Crochet Flowers

September 6, 2012 · 36 Comments I love crochet flowers!

These crochet flowers are super simple to make! I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice yarn and a crochet hook H.

I hope you can understand the instructions. I would love your feedback or any suggestions on wording for the pattern.

chain 4. sc in each ch 1 loop. dc. slip stitch in first sc. pull tight. . slip st in first sc 2nd round . repeat from * 6 more times. work sc. Join with slip st in 3rd chain of first ch 4.Crochet Flower Pattern Crochet Abbreviations: ch = chain sc = single crochet dc = double crochet trc = treble (triple) crochet How to crochet a flower Make magic ring (this is a great photo tutorial on making a magic ring) 1st round 15 sc in magic ring. trc. 3rd round – join new color to first chain loop with a slip stitch. Tie off color. ch 1. dc. making eight petals. *skip 1 sc. dc in next sc.

4th round – Working behind. fasten off. dc. dc. sc in each chain 4 space around. dc. (8 petals) slip stitch in first sc 6th round . (8 chain 4 spaces) 7th round – sc. slip stitch in first sc.. headbands…….Working from behind sc ch 4 in each sc on 4th row. dc. sc ch 4 around each dc in 2nd round. TaDah! Finished In no time at all you you can crochet a garden! These flowers are great on scarves. pins. 3 trc. in each chain 4 space around. slip stitch in first sc (8 chain 4 spaces) 5th round – sc. 2trc. hats. ending with chain 4. . (8 petals) slip stitch in first sc.

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