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Deobandi Shocking faith of Tehreef e Quran !!!
( 9 - user rating ) English - Wahabi Deobandi Written by ExposingNifaq Saturday, 29 November 2008 05:28

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Similar to Shia Rafzi the Imailiya Deobandi Firqa also hold following faith; a) “Alteration in Quran” i.e. Tehreef e Lafzi have already been done (Astaghfirullah) b) Compilers (i.e.Sahaba r Kiram) are responsible for Tehreef in Quran (Astaghfirullah) All these devilish believes were written by senior deobandi scholar Anwar Shah Kashmiri in his book “ Al-Badr As-Sārī ilā Fayz al-Bārī” printed by “Al-Maktabah ar-rashīdiyyah”, Sirkī Road, Quetta, Pakistan. "Fayz ul Bari" page 395 Volume 3 under the Chapter "As Shahadhat”
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