January 20, 2013

True Vine Baptist Church Worship Service Sermon Notes Text: I Chronicles 29:10-20 Title: My Kind of Heart The Bible mentions different kinds of hearts, evil heart, greedy heart, proud, selfish, joyful hearts Heart mentioned 830x in the KJB Heart ( Gk. Kardia) refers to the emotion and will of the mortal being of man Matt. 12:34-35 I. A Praising Heart – v. 11 "blessed" Heb. Barak. - to bless God as an act of adoration or praise "Praise" Latin 'pretium’ price value or worth A. Praise Individually David in the of Psalms - mentions "I will Praise thee" B. Collectively - Ps.22:21, 34:3 David recognized the following: A. God's greatness - mighty acts, Ps. 96:4 Ps. 99:2, 135:5 B. God's power - force, strength, Ps.47:5 C. God's glory - great honor, Ps. 104:1 D. God's Victory - splendor E. God's Majesty – grandeur, Ps. 104:1-5 F. God's ownership - all that is in me and even on the earth are thine G. God's supremacy - exalted above all v.12 II. A Thanking Heart - v.13

THANK - to show or express appreciation or gratitude David- I Chron. 16:7-9, Ps. 30:12, 92:1-2, 16:1 Paul - Eph. 5:20, "always", "all things" Paul - I Thess. 5:18 - "in everything GIVE THANKS" II Cor. 11:23-28 Labours -more abundant, stripes - above measures, prisons- more frequent, deaths – often, stripes - whipping 5x beaten with rods - three times, stoned - one time, shipwreck 3 times, perils of robbers, perils of country men, perils in the wilderness, perils in the sea, watching and sleeplessness, hungers and thirst – often, cold and nakedness – often, cares and troubles of the churches – daily Thankfulness is the state of the Heart III. A willing Heart - v. 14,17 Willing - Nadab- to impel, to volunteer, to present spontaneously David realized something in giving for the Lord All Things are owned by God and all things come of thee B. We are but stewards thine own have given thee C. We have but a short time "our days, are as a shadow none abiding

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