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France under the socialist pretender president is becoming or acting more and more like a true-blue fascist entity

of the 21st century. French military forces are now in Mali behaving like a big conquering colonial army with tanks, troops and planes breathlessly shelling and bombing the northern parts of the country. France has not drawn any good lessons from the momentous 9-11 incident that hit the US and which came about as a result of its numerous shellings and bombings in other peoples lands. France is keen to start the western worlds War On Terror III, or the Nato Africom war. The French pretender president has failed to take note that his adventure in Mali a.k.a. the French-Nato Africom war is happening right in the centre of a region inhabited by Moslem peoples. Mali, like Syra, doesnt need Nato bombs only support from the OIC. True enough, the Algerian branch of AQIM quickly staged an attack on the western-run In Amenas facility near the Libyan border. Up to thirty-five people died in the attack. Now the western media outlets are blaming Algeria for their deaths when they should be questioning or blaming and cursing the belligerent policies of Hollande for Africa. It is clear 2013 will be another very hot year and in more ways than one. Food and grain prices are expected to soar in 2013 with western speculators and traders jacking up prices to gain huge profits. Now their western leaders are jacking up fresh new wars to gain popularity.