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born on November 14.showed a talent for caricature during his teenage years -. 1840 in Paris Monet -.met the landscape painter Eugène Boudin. who encouraged him to take up Plein-air painting which later became central to the working methods of Monet and the other Impressionist painters 1/20/13 .Claude Oscar -.leader of the Impressionist movement in France -.

and Alfred Sisley Together they shared new approaches to art.. 1/20/13 .... Frédéric Bazille.. Monet became a student of Charles Gleyre in Paris where he met Pierre-Auguste Renoir.... painting the effects of light in plein air with broken color and rapid brushstrokes.... in what later came to be known as Impressioni sm.

1/20/13 .In the late 1860s Monet and Renoir worked together at La Grenouillère. In La Grenouillère. a popular place for boating and bathing on the Seine. Monet used small strokes of pure colour—the hallmark of Impressionism—to convey form and atmosphere.

The first was held in Paris in 1874: it was one of Monet’s exhibited works. Sunrise that led critics to coin the derisive term “Impressionists” for 1/20/13 the group. which had been rejected by the artistic establishment. Pissarro. Sisley. The group formulated the idea of holding independent exhibitions of their work. near Paris. Impression. such as Renoir. The town became the centre of impressionist painting as other avant-garde artists. . were invited there by Monet.In the 1870s Monet settled in Argenteuil. and Manet.

Throughout this period Monet continued his study of the changing effect of light on nature. using ever smaller and more varied strokes of contrasting warm and cool pastel colours. The increasing refinement of his technique is illustrated in his depictions of the Gare Saint-Lazare in Paris. 1/20/13 .

His abiding preoccupation and principal subject matter from the late 1890s onward was the garden at Giverny.In 1883 Monet had moved to a rented house in Giverny. . which was to be his home until the end of his life. 1/20/13 A series of paintings of the water lily pond (the Nymphéas) were painted in the outdoor studio that Monet created: a number of easels were set up around the pond so that he could view it from different positions—the culmination of his dedication to plein-air painting. near Paris.

1/20/13 .

They married just before the war (June 28. They married after Alice’s estranged husband died. 1870) and they had moved into a house in Argenteuil near the Seine River in December They had a second son. At the age of thirty-two. Michel.Monet’s 1st love interest was Camille Doncieux. Monet painted her born in 1867). (Jean was Monet died on 5 September 1879 She became ill in 1876.. 1/20/13 . Monet married another woman: Alice Hoschedé. Before Monet and Camille got married. 1878. on March 17. This second child of tuberculosis. on her death bed. they already had a child named Jean. Madame 1871. weakened her already fading health. After 13 years.

thus about fifty people attended the ceremony.Had cataract and became nearly blind but underwent an eye operation. Monet died of lung cancer on December 5. 1926 at the age of 86 Monet had insisted that the occasion be simple. He is buried in the Giverny 1/20/13 .

Impressio 1/20/13 His Work: .

titled his hostile review of the show in Le Charivari newspaper. inspired by the painting's name. there had to be some impression in it … and what freedom. “ 1/20/13 . I was just telling myself that.Impression: Sunrise By Claude Monet. since I was impressed. “ Impression — I was certain of it. what ease of workmanship! Wallpaper in its embryonic state is more finished than that seascape. 1872 Oil on canvas 48 x 63 cm Musee MarmottanMonet. "The Exhibition of the Impressionists". Paris Critic Louis Leroy. thus inadvertently naming the new art movement.

a condition which suggests high humidity and atmospheric attenuation of light. Digitally desaturated version of the painting--note how the Sun and its reflection on the water are virtually invisible here. Monet painted the sun as having almost exactly the same luminance as that of the sky.The painting was stolen from the Musée Marmottan-Monet in 1985 and recovered in 1990. Since 1991 it has been back on display in the museum. 1/20/13 .

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