PTI and the Long March

From A Sympathizer of 'Change' In today's age we have to rely on newspapers, TV channels, SMS and Social Media(few people can access) for our information needs. So therefore I take this opportunity to explain to the PTI Leadership and dedicated workers on what you gained and lost during the past few days.

It was understandable that since a few Government Allies joined the Long March; it was perhaps seen as politically correct not to join this entire effort. PTI's distancing from this event made sense to many. Till this time the Tehreek-e-Insaf's strategy was seen as neutral.

Soon many a Parties bailed out! The Long March seemed an unsuccessful exercise. PTI again remained neutral. Many of the Party's 'Great Minds' kept away from the event.

The crowd gathered in Islamabad's Blue Area; the corrupt and feudalistic ruling elite felt the fear of losing their jobs!

The people of Pakistan craved for change. Democratic Change. The stage was set for the PTI to strategically maneuver the march for a democratic change.

As the Cold weather intensified, sympathy grew for the people sitting in for a change in Islamabad. PTI leadership kept appearing and disappearing from the site.

The people of Pakistan were glued to the TV screens waiting for a decision by the PTI. The leadership of the party kept them in the gray. Indecision! PTI did not deliver.

The protesters grew pale. Help never came. Meanwhile Public support grew for those who were standing out in the cold.

Media Persons, especially the sharpest critics of PTI, continued their onslaught on the crowd, and doubted the genuineness of their cause.

Meanwhile the enemies of PTI kept congratulating them on their lack of decision making ability.

The crowd and their leader gave in, of course we all know it was due to PTI's complacency.

The entire exercise ended in a failure, with no result.

PTI is the casualty of this event. Public opinion has turned against you. By taking this decision, or by taking no decision, you have gained nothing. No boost in your numbers. Votes are won by popularity. By neutrality you didn't become popular.

Change is popular, continuity isn't. Facebook and twitter will not win you the vote. Voters are common people, some of them are not your workers. With 90 days to the elections, they will decide according to their hearts, they are not intellectuals.

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