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At 8:00 oclock At 5:30 On Friday On Sundays On 22 November In October In 1983 In spring On Christmas day At the weekend , at night , at Christmas , at the end of , at the moment On Monday morning , on Tuesday afternoon , on Friday evening , on Saturday night , on Christmas day . In In In In five minutes from now a few days 2 years six weeks

We lived in japan from 1997 to 2010 We lived in japan from 1997 until 2010

Since a time in the past till now

For 3 days , for 5 minutes . In a room , in a shop , in a car At the bus stop , at the door , at the traffic lights , at her desk . At the bottom , at the top , at the end of , at the window

on a door . There’s somebody at the door Munich is a large city in the south of Germany . in the sky . at work .on the envelope . in a car . at school .On a horse. In bed . On a bus . in a book In a photograph . In the middle of At home . at a match . Do not sit on the grass What have you got in your bag ? There’s a man on the roof. at jane’s house /at my sister’s house . Naples is in the south . in a taxi . at a wedding . It’s difficult to a park at the center of town There’s a small park at the top of the hill. on a train on a plane on a ship On the ground floor on the first floor On the way to On the way home Did you come here on the bus ? . in a newspaper . at the station at the airport . in the world . Turn teft at the traffic lights. Our house id number 45 – the number is on the door . on the ceiling . On the shelf . At a concert / at a party at a football . Milan is in the north of Italy. in a picture . at the doctor’s at the hairdresser’s etc. She was sitting at the table . in hospital . on the wall . We stayed at a nice hotel or we stayed in a nice hotel . at college . on the grass . on a plate . at university. on the floor . My name was at the bottom. I went for a swim in the river / in the pool / in the sea . on a bicycle . There are a few shops at the end of the street . on a motorbike . There are a lot of fish in the river .

000 people at the football match. I came home on the bus . why don’t you sit by the fire ? Under the table Under a tree .The office is on the first floor Helen is studying law at university There was a big table in the middle of the room What is the longest river in the world ? Were there many people at the concert last night ? Will you be at home tomorrow afternoon ? Who is the man in the photograph ? do you know him ? Were are your children ? are they at school ? How many pages are there in this book ? Are you hungry after your journey ? no I had something to eat on the train. My car broke down on the way here . I’m sorry I’m late. I arrived Arrive at Arrive at Arrive at in England last year . I was tired when I arrived home . We had a good meal at a restaurant . He’s at the brothers’s. Did you park your car at the station ? Our house is by the sea . Who is that man standing by the window ? If you feel cold . What time do you usually go to bed ? There was 20. not arrived to England . the hotel work the station What time did you get to the hotel ? What time did you get to Paris ? I was tired when I got home . and then we went back to the hotel. I was tired . so I stayed in bed late .

I was walking along the road with my dog. Take your feet off the table . Let’s go for a walk along the river . The dog swam across the river . it’s just round the corner You can put your coat on the back of the chair . Silivia took a key out of her bag and opened the door . I walked round the town and took some photographs . The pictures are above the shelves . My house is very near here . do not fall down the stairs . We walked up the hill to the house . Be careful . They got on the train They traveled through the village . . under the bridge and the hospital is on the left . We jumped into the water . They walked past me without speaking . past the cinema . On the right / on the left At the top / at the bottom .I am wearing a jacket under my coat . A bird flew into the room through a window The old road goes through the village/ The new road goes round the village . A man came out of the house and got into a car . Sometime by / next to /beside might have the same meaning . Round the corner . Go along the road. Why are you looking out of the window ? I took the old batteries out of the radio ? Do not fall off your bicycle We got on the bus in Princes street . The plane flew over the mountains I jumped over the wall into the garden Walk under a ladder . The shelves are below the pictures.

A woman got out of the car . They got on the train . My house is round the corner . I often fall asleep while I’m reading They went home after they did the shopping . We listened to the news on the radio . at 50 kmph Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius Travel by train/ by plane /by bike Go on foot A book by / a painting by / a piece of music by . Don’t forget to close the window before you go out . Turn left at the traffic lights There is a small park at the top of hill A boy jumped into the river and swam to the other side . The book fell off the shelf .At the weekend . A car came round the corner . She’s on holiday . I looked out of the window and watched the people in the street . They got into the house through a window . At the age of 21 . They drove through the village . I spoke to Rachel on the phone last night . How far is it from here to the airport ? You can put your coat on/over the back of the chair Silivia took a key out of her bag and opened the door . A plane flew over the village . I watched the news on television . We didn’t speak during the meal We didn’t speak while we were eating .

he isn’t afraid of anything I feel sorry for her Belong to Happen to Ask somebody for Speak/talk to Thank somebody for Think about Think of Wait for Write to somebody Call somebody .It was an accident He’s very brave . Afraid of Angry with someone Angry about something Fed up with Full of Good at Interested in Married to Nice / kind of somebody to Sorry about situation Sorry for / about doing something Feel sorry for somebody I am not very good at telling stories Thank you fro helping me Mark is thinking of buying a new car Tom left without saying goodbye I am sorry about your broken window .A man with a beard A woman with glasses In tennis . you hit the ball with a racket / My house is the one with the red door on the right .

He stood up and left the room. Somebody shouted my name. I said hello . How are your children ? How are they getting on at school ? It’s difficult to hear you . The thief ran away or ran off Emma got into the car and drove away or drove off Tim has gone away for a few days . and she got off . The car stopped and a woman got out of it . Be careful ! Don’t fall off. I like flying . The wall wasn’t very high . If you carry on along this road . so I looked around. It has broken down many times . Hold on a minute . and I got on . but I’m always nervous when the plane takes off. We haven’t got a key to the house. you see it on the left . so we can’t get in. Can you speak up a little ? This car isn’t very good . We looked up at the stars in the sky. I didn’t go in Sarah opened the door of the car and got in . The bus stopped . The picture fell down Lie down on the floor. so we climbed over . She got on her bike and rode off. I’m not ready yet . I went to the window and looked out . so she sat down. I usually get up early . The bus came . and he turned around .Look at his watch Look for : try to find Look after : take care of . keep safe Depend on Look after yourself . Turn over and look at the next page. I’ll be back at 5o’clock. I am going out now to do some shopping . Go away and don’t come back. There was a free seat . I waited outside the shop . . The train slowed down .

taps Switch on / switch off lights . so I take it back to the shop .I tried to find a job . He put on his sunglasses . She picked up the magazine . Can you turn it down ? Here’s a dictionary . they sometimes fall down ( fall over ) Put on your coat . When babies try to walk . You can look it up . She took off her hat . There were some gloves on the floor . I knocked over a glass and broke it . The music is very louf . machines . Please do not throw them away I visited a school last week . but I gave up . It was too small for me . so I picked them up and put them on the table . I want to keep these magazines . My new lamp doesn’t work . He put down his bag . or put your coat on Take off your shoes . Put on something Take off something . One of the teachers showed me around . put back I read the letter and then put it back in the envelope I took my new sweater back to the shop . . machines Pick up / put down Bring back . They knocked a lot of houses down when they built the new road . take back . The fire alarm went off and everyone had to leave the building . or take your shoes off But always use put it on Take them off Turn on / turn off lights . give back . Speak up a little . Somebody gave me a form and told me to fill it in. She turn off the tap.

Please put your cigarette out . .Smoking isn’t allowed here . Put your cigarette out Show me around Knock over a glass Throw away the newspaper Knocked house down .

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