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BPL - OWNER's Requirements for ONM

BPL - OWNER's Requirements for ONM

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BPL - OWNER's Requirements for ONM
BPL - OWNER's Requirements for ONM

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Published by: Siti Salwani binti Ab Rahim on Jan 19, 2013
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JSR Broadband For All Project

Owner’s Requirements for O & M System Requirement



OWNER’S Requirements for Operation and Management System Contractor JSR Broadband for All Project 20/07/ 2011 1st Release

Project Issue Date Rev. Status

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1. Project Brief Sdn. It is the intention of Realm Energy Sdn Bhd. and Jaluran Satu Rakyat Sdn. Bhd. to deploy the Broadband Network Facilities, Infrastructure and Services including Optical Fibre Cables for backhaul connectivity, and Broadband Power Line (BPL) Wired and Wireless (BPL), technologies and solutions for last mile connectivity through-out Malaysia enabling out broadband connectivity to a targeted 2.5 million homes. The project is expected to provide internet services at the speed of up to 2 Mbps to areas where accessibility to internet is limited. 2. Objective The objective of this document is to provide minimum guide for the Contractor in submitting the proposal to undertake this project This document shall not limit the project. content of Contractor’s proposal. The Contractor is required to understand the total s unde project requirement prior to producing detail proposal to undertake this project. This project will be awarded to the Contractor on a development, operate and manage basis or any of the combinations deemed suitable and agreed upon by both parties. 3. Requirement of the Proposal The Contractor shall submit the proposal in two sections: a) Commercial Proposal b) Technical Proposal I. Commercial Proposal

The Contractor shall include the following items in the commercial proposal for this project. a) Executive Summary – a brief write up about the company and the intended project b) Schedule of Information on Company’s Background (i.e. paid up capital, etc.) c) Certified Copies of Relevant Certificates from governing body (i.e. MOF, Industry Board & Commission, etc.)



a) Overall System Architecture The Contractor shall describe the overall system architecture of the proposed solution for the Operation and Management Application System. subscriber suspension and type of packages subscribes. Infrastructure Module – This module shall display the status of all sites at various stages from pending. the following information on: Confidential 2 .10% of the Contract Price Technical Proposal The Contractor shall include the following items in the technical proposal for this project. Subscriber Management Module – This module shall be linked to CIS by providing management functionality in terms status of subscriber activation. detailing all hardware and supporting applications in support of the solution. Project Organisation Chart including background of Key Officers. limiting to. The following basic . Customer Information Module – This module shall provide the interface to input all the subscriber details.JSR Broadband For All Project Owner’s Requirements for O & M System Requirement d) e) f) g) h) i) j) II. Basic Customer Profile b. This module shall basically support the following functions: a. Subscriber Location iii. b) Proposed O&M Application The Contractor shall include the following components in the proposed solution: i. Basic Subscriber Profile b. functions shall be included: a. Extended Subscriber Profile c. applications Bill of Material Proposed Mode of Payment sed Schedule of Payment Performance Security . Project overall cost Schedule of Prices for material. manpower. Extended Customer P ed Profile ii. in progress to completion-in-services. This Module will also provide historical information to support information sales and marketing report. This detail will be relationally linked to Help Desk Module for Support purposes. All relevant components and modules in the proposed solution shall be described in detail including the infrastructure. It shall include and not services. The proposed solution shall be based on an Open System Architecture Model.

Tracking Work Order History v. Change Management ange d. This module shall comprise the following components: a. Retailer Management vi. Devices Inventory Configuration Area Map Convergence Map Site Status iv. Partner Information Portal b. The following components shall be included in this module: a. Email Management c. work This module shall also include the storage for retailer management and information. Pending order c. communication. b. Messaging & Collaboration Module – This module shall provide a rule based workflow engine supporting messaging. d. c. escalation and change management functionality along with audit capabilities. Helpdesk Module – This module shall be linked to the NMS. Work Order Module – This module shall comprise the following components: a. management and escalation to support the tracking of incident reported by NMS and subscribers. Escalation & Notification vii. Knowledgebase Module – This module shall. Workflow.JSR Broadband For All Project Owner’s Requirements for O & M System Requirement a. e. not limiting to. Order History d. FAQ and Solution viii. comprises and stores the following: Confidential 3 . f. Incident History d. Workflow rule management b. Completed Orders e. It shall support a detailed audit trail and historical data which is linked to the knowledgebase module. Project Management b. Incident Management b. Partner Management Module – This module shall provide Repository for Partners and Contractors’ containing information of the type of relationship and Scope of work. NMS Integration c. Workflow and the CIS module to support incident ticketing. The components shall be the following: a.

Custom Reports c. Preset Reports b. Security xii. The components shall be as follows: a. ix. Interface Module – This module shall provide interface to other system related to this project. Settlement iv. c) Implementation Strategy The Implementation Strategy is the vital element to ensure the successful execution of this project. Creating User Profile b. Billing Module – This module shall provide the functionality of managing all aspects of billing from the subscribers perspective to contractors and partners tightly integrated subscribers’ ctors with the work order module. The Contractor shall explicitly describe the implementation strategy for the ementation development of the O&M application to ensure the basic vital functions shall be available at the shortest possible duration for the immediate launch of this project The project. d. Managing Access Control c. It will have a set of secured reporting access to ensure that adequate security is maintained with regards to Financial Information Management. Standard Dashboard x. b. SOP Forum Document Repository Advanced Search Capabilities Manufacturer’s Trou ubleshooting Reporting & Dashboard Module – This module shall provide the interface for building myriad of reports to support all areas of the operational aspects from all modules within this framework. a. Secured Customer Access for Bill Viewing v. e. Charging ii. User Profile Module – This module shall include the following capabilities: a. Confidential 4 . Billing management shall include i. c. The report can be saved and generated on a schedule basis. It also flexible enough to generate an ad ad-hoc reporting based on a pre-defined set of pre rules. Outstanding Bill xi. Managing Group Policy d. Invoicing iii.JSR Broadband For All Project Owner’s Requirements for O & M System Requirement a.

the Contractor is required to establish the detail project time line.JSR Broadband For All Project Owner’s Requirements for O & M System Requirement proposal shall cover every aspect of the development cycle including contingency plan and promoting plan to ensure smooth execution of the whole development cycle. Risk management The Contractor shall identify and anticipate all potential risks potential that will occur s during project implementation. rescheduling. monitoring and updating of the project progress. non corrective and preventive action. reworks and any other significant activities related to the esting. The Contractor shall provide risk assessment/analysis assessment plans to manage. Projected timeline To ensure proper control. The Contractor shall continuously keep the time line updated from time to time for comparison of planned activities against actual physical implementation implementation. The project quality all plan shall cover all aspect of quality assurance and quality control for work in progress. This shall cover the planning. design development. control and reduce the impact of each risk towards project master . all activities and resources scheduled during the project implementation. Project management The Contractor shall establish the project management methodology for the ethodology implementation of the project. testing. The project quality plan shall also include handling of non-conformance. non-conformity and ad conformity ad-hoc decision and/or instruction occurs during project implementation. monitoring and control of nning. project. d) Quality Management Plan The Contractor shall provide a project quality plan for this project. schedule. The project quality plan must be submitted to the project owner for approval prior to commencement of the development work. d e) Product Standard & Certification Confidential 5 . Change management The Contractor shall establish the procedure to manage any deviation.

workmanship and product return. h) Testing and Commissioning plan ommissioning The Contractor shall submit all testing schedule and procedures for approval prior to commencement of development based on SDLC. The training plan shall include commitment to provide training to RESB and JSR team before the physical installation of the works take place. The testing and commissioning plan SDLC. All stages of the development shall be documented and updated regularly based on approved proposed standards. All HCI for the application shall be Web based adhering to the Open System Architecture Standards. g) Training The Contractor shall provide technical training related to this project such as product knowledge. i) Warranty Management The Contractor shall provide warranty for the total system after the final handover. training schedule and training location shall be included in the proposal. The Contractor shall outline extensiveness of the warranty including (but not limited to) the period of warranty. duration of claim. shall include detail description of all testing required to be conducted after every phase of the development. configuration and testing of the all related application systems and equipment which will installed for the purpose of this project. installation. method to claim against the warranty. application assigned to work in this project must be fluent to communicate and write in English and must be well versed with Telecommunications related applications. project The training syllabus. The Contractor shall list all COTS Software to be included in the final application and shall be initially approved by the owner. f) Manpower The Contractor shall provide qualified and sufficient administrative. The Contractor must submit training plan together with this proposal. inclusion items of the warranty. The personnel design. successful trials. All testing reports must be presented to the project owner after completion of each test. Confidential 6 . management and technical personnel to design manage and develop the application.JSR Broadband For All Project Owner’s Requirements for O & M System Requirement The Contractor shall submit all methodologies used in the development of the application. The application develop shall comply with ISO-12207 Standa developed tandards. which is immediately after signing of the agreement.

Prepared by : Project Management Office of Realm Energy Sdn. thout The Contractor shall elaborate support services offered during and after warranty period and which includes (but not limited to) after sales support. equipment replacement. pgrading Any upgrading of the software and hardware required within the warranty period shall be done at no additional cost to Project Owner. etc. replacement upgrading of hardware and software.JSR Broadband For All Project Owner’s Requirements for O & M System Requirement The Contractor shall also provide defect liability period of at least 24 months for the workmanship and performance of the total related system. Bhd. testing and commissioning for each module must be signed off during the hand over. have a walk through with Project Owner and/or its appointed Project Management Consultants to officially hand over the module. Warranty of the total system shall commence after the final handover. the Contractor shall undertake to perform the rectification work without incurring any additional cost to the Project Owner. j) Support services The Contractor shall propose the support services and maintenance plan that will be implemented during the warranty period. k) Hand-over Upon completion of testing and commissioning of each module. a final testing and commissioning of the total system shall be done with final walk through before the final handover. Should there be failure of the system or equipment during the warranty period. All relevant documents pertaining to the installation. the Contractor shall . Updated: 20/07/11 Confidential 7 . On completion of the total application system.

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