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Report of the Commission

Report of the Commission

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Published by: rolacola on Jan 21, 2013
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DHS should give priority to measures to ensure that the President and other senior

Federal officials can exercise informed leadership of the Nation in the aftermath of an

EMP attack, and to improving post-attack response capabilities at all levels of


The President, Secretary of Homeland Security, and other senior officials must be

able to manage the national recovery in an informed and reliable manner. Current

national capabilities were developed for Cold War scenarios in which it was imperative

that the President have assured connectivity to strategic retaliatory forces. While this is

still an important requirement, there is a new need for considerably broader, robust

connectivity between national leaders, government at all levels, and key organizations

within each infrastructure sector so that the status of infrastructures can be assessed in a

reliable and comprehensive manner and their recovery and reconstitution intelligently

managed. The Department of Homeland Security, working through the Homeland

Security Council, should give high priority to identifying and achieving the minimum

levels of robust connectivity needed for recovery following EMP attack. In doing this,

DHS should give particular emphasis to exercises that evaluate the robustness of the

solutions being implemented.

Working with state authorities and private-sector organizations, the Department of

Homeland Security should develop draft protocols for implementation by emergency and

other government responders following EMP attack, Red Team these extensively, and

then institutionalize validated protocols through issuance of standards, training, and



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