Why Theology is a Scientific Discipline By Anthony Blackstone, B.A., Phd., Coif Perpetual (C)Copyright and (P)Patent by Anthony J.

Fejfar, and Neothomism, P.C. (PA) and The American People and The People of God and The People There are at least 5 Proofs for the Existence of God which are irrefutable. Here are 3 of those Proofs: 1. If the actual God Exists then that God is Good, and since Existence is an Important aspect of The Good, God Exists. 2. Since we can observe with sense experience that there is causation in the material universe, and since for every effect there is a cause, to avoid an infinite regress in a finite material universe, there must be a First Cause, Uncaused Cause, namely God, who is the Origin of all causation in the finite material universe. Alternatively, if the material universe is infinite, then an infinite series of cause and effect which whose Origin is the Unmoved Movement moved by an Unmoved Mover must be operating, namely God. Given that the Proofs for God’s Existence or some Higher Being like God are based upon sense experience and logic, and are irrefutable, then it is logical to develop an academic discipline to study the Nature of God or The Higher Being, and the Laws and any System which are associated with this God or Higher Being, and that academic discipline is known as Theology, where “Theology” is defined as philosophy seeking an understanding of God and the Law any System associated with God. Thus, it is clear that Theology, as defined above, can be taught at any college or university, or even High School that receives state or federal funding.

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