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12122 N. Guinevere Dr.

ANDREW OGDEN Spokane, Washington 99218

Email: (509) 869-0639

To use my knowledge of computers, and my strong work ethic to perform my job. I want
to contribute to organizational goals, while continuing my education at Whitworth.

2007- Current NORTHEAST YOUTH CENTER: Computer Technician
Responsibilities and related skills included:
- Maintaining and Upgrading Computers
- Managing/Setting Up Network
- Projecting Future Needs

2006- 2007 WASHINGTON TRUST BANK: Bank Teller

Responsibilities and related skills included:
- Entrusted with Thousands of Dollars
- Helping Customers Feel Like Guests
- Continually Building Skills
- Performing Bank Audit Duties

2001- 2003 JOHN MARVIN INCORPORATED: Engineering Internship

John Marvin Incorporated is a Nuclear Engineering Company which performs
contracted work for Hanford and Idaho National Engineering Laboratory.
Responsibilities and related skills included:
- Computer and Networking systems maintenance
- Editing of technical reports
- Knowledge of office software (Microsoft Word and Excel) as well as
some experience with Unix operating systems

2006- Current WHITWORTH UNIVERSITY: Engineering/Physics Dual Degree
With possible minors in Mathematics and Computer Science

2003- 2005 SPOKANE MASTERS COMMISSION: Bible Discipleship Program

Masters Commission course work consists of Theology coupled with a strong
focus on Personal Character Development. The second year of the program is
focused on Leadership Development.

College Coursework
Computer Science I & II • Calculus I, II, & III • Linear Algebra • Physics I, II & III.

Honors and Activities

Whitworth Student Employee of the Year (2008)