LESSON 1 The verb “to be” (singular) I am Pam Smith. You are Charles Young.

He’s Dan Carter. She’s Ronna Carter. It’s our garden. Contractions I’m You’re He’s She’s It’s name’s Who’s I am You are He is She is It is name is who is

Exercise 2 Example: Your motorbike Where’s your motorbike? 1. your sister 2. Pam 3. our house 4. his motorbike 5. my brother Exercise 3 Example: She/ our garden Look! She’s in our garden. 1. he/ your house 2. your motorbike/ my house 3. Pam/ your garden 4. your brother/ our garden her sister/ our yard Exercise 4 Example: 6 o’clock It’s six o’clock. 1. 7 o’clock 2. 1 o’clock 3. 10 o’clock 4. 3 o’clock 5. 9 o’clock 6. 12 o’ clock 7. 8 o’clock 8. 10 o’clock 9. 4 o’clock 10. 11 o’ clock 11. 2 o’clock 12. 5 o’ clock

Let’s practice! Exercise 1 Example: Your/ Pam - What’s your name? - My name’s Pam. 1. his/ Dave 2. her/ Rosie 3. your/ Charlie

Pam your brother you you and Rosie your parents Exercise 7 Example: London/ in France . her mother/ in Romania 7.Is London in France? . 5.Yes. 4. Peter/ at the office lunch/ ready Bucharest/ England Mr. we/ at the hotel 8. 4.you and your sister/ The verb “to be” (plural) Exercise 6 Example: they/ in Leeds . 3. 1.Exercise 5 Example: your sister . she/ on holiday we/ at the office they/ at home he/ in Romania she/ in London Rosie and Charlie/ in England 7. and Mrs. we/ at our branch in Paris 9. You/ at the first floor 8. Short answers Am I Are you Is she/ he/ it Are we Are you Are they in Italy? 2 .No. they are. Smith/ at home 5. Your brother/ at work 6. 3. 1.Peter and Dan/ at the pub We are You are They are in France. they/ at the bus stop 9. 1.She is fine. it isn’t. 3. 2.How is your sister ? . 2. 6. Mary/ at the meeting 10. thank you. his colleague/ in the hall 10.Are they in Leeds? . 2. 4. 5.

and Mrs. 4. your brother/ in Spain/ on a trip. she/ in Brasov/ in a hospital. cars. 4. 1. 6. Mr. 2. Exercise 10 Example: That/ umbrella (Yes) . her sister/ in Germany/ on holiday 5.It’s a camera. 1. that/ bike this/ motorbike those/ parcels this/ umbrella these/ pens that/ picture those bones Indefinite article It’s They’re a car. 5.Yes. Donna/ in Bucharest/ at the university.Because she is on holiday. Florescu/ in Italy/ on their honeymoon 3. Umbrellas. 3. 7.Why is she in London? . 6. 6. 5.What’s this? . 4. 1.Is that your umbrella? . they/ in France/ on holiday 2. 2. Contractions We are They are He is not They are not We’re They’re He isn’t They aren’t Exercise 9 Example: this/ camera .Exercise 8 Example: She/ in London . an umbrella. 3. it is. this/ dog (Yes) these/ books (No) that/ brother (Yes) this/ shop (No) those/ sisters ( Yes) this/ camera (No) LESSON 2 Demonstrative pronouns What is are this? that? these? those? 3 .

. Our parents are not here. Carter? 11. uncle Bob’s hat (No) 2. Carter) garage/ that (Charlie) pens/ these ( Rosie) books/ those ( Dave) chair/ (Pam) motorbike/ that (Charlie) Exercise 15 Example: Rosie’s socks (Yes) . 1. my book (Yes) Exercise 16 Example: Your job/ doctor 4 .45 7.Exercise 11 Example: 3:05 It’s five past three. 1. 4. 1. Exercise 13 Example: that (David/ hat) . they’re her socks. 1. It is very noisy here. 5. It is not for you. 9. It’s for you. Smith/ car) 4. Who is that? 14. this (Uncle Bob/ pipe) 6. 12. 6. 12. 4.Are those Rosie’s socks? . that ( Mr. David is not at his desk. 5. umbrella/ this (Mrs. 2.It’s David’s hat.Yes.35 4. She is on holiday. Hey! I am not stupid! 13.40 11. 8. I am at school. 8.15 Exercise 12 Example: It is for you. 8. those (Pam/ shoes) 5. She is on holiday. 5. It is for him. this ( Ann/ cd) 2. and Mrs. 10.25 8. 3. 7. 10.It’s Rosie’s apple. these ( Peter/ records) Exercise 14 Example: apple/ that (Rosie) . Where is my motorbike? 3. They are in Bulgaria. Carter’s car (Yes) 3. 6.55 12. Mr.What’s that? . Rosie’s socks ( No) 4.30 10. They are not my books.50 9.15 3.Whose apple is that? . 1. 2. 9.20 6.10 2. 7. 6. Dave’s cup (Yes) 6. your bag ( No) 5. 4. How is Mrs. 2. 1. 11. these ( Dave/ files) 3. and Mrs.55 5. They are not my books.

light switch/ near/ door/ window Exercise 20 Example: Your hat/ green . David’s shoes/ brown Definite article Where It’s They’re is are on the key? the keys? the desk. your books/ table (No) 5. 2. his job/ farmer their job/ teacher our job/ receptionists your job/ mechanic his job/ vet her job/ secretary their job/ doctors 1. the chair. car parks 6. cinema/ behind/ supermarket/ garage 2. 5. umbrella/ in/ house/ garden 6.. 2. Carter’s socks/ yellow and pink 5. Arthur/ garden (yes) 2. 1. the floor. records/ under/ books/ shop. shops 3. supermarket 2.What’s your job? . Mrs. 6. Carter’s/ blue Charlie’s hat/ red Mr. beach 4. 4. she isn’t.What color’s your hat? .I’m a doctor. Uncle Bob’s pipe/ brown Mr. where’s the cinema. 5 . keys/ floor (No) Exercise 19 Example: Tickets/ on/ chair/ floor The tickets aren’t on the chair.Excuse me. Exercise 17 Example: cinema .It’s green. 4. Miss Smart’s dress/ black 6. 1. Carter/ home (Yes) 6. 5.Is Rosie at school? . 1.No. They are on the floor. Mike and Jen/ in front of / shop/ bank 4. gardens Exercise 18 Example: Rosie/ school (No) . please? 1. Park Street 5. 3. and Mrs. 7. keys/ in basket/ bag 3. 3. Mike and Jenny/ supermarket (Yes) 3. Uncle Bob/ shop (Yes) 4.

3. 899 6410 Exercise 25 Example: This/ your shop/ Yes . you/ Mary/ receptionist 5. 871 9054 4. Exercise 24 Example: the dinner/ nice/ No .Whose desk is this? . Italy/ nice/ Yes The beach/ dirty/ Yes Dave’s shoes/ blue/ no Jenny’s car/ red/ Yes the keys/ in your pocket/ No the cinema/ near the supermarket/ Yes Exercise 22 Example: 567 9840 Hello. and Mrs. these/ his parcels/ Yes 2. 4. 2.his shop. 5. 2. five six seven.No. this/ your sister/ Yes 3. and Mrs.Who are you? . Mr. Are …. 6. 4. they/ Bill and Peter/ mechanics 3. she/ Mrs.I’m Mike..It’s Ann’s desk.the beach. 6. she/ Mrs. Miss Smart’s …. Brown/ secretary 2. 1. 1. They/ Mike and John/ engineers 3. Pam’s ……home. 333 7965 3. he/ Jack/ farmer 4.. it isn’t.Yes. 1.Is the dinner nice? .Is this your shop? .holiday. this/ my ticket/ Yes Exercise 26 Example: Desk/ Ann . those/ her parents/ No 4.Italy. Green/ doctor 6. Exercise 23 Complete the sentences with prepositions. Mr. Mike’s …front …the supermarket. 688 4237 2. that/ our camera/ Yes 5. Black are ……. it is. 6 . those/ their friends/ No 6. 5. 1.LET’S REVIEW Exercise 21 Example: You/ Mike/ teacher . Uncle’s Bob …. night eight four “0” 1. 506 2232 5. I’m a teacher.

are …. and Mrs.” 4. Keys are these? ” “ They’re my keys ”. strong boys 5. ” Exercise 28 Complete the sentences with “keys. difficult exercise 4. files/ Dave hat/ Peter house/ Mr. “…. Our …’s …… the car park. Carter ? ” “ He’s my father. “…Jenny ?” “She’s Mike’s wife. where. 4. “ ‘s Mike Carter ?” “ He’s my brother. 5. 4. pen” and a preposition. 3.” 3. 1. Her …. who” or “why”. “… ‘s your dog? ” “ He’s fine. “… ‘s the weather like in Italy ?” Exercise 30 Example: small dog Good heavens! What a small dog! 1.” 8. books. “ isn’t he here ? ” “ Because he’s at school. 3. aren’t I? aren’t you? isn’t she? isn’t he? isn’t it? aren’t we? aren’t 7 Exercise 29 Complete the sentences with “what. nice garden 6. ” 5. “….are those ? ” “ They’re Arthur’s bones. “ … time is it. tickets. are … my pocket. bag is this? ” “ It’ s Mrs.” 2. My … ‘s ….1. the table. 5. “ …. 1. “… ‘s London ?” “it’s in England.” 2. hot day Question . big car park 2. please ? ” 6.” 7. 6. how.” 3. Mr. .Dave ?” “He’s my brother .tags I’m You’re She’s He’s It’s We’re You’re English. The …. “ ….” 6. her bag. 2. 4. Smith tickets/ Miss Downs cup/ uncle Bob basket/ Jenny Exercise 27 Complete the sentences with “whose” or “ who’s”: 1. car. 2. heavy chairs 3. thank you. Their … are … the floor. “ …are my socks ? ” “ They’re under the chair. “….” 5. “… car is that ? ” “ It’s Mike’s car. Carter’s bag.

she isn’t. is she ? . 5. 6. 2. their camera/ expensive 2. 7. 4. Ann’s records/ good his flat/ small the shop over there/ cheap the exercise/ easy your desk/ heavy Uncle Bob’s dog / friendly Adjectives It’s a They’re difficult exercise. PRESENT CONTINUOUS Exercise 31 Example: his car/ big .Is Dave’s camera good? . Carter/ happy The beach/ nice Exercise 33 Example: Dave’s camera/ good . my brother/ brown 5. Arthur’s tongue/ dirty 4. his records/ good Pam/ well the headmaster/ friendly the boots/ cheap Mrs. Mike Carter/ strong 6. 4. isn’t it? . it’s a very good camera. the weather/ sunny Exercise 32 Example: Rosie/ quiet .Yes. exercises.They’re I’m not You aren’t She isn’t He isn’t It isn’t We aren’t You aren’t They aren’t you? aren’t they? am I ? are you ? English is she ? is he ? is it ? are we ? are you ? are they ? 1. it is. my teeth/ dirty 3. 3. 8 . 1.Oh dear! Rosie isn’t very quiet. 3. 6. 1. am I are you is he are we are you are they What doing ? I’m You’re He’s We’re You’re They’re reading. 5.Look at his car! It’s very big.Yes. 2.No.

He is reading. I’m not. Exercise 34 Example: you/ read a book . Carter) 5. 1. you are. Mike and Jenny/ walk along the street (Tim and Tony) 4. I am reading.Is Mr.I’m reading a book? 1. teachers/ all carry pink and white umbrellas 4. 2. he isn’t. Dave/ look out of the window (Rosie) No. He’s reading. they are. she is. policeman/ stand in our garden 9 . we aren’t. you aren’t. Charlie/ stand in front of the supermarket (Dave and Pam) 2. They are reading. boy/ sit on my motorbike 3. Mr. you aren’t.Mr. 1. Exercise 35 Example: Mr. Miss Smart/ have dinner (Mr. you and Pam/ do our tasks 6. Carter going to the cinema. Carter/ do the housework (Mike) 6. he is. woman/ wear my red trousers 2. .What are you doing? .Yes. you are. Carter/ watch television 5. Carter/ go to the cinema (Mrs. those people/ look at the sea Exercise 36 Example: man/ jump out of the window Look at the man! He’s jumping out of the window. They’re reading. we are. and Mrs. too? . and Mrs. 3. I am.Am I Are you Is he Are we Are you Are they reading ? Yes. CONTRACTIONS I’m reading. Carter’s going to the cinema. Uncle Bob/ sit on the beach (Arthur) 3. they aren’t. she/ send a report he/ check the sales they/ work on the same file Mr. Carter) . 4.

listen/ that noise 2. look/ all those people 4. Ask Mr. Hardy. 5. the headmaster Exercise 37 Example: cold/ you/ coat It’s cold. windy/ he/ pullover 2. What’s she listening to? She’s waiting. listen/ the doctor 6. Who’s she talking to? She’s listening.I am looking at it! 1. raining/ you/ raincoat 4. wait/ us 5. boys/ watch Mr. Why aren’t you wearing a coat? 1. Carter (Rosie) 3.5. her. you. Pull the rope! (Uncle Bob) 10 . wait/ me 3. What’s she looking at ? OBJECT PRONOUNS talking to listening to waiting for looking at me. hot/ he/ hat raining/ they/ boots VERB + PREPOSITION She’s talking. and Mrs. What’s she waiting for? She’s looking. cold/ they/ scarves 5. Talk to Pam! (Charlie) 2. them Exercise 38 Example: you/ wait/ your friend (Yes) . what/ look who/ wait what/ listen who/ look who/ talk She’s Exercise 39 Example: Eat your dinner! (Arthur) Arthur’s eating it. look/ that pretty woman Exercise 38 Example: what/ wait Hurry up! What are you waiting for ? 1. you.Hey. it us. Dave! Look at that car! . 1. him. sunny/ she/ sunglasses 3. 2. people/ all go into our classroom 6. 3. 4.

Is he at the office today ? . “Where are my socks ?” “ They’re …. and Mrs. along. at. you and Dave/ ready (No) 8. Be careful! The boss is …. big cow small apples pretty air. Carter) Exercise 40 Example: Pam/ brother/ Dave Hello. bones/ those Arthur 3. You. Carter Exercise 41 Example: he/ at the office today .Yes. Carter’s pen. Hey! You are standing …. 4.up! (Mike) 6.It’s Mr. Exercise 44 Example: pen/ this/ Mr.Whose pen is this? . Uncle Bob’s going … his shop. 4. It/ cold/ today (No) 2. Do the washing. the cinema. Carter . Tim/ teacher/ Mr. It/ three o’clock (Yes) 9. He’s standing …. 2.my foot. 2. Dave/ friend/ Charlie Mr. Mike Carter/ a sports teacher/ (Yes) 4. in front of. the bed. Stand behind Jenny! ( Mrs. my name’s Pam. Go with Dave! (Rosie) 5. they/ at the airport (Yes) 3. 8. This is my brother. Oh dear! My keys aren’t ….4. out. 5. that/ our plane to Paris (No) 7. Dave. 1. my pocket. basket/ this/ Jenny 11 . isn’t it? 1. 4. 5.” 6. 1. of behind. Carter 5. Mike and Jenny/ on holiday (No) 10. There’s Charlie. on. 3. 9.. he is. she/ your sister (Yes) 6. Ann and Mary 6.Pam/ on the beach (Yes) Exercise 42 Example: small boy What a small boy! Look at him! 1. today the boat! 2. Park Street with her friend. 7. under” 1. Ann’s walking …. Carter/ wife/ Marion Charlie/ uncle Mr. Smith Ann/ parents/ Mr. 3. into.umbrella/ that/ Miss Smart 2. he/ at Tim’s house (No) 5.hostess strong policeman friendly politicians Exercise 43 Complete the sentences with “in. Dave/ sisters. Look at Arthur! He’s jumping … 3. Why isn’t Dave ….

Exercise 46 Example: Her coat isn’t white. to do (2). 2. 2. Jenny’s looking … the time. to carry. It isn’t hot today. They’re …… 3. Where’s Mrs. And here is Ann. 5. 9. That house isn’t big. Where’s Mike? 12 . He’s ….. Mike. home/ come/ bone 3.Pronunciation One word is different. to play. 1.Jenny’s … the beach. 4. heavy/ cheap/ beach Exercise 49 Complete the passage with prepositions. It’s black. A. This exercise isn’t difficult. But Mr. and she’s waiting for me. to stand. Nick Carter’s at school. B: …. She’s … along the street with Mike. A man’s talking … his wife. The shopping. But she isn’t listening …. A: I’m fine. It’s half ….. to watch. to make. parcel/ that/ Uncle Bob Exercise 45 Complete the passage with “to work. Exercise 48. here/ there/ where 4. It’s cold now.all the people near her. B: …… A: I’m going to the shops …. It’s…. He’s … two big bones into the garden. Can you find it ? 1. in the supermarket. B: Hello..with me! A: Sorry! My mother’s over there. Charlie’s … his garage. A small boy’s watching two dogs … the sea. He is under a red car and he’s very dirty! Uncle Bob’s at the door of his shop. rain/ wait/ chair 5. 8. 7. football with the boys in his class. 3. to walk ” It’s Tuesday afternoon. to come. What’s everyone …? Well. 1. there she is. Those shoes aren’t expensive. socks/ these/ Dave 5. ……. and everyone’s going home. good/ look/ boat 2.She’s looking ….him because she’s reading a magazine. Hardy’s … because they’re …a noise. Carter? Oh. five. It’s …… Exercise 47 Complete the dialogue: A: ………. thank you.She’s waiting …. She’s …. B: …… A: To the cinema! That’s nice. It’s …… 4.. 6.4.

Exercise 50 Make the questions Example: Jenny’s on the beach.. 2. Your football boots are in the kitchen. It’s sunny but it’s very windy. are you? 13 . Exercise 52 Contractions Aunt Annie is fat! Aunt Annie’s fat! 1. I am waiting for my friend. 5. Dave. 5. They’re going to the station. 10. You are not talking. 7. That’s my brother Tim. They are not going with him.up because he’s watching television.. He is getting out of the balloon. Where’s Jenny? 1. 3. 9. You aren’t getting out ….up….tags. Miss Smart’s car’s green. 6. He isn’t listening to us …. 5. 4.It’s Charlie’s motorbike. We are listening to the announcement. It is making him ill. 2. 2. Mr. Dave isn’t doing the washing. 6. What are these words? Example: ARC = CAR GBA ATOB UTB LAL NAD DWINY YODAT ROTOKEBIM STERE TOBO Exercise 51 Complete the sentences with question.. We’re going very fast …. Jenny and Mike are going home ……. 1.. 3. 6. It’s half past eight. My name’s Tony. He isn’t very well today. I’m not coming ………. 8. Carter is doing the washing. 4.. 3. 4.

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