m. A holt. Bile. V. Hope tan To hop. Rust. of ridan. e. m. Hop. Hracod Raked. H6r-cweue An adulteress. 1. body. Hrsed.suspend. horu. dance.guS-: hirn. eg Wet. K./. -ing. — waen A horse-wain. — ctende A female dancer. hatn. Holi-hoc Holly hoc. a covering. S. a corner. p. hilt. Der. pp. the Briton or Welshman. horu. g. sea-horse. A bastard. ode. A horn as tion. quick. horu. hawk. /. Hovewen filth. horwes . L. f.an the hinder part of the head. Ready. Hreec-an To retch. . Holinga In vain. e . Holm-sern A clif J. Le. garment. ic ho.S. a fool. L. L. ni : homa. gl. cavern. es . K. adultery. m. Der. Der. A hastening. S. water. the morse. H6ra-sea<S A sink. sunu Hra hrea. v. imp. -elene. v. Mo. Hord a hoard. v.To hope. G. hra^- — Hradung. -ed. Horines. v. a projecting point. H6r-wi/.Hou A mountain. hora. In vain. — wudu A ^ — — Horn-adl^ rupture. Horse-heal. hosu. heng. rock. — hrse^. shell. HO R in. . here A horsearmy. es . es m. breeches. L. v. Horx. csiuih A horse-comb. — — — — A — . The rack. 1. Holenga. Uovxi. ^ m. the leg or thigh. -um . To — — — sagaciously valiantly. neck. v. — bora A horn beer -e. hence holmes. — Hopian p. horse stall. a wood. hearse. -e. 2. horh Dirt. — grove wood. Horn the ham. dance. Horse — watching. cavalry. Holunga. Hradianj p. Hora of filth. Horn.HoSma. an equery. pp. Horo-seaS A sink. Hraca.S. L. g. cious. covering. Hors. sy^A hearse. Horr a hinge. L. we ho^ p. S. -leas Hornless. — Hose-bend^ : Le. ian To supply ivith a cart — — — — — — S. troop. rash. -wa. stormy. a — — — — — — — — .Le. A carcase. Holpen helped . p. place.—-Der. lie Funereal. S.v. to be ready. H(Sr. sea sea house. hyrde Ahorse-keeper. |jrac. v. S. A veil. hod. — denu Hopp-lan To hop A valley or Holesn. A throat. an. g. — — — — : — — think.eraed. To — hasten. phlegm. weard. In vain. K. — hoga^ horn bow. !i6<S ge pp. o/helpan. Holen.laovu. In vain. hand. pp. — -blawere Horn-blower. S. without cause. . wic A burying Horrung. brooch. Holonga. Hopp-scyte A the service of ivatching the lord's horsey. -stig A devious path. saga- — Vice Prudently. What a hoop osier. to 7iopurpose. twig. Horn. of hon. sel A pinnacled hall. filth. n. ed. n. Homor-secg Sedge.

es . a garDer. To Hreew a carcase. a bee- stoift course. hue and cry. K. K. A hern. — nes Reasrciftness. 2?. pp. v. Reedy. u. es . a whale. March. Hreol A reel. Grief. S Hrendan To rend. lie Quick. v. endlic Frail perishable. ivailing. flesh. S. active. moui'vful. Hrem. goat. sedge. Shortly. ung Haste. To rid. te?npest. brea<S. Hreow. ruinous. surround. ede To feel Hrsigy fraLamentable. S. n.hreman. raiment. Hreddan j9. 1. quickly. v. full of reeds.we brudon . cry out. — —husA Hreas/eZZ. la. L. Hrati. hand-. kid. an . C. m. L. Hredding A ridding. esymJiurTy. stole. — Hream. A leprous -ingdQuickly. exultiiig. v. Hrean A consumption. ment. care. v.l. v. Hrsegleniht-. B. nes. mete Rick roughness. es . na^ March. m.o/hreowan. m. grieved. writ Hran touched. All. crudus. 2. lice Cruelly. p. rashness. fen. hreaw. hrinan. v. de. Der.be bry wS boast. — monacS Ready sjjeech. groom of the — dead — a — a vestry-keeper. A writing reed. v. rocket. a pen. It is remarkable for its loell-ejidowed and celebrated grammar school. es . Durham. fornes Quickness. f. hang about. braew. 1. Hreconlice Quickly. try. we bruron . we bruwon . disquiet. Rushing on. hrspgel. S. Hreaw. se. breob Rough. an Hrsesto Resting. v. nes. v. 1. Hraege-heafd [heafod a head'] Gateshead. IlrseS.— iug:e lie Quick. -wilnes hrad. -w£en. Ex. -ing. minded. m. A ivhale. speed. Repton. m. rail. fall. rsei-g-trfef. Reindeer. querulous. mere bedd A reed-bed. Hrege. L. C. copp The cap or sumCruelty. — — — — — — — — — A — — — — — — — A — Hraefnan To support. Raw. es. L. C. f. L.Cru- — — — . Hred. brvcSer. breaw. mournfully. prosy. waver. shield. mit of a rick. nes keeper of clothes. ^4 car- ves- What relates to Jjegn A —— ung -weard A body. llrse^a. brsege. modnes. be breas. ni<5er-. f. A garment of goat-skin. scale. V. S. Hragra. Clothing. brae. a crying out. -nes.suddet>ly.e . moRaven's foot. hrop^re Sivift. v. Hreaw r^/?e»iecZ. es .f. notvned. an. 144 — nes. harvest feast ? Hreobebe Fannus. g. quick. actiRoughness . v. A tempest. S. An inhabitant of Rippon. e. full Rueful. raven. be sorryfor.. hrycg-. Der. weep. are associated ivith the name of Repton. — wzen A vity. Hrea a carcase. monaS. 2. breed. &e. ig Noisy. p. ing A breowsing. p of breosan. scabby. Hread a reed. lice Immediately. rebrowen To rue. Hraes A gushing. Bord-. arising from gratitude and juvenile recollection. p. triumphant. m. bra. 2. hreaw. L. Hrypa-dun. Hra<5e Of one's own accord. hr^pan. m. R. Cjukkness. Be-. Hre6wan. g. funeral. Vehement desire. HroeS . cruel. Der. raging. reedels. — . mere-. hinderance. broden To encrust. s>e'. v. scabbiness. p. Hreop-seeta. All the feelings. hrsed. -bita. mod. m. m. L. A cramp.Hreo<5an . A — : : : — H — . fot A beetle. bere6wsian hinder. diness. -1. Der. Hreos-e .Hregel a garment. 2. Hieornes. repent. v. rear. Hreop called. -iiiga. A To rush. — — — — — f — — — . n. — hydignes — faernes A — — v. cass. Hants. failing. quickly.H reman :bremig. -u hraSian. raven. ance. Hrec Management. R. Hreo^or. hre<5er. L. brefn A raven. heap. piscis. for here the ivriter of this article was educated.braed. B. A reed. Hraege A doe. Beado-. the sea. Der. Quickness. . Hraem A shout.Repentance. Hrsem. m. Der. reafere. grieve. Hrefen A crab . hrefen . ofbror of-broren bryre. Clothing. lie. Hreo rough. v. p. S. violently apredemption. ibtig The whale road. immeA scab. se. bream. prous. Hrafyl Carnage. Hrefl A tceaver's shuttle.Tiiht-. S. breow. 7n. The Danish standard. m. shake. hra<5es . Der. Der. Der. Hra<Sre to a mind. S. Hrzedels a riddle. fierce. S. K. be quick.hreowig. A din. hrsefnes .Oi-: reowan: Hremm-an . v. Hreo^nys forbreed. Hrefe A leprous person. Hrecg a back. an m. speedy. el. Da3g-. SadHroefen. S. brycg. stormy. — spraec hreSe. sculdor-.active. ed. Hreog. -fot Raven's or crow's foot. — — haste. braed. whale fish. cynn Raven or crow kind. pp.bu<Se-. Hroegn-loca es . S. leIT ran. ig Exulting. delivering. v. — — Hreopa-dun.soon. licnes Readiness speedily. Hrsegel. ing.f. clamour. proaching. deliver. S. C./. Henbane. Blod. Der. 'Hnemzri to cry out. haste. bracca. -bydignes./. bra. leac Raven leek. be. v. broien gevf^clC lot king. L. lireni. R. stack. ford Whale rneer. nitent lie Cruel. fierce. lament. -1 A scab. S. diately. cruel. el. stonny. storm. A rick. Derbyshire. wardrobe. be bryst . Hrsemn A raven. hearg. a leper. -fsernes. pp. g. Hraen A little goat. Hra^-e. HreecS-bita Hreb A deluge. v. wig-: hryslan : bruse.t!cl-bita tle. A roach. A — — : : : A — — — — — — A — — — — — — — : : A Hramse. — wilnes ready waggon. prose. v. bremn Grieving. brse^. Hraemde Hindered. A quick biter. Hreaw Raw . cancer. fall or tumble doivn. Der. Hrea|3e-mus A bat. m. rad Redbridge. fyrd-. 7/ian. an . S. fisc A Hreod. es. hreowsian. Hreac. hrsegles . leod-. cruel. cs . Hrefnan To suffer. scyld-. brsem. disquieting. Hrem-an To cry. ig PeHramma 1. Hreof readily. -spraec. V. Hrefen.-ung. HrsecS-an To Hregnan To rain. Hreow-ian . : H KA Hr. soon. -ian. leHia<5-ian To be quick. w. repente. penitence. a vehicle. Le. bra. heron. Hreoung Shortness ofbreath. Hrawlic mournful. Rawness. S. the sea. ragwort. HreotSa. K. lig Scabby. canker in the Hrenian To scent. repenting. • II RE HRE — Hreoce Rashness. HraBfenmeat. ic. Hreof Rough. hrsegl. pp. famous. Wsel-. Hreosan. v. v. de . Hrecca a neck. hrsefn. Hreow. Der. Hrceswan To meditate. Hreaf-erea^etzer— ian toseize. 2. raven.

Gu<S-. depart. Hru^ Commotion. m. adorn. m. Rime. v. v. asthma. f.we hreopon pp. ed-byrne A ringed rirond-sparwa A sparrow. Der. es .on-. brave. seta4 con. iren Ringed iron. S. v. To be Hryft a cloak. rustling. Hrere Rear. sick of a fever or ague. L. Hre^. e Hroer-an To move. hrutS. L. v. cofa The Hriofol Leprosy. hreSres. orb. Hrym soot. Hastiness.an w. a ship. Hruxle noise. HreSer. m. What is curved as a ring. v. — HRO HRY mu^-. S. proud. powercoat of mail. C. — Hrepan hreop. vessel. -loca. feast. hrincg a ring. -on/eZZ.f. aridge. rejoice. Hridrian . L. — Hryrenes. fela-. Hriscian To shaks. /. p. feeling. we hrinon. loca . S. cle. net Hrot Filth. hrycg. S. -4 storm. hill. mind's cave. L. hrycg. V. Hrestan. Cruelty. sian To yrievefor. ^ rushing. S. Hrypan To rip. S. agitate. Ex. bent down. Der. p. Hrire ruin. A ring-net. riddle.ode . Feverishness. od. /. . Hri^-adl fever. K. S. to call out. scum. hrippe sieve. Hristung. Le. hreoh. rice wood. S.roof. an . manor beast. good. What fastens a girdle. adorned. v. ung L. ig Rimy. top. Ready to fall or fail. se . land. — — A — Hrof-gefor^ roofed — A roofed haed sele tigel Roof-tile. rub. button or buckle. strike. Hroder the sky. Der. thorn. L . m. — Hryre-mu8 Hrysca A bat.Hriopan To reap. \. on-. Touching. — wyrbta — : . S. Hr6rnes A storm. p. a girdle. fallen. C. S. /. nimble. C. n. or ear of a vessel. m. -mearh-li$ Back marrow Hrig a rick.cheer. S. Shoulder blade. Hroden-hilt An en. C. ge-. bowels. Hruwon p. vibrate friz. Hrin-an . Hre^e readily. ig Sooty. pp. v. v. hricc. C. hreosan. es. A touch. wrapped. S. soon. S. hratSe. joint. cruel. S. of hreowan. pp. ^t-. winnow. perseverin a ring. S.hvmen gold. es. To place Hror Active. S.circM5. Hristl-an To rustle. p. m. e. ing or receiving of rings.Hro<S-hund A useless dog. hit. es. Hry pa-dun Repton. Hrycc The back. -stedeJ. es . Hretan To spread. clothing. Hre^ Savage. Execration.hreosan. 2. hreosan. S. elty. r. pail. S. S. The mind's enclosure or re. Earth.—sur\gRepentance. Hric. A — — — touch. Hr^re. in. es. frozen. g. sete. to sound a Hrung A ivave. e'. Hrin A touch. a coat of mail. S. Hringan To ring. scream. chamber. hraegel^Bac^ Der. R. ruin. Hrofe-. region. Hro^ a commotion. ian To rage. — — — A — A A A A A A A — — — — A — A — — — A A — — A — — — — A A Hroden Entwined. Hrif. v. Hi-epsunp^ The evening. fallHrin-enes. ing Hryg a back. C. clothing. to give alarm. zle. S. es.— leas Wrathless. S.orear-jeag-. a ring Hromse Henbane. S. gice! An icicle.Hrycg. hrisles . steadfast. Hrure. es . -ian. S. hoarfrost. tender in a circus. betwined or adorned hilt. S. Der. Hriddel Hrlpnis. . famous. v. feast. To Hris. violence.— . f. fold. hrum. Uroren fallen. garland. coat of mail. mus A — — — reremouse. Hrowen. m. L. The bell.excite. hrieffjo. a Hrohung. hreppian od. breast. v. v. sift.Hrot'es. S. es . carpenter. Hresigende Sick oj" a fever. pain in Hrisian To push. shuttle.HriSer an ox. HreSe Renoicned. Hiinc. v. hanBackbone. hricg The bacltj dine. m. coat of mail. v. ov dignity.e .mild. Mo. make a rustling noise. — — — — moving./? The womb.es. cir145 /. A-. hran. ymbHring-boga. the breast. rook. Hror Prone. hry^er. Hry man To give loay. R.— e A handle. S. ode . pp. hrgetSa. Hriord cess. 08-. Hrim. scurf. Hripe-man reaper. a thin branch. ringed orvariegatedgarment. se. Rochester. S. r6tSe.Hro<5er.Hryp-s?ete People of Rippon. . of hreowan. ian . hringian. v. comfort. }pegn A tak. A bursting or rushing in. — — — mona^ March. hryiSer. m. Hryf the bowels. bark. hreo^an. v. f. I ^ ring. -were A ivooden vessel. m. cricket. bearwas highest part of a house or Barked woods. tre . weorSung Ring honouring Hriih rough. lireOsan. v. Hrerenes. Kent. rustling. Hrof. rodor. touching. A ringed vessel. Hridder fan for corn. hran. S. e . Hroue-ceaster. Hriman To number. — . ile-buc Mid-: ingehrife. HRI roughness. Hrisel. The top of a tree. nes A Der. ode . e . Der. lie -msel^ ringed sign or sicord. To rest. S. bat. mind. hrif. A roof. a Der. benefit. n. xtid&leARing hilted. ing. sige-. de To cry out. Hrepian.— ribbe difficulty of Hriht-lzecing. se . ig-heaTdHard-fro. Hryman . ed Hron a whale. loca Hriones a tempest. Hriseht Bristly. harvest^ C. Le. L. S. Hrief^o Scab. L. v. hringe. od. m. fah A Hrop distaff. pp. pluck. Hry. /. Hroc. serpent. ing. Le. destruction. Hrif-teung. the bowels. inclosure. p. Hril^cung. S. windeM sphere./>. rib £ac^-ri&. ed-stefna A Hrooc A rook.jp. — — — — A — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — glesLvrprudent in mind. Ban-. Hrutan To rout in sleeping. Hruse. circuit. od. v. v. Hru^er cattle.eare. m. Hring. ryft. raise. 2. uiig. snort. Hrif)?o scurf. raio. v. roof-worker. The back of a Hries rushing.hror. hr^re. Hriung. A rock. Hrimaii To cry out. contact.A reasonbreathing. zen. K. bucket. ian . v. wail. Hrioh Rough. mearh Back marrow.Le. ian To snore. to. L. v.hreoung. Hrespan To tear. es . Advantage. the Hrinde Rind. g.—igSevere. ode . In wit-. hreosan. crow. hrepen To cry. ing. R. ung. Mo. -seleu4 ring hall. raging. : Hreran To move. Hrympelle rumple.pp. hring.f. hreac. To touch.4 ringed ful. Hryrednes. Ringed. A tempest. Beah-. ridge. Hryre Shouldfall. an ague. L. Hrum Soot. Der. Hre^a. se . C. Reasoningy S. ringed or bound prow. hryg. pp. naca Hrost A roost. S.f. To touch.

Hwsede Small. od. meminister the sacrament. v. A spider. v. and twenty. suce The head dress. . A mastiff. v. hriSer. vile. hwealf. in what manner. an . An offering. — — fieogaDogfly. state. dred and ten. 1. ere. talbox. Huf? The uvula? S. C. od ^ hunting Humeta How. gang ^ going to the ney drop. mutter.. at — — t'igAhundred. Hudenian To unhide. ivanton./. priest at the sacrament. of a county. es n. S. an ox.Huxlic Disgraceful.Husa. the hundred court. dropa A honament for the head. reproach. e. Huntan-dun. dred meeting or court whicJt Hu ne Not. a place of Hulce. A hound. was prefixed to numerals Huoer( Exchange. burglary. master. B. nicant.: gehusa. hill. with hounds. C. in what m. Le. a hall. m. pp. S. drops of honey. pp. — rseden A dwelling — scipe Domestic — House-breaker. es m. -weard A hnuse-ivard. v. hremig Spoil glorious. S. wist A house. m. m. C. reHul-wyrt Wild thymCyS. hunHrywlic cruel. Prey. cottage. an . Der. e . ung. — twelfA . Husul sacrament. husel. Hungrie Hungary. mere-. Hundes-beo A dog bee orfly. L.Tocast or let doivn. u . ing-spear. an . Der. hyge. ^/helpan. Hundredesealdor. ode. now always place the h after the w . — here A household? L. shake. g. nigontlgiN^iwe^?/. Hule Hull or husk as of corn. — hefen An arched roof. biice feoh-. all events. dredu A hundred. m. Der. To think carefully. [^originally meaning only ten] Hunti How now. ing. n. v. Husel. -man 1. hwer. v. 2. Mo. hwa. Der. Hiisl the sacrament. Humbra. We Hunas. entertain.bed-. — — friiS-. Fat of a hog or swine. Huw ter. disc Thesacramen-baer Honey bearing. cattle. — bus A dog lus louse. heawere cattle-hewer. es. ede./?. laewa One afflicted Huso. hruSer. S. bteS-. indeed. hyd. v. byp. Hry^Sa. hundred and twenty. v.hweol. ditate. G. \. A domestic. nm. — hleow House protection. Hueol a icheel. Huntingcouncil. bitten. ban-. hu hwego About. ode. Mo. L. L. gemot A hunHu Hoio. H umber. S. L. Humber. v. flowende Honey ian . lie — teoutig-fealdA hundred-fold. sucle ho-ian .buig Ho! S. tig — — A — horsefly.A slight. feald Hun. dredfold.— An Old. — -ceorl A servant. igend. as if from hr^san . an . hre(Ssan. dog. hwom. A hunt. Hui.Hti-swiSe Hmo great. — A dog — tunge Hounds tongue. tearlicZi^e Hugu Little. v. S. To hunger. edefoi. ger. lard.Hupan To retire. Hud a hide. ig Hungry. Husboiida husband. spoil.a commuHunig.f.es Hu^ a port. L. enlufontig A hun. Neat. Hun-sper A staff or stick with Huile ivhile. — — — — — . A sacrament child. in Normandy. — camb Hiife. bore.d6m-. yn. famine biten Hunger. fsetyl sacramental Honey-comb. Hunduelle A hundredfold.building. sawol-jwite. S. an. al- -hyrde A — berie Dog berry. Der.ed. C. Honey. es . andalso toother Huon a little. Hune the Hunns. G. few. v.-no^Ahunt. Mo. masHucs. Husol An attendant on the Hunta. Hwaeder Whither. hf^.Hu^e permitted. The river m. S. Hulpon helped. To lament. Disgracefully. f. tage. seofontig Seventy.cotHund. S. pp. A cenHu geares However. — incle. Hude-faest. Hrysel. Hundra<5 Hundredth. v. HUG — — HW JE — Eighty. be sorry for. beam Huni Honey. kennel. swete honeyney-suckle. chest. little. hwon. hwile.A hundred. 2Vords} thus Hund-eahtatig Huonlice A little ivhile. mitre. -incleof ^ dwelling. -wyrm A dog worm. place or site of a house. C. Hulme ? Holm. S. ode joicing in spoil. gift-. hre6wan. nectar. pi. e . a spear in it.n. g. Rosin.Huru. stede The Hualf ft convexity. od. ???. a division Hrywsian . The Hunns.pl. S. L. round ortal aish. Hryst falls. geofon-. met 12 times a year. p. v./. ode. booty. distance. herdsman. n. L. The president of hugii. Le. Huars Space. 2.A tiara. pi. L. A hunter. v. C. a cow. fiowiyig. Hund A hunting. Hulfestre Rainy.—nii^. thus. hold. Hwa Who. Huugr-ian with hunger. 2iU.uc.reard-. es. v. Husestr-ian To murmur. hungres.anner. p. es . Hulc A cabin.hreosan. \g-&\)evHunt. Huld true. Hunt-aS. genga A communicant.n. m. A hunter. es n. contempt. — ian To house.Ahouse. Hune Horehound. — — — — . husel. p. Hure a whore. Le. from seventy to one hundred Huomm a corner. Hwaecce A box. S.mor^or-. To put on a sacrament OY partaking of it. ney. Hundred. od. Hry<5er. buru-J?inga /i^ least. -ung^ murmuring. hrysl. box The sacramenHave. hreow. S. for u<Se. sacrament. Hune Consumption. 2. ode . or the w aspirated. Hunger. — brycel — — — — most. Humbres m: pp. Hund. m. p. — — — — — — . p. v. a family. tchether or not. v. To ad}\ ug-full Full of care. don. S. A — — House-breaking.—EUes-hvfsS' 146 Unk icho. n. ian . plant lavage. Hunel Shameless. scarcely. jo. v.Hu ne.ni{'or-. examine. A light ship.Der. a c5 -fser^ hun tingjour ^ Hii^. heifer.dym-. v. n. S.oorS-. C. only. shamefully. Hrysian. a butcher. Der. especially. C. \. oblation. vestry? werAcommunicant. Hii turion.hucx irony slight.husc. S. chase. e ing. hospitality. ing. Hal a hill. teon. ac. Hunas. Hw. hydig. Der. -0^. An. — hiwraeden^ dwelling — hlaford Thehouselord. }ius^es. A hunter. Husting? Husting. a hunting. husl. es -fn. Huer an ewer. -portic-4 sacramental porch. Hryw^ laments. To hunt. seir Huntingdonshire. — ern A house place.Hup a hip.— Der. yet.es. V. ian. heor^-fsest. Ambiht-.—sepTpelHoney-apple. sweet. tear Honey -tears. v. hu la ne Whether or not. — — HM — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — .f. vessel. Hudig cautious. p. HUN Hrysede rushed. — — bryne A house burning. v.

Wheresoever. change. h wig\iSo7netimes. come foul. wherefore. but. /n. for a time. pause. n. ecSel hwulas A — Hwarf loharf space. Hwerf An exchange.to merchandise. Hwealf .A changing. of hwa. little. lian sweord-hwytta hwytel. Hwses Sharp. red Bold of purpose. — — : — : — — — — A — — — — — — : — : — Sharply. Hw^ne. hwealf. L. hnnta A whale-hun. Hwastr-ian To murmur. brave. hwaene. HwseXre Whether. ac.Hwata. scarcely. m.Toturn. vigour. we hwetton . what. lohat is hasHwam To lohom. Hwan. country about the Severn. to turn. arch. Hweal Urine . v. bold. indeed. v. Der. m. Hwiolad Wheeled. en the loorld.nm. little. somewhat. C. stone. gean-. A whistle. Wheat. -god T^e deity presiding over Hvveolp A lohelp. Cd. L. yet. v. — — . time. Hweorfa A lohirl. diligently. V. A wheel. od. Ceres. Hwaet . return. es . loan. -leas A little less. a rary. duration Hweic tvhat. ymbe-. -hwig lice — shortly. place. C. ge-. blow. convert. hwiSa. L. Error. v. o/hwa. m. um . to Hwj Why. hwaem. A convexity. v. Hwearft A circuit. now. o/hwa. two.\\Y)or^ex\.oileg-. S. sooth. keen. a — — — D8eg-. ere. — H WI S. — en m. S. Hwil. Hweowol A wheel. S. Stan A sharpening or whetstone. hwaeg. d. An eioer.. iou:pp. Quick or shivp turns. Hwicci'a. ymb-. hwene. an .y. e .es. agean-. Hwaer Where. hwaga ? Whey. Fyrd-. made of wheat. HweoSerung A murmuring. Hwelan. n. Hwiol-fag A garment.— To turn. ymb. hwaet.for what. /. es . Hwanon Whence. g. ode. hwyrfan. Hwem a corner. — besides.quar. sharpen. hwset. HWE Hwan Calamity. hwaet. Le. L.ed. S.hwette. Hwio^a A breeze. of Hwer. waet. ede. v. Hwaem. sticce A fragment of time. ede . a time. almost. to-. v. space. S. murHweor-ban Whirlbone.an . C. ing. S.we hwnrian To pipe. v. Hwerfa Vertigo. Hwa^ie Whether. Hweol. change. p. but yet. Hwealf. v. A quality. hwearf. /7. Hwern Nowhere. mutability. circle. v. L. murmur. to putrify. V. Hwaet What! lo ! behold. v. 'il\v3dY-ho\\. hwam to whom . pp. -ung H\v8em. ian To ceil. K. -ian. a little. Hweorif ^ beast of burden. S.gescaep-. Hwffil . — — — — — manner. change. Mo. e . ej f. S.ed. Der. mere The sea. 1. Hwilcnes. ian . S. um By instrument. v.f. incite. v. stan.— Sv/ahwser swa bending. f A loaning.Hwig tohy. g. advance. Der. Hwicce .hwistl-ian. turn. make to turn.2. Hwega At least. To ocean. e . v. hwi^a. — ser A little before. impel. —wegaSome- shire. faec A while. on-hwael. turn. A diviner. h wetted To change . hwaet. Hwar where. Hwaerflung. Hwajg. be-. make to Hwseane When. but./or hwaene. L. v. K. gold-: hwettgan the present Worcestershire. . Hwalas whales. hwyAn. Convex. Hwam a corner. hweorf. v. L. Hwer-hwette A cucumber.arf/.a loharfshore ? whet. indeed. g. hwane.hw8emm.rot-: Kwil-eAiohile. S. nm. n. for-. v. K. v. and-. v. hwom. S. valour. The in mind.hwaestrian. S. m. v. fife. endlic Tempotransitory. which of the Hweop Whooped. as an change. ter. S. m. mate. es m. pi. a kettle. A tohistler. Hwatend Iris illyrica. Hwaet-hwega. ac. es . called out. Augury J divination. in short. nes Quickness. canopy. es . v. hwsem. g. Mi-. a spool. scipe Quickness. Hwset-Iic Sharp. on. wailed. wepan. Hwearf. m. un^y A murmur. barter. Soineiohat. ung. murmuring. Hweop cry. m — — — . ter.hwaramas^ corner. e. Hwaene Whom. hweorfan. hwylc. d. hwaer.A whisperHweorf Wharf. — — — — Hweg zohey. Hwene Somewhat.. hwates . nng A turning. hwata . bran ? L.\o\\xxm. a trumpet. Ex. space.Hwerf-ian To turn. scourge. Hweguninga. ac. v. v. piper. of hweorfan. Hwirft. Hwan ling. hweorfan. keen. saying. 7im. The people of Worcestertohale. Hwispr-ian To lohisper.quick. L. boldly Der.j9. JJer. v. Hwicca./. Hw£e<5er Whether. Hwaerf departed. f. v. the sea. to -nng. -um: sin-hweorfende. once. A whelp. corn. Hwet loet. A murmuring. ed-. p. While. Hwenne When S. fan. pl. R. hwseles jh. eft-. Hwistl-e. depart.U-watdi avguries. hwirft. lytles A little. Wheat grits. Hwaes Whose. -on Awhile. C. A placefor Hwffistr-ian Townee anolse. — — — \>'a. p. sort.e . Hwalf. d. a . distance.turn L2 147 — Hwilc what. — The whale's — — — region. hwi. an To whip. hweohl a ivheel. but. hweorfan.e. Hwele Putrefaction. hwilon. /. e . S. S. Hwall Wanton. Hweorfan /?. e. se.f. A corner -ena also hwatung. Hwelung. hwsetre. which. hwispr-ian. . v. 1turning. moment. g. expanse. Hweorfian . hwates quick. v. Hwaet Moreover. es . Hwaete. Hvvate Bravely . wop. Hwirf-pol A whirlpool. hwoel. Hwet-stan. . ing. wherefore. a short tid lohile./)7?.7^o&e. wael. v. Wheaten. soon. g.-cy\e\Afryingpan./: pi. S. — — A n.Hwettgan. pp. mur. pp. nm. of hwa Which. V. wander. Hwael slaughter. Hweal-hafoc Welsh-haiok. L. hwearft. tohere. 2. -um. time. What then. H WA derElse wJiither Swa hwoeder swa Whithersoever. hwaer. because. Hwear where. Sharp. lie Changeable.-ung: Hwa?l around. The sound of a -hweganunges Soineiohat. Hweogl.C Ber. gryttan Hweop A lohip. hweganinga.Hwatu. Der. ung — or go away.an. Hweavf turned. HweoSa a breeze. S. foam. /. Hweolere. / T'o turn or wind round. if. huntacS Whale-hunt. -nes Passing^ . Ex. cli. Hweosan To wheeze. Hwirfan to turn. ex. pi. S. tily turned round. H wider Whither. f: also hwile.To Hwaet . hwettan . pipe. vault. hwa.H wepan To loeep. hwyle. hwatu. hwiSa. es . Hwelp. . hwaet-stan. v. S. m.

wonn h^mann A jnan clothed locked. v. S. healdan. an j m. hwita. less. God. WIS-: hyht. 3. an. frod Wise or prudent Hymen A hymn. -fre . v. es . hyld. clse.m. S. Hydan. hiw. cough. v. S. hurt. f. Hyl-wyrt Wild thyme. To become ivhile. He Little. S. v. soul. White poppy. grief.Hwytta. licitous. hwsenne. hil-hima. e. stiS-. ^ cough. de. Hwyluni aiohile. -lice By little.adj. Hwonne lohen. Hymele. somewhat. fjonc The strong. -gleaw TFwe. error. A hide. v. of hweorfan. indecl. Hydels. Hwu how. Hwita. gehyht. White leek. hige Mindful.Hyd. hwy tta. v. Hyld war. . unseem- Hwylca A whelk ? varix. Hycare. A hill. helpan. R. — Hyll. Bindweed. L. hwit. hti. m. mount Liba. C. Application of mind. S. e . Hw. Tohinder. canine. Hylt an hilt.f. f: hyldo . hell. a kind Hyder hither. Hwite white. a priest's cope. scip A hide of land ? L. Hyld-an affection. S. — — — jjancol — : : Hants. waste. disorderly. hwset. gifa leas lice — giver. weary. —run The mind's secret . 1. Hyldere Der. — -fulnes Changeableness. e . v. or would support one leac 2. S. Der. which was cudurcweodu ? Mastic. hider. r6f Magnanimous. gar The mind's Hyrnlic [leac?] Hemlock. habit. es . Der. thought. The mind. olung A changing. v. gently. v. v. L. Mental power.. People of Worcesterv. hweorfan. hild. e. heah. hell. — — Hyggan. Inclination to. hydig. hwealf. — a<S An — — — oath offidelity. Hworfen turned. for-: forhuhnes ofer-. joy. buckle. S. thought ? Hyge-bend A mind anxious thought. To humdart. helf. healdan. circuit. Hvvit-eirice. 2. Der. sorge '. plough. . Hydig Heedful. money paid to escape od Whited. diligent. Mind sorrow. loft. enticing. Hwyrf-anTo turn. be so- — — — — — : — — anxious.hynden. about one hundred and twenel A mantle. V. L. shaft. end. v. nus. —t. -cealf The hind's caf or — — -ma^m Mind. skin. gladly. — . ~'wg A bending. — — Hopeless. A turn. e. pride. inclining. v. goose. leaslice rude. joyless. mountain. a family possession. oppress. Der. an . crseft — — — Mind sad. Hycgan to think. Hwugu at least. ge. v. S. Hyfe ^ hive.» Joyfully. Hwraedel A button. Der. A den. v. G. — To incline. S. Hylca Hooks. : — : : Hwurfon p. put down. Hwf tel A cloak. hige. S. S. Hwonon Whence. L. . fauces 1 S. gen. hygian to study. hindan. hwi.hwitel hwat. comsorh . m. stan White ny. diligence. hus Hayrarely. wan-. treasure. popig pening Hide pen flogging. pany. a-./. L. family. berie A raspberry. Hyl A hill. Hyhtan To increase. meats. sna-. hwit. ban The whirlbone. study. n? Hay. sparingly. bi-. Negligently . Hylstene Crooked. ener. v. fot White ty acres . v. gleaw-. turnings. — — minded. — maeg A — leas Favour- tion. Hwom a corner. alternately. courage. S. Hyld. S. v. Hwurf -4n . hyhst. in-. ivhat is made of milk. a tax paid upon every stow Stone. firen-. dili" plega Hope play. dan. any. Hwitel A tohite mantle. liynde. ian 1.yt white.?p. v. butcher. Mo. Der. White clover. A sharp. L. — bond. S. Hyew a form. V. Hyht.e f. hwonan Whence. pp. logic. -an. hugian. S. e. Hylt holds. bund. By turns. — solace.strangStrong or stout Hynden Doggish. Hylle-hama. vex. Swa hwylc swa Whoever. in mind. help. knife. least Negligence.Hydd-ern A hiding-place. v. madness. locced WhiteDer. v. — wyn Joy of hope. . es m. hedan. — Der. Hyge. S. HylpS helps. Hwosta. Black or sweet bryony. v. v. fidelity. Hylp/jeZ/?.^ why. orbit. Hyg. \. georaor Hynan. swi^-. mind thought. thought. /. class. money.Hydig -fffit Bulga. 148 Hynder Hinder ^ behind. Hwreopon screamed. deceit. y mb-:hydig. folly. A hide of land. f. also as much land gos A white or tame as could be tilled with one foot. a society. R. g. me^e Mind Hyndan behind. hilt. Hope. Hyh<5o height. /. foolish. S.de. pol A whirlpool. Hwit White. oppose. -leas : hygtS hugful. Hvldo /azjour. piping. hicgan. Hydeg cautious. Hwostan To host. sublimt. A hind. — — me- young. Hwon A little. es . — — — — — Hope sant. An endeavour. saucy. — — willa Hope. jurist-. female s tag. Whitchurch.— H VVY A HYG wheedle. Hwolf a covering. L. circle. Hyge The jaws . writhed. — — — Hopeful. an-. Hwyder Whither. abase.brave. Jjrym Mind strength. — repress. The mind. S. hea^o. leas Mindless. -hlaf Tortus panis. Der. an. Le. cautious. bend. An association thought.hair. Hwona.lie pleasant. cautious. somewhat.—teox\SiMind's hate. hicgan. K. 1. )?anc-. — -turn V. hwit. — hselecS Hind-heal. to make a rumbling noise. 2. destroy. of cloak. 2. brave. what. Le. sceaft The mind's of ten men . v. Hyfel evil. Hw. gehyht.^. hwll. es. Hwyle. hwait. v. HygS. Hyd-gild Hide hedern. p. S. bealo-. Hwylc-hugu What little. a favouring. S. V. care. A breeze. f. To lohiteyi./. an To hope. HwotSeran To murmur. ed To hide. v. change. A ichite place. hwsem. hreop. Hwycce shire. exfull Hopeful. exchange. HwiSa.Oftheclass. revolution. — — hweorfan. wingeard-4 ichite vine. . v. allure. refuge. Hwytel A whittle. secret Hynden. hwelc Which. L. Maiden. S. Le. — sorrowful. mind craft. v. A magpie. S. Hygd. — beloved relaDer. -ful. thoughtless. Hyhre. m. ymbhycgende. hugu. L. Hynd. heard-. m. L. small. Meolc-. — ble. disposition. careful. be-: hydels metas White in white. tle wind. — — — Mindthought- — — fer g.ed \. pleapect. ung.-isixi. Hygera. little while. v. a medica I stone. es. — — — — — liness. O'fer-. an m. sort.ship covered with hides. yfel. )?ihtig Mind ful. barter. 2. A — Hylf Hyll helve. careless. 7n. mory. jjurh. pleasure. Won-.vary.

horny. /. denoting Hyrne a horn. H^Tednes. S. cild. hyss. g.-geohti4 hired Hyrsum Hearing. Hyxlice Shamefully. hirne. S. -ung Instruction. ecan. mock. Der. tector of ports.n Combat sin hoHyre Mild. nus. Der. g. land beyond. a shepherd. in. U't Out.wa. upbraiding. -geoc. dress. scoff. words:— Hyrau To spit upon. Hyrdel. imitation. S. of he. Le. A termination of Hyr-efter Hereafter. v.od. findan. as in Saxon Tin. d. A keeper. pp. horu. a hired soldier. — — Th. young ma:n. lara formerly. rim. heran p. aform. S.n Herdsman. m. tin. A heap.e. gea. loio. It is added to various parts ofspeech. heah. leg an island. Hire. costly. — Der. and jop.f. a an . The horn beaked Hyw. Tclingas A Mercian tribe. A blasphemer. p. A meaing. S. . p. port. paHyngrian To hunger. To folloiu. -ian To obey. Hyp. v. etc. 149 — put 4.Saxon words. listen.06. hit. L. S. es . v.TAe hip. L. Hyran. Hyrnet a hornet. — — — — — — — — — — wit. gehyrstan To murpies . ing or obedient man. leas Without Hyss a youth. earth-gall. tuous. I'can to add.but especially to nouns and adjectives. opprobrium. win. wif. geara. claensian To cleanse. port. lat a gate. v. Hyr^ling a farmer. Hyrde. destroy ? *S^. nour ofPortumnus. ig. encourage. -a. Mo. Hyrra. igdseges. a retainer.hyrdles. y^. v. S. rish. 3. -ed-man A hired man. v. conhoof. HYW Hy w-raeden pretence. out./. To halgifoZ^/. Der. a blame. V.Hyt it. m. -ling: hyrian. dofrying-pan. a vassal. mycel. coast. hyr. te. es . K.H^S. geond. R. S. To moisten. -gian.-igan. mile. v. like wilnian To desire. ode. — nes Obedience. v. procure a hearing or obedi. 2. wounded. veniently. hyre Hearing. an . Hyrra. S. hired. yst. e. Hys. L. hyrre. sure. To hire. Tine.— nes Akeep. yoke of oxen. as will be evident from the following Anglo . y. sylf I myself. ribb. de. An ornament. raeden Hy$ . One hired. resemble. These verbs almost always make the p. v. — I. e . male or man — wise Youth-wise. m. gr.an . serve. hys. : — — '. S. Hearsay. -igman. vant. To — man An obedient man. sincan. A dagger. liynSo . Tt. I'cton added. weard A keeper of a port. a family. V. g. -nian. p. ed.H. f. miclian To become great. g. se .a-. hirde. hy<5^e. The verbal termination -ian. v. I'cend.es . Tofolcomfort. Hype. se .Hysop Hyssop. the raven.A hurdle. man A hear. lac a cuckoo. Soi^e. I'cge Increased. Hynnys. mur. ung a hiw. Hithe.teria. pp. yrSling. Hy^eProfitably. sargianTo grieve. hyrdel. a hireling.heorcnian. imitate. roast. to grow. ede . con— parishioner. Hyrstan. thus: pen^ servant. ode . servant. accented The Anglo-Saxon long or i had the sound of i cognate in tine. ence by a reward.— HYR . v. . L. tempt. J^enian serve. increase. hue. v. pp. obey. -ung. 2. names of places.-ber^lingBeariwg' child bearing a male -rinc A puerperium. affiict. Ic I. are often for g. haven. ode. e .Hyrian To rob. gelytlian To diminish: Micel. lie.n To hallow. — Halig. es . . 2. To adorn. to fry. corner. Der.reprove.To deride. v.^. I'cestre She that increaseth^ S. scip. Hysp-an . reviling. — Wseter water. /? 1. -cian. boc A proach. neb. or with a consonant before the i. obedient. swin. ed. ject. harrow. follow-end. /. — gung Profit. Hyrsting A frying. hyran. hype. Hyred a family. pp. of v. re. An increaser. fine. lagul A gargle. a ser. — Sar —WUIslWHI. licPastoral. a child. L. hyr. biddan. panne A m. tima. 1. Clean. Hyrde A guard. Hyrst. which have the same meaning in English. icage. or gates. e. \ica. inestic. The shore. Hyra higher. I-da3ges. An. hyp-ed'hxoi Adorned roof. ? . Hyrned/fornec?. Lytl Little. ian. What is subject H^^ne Poor. ian toform. S. 5. od. pastoral book. seasonable. -igan . K. gat. ed. L. v. The short or unaccented i had the sound of i in fin.Tohear. a province. V. as. hyrigan. picable. v. A keeping guard. gsec. to-: gehyre. vhlrne. Ex. S. demn. one. v.Hysian 7'o hiss.servant. desto hear. the proHyre Of. hypel. p. slander. vex. Ge-. v. m. lytlian To become little. un-r hyr. Hys of him. dim. Hyst a storm.^^ a wave.swimman. — child. indcl. ba. but they are made active by prefixing ge-./.— nes. Injury. die.Hyrtan To hearten. his . winnan. -ian hyre.wyrt Centaurium mi. ge. nesObedience. — Der.. —beorSor. v. Hyrdan To guard. — ling A hireling. man^ hired man. fin. V. reproach. 1. ecan.HyrSil a hurdle.a male. profit. lippa. of heo. gecoren. — . ig. hen^u. he^h. hyse. in Hyr Hire.6. hyran. 2. deck. impure. m. I. a . hyran — endlic Dirty. f. -sian. geoc. pp ban The hip bone. or make Hyr. reproach. lie Sumpconveniency. -ma. mercenary. v. blasphemy. teacher. Hyrw-ian p. e . fine. l. to Hyrt Hurt. -nes: gehyrsum. — gimiclian Jb magnify. : — Der. used — — — — — — — la yea. end A slanderer.A youth. beheord. stripling. in these — defile. e f. Destruction. and ie. miserable. custody. Hyrwe A harrow L. Hyn«. K.-ian. proach. are generally neuter. Verbs thus formed from — — — — — — — — — adjectives. hyppel . shepherd. Hyrcn-ian. hearken. blaspheme. Hyr a hinge. halgian desire. ing. keep. /. higher. utian To Cl«n — Hyr-ig. -ig./. or obedient. 7W. — a youth./. and e. subyouth. Icoren chosen. nes A reguardian. v. micl Great. se ConHyra Of them. obedient. Gain. hwil. seax decoration. -hy^. the noise offrying. ing ReHyrde. or to her . S. hyn^u. H^rnes. v. yes. heor. is the most simple and universal. an . Mo. insult. spinnan. se . prison. L. R. v.

ean To delay. yrfe. d. v. yrsian. e&. -gebringan To bring in. lel a hedgehog. S. geogu^. — tearo Ivy-gum. superscription. S. You. lette yet. Idelud Emptied. A n island. S. but a very few are f. v. always. C. — — — — — — — — — A — I'dl. t<in-. persecute^ L. es . lie Womanly. inn. The giving ing. g. base. lehtan Tofollow. -beornan To light. iedon. An inward quality. in vain. v. gan. leming A marriage^ S. L. plant. g. lerd A yard. ylfet. I'ht increased. lerming Little. lerm^S poverty. S. In-dufan To immerse. ing delay. -gehid. L. Incre Of or to your. Igga<5. knowledge. -belaidan To lead in. and to receive the mulcts or money payments for their crimes. idle. Der.^<5ian. science. Ild-an to delay. v. S. Hseft-. Idlian To provoke. Inelfe . idel. — . useless. -fair An entrance. -cuSIice Ignorantly. 2. un-. or in-blawen Puffed up. O riginat Ing from. S. m. ymen. g An en-' diminutives'. /. p. v. v. es m. down. Ifig. a. eowian To sheio. thus forming patronymic nouns. I'des. v. v. m. idle. careless. Irringa Incit [inc gyt] You. n. v. . -gebugian To inhabit. To imp. ode . -fsereld A passage. incer. hende Idle II A hedgehog. intimate. S. m. A termination of ?n. C. fixed. ac. Igil. to yon tivo. Ex. etc. doubt. V. leo formerly. ylc. v. v. v. lie the same. Impan. vain. geo. -asendan To let doion. Ihaten called. An idle singer. a taking of goods in execution. prudent. Ex. L. v. Ind-ea India. -byran To bring in. lerre anger. Der. v. palace. In-depan To dip in. C.-cu^ Ignorant. you two. lest East. for Ille-racu surfeit. -gefeoht A civil ivar.not. into. hearmian. -bogen Not bowed. taken lolthin his jurisdiction. })ron. -ingas g. An. -faran To go in. as. v. inc. eas The IndiIdleness. Ie<5 easy. S. R. ea. il. -ing in the g. incere your. S. L. inga. ingas . -cniht An indoor servant. -foster A rearing. ship. -lice Idly. Ex. -burh . S. ing. pi. S. S. L. went. . f. n. Delay. dryhto Honour. -drencan To drink in. pi. ymb. -inga ham the home or residence of the sons or descendfault. ecan. a hall. imoardly wise. e. enter. leornlan. offence. Imen a hyinn. v. handed. georn Idle. -burge f. An. terminations . yrre.— 150 native. -byrdling -byrdnys Instruction. le a river. Igland buend An Islander. ecan. nourable. g. yldan. Sole of the foot. V. letan to confirm. il. nm. Rapincle A trance. an . Ig g. In-cleofa A bed. igge . hy later writers. Igdseges L. leld Old. v. action. nes mination of adjectives./? An island Used as a termination of the names of places. v. V. A termination of In-gan To enter. The bowels. In-geat A bed-chamber. lernan to run. L. v. G. glig. ants of. yrm<S. get. Mara W A por. S. isc Indian. now ending in -ingham have ye. le is used. il. get. -eardian To inhabit. ge. S. leogutS youth. woman. unconcupine. leteld a tent. of goods or chattels in pawn Nouns in -ing denote. -cofa A chamber. -dryht. jury.iggeo^4n island. S. Le. -frod Very advanced in age. rap-. den. ige. -ian . blame. S. -gehigd. S. dwelling. S. bosig. -birding A native.igeo$. pp. v. ea^. o Age. igil. L.es . as. geatan. sciously. v. e& re. -draf Expressed. In An inn. hiis-. -gecigean To call upon. ing Descendants or sons of. yrnan. lie Idle.: I HT INC ING I'del Idle. III hard skin. A hedgehog Igo^ an island. nouns. a player. pi. L. -drybten Noble. es . Ivy. and judge -findan To find. \ f — — — the foot. An enIt often occurs. He. little rope. -ig. v. Der. inhabitants or people of. Ilan To burn. v. lesendas Bowels. -bewunden Wrapped up. ac. the mind. incg . v. Imb about. Indsa An ounce. S. Der. signification. -orfe Household-stuff. A ter. Th. Immerea leden. In-becuman To come in. as. lerman. -flcfiscnys Incarnation. -gehygd. Inca. lerfe an inheritance. S. -eddisc Household-stuff. lerm an arm. Le. engraft. v. es . you two. legbuend An islander. Inea Of you. • . v. n. Vain glory. sagacious. Der. sangere ans. Of the same day. into. damsel. borges m. descendant of. inward disease. -gebyrdling A native. In. -cund Internal. Inbsernis Incense. conIncrum To you. -enapa A servant. v. . hoDer. f. In -erfe.An for security. Hard skiUf sole of — — — pjelp -iht. S. vanity. denottrance. m. lemsested Fattened. m. L. Il-fetu a swan. lersian to be angry. -fyht A domestic fight. idolatry. v. es. od. -incle. An. -ig The termination of a few — — nouns. re An ad- jective termination. As a prefix. stab. race Names of places of. -bringan To bring in. Adverbial Incer. S. v. S. igl. -bindan To unbind. -bryrdnys Compunction. In-cocS C holer. Angrily. -borh . v. L. -unga. gild Va'm wor. EoriS-. d. iggaX. In-adl An inward disease. ad. I6t yet. incer. Ilic Like. L. lecan to increase. female. geteld.In-cuman To come in. unknown.lil a hedgehog. geornian. sclp-. an m. -beslean To prick. V. nes II. S. n. gehaten. — A A — — — In-fdngen-\)eoi The right of the lord of a manor to apprehend thieves. your. Intention. um. S. g. inward. L. faran. A — — . -afaran To go into. yr^. m. -enga. S. n. v. An. A scruple. closet. L. —vag. v. v. L. \. Ier<S-land the earth. earm. nni. il. v. lue. Ince An inch. v. lewian. son of. letSian to flow. C. — — Ifig-crop A bunch of ivyberries. . L. -fser^ enters. legland An island. L. R. In in.

Inneweard Inwardly. -hiwan Domestics. ing. S. -swapen Provoked. L. Inne an inn. L. beardmen Soldiers. Jove. Ing-wyrt Meadow-iooi'tl L. -gehrife The hmoels. ode . A sealing. In. Innane within. Le. od. moreover. Ex. Ex. -undor In. Cd. v. astyrung 2.-S. ambush. prep. prej). S. S. L. S. -gejjonc tion. R. -t id ernes Tenderness of bowels. wickInnost Inmost. -gejjanc. it)fluence. in or secret. the heart. A fault. In-wit. m. -tinga. geoc. Innemest Inmost. -gingan To begin. conscience. innan. Ifi-gehigdnes A chirk saying. v. in-segel. To formerly. ed. Judicial cause. -hroered Moved.in. flewsa A flux. p. innon . S. — — — — — — — — — — — . entrance. inn6^.-tibtan To invite. Ch. 4. ung An Inn Within. ingressus. quarrel. C. inerfe. spell R. Innanlo-meseal. v. intimate.-trifelung A grinding. inn65. landa. -timbernes. Ex. L. inten- -gewadan To enter. 2. go in. L. Business. guileful. A sioelling. action. Cd. owle. Instruction. Innewearde The inwards. -settan To appoint. cloisInna The ivomb. In-segel. Grievous sorrow. S. conscience. innan. -lagian To inlaw. guile. entire. ge. — -\kringe cle. innewearde. ternal. An old female. than in. -)3ing A cause. -wonne? Dwelling. L. called yokelet. d. S. heart. sar Pain in the bowels. 957.-wigan To hear in. -weard lnward. ceitful or treacherous band. f2. In-innan Within. b-. C. In-bealf The inner half. C. weorud A house. Cause. Innian To entertain. In-trahtnung Interpretation. -gehyd Conscience. v. v. as requirin/j 151 — — — — — — — A . v. within. -genga An enterer. Der. Inorfe Household-stuff. See more in on. Deceitful. C. -watian To enter. — Innenddlsc Household-stuff. Inn6S. — — — — bowels. lice InInniht Within. Inlice Inly. con- — — — — — — — — — mach. wid j def. Der. boivels. K. indwelling. Ex. ivithin. A seal. The mind. introduce. d. -staepe. The interior of a cir- a circle. ly. searo Hostile deceit. 1. v. inelfe. which ter. ac. revive. The bowels. Innon Within. S. f. geo. 2. to impress with a seal. A 'gerife The boivels. m. Tnn. wardly. Inre Inner. Innan. -swogennis Invasion. In-s8egl. -geweaxen Inbred. -forhaefdnes Costiveness of bowels. house. signwas more used by the A. K. gently. Indigenous. to enter. ni. Innan To lian . natural. -timhredFurnishedfinstructed. m. -swan -stondlfc Substantialis. S. ninor Inner. -widda Deceitful. In-rffican To heap up. inn. militia. sorge. L. sorb .INN INS I IOC In-somnian To assemble. -lienda. L. Inneward. bad. api!griniage. segIn. K. hvld Intention. In-merca^n inscription. an .In-wit Inward sense. An. J?anc Deceit-locast Innermost. stitch in the side. Inn-faran Togo in.ehylit Inner InnaS the wtmib. S. es w. Insefa. ac. /'. Innema Inmost. Inilfe. S. weardliceDi7i. An inlander. an inn- -lihtan To enlighten. se Innorfe. Cd. reason. L. L. -stsepes Forthwith. inn inneraa -gemen In common. army of natives. Inra. S. fortogennes llie cholic. landisc S.f. -gewin A civil tear. X. house. Ingter Your. -sticce -stice — : : In pieces. In-lixan To dawn. envelope. es ./. A jewel. L. L. An. A S. loc a yoke. e •. under. innyra. domestic servant. household. into. history. To -wyrcan To work in. In-gerec Without rule. tumult. ful thought. Inlic Internal. indigenous. ing.Inn-bewunden Wound round. In pi. sense. -gong An -gongan To enter. Inne. farm. L. Inne'Sas the bowels. Mind. 1. S.S. inwardly. inne.es. womb. the inward thought. Innelfe. -werdlic Internal. -spinn Opificium netorium. -lend. inilue The boivels. se . to restore to the protectioyi of the law. gsest dehrof A treaceitful guest. womh.an. -wid Deceit. net guile net. an . an -hired A family. S. v. The — intestines. DioeUlng in a strange land. inns. Into.-trymian To prevail. gitan To eiiter.!. -wun-ian 7'o inhabit. What is with. to enter. S. Innung. entireInnilue the bowels. landiscnes. -weard Inward. v. -gewitnes Conscience. cherous roof. In-reesan To rush on. -jjrican To tread down. Der. G. draio near. sto. L. domestic. Innierfe Furniture. d. internally. insteppe Instep. -tnU Deceitful. S. — -steppan To step in. iiin-here. \SiX\A\scBornin the land. -hiwan Domestics. That which is included or contained. Ingere Of old. v. L. -siht A narration. runTreacherous counsel. v. forhsefd Constipated bowels. 3. an . weard Inward. v. L.in some parts of Kent. 1. -lend. m. -gelidan I'd bring upon.' Inwit-feng^l deceitful or hostile grasp. (in enitjma. penetrate. R. Innyra. seear Ambush. C. land. -6t5 : innan. chamber. -land Demesne land. ni<5 Deceitful malice. deceit. consciousness. v. wraesn A deIn-m6de Precious. I>er. -wunenes Perseverance. Innan Within. in. v. Le. S. abode. tale of woe. to -sicSian To enter in. 3. inelfe. — — G. L. cund V. L. v. adj. bowels. Innewaerde. let A little teon To draw within. pp. — — A rumbling of the — — ' — — — — — A — A — — In-lifian To live in or for. Inner Inner.-ian. covering. Innanto cover. L. Associates. quicJtly. innan Within. 7w. a residence. Jupiter. swine-herd. A a inn. hold band. a snare. — Inno^es science. inhabitant. viiQlinn^ Digestion. in-cund. the flux. lob. an . -gesteald -geswel A K. envelope. sake. C. g. thoroughly. bere An Into.

v. S. S. — — — f — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — : lueg. y. v. yte. lona. — it. Made Kaser An emperor. v. Iron. as. To iron. v. heah-. reaf-. fyrn Of old. heaiSo-. smi<S A black. geong. Ag-. v. L. /. The Juteswho werefrom -isca. iren. coc. L. R. n. Erining-street.A termination of Kycgl. L. 449. Though the A. \Ger. Karleasnes. gecneord-. cene. An.Ityng a ivay. es J w. a Kyrriole A chanting at the naloma Iron utensils. V. Kyneg. Kyf « vat. .— gicel — ice lung Young. Kitte A vessel. generally -isc.It it. offering. es . V. -ung. Arbeado-. hyL. yrre. v. m. Abbadisse An Kitelung. for-. sib-. Th. iren. sport. mensula. An. an h was then put before the Iron side. snuffers. An. L.-u$. gr. join together. adj. nouns. geogu'55. They first obtained Thanet. lonna The womb. nouns. es. V. eow. v. v. -estre. Iron. word fl^Englisc English. seg-. reaf-. Isecan. Ippe f. S. lul yule. hired. I's.lutas the Jutes. geong. waggon. v. ter. v. denoting Exterlong young. gelac. An. ytlng. L. Laa^ abomination. S. V. Der. A pair of shears. Play. n. m. to Lac. Geatas . d. eow. Icy. V. v. L. Kertl a garment. S. ItSende depopulating. An. cycene. -isc g. iss. Iwian To think. kygel A dart. ywan. Ky^an 2'o make known. heard Hard as I^elic easy.J3Wffir-. 1. yrnan. se . I'ren. grseg Essex. geong-. Ifinges-weg A shireway. V. v. R. Kempa soldier. v. |jreat Iron Ill Formerly. ludan-burh Jedburgh. scin- : Izece. lowian To shew.?n. fariseisca. Iw. battle. in Britain about A. Kantwara-burh Canterbury.-S. I^eodise. i and adj. feoht-. : — A geriht-. irsern. iuc. gese. 2. make open. lowih You. a small yoke of oxen aS*. etc. iren. V.:. the following words pi. gedyrst-. -hiorS An iron hearth. cu5. lofes Jove. Ex. ode pp. S. e-. They were the first tribe of under C. To open. Der. Irminge Wretchedly.— Der. helm An iron helmet. Sffi-.f. ag-. ellen-. L. od. grseft castle in Dengy hundred.geogu<S. Irringa. ofJudea. sid Itogen Skilful. -ian. lornan to run. a fet. worker. aeg-. a Saxon idol. younker. eow. lunga. bryd-. forleeca. v. R. sctir A I<Snes. ScotIrming-sul Irminsula. ge. tema A yoke-team. -isch Eng. and part of I'sern iron.-d6m. Irmed Wretched. Ch. R. p. I'rne. A gift.D. 1137. v. iren. kyng. Kok a cock. L. v.ludea Judea land The land wite-strffit. Isund sound. es . A chariot. lugian to yoke. Le. Keld A fountain. R. V. bond. ippede. V. cempa. Hengist and Horsa. S. wesan.S. I'snan . Iris Iris. hit. Iron grey. avant Der. v. L. v. I'ssern iron. S. ifig. Kynren. L. re. S. to cover orfurnish with iron. the zodiac. in France. ian . an. A termination of lorod. n. lude-as Jews. v. oidef. Isle A Kene keen. isern . of iron. v. called Orion. es . fetor A fetter. Laad-rinc. The yew tree. an . tivity. To yoke. v. geo. Is Is. Iotas. S. v. Keteriog Kettering. ge-. Used as a noun. 152 . low you. -rannA guide. f. scin-. ig A — — — — — Kentingas Kentish men. Irlic Angry. v. lacan. Kyntlingtun. I'sen Iron. v. ipte I'ss ice. luc A yoke. m. S. Apl.hea^o. S. v. ISelnes vanity. Hampshire. Kicene a kitchen. Ice. land. sceru ^an. cored. isen. f. L. lorsian To he angry. efen-. IrSling a farmer. weor^an abbess. -igan. ea^e. bottle. Words not found Jutland. ^ termination of Kinges tun Kingston. v. ellen-. y.Iwunelic Usual. gutS-. tang A j)air of pin. 1: re. loic A joke. gesund. ed-. mail. Inian to run. the I'senre g. the ancients. an . yrnan. iesendas. Christmas.lu you. mannisc. o/isen. -isc Jeivish. KycS. S. eored. pily. ed. v. Der.f. the old Saxons who under Ise yes. idelnes. a smith. bend An iron band. yet as k is sometimes Iotas. S. v. isc Plebeian like thefolkor lored a legion. lur)7ymyl Rust. mination. v. Kirtlington. made of iron'. I s to till lUN Ice cold. A tickling. m. sacrifice. Irs-ian. men Laac An elegy. n. yrsian. byrne An iron coat of Itemyst utmost. cyrtel. logoX a youth. lob. v. M. Open. Der. L. ar. Ippian. iron.-o^. an. es . as : Hlaf a loaf. A termination are given. R. The I was sometimes aspirated shower of darts./. iuig ivy. I'sen adj. Delight. ferreus. -inga. used c.v. luncer. smith. settled Isen S. of Wight.i>er. v. C. Irfe property. frnes. nal quality of a subject.—. LAC Aji icicle. . V. -lie. a . v. Ispanie Spain. -p&nne An iron pan. lacnian cyS-. isen. v. cyning. cyf. Inward. v. v. FeolcK. adj. wyrhta An iron old. Used substantively. v. -ish] An adj. yrSling. An. V. L. Isaelig Happy. like. v. Kersan To grow. must be sought for V. lutas. V. cynuryn. geol. lam. — sticca A — gebind An yoke-stick. v. es. adj. pp.neah-. an-. found. -istre. lad. people. courier. boga A sign of Laam loam. Ippe: open. V. la^. v. Caser. To be public. even before e. and subsequently Kent. I'ren. m. carleasnes.north of Denmark. -isse. Iuga^. dsed A deed of La O! oh! lo ! behold! crowd. eliceHap. yrfe. is.x\. cers. iVcealri young nobleman. ippan p. v. Ancient men. manifest. -wyrt: laecnian. Le. a. bod-. Yonne. ter. here. m» youth.ISan-ceaster Ythancester.

Laedan. passing./. Laecnian. cure. To Ileal. 3. p.ed. |?y laes }je The less. Late. de we leTo offer. Idr. we laeta^ . laefeldre. v. Lffil mole. crow's-foot. 1. p. v. 4. Isecan. the other Der. -lie. Le. Laece-craeft The art of a der. v. malte real. m. hlad. Laedder . der. m. end.— ian To be life of man. feed. v. Leegre-ceastre-scir Leicestershire. To adTo lead out. lang. bring. lancet. Lacn-ian. v. an — lean. la. e. . an. ? A A — wyrhta A hosier shoemaker. v. Le. Laedere wita A teacher. 2. an . thus Laedan ut p.Laet . A bulrush. v. bruise. an . n . -igan.f. S. sacrifice. v. v. lode. A leech. To observe. ed. S. an inn. — Ldclibeto dffid A free offering. cmp. S. sur. Laeppa. — teowdom. Laeta. as: cj^S-. 1. of lytel. Lsengten spring. g. vilely. voyage. medicinal. ed. leaf.e. S. tardy. borLaed lead. Laes less. ac. — -ung An excusing. Laec a gift. ed. pp. A'nlaecan To bring sel. — iendlic Healing. host. laest Unlearned. to unite. -igean S. 2. lice Lately. usurer. : LJEC L^N LiET — L4can. 3. leader. def. long. laecen. L. Laep a basket. Le. vile. L. -igend. Laesian. K. hus A house of relief. slow. laegt lightning.p. land lender. 2. finger r^e little finger.mean. S. Laer-an. Laeswian p. A lap. Laeland Laaland. positions . Laesest Least. -laecan . \. pp. Laenden. lest. — is. hlaefdige. frail. S. — He Belonging a Ointment. persuade. an excuse. privileges of a freeman. Laeget. la^.physician. mest Latest. exlead to. lac. To play. L. pain. leaden. A jug. L. -end. v. hort. Ex. letting. \}f Laefdige a lady. se. To lead. vindicate. guide. L. L. adhere. Jje laes J^e. m. Laeden Latin. pro. L. S. ed-. /. Laecetfeld Lichfield. Laese wian To feed. in lac. A physician. ImswlsLTX. S.a cure. L. Laernes. disciple. n. se . S. A way of escape. A reliever of Loan or leased land. — con . langian. v. clearing. lean. Laesu . leading. What was made of rushes. S. L. m. The loins. laefel. v. adv. raede A minded. /. Laepeldre level. salve. v. ladu. hirudo. pp. laefyl a jug. m. p. an . To leave. an instructress. S. Slow.— estre A female teacher. per2. lest that. rush. \. A Laetan . se '. Der. take. lencten. follow. lend. last. lates . j?e laes. ode hladan.— Lad-man A leader. Lae bush of hair. A way for water. [cmp. S. journey. S. v. Cd. form. earthen. Lffist-an. — lie Fragile. Laet leads. execute.Lae man To make lame. Hildlata: lettan letting. hospital. L. Isehte . leasing. excuse. Laest a last.lean. remedy. L. innkeeper. To ce- Laehte. ml A lake. A leading. lenden. v. S.es . letting.— mg — — — — — — — — — — -domnessa sealf A poultice. by running icater. to dance. L. Le. A level. es seize. Laetlatost. an executor. li^an. lencten. od. L. n. Der. Lseccan to Laeee. seo. laes. physician. common. as : Nea. L. Lseas-spell A fable. A — Laenten spring. instruct. m. a leech. laetre : cmp. canal. a shield. n. clearing. laesu. L^la. inc-man A Laeden. pp. lecgan. To last. pp.S. 1 2. 2. Laedan to To vise. Laednys.Laencten. portion. S. To pasture. One who does a thing. Laene. markfrom beating.Laemen Made of loam. lateward. laeht. leah. es. doctor. Der. — A — — — M: — Laefel. 2. repay. Laet A person of German origin enjoying nearly all the -dom A medicine. etc. A scar. laedan. v. m. To pasture.. . 1. Laes hwon. pp. A ladder. a thigh. v. S. of licgan. slowness. and denotes To do. supplying of beasts of burden for a journey. Ljene Weakly. Leanness. leese. -sum Late. — : — hydig Slow — .To 2. lacanj p. To offer jSaerificev. p. S. leap. 2. ung A curing. lee. slen. general. es m: laca.. To A Laegon lay.L. hindering. Roman. of lytel] Least. laeswe. bed bed of bulrushes. fulfil. gelaeccan. to ap. purgation. a La?feldre Level. an island in Found only in composition. as Laeg lay. nes Permission. A leading. ode . v. v. -lie hateful. — — sacrifice. Laessa . endure. v. pp. basket. A piece. — — latemest Late. Ladian. pursue. 2. inform. 1088. es . Laen-daeg A fragile day. lebrate religiously . . to one. L dom A guiding. S. \. v.tra : — — A sp. ode. bowl. Laepeo A part. hem. od. continue.de. leas. licgan. exculpation. 3. v. -J?eowAn. an. —— Lactuca A lettuce. ducing. es . h\^neFragile. laese pasture. seax A Loengest longest. a toeal. a defence. of lytel] Less. Laed. 153 ./. v. \. v. A reliever of hunger. Laege-ceaster Chester. p. Ldd. p. ' Lad a load. To teach. 14d. -lie leaden. suggest. the Baltic. de. Laefend Seductor. lead. es A A — Ladan to load. Ldc. lencten. ^. L.freckle. L. de. physician. )?aet laesse. Th. — — ig Weak. lator . play. Lsecing Reproof rebuke. Laectrigas Ivy-berries. wyrt The lesser Laengian to longfor. Jiealing. general. 1. 1 . tyro. geon. — sealf temporary. away Laeg lie. To Ladu loash out. To lend. Laese of a pasture. gelseccan. f. ?n. clear V. — teow. —scipe -I^eow vessel. cure. . spot. Emptiness. v.-4 way. Laet. Ilget. etc. plantain. v. d.Laer doctrine. Laenian To restore. perform. clear. present. v. V. m. Laen. v. lac. Laefer. Laefan . A leader. latu g. tvild campion. Lae sing A?!. dre . Laelian To be black and blue. L. pp. laecan To bring near. translation. Ch. even. m. pp. tumour. Lsef a leaf. S. Used with pre. last. f. od. /. A loan. faet An earthen vat or vesproach. late. cmp. Lad. Lach A garment. Laefl.Laerig Docilis. lacnian. \. slow. Laecan. or the service of finding the lords with beasts of burden. v. footstep. slowly. rality. ic laete. Lsese false. Laest [sp. seized. .

leax. el-. latv. adv. Laew-ian . Advice. An. Applied to the mind. country. LsetStSe Lamb-hyiS. Lagu-fsesten A lake. land gefeoU Waterdehiged — — land. — — mann A — lice Lawlaio- law. spedig Mich in land. Lah lent. note Lambeth. body. mid-. is 1. a document. A longing. 1. ac- um : — f. -rice -riht Land region. lange. -fyrd chase money. sumlice Long. ignorance. 1. patient. to 2. learning. for-: laerestre: leornlire Loss of tants. -full Teachable fuUice With docility. fair Long during or conti?tuing. v. f. treatise. VkdAwaterway. crave. Laford a lord. 2. for-. — fruma A prince. v. br each. — en Muddy. exhortation. mud. es . or proprietor agende Owning land. lengthen. Lampreda. A greyhound. a ship. think. pp. . at length. -e. '. admit. dum Masmearc Land-mark. inar Landed prodigenous. — — spel A sermon. To 16tonj pp. we let. leas Landless. — si^ -street A ivater path. m. C. hlaford A landdoctrine. boc Land-book. — LahA breca. ut-. hlaford. gover4. Land-selfen /J/air</. od. Lafian To sprinkle with ivater. L?e^ injury. to Labwede Laical. -ingcniht. m. modlice Patiently. — — — of learning. macan Neighbours. tend. Lancge long. precept. lagu. A region.— pexxung Terrce prosrica A landlord. cop Purferd. 'Laii\% Along. 1. — — Led. m. toincrease. Long so me. . C.Landedprotigation.rais-: lareow. lag. — — A school. /. by. a Der. To let go. L. S. tenant. To Lam.—yfdiTu. -iow. — ac. S. A — — — ness. v. e . e is . What laid or fixed. -bolster A bolster. — tership. lasting.— LA H let. LajtS Lathe. m. or shepherd's purse. S. money given for land. — brice breach of the law. v. -weard A land-ward.— xnediX^ A loater horse. ian p. Lah pi. fsetThe Lang. A lamprey. length. — ceap -ocS Land — — Weariness. hlaf. v. sittend ^m occupier of land. ings of lii'tan may be ex.-smi$ A lore smith. —beardas The Lojnbardians. riht fully. A betrayer. ode . — . eal-. -iaest. leiigest Most of the meanadj. es Z«m6. An expedition. -ung. fiidruys Remoteness. afield. e . u. . — — -sum. K. dismiss. v. un-. ena. . a p toughing -bugend An inhabit ant. suffer y permit. LeicesterLaeSecsester-scir shire. suppose. ship. let LAR bitants. an island in the Baltic. loidoic. lagu.Lappa a lap. — e With wisdom. — the province. plained by filling up the ellease. marks. A law. purcofa Shechase money. — an An instruct— last. inhabileeran. Laferc. To end. lagon lay. lihan. on-. Inha- A — — teacher. ere. L. college. cmp. Dun-. territory or district in which a certain law was in 2. lake path. . Lar-bysen An example of land. Sussex. licgan. leave. se . the landed interest. To draio : — — — . — country. S. ea-. — . moAPatient. 2. ground. of-. — ' LAN 1. Laf a Laf. . Water. long cmp. perty. — — 1. ress. v. — gemzere. LzecSo an injury. es. -modues Patience. — . -cwideJ^ lesson.er. na- Land of — — — out. /. A — — — People of land army. Si} g. to long. longbearing. laSian. to- earfo^lsete unt61aetendlic.Lamb. along of. Lag a law. e .wudu-: belenda litlenda belandian. lord. gemyrcu Laiid. a-land Langland. durable. — • — — — — — Lagu. let. d. -ian. -bigengea. flod sea fortress. v. prewyrhta A potter. a journey. learning. -socn Land search or invess\tk6. Lagu. desire. the sea. pi. p. Lsex a salmon. . web J. scede-. re- Lam . um : . farmer. — eow. a cave. Iseppa. patient. 2. mann A native. sseta right naturalization scipe native. a long time. La^wes Lewes. Lambhithe. Freond-. K— gemaca A neighbour. — wita A lawyer. a. — — lie Lawful. Isefel. -least Want lius — fullnes Teachable- istre._agend A land owner. gelzete : cress. de pp. Ex Strang I^ongsuffering. to stretch out the mind after. An. f. — — . — wita One skilled 154 in learning. S. Loam.laam. Long. lengst . Lage. boun- — — — A . v. 1 Lore. withDer. gemearc A folc price. a charter or book by which land is conveyed or held. A travel. indcl. v. d. ge-: lengS lencten. earth.es. f. sundor-. Le. natives. ivlsely. f. — — common nm. es. the law. Lapian. wald Government of a country. LsetS^an to hate. law. S. lengra sp. chem. a counsellor. up-. v. ung. a sherd.f. boundary. cop A purchasing the rights of laic. — — force. ena d. grieve. 2. district or division peculiar to Kent. length. -eow-setl A doctor^s seat. lage Low. Long-living.w??i. promoter of learning. -ware Land dwellers. in s pi. Lseuel level. up-. n. — Der. v. a teacher. master. — — — — relict. Land. — : : — -sum: leng. driven.-brecend-4 laic breaktransgressor. -ra: lenge. Slow. — Seaflood. right. land-mark. v. irk. begenga. e loaf. e. hate. The inhabitants of the land in a body. laeten. ge-. -ian. -smeoS. . substaiice. lah. an. And-. what left. g. web. S. farmer. 1^^.heah-: out possession. 2^^. A-.niht-. belo7iging the laity. L.-^ A — -stream A water stream. -svvyred Longnecked. — — — — — — — trayer. -beardnaland Lombardy. -legera. Land. m. tive. g. se laraa . Sl. 2i'. lipsis with faran. ig-. Lajwa. la^.justly. geo. graphy. S. clay. dary. cissio.— Lambes cerseLaynb's morgen-. e . Long. bigong native. /. an 7n. Der. ed. nor. e . — — sumnys Longness. bigend An inhabitant. er. A larli. sloivly. leng sp. farmer. f. — The r'ght of slit breach of ac. def. an traitor. a.Lar.licgan. lambru A Der. be. trifle. The remainder. lappian To lap. seo ]pjdi — To lame Lame. A bebetray. Landscape. nys. tall. doctor. n. Longness. — sweored. perty. 2. life lice A long timeS. send. bra^c Landbuend. Lah a law. : Der. leod The people of the land. . ?« also lago . kinder. 3.

Lea. course. ode wiXer-. Isefer. be- LEF Ldser. Hateterritory or district in which a particular laio or ful. S. hond-. A deficiency. L. I 155 . guide. lateow. Latta Asseres. v. -lyst. v. geleafa. S. Lauerc a lark.f: aZso. tyhting The practice of bawdry. Evil. after. 7noisten. fyrhto^ ly^^tg gewita false witness. Der. S. S. 'Ledisieudefeeding .: leahter. v. -ung-spell lying discourse. g. -tyhtend A baivd. Leave. a cmp. -lie Odious. infirm. laf. def. innocent. ter. purh. v. m. assemfod-: orleahtre. Leap. — A false history. C. v. falsifying. Leacinc Leaking. leaf. fe<Se-. lyft. recompense. La it. — Der. Lef Weak. lease.la<SDfed-. pp. lie. m. v. Used both as a preLawerc. Lea. Ledenisc. v. jester. ful enemy. la. Lee a leek. n. drudge. — — — — accusation. -tun^ herb garden. p. cmp. Roman. Isegen To blame. Lean. v. — — Leat bent down. we lo-ian. lehter. ful-. leSer. Gar-.?. — nes Lightness. some bite. Leas Leder leather. S. falseness. La^ung Lean-ian. lege . sin. To cause to lie down. An invitation. place. v. v. lean. Lau a relict. Le.hlaford. Void. Latian.Leahtric A lettuce. S. it ness.\>ell Leafa Belief. anenwlument . adj. G. leacinc. permission. calamity. S.Leah Lie. 2. S. A crime. v. LeaSor. dispp. ian. adj. n.16h. A V. -clyna A slave. To delay. f. A salmon. lie. Latin. Der. chest. fix and a termination. ease. fot-. v. ode disgrace. a-: lad. Leccan To icet. weard A gardener. v. reward. kill. hypocrite. — To lay. neod. v. LEA tare. price. n. snare to catch fish. cent. reprove.ivages. cockletceed. v. the Latin language. e . lateow. Der. denotes Privation. A sickness. — Lefan To permit. widow. S. dukedom. m. adj. successor. ma. On laste At last. ost . recompense. as Hygeleast Senselessness. send for. — — — f. Lead — — — -gota — counterfeit. lacSe worm. lifian. lark. Laur-beam The laurel. L. Lecnian To heal. geled. S. ra sp. off. — lice — Leaf-lie Faith- Faithfully. falsehood. A — cy. es garlic. lagu. congregation. v. — A flattering. Leaf. formed from adj. corpsel An. — — — Deceit. in- — To ful Faithful. in -leas. . Lefan I'o heave. leoht. en Leaden. liar. q/'leodan. -tor. -brfednys^ transfiguration. doin A generalship. Latemest last. w. jp. enmity. ian — — — — A — — Lef. — olecere A flatterer. weak. li^an. Lecht light. ost Late. es. To — — — — — levity. A Lattew. pp. last. es. S. v. or. villany. ed-. bid. light. latteow. ware The . /. ung A reward. detrimental. wearisome. j^aet Laueord a lord. evil. Lecet-ere. A vow. se leasa . Lecan Privare. a ruffian. 2. cerse Nasturtium. footstep. A trace. lat)jeow. vice. A Leades-clina. m. licious. v. leac. hind.ledennise Belonging to Latin. lag. '<i. To Be. put or set down. fiction. — leas — nes — . Lede laid. church. 3. render. To loathe. m. La^. folly. Leas-. bredend A liar. hoc-: leafful. iffice. -ung ^ Leag. — — — — A — A def. lice Falsely. es . scipe Loathsomelice Wickedly. Leber a basket. ob-full Wicked. Roman. destructive. feign. S. — wyrm A leaf speaking. -leas. A bunch or cluster of ivy -berries. Lean. — LEA — : . V. gilp A false glory. es . Lefeode lived. leah lied. — La^ j^aet Permission. Der. -ung. -an . twiggen Latteow. tarry. Lastede continued. leag. od. La^-bite A loath. es . guage. To repay. hamLatteh A leading rein. . — an Geor: man-. — spellung A false s. lixivium. Feorh-.n. 1. . lede. Left. yne-. LanLeden. ject to stripes. lieve. Las )pe Lest that. G. Der. 1. -licettere A flatterer. od. v. — : A — Lecgan.ybrleah Leac. Izestan. Led bring out. Leden. v. 1. to submit. jury. 1. lecgan. Der. foolish. geleaf. liitan. e . laesian. ^geteona A dread. laewede. lat)jeow. La<Su. m.Leahtr-ian To accuse. A n. es . v. -leas Blameless. m. La<S sailed. v. — ettan To fawn. ode. Leca a leech. -tres. finally. es . detestable. Der.. ness. se la<5a. heainvite. lea<Sur Nitre. -wende Odious. ^ basket. tihtan To entice by lies. ende-. — Der. pp. spell — Bad neivs. A plumber. fable. weard. linger. p. Lea^or-wyrt Lather-wort. dis— sagol Afalsifier. licettan To flatter. gon . -n: aleafan fedlic: unalyfendlic geunalybe- : l^ft. es. Last. counterfeit 2. Faithless. laewede.14^ian. Leas . L. : Leaf. 2. detest. — Latins. v. leasing. Romans. -wiht bad man. hostile. v. I reprove. license. Last-weard Towards Lead grew. ode. enticement. e. bregj^a Lef L(ft. a sore of the head. hate. ere A liar.— oleccnnTofiat-olecung sembling. harm. Freond-. speech. S. ful. p. — from hyge- — — leas Senseless. 5. lawerc. leogan. on-. p. soap -wort. IfBst. La^ian. unpleasant. v. Latin. A weel. A leader. Lawede a layman. free from. — : — — The termination of nouns. -nes. Leag. lah A law. Der. L. Lece. dissemble. esj m. . ian . and is opposed to UAfull. slay. Leccinc a leaking. v. leece.— leohiCredulous V. loose. wen — — false hope. ray . v. L. fer<Snes Lightness. at length. ^ leek. C. False. leahan . leah. legde. geleaf. Lateow. lawerce^an. es ?n. the last. 1. stafas Those subLast. — — mud Inconstant. 2. pp. v. etan I'o detest.dan. lie. Le. Der. — Loac-trog. gelegd. grass. put reward.?. reproach. wian to loathe. lie False. slaves. lastly. a herb. od. wrsecgelaestan. at last. .Leahter. es . per. -scipe. G. A Lead. custom icas in force. p. a -least. uht. coffin. Der. An — — — A — Leax. ble. Late. leaf. Leahan To blame. es. — mudnes Inconstanlevity. leet. seo. imp. licetung Falsity. — — an onion. ung seo. leas Innoscene. elevate. — Leawede laical.\ekx\.

V. pi. Searing sickness. leo. . p. common law. sick. ^ lyi'ng down. Lendenu . A tselGracious. — A lion e . — run EnA region. we ludon pp. lie Lion like. people. Leome. L. Apl. m. Christ. land./. v. Lend-wald Rule of a country. n? Aflame. Lencgan. deceive. Leo-mynster. Leogan. grave. Lygera-ceasloden? geloden To spring. S. orLempster. v. nes light. fjeod-. v. prolongtogung A drawing out. m.bough. v. lucidus. an . A ray of light. -berend Light bearing. S. sacrifice. lead. Leofesta.— Vice. -cwiSe Common speech. lengo. v. m: also. -scipe A lying together. Der.— ge&cQot Light shot. Leofen. v. v. faithful. Length. A lionness^ a lion? v. m. -fruma Thefirst of the peoL^htrung Derogatio. lybban. chantment. permisoff. clay. tiny. C. Leof-myn- — ster. pure . inhabitants. v. . ian .futility. v. p. /. S. lig. LehtS A song 7 S. more. -lendisc — Leof friend^ Legen lain down. -bedd^ sick bed fmstFixed — — Lovely. 2. decree j desf part about the — ece The A national counsellor. lib. v. -lie nal. v. Brightness. Lengc longer. Legrsec. Lencg Length. Leu a loan. lent. ed. ple.lede. C. ligger. Loin-ach. L. p. )3set def. e . -gyld A fine for adultery.: LEN Leg. lumbago. ^cediY lic People's force. esjn. people's inclosure. bounded. igniting. v. es. Leger. S. People. branch. es . a. — A — -faet A candlestick. — Leofast. leag. . lic — n. v. country. — A . Leof Beloved one. lange. 1. Leofian to live. S. Lend Clunis. pi. Leode g. lice Lightly. v. lael. leonas . lecgan. cause of lying. . v. mouth. laen. V. um Legian Legio. -magas Relatives of the — Leoht Washed. in lang. Shewing — — sceawigende — sceot Molight. L. Lent. To put wende Acceptable. liget. Leoma. flame. m. 'Leo^-he^o A popular bale Lehan a loan. -adl Thespring disease fever. — e8. to prolong. Leng^. e . leahtrian. Lehtriende. ail. A position. Leon Of a Legersesc Lightning. member. or misery. Light. — The loin-ach. leag. lord. lencg longer. — -fruma Originator of light. de. an To lighten. couch. K. scholar. 1. gebyrgea The people L61 a weal. es 1 A disci2)le. desirable. lion tery. hata A hater of Lemian. be derived. Leoht. J bed. ede. V. Leng Longer. He Light. host. beloved. God. Legat Legate. A burning. enlighten. L. an. -ing — — — A -isern lighting. Leht wetted. leahter. adultery. es . \. C. a member of the witena gemot or the king's court. L. hryre make lame. lengian. v. inconstant. falsify. leogere. leones . bendeion^ living. lion's Leoh. of lying. K. geard The Leiden laid. L. — — — — — lightness. height. the devil. L. for ledon. alsounlawful connexion. m : also leoda. S. Leg. A candlestick. Cd. a beam. Der. — region.bzer churchyard. Livery where. Liever. m. — hwelp A —mu? A ? — — liar. S. tid time. 156 — wita Leorn-ere. Light. pl. v. -cyning A popular king. v. n.L. modnes Levity. Food. dwelling. -ere. leogan. descend. se /. ra . leosan. e. a LegeS-slseht Lightning. attitude. —braede m ? Fate. v. v. -mod Light of mind. v. coat of mail./". fornication. Der. treow-. sick. light. S. lic:ian. — syrce A battle shirt. a tyrant. d. One of the same stock. f7 A lionness. v. lion's ivhelp. Length. hypocrite. Lege lie. 1 LEO reins. lengu. Leon. G. of a city. senator. — weras Men of a country. grow. Leo g. learner. a city. Legdon.a man. Leged-slseht Lightnhig. folk. The people's fall. v. leccan. rather. v. leogan. pi. a prince. The disease. Leger. The loins. se leofa leofe . — nation. national trade. cmp. Leg A district v. Lightning. SCO. leoht. countryman. G. word-: lygnian. es. es . The place sickness. S. — — — — or kept to his bed. leng. sir. light. Leh-tun A garden. . mounted. logen. L. LehtZi^^^. Legra-. city. d. m. m. -a-hyrde preserver of light. baer. lege. Leoran . an To shine. Lendian to land. 2. sfdreaf The covering of Lcode people. Lengten. iV— stow A burial place. the loins. — Lent or spring like. msegen — . — . trade. v. leng. To the people. wite A fine for adul- — — — swi^or -swa-swi<5or swi^or-awa. geld A comLemen loam. -hrsddnesLightness. — verpeople. slight. — — . S. Legde Excited. . lean. LEO loins. an army.— Leon lion. A-.f. bygen People's Lehter disgrace. clear. um also. biseeop Bishop Lehmealt-wurt Malt-wort. lie. es . he lyhS . Lenc. -weard People's guardian. es . a burh People of diocesan. wickedness. Lemp-healt Lame. Lencten The spring. — — Lempe Lenitas. the lumbago. pp. prince ? Legh. mon fine. To depart . -word loga. an Leget lightning. valour. ter Leicester. — scea<Sa Destroyer — of nations. m. Lehtr laughter. precious. — weorc leod. — werod A nation. leah. lent. leag. ne . re Leng. danced. sp. 2. 2. . v. Leod. p. Der. ed. leng. f.n-. L. . luminous.: lyge. g. 1.se. team Matrimony. a pubenemy. Fornication. of a province or diocese. LelotSre Sorrel. mynster Leominster. v. Cd. leofian. ge. Faithfully. l^can. waer-. dear. — Leong longer. de. or spring -Jjeawas Public manners. C. Leolc Leaped. gelandian.Leofa. lenden. Leog-end. B'jfl V. — — — — — ney given for — — — — Leoht. Legere a liar. easy. Izemen. — riht Popular right. — faesten Lent fast.\ev\3. a candle. leomu A limb.on every side -togen Drawn out. v. Light. we lugon pp. — — — — — sion. kidneys. Ligora-. lencten. dan p. f. to oppress. — scipe A nation. Leomu-lam Limbs-loam. . Leave.. Of a Loved. LeoLegnys. hleahtor.a. gelogen To lig. adultery. a tax for church lights. 3. Der. R. Cd.

homicide. Bodily. wra^-: lica. weOTC Poetical ivork.to depart. a disciple. choose.gu<5-. like. geato-. Leather ing-house. cwide A poetical Libesne. Lida the mild month. ode pp. rest. habitants of Bretagne.falsehood. thought. L. Le^ermiden coddsisLeather bags. jju lure . coat of mail. -wicingas The inge-. gidding shape. C. m. rals. A dead body. gelese. m. ivill. 1. -mann ungedefe-.s-. cetan. L. Lias flames. limb. lewede. wine-. v. liiSan. -lice. V. Liced-. tere.aldor-. v. song. cwen-. and licharaa the of poems. — A — Letan. es •. Liege-ceaster. licgan. the pores. S. -enis: lege. goods. a. lie Poetical. lesung : list.p. 1. Licet-. L. ge-. poetry. substance. li<5an. etend. Slowly. leper. A sailor. v. -etan To dissemble. — wiglung Necromancy. /. hlaford-. S. v. grim-. v. deadly wound— song/In elegy. wica Bretagne. -braednes. leas. M'n-. Leoso. t^svfefor Izeswe. a tomb. sel-. wiccas. l^etan. Lice-wyr<S An agreement. Leue leave. laecanCaraLeoS. gewis-. Leornis. liggan.l. li<Sa.an. hypocrisy. wrset-. he litS. Levvsa.se. poem.gele. Generally. ral song.LeXe-csester-seir cniht learning-youth. Der. v. toLey A lay. A form. The -wise Poetical-ioise or way. Lesv9e. lig. ge-. fus-. Iseg. Le. S. body. — A Leswe. v. 3. an elegy. cetere dissembler. homa. — — : : A — reste A body se— sar Body sore.7?. ode. Leather helmet. Be-. — A body spot.— syrce A body shirt.leof-. Leo^-cra3ft The art Liban. S. To extend. L. v.niis-. Isesu. To be pleased with. Lex a salmon. smApurging by witchgryre-. purging plant. anoint. suffered. ar-. cu<S-. a shire. ther bag. v. To let. place of the corpse. lar. n.on-: llcetere. — daeg Life time. A living body : but sometimes. feoh-. Leicestering. he lyst.legen. reach. v. v. hose Leaa school-master : one ivho ther breeches.ellen-. Liccera. libban to live. alysend. channels. To think. poverty.li«. L. 2. helm female pupil. lie along. ge-. 2./. -igean p. flat- terer. Lesnys. Lid a member.T). 66S-. sorh-. lit-: utlaga. Jju list. leas : l^'san. se /. Lesing A loosing. Le^ern Leathern.G. etere.flesh. n. sige-. v. etc. dissembling. Sumptuously. Lesung. ore lire. : .-lg{!in'. a poet. — tun A sepulchre. lease.\ysyfelnjury. and -lice as an adv. IseSjWe leeson .{u. Lese A gathering. A lapwing. leod. v. Learning.ode. ing-hus Der. Lie a gift. wac Pliable of limb.L. leasing. C. es n. — a favour. an . v. S. a carcase. song.—ia. — )jenung Funeral service. Leosan. Jjei let. S. 2. LeS. redemption.v. on-: lician. od. . m. wyrhta^ maker grave. hilde-.A poem. Leso An oracle. pleasure. l. for. v. ealdor-. es.—hama. a scliool. To -fang. — l^eotan Body-canals.ce- — — — li«. — LIF LET Leartiing. To read. March. ofost-. lac An Leotan to how. verse.lagon. says lie denotes the poetically dead body. p.-bed: lag. C. Licgan. Les less. — cearu Life care. v. wyrhta A learns. The draught Le^rian To lather. 3.LetSer. lage. lael pleasant. v. mon-. — -jjrowere A martyr. — A A — — — — — — — — — — pulchre. of poetry. es . li<5. leaf. pp. Lewd.—Der.mis-. an. S. worthy of esteem.. Iseg. — — — |?eod-.mauil man loho teaches. learn. — Lif. . v. 2.8W8eS-. Licitfeld Lichfield. L. lutan. divination. False. he leas. Der. e 'jf. lis.evil. L. S. sawul-. The watching over the body -song. : . An. S. criminal.ic. Der. craft or sacrifice. termination. leac. tir-. — Lif-bisig Life anxious. Leton let. p. li«.n. dream-. Want. lie. of Isetan.a-:leger. Licitfeld LichfleldfStaffordshire.a corpse. m. figure. enchantment. likeness. v. lorenTio go forth. Licedfeld. R. Meditation.v. Bodily. Mi-: for-16r losian: leas. Licii^esimiLe68. adj. Lib A bewitching. for-. leas. Lid A ship. -lica are often limb shirt. mail. -um. a poem. 6r-. beorh A sepulchre. lie. Licsendo. all inanimate possessions. v. v. -cetan. Licumlic. navigator. shape. v. Licgende feoh Lying property. suffered. member. C. leax. ingGeweald-. Letting hindering.A hypocrite. C.sorh-. e. — ian. — — — — — — A A — — — — A A — Leotan to sail.'Di£g-. leese. to delight. we laegon. -ing. v. tanner.lic-. Der. disciple. lytig. laet. the wake. an . Lesan p.la<5-. Thebody.geliger: forlig-ere. lose. S. ung. corn A Leotan To let. to hire. money. — Der. song. dol-.feorh-. — -hryre Body destruction. IseS.4 loosing. Be-. Leud people. eofor-. lying. wanton song. A form. -etung A pocrite. V. of the dead. )jry<S-. a-. wyrSnes A well pleasing. aioay. or forward. Lies false. A lecture.lette.To lie. sent. fset — — — — Lide. v. gal A Lie. es .fyrd-. anxiety. S. Der. letig crafty. lifesne. pp. Der. K. expression. laewede.Lettend. — mann4 man who provides for fune- —hamlic —hamlice adv. Leti. 4. pretended. leo^o living body. F lesh. —Yiarnleas Bold! Happiness or humility of . Der. 1. v. Lie^ Mild. sje-.— sang. a hycetung. Liccet-. Liccian To lick. song. — : — — — lesen. Lic-nes. L. — — — A glutton. Liccet-feld. v. lie dozen. on-. geomor-. coat of -syrce used asanadj. — ung A liking. se. — eadnes . —-raon'euS \jys-) weortS-. etc. pp. eges-.gryre-. es -etan. lybban. we luron Lettan. geleoso study. v. — leoS A funedlless incorporeal. A hinderer. lac. od. To hinder.Life. nes gentleness. — hord The body. Liccende lying. gii. Lesere Mima.6r-: logian: lecgan. latrina. ing Learning. leoran.earfo<5-. gedefe-. dryht-. — wyriS Well-pleasing. lidon. currier. p. erseft Power of limb. 1. land-. gelicnes. vessel. lybban. swin-: licnes. 2. Lepewinc . fset A lea3. — gather. dom-. weald-. m. To learn. lig^ . Lie I pp.. -lie: alysednes. ge.A gathering. S. Lsege-ceaster.— Lic-a. . on-. in.

Limb sick. happiness. a rope. et Lightening. 1. LioS a limb. m. R.K. ^. licgan Life space. A — — — — — — Linnan jo.'. lam: Izemen. — maintenance. L. ./.-^herend. — — a shield. lesan. Lige a lie. Lindsey. 2. leof. termination as. id.Mo. es . leof. leofen. muscular. a-: lime. Art.—'weWFoun- fence or protection. se /*• 1. LIG life . Lincolnshire. dal Life separation. As a — — • — — . B. S. — — —— bearing shields. linum. Lindes-ig. wsstni Lig. shine f&mende Fire foam. croda. leo^. leod. Lio a lion. The flesh. deceit. A shield. lame. L or lineament. — plega. portunely. ligen. ing. A lily. C. Aflame. Lire loss. S. Line. Limb lame. v.— lama. Lind./. S. L. Der. pp. termination denotes. science. fyr Flame of raesc Linen. leofwende. lybban. -<^ciccdLhLife.— lade Life's support. LIS of living. A port in bearing. S. e . fela-. lime. Lifesne?^ phylactery. leorn-ere. leon. lige. comfort. birdmovgen-. gluten. leoS. Liver sick. clay. state or condition of a person.-lunga. v. v. mete-. leo. draca Afire serpent or dragon.—le'As Without limbs./. Linece. wig A flax finch. Ligan to lie down. lixan) p. Lihtlice Lightly. e . — — culty. Visio. Lindesfarena-ea. leoht. part from. — — — — — Lincylen.se . descend. licgan. Linen linen. enLike aflame. san Linseed. S. — lie life. v. cement. stewing-. licgan. L. v. — (licsan. Linan Spirce. wea-. Lindisfarnaee. an . a croivd of shields. Lippe. . lame. Lihte Lightly. Kent. v. — fang The ground. ho. flame bearer. Limb growth or state. linnet. pp. -mEelum JBy limbs. A marsh. arfy. . tveighing. -ge. hesion. S. A fidula. motive. Condescension. Lifnes A phylactery. Liht-an. — — — — — — — — — — LioS a song. Der. Der. "Lif — wyn^ lend. wyrt Wild flax. v. Lioran topassover. Lincoln. Liobene People of Albany. Lightmera-. Liss. or manutergium.-igan Ligtun Layton. Liga The river Lea. S. An. en Linden. -ling. an . S. L. shield fighter. Liof loved. eormen-. Flame Limene . enllghtemng. Lilic Risui aptus. concern. p. A collected view. hilde-. orleg. egesa Limp-an . v. : — Liomu members. Lifan . a-. ge \edi^Lifeless. fire. se .Lightpermission. lin. Limb Peripetasma. lin. liss. Lifer. L\\\i Light. 7n. Lincolen. appertain. lif. -etraesc id ettanTo lighten. S. lAo^re pleasayiter .-'fadung I LIN to lie tree. fru. — : . wcerc Liver pain limb. God. Liorn-ian. v. es. Leighton. es.Ligore The river Loire. L. 2. Lih<S lies. Be-: Icfefan laf. What causes adlightning. coil of rope. Lig-ceaster Chester. bitumen. toh-. p. yttoLightning. m. L.. Lindes.Life's author. 1 A — Liht-ing. LimGeeynd-. Mo. -adl. example. v. -gelecge The form ment. lan. 1. Lightening.we lifon .hlynian. Sceat-. pertinently. Linnin linen. Lygean-burh Lenbury berende Shield bearner.—seoc Lili-e. hVi^ life. Lihtan To alight. v. Lifer A balancing. — Skilfully. ealde-. -gan.Lig-ra?gel Orbiculata. member. mitigating. nacodS'^ar^ naked. wave. LigS lies.pp lunnen To cease. least — /. Lisan to gather. poising. Lihan . mu^a The mouth of the river. S. 3. wed A linen gar- — — Romney -ung. v. lim. Cd. favour. Lincol. banLigan-. i?i parts. — hendig Cunning. — gesiQaWa A shield companion. Flames. ness. Lignis Deceit. es . a comrade. Liorodnes. 2. — himplice Fitly. God. With skilfully. -haebbende Shield having. In the pi. — fiEStLively. Lifrig Of the liver. A lip. dismissal. es . y. Limp-hiilt Lame. e . ian. v. gomele-. licgan. lifer. v. Lis. life pleasure. — um ivell. easily. p. I. To f. lomp To happen. L. n. List. linde. LightTo leavCf remain behind. R. v. An image. Liod people. a linnet. glitter . Lihtengnes Lightness. Lini-an. 2. v linen. v. cord.beado-. -ung. — -wegLi/l^'s tainoflife. f: also. 7 oZiyg. a key. v. lin. v. m? A lying shield defence. not heavy. 2. 2. m. fulgur. -ian To shine. waeter-. lifen ing. Lisnod Castratus. A liver disease. lyge. laf. C. ece A fiax ing or spitting. v. wood. an . S. R. — Lig-basr Lion a lioness. sefen-. Mo. L>er. yrfe-. saed fire A flash of lightning.— Lifre of the liver. Lira.n: also. v. lyre. Calamill. What was made of lime Ligan To falsify.Lihtingnes. Ligora-cester Leicester. -faet lihtung. ge. pi. lixte To shine . limu. v. in^Limning. an . war. Lim. hemp. lihtan. R. ning . LioSu-cseg Limb-key. Lively. on-: leoht. an y. bright. sceam-. Lireht Braiony. time. Lio^ole. List A list of cloth. v. 2. leg.r^ Flash of lightning. S. S. Lindisfarne or Holy Island. — en-bord Lime board. Grundlunga From the bottom. Liffetan. The liver. grace. or Leighton. word. leoran. — Liofwende. yS-: ungelifendlic.welunnon '. artf cunningly. v.muscle9. v. V. L. Lma. v. The linden or lime tree. quicken. v. V. m? Fate. — wiga A wiggende Shield fighting. . frum-. Always m. — faestan — A course or way Liggan foec down. \. L. — wigende. lah. L. — \yvcLoss of Lifelessness. death. very lice Ligen Lying. -linga. jjraee A flame's force. f. opflaming. es — —yS Flame — ment. Lignan To deny. Forgiveness. on the coast of North- umberland. Liofa<5 lives. enchantgeleage. line. A sickness. eti'iP. painting.oeled-. Fire fear. leaf. — wra^A life de- way. es. a linnet. sciv Lincolnshire. we ligon . To make alive. en finch. lyffetan. faiviles./. Lioht light. wisdom. 7nade of flax. Der.C v.Der. mortar.Lin F/ax . lighten. Shield play.byrne-. 1. made of lime 15H — thoroughly. seocnes Liver Lim. m. buckler. a — Der. -frea Life's lord. Lifen livelihood. Linet Flax. -er6de. -incg. ferbaernde. V. — word A phalanx. v. seoc Lig. power. es m. S. leoTna. lifrej f.

pp. {ju lide we lidon. long. to-. — LiSa. -clajd A praised deed. perverse. liden To travel. an in. to give ease. lyre. on-. L. 2. v. es . Le. . a treaty 1 Lohereng Lorrain. : — — feni>e-. A blanket. losian. \. -ewist. bore One entitled by her Loppe. nes Litheness. — Longsum afflicted. A lock. To perish. hlaew. L. member. Lotman pirate. v. become gentle. weariness. Abuse. locan. licSian.ode. L. seawe Joint joint. V. v. Scotland. Li<S-ian. Listan to listen. — slow. place. greatly. S. -egian. y5-. LiSan . Locu a fold. ode . Los-ewest. amend. pp. Lodan Todraw wuter. cunning. p. a silk-worm. Lou- hymn. oil. . sangenlic helongirig to praise. L6ma« paralytic. moderate. se. to be clear. 1. breost-. od. v. ena. viate deceit. S. LiSs Rest. ofa-. ode . A Loh a gulph. -uist. cloak. tender. v. sailor. Longunji. nes. glitter. To lay in order. gentle. LiS-won. little.— ladcan To praise. mild. he llxte. deceit. Yorkshire. Der. langsum. to compose. Long long. S. C. Oi\e. To fear. wrenc ConsumLoh A place. V. v. infant. Litsmann. hlud.Der. fitness. hloS. um Litel. Ludgeat A postern gate.-S called the former LiSa-. m. — . p. Liid loud. Locen A n enclosure. Locer A joiner's instrument f a saw. Der. . cefteia July. m. L. an . liSere. praising. Mo. : . lopystre. lean. to belong to. ban-. lopustre. lovely. A false lof. Longian To be feorh-. Loma utensils. hrocSer-. locer. — — Gentle. v. L. sandal. regulate. — — Loga. prison.— sum Laud- — — thian. of Tweeds. Loddlng- To run away. o<S-. v. lytig.— Yxc gennes gentleness. L. softly. es . Los.-|jeow: gelad. v. 4. Lorg Hawk's perches ? Lorgas^Aj instrument of household! S. lufc. gentleness. ledn. creI6n)a. sae-. Lodrung. -sian. an m. 1 A flea. ing^n Litl-ian To diminish. es. v. 2. v. comfort pleasure. loss. . S. hos. -wist. Lomp happened.laS. 1. — wac gentle. Lor a Learning ? Cd. table. Locig enclosure. def. Liuer the liver. To tear in pieces. Lobbe To . -bora A hair bearer. od. to es- f — — cape. L. 2. Lodeshac Lodeshull. loceu To lock. L. pa-' Der. es j 7/i? A fleet. p. Loddere A scoffer. od. lock. v. polypus. -ig crafty. Locan. : : lecSer. n. es Praise bearing. i. trac- — LiSe — LiSa-Lida- Locor. p. — — — sheepfold. Lithe. od. we lizton. an ty. da-serra June. waste. sail. an f. LiSeren leathern. lam. destruction. Lot A tribute. — . waegl. lytig. pi. Love. Lis. feax A lock of hair.-inann: lad. softness. L. vage. spider. e . l)er. L6cia. ian . deceit. Locc. es . LicSe. burh-. gewind Curled hair. . C. an /. S. Lothian. 1. to pertain. placed. — — ere. B. soften. to be lost. brim-. coverlet. un-: locc. seat. fasten. notice. hair. Lor. Li- — ton. knave. deep pit. v. A losing. lay up. adl A joint joint. sangian To praise. S. Der. o. eare-. plane ? S. Deceit. mildly. toge-. willingly. tender. Losigan To bej'rec or loose* Losnan. v. lover. p. A able. LicS lies. v. on-. v. To look. n. decei/ful man.lufian. v. far.sie-. <7. Loppestre. Lote Crafty. lytlian. lagu. Be-. an A female georn — — herung glorious. -sticce Lagladly. v. LIX LOG — shine. Lucu.v. Lo(S a band. S. \yiQ\. Loca. Lo<5ene. cup. v. C. scip-. es . Opportunim. lie Mild. a. A lover. Loccetan To declare. V. IfSe. langoS. a-. C. limpan. hearm-. 2. v. leodan. LogeSere By A sea. Liteg. m. Loesan to perish. The neighbourhood . e Litlg malevolent. List Uest. od. brim-. an m. convenience. a city. loca nu Look. -iendlic— ian. A sailor. losing. loca. L. purposely. Ex. Lot -wrenc. -igean. navy. hlot. Li<Sond. A — closure. v. Loc.lange. n ? Praise. -ice estice. sian To become mild. 2. Lixan . bounds. Inh. e. licgan. e. land. liss spor-.n. Northamptonshire. elice. p. stead. bige Gently bending. tience. leder. . L. welucon. LongaS Longing. A Low LiXs-man A sailor.lid. Loca flock of wool.: forlidenes. se licSa. . praising. grace.y*. 7W.— ung A praising. L. A funeral song. loc. A lynx. a cloister. LiS. Le. To praise. leAe.Iadu. : Longe a long time. S. 1.L. To Luf./".LU F Logon reproached.yS-. pp. A pp. Losian. es . — nejit. A limb. v. pliant. m. jy. . es . List Jjeli cues. Liwal Saucy. wundenlocu loca. lida. gleam. C. wiS. 1 A place fhut in. v. a bej^ac re A sling. -a: agreeable. liSe. Lorh A weaver's beam. — — 159 . -mod. incel A disease. v. lifer. pp. psalm. Loss. behold. jS". the gout. sang A Vain —— — — Lot croft. rank to wear long hair. look now. -west. lit-hwon. Weariness. waeg A drinking cup.leedan. Londen London. heaSo-. v. Logian. C. mere-. losing. S. to tame. v. A f. w. ge- — : An stsef- : lis. Lucan to lock. cate. Loca. pounds also locu g. replace. v.pp. o. R. easy. liar. {jset liSe. seo. lady. m. y? A lobster. — u Love. fen. C v. To lose. Longa Mxich. lucan. f: also. ac. . licgan. pp. tle. . Yorkshire. [v. lang. es m. Lovingly. LiSule A fistula. ge-. liSend. deli- tumulus. destruction. Pliant. LoSgliw Cavillutio. baere -lice Gently. v. — tyme Agreeable. put. ode. Loge ofioater. Lunden. knuckle. LfS. d. — wacan To 7tiild. boundary. S. p. ode . p. dispose* Ludon descended. Lox.Loidis Leeds. a noble. v. V. lystan. losnian. A A — : Lond land. lida The mild or warm months. S. lodge. f.] estre. Lof. hypocrisy. nin. : — A sailor. Uj^ed In com. Litelice Cunningly. What fastens as a L6h blamed. 2. June and July the A. fendlic Amiable. tip. tn. wyrt Celandine. LocSa. 2. Praise. to look upon. a. — — — — -mann A seaman. favour. liS. es.To mitigate. um degrees. leSern.Lomber A lamb. gentle.

destruction. 1. p./? Lombardy. Lytel-finger The little finhellebore. p. j\i\a.v. lifesne. — wicga A —e lit- — — — — — — Lytelic Deceitful. leswe. Lyfer the liver. It. le^t. — : — LuSerlice badly. lytesna. pp. Luve. S. please.t. v. -lyng an image. scea^a An air enemy. L. Lystliee ivilfully. poicer. lyste — . Lynd/a^. left. end. liga. a dragon. Lutan. lytel. v. -sumlic Friendly. desirable. Deceitlit- Lytesna. cunningly.m. sweet. v. dehelm. cunning. e . cunningness. -vvendlie Lovely friendly desire. L. ivish.es n. v. Lyfode lived. v. v. -or pure. lyffetung. es. Lyst. Lyt Little. gelif-ed.4 tanner. S. Lygealso. 160 little. Lutian . u. \fs. Der. as. L. pp. S. edor Aerial dwellpalsy. lybban. L^^erlic Miserable. v. hlutor. de. v. leasan p. lefan. a lover. leogan. impersonally . ly^er . georn word A lying word. v. es . e. -ian. Immediate. lif.f. Lundenisc adj. 1. L. L. Lybban. -lire. Lutan to wish. en Airy. baernes Desire. damage. pp. A lye. ic deem. raedan Love./. Lyfast livest. delight. S. Lutlan. leoman. Lyffet-an. doivn. lufian. Lunden. love. shout. [lytel little'] 1. v. v. v. lyfast. Air. Lundlage. 2. falsehood: pleasure. descend. crafty. Lyft a voio. gladly. Little. leofian. Lust. Isest. lifer. flatterer. lie Lovely. Lyswe injury : adj. Lystan To listen. adj. L. food. fully. ving a desire. e. v. teme. The lungs. Luh. full Full of desire. -tyme Pleasant. Ltinden.Lygnis Deceit. pi. willingly.\or. Luvede loved. nes Craftiness. K. Der. luu. storm^ L.Lyden. -tume. S. -faesten : andlifen: Lystan. m. delight. Lun Poor. v. lie. -ne Almost. od. Lyswen Saniosus. f. evil. lust. acceptable. Tolove. forthwith. YM LYT — — — — — — — — — — luton pp. to give Lyge. -lade. Lying. sp. S. Lyee a leech. to loosen. p. lice Craftily. Lyhtan To alight. LyfedZiyecf. few.. A louse. ode .de . by degrees. Lyt-hw6n A little. Ing Deliver- — — — A A An a A — — — — A — — — — — — Immediately. v. S. To Lufgeard Luffiaich. Lytla. Lyf life. edwit-. v. lice Willing. adv. L. liss. libban.^gnlan to belie. lustlice. desir-wyn Air pleasure. Very desirous. te . Up-. a-. S. estuary. -lunga . Der. Northampbigleofa : lif. needy. Lyft. Loss. y. end. sumlic Pleasant. The atmosphere. — Bad. love. Lyhtan To shine. lochf lough. lice Lovely. p. lie at the bottom. Isessa. Lus . Lytl-ian. tle earwig. near. nerally used with d. v.S. — um — By little. an . Lysan. black -ung Flattery. miration. mod Lunger. 2. v. purulentus. 1. .e. ed. ode. — — hyh abewitching. fullian J p. v. Glad. joyful. arm of the sea. to illude detection. termination. ing. 2. to m: also. high. To live. Toallow. e . or ac. Der. a cloud. wicked./>. adj. Lyccan To pluck up. -ling. leosan. — — teem little. covet. S. to bepleased. v. v. benevolent. Ises . ode . lySerlic. es. o-br6J5or-scipe Brotherly love. One tvho is loving. Leofen : unlifigende 'Lnffetixngflattery. To de- — — — — — — — — — — — — — crease. v. Lumbardig. jju leofast. lytig.\ihet. 201. ed. L. Lutter. it pleases.Lyden Latin.Lyre. A cry. lif. v. lytel. 3. cline. floga An airLust-an To wish. Lung-e. seo lySra . ivill. less. seo. v. ' L '. Lyfesne. cur belytegian. bzere Hahelm Airflyer. m. ad-widlice Kindly. lys . geornes leogan. Lycetere a hypocrite.L. sum Lovely. ian To use craft. Isce. Der. Der. slender.lih. leden. cmp. Little-minded. ly^re. Be. v. -ere Lytel. S. stoop. ly manner. desirable. ode . v. A cloud. list. -incg An Lytyl infant. he Ly SB forgiveness. lie Lyg-ea the river Lea. Lycgan to lie down. The herb lust-ioort. lybbe. lessen. become little. lie hid. cowardly. Support. Lufen. L. C. Lytig Deceitful. L. v. linnan. rier. favour. : sculk. small. Lyht light. amiable.^fnes permission. gladly. choose. /. f. lus./)/?. v. few. Ber An air vessel. A Lunnon sunk. es. Lyster favourer. jjset ly-linga. we lybbatS . dawn. on-: lytig. ing. iendlic. v. — — Ly^re. delight./? -4 kidney. v. L. od. ing Aninfant. in a friendleofa<S. dirty. loill. -igendlic Lovely. loteu To bow. leoht. pp. to be willtonshire. lake. good will. Lunden-ceaster Lon. incline. od. tle less. bend Lyudcylen Lincoln. longing to London. -gedal. — — — — — Ly^er leather. Jjineean To es- — saed The herb louse-seed. Love. 1. Earnest desire. fulnes Pleasure. Ge-Wynne. lystan. v. lustfulness. Der.Lygean-burh Leighton. leaf. p. L. ly tie little. Liigon deceived. adj. desire. burh. speech. 2. ger. . false. don. Lynis The axletree. le^er. please. -ian Lyppen-wyrhta. an . It. Der. m. Lust. To delight. adv. Desire. quick. -en-adM disease of the lungs. S. to be deceitful. leogan. se lytla. -igan . e . L. tacen A love token. To diminish. lufu. v. moca Lygera-ceaster Leicester. and ne. Lytisna. lout. v. charitable. f. To bow or in. v. Pleasure. Little. A redeemer. exultation. Lys lice. pp. Lyft. tle . coioardice. — -modnys Little-mindedness. cmp. it deliglits. wend Loving. v. lurk. 3. lyffitt-an To flatter. laeende beerlice Diligentlectable. amiable. Lytel. v. grace. adv. jorjfully. Le. ous. lif. Lungre. -frea. adj. re- ance. Sporting or fluttering in air. lightful. lyfaS. ly.es. he l^t. 2. : ' LUT iend. licgan. we Lyman To shine. heavens. ly.— Lyft-adM paralysis. To make loose. gelynd. um Joyfully. wyrt Lung-wort. f.f.Lyfan . v. d. Lyteg. -daeg. fast ing. to -er. Lixnden. sun-dew. Lycian To please. od.

power. S. v. ac. men d s. parent. es. n. maegen. v.mann A hireling. jsise Main Maeneg many. um In parts. m.nation./. tang A pair of corner y4 powerful artny compasses. carry one's — self Macung. strength. — Mteg. Moecca a mate. Afterwards. ma^elian. Great strength. ty. magas . 1. .1 . Le. an . Maen/or. —]aga A family law mann — A female ofthe human kind. 2. an. maiden. A -sliht^ relation murder. time. Msed. gieldan To pay the fine for ho- — m .L.—myrtion. S. . so called because the cattle were alloioed to feed in the meadows. -lie Maidenlike. A vessel. Hit macian to do it. great. relation by blood. BroMffigden Der. C. w: «?5(? Mal. help. gr. 2. Mael-dun MalMaegen. Maeg.— hurh Kindred family. m. -mann A Mzedewe meadow. msgas . undern.tre^. raes ^ra ^ murderer ofrelations. S. very. female. Maedlan to speak.— hot A compensaing relations. maca. e . ^. energy. menigeo. might. maeden. v. v. — scipe Supremacy. Mace A lump. pp. maegester. m. MaegitS a -province. Der. n. S. — M . sea-fish. 1. To keep in the mind. virgin. matSm. v. gemot A family meeting. V. v. countenance. — — wudu spear. meat. g. A master. vance. L. daughter. tribe or relationship. — racu A getion for injured chastity. -gnan to mix. v. ma. tell. den-. very strong byr<5en sorrow of the time. S. Maege.force. v. shape. jewel. a M.brogden-.graeg-. gewrit A family meriting. manig. Der. Maeg. MaegeS-had Mastership. ellen Immense strength. family . L. v. Maal a blot. force.hring-. longing to relations. omnipotent.samgen Z5 intensive. A — — — virgin. fot-. ofHorithior Great Polandwlitan To transfigure. In composition./?Z. false. —nes A powerful rush or attack. siblic Maden a maiden. — Strang Pow— least Weakness. —\)rymGreat glory. — Relation murder. Making. Maed-mona^ The month of July . friend. — — — — — — — — — — — : — — — — — — — — tum Great powerful less. y*. A meal. MzedfuU Kind. mare. valour. Maenan? To moan. miracle. Madm. maenegu a multitude. poioer. L.4 maid. — MaegetSe Mayweed. people. S. igan Maegbot Compensation for homicide paid to thefamily of the slain. Maeced More increased. — scipe. meadmonth. es. Mae 7nore. Mzeg .The effect ofpoiver. sceafa A canker 2. Maedren-maga A mother's kin.Maegn power.Main. leas tership. relager i^/ami/i/ murder. MiEG M^G Powerful. kinsman. — stan A great stone. meadow. toremember. Le. — MsegeTMeager. v. — maegen. majesty. Without relations. to act. def se maga great army. an. Maelan . to remind.asign. miht. Maecg. I \ tion haemed Relationmar. trea- ornament. Maecga. conduct. generation. Mffil.Maenan. de. S. — myrSriend One murder. MaeitS a nation. coneacen Augmented poiver. country. beau. maiden. e . are generally masculine .o^. m: also. To have — v. n. fleon Ma To flee. To mahe. contri- province. la- raes ment. — — Maege^ a family. forces.—egean make Maegeste Greatest. daeg A mighty or great burthen. sign. es. verse. 2. Day-time. Maeg^a-land A country north -wine A kinsman. g. a son. M.maeges. husband. S. faest Very powerful. Der.feminine. An. cyning A poioerful king. dom maslaw or regulation. A kinswoman. is able. 2. magan. A maid. e. wid-. woman.Maegre lean. riage. had Maidenhead.Maei a relation. v. ^ mead. strength. Power ofform. L. v. m. spot. C. 3. f — erful. q/'man. Maeg m. Maed A medlar. v. — raeden Relation•had Maidenhead. lagu Family Maegster a master. v. bemoan. — . v. Ma an Wickedness. bad. Maegester. V. Maedere Madder. Maenegeo. Rather^ of more value. Flight. of raycle . Der. : ran : msertS. sure. Maeddere. msere gemae- — m. magan. civil. gemaeg^. virginity. S. A mark. ac. nm. e . Poicer. relation. Jjrimnes Glory. m. e. maegtS.— lice Falsely. 1. maeDaeg-. es . es . mengan. worm. wlite Family likeness: also Macht power. C. /. an. S. Nouns ending in m. p.food. gan. form. cmp. Der. power. maccalic Meet. A relation. A Maector More negligently. majesty. admonish. ivish. ship. maeg^. m. v. Mjfingan./. A murderer of a relation. complain. Mael. don./.lean. able.. I'o Wood of lean. /j. kin. from which verbs are formed. micide committed by a rela. man. fit. maeger. power. Macalic. nm. as. — nealogy. Strength of a family. virgin.Military strength. pedigree. consider. maegtS. tima Meal time. maeg. a son. Essex. MaelMagen-agende Possessing cearu Time care or sorrow. mseges pi. maidenhood. ellen-: mzersian. v. wunden-. adv. Mseden.MaegS. Macian. Maed. mete Mealspower. maeden. Der. 161 — j^reat^ — — strengo Maende Triflesfor children. Maene Mean./? What is mown or cut down 1. heap band leas Power- — — — A — in the mind. Uer. Maegyn power. image. incest. the family service. — -rof Eminent poiver. masddre Madder. miopportunity . Maca. v. v. Maegen can. — slaga a maiden. — — — — — Mace. maele: stund-maelum. — — fzemne cild A female child. To speak. Maece-fisc A mullet. ^ ivife. intend. L. 1 More. S. mal. A maid. portion. The trunk of a tree. repast. merdaughter. A mate. A tribe. lie Be. es. -cr8eft6rr^a^ strength. — MaegtS poiver. after the grass was mowed and the hay made. to mean. Maela gehwilce Always. manian. 2.ay. L. -sib Relationship. A fixed time. an army. — hades-mann A bachelor. ful. neighbour.ode. a genealogy. fleam. L. es. Of the same family.

Mgerigen morning. indcl. . mara. 3. of mycel. -gewrit. menigeo. 1. -tuddor. Friesthood. jjegen A priest. od. msenigu. p. we magon . A meiv. -burh. )?set IVJaeste? Food. wraecMjEra . I'he maio. -reaf. son.hilde-. To be in health . estimate. adv. e. landgeMaest-lond Pasture land. extol. -eacen. S. se maera . a leader. e . S. L. Mage-saete The people of HereMaere Pure.f. v. Maga. Maestlice Greatly. of mffira. and M^r-hlisa Great fame. mihte meahte. saucy. kinsivoman. S. reaf A priesVs Maffa. A tarrying. v. L. kindred chief. wine-. lie nuts 1 L. more than. Maete cmp. v. mycel. Mas^e. miracles. Msigdala-treovf Analmond-tree. son. maetra Mage. Msentel a mantle. modest. glorious. L. — — — MaecSian To speak. raeswa A borough. To lebrating. mergen. e . Maere a mare. To avail. ode . A measure. Greatness.-o^e Oxeye.folly. — mark. quantity form. MaeSlic Kind. re. m. v. haeft-. bewitching. m. 2. v. M£e«-full V. menigeo. es. -hraegel. v. V. -ung. dseg A feast day. to use Mah Procax. say or celebrate mass. To Mag-wlite Image. alted.~\or A crane or pulley. Maensumian To marry. To magnify. • A feast. Masting A dream. man•mass book. loonders./". mael. courteous. maeslen. Maenn men. valorem habere. V. MsBse The river Mase. v. -leas. food.Mae<S A mowing. /. Moere-fsee the Maete m. clear. S. To be sufficient. Maldmes-burh Malmsbury. magan.-driht. preost-h&d -e}jel A gull's dwelling. -}jegn:m8egen. valere. S. famous. ce. : — — — : — — — : — — — : : : : — — — . honour. latten. -timber Kin. od. MaeSas. rnddY^Great. v. L. Mahlice Ravenously. MaeSie Modest. A mass priest. — gently. gemfiere. 1. ambiht-. v. can . S. maete. renoivn. maettra. Magude Prevailed. Macst. v. 2. To MxstVmgc-smi^ Acoppersmith gemaca. p.fellow servant. cmp.e9 v. maeg. e . the top of a mast. -win Consecrated wine. lofty. 2. v. pp. sian . relation. exanimals are fattened. nm. es v. m. -nes. mulan assembly.f Marl. magu. v. v. -lie. Der. Mai a part. Mae^lice Kindly. math. -Strang. majesty. 1 The mass. S.Mss^ avirgln. j?u miht. mach. ^ sister. vaan abiding. he maeg. maeton. v. chief first. Lot. feast. much.MageSe. high. J?egn^ mo. S. blot.-enes Greatness. enlarge. posse. -lie. 1. habere. man-. ode . Moderate. Mai Tribute. verij Maester Master. heafod-. L. maed-full. -nes. wild chamomile. C. mole. an . . G. toll. seo. Der. maeg. M'don-ig. man. Maestan To fatten. MaeS. evenbefore afeast. declare. manig. mete. maetost adj. Mseres-ig Mersey.— M Mffiiii . Moessian . cyst The hole in ivhich the mast is we mihton. powerful.f. L. man. or rather the cords at m. Apl. mentel. fyrd-. -scipe. v. such as acorns. a kinsMaer^. C. comrade. v. S. -raedden Right ofjiasturage. m. v. sefen The MaecSrian To honour. honour. Mara. an . -haemed. oret-. Magas sons. malwe Mallow. 162 . -gemot. degree. msestes . its quantity. mael. maege. L. mere.\ Maga. of Anglesea. od. m. S. Magan ? ic. sub.meaht: meagol. speak. Mserels-rap A rope of a ship. me<Sel. praise. dream. also maer^o. beado-. an . 2.eat. S. female Msere a mere. prey. -agend. Meer^ a weasel. The isle mastas. Man-ig. praevalere. Der. Maetra Tnore weak. -lac A cake made of spices. Maest. To\ Maga. myre.Meres-ig. Maest. The Medes. illustrious. vk^Mastprevail . spring. •mht Festival night. multitude. -had: Noble. had Virginity. Malu . preost Maew. nsedre a lamsp. -wlite maegcS. parent. -4 jnale relation. S. berries. festival.-huYge. — — — — — — Maldulfes-. V. Mcenig many. S. ma. night-mare. A brass vessel. shape. — . ber. S. maga: mage. Greatest. Mago. — p raalwes . 1. es . S. — — \ — . -timpraise. state. noivn. glory. L. Der. -tuddor A family. pi. sang Celebration Maffigende Watiton. Maensumung. Maerc a marli. mearc. v. brass.f. g. Mai. meariS. mearh. A MaMmalt. A mast of a ship. pp. ner. f. -)?rymnes: macian: lebrate. dition. ac. little. Respect.brass. p. menigeo. fordshire. Maesse. Maestlen brass. Maeslen Maslin. dignity. ge-.Maestling. g. fixed. def. to have value or power . An extolling. an . Meere more. Malscra mealt. mseg^. 4. measure. stoof mass. gull. food on ivhich maeg. — wyxt maltwort. Moenio. od. L. offspring. loay. v. a place of meeting. man. metan. be able./*. progeny. /. m. many. MaecSian . most. spot. mage. Der. con. Gloriously. A caul. Msenigeo. w. G. To be able. hacel. se rope. Most. substance. lofty. MaetS New wine boiled to half -rinc Men related. offthe plural Great actions. garment. Wilts. Der. mace mece. . v. maenigo a maeg. mast. Mainieo. S. dryht A family. S. mearo. a ce. Maestlinc -mor^or mago.ay. m. valere. 2. lere. In natS July. J. -bot.Maet. 1. discourse. v. Maescre A mesh. Moderate. blot. Maetan . sacred MaetSel Der. m./. Matter ne The river Marne. sjt. p. p. measure. maeg. lice Maesten. mayweed. hilde. S. . the human race. Mseslingc-smiS A brass or coppersmith. fame. MagoMserle-burh. ode j pp. courteously. Mahan may Mai A titude. Mserwa tender. ra. w ? Mast. re greater. — — — — — — — — — Msssene-sce'dlaBrass scales. greatly. Mserh marrow. boc The MaeSung. v. cneo-. es . MAO manig. d. Maet-faest Mageecte Frenzy. L. cyp A beam. Maecgjmecg. MaeSgige Moderate. A relation. magu. v. nn m. relics. -um raihtig. te } pp. citizen. meahton . — MAL . 2. Greatness. authority. nes. v. kinsman. speech.

thief Mara? Night-mare. -lie: amansumian: The name of a cas- Northumberland. \xx\g. man. A es. swearing. manian. Mare — mati image. manes. Used as the Dut. V. life. remind. Mastas. without men. Maser-feld Maserfield. Mannigenne. g. — A — 'Md^m-^\\\. to garrison. murderer. ode.-swara A toicked stoearer. Martr-od. — bot Com- A man pensation for homicide. Marubie Horehound. -ung A prating. higher. — — M2 — . ma<Svessel. gulf. a cannibal. jetvel. Marble. gl. 2. — art. fjeaw Man's cus. -raywmgDestruction ofmen. Der. sware Wicked of mycel] Greater. v. -siege Man A house of merchandise. Der. -fullice Th. sib-. An admonition. ceiver. \}eof A man Manian. drinc A deadly drink. martyrdom. genexhort. of man. men Ger. Martyr. an /. ability. — — — — — — : : Man's Le. 1G3 ciste^ treasure chest. To man. wickedness. K. dream Man's plea. m. monig Many. A Mapeld-ern A place of maple- — mynan. v. -ung. harangue. mond. they. Der. ac. v. To traffic. -ung. discourse. luhether maleorfemale. field. a fever. od. msenig. es. . Manung. A man. manig. -cild -cin A man child. MeSel.|?3et mare . v. ceiver. Tnultitudeor power of men. — Min-seta — eater. any Der. genga A fol. — — — — — — Ma^ avoided. — Wickedly. S. m<Ene. — — Mase A tvhirlpool. . man. S. ?n. fast A costly vessel. margen.urder. Marc. masts. K. v. Maroaro Moravia. — enmity. Der. adj. S.Manctis. Manig-feald Manifold. Der. horse. a treasury. wyrX Man's worth. One ofthehuman kind. seeacSa A toicked sceatUsury. kind. tvhich contai?ied thirty pen-drihten lord. The being enrf. slaga A slaying. bus A house of sin. es. on One. Marn morn. bus slsege.en. adj. S. od Martyred. hygo-. e. -cwealm Sin deat^. perjurer. hu. An. m. . ung — A slumbering. S. Mankind. ma. practice. es. gold-. Sinful. renowned. Manna. spic-. geiitlemenigeo mang-ere. -ian. A martyr. -cyn The human race. Der. Manhood. L. 1.— {jwaere Mild. fealdlfc Diversified. an . trading. manig. — A polluted — for-dsedla An or wicked doer. rim A multitude of m. man. g. interest Mar more.mse<5plian. bab- — — — bling. Martige The month of March. Man-ig Maine. man . gesteald A treaure place. weg Man's way. mam. horrible. Mare more. likeness. S. frsec-. perplexity.L. hoy. es . homicide. -dum. gelding. wicked. To speak. v. -em. sine-. Th. o^e. ode . gestreon sure. v. j^waernes Manig. v. -weorc tvicked tvork. so called — fulla fullic from his power to exact fines. swica de. nm.— nng A martyring. To multiply. menn nure . A mark. ornament. Massere. Jjwserian To become mild. A m. mangere. mann niannes. n.-^Vii[i^ Business. — — — mdiU. shilling.f. — lufi- gend A lover of mankind. Man-a<S A wicked oath. homage. Man . person. p. warning. facen Wicked deceit — fifehS feld evil full toick- gemina. pestilence.Mani many. Col-. Gemang. Man. treasury. an. men jil. — Full of edness.m8e^lan. a fine to the lord for slaying one of his men. man's. — — — — — A ~ — — — — — A A — — V. Mapul-dre A maple tree.ac. man and Fr. swerlan Mara-land Main land.Manyg many. 3. lica — — cwealm trees. zvorker of toickedness. fealdnes MwZ^i^)/ivarious. S. pp. ma^um. : — Wicked toickedness. p. maneus. Man-fultum military force. Mang-ere. vassal. — frea A wicked master. es . — A — — — A — — m A adv. mangere. manig. Manga for manega many. To admonish. m. v. master. -rfeden State of a vassal. meekness. sure. v. wundor-. onMildness. — ^eniila. The district of a reeve or governor. An. . cwelcwyld Maiiad admonished. advise. Sin. Wickedness. sure. S. had leas Manless. — fulness wickedness. maere. nm. vassal. S. Man. scipe The atti'ibute of ail loith — Mandragora Mandrake. v. Dryht-. v.Destruction. Der. rather. sin^Ex. un. dowed with mind. v. m. MacSa tcorms.rra. -bryne Man heat. tom. crime. ian p. \. g.[cmp. manig.an servant. A merchant monger tradesman. nian. msegen A philanthropist. more. wr6ht-.oi\. Mamer-ian To slumber. . v. sca<Sa. Maregen. — men. horse. human joy. the value of a man's life according to his station. hand-. perjury. n. people. -igan . More. S. ma^u. Ma^el-ere An orator. L. MAN Mal-ueisin tle in MAD Mdnsum Familiar.Hoardedtrea— — Manna Manna. Der. manig. -weorSung False tcorship. — — . m. a deMapel-treo maple tree. fulnies.make gentle.Mar-beam A mulberry-tree. . -stede. Mannes. maer^. man. Mansumnung Mxcommunication ? S. maneus. Mann man. mancg-ere. five if which made a -esne A man servant. stealer. miSan. a Mara . pestilence.-' Der. Der. se6.pp. morn. profane. six shillings. ness. intimate. — Mase. man. manna d. . . Marc a piece of tnoney . Maneg many. — A j)ublican. Ma. much. ode . v.y. slyht Hotnicide. pi. Man A nag. 2.aperson. v. S.many -werod A host of men wise — — man. Der. — — MaSm. pp od. marma. M'A^^ni Mantes in France. — MaSelian. goods. fyldian city. -h-MMartyrdom.. hence a maneus was tum Military force. — Wicked. perjury. gl. also manca. or teaman. . L. any one. — — — — — Plague. 2^0 forswear.6fer-. -wraece Wicked. v. S. maIpre A murderer. bealo^ sinful evil. -swara. mara. p. mass.Mancg-ere. gift. scyldig Crime guilty. . v. morgeu. trea- — — — — Man'g-ceaster Manchester.— — — MAN . v. tle. swora. talent. v. in France. -word. gabble. A tit-mouse. 4. lower of evil.Mand a basket. MaSele Tumultuous. trade merchandise. MarcSa wonders. death of daed^ wickeddeed. times. S. Gemaene. ma^st.

L. Der. v. little. stapa A dull. Kent. meodu. lice Moderately. cate. v. err. V. meard. v. — — — — Mede-monaX. raeagl Great. Mearh-cofa bug. ness. mece. chest. m. treasury. v. to me. Medo mead. hord treasure MED MEI v. small- — '. Meht might. an . g. treasure giver. Meden a maiden. 2. m. toxq. Be164 boundaries. bravely. C. S. Medlic little. Medeshamstede Medesham- — — — name of Peterborough. steed. medeme.. med. Mech me. ^ wealth.ndBoundary-land. msegen. Mecg a man. — . ode . Med-micel [medeme little"] Moderate. damsel. v. Max. inawen To mow. Power. modor. . mgeg. .Mecgan To make. es . An. of ic. Meagol. v. n Wor-weard A keeper or watch of thy. def. mil. od. v. v. Der. Hoarded — — — — A Mearce Mercians. crity. medeme. Medric Moderate. mark out. Mo. pp. seld A mead chair or seat. To Me Me. Medmian To go in the middle. pp. Mede-waeg. MatSoh Tumultuosa. — — full Mead cup. A sword. moderate. sign. xcanderer in marches. ode . od. Megyn strength. Mattoc a bill. A field. masc. Meh me. pi. meow. f. v. lie Worthy. mediate. Der. d. Medme. m. mearh. wurt Meche a sword. Mealt. Mearewes. v. ary mark. soft. e •. es n. malt. an . meltan. adj. chion. medeme. benefit. medeme. mighty. ung Modera-\a. v. Ma^u. drinc Mead drink. Mearcredes-burnan-stede Mecred's Burnsted. matS. Mearo. little. L. m. wela Treasure Mearglic Like marroiv. pp.e. Mealc milk. C. Meah t. od. nes Power. [med beneff] ster. a d. mear^. a limit. L. v.mearcian. A hoard. land-. To od. proper. werig Mead weary room. maeden. S. A marMeademe. the ancient terborough. short. p. n. wemeowon. A marroio cave. Mearu. cot Malt-shot. measure. fot-. appoint.merit. gifu. Mawan. med. nignity. a mon. 2. Malt-ivort. Medo-aern A meadplace. -trymnes Infirmity. border. the marches. Mealewes of meal. . Mealwe. dagger. meolc. horse. es m. small. To moderate. 1. L. -hseccel ? A sauMatu 1 Envious. trumnes. loine drinking. adj. v. Le. es . boundary. es .f. sigel A precious Meare a boundary. dignity. m. melo. Maldulfes Meca. — Med-weg The river Medway. mearg Marroto. Mear a horse. net. dible. ferret. p. Mead. setl A mead settle or seat. recompence. mec. . mettoc. Medem-ian . Megen strength. Wilts. es . gem. 1. S. Medyr mother. medeme. v. v. mearo. delimesh. jjreat Worthy. ma2cg. mattress. ge-. Medum moderate. magan. idlicnes Medioisen A marking-iron.Meawle. v. Le. ac. me. Medes-wel A spring near Pestede. Med-seel^ [6£b1<5 happiness] Unhappiness. — — -heal — — — scene A mead draught. A frontier path. money gilda An hireling. mear. f. brave. v. -hus Malt . V. re. au. S. um. msegen. Littleness. treasurer. — — — — — — — — Meg relation. ^ MEA gifa treasure. Med. v. a bone. adj. — nesDignity. determine. polecat. v. A mark. mzedewe. viding into chapters. Mealt melted.house. — — — — — — — dwelling. meowle. falDer. — — Medom Worthy. ed. kindness. hus A treasure Meard reward. u . msw. hyrde A Meard a marten. might.Medeme. — S. mearg. Mece. pleasure of wine. Mearh. m6dor. medewyrt. msegen. gal Meud^ merry flushed with wine. Med-feohRez«ard Mear. L. sl. bene A mead bench. d. gemaca. assign. /? An thority. mud Great mind. Aboundwyrhta An travagant. wes g. pleasure theglin. sage. hireling. Medder a mother. Merit. m. meodo g.magan.. mearu . lice Powerfully. lenity. S. medeme. Moderate.4 treasure gift. snare. v.—' -burh Mead city. Meig a relation. v. Sussex. cut Mearn mourned. wang A mead plain. MearS. might.Meed. mean. v/isHalfwise. msesse. C. e. The river — : . nour. money. v. stol A treasure seat. misfortune. -gehificca. v.Measse the mass. modor. burh Malmshury. v. of ic. wort. — — — Der. m. L. v. — Medway. C. Medewe. es . new beer. Medeme. Mallo2VS. macian. Hrycg-. L. v. house. To distinguish. a Mearc. malt-tax.:gemearc. Meatte A mat. medo. v. describe. common. A worm. Mearrian . v. Mealm-stan A sand stone'* Mece-flsc A mullet. v. S. maiden. f. of medu. murnan.reward. middling. unmarried ivoman. mead.Weder. R. a throne. v. meed. point or Medem-ian. mearc. d. bounty. miht. sceat Reward money. hq?. paitS tion. meard. Meder to a mother. Mede-wyrt Meadow-wort. v. ac. [midde themidMearc-huf A field house. Megende having power. m2ed-m6na8. ma<S-m6naS meed. 1. mech me . Mealdelmes burh. pp. mece. medu. Der. character. down. p. me. — Medu. v. Der. ge-. spedig Profuse. pp. die] tent. apt. ges. drinking — — — — : drunk — — wyrt 1 — — Mead wort — — — — — — — — or plant. e. mearo. f. ynaggot. f. — reeden Bestowing of Mead hall. Max-wyrte Wort. S. pawerful. tin. dream Mead joy. v. /?. weakness. ian . A noose. Malt. capaThe border troop. meet. v. Mearh. C. laicked. M^c. v. v. ode . Mead a reward. S. v. v. Meaw a gull. Mederce A coffer. temper. To mark. m. toeasel ? Meagn poiver. Inmede. S.f. d. S. MseS. 2. banqueting room. marrow pudding. hoe. v. nes. poiverful. ac. gemare. MearunesTewrferwess. Der. ac. 5. Medum worthy. Meda g. myrce. C. . Mear<S reward. nm. ode ung A marking. v. v. exbribe. se mearwa g. medeme. Meahte might. ho-wa<S J boundary pathyK. n. v. a servant. Medren Motherly. p. magan. Tender. Der.

gealla Herba contra apostewes.Amaid servant. — MET — -ward A sea-ward or guard. paint?^ Mengian. mergen. S. v. -lie: : Seagealla Sea flood. v. fset sioine. — — Like a man. a Meox. C. Mellont A Norman castle. To meng. measure. ocean — A > — — — en. /. faet MergS mirth. dung. — flod — — ungemet. — mzera. melu. discovery. tle. v. e. Meni. mengan. v. meal tax. measure. 2. (v. liXe Soft as milk. e. To measure. the Btrengo Sea strength. raenig-u.meegi. Meottoc. mortal. n. ung A melting. n.Meor-an to hinder. -fara A sea-farer. maersian. p. hwit Milk Meric Mint. Meowen mown.de. moderate. -nes. v. mealc. meorS A reivard. eald-. metod. S. pp. Mele-deaw Honey dew. v. R. manlike. meten To mete. v. \. Met Middle.Meodum ?«orMi/. Menigo. siren. meniu a multitude. inform Meodum little. -lie gemetsian metenes. tnen. Mese a table. v. Mark. hen-fisc A sea-fish. . — enes A commeter). Meolc. the ocean. maengnan.title.— ung Hindrance. Messager Messenger. man. people. belonging to man or mankind. e . humanity. m. discover. handmaid. destined. lad Sea-road li^ende Sea-far- — — — — m. v. es . deor A sea-beast. medeme. ed. mzercS. the ark. Der. Mentel . ian p. mel. v. Mendlie Moderate. v. 1G5 -geard measuring rod. Melo-gescot A Meord. R. Mennisc. Menisc Belonging to men. Meotedisc-fenn The lake near MercS hinders.y. Mei-e Amanner. paint. murnan. -ung. difficulty. myrran. v. Melyst A stammerer. Menigeo. v. V. Metan. p. egyrd A measuring — — — — er. -ingc. street sea street or passage. Meodoma. ling. Mencgnes. maenan. v. m. A multitude. es m. Meodem moderate. an .maera. -ost. v. An ornament. Ex. ian romiZA. meoloc. . f? \. hus . To tell. Der. lie Human. L. mennenu. v. ship. v. meolc. notice. multitude. Menge. v. belonging to man. J9.. he. es n.n. — — — — ( . make known.A7nanMelc milch. manig. A mixture. Merce Mercians. Merg marrow. lake.f. Fate pi. Meose a table. deaS Seadeath. v. hoop. Meorc murky. -lie. S. -fsest. pp. v. humanly. se. v. grund Sea-ground or deep. Milk. L. melcan. skip. A-. menigeo. Myrce. can). Meld-a A Meodo mead. v. myrran. C. Herts. meon A shoe. L. ming. Meos. S. V. v. sp. ing. Mene. od. a sail. betraying.. mencgan Mere. pool. mix. virgin. mearo. informer. unwitSmetenlic: maete. molcen To milk. excellent. Ex. — — — — — . the mouth of the Phasis. mankind. . ode. melue?. : witS-: or-. d.. L. Menas ornaments. mearc. Der. Merring Prodigality. — hrse- — Mennen. proof. -ten. 2. molten To melt. menig. — . cup. tray. mel. Meotod. ship. meoluc milk. Mere a mare.an. -tor A sea stormer. Der. The Fates. meocs. — — — — — -egan. L. v. middling. -uncg A — A — — . — swin Sea —nes Manhood. Melt-an p. we Mengan To water.\MennyHy v. parsley.wi^-: gemet. "betrayer. (v. v. Mes. v. man. v. v. The marsh-malloio. Menn men. -gian To measure. indcl. v. melu. impediment. gel Sea-sheet. Menan to mean. melwe. V. A mere. e /.-]pis3-d. efen-. v. basket. ode . medu. : : : : — — gest A sea-horse. To draio milk. \)issi. melewes . Der. myre. he mit . es . S. m6c. Meretun. v. es . measure. Meal. ship. A fatMencgan to mix. mgest. adj. ware Marshmen or fenfour Der. A hollow vessel. lead aside. mearh. — -ere An inventor.C. Mele. p. manig. L. Melewes. Mersc A marsh. Merce Bahn. -cald. expert. Human. The race of . m. Meolc-breost Der. Sea. Men to man. rayrran. menigeo. diges. — MER fjyssa MEN Merec Mint. Merced Marked. meolc. menegu. J. a mill 1 Meornan. little. dissolve. L. S. morgen. mast. grot A pearl. v. mtesse. L. mint. v. od. melu. white. efen-. — sea house. gung Temperance. Merantun Merton. v. Der. fen. An. Merse-d£eg A festival-day. Merst-lor. maid. Merran To hinder. a A milk vat. dolphin? whale?— lice raen^ mermaid. -hwearf The sea shore. -sucan To suck milk. we multon Meolec milk. v. MertS glory. R. unmitte metten ofermetto : ofermedle onmedle: metod. werg A sea-wolf wif A sea-ivoman. flour. -land Marsh-land meal we tion. Mesan To eat.4 sea-house. Melcan .A cow. feoh A fee for the discovery ofa crime. medeme. C. Mei^ hMbeing ofage. mingle. pp. bog. medeme. teon Merra A deceiver. myse. mawan. Mersung/awe. y. — — . the ark. cloak. f. -stream Sea stream. myr^. menisc. Meodu mead. Menegeo. sailor. Mennisc. a teat. ing nesdre A sea-snake. -gen. v. f. Meolo meal. mearh. L. feast. Menen A damsel. A weaver's turyiing beam. pot. e-. Meomor Skilful. mire. maid. Mest greatest. parison.Merien. rule. g.2)er. traitor. L. galls. mene. v.v. S. myse. v.f. Meowle. ring. ung/1 discovering. melue. To have unlaioful intercourse. egung A measuring. Merantun. menego a Merc mark. egian. S. Meres-ig. neckchain. compare. msest. Meld Evidence. hus A meal Meoring Waste. cook. -fsest. Mere-bold A Der. Mek me. — A sea tower. menigeo. L. mix. v. porpoise. aim. -gung. Surry. mermaid. mentles. v. a. pp. The Mersey. pp. meolc. danger. 1. menio.also menigu. — rod. Melo flour. -dlic. 2. against. ciest Seachest. — — — — . mattuc. v. scir-. meeton . A milk-breast. e. painter. pp. v. — A measuring vat. es m. Moss. Mergen. — — Mere . V. m. Meru. mengeo. melewe . Memera The river Maran. Der.Meoloc. medu. Merih marrow. mennen Mentastrum Wild mint. v. we mulcon Meo pi. house. mealt. incarnation. rock. . deliberation. melo g. Messe the mass. mata et teredinem valens. Mercels. v. V. Mersud. mearMelu.

little.metten. whereas. Derbyshire. w. jnetan. Der. for as much MetSe Weariness. 1. Der. gemot. middle. vieat. meet Metod dreamed. Met-sceat A reicard. mid \}f pe whilst. wyrhta A With all. wyrcaa To work ivith. lafa Remnants offood. as soon as. si<5ian To travel A — — : — — Mette food. v. Mets-ian To give meat. after that. as. es . MET painting.Micla. sp. ac. jja'mting. tofeed. we metton . -egian p. K. mece. winter Midwinter. ma^elian. nourish. — seax A meat knife. m. — — pany with. accompany. milking coiu — A meat bag. and is expressed by the Latin prefixes co-. tchen therefore. senate house. — Mex-faet shovel. Mexe a sword. etc. Mettena. finger The middle finger. Mid ealle the orb of the earth. ? -fajtels — Meat cow. sumer Mid- — — — . — gehealdan To those of Warwickshii'e. to accompany. fot The middle of the foot. Middel MirftZ/e. mete. nes Infirmity. altogether. mattoc. -dceglic Mid-day. wist Knowledge. j^rowung Suffering with. le. means of. ])y ]}a. Der. middlemost. -wng. te. -swegian To sound together. -utsiht A fiux. tnetrical work. v. S. Metod measured. metre-'Worker.unmets-ian. feed. word prepared word. sung Messing. mycel Moderate. -winter •m6na<5 Midwinter month. eleofa A food chamwallet.. rif To intercede. mycel. . v. ode. -geard. Mettan. -dseglic Mid-day. together. M6tvSi?/iore itioderate. -gafol Meat tax. enclosure. med. Christthat. summer. b0e]g/4 meat bag. n. — Midtvard. meridian. Midde-sidan The loins. — — tide. mid ^on J^e. — wed A — hoe. co-operate. scir-.Meat. fl6r. S. ly. Michael's Midd A bushel measure. comrade. -hri^re — — S. mette.buih-. pp. Micg-an Toicater . geardlic Worldly Rletfaest modest. drain. Staffordshire. substance. writan To tcrite with. adorn. judgment place. • — dowry. M6^e. sumer Midsum: — — : mer. mete. v. . God IMctod-sceaft Death . R. mette. Mette. R. L. metton. sian . Der. Sick. diarrhcea. hlyte A fellowsatisfy. MetSl a speech. -wyrhta A felloiv-ivorkerf eatable mushroom. deliberation. singend Concentor. v. es. thereupon. Le. the metre geworc Metre-icork. advocate -sprecan To speak with. Mettac mattock. metan. [geard a yard. Morgen-. meridian. Mid sibbe With peace. to accord. S. standan To standby. converse. micle. Midan to conceal. -stede A place for council. to feed. mid. sickness. society. gem^t To meet. tribute in metan. v. d. mid jjon With world. In composition. cor-. con-. -least ssec — — together. v. etc. Urine. a pantry. sern numa A co-heir. measuring Hietod).hundred-. An urinary. v. crseft Metre-craft. cellar. es. gesculdru Space — — — — 166 . of poetry. -Engle The mid die Angles. — — Christmas. sure. se midda . middle. ter-solstice. — scent toith. by ing. es . cut an effigy. v. meat. retain assent. ern A speakcourse. meter. MetSgian To smoke. middle. A mixing — ing-vat. — lifian p. Metian. — J>er. MID measuring.June. weak. mea- Metan mors. Meter Metre. age. the art Michselstow. mid Midde. ode pp. ian To feed.~ mest Midmost. S fleon To fly together. gemet. dagger. m. ship. Metr metre. 1. smea-. speech. — adj. measure. Me« Feeble. e . ing. eardlic Worldly.paint. — scofl A vat. Mid-. — Mid-day. Mid-dseg Der. metian. ^^egn A Micg a gnat. e. wunung Dwelling with. paid on food. denotes With. — daeg-tid Mid-day -feor^ Youth. Me^iende Complaining. To give meat. co-adjutor. when.m6t. in Cornwall. folc-. od. — — — Metod. i.— mht Midnight. swaram An food. With. Mid \>y.m6na-(S Midsummer-month. Mettoe.\\ m£etra.Meu a gull. famine. rap Measuring. Der. metena The measuThe lump fish. seeing that. — — ferh A steer.food. A discourse. pp. -ung. ing place. obtain. Metest Worst. A meat sack or bag. Middan./. the caul. pp. v. mean. fellowship. Le. Mid. dining-room. diviua creatio. v. od. meSel. Mid )?am )pe. sumor . -sumer rn iddes. -man : gemete. adv.mediate. to reicard. meSig Wearied. mettoe. torn-. 2. prep. sung Messing. srewyiltta A co-worker. v. mseg-. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — MeSel. MecSig Wearied. -weard middan. while. v. dernMet-aern A meat place. v. peacefully. yrf'emeat thane or servant. -geard. V. v. mas. j^get midde . privity. -winter Midwinter. -ing. maitan. -eard. It also signifies. L. m. — — fisc — — with. cund Metre place. get. compassion.hand-. Mettrum infirm. S. in as much as.y. of metian to mete. fers Heroic verse. meten. destitute. among. the mullet. ore Middle region. verse. S. — — A When. es .?n. card The middle region. Ex.— rad A riding in com- — — Der. com-. Me^lice Courteously. 2. — — lencten vitals. food.— Middel-Angdseg-sang Mid-day song. m. seo. speech. Mid. To sculpture. Metrum. — ridan To ride — ^ midriff. v. S.. cu ber. maete. win- Want of meat. Der. Conversation. In the mid&t. p. — hrif The MID midriff. . -niht. To measure. where one syllable is tcant. —wed — weard — A — ferh^ Middle bullock. entireicorld. Mete. A [nietod . mi<5an. me- trum. S.-fler Themiddle fioor or story. adorn] Tfie Creator. Micg-ejean. An. A bill. a poet. rers. midmest — A — — Among. a speech. -ern.miu^eYe. mycel. weas — By chance. mashmixing Micel much. — scipe A taMng food. def. with. to find.— j^olian To suffer — — — — — — -leas Meatless. Mid-lent. tired. ung rope. my eg. od. v. regionl The earth. Mo. Common. maw. K. spi eca A defender. Der. set discwide council.halle-. dowry.7>.Fates. December. -winter: midmedema: todseg. Der. ( v. f. on-. fyliganTo/oZ/oz^.

happen amiss. v. mirigcS. mingung Admoni- dient —h-wer&'dn. faran To go amiss. \g\ice. A harlot.C. — hersum Disobe— — — middlemost. -lie Unlike. — limpan To — — — — happen — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -wurSian To dishonour disgrace. Mi rig Merry. use. S. tun Middleton. masr. meolc. ble — gewider — To To over-eat. es . various. v.he mih<5. Midlen Belonging to noon. Hardnessof the spleen. e . abuse. for midlic Pardonable. magan. middel. dark. misgovern. -tzecan To instruct amiss.for-. Midlen. -gretan 2'o abuse. S. 1. Prefixed to words.ian To tonsure amiss. lessen. evil. Powers. mo. mix. of me. destroy. Mil. n. to transgress. milde. gemearc Mirilic Full of marrow. — — Der. urine. abortare. devour. myr^. offend. Mlhan To loater.e. an. wendian To pervert. mercy. Migol Diuretic. to evil speak. misinform. pardon. Mire . powerful. fault. v. ian To pity. v. v. ode. wissian To teach improperly. Mirran To hinder. meolc.— -spowan To succeed badly. diver- — — sity. Mis-. dele. se midlesta The Mina Fannus piscis.— Mildunlikeness.myse. milts. murk. MigcSa.S. gemindiglicnes. pain of the spleen. A mile. A nun. Mimor known. had pow. missian. could. n./. myrran. es. counsel. spleen. gentle. mercy.Mire An ant. Minsian To diminish.}^. Missian To miss. Mfgga Miging A watering. revile. Minicen. va. fadian To pervert. railsc Mixed ivith honey. mfgan. Urine. L. Milts Mercy. mellow. -wenian To misuse. Mist-el The herb basil. n. — . Le. differlice Variously. darkness. Mist. mynet. my. also minicene. -elice Mildly. loander Unseasona- A — . filth.Min Mine. a seed. fewer. J^eon To degenerate. pity. Mine the mind. JNJidl The middle. Mint.indulge. Mire A vessel to keep honey.-i\ice Mightily . possibly. tion. — weather. 7nistake. Milde Mild. v. Minet money. Le. elice Mightily. cyn Mint-kind. writan To misivrite. od. Broc-. mingian. Seaxe. corrupt. abuse. murky. bleocS mist veil or coverhig. -hleahtor Mild laughter. f. myr^ra. Mibt. leas Powerless. Der. c . v. Missare. feld-. missere. ung Pity. A middle. v. sheaf. e. reed Bad raedan To misread. v. ripe. tninikin. Might. extraordinary. -fadung^ perversion. gian. loho occupied the present Middlesex.Milts. v. — . — — — — -fedan — — — —»f6n from. middling. S. various. ^ Mierring A profusion. nectar. byran To disobey. rm6. mislead. — daed Mildeaw Mildetv. Mile milk.poioignes Mightiness. Miln A mill. dekind. Mihte might. ian p. — — — — A — — A — — . variety. sae-.mighty. Miscan To mix. diversity. — elic. Mire Darkness. to. Mindgian. -ian. mist-lie. to err. Mis-lie. Misse-lic.L. mingle. L. Wcel. mean. dunghill. Der. erfully. displease. an . mercy. Missere. siveet. boheortnes Mild-heartedren Misborn. smaller. -istre . an error.pp. v. ful. Mercy. j^incan To seem ivrong. mingere. able. In pi. heortlice Mercifully. Mistl. Midlest . 77iight less. v. to receive uncivilly. adj. tihtendlic Dissuasive. sar Sore or Middle. licnes Uidikeness./. poioer. tidan To happen atniss. S. to pervert. Mioloc milk. lice In derate. lice. er. licnes Unlikeness. mistlic Various. Mise a table. coffer. A mile distance. seduce -lar Bad-lore or doctriiie.milie. l(i7 — mis-. niht Midnight. licent. v. to mistake. Der. -laedan To mislead. nes lie-wise Various ways. an.v. — cease. sung — — — riage . Mirg^.ic mise. Mil Millet. — — — MIS -efef. — — amiss. — — heald-sumnes Negligence. misselic. an . -weaxende Growing badly. miscarj^iage. pleasant. Milds. strength. To turn aside. different. mistake. decay. — — — — disorderly endcbyrdian To put in disorder. injure.y. merciful. we migon . es. to darken. cyrran — miscar- — — Pity. timan To mistime. -cwe^an To speak amiss. banter. of the spleen. —don To do amiss. gemimor. weak. sin. middle. micel Less great. misen To water . miltan. restrain. — — byrd Misbirth. K. to err. Milt. diverse. -seoc Milt or spleen sick. S. scare? Middum In theviidst. begracious. G. Miox dung. B. power. S. s. Midema The middlemost.-igendMidle in the middle. err./. v. Mindiglicnes a memorial. to Midle A hridlebit. v. iniracles. my manner. able. ung^ middle. teas in health. m. mynte. miraculously. L. ig Mighty. mercifully. milte. v. Migan. V. 7n. pp. The milt. Mercy. devoutly.mah. v. -hwyrfian To turn amiss. S. -endebyrde Out of order. licoriVfore — — — — — — poioerfully. S. pity. calfian To misccdoe . v. nes : -lic- — — — — ness. def. —lie ian To mis like. sprecan To murmur. among. Miltan To melt. S. — — — Misenlic. S. Der. middle Saxons. -\g\icMighty. JNIidding A midding. Misdeed. -weorc Bad work. 2.mihtig. or in my. compassion. missian. hsebbende Being — — A — — sick. Mis-began To heorte Mild-hearted. v. troubled. Minte. middel. p. ^ half year.Minre Of. aprison. -hringas Bracelets. pleasant. — sian To f.— Ul befween L MIS Miloscian To become gentle or the shoulders. v. -ian. ian. mig<Sa. to act disorderly. Cd.-ung: notes A defect. v. counsel amiss. Mideroe -wra3C Pain of the milt. giman[gyman to take care o/"] To neglect. harlot's house.~ del. Minegung. Miltestre. el-ta Mistletoe.A mist cloud. iendlic. C. raeltan. mod A violent m ind. myne. missen-lic Dissimilar. Minnsera A handful.es . sad. misdirect. bus rule. e : /. v. -rian To make misty. lour. Sexe The Milisc. — Minster A minster. Milt-cocSu A disease Middes inviidst. dispose. indisposition. mynMiehtig porverful. to-middes. -lie Possible. mercibeodanro misdisfigure. -ig Misty. To divide. Dark. S. -crocettan To croak badly. chest. Mir<Sr-a.

'\a?. Monung admonition. A A — A A A — — nm. An. The morning. heath stepper. niixen.sarig-. d. -gifu. pp. meox./*. heath. v. 2. advise. ge-. -igan p. soning. Morcnung. /. sear-. a wild aniModg proud. lufu Mindlove. force. munt. -nes Modur Tnother. murnan. e. ness of mind. dung barrow. v. es. bath ? bushel? Mitting A meeting. clandestine murder. morgen. hserangry. pusillani-adl Menstrualis morbus. Th. blod nimity. M6n6<5. Dung. mild.or-. v. mist. passion. gewinn Conflict of Molsnian.Mona. lunatic.allmornmind. y.Der. the husband. v. v. to avoid. S. courageous. molegnmind. To corrupt. mod As an adj. matutine. tachment. Thought of mind. meltan. v. Monan lice Proudly. A mother. manig. in a cheerful mood. es . meder. was her own property. manig. M6nutS a month. A month. Jjwaer- MOR admonish. v. — — — A — — Mon man. daed deadly deed. pusilla-adlic Monthly-sick. -ignes. S.A complaint^ gleaw-.: mirtSrian : mirSra.— MOD Misfrian. galg-. mid. To tear in pieces. an. Morgen. mourning. p. v. m. Monec a monk. ode. Der. Dung. v. -ge|7onc Thoughts of the Molegen. p. igMon-lic nes. igter-. -ode . zealous. wi cSer. omit. -ilic Magnanimous. in: also mittejan. mar-beam. Mind.—^ self-. Mod. proud. Mitta. in mod. Ex. Morode Brine. -long Morning long. geomor-. meekness. murnan. mohSe. Monger dealer. highway robber. gu<5-. leas M6na<S. sweg A morning noise. ho mage. Mornan to mourn. -hze^ moor heath. Mould. ing to morning. a great aunt. meek. mal.sti5-. Waste land from rocks. f. m6dor. ma^ ? we mi don.Mond care. land Mountainous land. modig. to the settlement made by molegn. lie Bold. M6dor. perdition. v. trouble. -geomor Mindsad ge|?anc. Waste land. d. sensation. -lie. lie Monthly. din eg The aunt. 1. Mortere A . maeS-. hide. Mind. meder . An. Mole en Milk-food. 168 sor^ — — morning speech. fest-. spel for-. 2. . least Folly.swi<5-. miden. Moran Mulberries. — — — — — Moni. A hill. Der. bliSe-. -dlic. C.—~gehjgd the grave. animosity. — — — — — — — Morgyn. pond. momg many. modor. counsel. a moor. dissemble. m. hence. v. Mite. es. monaS.oMen. Monn a man. man. MorSor. pp. termination denotes What is done with mind. Moe<Se Troublesome. Mix.sorroio. Moon-like. Dis- — — —hwata Mind hot. To disease of the heart. position. 1. v. — nes Patience. m6digan./. Weak minded. plante plant. munuc. satis. Der. glsed-. v. v. MON Griefofmi7id. viood. lie Belong' quor. bearuwe. lay claim to. Der. Merigen. an . mangere. — — — — A prep. lice Boldly. becarne a widow. An filth. Mor <5. tid Morn-sprffic^ ing-tide. moddrie. v. Themoon. /. S. od. Morgen-ceald Mod -bysgung Mind em. od. A teaming. S. hence. Cd. Modren Motherly. spirit. e. Morning cold. Mord death. morrow. 2. opposed to siege slaughter. monaS. midwinmoody.Amoiher-slayer. Modrian modor An en A aunfs mother. es . Mont a mountain. m6dig.heard-. nes. easter-. manung. A fen. moddrige. modor. moriS. morning after marriage. wyrt Moor grass. adj.Moneg many. — bale. L. v. in addition weg Earthway. dirty. Menstrua. munuc. modig. as. weod-. mortar. v. a month. stapa^ Moderg sister's son. pi. pp. Mistucian. -|janc Mind's thought.— \>w^T Patient in mind. g41-.— leoht sticci A kind of gum or li-ge\}ohtMind's thought reaMorninglight. -sumnes Agreement. remind. grsef The grave. n. h^te Mind ing. Waste land on account of water. mad. pp. -cearu Mind care. to be -monatS. mistian 2'o darken. ig Proud. S.^ B\i^e-m6dCheerfulminded. to punish unjustly. fore A dung Modeg proud. . notice. Mon^ a month. v. m. care.—^ MogXe. earth.: ^n. intel. mund. — wacan To awake — — — — — — — — — — early. Monige.—st'dio\ Firm staSolnes Firm minded. -waeg A proud wave. Morn Morn. lect. angrily. halig-. v. mind. ofer-: anmedla. 'M. epha. pool. v. haetu Mind heat. slothfulness. iglic Proud.an. mseg. S. — .Moettan To find. es — mseg-. m. Secret destruction. the gift of the husband premind. Le. to rage. V. v. Mitinc A meeting. steorra A morning star. £er-. bolgen-. v. B. v. 1. measure. hlyd-. mountain: Mor-fgestan — — — fork. man.'.Mond. Modgian. modrige. intelligence. also. the mind. M6r. A'n-. werig-. Moddren Motherly. if she hrerende Moving inearth. m6n^5. hwset. It ofmind. scea^a Deadly robber. R. basket. v. dunghill . modlic . ful Full sented to the wife on the sern The earth house. -seocnes Sickness of mind. wrath. hatred. Death — A — MorS-bealo murder. ac. S. pickle. hate.j9. -bearwe A Moddrie. \)TmcMind. v. faction. M6dorslsiga. bemiSan. lunar. man. A maund. 3. disposition . mihtig. The morning giftj -cwanigi^am^ or languid in Molde.-\\x^eMindfavour. v. an . v. Death. The dawning of the day. bog. 6fer-. — — n. morgen. murder. od. es. 1. mo^Jje.other. deagung ployment. wsefre-. mous. courageous. to watch. bl6t-. v. violence. MitSan. midsumer-. — fastness.Modrie. — ian. MiS — — hid./. the mind.def. filth of a dunghill. Monnec a monk. A dunghill 2. fortitude.— seoc Morn sick. -seoc Monthly-sick. -ig. unfor-. m6dian. X. To be high. proud. bold. m. hre^e-. bold. dseg Monday. irritable. v. Mon-ig Mona island. 7nelted. but sometimes modra. morning messenger. — : — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . sin.animated. m. dust. merry. dirt.strength courage. warning. ajffliction. assembly of council. v. Der. /*. an. ode . morhgen. -sefa The mind's sense. Mon wickedness. Mor-beam. S. lie miSen To Mitig miyhty. destruction.scea<5a Moder m. inite. minded. eg. Der. v. a Monian . v. ead-. With. anger. at.hreo-. -ines Pride. an . To vex.

heap. noble. L. f. hrof The roof of the mouth. to be solicitous about . Muga. Munc a monk. Munegung. micle. Mudrica Loculus. munuc. /. Musclan-scel Mussel-shell. S. Le. Municep A privileged city. a protector. proud. an . Mount-land. v.me\t2in. harlot's house. \. nung. mearn. l. 2. MycgSiurine. Le. powder. Many. — slaga A murhell. 2. glory — Myd with. g. e. hete Murder der. Mugon Could. bell Moot-bell. S. or much speaking. -ern A place of meeting. — Munt-geofa. berland. Mymor Mindful. gemot. my ui^To rememberf . V. — ian To be made a — Monk-like. -berie — — headed. ma more. Myn.ic. -net -4 net to keep off gnats.mys.— -ian p. S. Food. I'he -lofes of Jupiter.semouse-haiok. Myltsian To pity. L. shell-fish. Love. 2. may. weard One for. ^ stack. v. to become large. regard. lie Great. Mun. L. micele.wort. — um mussel. mycel. wyrhta A private ir oyiage. v. S. Der. S. Mylcian to milk. piscis. Most. mow. S. ian. Der. mynster. -sliht Death-striker. man's household peace . The right of protection. m. m. Mucg a mow. defence. pp. mullus. micclum. A mill Mnvh^ joy. maest. V. jo. v. e .— hesdsProtection's MorSor. L.wemurMiil. es . A beak of a bird. es. non. sise-. abundance. Myg a gnat. Must Must. greatly. v. Musc-fleotan Bibiones. flesh. m. make wet. v. A mote. — tron. be. sp. adl A disease of the mouth. A made sharp by a mill-stone. — — — — — Mylten-hus A harloVs house. magan. Most a mast ? Cd. To assemble for conversation. — Monastic monk. crease. iend A protector. heal A moot or meeting hall. muscle. morSres. myln a mill. S. Must Muston. L. The mouth. gemunan. mu- derer. flesh.A mule. es. Mot . n. S. Murcn-ere A murmurer. Great. heap. A hand. mickle. To in- — — — — — — — — tiply. muscle. 169 Mylt the milt. mihtig. murmur. A — . an . Mucel. curity. MuX-a. lie lif monastic dress. — — Munt. — mount land. m. Mus-eare Der. pp. v. Mowe A Der. Leicestershire. A loan. mig^a. nes Greatness. orifice. omen. must.?. v. Murge Joyful. v. muga. Mylen. meltan. ode. MUN — MUS MYN MorS-slaga A murderer. ie. hyrde A driA mill-trough. es J m. A mulberry. v.Myll. V. Muwe a mow. v. A mount. Musle a mussel. Myltestre. mulberry. v. discuss. S. To Myhtig mighty. pacify. mid Der. manung. v.manian. cmp. adj. S. bracelet. S. mild. Mundig Mindful. Mut a meeting. L. Mur A wall. v. myln. Mucxle amussel. Munuc. Der. m. L.mornen. Mo<5Jje. Mutung. repine. — — Muxle a mussel. bersting Mos. a hell rised to call an assembly. Der. Munca-ceaster Monkchester. pelvis. mycg. muchel. munuc. Mund. p. troh stan A mVl-stone. neto wine. a house of assembly. am able. derer. the fine for its violation. Mycel. — My nQxi) p. to treat. f. -ian To defend. muscle. fl. sp. od. Mo<5-feng A large statue. S. myrt5. lice Greatly. es . Because A mouse-trap. Mot -an To cite. Murn-ung Mourn. Le. e . gnat. Murra Mock chervil. The herb mouse-ear. also. A — — With the hands. L. hilly- . a mother. maest. pahate. Der. e . monastic. -beam A mulberry tree. killer. adv. v. v. or grasp. a jeioel. Mycle. pulse. munan. pl. we moston. v. The mouth of a river. ung A Myl Dust. /. he mot. The protection of a Muscel a mussel. v. misery. v. affection. wonsprecende High derfully. v. S.—gv'n^e A hand gripe murderer. — M und-leowe -4 &asiw. Myld mild. an . p. pour out. m. )ju most. mot. an . ought. 1.A midge. MuotS. dexterously ? Munden remembered. 2. magnificence.. ^ moth. mu«. an opening. od. met- Mund-ford Montfort. mot. an assembly. -scearp Mill-sharp. 1. Mot. L. Der. cmp. hell. — — — bona A mouthdevourer.fence. ode pp. od. mucxle. milt. myrre. micel. Murneck or bosom. punishment. Mycg. fealo A the hand is a protection. es . ode. v. Mylsce-drenc Sweet drink. p. Der. to appear on a summons before a court ofjustice.~\\\ii The murder house. complaining. v. v. hus Moothouse. — — land gyrela state. fish. an . v. who takes care of a mill. murbyrd A peace-breaking.m-. A harlot. ^. — lean Crime reward. hafoc A protection. we moton. Mund-lan A little basket. Myna The moon. an. Munt-gumni Montgomery. A muscle. ing. Munigend a^^ymn^. — co^ A mouth disease — h^l A mouth bridle. mylen. MiiS. v. mullet. Mucg-wyrt Mug. mowe. y*. sla. v. 2. — — — — — — — — — : : Munan. the Alps. S. A hand. M6t. v. f. a poisoner.— stow A meeting-place. hemoste. v. Myclian . S. v. a monastic A — — life. meolcian. Munec Der. ge- an. 7n.Mund-bora A bearer of probrice ge A murder.— My cel-fses' Munon consider. palate. /. dispute. ean To remember. Murre myrrh. v. igan. — -hus A Mymerian To remember. p. much. es . A mouse-colour. mulus. A monk. m. mulvmgGr eatness. v. nan. ^ moot. pamurder. to care as A mule. fealle hand's breadth. Muha a moio. meornver or keeper of mules. musle. murmuring. tection. Myltan tomelt. a multitude* -um Greatly. tenFast held he&iodGreat Munstr.unmurnlice morcMulton meltecL. Muscle.A near the coast of Northummouse. — — — — — — — — inne Murder house. protect. mara. minicen. Mus. Tomourn. The portion of a bride. m^s. es . v. \. S. Myg^ a relation. Mug-wyrt Mug-wort. Miisle Muscle. murdering. C. Can. Much. as if Murn-an. a moot-hall. mus. Mur. m^st . -had Monkhood. S.. Municene a nun. moegX. muscle. Must. weorc Deadly work. mowe.

Nffrom nenot. A fly. Myrgen.Myr^. V. Der. naht. My reels An aim. A mare. A serpent. R. teaming. -lie : man. inhabitants of Mercia. Mytting dispose. Myncg-ian To remind. S fying of a minster. A table. Merriness. f. . tion.n8ebbe. f. v. Gloucester.Leicester. es . mund. v. Nsegel. Mytge. ode . es . Myx. od. Mo?iastic. kill. murnan. de. JYsefde. gum-. intention. ung Admoni- — MYrMcfamous. Ex.an m. ian . an m. adv./. Naebbe have not. mann A minster~man.. hand. dian. A minter. Naegl-ian . mix.inge-. an. an . Nffim. /. nan No one : aht Ought.-na. -ige. S. Z>er.—plegereAnakedplayer a pugilist ? Na-cenned. lifA monastic life. L. murder. Dissipation. stow A place of a monastery or city. Neeraing Contractio. ^. v. minnow. Myrtene Corrupted. The Mercians. A nail. Pleasure. Naca. admonish. To admonish. w.—eUc Mindland. adder. an inven.S. v. Myre the sea. Hring-. mindlinga inanian mynan. v. Myrgnes. that part Mys a defeat. clusa . mitta. Myrc-e. mis. pleasure. Myrwe of pleasure. v. m. V. an . ingham. Nseht nothing. -siege. pi. mist. To admonish. -bot. coiner.A boat. seax nail knife.Nzeme. . n-khtNaught. v. — — . v. naced.Myrtene.Xsefte Want.mirX. desire. v. Myssenlic. nsefdon. L. nsedl. Na a Na. a money-changer. tt5. — lie — hrsegel gled-bord Nailed timber. L. v. v. ship. Mynet. Myrcea. — — — — — — A table cloth. Myrc dark. vessel. Der. e . have not . nsedre. Pertaining to Mercia. dering. warnlie Memorable. sooth. exhortation. meeting. coiti. mynet. m. m. a mint. myrg Pleasure. NseftS has not. Myrce. fection of the inind. non habere. — meorung. Stafford. To Myrran. — Nseof a monastery used for Mys rnice. for Der. Northampton.N8efte. Mindful. missclic./orn8efde. j9. quiet. mynsteres. hnseccan. memory.I)er. L. note. A mur. declare. Seduction. m. niyndg-ian. msere. carcass. v. minte. habban to have'] To mynan. pro- posCf shew. mark. m. skiff. v. abstract. -nes. Naegan . nafa)?u. v. v. L. Der. -Isc. naced. Lincoln. one of the A. p. Neectegale. Naced-nes Naked" ness. Mystel basil. a monk. tnet-. Myrce ? Mercia. Nsehstu Utmost. music. Minster peace. v. Myng-ian. Mirth.persuasion.ge-. a ship. de hinder. L. L. L. protection. L. v. Naced. clansung A puriung. od. Myne. p. — mynan. v./. remind. Mynd protection. L. thought. v. mynegian. mearo. adtiwnish) Mynyt money. myre. advise. ge-. n. Mynit money. the in. memorable. -en. Myrcene. remind. Nseced. myndgian. affection. ge. myreg.Myrca.myne. congress. Myne. has signification. n^m. v. p. niht. v. Myrre Myrrh. K. S. amirran : — Myrrelse. A seizing. v. L. tion. Myrcene. and Huntingdon. A nail of the nastic habitation. I. miiiicen. myrran.gleo-. Nseht night. an . Nsecan to kill. maera. o/niman. Bucked. myr<S. myn. A minster. Mynecen a nun. R.wen8ebbon. L. nteddre. v. an . v.— Mq. iendlic Admonishing.nabban [ne-habban] Not to have: nais. gemynd weorSmynd myn. ivild borage./". Tocoinmoney. Nottingham. niht. neb. Nsemel capable. v. an. -raiden. pp. squander. v. Hereford. f. |ju nsefst. — Der. na-hwser. jT. v. nothing. lid-. e. nicenned. To nail. -a. an ichneumon.nabbe. these letters are dropped . p. mynetere. Der. ge. v. -\)veo%t A parish priest. — ham Mo. myngian. mere. he n0ef^. Mynt-an. p^. nacod Naked. v. as.pp.RutMynd Mind. g. Der. set forth. L. Mind. mere-. m. ing. Derby. wyrt Snake ivort. mirran. Nseddre. p. v. Der. urge. ode. limits. -iscnes. nsefde.A notice. Mercian. mynan. S. moderer. Oxford. needy. Carrion. Nabban ic nabbe. smi^l^e. d. pin. Myrig merry.-S. lead aside. hospitality or a sanctuary for criminals. Ex. 2. R. the af. -en. A money smithy. Nsefe of a nave. or sanctuary. der. Nsearos Trouble. To address. L. nabban. v. v. S. set- appoint. we nsefdon. Myrring. obstruct. Warwick. se . intend.Myra Tenellus. v. Myse. clination. numol. p. Worcester. A mullet. an . Der. um. Myrwe gentle. 5W&. -ere.n. the ark. v. last. nabban. v. friiS minster close. a sort offish. not. Der. Mynster. and the counties of -slaga. -les m. /. unun. v. shire. imp. Naedre. Nsecud naked. scir A parish. v. — — — — — Noedel. except.wenabba^. scissors. Naeftig Poor.on-: Mynytyre. present Cheshire and Shrop-dream. e. stres. -sliht. Myreg. v. Mynte. Nsebb a face. -cyn.f. Bedford.Munan. A 170 . any thing. -cild. S. nastery. Myr^r-ian To mur. C. Myran of a mare. C. v. es. A — Naehsta. A mur~ Ntefre. v. mus. es m. inform. — ! a. -wise men. v. No.: MYN — : : MY X N. Lim-. od. Myre. mirig.mir<Sra. nabban.Myr<Sra. nabbaS or nabbe ge. ode •.ena. -scipe. Cd. : — Myrnst mournest. mean. S. Nsefne Unless. -ian To tle. J?eaw Monastic discipline.Myran to hh^der. Money. — — -ung Admonition. myrh<S. A — — — . remark. Mynla Love.-ian : : : : .Myrwu ? e /. nafu. snake.puman-. v. [ne sefer ever] Never. Like a — table. -eles. mlrc.naebbe . kingdoms comprehending the SJE-. S. If the words which prefix n begin with h or iv.' gian. eft-: mynegian. nehsta.— Der. hortative. es . Myngian To Mytta. -na. profuseness. R. a negative an One. f A needle.e. My^as Bounds. [ne not. — MyrhtS mirth. ne. mirhS. Hilde-: Nseder-bita^ sna^e biter. — ig — [ne waes] Was not. es . -brine. mynet. nabban.

-ian. Nea-l<ecan toapproach. naesse. -hwenaniV^euer. scyld necessary debt. strait. NacSor. adv. niht. no one. v. Neither. scipe Ne . niman. Nafu. nafa<5. proni07iNate Jjses hwon.S. leas Nameless. nehst. support.4 strait or narrow place. an alliance.neod. a patrony. gebusan Neigh- — — — Neah ./. noun. . e . v. Nas Not. Nates-to-hwi By no NjES [ne. nothing. Necessary. cessary. S. L. nan. pi. etc. lie Ifiecan lice neighbour. — ungiVe- cessity. — Nearly. was] Was not. Nsepe A Nard. spoliator. Ntenig. nigh. — — gestealla — gild A necessary tribute. fara A fugitive. nothing. Need. Nan. Hants. nimung seizing by force. -ewes. inga Of necessity. distress. foolish. Naes not. — iihNear relation. no one. v. -help Necessary help. R. [ne. na-les. es . nigh. ofaivheel. e f. na-hwaer. -wes . vio- — unga Of necessity — — — poor. nemnan. /. means. necessity. v. pi. 'e^Ofnecessity . no. infir-hwanan Never. hwon. Nafa. Na^or ne. : NAN Naemne but. — niman To take by — nes se. -grap A hard grasp. Naughtiness. iiose. — A — — A — — — — Necessarily. by no means. p. vengeance. nemian: nemnan. ah] Has not. — — — compelled to tvork.breadgivenas a test ofinnocence. oppress. Naese not. nearo. lence. [ne not. extorter. S. worthless. borer. no. Nafela. n ? . Nearo . bejjearf iVece55ar?/. v. L. nate. -bebefe Necessary. aenig any'} No. nafu. Nea-lice.] Na-hwser. nyd. an auger. -hdd Necessity. Nahtes-hwon.-nama. nor. v. ed nals No less. nas. trouble. j^earf- lice — Needful things. S. thing. at all. Ncetan To press. nafu. Der. hdi(\. Nast [ne. na^or. Nat — [ne. — — — Der. almost. Nearo nehsta genehost: neawist: neaman: nean. provoke. -genga Afugitive. — lice Urgently. lice Of no avail. Spikenard. — man A near7nan. almost. S. an one] None. nes Necessity. almost. cmp.-nor. — — — — — — noumed. na-wuht NoNaht night. An involuntary mesgenamian: nemlic:nameuS: senger. na-wiht. naught. an . — Near. v. v. f? A rock. The nave or middle Naue-gar a?i auger. v. adv.— lie Necessary.\\iamjthing']Navght. — cu<51ice Remark' To happen of necessity. hfeme A rape. Neah-btir. nigh. NEA nemne. wyrhtaOne . -a. turnip.a neighbour. v. Seizure.ode. Not. — — ravishing. mariner. Nam took. nzeme A seizing. -an. nabban. nay. -gebiir A neighbour. Neara.snaed mic noun. famously.pieeeofbread. -laiSu hasty invitation or summons. Nses. naht. — Nan-wiht No Nren no one. clam Necesanonymous. Neah. nese. necessity. slave. neah. na^er. sp.-ne neither. f. none. Near. v. cape. NEA crea- • L. Not either. [tie not. v. force. hard by. The gristle of the Jjyrl The nostril. conj. frea-: nydan. nan. naht. -J?earflic ]pe?LT?Necessity. Nafe-gar. Nagan [ne. gar id? S. Near. at hand. — wis Due. G. — sib A — necessary alliance.apronou7}. S. not promontory.\ . nearra . his Compulsion. near. L. . Nean Nearly. d. v. Nalles. an . wat] Knows not. Der. nor. nawXer . nyr .Q. Sze. v. -maeg. Neet cattle. m. 'S!ik\i\[ne. nasas. se nearowa.'a. nearwes . -hwar No-where. S. neahst . lice — — — . w^s] Was not. gafol Naraan to name. necessary. also. Na-laes. v. L. A name.force. v. sp. — sta A : tnost. torturing bregd Pressing or great fear. neara nearer. Naht-lic Naught. cell. or cat's mint.al— — To approach. \. — ling Need. hwern Noalso. slave. e '. Nama-fsederlic A father s name. compuUioji. confined.f. Nasu. v. nallas contractge-. nasu. adj. toicked. Natan-leag Nately. neither. Na-wis Not wise. noun substantive speliend work. L. Na^or Neither. — ge— Nearewa. Nase. v. Nawht. Neaht not. C.ne2>\i. agan] Not to have. Natojjaeshwon Tn no wise. — j^earfnes Necessity. na<Sor. v. Netley or Nutley. lohere. \. Der. The nose. eall] Not at all. Nearo g. rape-root. Neaht night. Name-leas. -wa. Needful. a servant. Nead-an. V. e. nafela. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — bours — handNigh-hand. neah. hnaep. ear- — — — A — — — Nfferra [ne. jerra] The last. Troubling. Naughtiness. nyhst. re def. NoB3. Near. the poor. Napp a cup. Neagebur neighbour. -wracu Forced or inevitable evil. ml A carcass. necessary. ness. adj. v.^. wast] Knoioest not. Nafe horA nave Nauela the navel. Der. Near. Nawar noiohere. cessarily. v. — [jeow A bondman.ead. Nea near. niht.Aforced force. m. v.— gebirian Nam-cuS Known byname. nses- A Nas-gristel nose. Ne. Nas [ne. Der. behefeNam. e. not. headland. S. n. adj. f. -cleofa^ compulsive mon name. In no wise. -man. dull. behuflic NeNama.be-: ho6. Neah. maga A relation by blood. not at all. badness. : -ewa. also. v. 7n. [ne. a difficulty. Der. due by laio. no-ivhere. fser A necessary synderllc A special or projourney. de. es . v. Necessary tribute. Naeting A chiding. to ravish. wfere] Wert not. conj. nsessas . g. 2. v. neat. adj. v. Th. nearness. urge. V. nest. ian. re- — — — nimend A ?i force. nasu. per name. — j^inga relation.: — . S. To compel. an . Nead. neah. spediglic A d^dnOne compelled to sity. S. bread A necessary nameleas. naeuig: nates- dal>4 necessary separation. rape. neAsupplying noun. ably knoion. -owes. cmp. by no means. Nah [ne. Ncere [ne. nigh. nesc. -frsece Voluntarily.Nate Not tory. S. S. Nauht naught. — — — — neah. want. not only. Nau^er neither. a prison. L.wsedlaiVeet??/. — A companion in 171 difficulties. prep. v. R. nes NawSer neither. — One in need. Narrow. The novel. -ewes. — maeg A relation. sluggishness. m. nosii. mity. Naes. Nsesc nesh. badere^/?Zefl?^er. S. cor. compulsion. ness. vi : also. NaSeles Nevertheless. /?. Noepte Nep.Ne. e . v. geraeenelic^comclafa.— nesNighness. v. ture.: contracted into na-tes-hwon hleoS A ness descent or cliff. peow-. Z>er. pledge.

Neowsian. Der. Nett a net. wianjj. to pressforNecst. : accurately. e . nytSera. n. C. Nenig no one. mination of many — — — — — — — — — — — — : — : C A — — — A — — — — A — A — — — — A — — name. v. born'] New born. v. V. A refuge. of ne6ta. Nefe. netle. ling A nestling. deliver. -St. The ter- nouns. Neosu anose. nytlic. anxiety. Nefa. Der. ed. nl<Ser. Necca the neck. v. Nehwan To adhere. ne. Bojje-nets. Leisure. deem. tenance. Nele. -nys. niht. adj. Le. pros. Nehch near. rapas tenance.sp. n]^t. flodNeap-flood. Nicor. v. becoming. Nest. Der. Nieh nigh. a deep gulph or pit. Neo^one Beneath. Neman to take. out.Neoman to take. Neownes. Le. Weg-: keeper of cattle. v. neorhsen. genesan nerian nergend let or rented. v. want. Newest Society. wlite Beauty of the country. R. Neat. neole. neowel. a Neodelic Pretty. Cd. Der. supporter.Neod Necessity. fine.ne6s-an . nelle. v. necstan next. neh. niht. niht. B. Le. -ra lower. pp. viour. v. narrowly. L. C. lica . daughter. to vex. neowel. tart. j^jo. v. p. neat. Neddre. Ned need. S. S. wlatung Fronto. ling from the head into the nose. K.-gendlicIVamin«7. NeoiSe down. n. nestle. nied necessity. Neat-hyrde Neat-herd.de. A nest. en. S. 1. which are all feminine. no. neowel. Der. v. cmp. Nehxta next. Neten cattle. niwe. to call by name. preserver. -e. v. Ex. neorxna-wang Netelic. an .L. Nere. ofer-. 172 .Newel. genefa. v. quiet. jjearf Narrow or nominative. v. Le. -sta. S. Nepte The herb nep or nip. Neb. v. one is maintained. p. p. nexst. S. sight. neb. v. re. nefa. Der. Nemlie Mentioned hy name. Ne<5an . ward. neah. Nebbe /br ngebbe. That by which any beast. depressed. corn Pim. nelt. Neowerno No where. Ne^ling Nedan To lend. jt?. m. — NER NIB -nes. v. Nieht night. margin. mouth. unless. The Ely sian fields. v. Nesta a neighbour. treat. S.Neole The buff-fish. seize. save.— NEM Narrowly. ode. Netn a beast. ode. see again or anew. nyten. Neht night. Beast-like. Neh. adj. trate. hnecca.Ne6s-ian. nicr. neosian. to subdue. Ner nearer. Ber. Ber. a steep. nitan. call. head. useful. p. Nemjje except. Nesse a cape. Neol deep. nefa. Nernian. Neowel. v. nyhst. nabban. wages? Der. mesenterium. beak. v. a Neode Pretty. v. guish. Neua. Nexsta. nead. Der. opposed to od. to Netende being ignorant. A nettle. Nest. od. Nen None. net. v. nitan. S. Needful. found. v. approach. es . nicely. nyllan. etc. S. niwe. deep. niman. Der. neorxen.Nemne But. sanead. v. Neolnes. pp. v. v. od. S. subtly J straitly. wrence^ w Nene Neither. safety. land land Neofa a nephew. we Straitly. Le. netenlic . Neirxna. notS. Neorcsna-. To narrow. naeddre. ples or specks in the face. Tocallupon. nexta One who is next. Nest-poha Neawest. Nefre never. use. except. oppress. comNestest knowest. se netegebrffic rheum falS. -es. ic 7] Not I. v. nexsta. niwe. v. Neaxta. B. Der. neas. pulsion. Der. Neom I am not. v. nes An abyss. of neah. not. y. To go on boldly. v. v. Nicenned [niwe new.f. seek out. usurer. Der. nyhst. bus A monster house. nearness. neawist Neighbour. driht. tan. flat. trouble. means. fellowship. Nes tan To spin. n^ten. Prone. nid. Negel a nail. — nes mention. To give protection. an . food.Neraniendlic. Nedl a needle. Nic [ne not. ode'. v. to bring into straits.A net. Neo<5an Beneath. preservation. neah. es. m. nearo. Ealdor-. support. v. v. neuua. A monster. Der. an . pp. sailor. necessity. m. nett. nsegel. N6san to visit. a going to see. coun. Ne^er Der. v. Netele. Nese. dria.se . Nexst. 1. S. neah. Negan To address. v. Neoten cattle. Nebrerd brim. netele. naenig. Nese Nay. Netlic useful. and denote Quality or state. great need. v. afflictive or great deceit. weorc-. n. intercourse.Netenes ignorance.Nerra Latter. nitenes. nemnan. Ber. v. Neo-bed Death bed. gi^and. v.Neowe new. nebb. v. downwards. lian To Neat enjoyed . favour. n. 2(0 visit. S. Le. v. G. seeking Netenlic./. Face. Neowene. seemly. v. v. cattle. ing. v. Der. v. nssddre. Der. to explore. G. Neoxt next. nosu. niman. Net. nymj^e. niwe. S» Nefoca A cheesecake. Apl. nasu. Newe new. C. Ner-gend Nidling extortioner. Neat. Nen The river Nen. V. an . neorcsa. Netle. v. Nefrod Nimrod. to go to see. nses. vultus demissio. Nestest. Der. netelic. nib. ung A visit. nyhst. dare. niwe. nisitas. S. paradise. Nesse for nyste Know not. grief.ofneah.Neorcsen. v. nyten. per. plexity. nead. nydan. de. v.. Nedre serpent. Neo<5emest Lowest. Nemnan. es . K. v. v. gejjinga By no Nesc tender. v. Neolican To approach.-ni8. Neowele. V. es . v. ni^. Niede necessarily. Void of labour or care. bewilder. m. niwel. Neotan. nama. v. Narrowness. v. an . HypoconNefne But that. NeoSera.Niehsta last. v. C. v. Gese yes. Nearwa. Ex. def. pp. a neighbour. an. ^ niece./. m. Nid. nan. preserve. To maintain. v. trouble. also. Der. feorhnere. Net compels. neosian. nead. S.Neweseo^a. hood. ni^er. noten To enjoy. Neorcsa. L. next. v.n. acenned Neowian To renew. naedel. ian. Neowan Lately. es . Nidan To compel. v. NepNeap. nead. S. Neas carcasseSf v. to venture. hnesc. v. Der. ^ nephew. nose. 2. v. v. p. L. we nuton . nsefre. v. bag. es . Pro. 2. v. Nicht night. Nets wickedness. satchel.

dowmoard. nj'ten. punishment. niowe. -sum. weorc Night-ioork. a moth.nihtes. none. ung — A — — A casting doion. under. — glum Gloom of Niten Der. v. decline. depth. — — neowene nifara neosian. naeme. Efen-. v. nyten. Der. -wunge Newly. S. v. a novice. to demolish. Nyt-lic Nihtbealo Night bale or misery. C. nightly.NiSer. nyte. gangan To travel by night. Nimjje except. ode . Nipan gan To lay down. scearp-. mid-. Nio^emest lowest. a stranger. take aroay seize. descend. tvickedness. -weard A night-watch or teon Hostile malice. Der. scad Night. Anew. es. ^aet nigo<5o j adj. weor^ Useful. — rim A term or sacrifice. — hrsefen. an Niniuetisc A Ninevite. er The night before. again. sees by night. Nift A niece. nightly. nemne. nygoSa. — Bealo-. ed-. one going into a country. NiSemesta. Wickedness. reckoning of nights. nyllan. Nih near. od. descend. C. se niwa. N6 Not. accuse. he nim^ . . notu sundornote. noht. ic nyste. le A hateful hall. ian . Der. 173 : : — — — — — — : — Niwe. — : : — — — — To shew. Nit. v. weorcMaliciousioork. Der. is. Niotan to enjoy. niw3. v. V. — lang malice. nym)je. m. Malicious work. v. N igonty neNineteen. to prostrate. an . Nigantine. v. geni^erian: neotSeNio^oweard Dowmoard. ^ neio comer. cuma — — bacen A A new — . condemnation. 1. — sige A a — — weard foot. Malice grim heard Sin-^arNillan. p. nytan. buttorfleoge Night-butnes Advantage. Ni<Ser-abugan To boio down. Nirwet Asthma.shaFull of malice. S. JVip. have A hoicked man. lie fser-. v. — hrsegel Ni8. — lice — — — Niwe Flat. grim Niht. feormung A night repast. ic nat. p. To renew.-— -weard Downward. eald A night tage. prone.— ^\x\\ shade. Der. sund-. : — : : : — — — weor^lic Useful. v. S. -astigan To go doion. low. — — — — — — -cuman To come down. witan to know] Not to know. an outlaw. marvel. increase. — gewitan -hryre A rushing down. K. NigoSa. Niunge. Der. nam. fot The sole of the strife. L. Le. alsetan To put down. Niwo new.niwel. — -gang A going — gangan To go under or down. m. Doton. le Night-rook. sundor-. dened. ge-gast A wicked spirit. niwol. straitened. Niht Niste/or nyste. -wundor A dire wonder. utility. nyht Nistian To build a nest. : cuma comer. -ian . niman. — — — ung A renewing. calcd NeW' limed. searo-. — -faran To go down. L. Der. v. raven. revive. v. wicked or hostile guest. ung Use. sang Night-song. niwe. — To fall down. neowe. v. ode. recover— — — —nes Newness. ny^era. Nit5r-ian. Nitan. NirwS prison. Der. v. S. mortal. IViowele The bvff-fish. draca A slaughter dragon. stig descent. es m. niwo def. NioSor Lower. nyX. condemn. Nieten cattle. niowul. daughter-in-law. Niowol. — new comer. humble. demonstrate. \)set niwe New. Le. licnesPro^^.numen To take. weorc Nimne except. -hrsem Ni5. — Nig: niwian. — — — — A not. Nin Not. . Der. late. plaistered. darkyiess. N6 ))^ leas Never the less. — ene Newly.Night. alecNiowunga Aneio. Niwan newly. -nes. ni^er. 1. N6-hwit No vihit. young. e ac. S. K. v. gain. neo<5an. . genap To darken.f. — Niw-an — an ne6sung. gale nightingale. v.um. A night raven. S. neoSan. Niian doionward. the day be- — — — — — — — -gendlic nable. S. . v.d. beloio. ni<5er. gerrSf Evil famed. Ni^e. licNine- NID Niosung V. .mht'. aioay. Niman. atredan To tread under. anew. to be ignorant. Niesan To sneeze. def. slaughter-hardened. JVioSan beneath. ing namon. v. un. gsest A dow. —hwor fen Neioly turned. nitan. Niton know not. Der. depose. obtain. To — — — — — — — A — — — — doion.. p^. nySera. wickedly.Ni5-a^ lolcked wight. profit. -stigan To descend. Nig new. hete-. seo. n. geward. no. niwe. keep. Nis. A man. a ton [ne not. es By night.— g\\& A night old. Niwel. . v. ni^ror mest. hold. Ni6 new. v. -nis. onwendan To turn going doion. — — Newly ing. Nocht not. famed. -sumnes. Jju njstest or nestest. Night rail or clothes. v.— waecce Night-watching. Nigon Nine. afeallan To fall dotvn. 2. v. Nifara. v. p. a settler. nigontyne. -nes. 2. advaneage That terfly. Der. n^^naeme A violent taking aet-. weard: niSema: beneoiSen. youth. niwe. V. ge-: niwene. one night old. g. ys is] Is -bescufan To cast down. cunning. )7U nast. inwit-. R. scea'Sa A deadly Nimfete Nymphcea. -ung. od. nyt Useful. Nigonteo^e Nineteenth. wraec Dire exile. nys [ne not . a Niole buff-fish.geniht. — Night. we nys-genga A night loanderer. JViovve new. dehenaeman To rob : numol. humiliation. Der. — feallan — — — doion. cmp.a. weor<Snes Usefulness. Der. es . asettan To cast down. nitan. nygetSa. NiomaD. sciiwa Night. for<5-. for-. v. v. we hete A wicked hate.dajnnation. fore. pp. nes Inferiority. waco A night ivatch. d. The ninth. nlg-fara. NieSemest loicest. foe. All night. sescipe Wickedness. seo. here-. venient. lie Loio. neosan : : edneowe : — — — — — lately. Useful. weoriSlice Usefully.raiddel-. nySer. neole. — lecan A quail. down. niwe. wild beast. newly. p. — rest slaughter. v. No hwaeiSre No whither. tw. pl. S.Darkness. NIO Niered Affiicted. New-baked. NOC — teenth. wael-: ni<Sa niSerof geni<5roc feorhgeniiSla. v. conneah. S. To put down. niwe. Sceft-.notian sin. neowel. R. enemy. night helm Night covering. naught. niht. Nitendum Secretly. wer A malicious man. p. zeal. S. hatred. v. we nyton . neotSe. damTo pass heald Beat dow?i.g. lice Enviously. humble. teart*. neotan. — Gone down. nedsian. NiXema The undermost. pp. Night-rest. i. S.

. v. jjuncltjhenele. of. Northern. Oc but. nosu. v. nostle. melewes. v. wyr- — floor. Nosle. sedulous. also. ny^era. niwe. little lohile before.Oefesta Hastily. as living north of the riverHum.2i. an /? ^4 nurse. to employ. e. Menigeo The many. use enjoy.p. nit.A nose. v. The long or accented 6 in Saxon. the north.ahilt. Nyhtnys An abundance. m. -od the pp. prove. Oesc-cingas Oesean kings. . nexsta. Ob-scsecan. Oefest. v. nylle. v. nearest. therto. -o is used chiefly to form the part. nest. Utility. C. Octabas Octaves. ne'JSan. Neat. nyllan. for. 1 A daring. Ob-scaecnes A shaking off.in. the Nore. v. g6d. A nose of land. niS.odej pp. Der.crown. bold Wulf-n6S. A nunne tvegian.Nyest next. v. aristel : . Jjurn. necst. victuals. fot. & n. he nelle. they often end also in. Nyhst def se nyhsta sp.— endeNorth end. NoUt NyXearf wecem^?/. court. of-asceacan. To make use of. 174 Oes-cingas. wenyllon [ne not. . — — . Noio and then. se . \. g. a nun. etc. Nywlie young. nylla^. f. L. etc. v. Ob For. Nys Is not. trunk. V. to knoio. — )?eod Northern North nation. ni^emest Lower. Der. — land. es . v. v. Ealo. q/* niman. northerly. v. possess. Nyxta next. A Nor. hymbYQ.nv[i. Forod. Nom-b6c. from verbs in. — Weallas Wales. v. titude HvsloHealth.Normandy. Nor. unless. Numen taJien . Ny <5an beneath. an. willan to zvill. of in.Nye A nye. gristle of tJie nose. etc. nitan. Nosh . — — — — — — . v. ofer. etc. Der. — — nis. v. dicelling. 2. S. catalogue. m. Ob-}38ened.e. 2. -ewes. An. nearwian. Ob-setnes J sitting doicn by. Norice. m.g . Noma a name. Noma. melo . then they have a regular y. Oden A — — — Ny^ wickedness. last. NOT I NY D Not-writerc^ notary. hoc. — ern Nyga nine. Nygon nine. catching. Business ^employment. mynster jd nunnery.Nute-hecS Resin. uti- lity. -an-eastan North-east. S. S. Nyt a net. Nume-stan Chalk. — weard Northlotird. v. tender. v. Nytle a nettle. . knowledge. ventur. niotan. Notu. stol. we noldon g. n. shire. an animal. ber. L. Normandig. Norwich. neo^ra . nom. v. -wic Northiaich. mulNorthern people. sp. S. so called as Nycenisc Nicene. as yet. nemne. we nella^. v. to be umoilling.Nysu. /.Nubelnes. O' 00 in V.naman. v. S. Noman to name. Nouns -hamtun Northampton. n. OES NySan to compel. etc. coc. nuns. v. Just now. loo. 1. L. the g in.es. immediately. genoh. The Nyf se know not. nygo<5a. v. as. v. therefore. v. V neadjOfr.The Nu\or\ for nytou. nolde. ^e Useful. niht. N6^. an /. mete Noon-meat. efesung. -4 nun. convenient. was a person advanced in NorcS-an Nor^ The north. Nu-gytZft. : — ISlytusefiil. v. niman. v. Ober over. Obr. v. aeg-hwilc. v. Noon. northerly. of-}:8ened. — — . Norman. v. v. v. as. Nyrwet A narroio place. -nys. nige<Sa. Norfolk. nigon. lie Beast. these cognate words will an-westNorth-west. nyle. Nu \>a. Der. e if. and sae sub.TheCreator.agarland. nation of proper names./. — wsegas . es . also end in od . — west North-icest. v. neowel. nydan. v. Nymfete A N or-wseg Norway. O. p. N6n. Ny^-fuIiyY</Z of malice. to have been younger. since. yard. ni^er.S. like. col. -nes. naufjfit. -tid Noontide. forthe head. The Norioegians. most probably From. d^l North Nyes-t nearest. usage. Nytan Not Use. — — — man A north man or — vau^aThe NorthThe mouth. a Oefsnng. Nu hwffine aer Just now. hoc. JSyten. — — — — — — — . v. N6ni/or nam. the kings of Kent. duty. — adj. That in which the sea Ny t. but a minicen appears The short or unaccented a in Anglo-Saxon. except. . beast of burden. diligent. ing. d. Nighest. ac. Metod. j'ears. ofset. Nor-men Normans. nit. es n. nes Brutishness as to Oeg-hvver. ehtnes. as. was sounded as oo in cook. nylle . nigon. ofest. Nyd necessity Der. A handle of a cup. v. neo^era. Nu nu Ny <Sor Beloto. -barh Northborough. L. Nyste do not know. Der. V. . nelle. Ob The woof in weaving.Nunne. Der. nether. V. ealewes. -bred A name-book. v. te . tle. nydan.icnelle. nyhst. — — — . L. v. Oehtnys. use. v. pp. ic. cat. need. — Heafod. d. -u healf North half. ian. The head. humble. v. teas nnwilling. a heast. Non. receiving. Numol Capable. Nyht night. neo<San. S. Norra. Obet. Noll enough. 2. Nobleness. A few nouns in. office. corn horn. m.'] To will not. — Der. perfect. an . iiaht. v. on. netele. not. v. is dared. v.L. S. nitan. convent of S. occupy. an /'. ]pyTe\The Nyst a nest. V. thamptonshire. nest.Nyllan. R. — asrcttan To set Now now. ofer. and. -o are n. coc. Nose. dinner. Northumbrians. Nyttian to enjoy. Nun An orphan. make Nymjje Except. as. nama. -o are /. aeg-hwser. A ship. need- — no^ Daring. An. hsele. as. ni<5. bark. Nymne ? water-lily.pl. v. v. sang Noon-song. Nyman to take. ac. behold. es . nitan. had the sound of o mfor . R. v. An ornament Nyrwian. A termi. -hymbex Northumbrian. still.NySer down. ful. nacod. Nu hwonne Ny <5era.od.Oeg-hwelc. . nitan. Nypele A nipple. niman. L. C. nouns also end in od .f. Nolde then. a Nyr nearer. S. S. v. — Nu Now. S. and indcl. as. promontory. Noldses tfouldest not. as. -ian nostril. Haelu hymbraland Northumber. V. Nywelnys. v. down. niten. ni^er Der. R. now then. but -h^mtunscir Northamptonneah. declension . — North sea.neki. nead Der. v. — Not-georn At- tentive to duty. L. ignorance. net. L.. names of qualities from adj. sometimes. folc NygeSa. neah. a NycSmest lowest.Nyt compels.

favour. dune Down. up. eSel. to devour. — yrnanTo To wring off.draio out. -late.— ]p\r&t Thirsty. brsdan To cover over. m. kill. be afraid. lyst. press. -sprlne. da2]. wringan -torfian — — — — purple coTo ride off or after. to come to an — — — end. seize. — cidan To contend -clife — withdraw. furnace. love.—cViman To clioover climb. flee. choke. -spyrennes A finding out by bli(Se Overblithe or merry. S. to follow out. an m./or -earmian To pity. seon T'o see. -afesian To shear off. swelgan To sioalloic up. -sta. irritated. -lysted Desirous of. — To leave. -dreedan To dread. pass by. ger. — — — — — — man. dig out. scinan To shoot off. deceit. apluccian of. Ch. v. — — Hacramental licgan To lie upon. disgust. beyond. O'fer . To root up. or^ian. out. sittan To surbsec -bsec Backioard. brink. V. to Of-\}ver\\anTomakewet. oppressed. overwhelm. — Encompassed. off. Envy. An oven. — arsesta. -cy^an To make knoivn. away. don To take off. fendan To find. OeSel a country. — swi^ian To overcome. shake off. rowen pitied. from. — — — ridan A — ofet. floio doion or away. ofene. m. — — — doionward. }7riccan To press. to choose. to — — — byternys Overbilter— ceryl passing over. dequeting. S. race. -gedrincan To drown. cover. S. niman To take. over. R. prep. cum an To overcome. h reran To — — jjryscan -Jjrysmian -jjrystrian -Jjyrst — — -l^rycce A throng. R. doe man To discern. -ascreadian To prune. off. off. take offoraicay. — — — — — — A — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . C. redeem. asnidan -aslean To cut off. myrSrian To murder. banyitQ Gluttonous. S.n To — hinder. — hwan From whence. bacen Baked in an oven.ascyran To cut or shear off. — cu<San. fyligean To follow. -setenes^ besetting. an m. faran To go off. be ashamed. -sernan l^o run off or out. g. retain. gimercan relinquish. a slaying. Of. tredan To tread unnan To deoff. opOvereating. Displeasure. to rise. v. full Devoted. — awringan To wring — -axian To ask ascer— ayrnan To run off or from. — blindan To — bredan To remove. to throw. to loear. ness. S. 7/1. horns. throng. to hinder. — — — — drifan To or affrighted. settan upon. R. Jjinca. sacan lour. es . to pushioith the hreosan To rush off. — tige off. spread. gluttony. d. R. fretan To devour. round. — beon To be off. — — raise over. — ceorfan To carve or cut — cunnan To come to go forth. brow. L. ac. -cerran To pass over. — muuan To remember. above. to 7'o mark — — be sore afraid. cut off. footsteps. — -brycgean To make a bridge — — throw. — — aseo^an To boil off. bread.—]pvin- To hun- hni-hleahtor X)emion. adon To do or put expect. R. slean To geteung Tetanus. — — — — apuUan To To pluck pull off. brsedels^ covering. v. out Of-abeitan concerning. kill. pierce. cut off. to to bear with difficulty. To cut off. f^red Affrighted. d. n. -^ earmian To etan To eat take pity of. adrifan To adrincan to drink drive off. S. es . slegenrum contractio. seize. find. beon To be over to remain.— set To set off. asyllan To deT'o cut off. weorpan To cast off. To press. blush. oppress. mar gill. over whelm. sivell. to be gifan To give off. Fruit of after. -Jjincan To think of.^'. — irnan To run — laedan To lead out. have pity of. C. f>rosmian To strangle. d. bredan. ]30sterity. An.nan To stone. witan To reverence. ofre . i?ifuse. acsian To seek out. — over. offspring. d. gewitan To go off. proceed. ny. kill. a benefit. root out. — — — — — — — — — — out.6fnes. O'fen. off. — make be cut off. ofres . To cast off. oppress. to stone. — -pvdcia.tosteep. search. 175 — Headlong. OF OFE — OeSian R. -gangan To go off. veil. raca An ovenrake. L. An bid an To remain over. to to Iffitan — can To displease. flowan To off. ateon To draio or take away aJjweanT'o loash aweorpan To cast off. — . ferian To carry fleugan To fly or fioio off. l^anc. Of. es. sweord A sword. standan To braew An eyeV. -bismrian To triumph over. — — —hingrian — \>r\cce(!iny&Distress. — — — — — — hladan To lade out. — read — — — — wyrtrumian eradicate. leave — — — — . C. m. ge-man. musculocut off. conquer. lician To dislike. — -yrm<5 Misery. swerian To — — swear off. to follow. S. -stingan To stab. gan To loipe away or off. bringan To bring stand off. derive.OF Oest Grace. choke. run off or down. -^jegde Consumed. off. to scum. steal. strike. — — trees or plants. 1050. set round.preoccupy. dan To rule over. prep. anger. gan To press. . — — — — through. animan To tan To alight. S. A residue. l^yn- let Isete. sceacan ofne. bank. an inquiry. to kill. tan To butt. — Jjryhfc To oppress. — bruwa Eye-brow. — swingan To beat to beat. blind. — —-stician To — stab. sceamian To shame. — teon To draio off. 6fenes. beside. depart. an abrupt delfan To descent. ^stasppan briEgd*S/>rearf abroad. — — — — Of-gan. hreowan To to fall doion. part. repent. To beat off. require. over-spyrian To seek. a fall. -sni^an To cut off. C. — Thirsty. the host. pan To cry out. to tain. Toflee. to declare. drive off druncnian To be dru?ik. ahladan To lade out. liver. thrust — — — — — — over. -stigan To go off. -lete An offer- ing. aceapiaiiTo buj/ aceorfan To off. -gen i man To take off. — beatan To beat — began To go take aicay. 2'o dispute. off. proceed. O'foet.-feorran To go far off. to chide. obtain. -alieawan To heio or cut off. sigan To go off. pulse. C. S. -spring. To tread upon. fyllan overto — — — deny. hearmian. To darken. hreowan. adryoff or out. An. man To come upon suddenly. -dasle A precipice. the off. Over. sceotan To O'fer . cumber. alih-alzedan To lead out. g. pursue. to off. shine. off. — as— ceacan To shake off. to empty. oppress. crseft Overcraft. S. bereave. becusmorian To suffocate. scearfan L. bebeones A cutting off. go away. — A taking a subtraction. haebban To retain. shore. henan To take away.

gewrit-d. pride. full Overfull. S. —winnan To overdan To overhold.— festToo fse^mian To overfat. K. -mened Contrite. met — swi^nes — swiSrian To overcome. fserA transit. — silver. —modig Proud. — sceadian To over. J^earf — Great necessity. preside over.— OFE . Luxury. flede flitanTo fleon To escape. ken hold of. — — — — — — — — superfluity. come upon. — An over garment a surplice. cy. transcend. to ri- sea. — wintran To -hebban To heave over.—v^eden A tempest. — sceat Overing. faeran To go over. -don To overdo. — swi^ian To overcome. — — — lib- A -msest Overgreat. overeat. L. fylle Overfulness. contempt as in law. omit. — eaca — — set — — — — — — ness. -glaencgan. buckle. overshadoio. row over. sittan — — — — To regard. seocnes -scrud. sewennysCon^em/j^jS'. nes Forgetfulness. presume. — staeppan To overstep. f. — jjungennes Excellence.iveen. -etolnes Gluttony. feng feoht victory. excel. hryred Overturned. es . — togennys A covering. deliver. -modianTo be high-minded. riches. Thepenalty for contempt of law. — weorpan — gy ttolnys5^M/?or. an arch. i4 cheek or face guard. e . a remainder. -gytan To -gitelnes. to cover with much. fon To take hold perfluity. overgrow. to conquer. — gedyru^ — —geweorc An overtoork. lice Carelicgan To overlay. — Prevarication. — gildanZV) S. — High-minded. 1. OFE O FE Ofer-cyme A conquering. — plantian To plant Insolence. A Tocarryover. pride. to hill to listen. — sylfrian To silver — over. contemn. S. m.A An flowednes Superfluous. — drifan Torfrire on high. — — — Over measure. Drunkenness. — very necessary or useful. — — — treness. affliction. too much. — -^Wi^.Ofer-scedwian To oversee. — hlyttrian To melt. to speak — sprecol Overtalkative. fangenTaclasp. — — -teon To Superstitious. — gytan To fornoon. convince.^— etol A glutton. a tomb. exceed. -eaXOver all. — To soio over. — metto. — mod High-77iinded. hycgan To despise. — J^ryceednes Tribulation. S. le — gemet Abundance. — — — to boast. insolence. to forswear. v. modnes High-mindeddan To tread under foot. 2'o insist. hlaestan To overload. — higan To despise. byre Dis- — — oversee. -glossian To over gloss. C.—hleor.— — A glutton. Old. sceuwigend One born. a disfeit.Ofer-hire Disobedient. —spraecoln esio^'Mftci^r/. -ealdor-man A patriarch. -truwian To trust too much. overgarSacks. L. >S'. S. — — — etan To prince. fylgan To follow over. — — seon To — — to Anoverplus. — hoga A despiser. — geotol Forgetful. To cast over. cover over. tael ^n unequal number. — drincan To he over. contempt. B. overcome. -ssel^ sse- boil scot. expel. — swimman Toswimover. intoxicated. -feohtan To conquer. take care of. — dyru A To be proud. — ma^ m Excessive — med Pride. to What rests over. a bishop. gluttony. — over. S. Disobe- dience. Extreme sickness. fore. 2. —hjrrnes. antiquated. ban To — lessly. tive. — micel Overmuch. S. — sawan -ydel Vain. — Overprosperiiy. -hygd A high mind. L. — hogian v. — slaep Oversleep. — y^ A float-higd. eald Overold. proud. flowan To overflow. incite. — -e From above. An lintel. gl. defile. — rsdan To read destroy. -gymian To for" man To take hold —non Overnoon. gan. — — -spree Overspeaking . make drunk. beyond measure. — staelan steal over. L. — slsege — obedient. — heortnes for covering. ing. — -herian To overrun ivith an pisc Too succulent. to overthrow. — — msestlic Immense. L. 2.— m6dgung Fride. —geotan To pour over. ni- — proud. again. — mod Coturnus. -*-t8ele giotulnes. — healstubborn. of. to seize. A lintel. gigitoltol. smeaung Over consideration. to omit. hyd Pride. — — — survive. -hydig Proud. Over -wundennes^n -heornes Disobedience. -s[6x> To oversit. freosan To freeze over. modgian. -habban To abound. commonly. luxury. doubting. a residue. surfyr Overfar. 17G . — —wyllan To over. ferian prefect. — prut Overproud. altogether. Luxury. to get. -seglian To sail over. 68 ment. mausoleum.— wrigels Aexperiment. gloesian. — wreon To cover dan To ride over. — rowan To disobey. despise. hrops Voracity. superscription. forget. —micelnes Overgreatness. spise. to inspect. C. presumption. — -sprecan To overspeak. of. — drince Drunken— dryttan To come be. -gangan Togo tance. lintel. pass -recan To overcome. Le. spread. n. L. prevail. drencan To — — K. — vdddXiceFrequently. symed Oppressed. n. to desettan To cover. drenc —hleapanToouer/eap. conquer. —h[\xdOverloud. L. sendan To send over. -hygd Pride. lioran To pass away. hyran To overhear. — —wadan To cross. — come. after. -sylnes — Gluttony. — hlinian To lean out. get. pride. — wenan To over— gumian. pride. city.—resta — wist Greediness. spraec. — need Overneed.L. — h^lan To over. — met. to be forgetful.L. lointer. liSan To sail over.A leap. — tid The evening. evil. L. — w6nnys neglect. — — — hyrned 1. — — heoran Not proud. S. who overlooks. — ricsian To rule over. loqua- High. — mudignes. -glEengcan To adorn. to exceed. -gifra overgild. C. leornes — IMed Left over. overcome. Th. lihtan To outshine. S. — standan To stand over. deceit. stupor. proud. — seamas . — tolden Covered over. conquer. -tes. to — stfgan To go over. — strican To occupy. transgress. — wlenced Overoverhele. overwhelmed.— — over.duru. sage. — swi^e Overmuch. — — J^eon To overcome. too — sprsedan To overspread. stub. prevaricate. — hlifian To be extolled. to write over. transgress. inundation. — stigendlic SuperlaL. ^an To oversay. neglect. -hyge Arrogance. -scinan To overshadoxo. geare over. gitan. haughty. — blyp drunken. leoran To pass over. — s^Mq. — — — — — — — A — -hreosan To rush upon. lifa remainder. — yrnan To run army. convict. — usury. surpass. -hrered. disobey.—med— — msBgen Great power. -gytol Forgetful. or cover over. f. flowedlic Su- — — — femes Apas- — — proud.

laid open. -Jjongas Thongs of wung^M overseeing. -ig The isle of Olney to lay upon. -cnawan To know. R. Lavage. ambiht. begnes Crookedness. wian To oversee. Le.— brecanTo break in. and Eng. ni. -hrip Harvest. toturnfrom. byrgan. O'nian ^0 rust. v. bigan Offrian . besleOliiend a camel. aheawian To -ful. befe-cunnys^n excuse. I'o Ombeht. v. speedily. duty. bserning. v. submit. aht. ola^ciing. cennesJl bringingforth. to be Oliccere. on-egan egeleas egesa. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . O'fn an oven. anlicrian To taste of. To lead on. m. ofest. on. burnan To inflame. -eegan. Ex. anni. to surprise. 2. on. un-. rad Freoebilinis Indignation.O'm. A burning ulcer.— draidendnear Gloucester. command. -bregdan. undo. apj)ly. happen. Knowledge. drislic Terrible. -lie. secret. sa-byrian. V. Olan-eg. to acknowledge. L. xS'. To pour in. p/. O'ht any thing.Denotes a ?nentnl qua-h?idvx\Q. Rust. an . allan Tofallupon. tis. O'for a brim. p. drinca. light set onfire. v. an To hasten. lig-. To taste. An offering. dan 2^0 send into. often. v. h?ec\\n^ Backwards. ten Unbesmutted. an . upon. -dryslic Terrible. upon. to happen. . treat. -el.-buton. -behealdan 2'o look upon. pp. Ohstan The armpits. corrupt. olsecan. O'hwffir Any where. gathering.~cnksvyxr\g Olfecan. bcstelan To steal on. ig Rusty. tion. -byrignesyl tasting. egageotan sa. besmitftlid ofcste or ofste or 6fes.— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . ofer. olecung. S. make high. fear. p. in-. v.braegd On-aTo unbraid. ede de. nan To fight against base turn. an To strike into. latchets. inhabitant. Oft. recognise. To On. nys A likeness. peat a thingoften cunning An accusation. Haste. v. asettan To set or ceapung GraOhter Reproach. swer. olecere. V. don To oleccung. dread. L. 1. es . -behleapan To leap upon. v. On-. flod-. ampre. quickly. O'm-a. ac. V. S. To comply with. prep. v. carry on or near. e. ofen. to intoxicate. O'^et fruit. amber. please. v. birian.-bEernis. crifice. employment. On one. subcunnian To accuse. hera A minister. serve. O'fste. v. as the Lat. Incense. m. cn^lity. mit to. : : : : — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — C— — — — \ — — — — — — — — I N . blotan To sacrifice. od. rsedlfc Frequent. lie Hasty. Oleccan. OfFring-hlafas Shewbread. afsestgation. beodan To delie Dreadful. Ogengel A bar. offer. to bringan 2'o 86can bring on. -drysu177 lie. once -butan. as hzetol Hateful. -beon To he in. bseru Resignation. — bindan To Ombiht A servant. V. olfend. L. as a nonn. -ol. sacrifice. -lie cut in. bid Expectery.awake—hrincgInstigation. blaewan To blow or breathe O'fost speed. rebuke. untwist. oftor . lice Hastily. -drsidingFear. Offruiig. waeter-: eges-biigan To bow) to. bredan. denote privation. drencan To make Olfend. bogan To bend on. -stream. becw6San To retify. open. aht. -birgian. n. instinct. V. /. -aetywan To appear. Oft . beran To bear or drunken. bund Unbound.—SLslidan Toslidein. speed.invert. olsecere. ohyld Hanging. A flatterer. unbind. is raise. Ol-Jjwongas. — cw6Olaecere. to infiate.— awin-ceosan To choose. toputupon. O'fst. To ivink. ward. sceat Sacrifice.Knowledge. Ompre a herb. Ofi'ung.to away. leather. stigate. sp. -beloedan To lead or bring in. adj . v!enes. address. pure. quent. iht Matbest^ppan To tion. undefiled. -derslic Terrible. for in. tasted. bryrdan To in-ael An iytflammation. behind. S. sel. besceaA cup. v. S. es . burn up. v. About. v. obey. taste bitan To bite or taste O'mbor a pitcher. doung^ fawning. for all.—dr^dan To fear. upon. eelO'fyr above. among. cmj). of. es . In. entice. asnoBsan To strike against. cennan To bring forth. ofaet. A camel. clare. dreardauTo Olfspt. m. O'ga. layupon. Ohvld. Corruption. besen -druncning.- OLD O'fest. prick. v. ofest. of. v. poor. animate. seht Needy.— clifian To 01 Whole. egan Topine away. clypianyb invoke -o]. Oht-rip. adv. V. cerran To Oh wit aught. ben ^4 w rever ence. v.— hangasendan To Oht Fear. an In one.— drysenVic. loosing. ing A taste. step in or upon. d. G ON ON' On-besettan To insert. ambiht. L. ofest. frequent. -rtedlice Frequently.nTo ignite. to submit. impulse. f. tum With haste. prove.L. ahreosan To rush egor. v.. m. oliccere. ofFrung. Der. like un-. Olaeceiing. -sceat. blsestan To break in. terrible.— bedippan S. bach-cigan To inwove. ege. e . tation. brosnung To seek often. bolt. berede drunken. V. -byOheald. an To kindle . precise. dedicate. umber. servant. -byrgan. O'fran . -birian. Oil detraction. od. ^an To say. lay bld wan To breathe or blow in. Flattery. boren Diminished. infiame. eafor. nian To fasten. cleave. — bidan To expect. To bend. invocation. p. olaeccan. biddan To bid. also. an . bescea-druncnian To be drunken. continually. cySan To chide. S. /. v. A drinking. E'gsian bryrdnes Instigafear. selet Lightning. rise against. hoi. S. beprenan fear. es. to imnierge. Olisatnirn. On the back.^. inspiration. ofer. ung^ hastening. m. -um. ode . bran for barn kindled. I. alfset. into. A business. oheald. bserlic Not bare. S. Great -bryrding Instinct. cringe to. e . an. al^dan diment. cyn A suppuraerysipelas. To dip in. aweorpan Tocast in.— cnisan Todrive To fawn. es . bygan To bend. oleccan. upon. A cup. ode . parasite. to byrnan. used in composition. grabecuman Tocoineupon. -byrigan. S. dread. arisan To bj'rging. sendinto. an impeal. bigong^n O'mber. oftost . S. S. with. cuman To enter in. instito burn. Ofor a boar. 2. v. fiat ter. sl^ Ofttimes.

To kindle.\Qt —lician To liken. — licnis-4 likeness. sorrowful. To begin. —feaWnnTofall or rush upon. incursion. . unloose. C. A — — charmer. — To tourh. — gynnendlic Inceptive. -feh<5 receives. celan. gin A beginning. emulate. tvithin. od. gust. -ligen To grant. gitan. ening. — — — — — — — -hyrenes Imitation. to be at leisure hangian To/^ar?^ on. pp. gong An irruption. together. -lab. undertaking. faran To go in.— gaege A going out. enchant. S. -leah. a secret. lihting. L. — gearwan To put — gebringan To bring — -gecopVicelmportunately. Intelligible.. -gunnen. ginnes. A n enterer. invasion. 2. healdan To hold on.we -geaton.s«w//?/. disover. — -gecwedan To denounce gedufan To dip — gefsestnian To fasten in. — hosp -gete — gejjeodaii Reproach. in» S.— getnis I — — lean on. haeled Infirm.— hyrg&n. To fawn upon. 1. — gewisse -hreosanTo rush orfall upon. -hloleBy hlite. — hnigan7 o boio. es. — -feormes Filthiness. n. -leah.nes^ declining. — — commencement. free. -hyrigcan To imihyscan. -heldan To incline. m. -hytate. — gescrepnes to deride. — hwa?l. -lihan. — With contention. — liesan To L. — heawe A on. — gyrian. -gyrwian To ungear. -forhogung Scorn. geotan To pour in. gcong A rushrob. backwards. herung Emulation. we-gunnon. to please. give light. -lyt inclines-. gesili^/1 beholdto impose. hseld What hangs or bends dou}nwards. se. calumniate. -hyrian. lucan To -locian To look on. — gemang Among. ritate. hatian Toivax hot. — — An tincg. -gynnan. To enlihte shine. bend. to breathe in or upon. receive. — gespanian To allure. ing. unlock.-geat. to get. receiving. v. emulate. to re— feoldan To unfold. To recall. over against. — fundennes — ful- A Sensible. m. lend out. S. not mild. he -gin^5 2?. p.-ginnan. Under- nan To run — in.—xr- — — -foreweard On forivard. — -hadian To unordain. decline.v. dismiss. To enlighten. — . lutan To incline to.— -gewitan To pass over. conceiving.—\\?e\<iQ6. he -git. lie like. lah Lent. caldian To grow old. -hyscean To hiss or laugh at. -gan began. v. last In a leac w/ileaht Zoc^erf. to boio in. un- — — — — — — -grislfc Horrible — gunnennys A beginning. mixed.v. — liganTo kindle. L. span To deride. understand. — — — gitful laenan to lead in or into. take. leahtan — track. pp. he -gan. ivhat destroys. 1. li'dn — hislot. elan To anoint loith oil emn Opposite. assault. endeavour.-gyt. — sist. 178 — block to hew up — — — ning. to boio. — gegripnes A off. — liohtan. gehreosan To rush ow. fehst receivest. lihlightening. — habbacS Lift up. — Afloat. L. we -ligon. backwards. fin<- — — Understanding. mingled.-gytan. to prove by experience. of fon. hwylan To hyldanToinbelloio again. loose. -g:Q. to enterin. L. — foran Before. in Within. — — ing. — — — nate. gietan To know. — — — — in. Izetan To release. fangen re- — — — — Un- vantage. sit ceived . K./. fsestnlan To fasten or fix in. hebban To lift up. bestow. — -hagian. — A disad- To deride.— gelaedanl'o lead or bring — seiz- — — gelihtan To enlighten. lihtan. -hergian To lead captive. — — — ON On-gemengan To intermingle.-{6hI receive. looking on. forhtian Tofear. ode pp. —— ON On-rlrysne Fearful. — — — e^lan To hispire. perceive. undertake. return. -lah. — gejjwaer Disarush. forht Not afraid.— — horna an -horna. — \-^\\i\i\g An enlightenv. round. feng A tak- — — — — gesittan To down.. efne Over against. inflame hagan To hedge in. . flsesc- iidte fo nan. 1. hupian -\\vo^ Importunity. -gangan To go.— -geniman To take aicay. 2. It. to degrade. — gyldanTo repay. -lar Instruction. -ligan. terrible. An. fealle A falling down. fon. gean. —geswicendliceJnce. -gytenes. illumi- — geflit convenient. comprehend. fon. -giten. — — — . 1. v. — gynnes A beginning. hiscan. f. wise. bend doivn. An. B. — gegen Opposite against.1 . scorn. v.— hweorfanTo change. To have an opportunity or a good will to do any thing. pp. we -lehton. 7n. gearo Unprovided. To attempt. ing. gitenes. -ginnan.-luean Falling down. To know. hicgan To consider. discover. es. gang An entering. To incite. to fix. V. — gefremm inglmperfection. forwyrd. '^rmly. legan. ode . to be — — — — leogan To — lesan To unleese. expiate. to inhabit.<!. to. — — — — discover. p. eSung An inspiration. -gynnes A hegiyining. — hrinan to excite. ir^ rita. -gatun . v. eardian To dwell in. — Isdan — standing knowledge. — To — — — to — leccung Irenlighten. — nes A putting on flesh. What is unknoion. spoil. v. contempt. p. ic. — -fon To receive. a coviprehending. innan Inside. -hwserfednesylcTiangre. fon. -hlyte. cline. incarnation. v. geseonTolook upon. an. 2. epilepsy. foereld An entrance. fscgnian fnin. a. — fotS receives. — hlidan To uncover. To trouble. undertaking. — feohtan To fight against. L. bend. gneras Goggle eyed persons. — gin- —hreran To stir up. jju -gunne. — — ready. — bread Prepared. gitfullice Sensibly. /)j9.— h\e6n]SiXi To ing. lie against. -dryso Power. intrepid. galend.lucan. pp. —QereccsLuTo impute geryman To make room. dawn./?. — fsegen — cern. — fond A taker. ON O n-herian — — — — —genga. v. egan To/ear.—ge?'ett^nToput upon. learn. — hogian To have an — gesmiten Smeared] opportunity. L. rouse. tum Help. Destruction.v. lylitnes An enlightl^san To unloose.— hon To hang on. -lutan. — in. v.-i'oah. a tvild boar. hinder Backward hinderling From behind. '^ho\\sn\an. fangcnes A receiving. hffitan To heat. keep heapiar) To heap on. — getan To understand. — hraes^n attack. galan To charm. — dan To find. append. try. embrace. ing on. — fengnes A receiving. — hselan to kindle.— lyhtingLi^A^- — lihtan. — lesnis A loosing. earnestly. receptacle. redemption — Bt. gave. geader At the same time.manTo yawn at. feng received. a To insert. for hweol Ln a circle. od.— ^^n began. discovery. to light up. to be convinced or assured. — greeing. legan . to dis- — — — — To praise. efen. taking.

have in the mind.~-siitend. to sacrifice. S. waecing. up ryne An inroad sacan to offend. svohne&Perverseness. insert. lessen. L. refuse. sigan an To revere. Desperation. One sitting on. construction. -st^pan To imbue. stine. To He or rest upon. teona Injury. To speak to. -scearouse. wssm Unspotted. i7ifiammation. a ceremony duce. a kindling. {pringan de. to verge. afflict. -wlite A countenance. an aspect. -rihtwisnis Injustice. to be stand upon. Invaded. tynan To open. persuasion. to go. S. conwacuian. to ttirn aivay . seelanTo loosen. tendnys^ burning. starian To gednys born. dash against. I. to conquer. staep An entrance. set forth. v. speeca An aced. To sit modnes -si'&eOnce. rfefniendlic Unbearloeakness. 2. stal gan To offer. to chanqe. hard. Ex. to invade. C. munan To on. awake. to take origin. manifest. awaken. whole. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 179 . sion A countenance. in. seon An maddened. pan To step on. abofian 7'o castasleep upon or around. Backtvards. propel. bracima. risanTo rise -spurnan To stumble upon. sound. To sacrifice. szoim. to instruct.-weg tablish. sp^c A cause. wacan To sta4anj p. sition. -?>imgPower. G. S. wendidnes. ivent on madly. sprecan To accuse. wrecscipe^ dwelling venge.es exciting. weard Untoexcite. Aninvasion. — — — — — — — A — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — A — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — A — — — — — — — — — — — — A — — — — — — — A — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — A — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . spyrnes scanTo deny refuse. secgean To teswlatian To look upon. tribute. an inTo occupy. to accuse. scc7id. breathe in. approach. ordain. upon. an offergo loith an impetus.v. irrational. Jjseslic Inconveni-settan To set on^ put upon. re-swebban To bury.kn secgnes An tify. sendan To send. -stirian. r^s An attack. niman To take aioay.lan . cuse. lic. wendanTo turn swenounce. to inspire. stynes moving of the mind. struction open Unopen. specan able. slow. spsetan To sjnt -rettan To defile. sundran. imtie. beset. close. Without water. weorpnes A casting in turn. pp.. weald Pozfjer wealda shamed. -wealg. to oppress. stiSian To harden. assault. despise.to ivash away }p\veorh middan In the midst. open-trumnes Want of strength. }?enian oppress. sien On-jjcon To undertake. detestable. sund^^oa^. appoint. tian To un-mitta iceight. secgan To winnan To fight against. raetrymman To preTo speak against. reveal. to-timbrian -slean T'ofixin. -ufan Above. strong.L. avoid. to pervert. in a strange country. -sceamian To blush. setting in array. wemmed Unscu-swserian To ansiver. de. Aicay. wald S. riht Just. proach. walg. reosan To rush on. p7'ess.-wacnian. snsesan To Unpenned. demerca.To steal on.scunigendl]C^ &omma&Ze. un-springan To springforth. dertake. to drive on. excite accuse. importunate. san To rush in. pennad searching om^. -syn An appearance. L. cursing. dry. tydre Constant -firm. scun uug A boing. sylle Unhappy. syn. ssegdnes. stir up. scife Aji attack. S. dis-spreca A n accuser. \. vered. To tihting An pel. an hood. S. wind an To unwind. scynan swogenes or upon. Across. On-sican To groan. lihtan To excite. to instruct. oter Above. apart. To bend. rihtwis Unjust. reproach. red Monk's vail. C. C. sceonung An abogovernor. loosen. S blemished. weg Away. Der. to fall asleej)' slagan To on. persuade..co?7ithought. soundmotion. A face.4c/j««^swifan To interfere with. C. will Wished for desirable. m. scuniendconvert. contradict. -syne Visible. to arinounce. stseA sacrificing. wacian To grow pursued. sceacan To shake. a -'wea\hEntire. reject. to unTo look on or at. seon verse teon To take upon. sceotan To shoot ward. sacrificing sagu A saying. A tvashing.— . be aness -styrigean To move.!. wadan To invade. ed. perfidy. C. sigh. symhelnes A festival. impost wseterig tion. ivant. -secan To enquire. —tendanTo kindle. aninjection. -sec-wacian To ivatch diligently. to stare at. up]ian steel Dispoclear one's self.ination. stellan To prosacrifice. aspect. tygnes An accugpannan 2'o unlock. renes. moreover. nian To shun. institute. S. an offence. To press upon. to dinmiish. -stylnes Unquietness. p. a claimant. sittan. in. styrian. saec A n exUpon. open. scyte An atwican To yield. wecnian To sund Entire. adenying f^secSought. a rider. nyttan sittung An habitation. mination.styrednesMo^iow. affirmaunblemished. truwian To concuser. overTo enter upon.— xVaiMc. J^vvean To 'Xnercnng Aninscript'ion. -media. -sljEpan To sleep on or soundtimbrian To bui'd over. a face.excused. synDesireJack. W8eg. ssegan. opposed. crossly. offering. -timber Matter. ride on. to-^eon To orettan 2'o contend strike against. {jwajgennj's mang Among. G. coly. As an m. throw. orSian To To build ujjon. wod. to set to send on or in. -igeanTo awaken f An accuser? standan To tradict. dal. to destroy. ON ON ON On-rnaedla. ssegung A nan. unpinned. timbernes -nitt -nytt Useless. -sundron Asunder. a claimUneven. west. to hover over. sceaecPoiver. excuse or wise. adv. smeau To for. }?eowian To serve. relaying out. tyndnys An ant. S. setnis A wrecan To rewickedness. sinscype Wedlock. aweg. sande A sending. To dread. essysgeDifflcult. woh Peron fire. accusation. -treowe Untruth. fide in. awcst. orSsearch out. engage. L. unwis Unfurthermore. S. righteousness. impute. govern. inspire. sweogan minate. smeaung A ung Inspiration. presumption. secgar. look upon. wash. ent.— ridan To on. swymnian To V. —ssecg'iung weak. tack. Arroga?ice. fear. piy. countenance. t^^-an To untie. an inquisition. walhnes Integrity. above. to think. sation.

occur. S. again. Le. OndcycSignes Learning.~ga.Or-leahtre Unblamable. A blister. v. Open Open. free. Oncleow. Ondhriones. S. Ond and . rout. goad. an . destroy. ort-geard. S. or-ceape. 3. return. Onderslic Terrible. a hero. B. 180 against.Or-fyrme Without neatness. dirty. v.a hero. se . proudly. L. 0're<S breath. Der. v. Orelu A priesfs garment. -winnan To struggle against. A contest. Ondo. yrnan To run Or-daele Without part. a kind of wild betony. an m. mecg A chief man. Onydan To cast out. S. B.v. strife.— (J'rd. Orgauian. S. out mind. v. lin. The Ord-ceard. n. gehwyrf.herbaqu(jedam. Oret-an. —ywian To shew. —v/eaYdon.orh Pi^ide. A judgresist. S. overflow. O'r-lege.Onettung. ongl-. exceeding. liee Contrarily. S. m.O'ra. an . V. es. desert €d. ]ice Arrogantbeginning. — — — — — — — — — — — he returned.etc O'rd-baria A first On-vvreohan. meet. To send again. modnes Madness. orgete Manifest. —wunian To inhabit.es. mecg. Origin. -Iseg. v. Onelan . anfilt. ancer. S.Or-m^ieWithout measure.L. relative. C. L. O'v. \. a robe.orgel. denotes. Orn ran. ly. to -wviixxng An inscription. to return. n. -eald. ort-geard. R. lice Openly.—feorme Wit hod. ode . anda. the front of an army. —lice ty. es . O'o on. V. hostility. ongen [gen again^ adv. Onivii Anthora. p. stout in warfare. despairing. S. be — wuuung A habita— wurpan To — yrm<S against.imgelaedan To lead back. /. es . //.—riipAn anchor rope. 6. Or-. V. v. to return. — .Orige. ny. fleon 2'o flee away. 6r-laeg. v. S. an . an .fruitlessly. ordal.— cyme Ameeting. f. -geard. Oord a beginning. an. e&\ m. Or-hffir Without hair. Cruelty. se. pp. 0\'ge\Pride. —cnmaxiTo gas. Ondesn Fear. Metal. L. Onga. — — — — — — — — — . despair. First. -o^. ta. >A'rIting*. e . and the less Orl. battle array. v. English. reveal. prep. d. —liBgFatal. Against. tle. S. Opnian To open. original. to be manifest. brow. ano^a. To play on an organ -or is the termination of comp. ord. Angles. or 50 pence. Oncear. Or-blede Bloodless.ONG I ORD ORN edge. ^ border. Orfe cattle Der. batO'ngLil a hook. A gardener. Der. -cea. immuni. Id. v. te. wi^erian To stir ment on principle. roughness. ceapes. wyrpan judgment.n To go again.L. to send back. to shew. Ondefn Convenient. as. Or-blede Bloodless. Or-msede A giant. teon To pull again. to return. mad. Ono. to Or-cype. f. 2. tyrnan To reto retract. a return. O're^ian To blow. v. oret-tan To Onizse Aniseseed. sword. 16 peningas. oro^. opposite to. an To turn again. come again. A point. hero. fyllan To fill again. repeat. adv. — — — — — — — — — — — — — . Ongen again. Ex. S. Or-gylde Without amends. chief —geard A chief court. Der. wealcun To walk writuu 7'o icrite velation. rashness.. org.— -viTi^nngAhand. reveal. Organe.O'r-eald. entrance. oppose. angel. fealdan To fold to return. To hasten. sprecan To speak origin. open. cers A Or-feorm Without food. coming. -eldo. deadWar. in Der. loheal. discover. prick. tion. 2. A beginning. -lag. Ondettan To confess. Onfilt an anvil. Or-leaste Difference. against. a just or oppose against. werian To unbind. O'r-dal. on. v. Ondlean Retaliation. basin. /«. author. wreon To reveal. to uncover. desti- — — — — beginning. cyrredlic That may pening. neutrality. punga Offree cost. — to object. v. v. oppose. A champion. ly. -vvrigenes Uncovering. stow A battle place. oncer. Orettan To defile. Onda zeal. spoil? L. m. cast Misery. wrigan To open. and. Or-mod Despair.^<San. -clii>iSinTo recall. Or-met A heap. free. Fate. Orceape Free. A bowl. in vain. author. v. m. biddan To ask again. settan To set against. against. O'r-lseg. orette. gan To bring again. ippian. m. Oret . -^^^ian I'o Oncer An anchor. -Jjanc. v. OrglicProMcf. void. ondu Fear. against. ^ confession. ongen . or-wige. Id age. Ongean. -geard. Orb pride. to appear. 1. There were two sorts : the Or-hlyt Without lot. ceasnes Freedom. -msecga ^ battle man. Ongel-. Org.ort-geard. lie Open. Ore. OnotSa fear. sendan Orcerd. note down. To open. gean. — A sting. toithout distinction. denotes Privation. fealdnes reply. O'r-eldo. Orc-eard. Oncyr an anchor. v.border of a garment. money. — fruma — The first — instant. to reflect. fest. greater contained 20 penin. m. Orgeate. ^gebigan To bend — — — — — — Oi-as PJilegmata. L.nga. — lege. v. A gobleg-hwil Time of tear. nes Pride. sworu An — ansiver. death. outfruit. S. Opian. Ongean.— v/eavCitendwii<5an To ing or going against. n? An organ. for am. m. fser A return {aranTo go again. to reply. U7irig. v. On-standan To stand against. T>er. yrfe Der. S. Hell. — War firm. weard Immensely nes Immensity. V. again. spearnan To spurn O'rd. plainly. — — — — — — — — murderer. brin. An orchard. ancra. y*. ruin. Ore. hopian in hopa. destimedlar. ongol-. Ondetnes. ancleow. contest. manifest. v. O'rdael. ian . Organe Organy. Engle. L. p.v. bend An anchor band. to repletiish.Or-ceas Without choice. — leg-frona A — again. n\6dWithobject. cirran To turn again. very old. Hastiness. towards. es .. against.es. A ivelt . tute. v. To reject. in Der. or harp. ac. great. Again. or 40 pence. v. speak or return evilfor evil. free from. origin. mani. S. -ryne A returning. mense. Ongseta. S. Der. pimple. 0'ra« Breath. O'ncra a hermit.

— — — — . es m. cond. — — — berstanTo burst out. chanism. S. cli- Owern Any tvhere. oter. a people OSSon Or. To lead out. G. the stem. nes. to forsake. ohstan. Infamy. to fail.salowig-. cloak. A — : — — — — — — A — — — . other. o tSres .asfaras. S. A pale. ing to a palace. Poeran To pervert. Ottan-fbrd Otford. to stay. — — — . pacS. A going aivay. -u. Until.. v. Der.—fsestan To commit to the trust of another. bepsecan. L. Pseca. — hrogTaken aioay S. S. aht. barren. v. aht. colour. oter. O'r^ a breathing. Psetig. Posnlg a penny. skilfully. L. Paad. — Or-wige Utiwarlike. — force away. Pada. JL. up. Ox- — — — — — Or-treowe Distrustful. O^ieOr.l . A timbrel. L. secure. 2. — Oxen-ford.Ch. for ure Our. gratis. otor.— Oier twegaOne Pal. Purple. 6r-)?anc. -sawl Without soul. Otherwise. es . -en. v. OST Orncst. Ouer over. Paccelad. stand. blame. seel 0'5-wyr<5e. to Oxn The arm pit. Owif-hearpa slay. out. lift take — — P. perishable. rowan To roiv back. an . east. SeOsogen Beaten black andblue. and OSra. owef woof. An ox Oxanhyrde — — skill. pa^as. — fian To adhere. v. v. desponding. to prefer. yardfor fruit. Or-sceattinga Without reioard. es . lie Belongpalace. be secure. aweb./. V. S. stake. V. — — — Oxa. S. that the slayer wen-J? wean To tvash off. Unicorthy. garden. Without sor- roicjoy. 2. S. Owuht aught. viight escape with impunity^ dan To turyi from. — d6n To pull A . Oxtan armpits.-sorge.next. . A deceiver. An ousel. Security. -ostor. 2. covering. S. -ot.«c. e . scire Oxfordshire. contrivance. v. /. clothing. andsomeEither. es . Psell. traverse.e. -este. to seize. O^ j)^'cj). A pall.7n. to fasten. 0'tor. S. taking an oath. S. Or-weiinys. numbers. oxslips. -ost Forms the sp. v.l. Ot-witan v. breathing-hole. hydan To hidefrom. Easter^ Der. Orsorhjgf. miry.salo-. Or-weht Without water. od. v.e. -hefan To to seize. 0^<Se fur<5un) Palistas Battering rams. shoot. a late or ravenl v. a Ort-geard. L. Pse S. oruiS. — cwellan To . Paganise Paganish.Breath. faran Togo aivay. 1. gripan To take atvay. f. pa^<5e . i^-wyr^e. free. L. disgraceful. to escape.-)7onc. pp. Ch. Another. Until.O^er . L. To flee away. Here-. L./. es . Oweb. wennung trusting. oyster. I. — dif- Or-sorg-ian ficulty. — A disto stand still. take away. either.l09G. Ch. inspiration. expel. — sorh Without — Otyr an otter. yrnanTo run away. o^er. an orchard. -eowian To shew. d. v. hebban. disposition. d. An — Otor an otter. \. m. adj.An under garment. 2. defenceless. purple. ofer. — To make still.— ar\^.Kent. v. ah war. OcSian^o breathe. To breathe.a black. Orpedlice Openly. grace. seppeM palmOster. an . forbid to stillan To stand out. off. shame. —OierMcor Pset Guile . escape. either. Or-wige Without war orfeud so placed out offamilyfeud atvay pri— Jjingian To take)pringan To vately. 1 37.defenceless. Ow-hwaer Any tvhere. pse<5. nouns. 0'r-)7anc. -o^e The ending of ordinal O's. o cSre bird. 1 lifeless.-or. hinder. ganfle6n Tofiee aivay. es. o^-eowian. Ower. — take atvay. 65-witan. j)L Der.iiVi. oret. m. p. Oxna-lyb Oxylapathum.umoarlike. distrusting. seize.-an pecSian. v. paat. v. Belonging to a pelt or A die. An. an tn. ig Knotty. — or vengeance. lend. To be ivithout difficulty. ml An otter. M. OxLimelle Oxymel. ent] A prefix denot. to lice. astu. O'ro^. 0^.flet-. to steal. or O^ing Fi'om. P0e<5 . m. 2. safety. v. despair of. oriSian. despair. S. Paled Histriatus. /. The sp ofdff. g. appear. Ostre. deliver. moreover. A keeper ofoxen — Oxan slippan Co7vslips. gle combat. ge-ortruw-ian To ung^ distrust. genge Transitory. -lirinan To touch. 775. salwig-pada. disOter.f. bar. v. O'rcS-ian. psecean. Huntingdonshire 1 Pad. — um — scipe MeWith -f^stanTofast. to deceive. O'r-j7anc. Securely. m. pron. Paxlade. — -ferian — — Oxna ford. salwig-. One covered. ^an . V. L. L. Or-saul. gengel A rail. ford. Device. -t The termination of m. es. O^S-sacan To deny. -e. -sceotaa To shoot away turn from. Pa3can. seocanTo standan fieefrom. attention. — . S. S. of adv. wur<5e ywian To shetv. m Osti llie Estonians.— swer- Salo-. Oxen Belonging to an ox. sugillatus. -oste. A To carry atvay . of Germany. scipe. -fsereld — appear.evento. — ning. L. 'p. scale.— hredan To take atvay. orocS. S. g. adj. ode. To.Mind. 3. m. 0(SSe--o5^e endin esta. escape.es v. unto. — out. v.^'. to swerian To abjure. Owre. m. Ost the east. A by sin Oyster shell. a duel. ml hero. S. to S. tinies in osta. — — O'ruS breath. Pserl A pea7'l . Paxton. g. witan To Or-wite Without fine. ing An oath. . gemmula. 3. stop. Jjght. m. v. OuSer Or. Ost A knot. Care. L. latter.to conceal iwian. Orrest A battle. Owiht aught. 0<S [6rer. of the ttvo. f. pse^es . Also. A taking in breath. -ywian To -Isedan sheiv. Osle. gan To go from or atvay. 181 — — — — — — skin. deny tvith an oath. Palant A palace. pening.adv. Orrettan To defile. Or-tudre Without offspring. petig Crafty. a pore. de To go. Pabol A pebble. Or-wen Hopeless. 0<5Se hwil VdXmApalm. breathing. b^ran To bear or take away./or utor Without. out of. windan Th. an . feallan To fall atvay or dozen. Palent indqf. Or-wearde Unguarded. L. O'r-Jjonc. ? Breath. -)7onc Cuu' skill.0-waestm A young brancJi. Le. es . A path Psean-. ingenious. Or-truw-ian. ODD trial PAL n. sacan To deny. Or-wur^ Disgrace. Ot-ewan. v.

A player. t^S.nt. — — . ca. the epistles. v. To war-shield Grk: aZso Pentecosten. d. Piosan peas. 2. an . Pan A piece. ode. ian To Pedreda. stsef. tecost Castle in Normandy. lice Heavily. P •dpd. Peohtas. Pang Venom. as Pin Pain. — — — — — — — — . pipligend. stre A pestle. Pith. X. tvvig-./. iren-. m? Pentecost. an enclosure. ^ jiound. Pise Heavy.pleo. sian. peniug. pole. pinewincle. v. jjlanted. v. Pen-wiht-steort. V. Pawa. C. Pap. a village in Pett apit. river Parret. Pinung affliction. Peac-lond 2'Ae Peak-land. ede . A pear-tree. dreatn an m. pise. Pening. a mark made by burning. consider. To beat with a pestle. pp. p*tig. the style of a dial. heafod-. S. ^i\ccdi A planting stick? Pehtas. -scip A playship./. Pell a pall. I'arcSas The Parthians. bray. A n. place.se. -corn A peppercorn.Pefenes-eaPei'ew^f?/or Pic A point. tap. V. S. S. Peolitas. -man A player. Whitsuntide. V. paddock. Pinpel A pimple. an open place Pearl a pearl. S. inSa The mouth of Parrel.Peterselige. Farisee. S.—ixeo\w A palm-tree. S.Peonn-ho Pinhoe. v. ere A piper. ruck. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — .Pyhpining. es . PaiSssni'hdmPassetiham or Passa tonsure in the Romish Pislefer-hiis Scriptorium. -n. Persoc-treow. L. m. punish. m. S. drink. es . Peaneg a penny. Perscore. Cornwall. A philoso. an . Plating. famy. m. pp. hranch. fan ? To pipe. v. Pefens-ea. Le. v. pearroc. subdeaPathma. -stampe ? A loas also a smaller pening. v. Pisan. V. pylce. A box on the ing to pitch. v. — — — — — — — . m. pil. es. i. pleos. Pitch. pleoh. Pionie. v. Pilstre. Pernex A swijt. C. pardus. Papig^ poppy. ed. p.an./? Ajjea. es. od. us. A park. Paradise Paradise. PeSian To make a path or way. ian Pleo. amine. ol Lascivi-rnangere A moneychanger. S. ex' Peord A peon in chess. Flute music. in. drenc PoppyPipelgend. v. g. an . tyro Fluid Plsett-e. PacSa. pae^. 2. m.v. Philosoph. pher. The greater ed. strike. Pedrida. pitch. Peahtas Picts. Toplayupon. an . pistel. An epistle. ajjply. Papol-stanas Pebblestones.Apeyiny. plega. L. wuce Palm week. v. Peppor. Amoney cha7iger mongere.&}pL m. Pefens-. Peruince. pyle. Somerset. m. A tormentor. an . Pilu. lie Dangerous. Danger. en Belong. m. pere A pier. — — — — — — . bloio. an . es . church. VicBelonging seilling. e . S. gladiator. country for more than a Pleg-ere. to pening was about 2^d.L. peppor. a scyld A play or icai'-ship 1 Pentecoste. Wor popedom. 1. pp. Panne. marrow. -x\To bring into or expose to Land's End. es. ing. jT. head. l^in hnut A pine nut. ian. to play. the epistles. pastime. Ver. Pipligend Blistered. cucer-. L.npalm. v. pestle. L. Der.4 pal/n-twi(j. weor<S A penny worth. psell. Pentecostes-Castel Pe7ies . 5 of apply. Hunduy . L.Pic. S. Pipor. martin. flAplpe. pp. to thousand years. v. Pera pears. about thevalue of our present Pila ? A pile.flute. roedere book. Aplo. Pas-tun Paston. Sunnan-dujg Palin.Plsega. es . 2. fixate. m. ?n. other tree . Pisan bean Parisiac Pari. torment. S. v. S. sporting. Pard A leopard . glans.Perevves Perry .Pehta9. Per. Pleigan to play. ode . an . gaming. Le. isreccas Explainers of con. The Pope. j>lay on the (16m The office of the Pope.C..— bearo A palm. m. Parruc a park. A peach tree. L. zvhich made a shilling. languish. m.peonie. 3. ung. yacht. a scheme. L.' Parsley. an m. a father. Plega. pytt. A Pharisee. — — — — . torment. S. figure. L. Pice A spout. es . Pepelgend. wasting away. A Der. an. 1. wantoti.— was the standard coin in this Pil A pile. set. Pearroc es. es in. A pan. /. Pemsey. Der. Petig cunning. PlhiQ. A vetch. pliUt* Peohtas.iie. od To plant. punishment. ere. Pic-bred The mast of oak or set.e . Pitt a icell. pterl. plaitt hem. m. torture. Peru. -ung. g. an. Papan-liad. dart.— vavi. V. ac en . peneg a penny. cyn Peasekind. Patrnos. top. pipligend. apple jU date. Penn. v. ere. To applaud. m. PlantPlante. mock.an. Der. sport. Pii>telgode A doublet. L. w./?/?. es.\ . a plant.Peonna. m. Der./. Paris Paris. plega. Pip. L. v. bishop. S. v. Platung. boc The epistle Northamptonshire.Peo. sapa. n. A pear. The ung Branding. S. Pharisee. To pounder. think. The epistle reader. ode. L. m. stow A play an . Ex. es . a cuff. Pii^a? A little maid. poison. Pening-hw^rfere Pilecan. S. The treow ^ pine tree. a letter.an. Sussex. pern. penig. hu6 A play -Jwuse. L. ham. The To torment. Petres mearc. gaming. S. e . A peach. heap. A planting. pit.y Peter''s mark. Devon.as Ldtin: also Papa. To pen?iy.-r—g-dii To play. es. A Pharisee . SomerPinewincle Periwinkle. Play.j PIN gruve. V\%\icHeavy. Pieced or patched hose. 1. I. v. 12 of ivhich made a Pile A pillow. ear. in Pinn A pen. stake.e. from the Roman denarius. What is propagation. L. Pliister A plaister. The silver penny derived Pihtas Piets. Pershore. f. Peuhtas.e. m. Pise. deride. Persuc. p. pin. /.Plcece A street. difficulties. There -ian . A peacock. Pinhoo. a theatre. ivager. v.APharisee. S. — — — . playing. ous.an . V. Peohtas. Piic A little needle or pin. torment. an /. — A pine. par. iveigh. v. Pending. m. Pillsape Biestings. Der. v. S. Pistol. v.f. peppor. hose Peopor. Latin. od To poise. -uin. — .S. Peuenes-ea. PitSa. 4. cestershire. Pharise-isc Pharisaic. S. C. pipor Pepper. p. L. Pirige. an /. -as. v. pil. 2. tar. in Northamptonshire. S. v. sport. the style of a dial. S. To pine. beat. braeg-. PLE fteony. The Picts. play. Pinsian p. Pain.

For qu the A. mould warp. point. Prut. ?n. -ian. gation. Prodbore A market-place. Pyngan To prick. ian To be proud. L. an. v. gilp-. S. Pullian . thefirst hour pouch. \. L.f. PoUeion The herb penny-royal. L. dent. ele A prickle. S. f. S. v. Dangerous. line.hi we Pride.-4 port. L. fold. point. e . lind-: pleg-ere. S. a parish. pledge. Ploh Ploughland.TA. or castle built at a haven. heap An assembly of hood. Pumic-stan A pumice-stone. —brice A plumb- Preon. — — . Ofa-. A pund loas mole. — cwene A looman who — Portland isle.4 clasp. well. v. Punian p. Piindere A weigher. twinkling. L. v. -igean . A barren coio. to pound. m. -lie. A talent. -barge Pontesbury. stammerer. prafost. pull. cwice. Der. Por-hana A ruff. pirige. od. contemplate. S. 771? A pool. m. -igean. v. 3. scallion. C. — high look. Der. v. lie Proud. Poc. or 250 sceatas . Puse. JR. Portian. ode . A — — — — — A A A — — Pur Pure. 1. Purple. es . Prydecere. A Protbore. S. A level. wi. 1. Pyhtas Picts. tceight. A pound A pound. Quene a harlot. els sting or -adl An eruptive disease. Prowast. Pyle A pillow. an . Plou-a3lmesse. Pr6fian. prodbore. ?i. To pound. 2. To regard. also piicu. clergyman hk^PriestTo pluck. cwene. presbyter. bodkin 1 L. an . A plega. Psaltere The psalter. pyrige. garians. Quic-beam. a reed. ung A proud state or con- — — — Q. pund. S. Popei A cucumber. S. V. es . To pull. p. . Pungetung. — — — — — Quean. Der. Ponne a pan. or cu. A Pund A Pund. Prince edges In a twinkling Pyhtisc Pictish. laca The herhpurslain. cushion. lie tory. predicere. p. Purpur. try. obliga. Purble Purple.. pudding-grass. of the day. Pung. es . Purpley of a purple colour. a harlot. prattas. sting. m. Qualm death. pretty. Pryfetes-flod Privet^ Hants. Plyme a plum. pryt. papol-. strong place. pleo. L. point. pustule. m Punere A pestle. the following examples are given. bag. L. 1112. Prit. 183 . land The \oca. A purse. Possentes-burh . 2. . Pytt. V. ed. prafost. Plyht. n. Pritigan To pip. v. maelum Point by small-pox. S. sulh. -on. Profast. 1 A portico. ding. es. tity — ig Crafty.es . m. Priost a priest. piita. S. Wseter-. Pose a hag. an . prut. puse. plihtan : plega. Pol pole or long staff. Prim The prime. Th. L. treow A plum -sla A sloe. cwic. Plips A Pund . hild-. an m. Por. od. Pryt Pride. Ch. S. pochcha. 2. L. Punt A punt. A pound. v. Quen a ivife. e . pock. A preach. The Bulod To beat. cweart-ern.purpuren . e . sesc-. L. Pulgare.-S. Psalm-scop A psalm poet. To — Plio. es m. To expose to dan. A plume of feaDer. v. recompence. bray. sound. Pyrie. point. Profost.f. g. pp. an pn. V. basis Post.e. 3. v.). sc'iitePride. es . preost. . a purple robe. ger. haughtiness.ode. plume. Popol. pliht. hair. Craft. porch. A pit. . A es : balance. pipe. Plumclesiastical law. ede to v. a Mercian pund was 60 scillingas. but as qu is occasionally found. a plum. Posling. gerefaT^e ic. S. V. . Preowt-hwil A moment. Pluceian. Port. presiPliht-an. V.— ic. shut in. scire The province of -sceld. Somerset. S. v. Purpura. — dition. L. Pride. ing. a . pi. bag.judge. S. of an eye. sting ? Pric-cian To prick. hearm-.— -spere A pool spear. A town.-lic. — — 2. Der. breaking into a fold. -ig. v. Danger. prafost. priit. priest's share. or 900 sceatas but wager. — — Plum-feSer thers. p. Pol.Predic-ere. . man A lock-hay. sangTheprimesong. Pretti. prut. The how of an arch. A purse. pletta A sheepfold. — Prutene Southermvood. Pynt pint measure. S. delay. Pit-fulJ^^'*^ Proud. Pylce. Pynd-an To hinder. pheasant. v. Pond a pound. decked. Princ v. S. beat. y. v. To plight. Poeca.C. to or hole full. Piiht. pole-staff) L. Piil a pool. S. pise. a fur garment. gl. AvQvxcPoppy- — Peohtas. prset. boat. Pul-sta3f A — post. L. S. scyre A bled Plum fruit. adj. pricea. cle. Der. Prsete Adorned. 2. citizen. strzet ^4 public loay. Dorset. city . g.Portisle of Portland. v. v. v. longer. A port or gate of a town or city. a provost. stake.-n.Pranga. L. Polenta Provision. Pliht. play ? 'i. poha. : e. se purpura. L. es . -lie. pleo. equal to 48 scillingas. Cavernamen. bray. def. L. S. Quart-ern. v. es. L. mattins. — — — — — — Pundern Pundur. Der. n. or 240 peningas. tree. Polion The herb nose-bleed. poke.f?A prick.od Preost. preach. Pycan To pick. pull off. -es -geatA city gate. lake. cwealm. Pryd ? Pride. QT)1 pastil. f pp. -stow. or 240 smaller peningas. mu^a Portsmouth. an . Prafost. ml Praet . cw6n. -lice Proudly. Der. Plett. 1. -te. A — drink. panne. the prick. Qulcc quitch grass. A pricking. Pyse a pea. es./. pylece. PUL jjlnij. and a Norman pund was 20 scillingas. Prica. Quedol An argument. A priest. lagu Clergy or ecPlume. 4. v. S. measles. — — — — loalk stately. chief officer of a port. oh liDer. P