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8242139 Poultry Handbook

8242139 Poultry Handbook

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Published by: ionut2007 on Jan 21, 2013
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An oncogenic (tumor-inducing) herpesvirus

8.2Occurrence and Economic Significance

Marek’s disease affects commercial chicken flocks from approximately 5
to 35 weeks of age in all areas of the world.

Highly pathogenic (vvMD) strains of the virus are responsible for acute
outbreaks of mortality which may attain 50% in exposed, non-immunized
flocks up to 60 weeks of age. Generally, erosive losses of up to 20%
occur in non-protected or inadequately vaccinated flocks. Marek’s disease
virus is responsible for neural and visceral tumors. Marek’s disease virus
is immunosuppressive and infected broiler and pullet replacement flocks
are susceptible to a wide range of viral and bacterial infections. Exposed
broilers show increased mortality and condemnation rates at processing.

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