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growing plants without soil
growing plants without soil

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Published by: Saroya Fanniel on Jan 21, 2013
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Lettuce grow Hydroponically

BY: Sam Cowan

Background  Hydroponics. gravel. Aeroponics. and Nutrient film technique to name a few . or liquid with added nutrients but without soil  Many types of systems out there: Deep Water Culture.The process of growing plants in sand.

My Germination System  Seeds Germinated in Sure to Grow Cubes  Then grow for 3-5 days in a mini greenhouse till leaves sprout  Then planted in D.C system .W.

L.5”x1.5”x1. called Neptune's Harvest •Media used for plants Sure to Grow 1.D lights. one for water the other for air •Fertilizer used is organic. color is wavelength plants grow best with blue and red .My Deep Water Culture System •Contains two pumps.5” cubes •Grow light .E. manufactured by glow panels.


Materials .

water every day  Cut and Fit shelf for the Deep Water Culture System  Seed germinate expose to light  Installed system in shelf  Seeds have leaves or leaves started plant in D.W.C system .Methods Building System  Made Design for Hydroponic systems Growing Lettuce  Plant seeds in Sure to grow cubes.

and oxygen levels to be altered to plants need  Uses one fifth of the space of traditional agriculture while producing higher yields  Recycles water used in system  Eliminate use of pesticides and herbicides  Grow lettuce year round . light.Why Hydroponics?  Controlled setting allows nutrients. water. ph.

 A locally produced organic garden keeps money in the local economy  System to be started June 3  Hydroponic systems are better adapted to year round use since conditions are controlled . nutrient.Goals & Objectives Goals  Supply Organic Lettuce to the School Objectives  A locally produced organic garden is healthier and less energy intensive than traditional agriculture  Build a Hydroponic system to grow lettuce that is less energy. and water intensive than traditional agriculture.

C system running  Lettuce seeds germinated and growing in the system  System is totally organic  System has small carbon footprint due to L.accomplishments  D.E.W.D lights .

Summary  Senior Project: Continuing this project and goals to supply lettuce to the school at a constant rate. Possible solar panel in future . and possible tomatoes  Only problem is energy intensive compared to other systems.

Thanks to: Larry Robjent Charlie Cowan Mrs. Morgan .

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