Deisy Enriquez

The Leader

(832) 335-9377

Intern Contributed to the annual ‘Guide’ published for residents in the Greater Heights area of Houston Talked to sources for story ideas

August-November 2012


July 2012

Intern Researched information for website database

Houston Chronicle

January-May 2012

Online intern Aggregated, wrote, and published news stories for various blogs on Created galleries for the website Worked with the copy desk to edit stories, write cutlines and headlines Read proofs, corrected any errors before sending to print

The Daily Cougar

September-December 2011

Contributing writer Wrote articles and newslines for the University of Houston’s daily newspaper Kept up with events from the assigned beat, the law and business schools, came up with story ideas to pitch and write

Preis & Roy

File clerk Filed, copied and organzied legal documents

June 2011-present


August 2007-June 2010

Data entry/office assistant Processed student orders for customized letter jackets, rings and other accessories

University of Houston
BA in journalism Jack J. Valenti School of Communications


Lonestar College, Cy-Fair


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