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8242139 Poultry Handbook

8242139 Poultry Handbook

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Published by: ionut2007 on Jan 21, 2013
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S. enteritidis is transmitted vertically by the trans-ovarial and trans-
oviductal routes. Other Salmonella spp may be transmitted mechanically
by fecal contamination of egg shells, or in cases of immunosuppressed
flocks, infrequently by the transovarial route.

Feed containing contaminated ingredients of animal-origin is often
responsible for introduction of paratyphoid salmonellosis into integrations
or entire countries. The condition can be perpetuated by recycling
contaminated by-product meal from infected broilers and commercial
laying flocks.

Rodents and litter beetles serve as reservoirs of infection. Paratyphoid
salmonellosis can be introduced by contaminated equipment, personnel
and wild birds.

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