3 Study Objectives The objectives of the research going to be done in association of this proposal are devoted with the analyses of routing protocols in vehicular networking environment by considering their various mobility models as well as communication paradigm like The mobility models are already developed and could be converged according to their particular VANET scenarios. It also covers the study of most viable routing protocols which are self converged and flexible enough with such network situations. This study will also analyze and examines the selected proposed protocols with their mentioned .future deployments on top of existing routing protocols to observe their results. The major emphasis for these analyses would be varying according to the conditions of routing protocols. Since many of the VANET research works are still simulation based but there are some quite exciting and upcoming projects expected to be available before long in the real world situations. Therefore, the study objectives highlighted here are also depending upon various rigorous simulation scenarios. In outcome, the analyzed results will show and differentiate the appropriate selection of routing protocols within the given circumstances of feasible path selection and there comparative analysis of protocols on the basis of 1.packet delivery ratio 2. Throughput 3. end to end delay 4. Total sending packet 5. Total receiving packet 6. total dropping packets

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