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Ibne Abudl Wahabi Najdi Commits Shirk!!!
( 8 - user rating ) English - Wahabi Ghair Muqalid Written by ExposingNifaq Monday, 20 June 2011 07:45 Ibn Abdul Wahab Najdi Al Tamimi and his book "Ahkam tamanni al mawt".He becomes mushrik as per his false faith defined in Kitab ul Touheed

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Ibn Abdul Wahan Najdi al Tamimi has mentioned a very interesting narration in his book Ahkam tamanni al mawt. During the time of Umar (rd) there was a very pious young man. Once this young man was about to commit a grave sin, but Allah saved him. This young man realised his mistake, felt felt very bad and died. When Umar (rd) came to know this , he visited the grave of this young man and asked “ do you have two gardens “ ( 55:46) and this young man replied from the grave that he has been given the blessings of two gardens”….

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Here is the scan from Ibn Abdul Wahab najdi al Tamimi’s work.

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