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Corporate Action – Stock Swap Basic data Security Class: 71 No.

of shares held: 1,000 Acquisition Value: INR 75,000.00

Stock purchased on 01.02.2012, Position Value date, Calculation date, Payment date: 01.02.2012


2012 Check Security. Include planned data check boxes and click execute Double Click on 1st line .Now we will see the position list (TPM12) Security Class: 71 Co.02. No zero positions. Code: 9101 Key Date 29.

Class: 72 ( 71 is HDFC Stock) Click Basic data tab .. That is for every 4 existing shares 1 another share is issued.Due to a takeover or merger.000 also being transferred to the other stock as its book value. Hence existing stock vanishes and 250 shares in another stock will be issued with the book value of the existing stock of INR 75. the existing stock is replaced by another stock in the ratio of 4:1. Create the Security Class for the other stock Other Stock belongs to XYZ Ltd.

Save Create Corporate Action for Stock Swap (FWK0) Click .

Click .

2012.02. If you take any other date for fixing the transaction. .02.So TPM 18 has to be run on 15. it will show error.2012 both securities 71 and 72 have status “Scheduled” . On 15.Post the Corporate Action (FWKB) Click on Click on IMP.

Do the production run Click on Click on Back .

The transfer of book values are scheduled which needs to be fixed using Transaction code TPM18. The Corporate Action does not transfer the book values but only the quantity information. Execute TPM 12 Update Execute Back to main menu and cheek Click Execute .Display the position list after posting the stock swap.

Double click on 1st line of the screen “List of position values for key date 29. .Double click on 2nd line.2012”.02.

Uncheck Execute Now we have examined the position from various angles. (TPM18) Fix the transaction on 15.V. Do production run Click on . Then production run.Important) Class: 71 Execute Test Run.2012 (TRL date) (V. Fix the Derived business transaction for transfer of book value.Back to the main menu.02.

Details for Valuation Area 001 Click on FI Reference number .

2012 Unit and value both transferred to class 72.02. . Double click 1st line.You can view the details of a transaction in TPM 20 – Posting Journal Display the Position List after Stock Swap and Fixing of Derived Business Transaction TPM 12 Class : 71 & 72 Uncheck : No zero position and Include planned data Date : 29.

Back Double Click on 2nd line. End Prepared by rajkm10 .