Words Left Unspoken

by: Nathan Koo (chakoo@uiuc.edu)

Wind your clock back to the hour and watch the time behind you cower As you stumble drunk into a picture that never was real. The angels help you climb the fence with plastic smiles like Lisa's face Whispering of the greener place that you reach to feel. Your caress falls on fingers numb and cold reality slaps you dumb. Your heart wakes up hung over you, too confused to cry. The image lingers on the wall, your eyes stay fixed against your will. You need someone to shake the chill, like a catcher in the rye. The elevator slams and you hold your breath while nodding a polite smile to Death Who gets off on the second floor, sighing in relief. The cold air's waves rush along your skin and your breath causes the world to spin Unto the discovery of the atrocious sin committed like a thief. Everything was better then and everything was worse again. You leave out the shattered parts and leave out the pain. She told you of her grand old plans, the cities, the lights that she'd attend. The new life which would depend on breaking from your chain. You cried and smiled and cried some more as you led her to the open door Thinking of her happiness and the first time that you'd met. Afraid to say another word, you let her go into the world. Now on the grass your soul lies curled, left only with regret.