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A Reality-Justice Show

. there is something refreshing in the show for every viewer.ABOUT THE SHOW • The show deals with real life people and offers open hearings of civil disputes and a compassionate yet firm and lawful mediation and arbitration by Dr. • This journey from the despair of dispute to hopeful resolution is laden with the promise of fascinating insights into human behavior and values of our society today. Kiran Bedi. along with promoting a better understanding of our laws and rights. • This is a show for legal awareness.

.SEASONS • Aap Ki Kachehri. • Aap ki Kachehri. Kiran ke Sath. • Aap ki Kachehri. Kiran ke Sath Season 2. Aap ke Dwaar Season 3.

The Pride of India .DR KIRAN BEDI.

• Experience of 35 years in Police. . • Director General of Bureau of Police Research and Development.DR KIRAN BEDI • Former IPS Officer. • Recipient of RAMON MAGSAYSAY AWARD and JAWAHARLAL NEHRU FELLOWSHIP AWARD. • Founder of NGO’s – Navjyoti and India Vision Foundation and got award of SERGE SOITROIFF MEMORIAL AWARD.

• Now-a-days prominent member of ANNA HAZARE team agianst corruptions.ACHIEVEMENTS • Launched a website www.saferindia. • Its commentator was an ACADEMY AWARD WINNER. . HELEN MIRREN. • Judge and Mediator of the AAP KI • Non-fiction film based on her life.

. • Resolves Issues and Disputes. • Awareness towards Indian Citizen Rights.POSITIVE IMPACT • Offers Solution to RealLife Issues of People. • Bring Back Harmony.

• Emphasis in Compromising.POSITIVE IMPACT • Provide with Legal Guidance and Monetry help. • Consultations with Qualified Mediators and Trained Counselors. . • Legal Advice.

Negative Impacts • All reality shows are pre planned • Some people are not satisfied with the verdict. • Unnecessarily exaggerate the issues. • Sometimes the verdict is not justified. . • People come to the reality shows only for the publicity.