IRS Charitable Contribution For Hosting Exchange Student Expenses Paid for Student Living With You You

may be able to deduct some expenses of having a student live with you. You can deduct qualifying expenses for a foreign or American student who: 1. Lives in your home under a written agreement between you and a qualified organization (defined later) as part of a program of the organization to provide educational opportunities for the student, 2. Is not your relative (defined later) or dependent, and 3. Is a full-time student in the twelfth or any lower grade at a school in the United States. You can deduct up to $50 a month for each full calendar month the student lives with you. Any month when conditions (1) through (3) above are met for 15 or more days counts as a full month. Qualified organization. For these purposes, a qualified organization can be any of the organizations described earlier under Organizations That Qualify To Receive Deductible Contributions, except those in (4) and (5). For example, if you are providing a home for a student through a state or local government agency, you cannot deduct your expenses as charitable contributions.


Income Tax Deductions of a Charitable Contribution for Maintenance of an International Exchange Student Sponsored by the Center for Cultural Interchange

Host Name and Address

IRS Regulation 1.170 A-2, enacted December, 1969, permits families maintaining an exchange student as a member of their household to consider $50 per month as a charitable contribution for income tax purposes. This will certify that the above named family, by written agreement with the Center for Cultural Interchange had as member of their household an international exchange student.

Student Name Country of Origin Program Dates Host Signature

Report your charitable contributions on Schedule A of Form 1040. For information about "Reporting expenses for student living with you" see IRS Publication 526 or
Sponsoring Organization: Center for Cultural Interchange 17 N. Second Avenue St. Charles, Illinois 60174

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