Basic phrases for communication in English

*Greetings* o Hi! / Hello! / What’s up? o How are you? - I’m fine / great / good / OK / fantastic / etc… - Not bad! o Good Morning / Afternoon / Evening / Night ! o Bye! / Bye bye! / Good bye! o See you! / See you later! / next class! / on Monday / on Wednesday o Have a good nice great day! night! week!

o Can you … help me? repeat ? speak slowly? *Asking about words* o What’s the meaning of ____? o How do you say _____ in English? o How do you pronounce ____? o How do you spell _____? / How do you spell it? *Asking for permission* o Can I speak read do the exercise go o Can I pick the call? now?

fantastic weekend! test! *Being Polite* o Thank you! / Thank you very much! o Thanks! / Thanks a lot! - You’re welcome! - No problem! - It’s Ok! o Sorry! / I’m sorry! o Excuse me o Please

get o Can I

phone have some water?

drink get o Can I go to the toilet / restroom / bathroom?

Note: CAN >> Informal use *Asking for help* o I don’t understand!
Robson Martins de Araujo Junior

MAY >> Formal use

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