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Food for thought? (ISTD)


Investigating and exploring the science of food through the production of a research driven publication. Printing processes, finishes and illustration will ultimately inform the design direction. The finished product will be aimed at food enthusiasts distributed within the retail sector

Background / Considerations

We have arguably a greater than ever proportion of broadcast time and print media devoted to food. Certainly the ration of television programmes is very generous – to the point of repletion. Echoed by the range and volume of foods now available to those of us in the First World, we define aspects of culture and societal perception by our relationships with and attitudes to food.

Consider how the form and aesthetic of the publication itself informs the content it displays — coloured or different textured stocks could represent different foods, for example. How does the typography support the content?

Mandatory Requirements

Content must be supported by extensive research and investigation into the science of food.

Product must work within a retail environment.

Target Audience

Amateur chefs or those interested in cooking and experimenting with their food Food enthusiasts Children

Studio Deadline


Printed publication range and cover design Packaging for product Retail advertisement graphics Web and interactive design Illustration Range

Tone of voice & design direction

Imagination, creativity, fun, educational, caring, quality, nostalgia

Module Deadline