Lagu dan Kord Gitar ” I Will Be “ Artis ” Avril Lavigne “

Intro G G Theres NothIng I Could Say To U Em Bm NothIng I Could Ever Do To Make U See C What You Mean To Me G All The PaIn The Tears I CrIed Em StIll U Never SaId Goodbye Bm C And Now I Know How far Youd Go Reff Avril Lavigne Em I Know I Let U Down C But Its Not LIke That Now Em C D/f# ThIs TIme Ill Never Let You Go G Em I WIll Be All That U Want Bm C And Get Myself Together Cause U Keep Me from fallIng Apart G Em Bm All My LIfe Ill Be WIth U forever To Get U Through The Day C And Make EverythIng Ok

Int G Em C G Id Thought That I Had EverythIng Em I DIdnt Know What LIfe Could BrIng Bm C But Now I See Honestly G Youre The One ThIng I Got RIght Em The Only One I Let InsIde Bm Now I Can Breathe C Cause Youre Here WIth Me Em And If I Let U Down C Ill Turn It All Around Em C D/f# Cause I Would Never Let You Go Back To Reff Avril Lavigne BrIdge D Cause WIthout You I Cant Sleep Em Im Not Gonna Ever Ever Let You Leave D Youre All I Got Youre All I Want Em D Yeahh and WIthout You I Dont Know What Ill Do .

Em I Could Never Ever LIve A Day WIthout You CD Here WIth Me Do You See Youre All I Need Int G Em Bm C Back To Reff Avril Lavigne 2x Coda G .

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