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NBP internship report

NBP internship report

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Internship report on NBP
Internship report on NBP

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Published by: Adil Aseer on Jan 19, 2013
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5.1.1 Introduction 5.1.2 Background of study 5.1.3 Purpose of the study VISION 5.2.1 Mission Statement 5.2.2 Nature of the Organization 5.2.3 Business Volume and Rewards 5.2.4 Products of NBP 5.2.5 PEST ANALYSIS 5.2.6 Contribution of organization toward economic development 5.3 ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE 5.3.1 Organizational chart of NBP 5.3.2 Number of the employees 5.3.3 Main offices 5.3.4 Department of NBP 1. Cash department 2. Account Opening Department 3. Clearing House Department 4. Advances Department 5. Remittance Department 6. pension and disbursement department 7. Deposits Department
8. Accounts Department

Ishtiaq Munawar (08020920-042)


2 Weaknesses 6.4.4 Detail description of the department in which work Introduction Weekly time table 5.4.1 Brief introduction of the branch Opportunities 6.1 Strength 6.4 Internee work 5.2 general observations about the sector 6.4 Threats 7.3 Swot analysis 6. References Ishtiaq Munawar (08020920-042) FMAS .4.7 Internee learning summary Recommendation with their feasibility 8.3. Recommendation and Suggestions 7.6 Detail description of the tasks assigned 5.5 Comments on the organization structure 5.1 Conclusion 6.2 Introduction of supervisor 5.4.

Ishtiaq Munawar (08020920-042) FMAS .

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