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My name is Ţîlea Corina, I’m a 16 years old girl, I live in Moldova, Chişinău with my family which consist from 3 very dear to me people. I have a younger brotherMarius, an impish boy, full of energy , interested in everything that’s new. Even if he is only 9 we use to talk about so many things becouse he likes giving me different questions and as a older sister it’s my responasability to give him the answers, Sure there are always our parents for everything we need. They encourage us in everything we put up for, so I do my best in music and my brother in Takwando. As a family we have a very close relationship full of love and respect. I am in 10th form and I have been studying in the lyceum: „Onisifor Ghibu” since 2003, it is specialized lyceum in arts where the children have the opportunity to choose among :dancing, singing or painting. From the begining I knew what I wanted most to do, and I wanted to sing. From what I remeber I have loved music even in my childhood, I have been singing from the times when I was only a little girl, and till now singing for me is a way to express my feelings. Like Victor Hugo sad :“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”. Music is everything for me. I sing everywhere no matter what time is it… I just sing. I have been playing piano since I was 6 years old. And I continued it when I came in the 1 st Form, also from the 1st form I have been singing in the lyceum Choir. And now I have a Certificate with the average grade- 9.50 for studying music for 9 years. Also I am attending a School of Arts “Valeriu Poleakov” where I continue my music studies, and I am learning classical singing. I have taken part at many contests, where I have got 1 st and 2nd places. “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”. Now let me tell you about a unique expirience in my life…2 years ago, I was in ARTEK- a international summer camp where I meet a lot of children, from almost 40 countries, it was amazing, talking with them, working together and participating in different contests together with the team. I had been there for 3 weeks, my team combined children form 3 countryies: Moldova, Ukraine and Estonia. Usually we talked in English and Russian. During a week there were organized kind of open air expozitions where every country brought and showed their best traditions, habits and dishes. We were given the opportunity to explore their culture which is unique for every country, to share different things like souvenirs and so on. I made a lot of friends from many countries: Estonia, Ukraine. Egypt, Macedonia, Hungary, Romania, Belarus and Mozambique, and I still keep in touch with them, we talk on skype, facebook, we are still friends also I get on with adults who took care of us and teachers. So being there I learned so many things and I made new friends. In conclusion for me it was a really unique and amazing expirience.

I like working with a team. . you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson. Experiences can mean a world of difference and make a student exceptionally well-rounded. Education means more to me than just what I learn within the walls of a classroom.75. a society and why not a world. and in my opinion it’s more efficient. I still hope to have a chance studying in USA. you will be a successful person.What can I say about school in general. like concerts. Education is about knowledge of different cultures and collaborating with diverse people about topics of all kinds. I want to be able to experience everything and get my education through more than just a book or a lecture. the understanding of a new culture in itself is a learning experience. Through studying abroad. I definitely want to study abroad because I didn't travel too far away. becouse cooperating with others in doing something forms you as a personality. who are you. and perhaps my chance will come. I have participated at many scientific conferences related to Biology and Chemistry. you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you. everyone has equals rights to get a really good Education which is still important because it opens the mind and expands it. charity. The difference between school and life? In school. were everyone encourage one another and I hope to have a chance to do this as an exchange student. I think it will really shape me into being completely independent and learn how to cope in all different types of situations. In my school I have been taking part at the School Senate meetings. I think the education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world so it is very important to have a good education to succeed in reaching your goals. Study abroad I think is truly excellent because it builds our character beyond what we might accept is beyond our capability to do something and try new things. Informatics and Biology. English. In my opinion no matter where are you from. to experience and learn. like language barriers and just small cultural differences as well. As an exchange student I would like to give my whole contribution in organizing social events. th I have always dreamed with studying in United States of America. I like studying I have finished the 9 form with average grade 9. voluntary. Because unlike my Country the educational system is totally different. To have a chance to reach my Goals and become someone someday… “I will study and get ready. My favorite school subjects are : Mathematics. In life. I hope everyone gets the chance to study abroad or travel! I’m going to do my best and I will never give up so I hope everyone gets the chance to study abroad or travel. that one day may be the one to change a school.” Only taking the chances which the life gives you. were we planed a lot of extracurricual events in order to propose to administration.

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