Neck Pain of Occupational Origin and Homoeopathy

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Description Acute, subacute or chronic neck pain associated with occupational activities. Synonyms • Repetitive strain injury (RSI) • Cumulative trauma disorder (CTD) • Occupational cervico-brachial disorder (OCD) • Work-related musculoskeletal disorder (WMSD) Etiology/Types • Neck pain probably arises from individual or workplace (Occupational) factors or a combination of both. Epidemiology • The highest prevalence of occupational neck pain is found in office and hospital workers. • The lowest prevalence of occupational neck pain is found in forest and industrial workers. Pathogenesis • Excess shoulder girdle muscles loading1. FROM AXIAL SKELETON TO SHOULDER GIRDLE (SCAPULA AND CLAVICLE) * Serratus anterior * Upper trapezius * Middle trapezius * Lower trapezius * Rhomboideus major and minor * Pectoralis minor * Levator scapulae 2. FROM SCAPULA AND CLAVICLE TO HUMERUS * Deltoid * "Rotator cuff" * supraspinatus * infraspinatus * teres minor * subscapularis * Teres major * Coracobrachialis * Biceps brachii (long head) * Triceps brachii (long head) 3. FROM AXIAL SKELETON TO HUMERUS * Pectoralis major * Latissimus dorsi

Muscle strains are uncommon with computer use as there is less than 5% of maximal voluntary contraction. • Increased cervical pain is associated with decreased cervical rotation and increased activity in the superficial cervical flexors (Platysma) with an associated compensatory decreased activity in the deep cervical flexors (longus coli and longus capitus muscles). • Increased inflammatory mediators have been found in local muscles that correlate with pain. Risk Factors • Females • Forced exertions • High job demands • High level static contractions • Increasing age, particularly in the 4th and 5th decades of life • Low physical ability • History of musculoskeletal pain • Poor social support at work • Poor work posture

ign. BAR-C. camph. asaf. BACK . cycl. m-ambo. ang. ip. led. BELL. complaints of . and scalenes • Tenderness to palpation of the superior nuchal line Testing • Plain radiographs for loss of the normal lordotic curve suggesting spasm. • MRI to rule out soft tissue pathology. aur. Lyc. kali-n. Cimic. particularly with rotation • Increased muscle tension in the upper trapezius muscles. ant-t.ASLEEP. as if a . agn. and stiffness • Pain worse during workday and improved during weekend • Sleep difficulty • Associated headaches Exam • Poor posture/head forward posture • Decreased cervical range of motion. Caust. . CALC. Lach. graph. borx.BLUISH . dig. caps. alum.bell. agar. Pitfalls • Overlooking workplace and psychological factors Red Flags • Weakness. arg-met. anac. spig. m-aust.Cervical region . canth. euph. dros. cocc. con. ambr. sensation as if . hell. Carb-v. hyos. or tingling • DD with a fracture.BALL.ars. Am-c. Rhus-t. coloc.CERVICAL REGION. cina clem. • Electrodiagnostic studies to assess for radiculopathy. iod.Nape of neck. Kali-c. colch. ant-c. carb-an. Treatment Medical • Cognitive behavioral therapy • Ergonomic interventions Exercises • Exercise program focusing on motor relearning training • Manipulation • Mobilization Modalities • Heat. cold.Cervical region . asar. ars. chin.Nape of neck. ultrasound. dulc. ferr.Nape of neck. bry. levator scapulae. bov. laur.Cervical region .rhus-t. arn. cupr. hep. numbness. cham. am-m.• Poor workstation ergonomics (the science of designing the workplace environment to fit the user) • Prolonged static loads and extreme postures • Repetitive job tasks • Sedentary job activities Clinical Features • Neck pain without symptoms in the lower extremities Diagnosis Differential diagnosis • Infection • Osteoarthritis • Radiculopathy • Referred pain from cardiothoracic structures • Tumor History • Increased pain. cann-s.acon. and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation Surgical • Surgical decompression for radicular symptoms • Percutaneous or open surgical treatment Homoeopathic Trteatment Short Repertory of Neck Pain BACK . Lach. croc.Nape of neck. tiredness. guaj. BACK . BACK .

ant-c.asar. Rhus-t.STIFFNESS .FORMICATION . plat. spig. rhus-t. tab.Scapulae . Phos. bell.COLDNESS . stann.agar.TENSION . stront-c. Aur. verat. ant-c.Cervical region . cham. arg-n.Acon.Anac. Phyt. petr. apis bapt. BACK .Nape of neck. meny.Nape of neck. sep. podo. valer. BACK . mosch. nit-ac.Spine . brass-n-o. MAG-C. graph. BACK .COLDNESS . tub. cimic. coloc.Cervical region . Sil. bufo calc-caust.Dorsal region . to. rhod. caps.sensation of .before .Nape of neck. Nat-c. verat.calc. thuj. rad-br. stict. ant-t. rheum rhod. apis arn.Cervical region . cann-xyz. nit-ac.Acon. Rhod. BACK . sulph. ferr-p. NIT-AC. verat.Nape of neck.Nape of neck. KALI-C.fingers. sep.chel. camph. chel. hyos. agar. ars.carb-v. bell. sulph. pneu. caust. canth. vanil. SULPH. gard-j. lac-c. par. staph.extending to . hyper.HEAVINESS.Neck and ear. ham. iod. hyper.BELL. ang. hyos. STICT. bufo carb-v.agn. valer. BACK . Bar-c.nat-c. RHUS-T. CALC.Nape of neck. Rhus-t.PAIN .LAMENESS . Puls. coloc. BACK .CONVULSIONS . jug-c. iod.Nape of neck. laur. as if skin of neck were compressed between twospong. rhod. tub. verat. rhodi. phos. viol-o. spong. SEP. caust.HEAT . dig. fel ferr-pic. Am-c.SPASMS .ant-c. ars. trif-p. ruta sabad. nux-v.Cervical region .PERSPIRATION . PHYT. BACK .Dorsal region . BACK . spig. par. tritic-vg. Graph. aloe alum.Cervical region . staph. BACK . Gels.Cervical region . . Coloc.Cervical region .COLDNESS . nat-s. stry. der. staph. laur. Sanic. BELL. BACK .Cervical region . sulph. puls. par. ferr.Nape of neck. con. Caust. staph. Con.extending to .Calc. meny. bry. Par.Cervical region . ign.cycl. lat-m. calc. hell. hyos. Graph. apis arg-met. sanic. Rhus-t.Nape of neck.agg.Nape of neck. BACK .Cervical region . BACK .dulc. BACK . ip. rhust. bell. cham. op. mag-c. phos. apis ars.Scapulae .mag-c. sulph. con. phac. Mosch. nux-v. LACH.ITCHING . ign. anac. spong. x-ray zinc. phos. anac. merc-i-r. glon. nit-ac.MENSES .Cervical region . hyos. stann. zinc. mosch. Sabin.PAIN . Petr.Cervical region . olnd. sep. kali-c. weight . x-ray zinc-val.CONSTRICTION or band . rhus-v. merc-i-f.extending to – Neck.PULSATING . BACK . merc. chinin-ar. fl-ac. nux-v. tab. ran-b. nat-c. Nat-c. mez. stann. sabin.plut-n. nit-ac. sang. puls. sulph. squil. ail.SENSITIVE .tetanic . stel. BACK . spig. BACK . chin. myric. kali-c. kali-p.Nape of neck. kali-bi. ant-t. lach.Nape of neck. BELL. bov. spong.Cervical region . bar-c.agg. brass-n-o. nicc. sec. sumb. rhus-t. Sulph. BACK . camph.Nape of neck.Nape of neck.LUMPS . meny. meny. manc. nat-m.Cervical region . nit-ac. meny.compressed. Cimic.Cervical region . CARB-V.PARALYSIS . spong. vinc. BACK . am-m. viol-t. sil. mang. aur. Spong. iod. Con. puls. kali-c.hydrog. BACK . nux-m. BACK . calc-p. BACK . plb. Chin. as from .DORSAL REGION. alum. tub. alum. camph. ruta sabad. spong.Upward . . nuxv. mag-m. sil.Nape of neck. med. cann-xyz. CALC. kali-bi. carb-v. sars. hep.Cervical region .Scapulae . mosch. NUX-V. form.Cervical region .Nape of neck. plat. lach.Nape of neck. am-m. BACK .dioxi. mag-c.SHIVERING .HEAT . Puls.MENSES . Kali-n. complaints of . BACK . viol-o. ferr-p. Lachn. stram. sulph. par. dig.PAIN . sec. SEP. NAT-M. BACK .Cervical region . nat-m. op.right . ferr.cina BACK . petr. petr. laur. symph. nicot. lach. nat-m. calc. ol-an.Nape of neck. croc.Nape of neck. lyc. carb-an. nat-m. viol-t.extending to . dulc. cann-s. dulc. sars. puls.Cervical region . zinc. ign. rad-br. Nux-v. agar.Nape of neck. Plat.Nape of neck. glon.extending to . bry. nat-c. zinc. mentho. thuj. lyc. musca-d. nat-m. Nat-m. gels. LYC.berb.dig. BACK . euph. m-ambo. guaj. Calc. lach. petr. PHOS.Nape of neck.Nape of neck. Cimic.con. merc.zinc. chin. BAR-C. valer. dulc. stront-c. ip. tarax. CAUST. SIL.PAIN . sabin.Cervical region . BACK . carb-an. mez. sel. nat-ch.Nape of neck. jug-c. dros. sep. asar.nux-v. GLON.dulc. rhod. thuj. BACK . alum.PAIN . staph. tell.Nape of neck. tab. Nit-ac. stann. as if . sulph. mang.cold . psor. aesc.Cervical .apis chel. cocc. sars. BACK . graph. phos. hell. plat.Back of neck.op. sabin. colch.extending to – Neck. sulph.LUMBAR REGION. ign. BACK . vanil. ph-ac.anac.Cervical region .during .Cervical region . rheum Samb. kali-n. complaints of . spong. SIL. mang. ruta sars. verat. mez. Thuj.CRACKING . samb. plb. . bry.Nape of neck. sil. am-m. berb. anac. phyt. NAT-C. ther. pimp. mez. chin. plb.Cervical region . BACK . merc. BACK . spig.Between . spig. samb.Nape of neck. BACK . petr. canth. Sel. nux-v. PH-AC. SULPH. kali-c.kali-bi.NUMBNESS . mang. nat-c.Cervical region .am-c.PERSPIRATION .SWELLING .Cervical region – Neck. phos. bov. vib-od. tritic-vg. phos. caust. squil. Sep.Cervical region .agath-a.

Oreo. BACK . lac-c.COLDNESS . carb-v. mez. kali-c.TENSION .Nape of neck. pall. Lach. sulph.Nape of neck.HYDROCEPHALUS .lac-leo. con.PAIN . as if a. lyc. arn.Eyes .clothing about the neck agg. Bry. CHEST . sil.PAIN . lil-t. BACK .choc.left . back of.aeth. sensation of a. lyc.Bell. Puls. cystein-l. spong. luf-op.gink-b. bar-c. Bell.BACK . GELS. mur-ac. anac.COLDNESS. stiffness in. kali-n. Med.Occiput . Cocc. Kali-c. am-c. kalm.PAIN . Puls.Neck.Neck. HEAD . par.Nape of neck.TENSION .left .extending to – Neck. mosch. EXTERNAL THROAT . COCC.Thumbs . Stry. EXTREMITIES . op. caust. Merc-c. Rhus-t. nat-m. crot-h.Neck to the left side of the throat.accompanied by .Neck .Neck.extending to .Shoulders . Sep. Lach. lyc. ambr.extending to . prun.plb.carb-v. onos.COMPLAINTS of head .LAMENESS . Spig.steatoma . HEAD .kola HEAD . FACE . aeth. HEAD . sang. mag-c. com. swollen. sars. chilliness. carb-v.PAIN . kola lac-d. phos. sep. FACE .PAIN .Middle of .PAIN . puls.Bry. Kalm. as if . crot-t. .SWELLING . ph-ac.hyos. menis. arg-met. stiffness of.calc-p.bit-ar.Forehead . kali-cy.TWITCHING . Sil.spig. aesc. HEAD . bell. calc.kali-n.extending to – Neck.rope around neck.extending to – Neck. ant-t. zinc. kali-n. BACK . hydr-ac.Nape of neck. plb.extending to .SHOULDERS. bry. stann. euon.PAIN . tritic-vg.Shoulders . ran-b. hydr-ac. ars.Upper arms . eup-pur.extending to – Neck.extending to .CONSTRICTION .left .Back of head and neck.Nose.extending to – Neck. complaints of .Occiput .extending to .bell. nat-m.Cervical region . EXTREMITIES .apis bar-c. viol-t.Nape of neck .PAIN . into.agath-a.Neck.TWITCHING .extending to – Neck. nape of. plect.bolt had been driven from neck to vertex.. zinc. fago.extending to – Neck. cist.SENSITIVE . EXTREMITIES .Nape of neck.Down back of neck. brom. HEAD .Nape of neck.Occiput . manc.PAIN . mosch. kali-n. clem.extending to – Neck. kali-bi. HEAD . sulph.PAIN . mang.COMPLAINTS of chest .PAIN . Bell.alternating with . caust. chordumb.string around the neck. graph. nept-m. nit-ac. chel.PAIN . mur-ac.Neck .Cervical region . PH-AC.agath-a. sep.PAIN . as if something. lyc. crot-c. from being . EXTERNAL THROAT .extending to – Neck. arg-n. sep.fic-m. berb.iris EXTREMITIES .accompanied by . cann-s.extending to – Neck. mag-c. corn. sep. HEAD . carb-an. tarax.TIGHT around neck and waist. Coff. COUGH .Bar-c.Shoulders . EXTREMITIES .Carb-ac.neck. Bell. sal-fr. alum. Glon. cocc. murac. gels.PAIN . tarent.TOUCHED.Sides . ther. lil-t.WIND was blowing.PAIN .aids.Nape of – neck.Balls .lac-ac. nat-sil. laur. lil-t.MOTIONS in head .Neck . hyos. anag.Forehead . BACK . op. Dig.extending to . emaciated. nat-c. EAR .Nape of neck.accompanied by .Forehead . caps. sang.SPASMS .TUMORS . COUGH . etc. nape of.neck agg.aids. lac-leo. plut-n. from left side of theagar.olnd. bry. bit-ar.abrot.Neck. BACK .accompanied by . tarax. HEAD . nat-s. asar. dios. Calc-p.Dorsal region . lith-c.Neck. lyc. merc.Nape of neck. iod. Nat-m.extending to . EXTREMITIES . HEAD .Shoulders . .PAIN . hell. Sabin. sep. nux-v.Neck. HEAD . ferr. EXTERNAL THROAT .Sides of neck. staph.sal-fr. HEAD . graph. nape of.moved from back of neck up to head. CHEST . limen-b-c.accompanied by . sang. cimic. cannot bear anything. cimic.graph. sabin. pain in nape of.boring pain . EXTREMITIES .left . apis lac-ac. BACK . merc. Calc-p. HEAD . caps. Mosch. EXTREMITIES .CHEL. above . sulph.Neck. dulc. Coloc.ars. EXTERNAL THROAT . Graph.glon. PIC-AC.Behind the ears . EXTERNAL THROAT .CIMIC. rhus-t. acon.Cervical region . verat.PAIN . Guaj.aids. ip. petr.Above .extending to – Neck. gels. chin.extending to .alternating with .extending to .drawing in occiput and nape of neck. berb. Hell. HEAD . HEAD .rising from neck like cold air.androc.PAIN . tub. par. paeon.Forehead .PAIN .Scapulae .mez. all-c.stiffness in .aeth.Occiput .pain in .calc. nat-c.Glands in nape of neck. plat. Puls. cinnb. Calc.Cervical Glands . from swelling of.SWELLING .TREMBLING .Neck. HEAD . spong. LACH.. glands are like a. caust. Hep. Phyt. HEAD .kola HEAD . spig. on.right .accompanied by .CONSTRICTION .extending to – Neck. glon. laur. borx. lil-t. Glon. verat. kali-c. calc-sil.PAIN .Fingers .Cervical region .TENSION .Occiput .rheumatic .WEAKNESS . viol-o. colch. nept-m. gels.coff.ang. chel.arg-n.Forehead . mez.cimic.

androc.sanguis-s. through.neck agg. aq-mar. iber. x-ray HEAD .lob. LARYNX AND TRACHEA . .COMPLAINTS of throat . phyt. HEAD . obstructed . pain in nape of.Neck. Bar-c. HEAD . agg.IMPEDED.sep. THROAT . HEAD . at every throb of the heart.PAIN .Neck and Shoulders.bit-ar.Neck.Shoulders with stiff neck.Sides .acon-ac.RESTLESSNESS . lach. senec.nat-m.Temples . HEAD . HEAD . Rhus-t.accompanied by . complaints of . or occiput.PULSATING . limen-b-c. stiffness of.swallowing . nat-c. aching in.SWELLING .crat.Head and face .BEGINNING in nape of neck.bit-ar. sep. kali-c. nat-c. ip. chord-umb.Vertex . MIND . bry.Neck and face. merc. Ars.PAIN . suprar. tarent. croc. as from a.chel.CROUP .neck to get food or drinks down.cimic. THROAT .ph-ac.kali-m. STOMACH . Frost P.Occiput . pitu-gl. HEAD . sulph.PAIN .chir-fl.Sides .neck.pressing pain . HEAD . pic-ac. canth.NAUSEA . THROAT .SHOCKS . mur-ac.Neck.PAIN . dulc.ambr.sec.CONSTRICTION . on. Mag-c.Nape of neck. and individual risk factors for eck/shoulder pain with pressure tenderness in the muscles among workers performing monotonous.podo.extending to – Neck. Spine. Hep.Neck. hep. occipital . mez. has to turn.dull pain .Temples . vanil. sulph. lyc.dull. Lyc.PAIN . Bry.accompanied by .extending to . et al. sep. HEAD .chir-fl.PAIN .PAIN . Chel.accompanied by . heavy.Sides . NUX-V. Bell. hell.PAIN .fl-ac. kalm. ran-b.right . THROAT . tung-met.Neck .Sides . MOUTH .PAIN . with a sensation like a heavy.left .Sides .SHOCKS . on back of. podo.pressure .extending to – Neck.blow on back of head and neck. COCC. RESPIRATION .extending to – Neck. stiffness in.. gels. HEAD . on.TEMPLES.insects.elaps sars. Iod. lach. glon. HEAD . during . Merc-c.Sides . glon. pot-e. Merc.IMPEDED.PAIN . Physical. sil.Occiput . Puls.accompanied by .cimic. kali-i.bamb-a. Top Homoeopathic Remedies for Neck Pain Sulph > Sep > Lyc > Bell > Caust > Lach > Sil > Nat m >Cal c > Rhus t > Puls > Apis > Petr > Bry > Carbo v > Kal c > Graph > Nat c > Spig > bar c > Cim > Nux v > Gel > Nit ac > Kali n > Glon > Phos > Thuja > Ars a > Zinc > Hyos > Mez > Staph > Chel > Mag c > Alum > Merc > Spong > Con > Hep > Mosch > Sabina > Anac > Arn > Iod > Mang > Par > Laur > Mur ac > Verat a > Cocc > Acid ph > Phyt > Colo > Ant t > Chin > Hell > Rhod > Ant c > Sars > Stan > Pic ac > Dig > Guaic > Lil t > Plat > Agar > Am m > Dulc > Ign > Ip > etc….extending to .Neck.Protuberance. lac-leo. tritic-vg. THROAT .Nape of neck.extending to .PAIN . HEAD . Lach. fum.pressure . Lach.tarent. merc. Carb-v. med.PAIN . on.chir-fl.Neck.kali-bi. NUX-M. HEAD ..lavand-a.sore . laur.bit-ar. puls.extending to – Neck. HEAD .Vertex . VERTIGO .drawing and stitching.PAIN . 27(6):660–667. as if from . hyos.PAIN . SKIN .PAIN .extending to . LARYNX AND TRACHEA .left .cann-i. kola pic-ac. in.Throat-pit .Occiput . neck and hands.PAIN . gels.pressure .kali-sula.alum.extending to .Neck and occiput. from .extending to .lyss.extending to – Neck. spong. sabin. HEAD . Kaergaard A.FORMICATION .Neck stretched out. lyc. obstructed . petr. side .extending to – Neck. vanil..PAIN .lyc. and. RESPIRATION .Esophagus .lac-c. am-m.occiput and neck.Head and down into neck.agg. pain at nape of. mang.Temples . podo. HEAD .External neck.PAIN . cupr.accompanied by .Sides .neck agg.PAIN . nat-s.extending to .headache.bending neck agg.bolt from neck to vertex. throbbing pain through head . psychosocial. rhod. HEAD . References Andersen JH. 2002. Brom. NECK ..accompanied by .guaj. dios. Caust. . guaj. HEAD . repetitive work.dull pain .PAIN . ketogl-ac.calc-p. Lil-t.extending to – Neck. sal-fr. glands of. HEAD . pain side . down.Shoulders.stretching neck amel.ant-t.extending to – Neck. sal-fr.

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