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Max Heindel-message of the Stars

Max Heindel-message of the Stars

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Published by: venus1206 on Feb 11, 2009
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indicator of women's health, 544
mother ruled by, during pregnancy, 551
muscles ruled by Mars and, 569
rules Cancer, 97
vantage point of angels, 569
Moon Period, angels are humanity of, 569
Mumps, Mars in Taurus, 562; Saturn in Taurus, 554; Venus in Taurus, 547
Muscles, ruled by Moon and Mars, 569
Muscular rheumatism, Mars in Leo, 562. SEE ALSO Rheumatism.
Music, value in soothing mind, 637
Myxedema, caused by degeneracy of thyroid gland, 574


Nasal catarrh. SEE Catarrh, nasal.
Nausea, Saturn in Cancer, 555; Venus in Cancer, 547; Venus in Capricorn, 548
Neptune, afflictions from, cause delirium, other diseases, and mental
instability, 567

article on Pathogenic Effects of, 566
effects of, in all twelve houses and signs not given, 568
effects of, in sixth and twelfth houses and signs, 567
indicates invisible spiritual hierarchies working with us, 586
influences spiritual development, 573
is octave of Mercury, 566. SEE ALSO Chapter XV.
responsible for medicine men, witches, spirit controls, 573, 574
rules classical string music, 637
rules pineal gland, 570; spinal canal, 566
Nerve force, invisible vital fluid, 599
Nerves, rulership; Mercury, 549, 566, 599; Moon, 551, 599
Nervous debility, Mercury in Virgo, 550
Nervous disorders, afflicted Neptune, 566
Nervous system, Neptune works upon, 566; ruled by Mercury, 566
Neuralgia, afflictions in Aries, 541; Mercury in Aries, 549
of heart, Mercury in Aquarius, 550
Nose bleed, Jupiter in Scorpio, 558; Jupiter in Taurus, 557; Mars in
Scorpio, 563; Mars in Taurus, 562
Nose bones, Scorpio rules, 542
Nose, effect of smell on choice of foods, 573
Nutrition and growth, governed by Venus and Uranus, 472

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