An overview of the data presented here

The 5-2 plan (Plan 5F) submitted to the Department of Justice (DOJ) was rejected in late 2012. (See letter from DOJ on this website.) Consequently, the BISD Board of Trustees shifted its attention to 7-0 plans in January, 2013. The first two of these plans, Plan 7A and Plan 7B, are presented here. Other plans will be presented as they are developed. Presented in another section of this website is what the DOJ refers to as the Benchmark. The Benchmark is produced by applying data from the 2010 Census to the current district boundaries. The Benchmark is the voting plan used in the most recent BISD election and is based on a precinct map that was replaced in spring 2012 by the Jefferson County Commissioners Court. The proposed plans presented here are based on the current voting precinct map. Benchmarks are used by the DOJ to determine whether Retrogression is present in plans that are submitted for review. Note that there are four files for both the proposed plan and the Benchmark. There are two map files. The map files with names containing letter are formatted for standard 8.5 x 11 paper; the map files with the designation large are formatted for 36 x 48 printers. Note that the Benchmark is based on the precinct map used in the last BISD election. The plans under consideration by BISD Trustees are based on the new precinct map adopted by Jefferson County in spring, 2012. There is one data file for each plan. These files contain data used to confirm the plans conformity with the one-man-one-vote doctrine, the level of Retrogression (if any), and a list of the voting precincts in each of the proposed trustee districts. The data regarding Total Population are used to show compliance with the one-man-one-vote rule; the data regarding Voting Age Population are used to consider Retrogression.

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