"Who is This.''— Matt, xx lo. Introduction. — Well might this question be asked to-day. For the everlasting Son of David ; * the desire of all nations ;' the worker of mighty miracles ; the great prophet ' Jesus of Nazareth,' had gone into the city of Jerusalem to-day. Let us ask this question on this Advent Sunday ; ask with earnest depth of feeling, with the desire to realize this first coming of our Lord, so as to be found worthy at His second coming to judge the quick and the dead. We ask then — I. Who is This? — And He answers (John iii. i6, 17), and the Apostle tells us too (Gal. iv. 4, 5) ; One i) coming from the Almighty Father of all ; 2) One great in His own dignity as His Only-Begotten Son ; 3) One come on a great and glorious embassage of good for (Ps. cvii. 20) ; and so we note He was the world's great Ambassador. II. Where did He come from ? — The highest heaven, descending unto this earth, and giving cause for infinite wonder at this His great condescension. (John vi. 38 ; viii. 32.) Conceive of the change from glory to humility. (Phil, ii. 6-10.) III. Wherefore did He come? — (i Tim. i. 15.) He tells us Himself (John xii. 47): He came as the great Physician, since so great disease had fallen upon the earth. He came i) to seek the lost (Luke xix. 10); 2) the hundredth sheep that went astray (Matt, xviii. 12); 3) the lost piece of silver (Luke XV. 8). IV. When did He come ? — In the last days. (Heb. i. 2; Isa. ii. 2 ; Hosea vi. 2.) The marriage of Cana was on the third day. The first day of the law of nature ; the second of the law of Moses ; the third of the law of grace.

V. How did He come ? — (Gal. iv. 4.) A woman the gate and portal of salvation ; as of sin (Rom. v. 17, 18) ; bone of our bone. Epilogue. — Prepare for His coming; to honour ; receive and retain Him in the soul.


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