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1 Nice to meet you, Mr Green. And how is your family? > Terrible. My wife _______________(hit) by a car yesterday.

My son _________________(attack) at a football match. My daughter __________(rob) at a bus stop. That's awful. What exactly do you do? > I'm a fortune-teller. 2 Waiter, there's a dead fly in my soup. > Yes. I'm afraid it ____________________(kill) by the heat, sir. 3 An old lady was talking to a young boy in the park. And do you go to school? > No, said the boy. I ______________(send). 4 We're famous for snails in this restaurant, sir. > I know. I ______________________(serve) by'one now. 5 What did your father say when you _______________(take)to prison? > Hello, son. 6 What kind of ants_____________________(find) in houses? > I don't know. OccupANTS! 7 What happened when the wheel ___________________(invent) ? > I don't know. It caused a revolution! 8 A teacher asked her class to write an essay about a football match. A minute later all the students were writing except one boy. The teacher looked at his paper. It said, > The game__________________ (stop) in the first minute by rain. 9 Why the tennis player_________________ (give) a cigarette lighter at the end of the competition? > I don't know. Because he had lost all his matches! 10 Mum, do all fairy tales begin with "Once upon a time"? > No, darling. Some start with, "Sorry I'm so late, darling, I_______________ (detain) at the office.