All people are created equal---women, men, of Asian descent, of African descent, Buddhist, Moslem, Christian, wealthy

, impoverished, Chinese, Venezuelan, Chilean, Panamanian, Iraqui, Iranian, Israeli, Palestinian, Filipino, Indonesian, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Serbian, Greek, Pakistani, Afghanistani, Haitian, Nicaraguan, American, Azerbaijani, Congolese, Yemenese, Etc. And all people deserve to be treated with respect. Do you hear, Americans? People from other nations are every bit as valuable, intrinsically, as Americans. Many Americans claim to understand this---but the American nation denies it, in practise, again and again. God will forgive us---many or most of us do not realize what a brute our nation is or even suspect it. It is true---this lack of realization is only possible due to ignorance, which could be eliminated if people would take it upon themselves to look into what is happening with an intelligent mind and due consideration. Until that happens---God forgive us our ignorance. Which will happen. But we pay a high cost for it.