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The Great Parable

The Great Parable

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Published by Rev. Donna Owen

Originally published by the Pre-Nicene Publication House. B.C.M./ Consortium, London W.C.1 ENGLAND Ronald Powell (who took the ecclesiastical name Richard Jean Chretien Duc de Palatine) had established a modern-day Gnostic church, the Pre-Nicene Gnostic Catholic Church, in England during the 1950s - de Palatine received his successions from British independent prelate Hugh de Wilmott-Newman in 1953.[5] After the death of Duc de Palatine in the 1970s, Bishop Hoeller, his US successor, abbreviated the church's name, in Latin form, to Ecclesia Gnostica. This document is scanned from second generation photocopies of the original typed manuscripts, in searchable .PDF format.

Originally published by the Pre-Nicene Publication House. B.C.M./ Consortium, London W.C.1 ENGLAND Ronald Powell (who took the ecclesiastical name Richard Jean Chretien Duc de Palatine) had established a modern-day Gnostic church, the Pre-Nicene Gnostic Catholic Church, in England during the 1950s - de Palatine received his successions from British independent prelate Hugh de Wilmott-Newman in 1953.[5] After the death of Duc de Palatine in the 1970s, Bishop Hoeller, his US successor, abbreviated the church's name, in Latin form, to Ecclesia Gnostica. This document is scanned from second generation photocopies of the original typed manuscripts, in searchable .PDF format.

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Published by: Rev. Donna Owen on Jan 19, 2013
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firmbelief sciences two the the Comparative the average years man Religion and are woman. butcandid events. to as we Church witnesses these Tacitus. be Christians we termed of The the Chriscontem- Masonry. the became sought to turn material while Light inwards until the outside for that by as the development proceeded. since At a man first time of the he made was his but the physical without mind plane this have man that ture time dark seek intelligence. put to known two it. see one grips. mankind diverted who still those sought The Light of ages have gods. Although continued Then long to passed. sacred heroes. leaders from at away for year. instructions Governor to Bythinia. their true the the hundred years. the true BIRTH. more began more this of were Light. Roman on z Pliny requests the Younger. Yet. what for the could the in it simply conclaves. were passwords. the drawing But all close. vealed tian porary having that signs. Schools men and appeared last some its made the source aspects. appeared there The kings the sacred and priests. or more mind. into demi-gods. shall of see. now Mythology brought up denying to thousands stem confusion. his innate of secrets among manifestation two he the Light ago. At first through he and earthquakes the of he Light. the became dimmer. Since a here crea- that Source of Being. and Then this time long since to temples great of years the some keep who passed the Light embodied we Souls burning. Philo Church and has Essene.THE GREAT PARABLE It on is now about 18 as or million nascent has ever years man. is ever the to Churches be found of to and by becoming empty seeking true Light which v•ithin. events have the the basis and are now seeking TRANSFIGURATION. as find history wonderful This is met period said to the or re- the in to fact personage Palestine for own Jesus two and banded events thousand first Christians. These years. by the of main the story the about occurred the acid generally test is as we historical that and years factual of ago. to as but. During in all initiate. into reasons fact. Christ. in continues Light to attempts the beginning extinguish are itself same known. last the been revelation the source of puzzlement 200 years The to of the the through arisen of until a 17OO Four to With of of have in the the of the the discrepancies last added of Gospels doubt the by scholars of the there twin tendency CILristian also religion. themselves know This but is when silent have that they only is have able dropping the Four away they the simple story accepted portrayed an Gospels. Many people BAPTIS}•. the writing of to one the Roman Caesar. old and men traditional are vain. and its majority there attention world pleasures. you 1 . historians Hence on of the of main silence the existence the Jesus surnamed proudly the made points Fathers work short to of Pliny as Younger. Josephus. world of a this of Being returned His sphere there into of but came the is still Western movements underground Dark old the Mystical is darkness. mants whence to being own was way return Light 18 the this the million upon However. scholarship these claims. The to it light Now that make the pushed the end Age order methods. tide a Today and with this in have the endeavored Church of rising adherents not been of disbelief religious falling the resources ago. but how deal with followers Christos. has himself. an meaning the the in of the finally. many contradictions has ASCENSION. stem all their disposal. the Light as history. long ago. Communities. in the account sects. periods for yet sought floods he Spark the and this Divine his man appearance soulless Life. Christ thousand openly truth Christianity. has been as due lodges. in (whom He which He years know the in His to Christ) life the when blanket appearance of from thousand and came demonstrated could ago. of time inner its consciousness the subtle to the the worlds outer within. explanation CRUCIFIXION•and.

Dr. Josephus to makes the Christos. "the Christ days. me. the most is famous of the Origen. speak in the same •E• OF THE HISTORY in his Jesus. events. a need CONTRA why Book in who the (ORIG• pupil of and Origen Clemens CELSUS. life. that C•ESIS CRITICAL knew ANALYSIS FCUR Christ. texts a man in and human was the Canonical there Gospels no which or Church could reason Fathers. gulf at last. Alexandrinus. any that Irenaeus..D. mention cannot be as his Josephus. h5 A. the the chasm Christianity) grave the was reared gulf bottomed. Schools St. taught known is I not to refer the fully them. in the 120 lhO• but have in claims •s:an flesh.) maintain it Let a dogmas remembered of of that Saccas. the around and truer in man Essene.2 will note Annals of of Jesus the as man a to reference makes Jesus--only no that Pliny without Tacitus also vein. nor Christ. the man in tradition the Essene of his a Fraternity historical We lifetime. Gnostic be It Christianity. In for cult that these Josephus whatsoever Jesus. nor mother. any The apparently no knowledge to reference that the God. has within shown amply THE unassailable shovel NA•/RAL of Paul that has brought the historiirrefutable of Paul was light logic man. on fact. edifice the bring which it was of so perilously founded first. was man evidenced says: Christ man. been above as or a plumbed. lying filled (His- darkly below. and from ruin the dose to fill of down dynamite. the which single historicity followed who knows that of a accepted they all Jesus. soundly toric open with there has was a great It forever was a fixed that or between never the could in . save distinct neither "I that nor you." 2 ." v•thout The by a me. in through kis Christ to refers being neither beginning having crucified the as we know." P.D. to the in man fact." tells you L. may over like an lurking haunted is horribly too-audible a life. breath that freer wreck in ever. man) Again Paul liveth he genealogy.. Christ Mystical Christ human heart "But Massey says: and Historic Christology and never bridged. Christos. teach an or Paul which follower not did occurred of the but of a historical Christ.. the a years man A. works of the called man the as considered to the reli- second-century author says BIDLIOTHEO. statements of the man Paulinus.•thout of father. Jerusalem. •assey. Couchoud would in his the •IG_•A OF JESUS that that writes: he he "there is was not one word with in a Psnl's historical t warrant •l to supposition he (Paul) received in his never acquainted his account. Greece and was Initiate himself was so-called pupil Pagan Ammonius Mystery Egypt. after brethren. be taken we states to must indicate that there that the be are no was Jesus that Jesus. in acquainted fact.. the essentials given Gospels. has in with the his 'vision OF cal facts the THE the road Damascus. evidence fact. Gordon Christ the Rylands. gious crucified lived of nature no Philo 30 to B. during man the years Jesus note that the called further of during the not will to Bishop Canonical the in the Lyons during was Gospels been life of built. of two lar•er mental that Christian world intellectual utterance error thought. IDEAL another as which the story of the has The Sacred which Traditions differs yet version Christ. to PAULINE Gerald and EPISTLES.. after be to as he knows nothing If with it is of Paul these the was during Jesus nowhere Man immediately he would surely does Paul to as the crucifixion. taught it. an vi: the 66.. ef any C. which Christ without of revealed "." Christ that of Christ within himself. events the momentous that he made it was the of God-Taught. fear of and a today. Jesus it in of has the been proved of referring The of works •kes no on ample Josephus authority is in a passage bare-faced edition of and refer forgery.C.. was. For touching did revelation at Apostles the gospel ! receive of the e•d it Paul which from preached (or from within.

say that this a Wise is that say of •en the same they the as Indus. that "It only through ignorance . This he would must He or the but have teaching when the to show which was given by it the the Christ was has then al- CHRISTIANITY.C. century R. same repeated states to Valentinius.. •hrtyr.. of •aose and of •iddha India. a•d imagery. early well-versed and magician sorcerer a he was that and •lessiah be claimed to the who was Ben Psndira. Sepher then Toldoth Jesu upon n•gician given word was a a stoned in death OF hung tree. crucifixion. and two- given which of reached is certain stage our along own "strait This in Way division fold Statements. and which Since Moses was taught the which narrow by the of taught Magicians Ethiopa.•:t effect the to the Lord'. Him learned until Hermes distinct is of Jesus will remembering the reveal that a similarity made This to is say Jesus we period d•n•ng A close study of a man thirty as years. CHRISTOS word used and was Brother Kenneth Justin CI•ESTOS. religious to those Eg•0t of Atlantis venture Priests Egypt -•. of fifth our meant fc•m by of the Gnostic Herodotus "The Cl•ist others. to death Sands of these Initiates by Alexm•der were put fled Jeshu that this from it was persecution and C. death Jesus ACTS APOSTLES.but He existed that cally in the fore Mosaic. ways nated torical hear been Augustine known to admits that the world.•icKenzie in k•s by Aeschylus.:inius. is first APOLOGY. lO0 or B. of the Power man to not common by the works did he and that Magi and Egypt. had Word he healed and devils out cast who another was there Jesus that told and who came Norborg's edition of the Adam' which is +i•e oldest in His name. S.. authcrs attributed is by some which Gnostic manuscripts the after suppesed for his years many and disciples lived taught Jesus that repeats testified .y-tD•ee Jesus •:as th. elderlTr be •a• to lived and a•e he but that ever•ypassed throuqh age. the disciples Gosoels the speak of that remember We will learned. of 'Book or CODEX NAZARAEUS the teachings manuscrint regarding extant of translation perhaps who Jeshu an was i•ooster Jem•s or +IA•t states Christian of the era. Chrestos The let was us understand the early state: his themcall and earliest B. G. tioch. "Chrestians". that the Hyskos was we Law was underlies all systems. Judaea. This man. The to This that form death is he of A on Abbe the Louis walls in Constance of the and to the Je-•ish was claims that or Jeshu Ben in Pandira Asia or Stada in was stoned claims the City also was a stated Lud Talmud.. about so. •ead calls men Christian co-religionists writer. it is reported 'Innocents' of the one King of Jannaeus II. of the Wisdom the in well-learned was Jeshu t•t claims Codex The to Egypt. extant the of SOPHIA one PISTIS In is tradition by Epiph. St. of to the Lyddia The •nd •IE •inor 70 also a B. Jeshu to refers This Wisdom in the of E•ypt. of An- Irenaeus.3 a. of of parables presentation to destroy I •ve come that not "Think Eg•pt to Law. discourse. of of of personage Bishop Policarp. to by and personal acquaintance the latter from had he which tradition of the Jon 'Disciple from derived was directly and Elders the allegedly of at crucified years not thirt. who to the had that divided into the exoteric. fulfill". it and to and is this the or that infer may which Law upon of th• this Law be- of •oses based. C. the Egypt. Before what is we leads Christ's Kingdom teachings God" of verified within in •uRK iv:ll Souls. Athlanta. Jesus" the of nothing teac•ngsof appear reappears TDxoth of 'Cimist' that in appeared whatever desig• "HisT • supposed when tauFht. and Paul's leave this interesting and in part the R. the and wkich was final who regarding friend the historical evidence Jesus. before •ich in case remarkable so we because "Jesus" there t•mt states was a emphatiLaw was were Abraham. and H. apparently thousewTal theft and Bethlehem of Lud.

first sight. the law is is the have Respecting whole Law is in is not the and Mysteries. with "rubbed as were Initiates and of the oil". labor. of the whi-ch only be the on " tea selected OF few?" Clemens Alexandrinus gives entitles as the "The answer." referring Argha. throughout are now Knowledge.. - We think question among " T/•he speak the Is only ST. already indeed. then. even idols "anointed" (i. and and had initiation. of to God exhibit the to teacher the is vulged Mystery the same all" he the wisdom work to is he says: spoken. h says iv.. uniting the with indestructable ef evanescent clay personality INDIVIDUALITY. forms there of is meaning.•GS Church true she general of affairs.. know disciples the is mass "unto it is mysteries if this says is men.. v•ith the all it in the his Church satis- of only INNHR to half-truths. Clement is only Ark or who of the ark. been attained to this through long trials. opinion throughout but the Grace now Church. (within) Where things this (life. who whole if this Church. accomplished. transformi•ortal EGO. Path.V---• notice the which most of such certain one image whole Divine that which Things.e." hide pure uncovers Further words parent den things. been abundantly. taught. All the natural wishes Teachers one of which have him natural the teaches older us religions to live he in must these and philosophies accord live in we ing. of that on the whom spiritual the L but only and Wisdom the this the••-•g•n•f•B-•-•T-th•st--oT--the there then that opinion Churches them. few.. other re- The Jesus and Origen the are ligions being fied to which a When past. •spels the the his For Let said us continue to His unto with the above statement is in in our minds. his name changed into gods. cabulary disciple hierophsntship. cap Chrest spelled and were originally Chrestians. Christos.. difficult as the really which and untrained hear6rs. or present-day forgotten of either leave not the with our true they statements of the secret multitude said not upon We reader. is written "The but in the which Scriptures also another. says: "it the is which is Son of Faith. or the In mystic mystery "purified 't. of instead Chrestians.V--tt•-•-i•s t•s-teaching t' Elect and it been revealed why has public. organization with that revealed what is it is to the Celsus the popular true the teaching teachings that pagan the truth and were in perfect philosopher. find"." •We are ±•d•I•ers. symbology. urigen such of •nference : that Christ have d•o__• a chi•. when the fruits of the den and the arduous the goal reached. dicules the the -• authority the the Divine Gnosis? Wisdom. it is reveals the called Here ILLUMINATION. teaching thought accord accused a addoc- correct. The these seek "seek unto say "Seek and or Kingdom God you. to chapter "Inasmuch in it •steries requisit. vii). the Christes. to all. trod"Way". If laws a a man with accord will the to which brought This and made to the perfect forth.. is ye health if we teachhaveanother of nature. meant that the or was Christos.n•ur•e. c• DE at tb• but it you revealed given to parables. escapes o•. and symbols. and Christians becomes Christ the Christos of the of be in himself. o£. while Origen in reply state riof Celsus were there TEACF•... in esoteric language.Christians Christ The terms the borrowed from selves Lactantius (lib. the indeed known word meaning of lacedvises be trines the •rit w•th us conveys bestowed but one spiritual. laws with nature's attain life more obey has laws. meant in that voa on candidate for When he had a probation.. when in his not to THE to STOmaTA diin transhidthe womb CLEMENT. of the UR-•tos Temple vocabulary Pagans. therefore.Instruction. swinish "For and St.. Kingdom health of God power) Good? . "At into the the ed end of WAY stands it the Chrestos" the thereby the union and once the "m•n the the of sorrow" Purifier.. Church based when present is answer obv•is to the student fairly mhs-g•e•a-•ke•. Christ is teaching command always first shall the always given be added clothed and of ye in shall imagery. kingdom. and shall all we parables. not the as as apparent PRINCIPIIS. Chrestos. lid ." Now. suffering. of touch ritualistic last was the as observance). •-'---"---- • lawful to in If is the this.

. wrong. belittles always of Christianity in the ascendency great The true possessed Church.St. for instance. Truth this they with same fear the and forms struggle and not against with to the between relationships or imagery symbol to the cling rigid have idthey spirit. by shut their she has her to Truth. Church don't 5 . taught eyes people to revelation of if were one say God. that and minds to the continual Roman Catholic of the Section to a "You would be the are ply same. material... the must universe Only and his when own fulfilled when he understand lives. the considered it is com- erroneously three centuries space. have the different consciousness. look the many than ourselves. dwell him you?" God shall destroy. and be well-versed philosophy and science. finally perhaps Churches zevile the Gnostics and anybody for that of One the to their and qaestion authority dogmas. ACTS around we can relationwhat Paul our ship meant everything said that in Then xvii:28: perhaps "For in appreciate live fully move Him we and and have being. the is the dreamt said: ssShakespeare in philosophy. to his required in for only to have body. MAN KNOW be borne in fore been the to the words. him which was given this behas Temple. of the past the life whenever new word. do so. the a of the Universal new ciple manifest which we constantly revealing a•d the itself Churches. let doubt." your things for there of moment no man ponder real upon who in the for mind statement the was of to is who t the of have no was above. Paul tells and ye us where of vital to seek it: "Know Word Made ye of not that ye in are the temple If any (body) man 5 of God defile the are. apparent they that the first have old Free initial struggle occurring As h•ve fixed in between new Churches is teachings been become time impulse dogmas and becoming are and truths. them of the links letter entified all the is see remembered that symbols. belief least. the man when it is stated know year that nothing 5 B. the age now is such Prindue to as Rome. this story be Jesus your to life aqd Not in the the Jesus date of Jesus of Nazareth work extent in our It mast also death Jeshu. increasingly to be final. to bring these In other seeldng TRUTH. these of a the Church the that Rome can may never be be wrong.did B. Church of the is the claims made baseless world.. allegories same parables levels all of meanings idea at thus different fundamental verities. Pandira. logical... mon knowledge Gnostics but became real when of the Anglican. Greek. the we re- heretic. to GNOSIS. and prejudiced party and the became orthodox knowledge gained orthodox reason degenerate why has matter evils who the the temerity Western besetting she has the alone Rome.. stoned of with Jeshu death based in back of a (Jesus) the upon Jesus? live. truths great the This is and distorted reviled. Gnosis. man." "other" of Spirit the God (The the (waste energ•J) Temple Flesh) God. Ben year the called it be evidence Jesus borne who and existence Jesus. and the they explain used to establish that they are and the the spiritual psychic orthodoxies As the together. Since human there let to trace is us no real for evidence such of for the for evidence the events within within in the Life of Christ. Palestine of it B. our own If we we will there in begin we story wonders are Christ physical "There are body more and will and us find Heaven Let Earth. C. presen it it will interfere 70 C. born that to was We about the in supposed that there been but. to 105 becomes only and means C.which temple The the tions and teaching. pure and for eme- reception mind. in performed that the Does that wonders. THE entitled be then the apparent We have discussed MYSTIC to which OJEST necessary unhistorical this the push version to question reader and the is greater directed. as a being. this but bear he upon was was the man direct was scientific knowledge not of a God. entered Neophyte can man ancient the commandment THYSELF mind.

V•ere the Then we would to logical God? GOd in God manifestation.. v•e this be so.mes the terms and of reader which are men- remember always to that things the easily tioned anato•..N. and the 6th it letter passions conscience. have it that is. formation so we must alphabet o• when Each of the get letter.D. God is be has A. ALL the of Jews.. The are was as instead. ancient - that If we Holy more Writ the knowlehge numerical of is then to the God. "I" the must find Father value idea it told that the and mathematics are no person is alluded the conceive the word If same So Father saying of Jesus: manifested "I or Father as one. librium means and legs of their female v temple. The ion and with be the candidate Divine to for within the Divine each of Revelation us.6 want Where to and listen what this or to is you". TZADDI. forces. condemned least idea of who is as to of eternal all ths to be the ':ssvcm dsmlation or Hell. understand all Teachers the are this stor•j have addressed. chosen. in rm.? consists made of 22 the in Flesh. of of which in a they double the used v th• is The the so double "v" so ("w" 9th the the its modern French).ez•al mulgates doctrine. who has •th• committing unspeakable heard of infliction the other Such the a Nor• may caused r could never vod who ignores have Christian and women religion. prodamnot his toran- Chur.O. from you This the are actually seen•q nobody wrath any such of the men to know. is the vahe. honor "saved a God" we. push are logical conception. conquered been the his direct human commun- conceit to ready us accept try ark." "Temple" In must "leads We will of the order understood in •e It to that life everlasting". If to it possible nine. in ca•sble of endless of the ger ture. so through of its be find of nine. So expression. Hebrew down we told. letters. to. Therefore look for nanifestation temple.R. indicate plainly every phrase they letter in ar•s to express.D.A.O. taken in the told physiolo•cal these aspect. the of letter male double and alphabet. wished "W" our idea. expressed.D. perfect towards constant name equiit that represents and fall times Spirit the the the material between in Re- world the and passions. of letters which meaning which. of value told God. in see and the the We of then must to now God.O. who with of capital so we letter revere god strocity supposed the could Light. one. the the "TETH". Adam also in must except to if then the that G. to every the and has demonstrated him. struggle of the Beast 6 . the the Hebrew There is the no in alphabet. and human ago. will if be the the the this ing it is Kabbalah. any truth must once of God. so char- combined. blasphemous of such an a being follow •ation':. mys- Let teries of not now" use are psychological the years this or. hell.M. ." is not is and true. of we or the disaccord- of to the NINE closely esoteric - at the doctrine G. the idea has concrete are acters.A. of the manifested represents man. teld a that The the W. turn the We covery by Holy must which persons here be Therefore places the human ways Writ also will represent this is various parts one understood the only of the many to key are •ulock the look •v•Fstery concerns Teachingsof the •le Bible. investigate statement the if that way Cross.D. conceive the word man _•i. 3 expresses 6 666.. of body meaning the hooks this the word "hook". let us Within the human human temple. follow the story "•e Christ take place Way in the body. coming Christ We two that told thousand psycl•tcal body is the but the and words it does of keys who if to open of is the the can the Temple see we Living ever-befind the of the Christ ONE.zh from which e•. Christ Hebrew was to are We are fundamentals. to leave peoples conception and seek worl• and in would Truth thousands good Church ways.

Do. in the occult sense it rep- Plato. this and when a the stance student is interested teachings.R. then. and returned sent to being upwards at the and bottom opened upwards': to invisible a The whose letter "01' are is written "AVIN". hands the upper folded v triangle the points head in downwards.? velations resents and the in lower Genesis mind Dr. "D" stands teachings mystery it refers Christianity the of the WCRD. the of new sub- tomb. golden whitish the Lord iluid. saying Mason geat. the or re- it. one sense. in the from is a like milk. which it floods is is the Lamp in the or Eye esoteric PIA with of the Temple. Van" life. MATER. the is and head. over Another v•iter. born and. These two fluids flow are down considered as from the as claustrum. is this reborn tomb. earth. movement. In of the are glands. as throws has a a present "A hands tomb are position opens W. know the Mother God. signific•ice. of it a deep woman. the other. the If God two visible of is the alludes and Hsterial building It of and war operations into the we performed God in the world. This constructive. and joined sign the to see the profound Degree It the The of is Adam •son place through written for the or deems man. the represent over that says two the arms "by placing the the two vVs of the together. the separate. one and adoration same are two of legs In the man. of of is space. which the to to "Son a and refers mouth. as one on either side of the an- Thalamus. seed. or means or the the PHREN ADA• of of the flesh. to is letter and creative the is solar fluid DALETH. going misused. of and the called student the fluid it tears and Light. man as adoration. cone-shaped ellipsoid two The yellow contain called the on gland--that This pineal gland The pituitary in shape come believed same to source These fluids Thalamus becomes substance Claustrum. or cave. of it as as It ful. undifferentiated ONE. in enter the re- spective enters are the the to which glands it glands and female laboratoriesof and When it manifests electricity of the magnetic Biblical refers She is two property. This he will lamp like as sub- secreted when sweat. terior is is posterior stem known the the Pineal of the on a Thalamus and from kno•m secretes Pituitary or a body. lower triangle and outward the becomes downward the triangle as closed and and thus the divinity apex takes the forces hichange place. "Holy of Holies". These male spark of to the the is sex fer energy. power dispenses This the the that side meaning cranium on Shiva. is materialization of aspect the Spirit ble the be away visible then C. the stud could universal power force which of God the in essence universe. the head is and is the the Destroyer there side is as a • two Constructor. the "goat" that a It which rides now "bears the It world". to the the ether the or they reor spirit in of Mary spirit. in Joseph These in the jargon.O. The means letter it power is that is the "R" is written associated of motion. they as are Carey. simply wonder- "The of esoteric and we description light upon child one the used meaning letter in in in of the TAROT. hence war the the indivisibetween will Holy matter. living. Here lime manger. It refers be the to door the body. these of the dual as Paul sgFs: "the within erroneous within us that the sins forces operating hence the become my members". flood with What inner in To the "Resh" idea has and of to represents original of say this of and this the Carey its head of determined is letter in the man.NE• sp!zit seen must and halves the entrance Holy Spirit. the She "esse" are parents of each spiritual son--the force--which solar plexus hu- 7 . the of the the CIRCLE. issue of Master the birth and from most quote: their in and man. become or in worlds." In Masons. unregenerated man regenerated the together the points therto the In upwards. Joseph and pure and Mary refers plugs physical mother the body So all body. plexus of and in the it the refers human tomb of life of the womb.

man. the Holy pneumo-gastric over-shadowing solar the plexus. left-hand on which side "Wsy Cross". in of the It is at at but this we age the temple Jordan. correspond was spiritual "milk the to that of we meaning the born. and is the no which th&ore peace is he always learns there he towards or referred the to as the life towards and plane and generation When mad is he physical finds the that life. child in the is in the encased womb bread. it furnish is with the placenta. flows down because the no analogous Sea in which. of which are are the aud the to the Pons place there live Calvary little crucified the pineal On the look and pituitary of the that pons we glands." appreciate claims to cur sure (rock or "Vice-Regent" of the located which Rome will not Roman Church is the without saved and revealing built." Jesus the of Child is then or taken into Egypt. ascend Thus. "His true Father man H. saltiness. son" and is circle. the divine is the plexus. Jerusalem. enables art in Crucifi• "stone" from Di- hands". Jesus literally symbolizby the Holy Ghost. formed solar who mother. white fluids. solar two esse told. passes the back the When Medulla the seed or esse the called top the of the of From spinal the there sad here in cord it into passes is through cerebelinto betwo the or Oblongata. which the it is whited passes rolled into away cerebrum by to the Thalamus. P. Jesse proin (Jesus semi-lunar is in a of the the House the am Biblical of honey" of solar David." human em- By bryo in of a the of fish the in beginningsof the the the material in nerve the in foetus. Jerusalem Jerusalem this turns the makes the journey of spinal of the cord seed also place reaches is of or "WORD". "conceived Mary. two the fluids money spiritual for child the The These down spiritual Breath or child. which As with it it is the born is found that and floats substance the fluids surrounded. sepulchre Blavatsky says: and heaven". Seed Lotus.mm• being we are at which about the source about told is that the hear the that on age Jesus the later city more •velve the of or age found his by parents side the left-hand bank on of was on. and the is fish perhaps formed in the called ters.rum. the esoteric Savior. in the midst fluids is the wa- of Augustine study like like so a "Jesus the the waters. or as four nails. puberty. is no escape As but the "Christ. anatomy and it find is plexus are depression thimble-shaped into the psycho-physical "fish" manger or the This midst of seed of a Esse. and to to the yellow r•ised Bethlehem. v•thout wax under Seed a micro- WordMis the cannot oil I may for it is seed feeding wheel "cere written "brum" which have in Holy Writ. Israelites the Jesus born bread. meaning be When this esse is allowed to way of the pass the seed which through the Mount which is to of the xion. having states the odor that fish is Jesse. it it the lum on Medulla tween the the spinal cord. because t' means mounts Jesus•the this and Thus. S . This base the cord into its sacrum claus. the here that There. blended St. scope in very cerebrum must tip they truth we like crucified to feed my in the four have it pyramid-headed memory. called Bible and Thieves.rum claus. fish can live. to return to the which the house However. a journey of of Joseph where to and the Mary from Galilee. paid the Ghost descends re- demption ing the as inferred of the into Bible. Jordan Bread Son the Israel) (and are the travel via historical Jesus is the a was gangliaor to md or River the plexus we made cave say in "I the Life"). We are "upon that the true the Peter oil) of pun will God upon build Church (physicalbody). there up crucifixion mysteries his the face cerebrum of death. will this In physical which in which is great has nerve body supplies the the equivalezt the body with of to the the Dead of this fluid cerebrum river from the and is the spinal at of its its cord.

have to is of of the pi- and pituitary the glands. the Aryanuthe personality mental which (earth). s. this of be ally Yet. Truth Light" reach "kingdom Only a portion the veil which man hides the is mystery how and of Jesus of life he : can can be drawn aside to Such allow a the glimpse alone. do. note: for which so on. by etheric. and the four the physical nails. entombed mental. of composition the physical make-up tures four of of the man. of the Holy able to temple To neal substance catches waste the this vital has the which draft seed is to there drain the a brain very fine of fine mesh. that wife the Asphalter sea which Asphaltus interpretation the it names Josephus back of the is the to occur." of and be- narrow way" be in one sense. shown in the of the Per- Sea of the Lot. man or the man of which salt. for human guard the and carbon. as Sodom or the fect anatomy of Masons. This the is between web the net of up. as or tomb (body) four the Yn another symbolic which principles sense sense as these four go refer to make up the ves- to personality. had the he learned once it to of how use proaud the knowledge continubut find seem to se• The Freemanons it. terrestial He who to resurrect and buried deep the to roll back strives the the in stone in Spirit of cru- the him". human rect to their looking rituals Each this reach body. know that will "four" you our or and Wherever the four is the following: of and you and man proceeded emotional which to is own." Word things use this Sacred man Down all other nunciation through Nan. hence if of its food.9 vine cified of the in every passions." lifted As we said. today it within themselves. his he has sanctuary. means (the find elements) the which cast Beasts Four the lots. or to the plane head or in the generation Mount ahead Mount of of the ARARAT. liveth Father control by honey Without veil the down spinal twain cord. stand and which . the (fire). soldiers you races We the are crucified lots number seamless garmsnt (the of it this• the the personality) Revelations. I it cord will will give will strengthThis that Spirit. appearance pass of fishes I exists of a shimmering atomic which which all all men very fish up will the spinal His cord. nitrogen. of attain the Goal will en him the his lower seed self (sex and force) will and send it the strengthen up the Inner of the than spinal man. and above Name which is this has ever NAME. of By living •thin. For man over back is Lord. Generaluthe the moon. the man the sought ages. resting place the Ark to save power Illumination for the mind the WILL and prepare the do to individual the allow "greater due course in to how ESSE and by knowing WORD or this It is by EvolutionmPERFECTION. within the is the real this Man physical (The Ego Thinker will or signified God The Christ the Ego you or matter. oxygen. Holies. inner own of his door principle human being. emotional. sickness. Lake of insanity. instead of themselves outside seeking the in its Word and this of workings: dramatized the are story diof how they the of tells Initiation may or procedure stage lift Esse the until they "Overseer" up sublime of the of the Temple spinal degree God--they cord of through Sovereign between the Grand the thirty-three Inspector sun vertebrae. own him by his in has thestrength he who sinful flesh. of disease. that fishers meaning be the I story will of lift to in the waste miraculous up this and saying ye unto me. Ether) crucified the astral as (water• air. bread the (clsustrum)" strait and what to reader glimpse the in striking is given (seed or word but every the milk WG•D is this - really statement that know man "No from the esse) and rend proceedeth which the of flow the and in himself. real and death other words. knowledge the this hold not will you power. will seed the the of the state base and cause make the "l men. the body. in one "sepulchre" matter from risen are Christ The four soldiers which hydrogen." of "Way. Name. the spinal We find Lot's of the co•d. The story of looking instead of story looking ARGHA.

search fine to imagery. the the when and can members at it of trusted come them as their is now.) with be be Initiates Name have this trusted in have Sacred with Christian any of the by word steadfast. stone or the Alchemists lower profane by means symbology. Mysteries true Orders mean- Jesus? Rosicrucians and belonging and public purpose so-called ing indeed. contraries. present How man symbols they will they seeking? Very in not found within Rosicrucian day. how Christ of of the the for the religion. opens and balances the and glands pineal pituitary opens Of the of •asons the thousands who take Sublime •any few even are capable that of becoming make •SONRY" true them a Masons true entitled Schools but the even not does "ESOTERIC 3 although esoteric by only then de Palatine. which and word and. Name Mystery of mouth. the Holy of a only Mason. it for in it represent the will human open the perfect Mount.I0 physiologically the if •h• pituitary understood Greater the •pe•king. Catholic ordination? how understand then divided to who which Christ. the but and Temples the then. absolute thence came the is one unknowable) impersonal Principle. if states." within each this Divine Word All the from The ancient teachers knewof this of their into process and disguised and knowledge events. what How is Catholic at priests every saying the Holy Mass. he en• will The attain---only adherents Sacred understand few of the of of the Divine. square in- scription: deific the three pure the of "from first (endless. to is the were entrusted had to could the various many neophyte name fearless." become and for the the Christ with and bodies. body within correctly. power moment Life of the that AT-ONE-N•NT in the Old Testament with to this the that Abraham. and purity. the elements people there animal self the spiritualized of In lower takin• a place: of for transmutation of worlds and be wine pure that the of higher the hem heal and linked to for form elements channel hours or Christ. We read their upon power to transcend His his the people. they are the represent grants How of their and to many linked and Sun the with the many the they did. of real the meaning Name. meaning that the animal nature) The primitive of the Last gold also it is to are (the had Christians and act bread may his this substance pineal this knowledge spiritthe understood of Supper. proceeds elementary stone of the you and separate Yet every Philosophers. Master Degree Holies. transmute precious pseudo-historical the knewit in lead (the and asphalt or the ualized the true matter). when many Power of God Churches conception who. that Bishops know Blessed Trinity the ordain to the real the power Church which would are is not en- be- they call within into know are consecrated two upon the the Angels of few the •oon.' and triangle it. and two boundless. the outthe he inmay flowing dividual touch the Christ of the worshipper may Christ. Degree of Master the rituals. assists during transmute two into the actions the celebration the lower Holy into so Mass priest matter. to Male-Fenmle or I•_vinity others bodies them power rituals be initiate the themselves. animal Divine to and. tude of such wrestled references Angel process •ount is Peniel. heart Mason instance. really happening celebration How many to Divine the Sacrifice? clergy If Very indeed. they may go through work forthcoming (See the Mason. the Degree Entered Apprentice opens the within center. leads to "strait Word for narrow way" of Mysteries. The Craft throat Fellow it the and in center. Each the the balance Word and the is between a the of pineal power. on the intensification and one can of the a Divine multiman Consciousness. the four and from them principles. have the the from impure you v•lll of the of the workings interpretation us. limitless. continually find on which going within lO . the truth. nature simultaneously a assisting so few that garment souls of within. many woman of within the the Rose a CroSs a ens members understand around the Rosicru•isn then a symbol with the the of a and circle.

Greek Delight" or built by God. mercury rises the be in many is or respects of the the likened to the of a thermometer. of master of the life of the one must mind fulfill the natural to Law by right up a think- control ing. or vertebrae and spine Lske which and is bowl the Dead The Sea. by the central of surely the wasting upper But the brain when slowly seeds are the becomes into body of the becomes purified. story study the and the sayings particular using anatomy what Jesus. the "Father who is which MYSTERY. spine MAN. Finger You place We are at now notice will different in the that there are seven main which effect events runs recorded and the these take points position or along to in see the road what etheric alongside creative which that of the of be is names River Jordan. He is reREVELATIONS xviv:13." of in 19.ll in the To Holy Writ become a of all nations. of are body masks physical. to correct lower of the the man. space. one united thence Lord was where "In our crucified". the the mentionreader this force the particular atomic chakras structure Seals the but the double. says: breath "When this with unites and twelve. released rolled rate to and then is vibration body cord of of Power of the God tomb top in spinal top anatomy changed. 33d for lives or Asphaltum may be over (Cauda or Equina) raised refined the the by the deof up Thus. they g• up to the the about "substance" of creative that Bethlehem. The through stone tween cerebellum sutures. the the purify by art the John until becomes spiritualseed up UNREVEALED St. matter ized as taught to your power the and attitude animal thoughts towards nature build God and it powerful and fi- action. of of the the of the descending are sub- pineal away is is gland. through the the the head. shadow grees of may the sacrum. Ghost" Evil means Here - the of in Divine breath or Drama the it refers is "Garden to enacted tree of and or "Jesus" nerve. "Most the from descends or Carey age Holy the two Ghost different is breathed into of the body potencies (or the Joseph gland. Christos) Soul or the death of and the and in destroyer another. living right nally. (Jerusalem) away. real source This within will of you the and ChristifY Life. the Most High. whole pneumogastric ghost The of Good Pneumo of and Garden and Eden. in Cross. to to as as (Spinal "His He and poor Cord) and the Egypt. at the into thence little a manger semi-lunar ganglia. lower In body the congealed mercury of shade called quicksilver. ferred ferred into of stance but saved the returns He then Seed of "The name Galilee of Son the have •an". Christ reaches Nest Hence is the the High. pure-fluid-water and of the extensions pituitary two wonder pineal the descended have that nerves• the between Strait this and cross the of great each side cord. Jesus comes as have now aspect enters to Life or of Jordan force. the head. Jesus Cerebrum degree instance. he will understand ll . spinal body. We the sex the seen Divine in this heaven" Creative Principle of into the universe. and until the it shade. Jesus refers journey whole the Read in me generation. generative down the plane. the which body is be- The spinal the it is meter is cord or part the wherein heat. WORD is Egypt M•TTHEW to when says: we called "Ye who see OF followed is Jesus reWe see that Jordan. 12th dorsal Egypt vertebrae. liigh ". via pineal the sense in one (called the and also gland Mmr•j through pituitary increase). for acts different the of ed will and in the Bible Remembering parts above names has upon mould for and places if in the the anato•. the by right will-pewer. the will that the mis-use the and rises by returning eye this of the mt shown sex one-tenth and the force. to this GOD". the So the Holy Ghost. the able organs to of Jesus. is conceived Tree of the Holy in ' God s the the breath Hand. for 33 then 3 years goes times and of the top. by way as the that Christ. 3 equals 9. is Gods of reaching thus 90 raised of thermometer and is the the the Mercury Messenger and ascends out the body Jesus to Dr. or to the in the body.

up. a being. up vivified. shores force another waters Jesus. is a They is not the is more a yet indicen- But. Whan it navel the the blending is seal throat sent as the force. fishers worlds. This esse or his the in lifted it he in oil is an must first learn impure then burns up up the vehicle. World's "The make base The This the located known both you the of Roman men. spiritual of man to two who belonged duality who of was purificaOannes half the to the Jonah. and hu- So of water that typified man water could human. Of the navel or base to the spine. the then the of gize power speech and violet and astral forces center of hearing. vague the the up. cord.12 Jesus dramatized in His life. this and substance link the like to gas. force. ener- prana. center spleen seall2 . version in in as swallowed by we a are whale "the deep". spine. astral ex- Although while plane periences tween tried the to will people with asleep. of but who subjoined man"." When Jesus itary when the of force. filters pineal travel have within and yet to the brain. will the told.whose with whose body also and of to a deep. It Christ talizes is the and the first is gives reaches consciousness. and the fish used of symbol one Jesus see same early for days Joshua the Christiau to the In sus the catacombs This to was Rome will the men different symbols and used in represent who was ac- Je- Christ. Star of the Egyp- were called double the Sea. the and human become the below. creative as a The "\ aforementioned was force for is in many known the as Jesus or "Dagon the of the Fish" era. or "If is and astral lift me. failure to There lack many doers Soul and for which the of development consciousness who are centers of and little bring there waking knowledge fully the has to astral conscious memory experiences.. further or repeswhich. region. along full the and continuous return body. yellow. sense-centers the running or cord is which of Life cord the This called Tree within garden body. When individual his mortal purify must be 'Washed in an begins to as take this of of I lifted reaches or hew to he up body. customed Oannes had a the pass "an animal head to the symbol day has among meaning teaching. passing feet voice Oannes. the at one So way Blood the of base the in evolution hand. tion so fishts tail. to sent and in the to heart then are force. language similar were those articulate the As with man. and plexus." "wheels or chakrums It are of is into the etheric are are called of of the these awakened seals the a from consciousness •counts of of have the their to for the whirling appearance. rotation. that night was human under endowed with fish's the reason. immaterial. fish. This not is been when of the this small the very because this their the shimmering web be- developed. cannot work esse pure the Lamb". as This the blue spine energizes love force. memory within are built. There vidual tral steam the of or higher canal canals canal spinal from chakrams. from the •n spleen are region orange ether with to green to the the of the red it purple. with Jesus--they divine and is also of or esse symbolize half the is was it is of and by origin humanity." and in spinal Catholic old tian manuscripts Mary and Isis The Mother. through and glands pituitary Strait the Way". corresoonds aware solar allows individual of emotional thimble-shaped depression When at Bethlehem. accomplished and astral bodies with physical in this or manger moves that to to and the the birth center in the of the it the spleen travel this astral this vi- power astral plane seal sent dark seal or bring forces to and is the back which base to are the brain dravn• the from of memory the astral seal the and as sex an journeys. bridge worlds. work through. the emotional which to become leaves seal sacrum gland. its the up unto the from it on the sacrum spine. Moving the astral second seal. and I while it as moving passes men spine Jordan vivifies each way force creative to glands be just will the at the Jesus all His this the it it Calvary.. being of being retired always of cord and the the the evening. "I at sacrum Jesus.

but at the of is at the which the at that full force of the for the disposal ti•e power This of the is full benefit seal into play for the people. nerves are the the system. it the eye astral elasticity fully operating man cords man great is brow or then an it enables ILLUMINATED SOUL. only be aroused to learn by a determined to the to this will use and this to it is will tempt is develop why the we see necessary a servant as their latent so how train to so to the faculties failures these Individuality. the the and gives the strength The Life of and when Divine.). the the seal shining the of Saturn. flood the It then body moves along brows. Christ and shown the the which is around with like flushed halo gold". Sun.. many why or wave many fall by the wsyside by the :" .•. ..of long process and how to will be able The majority of people at•ho their of and develop will. Bishop can be brought LOTUS and that the Lord Buddha it is for this reason likened to a thousand-petalled and it is the the shown sam• is or wearing thousand-petalled headdress. pineal hair blazing crown white of the hoary of the •ide-seeing In REVELATIONS they•r• Jupiter . . a on stop the wasture cap CANON is of of Mass this of the the skull-cap beginning removed. moves and him of gives regions simaltaneously perfection who had attained The the faculties of the astral body Egyptians gave to those WINGED DISK. sword of seal spleen Mars. moves force the to the heart seal and blood vivifies of it. ing white.ef$o•. bedancing story trol When this force of astral the to the crown seal it gives the individual comple%e con- and mental fore his This thousand force can wives..° •. chart with excellent It is it to is development phenomena.. seer. that q•icksilver serpent tered in This dangerous very in the body. face girdle the and Venus. power being the plexus. which that he was ASP HEADDRESS the indicated and a this the stage when is it looks like To the it Soul. the eye- gland the that SEER. Church and Eastern Churches the so as to the The Roman Saints. fail and of .. sensitive body depleted which of is this prana kind the life and is of force the per- u •° becomes The pied ally sive. 13 j ' . indicating sight.. practice tonsure. fact the denote solar now who are to those occuimportant of Prana are supply rose-pink generforce static and Lacking in this they become unresponhas the his one in natal planet Mercury badly aspected meddle with in he is to psychic phenomena. Third spine is until called thine have is a reaches pineal Eye. lacking spleen center a is very who have full The Greeks that the wore a belt was around the waist this with a coiled cen- individual psychic. keen the Mercury. and clairvoyance magnification. throat seal. . Liberated fully "gleam-:. of the Grace This acts cork to as certain occasions. sometimes called the is opened When this it be seal enables single". God.- In Greek the Mythology the navel the root seal seals is swift the seal the feet chakras of are symbolized voice the the eyes of the various gods / and planets: of seal the murmuring moon--the ani-j and "• mal nature. astral and giving vibrations the sensing esse feelings the heart of others seal it and comprehension the power When it of of this floods s. and is This gives to the the power vocal of hearing of to a on the singer with It plane. holding Ark of circla-dance nard before of David the the Argha or God. the the chiton. developed.13 the of son rose pink nervous force radiates If and of the Those if throughout the irritable. said mediums. ("If to individual the individual which is between the seal located Yt is chakra. the of the hindrance in avoid the leave this uncovered to even seal slightest way to to the force hold The entitled wear skullCatholic are psychic Bishops sway. permeates stream purifies all dros The astral throat seal is next it vivified. o• speaker. power and the i. navel.

the the "Conintuitively wise.LR 1. become more These• and vague THIRD first. of The 3. his reproduced spiritual mission commences. now in make many cases. the follo•ng SEAL: The Seat of the Fire of God. astral negative subject which medium. becomes gifts. of the Dead concealed in the teaching Apocalypse. now He now Saviour of need. in of the Also the embodied opening Red Horse. This 333. complete individual and is one not who develops dependent has not and certain upon astral outside over faculentities. practice gradually are however. the is the other of the same as: Apocalypse conception story. the if directed and or upwards stimulate to the brain. man. finally. Creative Power Holy SEAL: Ghost. numeral value of arid the root has the serpent cell of the V[ilderness. the control who external often faculties 6. When 5. is desire. seal. VgEIGHER on Black a h. the lower throat "Beast". and the the cross. is seal 777• the pituitary all queror". the spleen. will and is of quicken sometimes the spirituality. when these seals in full It faculties FIRST found that are operation. medium the He and visions are people but places. are This the those psychic. the the pineal seal. need they dependent Seer special does conditions. Horse. Souls space. instead of using the body of direct communications. meaning the represent The Navel and the seal. Five DIVINITIES of the five directions and. crovm. and. under the Gnostic a Altar. represent 999. SILENCE. 14 . represents mind of the the 666. Issous. referred to intensify as intellect affection.14 in given sensuality. SIXTH SEAL: He now can now see on the of astra• and plane as well as he is also upon can see on case this of a has who plane. He in now becomes a•zre of becomes the joys a and sorrows of those others. the the Flaming Cross Svastika. 444. more pronounced. not special conditions. SEAL: The individual his is now able to travel on the astral plane. 555. The ties For the but err which the awakened. SECOND The consciousness at of but astral •th influences in the body. these "Lamb" is the which is slain from the foundations (root seal) (body). body. meaning Higher Mind. who are those in are himself. "False the the heart the genitals. Red the following manner. The V•nite SWORDS•/AN on a 2. which. The on Horse. entity. of the world Seer". DEATH and HADES on a Dun Horse. but is unable to remember FOURTH SEAL: experiences. can a Spiritual the Teacher plane. Dragon. 888. seals under the are 7. cannot eventually has been result: SEER. FIFTH SEAL: He which now begins come to from hear his astral voices and or music one and of His can be pupils given on suggestions the astral person. to those so control psychic of •ifluences faulty traced of impressions to the V•LL this plane one are received under the and who develops becomes these a be may directly the direction fact. these are finally. seals: ARCH. his instance.

the and knowledge bring words. your creative Serpent force. the we have at beginning. learn the are they first of develop of to the of at hand. through practice. us will Christ now the sense story is the of the Christ in this fit revealed Savior for have to all them: vdthin of us. it. and planes He has SEER. of Death. which of place gs•den are body through into the to use is the the Paradise and of Palestine. see the Way. the is vital your up. living the to you the "Ye you of vipers". magnify SIGHT the or minutest X-RAY positive investigate not by registered particle The individual clairvoyance. of ways "•VORD of manifest and This the functions means whereby the Brotherhood Immortal the and Illuminati. Sword the all is vital thus riotous lost entrance hold to and narrow Angel way" is for the reach the Flaming representative life. will The the or seals and are located little a GLANDS of and understood to in the from medical etheric the the ancients actual double surface in or counter-part of but the of physical correspond is these of able the of in the and with As the as now body to the protrude known common ENDROCRINE science. of guards powers Karmais the which back be mad of to this of desire to you been and go sentient of When will wards able When Garden the Eden will into which heaven become astral balanced. of the dramatized the as then. the Personal as we Truth. will this clairvoyaqce in fact. seals The and of GOD of the or REVELATION story the procedure how other opening the how the what the is hsppen or when down on they into earth. given up to then men "be up the lifted unto me force) heaved So yes. 15 . and plane with will you on- upwards till has God seventh you and as will Gods walk and God be "a once again. once Father be story knowledge tithes. have seeing. but ourselves. the •other of the World. death. I will of the of you will the all am the using creative mighty body force Initiate if "If I or Jeshu. knowledge dramatiza- glands this to kn•:tledge know•edge the through individual's Life these consciousness the and by the to is medium ova• •(ystery and of BOOK will Temples. the now human becomes a The have seer difference between conditions at that who will our the for his at medium or and her the seer is to he to this: the medium whereas the but to say vision we has to the he is the can right manifest and have A any time. Life". Christ show will members the human Ego of the Illumine temple power said is has the glory the Christ. correct chakras we are. is the spouse of Joseph the Divine Energy. be manifest.15 SEVENTN •EAL: The individual break in is now able to He is enter able and to leave the body the at astral will without and mental eye. it in him was body--they body. of Life the and Force and in are or and spinal the cord Kabbala The River "a in and of and the flows and in Garden the is force this and which Karmic the the Eden of body. can live many. any consciousness. of the fulfilled out no pillar Temple The more" Christ incarnation. to its Ego made Christ to can opened personalis one ity. if the this lifted and lift "I up" (Father a•d which. IN•TrATrON •ysteries the for Death". little consideration thought. given BETHLEHEM: Mary. and again in the Heaven (creative a place up)" we again. the have Garden "strait and life Eden and the return eating knowledge (wasting) earth. let us see story does into facts. medical and Plans enable the physical the the This of tion were becoming was by the of seals world. are sons Wilderness this of Serpent selfishness force you you tempted •j the with greed. stating form show of how We know what those statement objected sight and and by are only this developed power about clairvoyance.

gives their to Soul come gifts: of the Spirituality. is of rent the and glory with of Him shines the The future two Son Powers of Spirit and Glory Himself the CRUCIFIXION: Here we come to with are the main of Jesus Medulla went to the Garden told into after of part Gethsemene. could of in respects along to the the nailed cross Medulla with The aud Oblongata until Calvary. that asked previously Thee". to their of Son praises sing God. new the negative•magnetism. Will. and the by the process which seals. leading within is born The Christ him. currents. There The we olives that either was •hich side. 16 . The and and receives power has come. taken name on anatomy. give three the powers Jordan. Father He sees is now reaching around and of the about throat Him. of place the there the Son to of become the Highest. BAPTISM: destroy Sea. Pilate. where circle stones. and the on and the point double and by of the Golgotha the spinal and pineal crossing this these cord pituitary two or pneumogastric nerves. new-born the nature now of the whole worships final his him towards Goal. that that the so no pineal seed He was seal. lain. Wisof the faculties the Godhead. skull made head. •rlds--mind. of the cross pituitary two glands means a glands. tomb this by born the from seal.16 who of bread. and acin the lower emotions. a the in cerebellum before trial any sense legal trial left-hand the Pilate--which whatsoever•He He reaches the the side many the walks Pons two or of Jordan. Here the water Jesus and the of astral the has the arrived lower man. narrow pineal Gilgal. reaches in between "strait the the thieves. Royal Road from the He But Priesthood rejects then fed from H•gh•the ener•j TRANSFIGURATI ON: Jesus. on the drama of is in this the are act. His work for and Affection Intellect. of the The Star dom. of the lower the to self tempts resolutely He is and Tempter the people. in body. There place pyramids be or the this before Ocean of place. at the first is sees ford of both the with Jordan. and Activity. the that seed had Son were Jesus for". upon Him and in plane. the for first slept. which not Cross is have He of by is the correct then rendering goes the this to priests "Pontos Piletus". up. We two are a told at that near Oblongata. the the He is and the pyramided seed is at is a now nails. come "illumination" seed Father. EGYPT: The into king which now of the is He body seeks the to the to Egypt but beyond returns Dead world. of in the are higher aspect tivity--which over is now Divine God vrithin shining him. as seal and the veil God. the are or the the Word. fire God the of mid-point the between higher of He He now baptized the Spirit. Thy the Son two Thy last darkness into the soals. had them lighteth Joseph. departed where is the "The from no light the other of mm• body. and the Angels the human the banks of the River heart of man. wise in the and Jesus of flees the wisdom •st High. glorify may balanced equally every man had the upon had own the cometh world". condemned the the Path He been Jerusalem. turns n6v-found powers the towards face on Himself. Desire. The sun glorify and moon. Power of descending the symbol WILDERNESS: He goes who away from the Him to people use to his His wrestle once again for with the Serpent of Claustrum. The hour hour had come. had also been the placed absorbed first seed his dead. takes positive--electricity. Dove. enters the and wa• or t between the (thieves) of this at raised base anatomy. house in the Son in a upon birth to a manger.

This course. the star on incomparable flaming that in the timate was done in future past generation for ages. persists. spring up fixed ever •mud goes with and on and himself ened he eyes yet again up again picks us show And monuments these in the distance. which "the of much measure that personally They have great occultist.17 the It will entire now be is are within material the so body body it clearly changed seen by vibration: the in reader that takes it the is more when on a the first rate is than seed and is the saved. longer be illuminated. the oil or seed saved. within and man. Baptism. be similar. the question. That of and in animal nature a race the resulted which force celestial perconquered monuments build them to distant far a fect human in Aquarian Age. and ills process travel aches the of saving the and creative re-enter renew seed the the will. attainment the heavens Great the arrived. spine It power. return body each Petra. to people for subject Pyramid ideas be they earnestly Great the may be light and are the and the Sphinx. e. are body. if physical the triumph of the of and conserved (or wasted) of sexual Christ human in the have on a animal not the desires. results. within But a facts to be noted. enabled beings beaand a and of the be lode-star and tear a withstand the wear which would ages GREAT PATH--a is narrow the sam2 fellow-travellers for along path that con-light feet. be given in "Many made clusion i. and potentialities body. Helena P. shed on order light esoteric student. will will the quicken the power The Jesus the and spiritual of pure and the these love bring texts the power forth of our of the Holy body and give intelligence peace and left Holies it will to and run its natural heal all It will and the will life. which is Every seed is the is full 29• days is formed not of seed fish born. second net whence are this crucified until refined It it whole and of power between so on body breaks. shall we and what at all will the feet be accomplished of God--ul- kneel are His. Egyptians and stand one embodied a Carey "It is has not no these to garding Great to desires Pyramid which Sphinx: given rare easy get as. harmony show Greek Hebrew John and fluids in Scriptures crucifixion substance save plainly and teach that Christ. of if up of the man. all of what is S until perfection all God fs being done humanity children--for now. that is of is greater power? with charged Then The the is raised power return and this to until the two seals ascended the into Lord Soul the the will it renewed pure It came. that and of form when from and the an first. Life. substance "So revealed--and other is from endless to that have scientists measurements. story alchemy the the work of Jesus within whole and the scheme and is only version also of knew made this of wonderful process observations this re- body. flowbeautiful and become velvet the stones As one fewer. and cut the stones that v•th bruise a and as a path filled sharp razor. fruit deep of that little or and particular concentration thought whatever. all the Pyramid for no part. with Master mind. bring to but underif subject." studied the for working must reason instance. cheered and strengththe is heart of the beside the ers aspirant way. The Dr. Madam of the Pyramid most part. stone. is the as bound that offered or the the be "going into silence" a they to to accepted that new rejected may earnest. would and at the the Sphinx same and con- measuring of that doubt and there the are Countess Great earth. may hypothesis. "The Then and carried pineal Ransomed shall with seal and come to Zion. not Soul over and that consumed The "•hemy Death" can and or the in will the ascension.. 17 . Verily remain and that monument silent for true time yet. by him. grass green. fluids the the the the back to higher or purified. he In case rejects." other short Blavatsky indicate held. brain. there its some It are will many entrance be comparatively remarkable will it time--that secret the chsmbefs within this silent Sphinx.

well. Egyptian 18 . the of free himself debris but the was beginning his own to seek and find solution great and mystery the within of derness. in Ones "There outlets to be would when drous from of also wisdom and forethought those displayed Great or closing know all the were Pyramid--all passageways--for the before twice. human we fromnow and more about eyes the the won- vd_thin body. were a Those lighting perfected themselves•the the within system builders revealed. represents within This the head human of every within being. pineal with the the Chamber subwhich connects Queen's above The Pyramid woman. learn and more more "Humanity. perhaps inner to obey the urge impel mankind the he that impulse and seek the spirit to of the of the they Aquarian and Age won- solve Pyramid the mystery kept in the near. unique which occupies to w•[ch the has highest been position given m•ny on a therein. in and re- huma% of body any unto was mankind destroying has been excessem "It no is no wonder that was no trace the of system all-seeing or lighting eye. passageways been many Humanity has wandering n•ny. Holy Grail. It also the to is is patiently.18 "In found an the King's especially to Chamber.sky caustically tl•e to of those who ascribed latter and name it is it. H. flowing become have the builders rejected'will years very. corpora quadrigemina the ante-chamber of and the the King's as Chamber the the Queen's Chamber the King's pituitary body. but for of a then." Not only Seed the •Ins Divine person for•11a do within thus: the man. and is with milk honey. where- entering across KingVs room Chamber from '. the It we an t ante-room is four the in all 'standing structure named to be the the ceiling t these strange cor- the respond mid-brain. derful processes as whole. names has been object. find floor may well of ourselves that birth. exemplication seed. comments Blare. and corne soon ages. of the seed where the first crucifixion is the sacral subterranean grotto plexus. Great but Pyramid they are final and also the the process of manVs attainment the of the workings Sphinx represent in relived whore the neophyte place ritualistic The to Divinity. needed. body. will which reveal was Then. It and intended lasting the memorial. to indeed. leaf the ths grooves in calliculi head. place a returns. a not intended by in the its perfected highest of within in sense to con- living one. P. tomb. each life. waiting. "The each to the the four '[•anite eminences. and in the to the left terranean anatomy system corresponds sympathetic grotto. receptacle sarcophagus the 'womb the the pineal King's which of in the which gland Chamber is to re- is forever uncovered. the tomb which for the build the ever Ten•le. s_•ys It is indeed the sacred and a chalice. submerged. us definite and the assurance Great the Pyramid Stone the Claustrum Door of Brahm (perhaps builders of the rolled away hands)? was "The tain is a dead sarcophagus. placed pineal be No wonder has considered himself to •man gland. and it is renmrkable organs corresponding other do Chamber is as and stand The in the same relation to is which chambers those organs present. the the body. lain. Promised tD_•t 'the Stone closed were body. full from use for of inner enjoyed radiance and light that the light eye giving are light great to all temple. the were first within revealed the to the eyes which of humanity is stand for. on. the shall sacred without will. that the of the to cious rooms body. and other Without the future reveal more takes a doubt will (Jesus) spaplace. It the womb. highest. the wil- very head r. the living and Redeemer--the word. corn-bin. of the seed treasure precious of place conception the the rock-herin psychono men physical had Joseph. ranging denseness within a from womb'. Land. not •mve and more will that their become opened. human transmutation "Before Saviour. Sacred seed. Hence.

•g begin it its with faith.19 "Then shall be the candidate shall be shall he shall be and buried. are a conviction faith the men Ji which versal is evolution and creed the lack and not of ousy. the • I!i is. third he underworld. or deed. all and Plan God a greed. He we Loges showing continually and sacrificing find our upon Universe. diet. In that so so latter. whom he and came. live may sacrifice way for Him. the of purity. these and. jects. is the which from right. and Inner that ifications which correct do this by RIGHT THINKING. word. in control yourself you the god in the bc•coming. your be will have then When you done ready for this. the lower of the is cross above. &nd seek ve!opmenb above ment. compassion--are Indifference Discrimination. selfishness. Ill Ill. of the freedom. recognition not that covers Living concentration. your the of ception have be to unselfish. is have original that wording of the Nicaene Creed of the Chris- tian proof as it this to the was both of cases. control of the body desire and durance.. SEER to the v•ill is become done cometh •:Even witlin as I have man •. jealchaconi the re- i Hasten Those are Slm•ly faculties is . carried learned having heaven up into to guide (or dead. recognition pride. IIli and the III• •!' !i!i environment in general. the dov• ald of seals its in •m accord. be brought bound descend the from upon into the the wooden cross. liberation.. who to wish do so to develop all their but latent it you which so by that psychic you leave after development still the ad•rlsed by This to means." of the so. You can the thethieves seals. the Consciousness flood temple To their His who glory. shall day to the the rule) Perhaps Church. feel those inner that they must have have the faith the str•mgth in their inner to o• roll back that in the stone which are from is not of the sanctuary and knowledge upon that but body. thought. is that members are ever The •nhich to b•ild safest is method advocated •to their to Illumination by the seals open Brotherhood the of for and of attain the the Illuminati. evil. cleanliness. worldly tolerance. you body. •itil human opens up fcr the the spinal Christ cord. for the that we must st.. develop control the truth. of is do which LIVING. and for over rity trol all. of uni- hate.ese things Seed you (No Father negative psychic developWord or do by the will greater" you Self) but by me 19 (your Spiritual step . posture. physical own Immortal Soul. you the based understanding. for steps. for their which make-uo demanded of the aspirant the personality as: Mastership. equilibrium. be he after shall the die. hhe senses. force involves a sacrifice. finally. is the is Himself back His to the of the Cross sacrifices the involves Christed-Seed and the matter--the sacrifice of body. suggested eventually next the fulfill the de- requirements. Then oben- he i!l developing journey the way qualifications Divine each to Seed of come will. by Highest yours power for possibility Kill the particular. means meditation. as ourselves sake. the only regeneration ritual. crucifixion to in the God the way dramatized the former higher. wonderful Himself of story us. vivifying turn. Chri We must do the give this a warning must the to those the Mlo seek to drive break out tempt ere to in Temple you of clean Temple. clothes correct breathing. by lec•ning have and God's whole heart with complete love creatures. Before and you at- I\ •I money-chang- tained by in ACTION. hence. God. In sacrifice within the the even right living this we hand and the back of the from Him dead. following: the mind. being a done.. first to qual- lil Control must of thought. atonly the Will: of by RIGHT development to which and brothers responsibilities your your •bim RIGHT whether in 2inally.

F•D. cover Note: The books of direct of reference for this book most of the but in volumes the the of main Holy is Writ the verities all and countries." the for to Remember are again disaster. concerning spiritual their relationship . your ovm necessary the requirements will of find the plan for Brotherhood Illuminati In correct no Spiritual have of the the same Teacher. of TO pure qualifications the reception TO who wish KNOW. own and science. WARNED developing slowly. for the A p1•e seals the help and God. to become DARE. this ruin revealing the as method individuals without a two way awaken quickened. ir•ler perception to man. to break in attempt incarnation. TO SEEK.J. and SEERS practical TO and KEEP SILENT--is _•N the and command given th those ILLU•I'•TED TP• WO•. of a a competent way of Teacher life are will the mind. of the pure Power body. have to to latent hasten the It is powers without within due yourself preparation you the and is you to court a When Teacher to assist you fulfilled Spiritual ready you guide find y•a. avoided brokem or our exposition or of in this which this process each power one we deliberately seals is and to way. result of his philosophies. "No from man liveth by bread Place alone of but the by Hid- (power Claustrum--the that to seed) proceedeth the Father (the Holy are you hasten Holies).2O (the every den--the Word word in the Power or of God)" that of and again.

. .. Divine were ready Life. the it that and Father. who are Brotherhood them- endeavouring keys Inner Author desirous reception efforts and to Illum2nation have of shovm of God's any more to equip prepared •'•steries.. OF BROTHERHOOD THE . time ever life and always the has •ound acts of the pattern of verities dramatizes come woven by the living journey •he stories.. that conveys is bestowed respecting Law NOT in is OPINION that on indeed KliO?•! the TO words meaning spiritual. name. to of time His the and his are life to eternal is of the simplicity. pable Divine not the hend of being Science for But hidden are each was imagery• layer ever on act or episode unfolds those who is the ca- meaning from events able dai Being.•. the so was formed: way to stated their present inquiring that keTrs •d by Re-ran'on travel As we the have from Mount and Churches for for fear the libra±nation the have lost t.." It to the the was for to the this attain purpose that student the the have BROTH•HOOD OF which THE he •. earth man limits to this and the he has every and narrov: woman to the as travel same a ':strait He to way"." OF been c•mnged to: BROTHERHOOD llIE PLERO[viA. Soul vith the With regards says in is men. those reflect Eternal Drama and But Science to of this the Soul.TI.•. but of wisdom the whom spi- Holy Spirit understand- ing. International send you their pleased OF T• to Postal Reply BROCk. TO: THE BROTF•P•HOOD • •AE•O•/• NOTE: The IUS I. is within demonstrate space.NATI Whenever one man a Nessenger of •(Lnts He comes comes ever to earth. the and Illumine the 1}• lives and compreuntil underof the Scriptures. th• same when undergo }:•essenger lives the same fulfills the way--always acting The mirror is of it. certain escapes the the vrritten which forms is mysteries. Light the hidden Divine meaning "The FJT ALSO of Oi•E but to those mud Gnostic not Father.""Ir.hat to restore kerfs will those and the the are or wilfully wiser for than those withheld k%vs the people is selves If they become themsel•Js. a Eternal.•Eth ILUJ•ENATI m&y God. the of humble the to of you the and you Light of this upon the real you meaning are Christ write invited or Coupon WRITE English The STA•i•.. Secretary• Broth6rhood.THE PROTHERHOOD of the Con•nion full His on OF THE ILLU•. ALL. each of hidden faith the were Life intertwined understood in This were with ninny symbols ways. way and home to purity. •-ll they knowing •n enclosing be Wisdom. here of light. the They who encouraged the translate the eyes accept concerning to had Spirit meaning to his at such is first opened into their of the DE meaning able to of the they stand too. as PR!NC!PIIS: meaning.. the notice only of most apparent For the is sigh% in there ScripAi•OTEER... throughout ritual the grace of image whole which the Divine of Church: the Law Things.IRE. tures which have !¢•Fsteries Origen.

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