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realism art
realism art

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Published by: Mukul Bishwas on Jan 21, 2013
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Christina’s World By Andrew Wyeth, 1948

1857 rejected Classicism and Romanticism • • . observable world Introduced the contemporary The Gleaners to art and By Jean-Francois 1/21/13 Millet. was the accurate and apparently objective description (through painting) of the ordinary. therefore. and the belief that these methods would solve all human problems Realism.Overview • Inspired by the positivist view of the second half the 19th century. which was the faith in all knowledge derived from science.

final years and aftermath of WWI in the • • • . realism is when something has been well observed and accurately depicted Examples of realism in in these terms can be found throughout history and all around the world A fondness of humble subjects and homely details can be found very early also Realism made a resurgence during the New York Restaurant 1/21/13 By Edward Hopper.• Overview Cont’d In the broadest sense.

a technique which creates the illusion that the objects depicted actually exist Examples of this can be found from antiquity to the present day Overview Cont’d • 1/21/13 Fallen Monarchs By William Bliss Baker. .• Trompe l’oeil: “fool the eye”.

• • • • • • • • • Important Realist Painters Henri Cadiou Ford Madox Brown Jean Baptiste Siméon Chardin Gustave Courbet Honoré Daumier Thomas Eakins Winslow Homer Jean-Francois Millet 1/21/13 Max Schmitt in a Single Scull .

Tenant Farmer By Andrew Wyeth. 1/21/13 1961 .

Helga By Andrew Wyeth 1/21/13 .

The Laundress 1/21/13 By Honoré Three Women in a Church .

Hiding in the 1/21/13 Haycocks .

1/21/13 1942 .Nighthawks By Edward Hopper.

1884 .Madame X By John Singer 1/21/13 Sargent.

such as the rural peasantry and the working conditions of the poor 1/21/13 • • • Believed that the only possible .Gustave Courbet • French painter who led the Realist movement in 19th-century French painting Made bold social commentary in his work Painted subjects that were considered vulgar.

watercolor.Medium of Choice For Realist Painters • The medium of choice for Courbet and many Realist artists was oil on canvas Other mediums used in Realist paintings include acrylic. and egg tempera • 1/21/13 .

prostitutes. His subjects were often the everyday and ordinary. such as the poor.The work of Gustave Courbet fits into Realism because: 1. The paintings depict things as they are as accurately as possible in order to create the illusion of reality 2. contemporary 1/21/13 landscapes. and peasants .

•This painting is considered great because it is so original and 1/21/13 • . The left side represents challenge and opposition (figures like beggars and prostitutes) while the right represents friends and admirers.The Painter’s Studio This painting portrays the artist in the center with the awful side of his life on the left side of him and the good side of his life on the right side of him. •The painting exhibits a heightened reality that makes it almost dreamlike. with figures that are both real and symbolic.

A Burial At Ornans • This painting is an early example of Realism. in a style that was usually reserved for religious or royal scenes. before it became too well known or well-liked among the public. so it was met with some fierce denunciations from the critics and the public. It is the depiction of the funeral of his grand uncle. The actual 1/21/13 .

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