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Adobe-Photoshop for photographers

Adobe-Photoshop for photographers

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Published by Taylor Cubbie
tutorials for photographers on photoshop
tutorials for photographers on photoshop

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Published by: Taylor Cubbie on Jan 19, 2013
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I won’t dwell on how I made the actual selections and turned them
into channels to be used later. Figure 5.11 shows the Channels
panel and the variety of channels created prior to starting the
snapshot painting. Obviously, I needed an area to fill into, and
that’s what the Globe paste channel provided. I also would need to
treat the highlights and the shadows of the hands image differently.
The Globe paste channel was made by combining the Hands
Outline channel with a circular marquee selection. The Hands
Highlights and Hands Shadows were made using Color Range
selections on the hands layer. The Finger Details selection was
made using the pen tool and drawing around the fingers and
then inverting the resulting channel after turning the path into a

Snapshot painting is fundamentally different from layers in
that you don’t use a layer mask, you use a selection to constrain
where the snapshot painting is blended. So preparing the selections
accurately before you start the blending is critical. On the other
hand, you do have infinite flexibility when snapshot painting in that
you can always return to where you started by simply using the
prepared snapshots. But clearly defining where the fill or painting
occurs is the job of really good masks.

Figure 5.11 The above channels were
created using a variety of techniques. The
Globe paste and Hands Outline channels
were made with paths. The Hands Highlights
and Hands Shadows were made using Color
Range. The Finger Details were also made with
paths and then inverted.

Figure 5.12 For this example, I used the Load Selection dialog box. I usually just C
-click directly on the channel icon to load the selection. In this figure, I loaded the
main channel (the Globe paste channel) as a selection. This was the active selection for the
first few snapshot painting steps.

Martin Evening & Jeff Schewe
Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers: The Ultimate Workshop


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