Shut Up it's my Turn...

Discrimination Waa I cannot get over how accountability and the English language has gone rhymes to quit Let the laziness of pronunciation no phonics, Ebonics takes the place of ask with axe You know to lie is now cool; truth now offensive; if the glove don't fit you must acquit American English is the victim of laziness and slang crap hope phonics got our backs You call it dated sorry; it's called the truth and facts where did History come from We all share the same world stage I don't snivel when I get called a Polack; get a grip I most certainly don't need you to call me a "Polish American" to coexist to some If somebody calls me a "dumb Polack" I say "can you speak Polish? Button you're lip Two words as Virgin whore together oxymoron Political and Atheist forbid correct Yikes Lawyers are like rabbits; they seem to breed and feed from public wanting for free; lazy Human error is real as Judges who let pedophiles walk n they kill within weeks he strikes Reevaluate the reprimand criminals punished not penalizing success be focused not hazy How about this; you earn 50+ years social security=eligible your new 50+ years for you Illegal nada, judges let a pedophile out he/she kills/rapes judge is accessory to the crime Close the border seal the cracks so illegal can't get in Australia has a fence we can too Punish criminals don't give them comfy housing, death penalty reinstated it's about time Makes me laugh the gullible % of the public the Sheeple in the cattle shoots in November So ignorant believing 2% pays the bills gas pump magically knows I'm 98% not me; yah Ignorance is bliss how many children, the Father's name too much for some to remember We all pay their wage our taxes wake up so Shut Up it's my Turn...Discrimination Waa ©2013 I.M. Nobody This is for all I don't care what color we are!!! We all share the same World and we, many; have all heard the oxymoronic statement saying, I'm sorry "Your Overqualified!"

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