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November 18, 2012

Proverb of the week

If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito. African Proverb

1) Reshaped philosophy and model (SOMOS/MANOS inspired) 2) How this effects our work in-country 3) How this effects SPIMAs functioning/preparation 4) Relationship with Branch Out 5) Future Vision of SPIMA

1. Catalyzing change that continues after we are gone. Requires full community involvement 2. We cannot determine what the greatest community needs are 3. We need an efficient way to hear the voices of the entire community once the top 10 needs have been determined. (Network Analysis) 4. We need to reliably provide something every year that the community feels is beneficial while we are hearing everyones voice (not our focus, maybe unsustainable) 5. There are grants available that could cause large impact to the community.

Ethnography Research
1. Determining the top (10) areas of need. 2. Simultaneously exposing community networks of trust and communication. 3. Progress report on the public toilet.

Unsustainable Yearly Offering Option 1: Health Week

1. History of health week 2. Things that we could address/people to utilize

A. NHIS Education B. Talk by doctor contacts from Hohue through Peace or Richard C. Foster better understanding of CHPS Zones D. Martha(health insurance volunteer) talk E. Happy trained to give talk on onchocerciasis F. Olivia(head nurse) could give a talk/seminar

Unsustainable Yearly Offering Option 1: Our Role in Clinic

1. Facilitation. Work with Clinic Management Committee to plan it. Richard is key. 2. While the health week is going on, we organize something fun to foster communities involvement 3. The main thing we would be doing meanwhile is interviewing

Unsustainable Option #2: Facilitate Generation of Income

1. Allows generation of income in the community that allows natural, internal development. 2. Getting to market is a hassle. People have good and skills they are unable to market. Remember the video on palm oil?

Unsustainable Option 3: Options for Computers in Clinic

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Background Richards Role Short Term Benefit to Clinic Logistics Communitys Opinion, Clinic Employee Opinion, Government Opinion, Clinic Management Committee Opinion

Community Contract
1. Explain that we dont have the money to do a large scale project every year, but that if we do it this way we will be competitive for big grants that can cause substantial change. 2. Crucial to make sure there is understanding because of how our relationship started

HCDP Involvement
1. We rely on HCDP for translation, food, communication with people in Ghana prior to our arrival, logistics, bridging the gap, etc. 2. We currently depend on HCDP and see no change in the near future.

Branch Out
1. The relationship is no longer mutually beneficial 2. We are now so different from the average group that it doesnt fit 3. 501 3c status of our own

Future Functioning of SPIMA: Sub Groups

1. Ethnography
A. Designing Surveys B. Analyzing Data

2. 3. 4. 5.

GIS: Mapping Fodome Ahor Resource Manual Culture/Language(?) Website/Social Media

Sub Group Effects on Meetings

1. Sub groups will meet as they see fit individually, and periodically update the team on progress/use team meeting for exchange, since they are all interrelated. 2. The first semester we will have periodic presentations from sub groups to the team as a refresher/to get new members up to speed. 3. Think this week about your skills and interests 4. You can always attend other groups meetings in addition to your own.

Future Functioning of SPIMA: Team Leaders

1. Cycle of old leader new leader

Future Functioning of SPIMA: Commitment

1. 2. 3. 4.

Transitional Commitment Policy Acceptance New members still under old policy Future Position: 4 year commitment to come to meetings and go on trips, but send multiple trips each year of 3-4 people, so you arent ruling people out based on summer plans, majors, study abroad.

Any questions about the trip, Fodome in general, or what we have just said?